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Diese explosive Spielspaßgranate zündet gleich acht Mal den Unterhaltungsturbo. Die acht enthaltenen Arcade-Klassiker fordern blitzschnelle Reflexe und schnelle Entscheidungen. Während Sie beispielsweise im Rennspiel Wacky Zoo GP ganz im Stile des Megasellers Mario Kart um die Pole Position kämpfen, entscheidet in Ocean Commander die richtige Strategie, ob Sie mit Ihrem Kriegsschiff am Ende baden gehen oder der Gegner die Algen von unten betrachten darf. Sci-Fans hingegen kommen in Obliterate voll auf ihre Kosten. Mit einer futuristischen Laser-Waffe ausgerüstet, befreien sie Planeten vor Furcht einflößenden Aliens.


Acht actiongeladene Arcade-Klassiker
Abwechslungsreicher Genre-Mix aus Action-, Strategie- und Rennspielen
Jedes Spiel bietet zahlreiche Missionen und unzählige Herausforderungen
Leicht verständlich und für Jung und Alt geeignet



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 ³                Arcade 8: The Ultimate PC Collection *ISO*                ³
  Date.........: 2009-03-06                        Files........: 1 CD
  Company......: Phoenix Games                      Language.....: English
  Requirements.: Computer, Windows 98/2K/ME/XP/Vista

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 ³ ::::::\_____/::'                  Game Notes                              ³
  PC Game Collection with 8 Games:

  Caveman Rock
  Cavemen and dinosaurs have lived in peace together for centuries in the
  Green Village. One day, a volcano nearby the village erupts! Both the
  Cavemen and Dinosaurs are confronted with loosing their homes.

  Destroy as many lava rocks as possible that accumulate from the volcano
  eruption. Hurry up!! The hot burning lava begins to flood the village! Can
  you stop the village from being destroyed with the help of the dinosaurs?

  Fruit Fall is a puzzle game that will send you bananas!

  Your mission is to make fruit vanish! You control mazes full of fruit. As
  you rotate the mazes the fruit will fall down. When three or more identical
  fruit end up touching each other they will vanish. Sounds simple? Don't be
  a lemon!

  The game is set in three unique environments; a ghoulish ghost world, an
  underwater lost city, and also in deep space.

  The aim of the game is to conquer all the levels and win all 15 stars.

  Hoppie was born with the special gift of being able to restore everything
  around him back to life. One day, the Kings and Queens of evil put a spell
  of darkness onto the world. It is now Hoppie's mission to save the world
  from the evil spell and bring the world back to its lively state.

  Can you help Hoppie to save the world from drought, darkness and overall
  evil. Use the items you collect along your journey wisely as you travel
  through 30 unique stages! Can you restore peace and prosperity?

  Earth is under attack and only you can save the planet!

  Alien blobs have travelled across the galaxy to mount an attack, and you
  must OBLITERATE them all.

  Armed with a laser weapon, you must blast your way through dozens of levels
  of alien attack. The action starts on earth, but your battle will continue
  into space and all the way back to the alien homeworld.

  OBLITERATE is a fun, cartoon, arcade-action game, set over 36 levels, and 3
  worlds. Buttonbashing blasting is mixed with skilful spot-on shooting over
  a huge variety of challenges.

  The aim of the game is to protect Earth and destroy the alien invaders.

  Ocean Commander
  War has broken out in the Underwater World. Its your mission to protect
  territorial water as a special arms commander, by using dreadnought, arms
  and military equipements. Get your weapons ready and prepare for attack!
  You must stop Dr. Shark’s evil plans to conquer the Federation Earth before
  it's too late!

  Saint & Sinner
  When good thoughts and evil thoughts meet, the ultimate battle occurs!
  Saint & Sinner is a strategic puzzle game, giving you the power to conquer
  the evil with the good.

  Steam Express
  Chooo Chooo, here comes the unfortunate train.
  Hurry up! An authority has setup a new railway, but it is not complete yet,
  this is your chance to become a hero!

  Test your reflexes in Steam Express. Your mission is to connect the
  uncompleted railway to its destination before the train comes.

  Wacky Zoo GP
  Skid, jump and bump to first place with the help of the boosts, bombs,
  rockets & more! Blast your way around Wacky Town, bash your way around the
  Jungle tracks, and generally throw all you can grab at those who dare race
  ahead of you!

  Practice with the weapons in the Quick Races, get your name up in lights in
  the Time Trial records, and take on (or blow up!) the best to win the
  coveted trophies in the Tournaments to become top of the Wacky Zoo GP!

  URL: http://www.toppreise.ch/index.php?a=156116
  URL: http://www.phoenixgamesgroup.com/uk/pcpacks.html

  NOTE: Manual available in these languages: ENG, FRA, GER, ITA, SPA and POR.

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 ³ ::::::\_____/::'              Installation Notes                          ³
  1. UnRAR
  2. Burn the ISO with your favorite software.
  3. Install game

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 ³ ::::::\_____/::'                  Group News                              ³
  We bring you games that other groups do not do. We are different, like us
  or hate us. You think some games that we release are crap? We do not care
  because we think that scene means that every game should be released.

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 ³ ::::::\_____/::'                  Greetings                              ³
    iND - PWZ - TNT - PROCYON - ISOGER - GOW - WARG - Razor1911 - ADDONiA   

 ³  If you enjoy this game, please buy it! Developers deserve your support!  ³

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