Hellboy - Asylum Seeker [Walkthrough]

Hellboy - Asylum Seeker

FAQ/Walkthrough version 0.5
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002  Kuno Woudt <kuno@frob.nl>.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1
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0.  Preface
    This is my first FAQ, so if you like it please send me a message
    to encourage me to write more FAQs :).
    Now, feel free to jump to whichever section you are looking for,
    or read on for a general (boring) introduction to this FAQ.
      -- Kuno Woudt <kuno@frob.nl>
1.  Table of Contents
0.  Preface
1.  Table of Contents
2.  Introduction
2.1.  URLs
2.2.  History
3.  Walkthrough
3.1.  Episode One
3.1.1.  E1 - Grave Yard
3.2.  Episode Two
3.2.1.  E2 - Underground Passage
3.2.2.  E2 - Asylum
3.3.  Episode Three
3.3.1.  E3 - Tower Grounds
3.3.2.  E3 - Library
3.3.3.  E3 - Sacristy
3.3.4.  E3 - Tower Roof
3.4.  Episode Four
3.4.1.  E4 - Asylum Recreation Room
3.4.2.  E4 - Sewers
3.4.3.  E4 - Elevator Room
3.5.  Episode Five
3.5.1.  E5 - Town
3.6.  Episode Six
4. Feedback
4.1  Music Books
4.2  Developer
5.  Cheats
5.1.  hell_e2.bat
5.2.  hell_e4.bat
6.  GNU Free Documentation License
7.  EOF
2.  Introduction
    You are reading the FAQ for Cryo Interactive"s Hellboy game.  This
    is my first game FAQ, so please send any questions, suggestions,
    flames, fanmail, etc... to <kuno@frob.nl>.
    (if you send me something which I might want to add to the FAQ,
    let me know how you want to be mentioned (no email address, spam
    protected email address, etc... )
    Hellboy is originally a comic book character created by Mike
    Mignola, these Hellboy comics are published by Dark Horse.  (yes,
    you should buy them, Hellboy is one the best comic series I
    However, I must warn you - this game might not live up to your
      1. the game engine can be quite buggy.
      2. some of the fights can be frustrating.
    (I ran into many problems with my nvidia TNT2, using their
     detonator drivers.  Installing the drivers from my video card
     manufacturer (ELSA) seems to have made the game a lot more
    So, unless you are a devoted Mike Mignola fan, this game might not
    be worth your trouble.
2.1.  URLs
    This FAQ is available from gamefaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com,
    and from my personal homepage at http://warp.frob.nl
    Dark Horse is at http://www.darkhorse.com.
    Cryo is at: http://www.cryo-interactive.com.
    Hellboy game: http://www.hellboy-game.com.    
    The GNU Free Documentation License and related materials:
    You can find me on irc in channel &ndashdemoscene on openprojects irc
    (http://www.openprojects.net), however this channel is not related
    to computer games at all, so you should only use it to find me if
    my email adress doesn"t work anymore. (my nick is `warp"). 
2.2.  History
    2002/11/02 - Kuno Woudt <kuno@frob.nl>
      - version 0.5.
      - some more feedback, new email adress.
    2002/03/26 - Kuno Woudt <warp-tmt@dds.nl>
      - version 0.4.
      - added feedback on Peter"s letter and the music books.
    2001/08/25 - Kuno Woudt <warp-tmt@dds.nl>
      - version 0.2.
      - added Episode Four through Six and some other things.
    2001/08/21 - Kuno Woudt <warp-tmt@dds.nl>
      - first version.
3.  Walkthrough
    Throughout this FAQ I will use the following conventions:
    <RUN>, <ATTACK>, <ACTION> press the corresponding key.
    <GUN>, <FIST> attack with the appropriate weapon.
    <ATTACK> attack with some other weapon.
    <USE> press the `use item" key.
    [HEALTH] a health box/kit whatever item lying about.
    [AMMO] some ammo for you to pick up.
    [SAVE] a save point.
    I have drawn maps for some areas, near each map should be a legend
    explaining which character means what.  Some common characters
    S = save point
    H = health
    &ndash = a door
    A = ammo
3.1.  Episode One
    After picking up Peter"s lighter you are ready to explore the
    Grave Yard.  Walk up the steps and continue until you see a
    tree.  Try <ACTION> on the gate towards your right and you will
    find out it is locked.  Turn around and enter the small building
    opposite from where you are standing (press <ACTION> near the
    door), now press <ACTION> near the stone opposite the door -
    Hellboy will say something like "Hey, that did something.". 
    Exit and walk over to the other small building near the steps,
    again press the stone inside which will now unlock the gate.
    After passing through the gate you will encounter some zombies
    while exploring the area.  Use your <FIST> to defeat these 
    and grab the [HEALTH] before walking up the steps to the next
    After the conversation between Sara and Hellboy you can try
    <ACTION> on the door next to Peter - it is locked.  Walk over to
    the grave yard where you will see a magical hourglass, press
    <ACTION> near it to discover it is a [SAVE] point (well you could
    have read that in the manual too).  
    NOTE: this might be a good moment to try the cheat in section 5.
3.1.1.  E1 - Grave Yard
    Use the entrance next to the [SAVE] point.  You will be attacked by
    a giant bird.  If you don"t feel like fighting just <RUN> over to
    the end of the clearing and fetch the key, then <RUN> back and
    exit this area.
    If you do kill the bird you will be greeted with another zombie
    when you enter the grave yard again, but atleast you will get a
    [HEALTH] after killing it.  You should probaby [SAVE] again.
    Now, <USE> the key to unlock the door next to Peter, then open it
    with <ACTION>.
3.2.  Episode Two
    When you start Episode Two you should see a torch on either side,
    <USE> your lighter to light one and pick it up.  Next use your
    <FIST> to punch the two zombies in the room - they are easily
    defeated, and walk over to the left of the room.  There is a stone
    between the 3rd and 4th `coffins" which you can push with <ACTION>
    to open the door on the far side of the room.  <RUN> to the door
    before it closes.
    In the next room you will find four stones.
    1. a triangular one on the left, I shall call that stone 1.
    2. a square stone on the right.
    3. a roundish stone on the right.
    4. a roundish stone on the middle pillar on the left.
    You will not need stone 3.  Place stone 4 on the left pillar,
    stone 1 on the middle pillar and stone 2 on the right pillar.
    (the logic behind this might have to do with the height of each
    pillar.  I am not sure myself - I just tried all combinations until
    I found the right one).
    After placing the stones a bridge will appear toward the other
    side, cross the bridge and [SAVE].
3.2.1.  E2 - Underground Passage
    Walking along you will come across a door behind a pit of fire,
    press <ACTION> near one of the posts on either side of the door to
    attach a torch to it.  Now run back to the save point and grab the
    torch on the other side of the wall, again use <ACTION> to attach
    the torch to a post to unlock the door.    
    Open the next door by pressing <ACTION> near the cross to the
    right of the door, this turns out to be an elevator.
    NOTE: there is also a secret door a bit further along on the left
    wall, but there is now way to open it right now.
    After arriving in the church press <ACTION> to play a tune on the
    organ and you will find some [AMMO].
    When you have talked to the ghost on the other side of the church
    and opened the door with <ACTION> you will be outside again.  Walk
    towards the camera to be attacked by a monster - as with the bird
    you don"t have to kill it - you can outrun it if you want.
    Run along and press <ACTION> to open the wooden gates.  To be
    attacked by yet another monster - you"ll be happy to know that
    this one leaves before you get a chance to fight it.
    Follow the path to a mansion, enter it and [SAVE].
3.2.2.  E2 - Asylum
                                                   _____   _
                                                  |     | | |
                                                  |     | |_|
             ___                                  |     |
          __|   |___        ___   ___   _____   __|     |
         /__     __       |   |_|   |_|     |_|        |
       //   |___|   |     |    _  H  _       _   frogs |
     _||_     ____/ /___   |___| |___| |     | |________|
    |    |   |____   _  |   ___   ___  |     |  ___   ___
    |_   |        | | | |  |   |_|   |_|     |_|   |_|   |
      |  |__      |_| | |  |    _     _       _     _    |
      |  |  |         | |__|___| |___| |     | |___| |___|
      |  |__|         |______|_   ___  |     |  ___   ___
     _|__|                 |   |_|   |_|     |_|   |_|   |
    |   |                  |    _     _       _     _    |
    |___|                  |___| |___| |     | |___| |___|
                                       |_   _|
        H = Herman              _________|&ndash|_______________
        S = [SAVE]             |               |           |
        F = file cabinet       |               |   garden  |
        M = map                |   Asylum      |           |
        f = fountain           |               &ndash    /~    |
        s = sprinklers         |               |   ( O )   |
        &ndash = door               |               |    \_/    |
                  _________    |               |           |
                 |         |___|          _____|_          |
                 |  |______|             |       |     __  |
           +-->  |  \______|             &ndash       |  __|  \_|_
           |     \_________&ndash             |      _| |_____/ | |
           |               |___    ______|_____|s______|__f| |
         guard room            |&ndash&ndash|                    |_____|
                               |  |                              
                 _____    _____|&ndash&ndash|_____________              
                |     |  |              |  |  | |             
                |F    |  |              |  |  &ndash |
                |     |  |     ____     |  |  |_|
                |     |  |    |    |    |  |  | |
                |nurse \_|    &ndash    &ndash    |     | |
                |________&ndash    |    |    &ndash      |
                         |    |    |    |___    | <- library
                         |    |    |    |   |M  |
                         |____|   S|____|   |___|
    Walk to the area I have labeled `nurse" on the map.  A nurse will
    attack you and take your gun, so you will have to defeat her with
    your <FIST>.  After throwing her out of the window press <ACTION>
    on the file cabinet a few times to learn that Pavlov was last seen
    near the library, and that he stole a key.  Walk behind the desk
    and press <ACTION> on it to open a drawer, press <ACTION> again to
    take the key.  Press <ACTION> on the books twice to get a music
    Now go to the library and have a look at the map.  You will notice
    that there is a secret area behind some of the books, turn around
    and walk to the nearest books, you should find a book which sticks
    out from the other books.  Press <ACTION> to pull it back and open
    the secret door, walk into the secret room and you will find
    Pavlov.  However, he is not very helpful right now. 
    Go to the double doors and unlock them with the key you got from
    the nurse, you will be attacked by two mad guards, probably best
    to use your <FIST> to defeat them. 
    Try the door on your right to find out it is locked.  Press
    <ACTION> on the window next to it to find out it hasn"t been
    cleaned in a while :), press <FIST> to break the glass and press
    <ACTION> to enter this room. 
    Gather all the medicines throughout the room and have a look at
    the charts, also note their colors.  (Reprinted here for your
    Patient       Treatment                 Disease
    Tchecky       Sadocan (yellow pills)    ...iculating Dementia
    Herman        Quarlax (green pills)     ...ronic Schizophrenia
    Gunter        Chromal V... (red pills)  Debilita... Euphor...
    Voslov        Bromal (blue pills)       Chicken Syndrome
    You will notice there are three patients in the room, and four
    charts on the wall and you now have five different colour pills in
    your inventory.  So the white pills must be for Pavlov, head to
    the library to find out.  Pavlov will you give you a key.
    (now might be a good time to [SAVE] again).
    Go back to the room where you got the pills.  You can give the
    other patients their pills now to stop them wandering around,
    there does not seem to be any other use for it though.
    Try the door on the far side of the room to find out it is locked,
    use the door to the right to enter the garden.  Walk over to the
    other side of the garden, behind the small building you will find
    a valve or something in a corner (marked "f" on the map).  Press
    <ACTION> on it to activate the fountain, a letter will appear in
    the water, press <ACTION> on it to take it.  <USE> the letter to
    find out it is probably written with invisible ink.
    UPDATE: Lost Johnny was the first to write me on how to read the 
       "Just <USE> it in front of the fireplace in the first room of
        the asylum (the room with the save point in it). The heat of
        the fire will turn the ink visible. Peter"s letter reveals 
        how the angel statues have to be adjusted in order to open 
        the entrance to the underground corridor which leads to the 
        exit of Episode 2."
    Go back inside and enter the door to the guard room.  Again use
    your <FIST> to defeat the mad guard and press <ACTION> on the
    lever at the end of the room.  This will unlock the door towards
    the next hallway.  Go back and open that door, to find yourself in
    a hallway where you can hear a lot of frogs.
    Enter the last door on the left to find Herman, give him his pills
    to learn about an old man behind the walls.  (btw, wash your hands
    if you take a dump on any of these toilets :).
    Enter the last door on the left and you will be attacked by a
    giant frog creature.  <RUN> to the end of the room and press
    <ACTION> to grab the pipe, now walk under the giant frog and press
    <ATTACK>.  Hellboy will drop the pipe after this, so press <ACTION>
    again to pick it up from the floor.  Repeat until the frog is
    dead.  You are now the proud owner of a useful pipe.
    Exit this room and enter the second room on the left.  <USE> the pipe
    on the fan on the back of the room to break it, and press <ACTION>
    to enter the new hole.
    You will find yourself in a room with four pillars on which
    statues of angels point towards the end of the room.
    Leave the far left pillar as it is, and press <ACTION> on the far
    right pillar to point it towards the right.  Press <ACTION> twice
    on the bottom right pillar and press <ACTION> three times on the
    bottom left pillar so that all the statues look in a different
    directions, this should open the door at the top of the room.
    Walk towards the end of the corridor, open the door and keep
    walking.  At the next door use the key you got from Pavlov to
    unlock the door and you will find the old man Herman was talking
3.3.  Episode Three
    Exit this room and run through the corridor, try to avoid the
    hands grabbing you from out the cells.  After a while you should
    walk up some stairs and find yourself in a torture chamber or
    something, which does not look too stable.
    The door on the other side is locked, but you can notice a key
    hanging from one of the chains.  Grab the plate which is on the
    wall to the right of the axe.  On the left of the axe there is a
    chain which you can reach, press <ACTION> to pull it.  Now you can
    use your <FIST> to punch the two broken pillars at the back of the
    room.  (Punch the left pillar first, while the room is rumbling
    <RUN> over to the other pillar and punch that).  The roof should
    cave in after a while, walk over to the left of the room to pick
    up the key which is now lying on the floor. 
    <USE> the key to unlock the door and press <ACTION> to open it.
    Follow the wall towards the right and enter the door opposite the
    steps, Hellboy will see the same man who walked out of the torture
    chamber into a tower.  Walk along and you will find a [SAVE] point
    in a corner to the right.  Obviously the tower is locked and so is
    the door opposite from the save point, so go back to the clearing. 
3.3.1.  E3 - Tower Grounds
    Walk along the wall to find another door which leads to a library.
    You will again see the man from the torture chamber enter a door
    and locking it behind him. Examine the shelves on Hellboy"s right
    just after entering to find another music book. 
    Talk to the monks to learn that there should be a key somewhere
    for the `forbidden library" and that most of the monks have turned
    evil.  If you will look carefully you will see a key lying on top
    of one of the book shelves in the middle of the room. Back up a
    bit and you will see there is some sort of hole in the roof. Now
    walk over to the side of the middle book shelf thing, and press
    <ACTION>, Hellboy will push the shelves so that it is positioned
    right under the hole in the roof.  When you walk outside you will
    see a [HEALTH] next to some window on the roof, so there must be
    some way to get there and get the key too.
    Exit the library and follow the wall towards the right, enter the
    door with the steps in front of it.  You will find yourself in an
    area with a few pigs and a chicken.  Talk to the boy sitting next
    to a door to find out he is hungry.  Walk further along and you
    will come across a kind of pool, press <ACTION> near it to
    discover there is something floating in the small pool.  Walk
    around the fence to the left to find a bag of delicous pig food,
    throw it in the water to get a box with a key in it. 
    Exit this area and walk to the other side of the clearing, and
    enter the area with the save point. Unlock the door opposite the
    save point with the box with a key in it, and try to grab the
    [HEALTH].  You will fall through the floor and be cooked by a
    boiler of some kind.  Run towards the right were you will find a
    bucket, take it with you to the fire and <USE> the bucket on the
    water coming out of a pipe to the right of the fire.  Grab the
    [HEALTH] and then press <ACTION> on the pipes to the left of where
    the fire was to climb over them. Walk along and you will be
    attacked by a zombie.  Defeat it with your <FIST> and grab the
    head which is lying on the floor next to a beheaded corpse.
    Follow the corridor and you will enter a room with two tables and
    an oven.  Walk to the other side of the room and get some [HEALTH]
    on the right and a stale bread on a shelf to the left. 
    Exit the room and enter the clearing itself, you will notice a
    number of pillars.  Press <ACTION> near a pillar to push it, push
    the three largest pillars around to create a staircase up to the
    roof, and press <ACTION> near the smallest one to climb them.
    On top of the roof grab the [HEALTH] and press <ACTION> to break
    the glass and jump through the window.  Walk over to the key and
    press <ACTION> to take it, walk to the other side and press
    <ACTION> to jump off.  You can now <USE> the key to unlock the door
    in the back of the library.  Walk along the corridor and press
    <ACTION> to talk to the head librarian in the forbidden library,
    he will not let you in because you are not a monk.  <USE> the head
    on the door and the head librarian will let you in.  [SAVE].
3.3.2.  E3 - Library
    Walk up the stairs and take out the evil monks with your <FIST>,
    then walk back to the head librarian and talk to him. Swing your
    <FIST> a few times and the giant monkey will run up to the top of
    the library.  <USE> health if you need it and walk up to the
    monkey to defeat it with your <FIST>.  (Try to push the monkey
    against the wall while punching and it will not punch you that
    Grab the cross on the floor and you probably want to [SAVE]
    Talk to the monks back in the library to learn about the
    Exit the room and go back to the hungry boy, give him the stale
    bread.  He does not like it very much, so we should find him some
    better food.  Grab the chicken by pressing <ACTION> near it and go
    back to the room with the oven.  <USE> the chicken on the oven. Go
    back to the boy and <USE> the chicken on him, he will open a
    trapdoor right where he was sitting.  Press <ACTION> to enter it. 
    You will come across an evil monk, but he is easily defeated with
    your <FIST>, or you can just ignore him and <RUN> along.  If you
    walk along you can find some [HEALTH] on the right somewhere, and
    you will find another evil monk before you walk up the stairs to
    the church (where you will find some more evil monks).  Walk
    straight ahead and enter the door to find a [SAVE] point and a
    First <USE> the cross on the left side of the coffin, then step
    into the sun light and <USE> the shiny plate from the torture
    chamber.  You will assume the mantle of the Rara Avis, which just
    means you get a nice mystic sword.  [SAVE] before you leave.
3.3.3.  E3 - Sacristy
    You will be attacked by the inquisitor, who turns into some kind
    of worm or dragon.  Avoid touching the spikes and the fire in the
    middle of the room, and use the sword to <ATTACK> when he"s coming
    out of one of the holes.
    Leave the church through the door you have not been through yet
    and <RUN> to the door to leave the church grounds (or you can kill
    the evil monks if you want).  You will be back at the area with
    the pigs and the boy-who-is-not-hungry-anymore.
    Walk over to the tower grounds and [SAVE].  After saving your
    game, if you walk a bit further you will be attacked by one of the
    bizarre statues in front of the tower.  After you kill it you will
    be attacked by the other statue.
    The best strategy here is to <RUN> towards the small building and
    then pass between the wall and the tree near there.  The creatures
    will not be able to follow you, so you can turn around and
    <ATTACK> them with your sword even though they cannot attack you.
    Enter the tower and grab the [HEALTH] on Hellboy"s left.  Walk to
    the end of the room and press <ACTION> to pull the lever to take
    an elevator to the next floor.
    Here you will find a puzzle in the form of 7 levers scattered
    about some strange platforms.  First pull the 2 levers on the
    ground.  Now walk up the steps and pull the lever on that
    platform.  This will raise the platform so you can walk down the
    stairs again and pull the lever on the other platform.  Repeat
    this once more to rotate the final platform, then go back up the
    stairs and repeat the process until you are back on the ground
    near the elevator again.  Pull the two levers on the ground again
    (in the right order), and walk up the stairs to repeat the process
    until you reach the final platform. 
    After you pull the lever on the last platform it will take you to
    the tower roof, where your game will be saved automatically.
3.3.4.  E3 - Tower Roof
    Walk up to the monster and <ATTACK> it with your sword.  Just
    ignore his punches and whatnot and <USE> some health when you have
    After killing the creature Hellboy will catch the amulet and be
    transported back to the present.
3.4.  Episode Four
    Take your gun before you leave the room.  Follow the corridors to
    the room with the statues.  Carefully walk around the statues so
    that they cannot see you (they will come to life and attack you
    with their axe if they do).  Leave the room to go back to the
    Back at the asylum you can climb through the window again, and
    this time grab some red pills and [SAVE].
3.4.1.  E4 - Asylum Recreation Room
    Climb out of the window again and walk towards the garden, before
    going out you will find Herman sitting on a bench.  Press <ACTION>
    to talk to him, and <USE> the red pills on him after that.  Take
    the key and go outside.
    If you try to turn the valves you will find out there is no
    water.  Walk to the gates and press <ACTION> to open them (they
    were locked in Episode Two).  Walk along and use the key you got
    from Herman to unlock the door.  Enter, and press <ACTION> to pull
    the lever next to the desk.  Leave the room and go back to the
    garden.  The lever you pulled has unlocked the small building, so
    enter it.
    In the building, you will see three control panels of some kind,
    and a blood stained table.  On either side of this table is a
    button, first press the one left of the table, then press the
    other one.  Walk over to the control panels and press <ACTION>
    near the left one, Hellboy will read "System Ready".  Then press
    <ACTION> near the middle panel and Hellboy will be captured by two
    mad scientists or something.  Walk over to the last panel and
    press <ACTION> to summon an elevator, enter it.
    Just ignore the switches and whatnot for now, and walk right up
    to a door.  If you try to open it Hellboy will say the water
    pressure is too high.  To fix the water supply for the fountain
    and sprinklers adjust the switches in this room.  Make sure all
    cylinders are `up".  Also turn the red valve thing next to the
    first switch just in case.  Now, find your way back to the garden
    and open the valves to turn on the fountain and the sprinklers. 
    Now you will be able to open the door downstairs.  After you enter
    that door you will find yourself in some kind of pipe, follow it
    and you will come across a bridge which you cannot lower from this
    Walk along to the right, open the door and walk straight ahead to
    the next door. Enter it and you will be attacked by a 3 legged
    monster, just <RUN> around it and [SAVE].
3.4.2.  E4 - Sewers
    For the rest of this Episode I will refer to the map below:
                   ___| __|    S = [SAVE], A = Ammo, &ndash = Door, H = Health
                  |   MB|      
                  |_   _|      L = little guy trapped in force field
                    |c|        X = Just don"t jump in here, ok?
                    | |        W = Wheel you cannot pass
                    |&ndash|       MB = mother bug
                    | |____    3 = large 3 legged creatures
                    \____     c = small annoying bug-like creatures       
                         | |   B = Bridge                           
                    _____| |_____
                   |             |
               ____|  :^^   ^^:  |______      
              /  __     hole      ____         
              | |  |  :..   ..:  |    | |       
              | |  |_____   _____|    | |   ________
              | |________| |_____     | |__|      L |
              |  ________   ___      \____&ndash___   __|
              | |________| |   | |          ___|&ndash|____
              \__________  |   | |_        |H  3      |
                  _______| |   \__A|       |_____ 3 __|
                 /  _______/                 __  | |
      ___________| |   ________________     / A| |W|
     /  ___   ___  |  /  ______   ___  \____| |  | |
     | |   | |   | |  | |      | |   |  ____  |  |&ndash|
     | |___| |   | |__| |______| |_  | |    | |  | |
     \_____  |   \__________   __   | |____| |__| |__
           | |___           | |  |A| |  ____________  \r
           \___            | |______| |            | |   
               |c|          \__________/    |&ndash|     |&ndash|    ____
               | |  ___                     |B|_____| |___|    |
               |&ndash|_|H  |                    |  ___&ndash__ __&ndash_  3 S|
               |_      | <---+              |&ndash|      X    |____|
                 |     |     |              | |___        
                 |___S_|     |              \___    
                             |                  | |
             elevator room --+                  |&ndash|   
    First locate "MB" on the map and go there.  While you are running
    through the sewers you will be constantly attacked by annoying
    little bugs, you cannot kill them so just <RUN> along and ignore
    When you arrive you will see a huge ugly bug-like creature giving
    birth to the annoying little bugs.  Notice that she raises her
    head when she spits out a baby.  Walk over to the head and wait
    for her to raise it.  Use your <FIST> on the baby bugs which swarm
    around you but always stay pointed at the head so you can <RUN>
    underneath it once she raises her head.  Press <ACTION> on the old
    equipment to activate it, which kills the mother bug.
    Now locate the little guy on the map and go to that room.  Walk
    over to the left switch and press it seven times to line up the
    holes in the three discs.  You should now have power on the second
    switch, press it three times to line it up with the bar above it.
    Now walk back to the first switch and press it seven times to line
    it up with the second disc and the bar above it.  Walk over to the
    third switch and press it three times.  The bar should now fall
    into the holes in the discs and release the little guy. 
    Exit the room through the door you have not been through yet, and
    grab the [HEALTH] if you think you need it.  Walk towards the
    spinning weel (marked W on the map), avoid the creatures and
    press <ACTION> near the opened plate to stop the wheel from
    spinning.  Pass under it and follow the map to the elevator room.
    (if you have not killed the mother bug the creatures marked "c" on
    the map will not let you pass and you will not be able to reach
    the elevator room).
    Press the switch and grab the [HEALTH] before you [SAVE].
3.4.3.  E4 - Elevator Room
    Leave the elevator room and walk back to the bridge.  The little
    guy will crawl out of the vents and lower the bridge for you.
    Walk over to the other side and open the door.  Now <RUN> along
    the corridors, and avoid the electric sparks by hiding in the
    spaces in the walls.
    After a while you should reach the elevator (the elevator switch
    here does not work, which is why you needed to go to the elevator
    room to raise the elevator). 
    Walk along and press <ACTION> to pick up the big wrench at the end
    of the room.  Now go back to the first save point in the sewers
    (the one with the annoying 3 legged creature in the room), after
    you have saved leave the room and have a look at the green pipe
    which is marked "X" on the map.  Press <USE> to throw the wrench
    in the pipe, after throwing the wrench in it is safe to press
    <ACTION> a few times to make Hellboy jump into the pipe.
    Open the door ahead (the one on the right is locked) and walk
    along to find Sara, or is it Kalin?  
    Avoid Kalin"s blasts and after he has teleported a few times he
    should stay where he is long enough to fight him with your
    <FIST>.  You should not have any trouble killing him this way. 
    Grab his staff in the middle of the room before leaving the room.
    (don"t forget to press <ATTACK> to try the staff, you will notice
    it will need a little time to recharge after each blast).
    Hellboy will unlock the door to the right, which is Episode Five.
3.5.  Episode Five
    Run along the corridors and shoot the three legged creatures with
    the staff, after a while you should be back outside the asylum.
    Walk over to the other side of the grounds to a gate which was
    locked earlier.  Open it and shoot any zombies you encounter,
    continue to a clearing.  Press <ACTION> near the fence to take the
    sheet music lying there, and turn around to discover a [SAVE]
    point in a corner.
    UPDATE: MailMaster C. wrote me about this part, there was a bug in
    his version of the game:
       "I am in the Town of Zombies, I have to find the sheet music
        paper to pick up the amulet. You say to press ACTION near the
        fence, but there is no sheet music paper."
    Luckily, there seems to be a workaround:
       "I eventually managed to find the sheet music near the
        fence. It was invisible, I had to check every millimeter
        of the fence, and I found it in the corner, near the 
        wall, on the opposite side of the SAVE POINT."
3.5.1.  E5 - Town
    Continue to the next clearing to find some [HEALTH] and another
    zombie, this one cannot be killed with the staff. So keep hitting
    him with your <FIST> and he will not have any opportunity to hit
    back.  Enter the huge door with the crosses on either side after
    killing the zombie.
    You will now be back in the Underground Passage of Episode Two.
    Follow it back to the place where you found four stones to put on
    three pillars, there is a [HEALTH] there now.  However the door
    there will not open, so get back to the elevator which leads up to
    the church.  In the church <USE> the sheet music on the organ, and
    press <ACTION> near the door which just opened to take the
    Walk to the back of the church and open the door, you will be
    outside again.  Follow the path and open the wooden doors at the
    end.  You will be attacked by another demonic creature which looks
    familiar.  Press <RUN> while walking backwards to avoid being hit
    by the creature while still being able to shoot at it with the
    staff.  You should be able to kill it fairly easily using the
    method described above.
    You can now walk back to the asylum, but it is still locked, so
    enter the zombie town again.  On one of the trees is a note
    written by Peter (it might have been there the first time too, I"m
    not sure), read it by pressing <ACTION> near it and then continue
    until you reach the Underground Passage again. (you might want to
    save along the way). 
    Follow the passage and Hellboy will jump into a portal.
3.6.  Episode Six
    Judging from the horns which grew back, you are in Hell.  Follow
    the path to the first talon.  Closely watch the cycle in which it
    hammers on the ground (it hammers twice, waits a short while,
    hammers again, waits a bit longer, and then it starts over).
    <RUN> underneath the talon when it is safe, and <RUN> along to the
    left.  You will encounter a creature from hell which looks
    remarkebly similar to the zombies which you have seen before, so
    use your <FIST> do defeat it.  Select the staff and press <ACTION>
    to insert it in the pentagram on the floor.  This will paralise
    the first talon and allow you to move along the path.  Repeat this
    for the next three talons.  (the cycle for when a talon hammers and
    when it waits is different for each of them, so watch closely,
    also watch the smaller tentacles closely and you will be able to
    <RUN> by them without being harmed).   
    When you have paralised all legs you will be able to reach Sara.
    Walk over to her to end the game.
    Hope you enjoyed it :)
    -- Kuno Woudt <kuno@frob.nl>
4. Feedback
    Several people have emailed me with updates on some of the things
    which were not clear to me in the first versions of this FAQ.
    These updates have been included in the main walkthrough, and
    in the "Music Books" section below.  I also recieved an email from
    one of the developers of the game, which probably answers any 
    remaining questions, you can find it in the "Developer" section
4.1  Music Books
    UPDATE: The purpose of the music books is still not entirely
    clear, but several people have written me with suggestions: 
       Q: What is the purpose of the music books?
    Lost Johnny writes:
       A: Well, I"m not really sure, but I found out that you can
       <USE> at least the first book with the organ in the church.
       Hellboy will then play a nice little tune (this won"t open the
       place where the ammo box is hidden, though) ... 
       definitely not essential for solving the game, I"d say. ;-)
    Martin writes:
       I don"t know what the first music book is for, when I used it
       at the church organ nothing happened. The second one I couldn"t
       use at first, but after I defeated the Inquisitor snake monster
       I used it at the organ and played some rockin" tune after which
       a monk came out of the sacristry  and told me to keep quiet!
4.2  Developer
    One of the developers of the Hellboy game has written me an email
    which clears up many things.  I"ve snipped a few bits out, but 
    here is most of the email I got from Mr. Strange:
      I thought I"d give a few insights into exactly what we were
      thinking about various bits.
      1.  Difficult fighting - there were some places where we 
          expected folks to fight, and some places where we expected
          them to run.  After reading your FAQ, it became clear to me
          that these distinctions were not clear.  For example, you
          are NOT supposed to fight the Small Kanis after you exit the
          church.  I hope you didn"t try to fight him more than once 
          or twice, as that fight is essentially impossible.  On the 
          other hand, you did not mention the quick way to defeat the
          Giant Kanis at the top of the tower, which is to hit him and
          then run around to his back and strike the large hump there.
          Perhaps you used that strategy and simply did not write it 
          up?  If you fought him the hard way, you did quite a bit of
          extra work.
      2.  The man you see who always runs through locked doors in the
          old monestary, and who eventually turns into the giant 
          snake-demon is the Inquisitor.  That didn"t seem to be clear
          in your FAQ, and to be fair it wasn"t all that clear in the
      3.  That object you use to reflect the light beam is supposed
          to be a shiny shield, not a plate.
      4.  You didn"t mention using the music books at either of the 
          organs.  Those music books were slipped in the game by a
          rogue designer, so I don"t reccommend actually enjoying 
          whatever happens.  I cencored the original dialogue, which
          was even worse.
      5.  I was pleased that you figured out the "Get the Small Kanis
          trapped between the tree and the wall" trick.  We used that
          all the time.
      6.  Fun fact, you need not pick up your gun at the start of
          episode 4.  If you do not, the ending battle of that episode
          is slightly different.
      7.  Going backwards, those four stones - that was my puzzle, and
          it has to do with the relative mass of those shapes.  The 
          goal is to get all three pillars to the same height.  I"m 
          sorry if that didn"t work for you.
      8.  When you return to the asylum, and enter the small office to
          unlock the bunker, there are papers which indicate that
          Kalin has been running the asylum in the present day.  That
          was important to me.
      9.  If you have your gun, you can kill the little bugs quite 
          easily in the sewers.  Of course, more just come, so it"s
          probably not worthwhile.
      10. Since you encourage folks to save before throwing the pipe
          into the gears, why not encourage them to try jumping in 
          before they throw?
      11. I"m glad you picked up on the significance of Hellboy"s 
          horns growing back.
      12. I"ve made it to the end, and it seems that some folks
          figured out the music books after all.  I"m sorry for them.
5.  Cheats
    Because I am playing this game for the story - and not the
    gameplay - I have decided to cheat.  Normally I do not enjoy
    cheating in a computer game, but in this case I feel it is a
    neccesary evil :) 
    Now that I have finished the game, I can conclude that most fights
    are not at all difficult.  So you might want to try the game
    without cheating - then again, having lots of health can be quite
    comforting :)
    Luckily the savegames are tiny, and it has not been difficult to
    find out where health and ammo are stored.  However these
    locations change with each episode, so i have a made a few batch
    files for save points where you probably need it most. 
    For each of the next sections copy the text of the section
    verbatim to a dos batch file (copy & paste it in notepad, then
    choose save as..., find the hellboy save game directory and save
    it as `hell_e2.bat" or `hell_e4.bat", etc... ). 
    Then open a dos box and `cd" into your savegame directory and
    execute the appropriate batch file.  This should patch your last
    savegame.  You can also supply a filename on the command line.
    WARNING: this might damage your savegame if you have a different
    version of the hellboy game, it will certainly damage your
    savegame if you use it on a savegame for a different episode.
    So make sure you make a backup first. 
    WARNING: the autosaves are special, find a proper [SAVE] point
    before attempting to cheat.  
5.1.  hell_e2.bat
@echo off
: Ammo + Health trainer for Episode One and Two of Hellboy.
if %1_==_ goto default
set FILE=%1
goto skip
for %%i in (save*.hbs) do set FILE=%%i
echo e 4ca > cheat.deb
echo 00 44 >> cheat.deb
echo e 554 >> cheat.deb
echo 63    >> cheat.deb
echo w     >> cheat.deb
echo q     >> cheat.deb
echo patching %FILE% ...
debug %FILE% < cheat.deb > nul
echo done.
5.2.  hell_e4.bat
@echo off
: Use this batch file ONLY for Hellboy savegames at E4 - Sewer.
if %1_==_ goto default
set FILE=%1
goto skip
for %%i in (save*.hbs) do set FILE=%%i
echo e 4ba > cheat.deb
echo 00 44 >> cheat.deb
echo e 504 >> cheat.deb
echo 63    >> cheat.deb
echo w     >> cheat.deb
echo q     >> cheat.deb
echo patching %FILE% ...
debug %FILE% < cheat.deb > nul
echo done.
6.  GNU Free Documentation License
		GNU Free Documentation License
		   Version 1.1, March 2000
 Copyright (C) 2000  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
     59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

The purpose of this License is to make a manual, textbook, or other
written document "free" in the sense of freedom: to assure everyone
the effective freedom to copy and redistribute it, with or without
modifying it, either commercially or noncommercially.  Secondarily,
this License preserves for the author and publisher a way to get
credit for their work, while not being considered responsible for
modifications made by others.
This License is a kind of "copyleft", which means that derivative
works of the document must themselves be free in the same sense.  It
complements the GNU General Public License, which is a copyleft
license designed for free software.
We have designed this License in order to use it for manuals for free
software, because free software needs free documentation: a free
program should come with manuals providing the same freedoms that the
software does.  But this License is not limited to software manuals;
it can be used for any textual work, regardless of subject matter or
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This License applies to any manual or other work that contains a
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under the terms of this License.  The "Document", below, refers to any
such manual or work.  Any member of the public is a licensee, and is
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A "Modified Version" of the Document means any work containing the
Document or a portion of it, either copied verbatim, or with
modifications and/or translated into another language.
A "Secondary Section" is a named appendix or a front-matter section of
the Document that deals exclusively with the relationship of the
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(or to related matters) and contains nothing that could fall directly
within that overall subject.  (For example, if the Document is in part a
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mathematics.)  The relationship could be a matter of historical
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The "Invariant Sections" are certain Secondary Sections whose titles
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that says that the Document is released under this License.
The "Cover Texts" are certain short passages of text that are listed,
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A "Transparent" copy of the Document means a machine-readable copy,
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for automatic translation to a variety of formats suitable for input
to text formatters.  A copy made in an otherwise Transparent file
format whose markup has been designed to thwart or discourage
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not "Transparent" is called "Opaque".
Examples of suitable formats for Transparent copies include plain
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The "Title Page" means, for a printed book, the title page itself,
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You may also lend copies, under the same conditions stated above, and
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If you publish printed copies of the Document numbering more than 100,
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A. Use in the Title Page (and on the covers, if any) a title distinct
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B. List on the Title Page, as authors, one or more persons or entities
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C. State on the Title page the name of the publisher of the
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D. Preserve all the copyright notices of the Document.
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F. Include, immediately after the copyright notices, a license notice
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G. Preserve in that license notice the full lists of Invariant Sections
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H. Include an unaltered copy of this License.
I. Preserve the section entitled "History", and its title, and add to
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   there is no section entitled "History" in the Document, create one
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J. Preserve the network location, if any, given in the Document for
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   You may omit a network location for a work that was published at
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K. In any section entitled "Acknowledgements" or "Dedications",
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L. Preserve all the Invariant Sections of the Document,
   unaltered in their text and in their titles.  Section numbers
   or the equivalent are not considered part of the section titles.
M. Delete any section entitled "Endorsements".  Such a section
   may not be included in the Modified Version.
N. Do not retitle any existing section as "Endorsements"
   or to conflict in title with any Invariant Section.
If the Modified Version includes new front-matter sections or
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These titles must be distinct from any other section titles.
You may add a section entitled "Endorsements", provided it contains
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You may add a passage of up to five words as a Front-Cover Text, and a
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Front-Cover Text and one of Back-Cover Text may be added by (or
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The combined work need only contain one copy of this License, and
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Make the same adjustment to the section titles in the list of
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In the combination, you must combine any sections entitled "History"
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License doe

Starfleet Command III [Walkthrough]