Prince, The Sound of The Symbol

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The Sound Of The Symbol

1. Mutiny / Ice Cream Castles - (Live Jam Rehearsal)
2. 17 Days (Live)
3. America (12 inch. Extended version)
4. Hot Thing (Fingerman Edit)
5. The Sex Of It
6. Feel You Up
7. AnothaLovaHoleNYoHead (Extended version)
8. Let's Pretend We're Married
9. Golden Parachute
10. Crazy You
11. One Kiss At A Time
12. The Family - Miss understood

All songs written and performed by Prince except where indicated.


Emilie's Pets & Animals Appreciation Thread #3: For another career, she would love to be a vet

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Pets and Animals #3

emiliede_ravin happy #caturday ������

@emiliederavin Happy #nationalpetday

Happy 11th Birthday beautiful Mable! We love you so much sweet girl xoxo

Previous Threads
01, 02

Future Titles
will she get more pets? only time will tell

Extra Lexa {Candles & Raccoons} #13:Cute and funny animal clips taking over here

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Welcome to the
Weird & Wonderful
Lexa & Raccoon's & Candles


Candle lovers.
1. megprescottfan
2. MysteryXX
3. LxieGrey
4. bandcandy
5. Agraiel
6. -Sonia-
7. Italiangal
8. hedawanheda
9. Movies
10. sourburst

Possible titles

War paint?? More like Raccoon paint cause Lexa's too cute

Previous threads

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,

Sarah & Freddie Appreciation #12: 16 years, 4 Movies, and 2 Kids Later They’re Still Going Strong!

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Welcome to the Sarah Michelle & Freddie Prinze Jr. Appreciation Thread!

Sassy ~ Pie facts:

Day they met:
First Date:
Announced they were a couple:
Day they got engaged: April 14, 2001
Announced engagement to the media:
Wedding: September 1, 2002
Announced their first pregnancy to the media: April 10, 2009
Birth of Charlotte Grace Prinze : September 19, 2009
Birth of Rocky James Prinze September 2012

*Sarah♥Freddie Fans*
01. Nikz (Nikka) 02. buffster&spikey (Neta) 03. JoshFan (Debbie) 04. Alysha
05. b.e.b.e (Hope) 06. abby-anne 07. angelgirl (Amanda) 08.T'Lynn (Tracey)
09. LuvJBehr27 10. ANGELICLOVER4EVR 11. milimilou (Emilie) 12. -Katie-
13. CosmicKiss 14. ~*~mia~*~15. -Mo- 16. Immortal CandyGirl
17. *Sara Stokes* 18. groovyk1 19. AlienPrincess47 20. ~Audrey~
21. >>Val_haydenlover26<< 22. nhlover4ever 23. buffyandspike4ever 24. sarah11650
25. xxxninaxxx 26. SharTheLove 27. Laurababora 28. xoxoprettyo3
29. courtneybangelcakes 30. Scheming Star31. Burning Up A Sun (Ash) 32. Nerenafan (Mary)
33. V-Nessa 34. Kelly_Dylan 35. Protectthecats36. wilywiccan (Nia)
37. SergeantPepper 38. bbcountry 39. Ashleyt 40. BrathanSupporter
41. Rose&Nylund 42. FunSizeKristy43. Winchesterboyz 44. Nina
45. ~ Phoenix ~ 46. breaking silence 47. OnlyOneThatMakesMeSing 48. Sugarfixx
49. A shiningstar 50. xoxoprettyyo3 51. Jackie85 52. Sawyer&Kate
53. - Alicia - 54. Silver dixon55. strawberrykisses617 56. Rene'e xoxo
57. ~*Love's*Bitch*~ 58. Chastidy 59. Ezsmeralda 60. Gio Gio
61. BreanBamonFan 62. Queen Bee 63. Sydney Collins 64. LittleFlower426 (Kristy)
65. Leyton Rox (Kayla) 66. Sarah11650 67. Hale Scott 68. Thuggie8
69. ComeAwayWithMe70. MartyRoryFan 71. dayblazes 72. B. Chambers
73. BrucasBangelBrylan 74. taysgurl 75. twilightfan 14 76. BlackWhiteRose
77. Twilighter Tee
(Please Ask To Be Added!)

Freddie on Sarah:

"Sarah is my destiny, I care about her so much." [Bop Magazine]

"After years of feeling like an outsider, I finally have a woman I love, and friends that I can trust. I am the luckiest man in the world to have met Sarah." [Dolly Magazine]

"If I don't see her for a day, that's not a very good day." [Entertainment Weekly Magazine]

"I stare while she talks and tells me about her day. I just think about how lucky I am and how beautiful she is." [Cosmopolitan Magazine]

"I open every single door. Sarah's so independent she always goes to do it, and I'm like, 'Don't you dare, that's my move.'" [Teen People Magazine]

"I'm much more creative now that I'm with Sarah." [Entertainment Weekly Magazine]

"I will be the best father you have ever seen. I will win "Father of the Year" everytime. And Sarah will be the most fantastic mother." [Bop Magazine]

"I think Sarah is going to be the biggest movie star in the world. She really is amazing. She is talented and other people would tell you the same thing. I love her." [Katrillion interview]

"Nobody is going to see my butt besides Sarah." ~ refusing to appear naked in Summer Catch [Dolly Magazine]

"I'm tastefully banging Sarah Michelle Gellar." (Howard Stern interview)

Sarah on Freddie:

"The day my life started was the day Freddie and I got together. Everything else is kind of a blur." [Seventeen Magazine]

"There's so much more to him as an actor than many people have seen" [Cosmopolitan Magazine]

Reasons why we love Sarah & Freddie!

1. "When they got together, he was blown away. He was thrown by how hard he fell" ~ Rosario Dawson [Entertainment Weekly Magazine]
2. Because he changes his outfit if Sarah asked him to just to make her happy [InStyle]
3. Because he's much more creative because he's with Sarah [Entertainment Weekly]
4. Because he helps Sarah to choose which dress to put on [InStyle]
5. Because he thinks he is a better person after talking to Sarah
6. Because eight years into the marriage and still no rumors or allegations of cheating.
7. Because "He was a little nervous, very sweet" said Cathy Waterman, the designer of Sarah's engagement ring [TV Guide]
8. Because he is willing to "hang with the kids and cook and clean" if Sarah wants to work [TV Guide]
9. Because he revealed to Cosmo Girl Magazine that he probably wouldn't have taken Scooby Doo if Sarah hadn't signed on to do it too
10. Because like Seth Green, he stood up for her during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer behind-the-scenes controversies.
11. Because Sarah's unexpected phone call whilst Freddie was promoting Summer Catch on TRL, caused him to blush and even get teary-eyed
12. Because he likes to keep his relationship with Sarah private
13. Because he gave Sarah a lift to the gym whilst shooting I Know What You Did Last Summer and found her to be a cool chick
14. Because try as Howard Stern might, he couldn't convince Freddie not to marry Sarah.
15. Because when they made their first official appearance at the MTV Movie Awards 2000, we all said Aww!
16. Because "He's completely in love with her" said Rosario Dawson, a co-star [Entertainment Weekly]
17. Because he likes writing letters to let Sarah know how special she is
18. Because ended his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards 2000 with 'I'm with the most beautiful girl here" in regard to Sarah

Future Thread Titles:

b/c He can change Charlotte’s diaper in under forty seconds
b/c Eight years married in Hollywood? That’s like 56 years in our world!
b/c He reminded Sarah to put on her air purifier so she wouldn’t get sick
b/c Their wedding survived a hurricane, earthquake, and food poisoning
b/c They’ve been in love on and off screen; Scooby Doo 1&2, Happily N’ After
b/c She changed her last name to his for their fifth wedding anniversary
b/c They've both made People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" List

S2x07 - ""no Mercy "" • Episode Discussion ( Nov 13 )

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S2x07 - "no Mercy "
Tuesday November 13th 2018


Reeva reveals her plans for a major mission for the Inner Circle to secure some needed
funds. Meanwhile, the Mutant Underground must contend with Reed's unstable powers,
hoping that some medical help from Caitlin and Lauren will keep his destruction in check.
Also, Jace is introduced to Benedict Ryan, a well-connected public figure who supports the
efforts of the Purifers, but the two may not see eye-to-eye. Then, Thunderbird finally
confronts Blink about her dealings with Urg, after weeks of tension over their meeting.



Padmé Amidala | Natalie Portman #18: "I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war."

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Welcome to the Natalie/Padme Appreciation Thread

In a lengthy communiqué assembled by Supreme Chancellor Valorum’s aide in 32 BBY, the Republic diplomats and Intelligence officers who contributed listed Padmé as one of the Queen’s handmaidens, and only referred to the Queen as “Amidala.” The notion that the handmaidens’ true purpose was to serve as the Queen’s decoys, suggested by a Senate security officer based on irregularities in the Royal Starship’s passenger lists, was dismissed as “outrageous.” Even the Jedi diplomats dispatched by the Chancellor were unaware of the fact that Padmé was the Queen.

It's just a spark...

Jerry D
Drunk On You
a new hope
Nici Dawson

Previous Threads:
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Padmé/Natalie Portman Appreciation thread 2#: Leia Remembers You!
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Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation #7: She's our angel
Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation #8: She may be forgotten in the EU but never by us
Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation Thread #9: Come vote on Padmé's Costume Survivor game
Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation Thread #10: Vote on Nat's character quote survivor!
Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation Thread #11: It's a great year to be Natalie Portman
Padmé Amidala/Natalie Portman Appreciation Thread #12 - hairstyle/headdress survivoré-a...laxy-63167712/

BROTP {Barney ♥ Robin} #10 ~ Because she's pretty much everything he loves.

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Welcome to the 10th BarneyღRobin thread

Honorary Bros:
Lily Aldrin * Marshall Eriksen * Neil Patrick Harris * Cobie Smulders

01. blueschild007 * 02. Enigma * 03. fetch
04. allygrace * 05.goodbreakingbad * 06. shellefan
07. -Louise- * 08. NikaDawson * 09. How-very-girl629
10. colorful_dust * 11. ~Amarula~ * 12. royalღcaliber
13. Rebel_Diamond * 14. njbrc * 15. provocative
16. tv-fan189 * 17. Leneoth * 18. laliXD
19. jhlover * 20. DanceWithLife * 21. ~*¤Amelia¤*~
22. natural_disaster * 23. blue sky blues * 24. Brilliant Disguise
25. NBalways * 26. loveslullaby * 27. falls from the skies
28. ~AIR~ * 29. cutie_pie04 *30. SergeantPepper
31. spotlight * 32. spuffy_rox * 33. Jenndeve
34. TheSweetestSmile * 35. redblx11 * 36. stella7gem
37. Sweetgirl465 * 38. makry * 39. Dims
40. xkellyx * 41. Burning Up A Sun * 42. Laurababora
43. B.Chambers * 44. blazing star * 45. Mysteria
46. Couch Tomato * 47. Dreamscape12 * 48. taylorjoie
49. Moonray13 * 50. yuzzz66 * 51. arakha
52. Scarlet's Walk * 53. Static Waves * 54. stlavin95
55. AutumnColorsღ * 56. Sahnie * 57. pandiexjeyton
58. *Stephie* * 59. KnifeLuv * 60. bickering love

Robin: I used to describe my ideal guy as "funny, smart, passionate, challenging".
And now apparently, I will settle for "in my apartment".

Because he just knows she likes it dirty.
Because he wants her to step into his web.
Because he could see her "nickels".
Because he knows what baby really wants.
Because "Baby's gonna think about it".
Because he thinks her wrapping up a live newscast by honking her boobs is great TV.
Because he's her bitch.
Because they were going to make some crop circles.
Because she expected more from him.
Because "Hey there, sexy".
Because that fake emergency phone call was hot!
Because they made a Lemon Law bet.
Because "Haaaaaaaaave you met Robin?"
Because he tried to get her psyched.
Because he hit on her three times by accident.
Because she suited up.
Because he liked the way she thinks.
Because "Father Issues? HOT".
Because laser tag is awesome.
Because she saved his life.
Because "Leave NO man behind".
Because they both cheat at Battleship.
Because she's going home with him.
Because she makes a good bro.
Because he's ready for some hardcore "Battleship".
Because he thought about it for 3 seconds.
Because it does make a lot of sense.
Because he thinks she just needs a goodnight sleep to look young enough to blend in at a high school.
Because he bought beautiful flowers for beautiful flowers.
Because he made her teary by giving her a corsage.
Because his plan B involved her and a crossbow.
Because he knew she had sex just by touching her arm.
Because if anybody can tame Barney, it would be Robin.
Because he gave her advice on Lily's present. DIRTY advice.
Because she took care of him when he was sick.
Because she drugged him.
Because only Barney knew she smoked.
Because "Holy Crap, you're beautiful".
Because he thought she was in porn and her wasn't going to ruin her dignity by showing the whole tape.
Because they both have embarrassing parts and Daddy issues. Hot.
Because "What's up, Swarles?"
Because he sided with Robin over Ted...twice.
Because they both got choked up at Marshall & Lily's wedding.
Because Barney said Robin is a 10.
Because she's his wingwomen.
Because it's going to be De- wait for it - lightful. Delightful.
Because he turned on the TV just to see her face.
Because Swarley & Roland.
Because Barney didn't like the New/Hippie!Robin.
Because they celebrated the return of Normal!Robin.
Because he was the only one able to console her.
Because he's watched the first Robin Sparkles video 1,000 times.
Because he spent three days searching for the second Robin Sparkles video.
Because she's the second most awesome person he knows.
Because she invited him to her place.
Because she showed him the "Sandcastles In The Sand" video.
Because they watched it again, and again, and again.
Because their first kiss was three years in the making.
Because they slept together...FINALLY.
Because it was awesome.
Because "Right Click, Save As...".
Because she high-fived him.
Because she's pretty much everything he loves.
Because he caught feelings. He caught feelings bad!
Because he's in love with her.
Because he got her to apply to the job she wanted.
Because he was heartbroken when she revealed she was moving to Japan.
Because they're totally together in the fall of 2009.
Because how he can have sex with Robin again is a problem of utmost importance.
Because she wanted to stay with him.
Because she was upset when she saw a girl in his room.
Because the evil baby sock got them both.
Because he pretended to fight to impress her.
Because she couldn't keep her hands off him.
Because Robin & Ted's friendship with benefits was killing him.
Because "I Love You".
Because that last scene in Benefits broke our hearts.
Because "There are lots of ways to be in a relationship" is such foreshadowing.
Because he was willing to propose to her.
Because he finished her video resume.
Because thanks to Barney, they got to keep Robin.
Because their hug was the beginning of what we've all been waiting for.
Because they created a two-person answering message together.
Because even the network ships them.
Because Marshall & Lily think they'd be perfect for each other.

Robin: Clearly, there's something between us. Maybe my head was saying "Nip it in the bud"
because my heart was saying something else. Look, I have feelings for you Barney.

Maybe I even love you.

01. Cannonball - Damien Rice * 02. Chemicals React - Aly & AJ
03. Strange & Beautiful - Aqualung* 04. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
05. Little Wonders - Rob Thomas * 06. Walk You Home - Karmina
07. Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon* 08. Love Will Come Through - Travis
09. All I Have - Snow Patrol * 10. Can't Let It Go - Goo Goo Dolls
11. Thunder - Boys Like Girls * 12. Hey Beautiful - The Solids

Barney: Let's be clear. I don't love her, okay? I just ...
miss her when she's not around, I think about her all the time
and I imagine us one day running toward each other in slow motion and
I'm wearing a brown suede vest.

Barney: Ted, I have to tell you the truth. I'm in love with - Taaacos!

Robin: I'm surprised to see you had it in me. You. Had it in you.

Barney: 200. Now what?

Barney: Maybe I don't wanna be saved the trouble. Maybe I want the trouble.
I haven't wanted the trouble in a long time but with you,

the trouble doesn't seem so ... troubling.

I think both us and fans of the show saw that they had great chemistry back in season one,
when Barney and Robin kind of wingman'ed each other one night in Zip, Zip, Zip -
they played laser tag and smoked cigars and stuff, and all the fans started speculating that clearly it has to go that way.
We just didn't want to rush towards it, so we held off for a while.
But ultimately we knew we wanted to get to that because they're great together.* Craig Thomas

Barney's feelings for Robin are out there,
and it seems like Robin might have feelings for Barney herself.

It's not classic happily ever after, to say the least. It's two people that aren't
programmed for happily ever after and never would have prioritized that,
were it not for the fact that they're crazy about each other.

They’re finally going to deal with what’s been going on with them the last few years.

* Carter BaysBarney: How are you gonna feel when he sees you without any make-up?
Robin: I'm not wearing make-up right now.
Barney: Holy crap, you're beautiful!

Barney: You're the most awesome person I have ever known.
Well, second most awesome.
Robin: Right, of course the first being you.
Barney: No. No, the first is this guy who lives in a place called the mirror.
What up?

Lily: You're in love? That is so sweet!
Barney: It's not sweet, it's like a disease. I slept with Robin one time and I caught feelings.
I caught feelings bad. I used protection and everything.
Lily: Barney, you don't catch feelings, you just have them. And they're good.
Barney: They're terrible. I can't eat, I can't sleep. She's all I think about. I close my eyes,
I see Robin. I hear a song, it reminds me of Robin. ... I sleep with that chick, I'm thinking about Robin!
Robin: You know what a romantic he is. He can't seperate the physical from the emotional, he's all like ...
Barney: I love you.
Robin: Exactly, he's not like you, you know?Marshall: I know that you're in love with Robin! ... Lily told me.
Barney: She told you? Great, I bet you guys have been laughing
at me behind my back the whole time.
Marshall: Actually, in a weird way, we both think you're kinda perfect for each other.
Barney: You do?
Marshall: Yeah, matter of fact we even tried to sit on the same side of the booth
so you two would have to sit together.
Barney: Really? That's so sweet!

Barney: Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?
Robin: Because I am scared of how much I like you.

Robin: I love you.
Barney: Let's be friends.
Robin: Okay, friends then.
Barney: I love you.
Robin: Let's get married.
Barney: No, you're smothering me.
Robin: Okay forget it.
Barney: AHHHH!
Robin: AHHHH!

Barney: I'm not a New York Yankee. Any other night, I would probably try to convince you that I am, but I'm not.
I'm just some guy who's in love with the girl that just left.
And she's... never gonna feel the same way.

Robin: [on the phone] Hi there, sexy.
Barney: Hello, Aunt Kathy, what's up?
Robin: Oh, nothin'. Just sittin' here, thinking about you, hot stuff.
Barney: An accident? Well, is Uncle Rudy gonna be okay?
Robin: Aunt Kathy's got an itch that only you can scratch, big boy.
Barney: Oh, God! Why did he think he could build his own helicopter!
Robin: C'mon daddy, break me off a piece of that white chocolate.

lj community*fanfiction*fanlisting

season one*season two*season three
season four pt. 1*season four pt. 2

love will come through * you found me * can't let it go
i can't say what's going on*so contagious*iris*chemicals react
thunder * may i * dance inside * heartbeat * vindicated
only human *

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All Doll'd Up

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[5.05] ALL DOLL'D UP

ϟ BARRY AND IRIS TEAM UP TO STOP A DANGEROUS META NAMED RAG DOLL ϟora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris (Candice Patton). In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry (Grant Gustin) asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll (guest star Troy James). Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) learns something about her father.
Phil Chipera directed the episode written by Thomas Pound & Sterling Gates (#505).ϟ PROMO ϟ

- Be respectful. Not everyone is going to agree with you at all times. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with someone as long as it is done respectfully.

- No character/actor bashing. You can express your opinions on a certain character or performance, but please keep in mind that these are real people who are trying to do the best with what they are given, so please keep things civil.

- Links to illegal links to downloads or live streams are not allowed here. You can discuss and share these links only through PM's.

- With the exception of promos and episode stills, everything else is considered a spoiler before the episode airs.

- HAVE FUN watching and discussing the episode!

Happy Birthday Makyla Smith ~ November 13th

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:party:Join us in wishing Maykla Smith a happy birthday! :birthday:

♔ Kings & Queens ♕ [Cory & Shawn + Riley & Maya] #2: Because the double dose of daddy-daughter feels is so much love!

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♔♔ ♕♕
kings & queens
Cory Matthews & Shawn Hunter + Riley Matthews & Maya Hart

♔♔ ♕♕

001. Awesome Nerds
002. ||michelle||
003. Voldara
004. eternal◘fate
005. starryeyesxx
006. baelfire24
007. Lexipedia

♔♔ ♕♕


♔♔ ♕♕


♔♔ ♕♕


♔♔ ♕♕

P r e v i o u s T h r e a d s