(The Gentleman) JDM Pictures Thread #8: Because is there anybody whom oozes more charm than JDM?

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The Fans
1. ♕Misha's Minion♕
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Future Titles:
1. Because it should be illegal to give looks the way he does.

Marvel Discussion thread #6: Could ''Captain Marvel be the best film based on a comic this year?

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Welcome to the thread everyone!:wave: We are less than 2 weeks away from ''Captain Marvel'' being released in theatres. I'll probably see it the week after that, but am certainly looking forward to it. ''Aquaman'' was the last film I saw at the theatres & loved it. I certainly hope for the same with Captain Marvel, which I have been reading some of the comics lately. Thanks for visiting the thread everyone.:)

Deep Abiding Love [S/D & J2 (Slash)] #107: "'cause you're the only one that could talk me out of it"

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welcome to the 107th gutter girls thread


the gutter girls pledge ,
I pledge my loyalty to the Gutter Girls and our slashy thread,
offering my dirty mind to the dark side,
for which it stands, one fandom under slash,
indivisible, with Jsquared and Wincest for all.
May we dwell together in the smut, stand united and strong forever!

honorary gutter girls
1. Dean Winchester
2. Sam Winchester
3. Bobby Singer
4. Agent Hendriksen
5. Jensen Ackles
6. Jared Padalecki
7. Jim Beaver
8. Misha Collins
9. Katie Cassidy
10. Lauren Cohan
11. Sterling Brown
12. Eric Kripke
13. Kim Manners
14. Sera Gamble
15. Michael
16. Heaven
17. Ash "Dr. Badass"
18. Zachariah
19. Crowley
20. GOD*
21. Lisa Breaden
22. Meg 1.0
23. Balthazar
24. Psychic Lady
25. Matt Cohen
26. Michael (werewolf)
27. Brian (werewolf)
28. Charlie Bradbury
29. Carina McKenzie
30. Sheriff Jody Mills
31.Orlando Jones

the gutter girls
1. Tennessee Whiskey (Bee)
2. ocfan27 (Lauren)
3. Mei Zhuo (Fla)
4. HappySquared (Gay)
5. i heart jai (Michelle)
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11. DemonSlayer (Chris)
12. CogitoErgoFeminaSum (Hanna)
13. Darla rules
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15. bowlnoodle
16. autumn_hope (Rae)
17. BelievesInChad&Sophia (Nicole)
18. ~Natali~
19. Dreamsingr
20. nedhu (Nads)
21. Dreamwalker (Mel)
22. Little Cookie (Anika)
23. Akira14
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27. Ngatiara (Tahra)
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37. SPF40 (Nella)
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40. V-Nessa (nessa)
41. Hermione Weasley
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114. HaylijahღEndgame
115. Heidsdk
116. harmony_rules
117. andbreatheme

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the reasons we love wincest and padackles ,
Because It's their destiny to be together
Because the first person Dean asks for after waking up is Sam
Because they are literally soul mates
Because they are each other’s weak spots
Because just cause
Because they really only need one king
Because “Supernatural is, at heart, a love story between Sam and Dean”
Because even Sera Gamble says Supernatural is about the epic love story of Sam and Dean
Because “Sam and Dean are always so on top of each other”
Because Dean has been inside of Sam twice
Because Dean pulled oil out of Sam’s ass
Because Dean is lost without his Sammy
Because they keep each other human
Because they’re going to make their own future
Because Dean let Sam drive
Because “Bitch ….Jerk” is they’re way of saying ‘I love you, I love you too’
Because the homoerotic subtext was so evident, that there was a panel about it
Because they can’t stay apart for too long without running back to each other
Because “K. honey”
Because they always get mistaken for a gay couple
Because "your my brother and i still love you"
Because even the doctor could tell how close they were
Because they are erotically co-dependent star gazing soul mates.
Because they have a sex dungeon

Because Jared and Jensen live together… still
Because even Jared knows Jensen has a crush on him
Because Jared asks Jensen for sexual favors
Because they spent New Year’s Eve 2010 together, with no girls
Because Jared is the girl in the relationship
Because somehow Jared finds it easier living with Jensen than a girl
Because Jensen would go gay for Jared
Because “hey dude, thinking about you.. kick ass enjoy”
Because Jensen keeps the texts that Jared sends him
Because after nine months of filming and living together, they still need to spend time together
Because Jensen would take Sam home after supernatural ends
Because Jensen likes to wipe the sweat from Jared
Because Jensen knows where Jared sweats first
Because Jared thinks that Jensen is too pretty to draw on
Because they complement each other
Because they can't stop touching each other
Because Jensen offered up his body to Jared
Because Jared wants Jensen to take it off
Because Jensen wants to get Jared naked
Because they go to movies together
Because they Jared almost kissed Jensen during an interview
Because Jared led the standing ovation after Jensen's play
Because Jensen still wears the watch that Jared gave him
Because they talk on the phone for hours
Because after the Sandy break up, Jensen asked his family to go see Jared

the soundtrack ,
Daughtry – Life After You
Nsync - Selfish
Blue - Guilty
RiverMaya - 214
Fate – Bleak
Killswitch Engage - My Curse
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Rob Thomas – Ever the Same
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6qiV2nS6Js] SWV - Weak [/url]
Hinder – Lips of an Angel
Blue – Best in Me
Starship – Nothings’ Gonna Stop Us
Staind – Right Here Waiting
Restless Heart – When He Cries
Westlife - Obvious
Emerson Drive - Belongs To You
Boyzone – While the World is Going Crazy
Faith Hill – It Will Be Me
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not the One
Kaci Brown - I Think I Love You
Kaci Brown - Butterflies Don't Lie [Lyrics]
Clay Walker – Fall
Michelle Branch - I'll Always Be Right There)
Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone
The Turtles – Happy Together
Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
Taylor Swift - I'd Lie
Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You
Shania Twain - Forever and for Always
Monica - What My Heart Says

the gutter girls dictionary ,
* Ackles-ass-et [n] ~ the world's famous behind. Jared Padalecki owns it.
ex. ~ Whenever he wakes up in the morning, Jared needs to kiss his Ackles-ass-et for good luck.
* Bitch/Jerk [n] ~ code of love wincest style
ex. ~ Sammy and Dean always call each other bitch and jerk right after they winbonked.
* Chest Grope [v] ~ Jensen's way of telling Jared that they need to go to the dark corner because he's all hornyporny (see: hornyporny [n]).
ex. ~ Jensen was chest groping Jared on almost all their pictures.
* Clownana [n] ~ Jensen's *ahem*, all ready for Jinkie (ref. see Jinkie [n])
ex. ~ Jensen tried so hard to hide what Clownana is really feeling, but Jared knew him too well.
* Dinkie [n] ~ Drunken Jinkie (see ref. Jinkie [n])
ex. ~ Jensen loves to play with Dinkie all night long.
* Dipples [n] ~ Dean's nipples
ex. ~ Just the thought of the Dipples makes Sam's knees buckle.
* dodo [v] ~ Padackles bonking
ex. ~ Jensen said in the Paley special: That's what we dodo (So they did it? )
* Fashion Sense [n] ~ a secret description of the heated state of the *ahem* after a long overnight bonking and/or just being beside each other.
ex. ~ We make sure we check out Jsquared pictures to see if they were on fashion sense.
* Frackles [n] ~ Jensen's freckles being counted and kissed by Jared all night before they go to sleep.
ex. ~Jensen would try so hard to distract Jared from counting his Frackles, but if Jared gets distracted, the older man will "pay" for it later.
* Fudge [n] ~ [v] ~ Sam/Dean winbonk (christmas style) (see ref. Winbonk [v])
ex. ~ Sam and Dean love yummy hot fudge.
* Funkytown [n]~ the brothers' secret code if one wants to ask the other for a quick winbonk.
ex. ~ Dean called Sammy over the phone and mentioned Funkytown. Sam dropped everything to be with him man!
* GG Corruption [n] ~ the state when a Gutter Girl (or possible GG) posts about a certain topic or picture on another SPN Thread and suddenly was whisked over to the GG Thread for a follow-up comment.
ex. ~ The GG Corruption is everywhere this board. We love it!
* Ginormous [adj] ~ everything that describes J2, their love and the things they do for each other.
ex. ~ Jinkie is ginormous and he loves Clownana ginormously
* Gummy Wars [v] ~ a game that shows the subtle display of PDPA.
ex. ~ Jared loves to start a gummy war with Jensen
* Happy Camper [n] ~ Someone who lives in the Gutter.
ex. ~ After tonight's episode of Supernatural, Kripke for sure will make one of us - a Happy Camper!
* HornyPorny [n] ~ a state when Jensen/Jared or Dean/Sam feel like making out.
ex. ~ Sam and Dean went inside the Impala to perform their hornyporny ritual.
~ [n] The gutter where the Gutter Girl stay.
ex. ~ I'll be banned for making these dictionary definitions because of my hornyporny love.
* JennyBean [n] ~ Jensen's nickname when he's with or making out with Paddywhack (see: Paddywhack [n]). He loves to eat/use gummy bears with his Paddy. Also he was nicknamed that because of his sexy duck lips which Paddy loves to kiss.
ex. ~ Jared pushed Jensen on the bed and whispered, "My JennyBean, let's make love."
* Jimples [n] ~ Jared's dimples that always always gets Jensen staring at him.
ex. ~ The Jimples make Jensen weak on his knees (literally on his knees!)
* Jinkie [n] ~ Jared's *ahem* when actively wanting Jensen (you know what that means.)
ex. ~ Jensen reaches down to Jared's lap and touched his Jinkie lovingly.
*Just Kidding[n] ~ Jared's way of telling us the truth.
ex. ~ I don't kiss Jensen... in public! Just kidding.
* Ladle [v]Padackles (or Wincest) cuddling, petting and making sweet love.
ex. ~Sam ladled Dean five times every night.
*Mansickles [n] ~ Special gigantic lolipops coutesy of Jinkie and Clownana
ex. ~ Check out our GG store now for the two delish flavours of J2's Mansickles - lick them good and hard!
* Mental Hard-On [n] ~ A state of mind cause by uncontrolled exposure to images and/or stories (pictures, fanfictions, GG corruption (see word [n])related to the J² or Sam/Dean and/or the individual actor.
ex. ~ After pic spamming on the Picture Thread the Gutter Girls all had a Mental Hard-On.
*Paddyhump [n] ~ Jared's way of telling Jensen that they need to go to the dark corner because he's all hornyporny (see: hornyporny [n])
ex. ~ Jared, upon seeing all-bonked up Jensen, gave him a massive paddyhump!
*Paddywhack [n] ~ Jared's nickname when he's with or making out with JennyBean (see: JennyBean [n]). He was nicknamed that because of his ginormous hands that his Jenny loves to feel on his skin.
ex. ~ Jensen smiled and grabbed Jared's hands, "My Paddywhack, I'm all yours."
* PDPA [n] ~ Public Display of Padackles Affection.
ex. ~ Jensen and Jared swore never to show PDPA in front of children.
* PSP [n] ~ Perfectly Scultured Pecs [can also be translated as Perfectly Smooth Popsicle].
ex. ~ The boys love to play each other's PSP.
* Twizzler [v] - Jensen's way of arousing Jared in the middle of his interview, involving long, rod-shaped candy extending from his mouth, and poking.
ex. ~ Jared doesn't let Jensen Twizzler him....in front of cameras.
Vibrate-a-Dean[n] ~ fine substitute to loving with one of the boys. Dean plus quarters equal one pissed off Sammy.
ex. Sam needs his vibrate-a-dean fix or else he might not last a day!
*Winbonk [v] ~ when a Gutter Girl thinks about bonking a Winchester and/or the Winchesters bonking each other.
ex. ~ We hope to winbonk Dean and Sam both at the same time
* Winsex- [n] Sam and Dean Winchester's physically exerting escapades of one another's body, usually done in a bed, but free to be done in any location when they're feeling kinky
ex. ~Us GGs will only be fully satisfying when we have the pleasure of viewing full-on anticipated Winsex.
*Winsexual Tension- [n] A feverish strain of or pertaining to the lusty physical relations between Sam and Dean. Otherwise known as "UWT" in circumstances where the boys are restricted to expressing their undeniable desire for each other, thus making it Unresolved Winsexual Tension.
ex. ~The many scenes involving Sam or Dean hauling each other up against a wall reek with palpable Winsexual Tension.
*Yogurt [n] ~ a very delicious liquid only provided by Jinkie and Clownana. Jensen and Jared love to share them with each other.
ex.~ Jensen loves to lick off Jinkie's yogurt after a hot Winbonk session.

the slashy quotes ,
Dean – “Damn, it’s good to see you”

Sam – “Alright jerk”
Dean – “Bitch”

Dean – “We make our own future”

Dean – “We keep each other human”

Dean - “I can’t do this alone.”
Sam - “Yes, you can.”
Dean - “I don’t want to…”

Sam “You’re going to need a bigger mouth”

Sam – "You're my brother and I'd die for you..."

Sam - "You and me -- we're all that's left."
Dean -"Hold me, Sam. That was beautiful."
Sam - "You should be kissing my ass”

Sam “Dean.. that feels umm really uncomfortable”

Dean “What we have between us.. love, family.. whatever it is”

Sam -"Doing what we do - does it ever make you wonder if it's worth it?"
Dean -"As long as I'm with you, it's totally worth it."

Sam - "Cause you're my brother.. and i still love you"

Dean - "Are you with me?"
Sam - "I'm with you"

Reporter: The most famous celebrity you have made out with...
Jared - "That has to be Jensen"
Jensen - "You wish!"

Jensen - "I love you"
Jared - "I love you too. what?"
Jensen - "I miss your musk"

Jared - "Jared: He thought I was hot.

Jensen - "This guy is smokin’ hot. I cannot play his brother."

Jared looks at Jensen and leans in to kiss him, but Jensen points to the audience
Jared - "Worth a try, worth a try"

Jensen - "It's really neat to have that relationship with your costar."
Jared - "Oh, yeah. Jensen was grabbing my butt in that picture."

Standing, Dean moved closer to Sam, raising his arm and reaching out as if to touch him softly, then
"Cut!” yelled the director. "Okay, boys, now let’s do it seriously this time,”

Jared - "He’ll give massages a lot of the time when I get tense”
Jensen - "He gets tense a lot”

When they yelled cut, he just took off down the road by himself. Jared had gone after him and
put his arm around him until Jensen had stopped shaking and crying, then he simply said:
Jared - "Great scene man."

Jared - "... He's 'like reaching to grab my face' and You see his face to change like - Oh I gotta get that too - WHAT AM I DOING?"

Jared - "It was good, we went to Gino's? It was really good."
Jensen - "And we wrote our names on the wall."
Jared - "I wrote 'I love Jensen'."
Jensen - "I wrote 'I love Jensen'."

Jared - "You know what my favorite part of that is? When Jensen laughs. He's got the best laugh there."

Lauren Cohan "You know, they have such a... special relationship, I'm not sure I can - you know, they're just so close!"

the recommended videos and fanfiction,the videos ,
Wincest – Life After You
Wincest - Creep
Wincest - What Would Happen
Wincest - This I Promise You
Wincest - By The Way
Wincest - Crash
Wincest - Lips of an Angel
Wincest - Snow On The Sahara
Wincest – Addicted
Wincest – Blue on Black
Wincest – My life would suck without you
Wincest – Let it Happen
Wincest – Something There
Wincest - Tale as Old as Time
Wincest – I’ll make this up to you
Padackles - Accidentally In Love
Padackles- You're Still The One
Padackles – Look After You
Padackles – I Wanna Stop and Thank You Baby
Padackles – A Love Story
Padackles – Feel This
Padackles – Someday
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnSAbjKSGao]Padackles – In Love With My Best Friend[/url]
the fanfiction ,
Wincest - Fixation
Wincest - Three Point Landing
Wincest - Four Wall Rule
Wincest - Pleading the Fifth
Wincest - Absolutely, In No Way, Obsessed
Wincest - And on the Seventh Day
Padackles - Method Acting
Padackles - bathroom porn fic
Padackles – Force of Nature
Padackles – Hanging Around Just in Case
Padackles – Men with Kids
Padackles – Tractorbeam
Padackles – My Name is Trouble

the previous threads ,
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51. 52, 53, 54. 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60
61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75
76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90,
91, 92, 93 98

the future thread titles ,

Dean is Sam's weakness and Sam is Dean's.
They like to play Batman and Robin.
Just 'cause.
They are only gay for each other.
It's hard for them to resist each other.
I'm not letting go, you hold the other line
And everything under the stars is in your arms
Don't want to believe in this ending let the cameras roll on, keep pretending
You know it just don't feel the same when you're gone
Nothing's changed, no one can take your place, it gets harder everyday
Well I try to live without you the tears fall from my eyes
Dean: Be my valentine? Sam: Dude, we're working. Put it back. Dean: Have a heart.

Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #7: "I think it is interesting too what kind of love they share...ten years later and its still that palpable." ~ MV

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{ 07; }
m i c h a e l & a l e x
a p p r e c i a t i o n • t h r e a d

The Alien & The Airman

They growed up in the small town Roswell in New Mexico and sometime during high school they grew closer and they fell in love
with each other. But something happened during their graduation which made Alex leave Roswell and Michael behind. Ten years
later he went back and to his surprise Michael stayed in Roswell all this years. Seeing each other again all of their feelings they had
for each other when they were seventeen came back to the surface and it was impossible for them to stay away from each other.

001. meraki
002. Alex Guerin
003. blaↄkpink
004. cry pretty
005. podgirlsdestiny
006. beyond insane
007. Calgaryfan2006
008. baelfire24
009. Jadeleine
010. Original-E
011. cherrios

honorary shippers
Michael Vlamis ○ Tyler Blackburn ○ Jeanine Mason ○ Heather Hemmens

○ • ○


○ • ○

That Alex finds out about Michael being an alien
That we find out what happened between them 10 years ago
That we get to see more scenes where they can just be together
That Alex willl call Michael by his first name
That Michael and Alex will have some deep converstations

fanvideo of the moment

001. Because their love is still there after ten years.
002. Because Michael never looks away. Not really.
003. Because the way they look at each other.
004. Because they used to play the guitar together.
005. Because they both have a piece of the alien glas now.
006. Because Michael wants to tell the one (Alex) he loves the truth.

○ • ○

scene of the moment


○ • ○

future titles
"It's just been great to see with such a rich storyline the two of you have." - Acess
"It gets really good, I think it gets really good." "Yeah, get ready."
"I mean, I was really lucky to do this with Tyler, especially." - M "I was very lucky as well." - T
"Malex baby! Oh he’s looking hot. He’s looking so hot!"
"I'd stay in Roswell if only he kept kissing me."
"It's fun to portray love when there’s that much tension." ~ MV
"You see why we’re the way we are, why we may have some reservations, why there is so much love." ~MV
Because they both have a missing piece now to be put together.
"Michael and Alex are definitely deeply in love." - MV
“We’re not brothers. We’re lovers, dude!” - MV
"Malex is definitely the true love."
"Malex is once in a lifetime kind of love."
"The really belong together."
"They find their way back to each other."
”But they really belong together, you know?”
”They go in different directions at times, but then they find their way back together”

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OTH Picture Thread #5: After all these years, we still get pics.

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Nervous & In Love {Daryl ღ Beth} #12: "What changed your mind?" ... "Oh."

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D a r y l ღ B e t h
appreciation thread

Daryl Dixon An experienced tracker and hunter, he is deadly accurate with his
Horton Scout HD 125. He is also highly skilled with various firearms and knives. He has
taken a prominent role in safeguarding the members of his group. Rick was trusting Daryl
completely. Daryl is often volatile but is still significantly more level-headed and rational
than his older brother, Merle Dixon. Despite usually acting distant, Daryl has shown on
numerous occasions to be caring, and selfless

Beth Greene As the apocalypse started, Beth had been sheltered from the chaos
surrounding her. At first, Beth is rather timid, pessimistic, and keeps her emotions to
herself, but after being forced to see her mother's death and horrific reanimation, Beth
finally breaks down and a different part of her is shown. She tells her sister, Maggie,
that she wants to commit suicide. However, after a minor attempt she has a change
of heart and decides to live. With the support from her father and sister, Beth regains her
will to live and since then, becomes even more assertive

01. Norman Reedus
02. Emily Kinney
03. Lauren Cohan
04. CM Punk
05. Andrew Lincoln
06. Maggie Greene
07. Sonequa Martin-Green
08. JB. Smoove
09. Scott Wilson
10. Hershel Greene
11. Chandler Riggs
12. AMC
13. Entertainment weekly
14. AfterBuzz
15. Greg Nicotero
16. Denise Huth
17. Gale Anne Hurd
18. Mary Lyn Rajskub
19. Slash
20. New York Post
21. Amy Lee

01. JaSam4life
02. *JAPRIL*
03. arakha
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05. MysticRiver
06. ChakotaysLover
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08. PetrificusTotalus
09. HannahFan
10. miki_cza
11. kayrey
12. fractured moonlight
13. Randomposter
14. Japril
15. quin611
16. stlavin95
17. TV_Fanatic90
18. Permanent 99
19. crazylittlecandygirl


fix you
you know I love you
'so you got a thing for blondie
pieces of you
what changed your mind?
little bird


waste of an arrow
time is running out
spiced molasses
18 miles out
damaged heroes
shifting boxes
besides the dying fire
empty handed


Daryl was obviously at his happiest when he was with Beth.
"You said you could take care of yourself. You did"
"Go ahead and play some more. Keep singing."
"We should burn it down."
" I told you to stay back." "Yeah, but Daryl, you said there was a dog."
Because Daryl's mmmm meant love
Daryl ran the whole night trying to find Beth
Beth and Daryl are the unlikely Duo - Norman Reedus
Beth realizes Daryl has feelings for her - AMC

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*click on the graphics for the credits*

The Coveted {Karen Page/Deborah Ann Woll} #2: "You can't keep loving people in your dreams."

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Karen Page/Deborah Ann Woll

01. Nici Dawson
02. wickedrum
03. in love with you dummy


Matt Stubble/Grooming Thread #31- Why wouldn't Matt need a male groomer for his fabulous stubble?

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Matt's Stubbles #30

Fans of the Stubbles:
01.) Lenschn
02.) Dutchie
03.) tathynha
04.) EternalFlame
05.) RoganFan
06.) Pemberley21
07.) Sunshine2000
08.) Tes!
09.) Unsung Hero
10.) Nin@!!!
11.) Catherine_Leigh
12.) rory_n_logan
13.) xO_tasha
14.) labrador
15.) KiraApril
16.) MineyMouse14
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35.) DizzyLizzy
36.) meggie525

Matt Stubbles Wishlist:

1. Leather jacket, stubbles, sunglasses
2. Matt on the beach...shirtless, stubbles
3. Stubbles, boxers, smirk.
4. Stubble, wet!Logan, towel.
5. Stubble, cargo pants, blue shirt, leather jacket.
6. Stubble, phone, London
7. Stubble, bed, night, sad
8. Logan in rumpled trousers, white dress shirt rumpled, sleeves pushed up, top buttons undone, mussed hair. And stubbles.
9. Stubbled, naked.
10. Stubble, morning, bedhead, bedsheets to his hips
11. Stubble, shorts, sweaty t-shirt
12. Sunglasses. Tux. Stubbles.
13. Stubble, blue jeans, hands
14. Stubble, wet, naked, handcuffed on the bed
15. Tired look and stubbles
16. shirtless, morning after a long party night, hangover, stubbles

Picture of the Thread

Previous thread titles:
#1 - Because we adore his stubbles!
#2 - Stubb-a-licious
#3 - Everything goes with the stubbles!
#4 The Stubble Love is still alive!
#5 - We want the stubbles to feel loved, we bet they feel soft!
#6 Cause we took a break, and now our love is back...bigger than ever!
#7 Because Summer time means stubble time!
#8 Matt and Stubble are a deadly combination!
#9Has the stubble ever not worked for us?
#10We're hoping summer brings us some good stubble
#11We love all the stubble from subtle to award!
#12Everyone is discussing fashion and hair. How boring. We discuss stubbles!
#13 We're hoping September brings us lots of stubble!
#14It's Czuchriatic Stubble Syndrome, and it's contagious!
#15We've started a campaign for more stubble!
#16- The stubble even looks good coming off
#17 - Everyone is discussing fashion and hair. How boring! We discuss stubbles!
#17 - Cause Matthew is totally a stubbles type, right? *crossing fingers*
#20 -All we want from New Years to Kwanza is Matt stubble!
#24- Title? What title? I am too busy staring at gifs of his stubble.
#25 - Because we all agree Logan Huntzberger will rock the stubble look in 2016, right?
#26 - Those little guys know how to do their thing
http://www.fanforum.com/f209/matt-st...ble-63188514/- Paging Dr. Stubble!

Future Titles
Cause what better way as to end 2009 with the return of the Stubbles
Cause we think Cary could have some stubbles.
The Stubbles are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cause the only one we ship with Cary are the stubbles.