The Keens [Tom&Liz&Agnes | Ryan&Megan] #10: "You know what? I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me - again."

the keens
Tom, Liz & Agnes | Ryan & Megan
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Tom and Elizabeth Keen are a happily married couple who are in the process of adopting their first child when one day their whole lives change. When Liz, a profiler for the FBI starts her new job she couldn't have imagined her whole life would turn upside down the moment she met Raymond Reddington. Although she promised Tom her job wouldn't get in the way of the starting a family, it did. After Tom is stabbed in their own house, Liz finds a box underneath the floor containing multiple fake passports, a gun and money that appear to belong to Tom. Was Red right after all? Is there a reason not to trust Tom? When Liz finds out that her entire marriage has been a lie, she divorces Tom and shoots him after he kidnapped her. Everybody thinks Tom is dead but Liz is holding him hostage on a boat for what he did to her. A lot has happened since then. Tom and Liz found their way back to each other after Liz had been exonerated of all charges pending the murder of Tom Connolly. She finds out that she is pregnant after she got attacked. She wants to give the baby up for adoption but Tom talks her out of that. He proposes and they plan on getting married again. Their wedding day didn't go as planned. Liz and Tom's wedding ceremony is interrupted by Mr. Solomon, who pursues them relentlessly. Liz is injured during the chase, which causes her to go into labor, forcing Red's doctor to perform an emergency C-section to save her baby. That day Lize gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Agnes. Sadly, Liz dies due to complications with the C-section and the inability to reach a hospital on time. Now it's up to Tom to take care of their little girl all alone. Or so we think. Liz's death was faked and Tom and Liz move into a new apartment with Agnes to start their new life. But that life comes to an abrupt end when Tom gets involved in a case he shouldn't get involved in and as a result he ends up badly injured when he and Liz are being attacked at their apartment. Tom and Liz are brought to the hospital but for Tom it's too late. He dies the same night while Liz is in a coma for ten months before she wakes up.

Mr. and Mrs. Keen | The Keens

the first time we met them ღ

top 10 quotes ღ
— s e a s o n one —

Tom: "We both woke up seven minutes ago. I'm pretty sure my pants are on
backwards and I can barely see straight but you are somehow dresses, composed and as beautiful as the day I met you."
Liz: "You know I'm not gonna let this job come between us and our family right?
Tom: "I know."
Liz: "We want a family, we are going to have a family."
Tom: "Wait were you serious about that kid thing? Because I got stuff going on."
Episode 1x01

Tom: "Are you okay?"
Liz: "Yeah I'm sorry. I'm just a little distracted."
Tom: "No that's alright. I'm sitting here talking about what happened to me, like
it only happened to me but it happened to us both. It's just a little weird to be home because.. Lizzie a man came into our home."
Liz: : "I know, I'm sorry. I wish I could tell you more. I want to tell you more."
Tom: "So tell me something. Who was he?"
Liz: "He's gone, he was killed."
Tom: "I love you. I just hate there are things you have to hide for me."
Episode 1x03

Tom: "You are not going anywhere Liz. The people that I work for a very powerful and I need you to tell me everything that you know."
Liz: "I don't know anything. You're hurting me."
Tom: "Dammit Lizzie do not lie to me."
Liz: "I don't know anything I swear."
Tom: "Well I wished that I believed you."
Episode 1x05

Tom: "Are you telling me, like what, like you think I murdered a KGB defector? like I'm Bond.
I'm Tom Bond and between social studies and recess I go around assassinating people."
Liz: "Some of the dates of these passports..
Tom: "You know, I can't believe that you are accusing me of this because your job is the reason that a man came in here and cut me in half!"
Episode 1x06

Tom: "I'm not gonna sit here and.. your job, anything that is evil or bad it comes from what you do. Not what I do!"
Liz: "It's not my picture on these passports."
Tom: "Okay if you think I'm guilty then why don't you do something about it. Why don't you call the FBI?"
Liz: "Fine."
Tom: "Do it. Go ahead. Do it, you think I'm kidding? Do you think I'm kidding?"
Episode 1x06

Tom: "In what world is any of this okay? The fact that you don't see that, that this is somehow normal to you."
Liz: "I'm sorry."
Tom: "A man told me that he was gonna kill you. I've been attacked, been accused of murder and now people
are watching us. Apparently there are cameras in our bedroom."
Liz: "They are gone."
Tom: "Do you believe that? I need us, together and safe."
Episode 1x010

Liz: "I would quit my job if I could. I know you don't believe that."
Tom: "I'm not asking you to quit you job. I just need you to be more safe, to be more present."
Liz: "I can do that. I promise."
Tom: "And you have so many secrets and I wish you didn't cause I don't have any secrets. Expect one thing.
I may have watched the last Real housewives in my hotel room without you."
Liz: "I know. It showed up in our Netflix."
Episode 1x12

Tom: "What's wrong? Are you okay?"
Liz: "I can't do it."
Tom: "Do what?... You are not ready?"
Liz: "We are not ready."
Tom: "You don't have to take time off alright? There's a lot of working moms out there and you can do both.
Liz: "No Tom. It's us. I don't know what's wrong. I don't understand it but something is not right.
I can't have a baby right now"
Tom: "I don't know what to say."
Liz: "Honey you can't tell me that there is not one shred of doubt. One shred that wonders.. if this is broken?"
Episode 1x13

Liz: "There's nothing I can do."
Tom: "There's never anything you can do because your job has now become our life."
Liz: "What do you want me to say?"
Tom: "You don't have to say anything. You know what I'm gonna change my ticket, I'm gonna fly out tonight."
Liz: "Tonight? what? wait."
Tom: "No I'm not gonna wait. I think some timeapart might be the best thing for us."
Liz: "That is the last thing I want."
Tom: "It's not always about what you want Liz.
Episode 1x14

Liz: "Two years wasted. Two years we spent. On what? Do you care at all what you've done to me?
What you've done to my life? What has it done to you? Who could do such a thing? Finding you, stopping you.
You think I'd be happy you are gonna spend the rest of your life in prison. You think I'd get somesatisfaction out of that but I don't.
Because nothing, no scentence, no punishment, no revenge could ever come close to making up for what you've done.
Tom: "I was doing my job."
Liz: "Your job? That was our life. We were gonna have a baby, you begged me to have a baby."
Tom: "I was doing my job."
Liz: "Stop talking about your job. You. This. Everything was a lie. My life was a lie. Every feeling, every memory.
Say something to your wife who isdying in front of you. Say something."
Tom: "It was the shoes. I remember standing in the closet, half dressed, reaching for my shoes, when I saw that
you had draw this little heart in the dust on my shoe. You remember that? It was the sweetest thing.
And ever since that moment I just felt sorry for you because I knew. I knew that I had you."
Episode 1x19


top 10 quotes ღ
— s e a s o n two —

Liz: "I've been thinking about what to do with you. To tell you the truth I haven't madea decision yet. The other day was close. I thought about telling Reddington.
He's know what to do, but the truth is this is my responsibility, one way or the other."
Tom: "I answered all your questions Liz. You can't hide me forever."
Episode 2x06

Tom: "You gonna turn me in Liz? Lose your job? Go to jail? The only way to get me out of your life Liz is to let me go because if you kill me, if you go through
with it then we'll be linked forever. Even if you get away with it, even if nobody ever finds . You will always have to live with it."
Liz: "Yeah well when I make my decision you'll be the first to know."
Tom: "I knew the second you brought me down here you had no intention of letting me live. So here's the deal Liz. You're gonna do whatever you're gonna do.
You always have. Just do me one favor. Look me in the eyes when you do it."
Episode 2x07

Tom: "You know all this time you never asked me if I ever really loved you.
Liz: "Because I know the answer."
Tom: "I don't think you do."
Episode 2x08

Tom: "You gotta kill him. Look, you let this guy go, he's going to the cops and when he does we are all going to jail. Starting with you.
For torture, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment. Take your pick sweetheart. You gotta kill him."
Liz: "No, I can fix this."
Episode 2x08

Tom: "Take a look Liz. This is a problem and time is not on your side.
Liz: "I need information. Not advice."
Tom: "We both know that you are in over your head. You are not equipped for this Lizbecause you are not a killer. It's why I'm still alive and why you got a corpse lying
there that you have done nothing with. And your bodyguard, the one that you shot. Where do you think he is right now?
He's getting a gun Liz so he can come back here and kill me and then probably kill you too."
Episode 2x08

Liz: "What you are asking me to do.. I appreciate that you turned yourself in. You came back for me."
Tom: "Liz, I'm in danger. I need the passports."
Liz: "I can't. I just can't."
Tom: "Liz please! Turning myself in to save you, saved me. Not because the judge let me go.
I've been running since I was fourteen. It's all I've known. And in that moment when the judge let me go I thought maybe there is a world where I don't have to run,
where I could just.. These Germans want me dead. My handler to so please, I need you help. I need the passports."
Liz: "They're not just passports. You put them in a box under the floor in our home. They represent everything I'm trying to forgot."
Tom: "I know. I wouldn't ask unless it was important."
Liz: "They are locked up in evidence."
Tom: "That's exactly why they should still be clean."
Liz: "I'm not gonna walk into evidence and steal them for you. Why would I do that?"
Tom: "You want me gone? Do this and you will never see me again."
Episode 2x18

Tom: "Do you think it's possible for someone like me to.. start over? To become something else?"
Liz: "Isn't that want you do for a living?"
Tom: "Yeah. But you know what I mean."
Liz: "Can you be honest? You have to be honest. Tom.. our entire marriage, everything that happened, our fights, the baby.. your laugh.
It couldn't have all been pretend. You are not that good an actor. That's why I didn't see it. Because so much of it was real.
You are my greatest failure as a profiler."
Tom: "You are my greatest succes. You made me feel.. for a moment.. like I had a life and that somebody cared. So this is me being honest."
Liz: "Can you be honest about the passports?"
Tom: "The passports?"
Liz: "They were real. Government issue. Where did you get them?"
Tom: "Berlin had a guy."
Liz: "Guess not."
Tom: "Wait. Wait. I can't. Not about this."
Liz: "That's not how the truth works. You don't get to pick and choose. Not if you want to learn how to swim."
Episode 2x18

Tom: "Or I could just buy this boat. And we can disappear."
Liz: "Do you know how many images are in the NGI database? 51 million."
Tom: "If we go away none of that matters."
Liz: "51 million and not a single one of her."
Tom "Reddington knows who she is."
Liz: "I know who she is. That girl. That's me and the woman, I believe that may be my mother."
Tom: "That mean Reddington is your dad?"
Liz: "No. My father died when I was four. In a fire. Reddington was there. I think she may have been to."
Tom: "Why don't you just ask him?"
Liz: "If Reddington wanted me to know the truth he would have told me by now. He wants to keep me from knowing and he will bully anyone who might help me in to silence."
Episode 2x20

Tom: "I'm sorry. I just want to say I'm sorry."
Liz: "Tom, we are way past that."
Tom: "I know but I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to apologize because I should've done it a long time ago."
Liz: "What's the catch?"
Tom: "There's no catch. It's just a little hope."
Liz: "Hope? That what? We'll just work through this screwed up situation were in and go back to playing house?"
Tom: "Alright, dream scenario. We finish our coffee. We hop on my boat, we leave. Okay we never look back. Preferably we take our clothes off at some point."
Liz: "Be serious."
Tom: "I'm trying to be."
Liz: "That's insane. I don't know you. Not the real you and the fact that you think
I'm gonna run away with whoever you are, means that you don't know me at all either. Just because I'm eating this.."
Tom: "I know the whole naked boat thing is a little unrealistic but we both need to start over. Right? You and me. The real me. Not.."
Liz: "The neo nazi? Cause that doesn't really do it for me."
Tom: "That's fair."
Episode 2x21

Tom: "hat is it? What’s wrong?”
Liz: "I don’t want to regret anything.”
Tom: "What could you possibly regret?
Liz: "Not saying yes."
Tom: “Yes to what?”
Liz: "You. Take me with you."
Tom: "Don’t say that."
Liz: "I’m here. All we have to do is go."
Tom: "Liz, if you go away with me, you’ll never get answers. You’ll never find out who you really are."
Liz: "I don’t need to know who I am to know what I want."
Tom: "What do you want, Liz?"
Liz: "You."
Episode 2x22


top 10 quotes ღ
— s e a s o n three —

Liz: "Listen Tom, you don't understand. I've done so many terrible things. I've hurt so many people."
Tom: "I don't care what you've done. Liz, I know who you are. I took that for granted for a long time.
But I don't now. So you're right. I do have plans. I am coming to save you."
Liz: "Tom, listen.."
Tom: "It's to late Liz. I am already in."
Liz: "In where? Where are you? What have you done?"
Tom: "I got to go. I love you."
Episode 3x04

Tom: "You told me that I should have stayed on the boat. Never come back but the truth is I never should have left. You were in trouble and I walked away."
Liz: "You had a dream. I wanted you to follow it. I still do."
Tom: "That's what I am trying to tell you Liz. I am following it."
Episode 3x07

Liz: "We need to go to your boat. Now."
Tom: "Wait. I gotta do one thing. Okay. Uh.. This is a washerbut I promise you, I'm going to replace it. With something so much better.
Elizabeth Keen, will you marry me? I know I wasn't the best husband but I can be. I can be. I don't want to be anyone else."
Liz: "I don't know what to say."
Tom: "Yes. You can say yes."
Liz: Tom, if I've learned one thing from being on the run these past few months, it's that I can't tell you what I want ten years from now.
Even a year from now. I just know what I want right now."
Episode 3x11

Tom: "Are you serious? What about the rings and the photographer?"
Liz: "And the dress and the flowers and all that stuff. We don't need it. They had a cancelation at the church this afternoon. I say we go for it."
Tom: "Hold on. I thought we were gonna try to do things right this time."
Liz: "Doesn't this feel right? To do it now, today at St. Cecilia's, where we wanted to do it the first time?"
Tom: "It feels kind of crazy. I mean, there's other dates available."
Liz: "April 25th. I'm due on the 22nd."
Tom: "All right, so let's say we could get this done today, which I... I really don't know if we can. It's not gonna be perfect."
Liz: "But it will be a lot better than waiting a week or two and having you roll me down the aisle."
Tom: "If that's what it takes, I will roll you wherever you need to go. But are you absolutely sure about this?"
Liz: "Come on. It's me and you.
Episode 3x17

Tom: "I told myself no more secrets. And I promised you that I would be completely honest, no matter what. Today the Major found me. Gina told him where to find me,
and he came into our apartment and tried to kill me. But he's dead. And I, uh..."
Liz: "You killed him?"
Tom: "Uh, no. Actually, Gina did, but that's a long story. Look, what I want you to know is that it happened because I made it clear that I'm out. I'm done with those people and that life.
But there are things that I did, and I might be done with those things, but I can't promise you that those things are done with me. And I can't promise you that it's not gonna happen tomorrow or next week or five years from now. Hey. And I would understand, frankly, if you didn't want to deal with any of.."
Liz: "Stop. It's me, remember? Your ex-wife who shot the Attorney General and was publicly branded a Russian sleeper agent. I know a little something about baggage. But I love you. And I am willing to help you carry yours if you can help me carry mine."
Episode 3x17

Tom: "Liz, if anything happens to you, if you get hurt or taken, none of this means anything.
Liz: "Don't you get it? I'm the only one in this building they're not gonna shoot."
Episode 3x17

Tom: Just stay with me, all right? I'm right here. It's fine. We're having a baby. Yay.
Liz: "Ohh. I love you."
Tom: "You're gonna do great."
Liz: "This just isn't how I pictured the birth of our baby."
Tom: "How'd you picture it?"
Liz: "Magical."
Episode 3x18

Liz: "Hi! A girl! Hi. I still like Agnes."
Tom: "You know my feelings. Besides reliving childhood traumas, it's an old lady name."
Liz: "But with babies, everything that's old is new again. Besides, it was Sam's mother's name. He's the only family I ever knew."
Episode 3x18

Tom: "Liz, you can do this. When you wake up, I'm gonna take you away from here. We're gonna be lying on a beach under the sun. Just you, me, and our little baby girl. I promise you."
Liz: "If things go sideways, you're gonna take our baby to that beach, right?"
Tom: "Don't say that. They won't go sideways. We have too much to look forward to."
Episode 3x18

Liz: "You made it. Oh, my God. Oh. Oh, she's beautiful."
Tom: "Just like her mother."
Liz: "Are we okay?"
Tom: "Liz, it's over. There's nobody coming after us. It's just you and me and her. We did it. We're free."
Episode 3x20


top 10 quotes ღ
— s e a s o n four —

Tom: "Was I asleep? Liz, you okay?"
Liz: "Reddington didn't just have an affair with my mother. She was assigned to him, to be in his life. The way you were assigned to be in mine."
Tom: "For which I am forever grateful."
Liz: "Be careful, okay? I lost Agnes. I can't lose you, too."
Tom: "You haven't lost her. When this is over, you're gonna have both of us back."
Episode 4x03

Liz: I'm looking at our little [girl. It's almost like a baby monitor, like she's in the next room.
Tom: "Only she's not. Kirk has her.
Liz: "I know. I asked you this morning to trust me, not to trace the link. I want you to know it means everything to me that you are okay with that. Thank you.
Tom: "Everything's gonna be all right, Liz. Blow her a kiss for me.
Liz: "Okay. I love you."
Tom: "I love you, too."
Episode 4x04

Liz: We talked about this! We agreed!
Tom: "Yeah, on how you felt. I told you I disagreed."
Liz: "What you didn't tell me was that you were gonna do something about it. Instead, you went behind my back and did exactly what I told you not to do. And with Reddington's help, no doubt."
Tom: "It wasn't Reddington."
Liz: "Then who?"
Tom: "A guy I used to work with."
Liz: "When was this? When you were a skinhead? One of Berlin's thugs? 'Cause I'm guessing it wasn't an elementary-school teacher."
Tom: "I'm not gonna fight with you about this, Liz! I did what I thought was best! And nobody is sorrier than me that it didn't work!"
Liz: "Oh, no. I know someone who's sorrier. Our daughter.. who now, because of you, is God knows where."
Episode 4x04

Liz: "He's my father."
Tom: "She's our daughter."
Liz: "You know what's gonna happen if I make that call. He's the only one who can give me answers about my past, my mother. They'll put him in a hole. I'll never see him again."
Tom: "If you don't, we may never see Agnes again."
Episode 4x06

Liz: "How’s Agnes?"
Tom: "She's [fine. Screaming. I know we're supposed to let her cry herself to sleep, but talk about cruel and unusual. She missed you tonight. We both did. I thought you'd be home earlier. "
Liz: "I know. I'm sorry I didn't call. Kirk collapse in the Post Office."
Tom: "Oh, well, that's good."
Liz: "His only hope is for a blood relative to donate stem cells."
Tom: "Are you thinking about it?"
Liz: "I just wanted to talk to you about it."
Tom: "Liz, what is there to talk about? He attacked our wedding, kidnapped you, and threatened to throw our child from a rooftop."
Liz: "And for that, he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. I'm not talking about freeing him. I'm talking about saving his life."
Tom: "Why would you do that?"
Liz: "Because he's my father."
Tom: "No, he's a stranger."
Liz: " It's not that simple."
Tom: "It is that simple."
Liz: "What if we were talking about your father? What if you suddenly found him? Would you be able to walk away?"
Tom: "Yeah."
Liz: "I don't believe that for a second."
Tom: "Well, you should, 'cause I did... from my mother. I met her while you were in Cuba."
Liz: "Wait, wait, wait. You met your mother?"
Tom: "Yeah. Her name is [Susan Hargrave."
Liz: "Why didn't you tell me?"
Tom: "I was gonna tell you when things settled down, but... they never did."
Liz: "How did it happen? What was she like? You must have a million questions."
Tom: "I do, and that's my point, Liz. I have a million questions, and I am letting them go unanswered, and I think you should, too."
Liz: "You're telling me you met your mother whom you've never known and you were able to just... walk away?"
Tom: "Yeah, from someone who abandoned me as a kid and has nothing to do with who I am or what I've become. Same as Kirk, your father, my mother, they're part of our past. But you're my future Liz, that's all I'm interested in. And I think it's what you should be interested in, too. "
Episode 4x07

Liz: "It doesn't make any sense. I saw the DNA test."
Tom: "From 30 years ago. Clearly, it was flawed."
Liz: "And the things he knows about me, he wasn't pretending. He believed he was my father. So did I."
Tom: "I didn't want you to do it in the first place. But I admire you for wanting to."
Liz: "This whole time, Reddington was right."
Tom: "Yeah, but he was wrong about one thing. Kirk is never getting out of here alive."
Episode 4x07

Liz: "When you were a little baby, you lived in a warehouse. And we had bodyguards. Say hi, Baz.
And inside the warehouse was a fake apartment! Oh, look! It's your daddy in your fake living room."
Tom: "Hey, here's Daddy wondering how much damage we've done to our sweet little girl."
Liz: "Well, it'll make for an intriguing college essay."
Tom: "Yeah. So, I know we're moving out, but just a quick gut check here. Kirk is gone. But according to Reddington, he's, what, dead? Not dead? He's definitely not in jail."
Liz: "I don't know. With Reddington, I don't assume anything."
Tom: "He kept you from getting answers about who your father is."
Liz: "You're the one that told me that's in my past."
Tom: "I know, and it is. But I don't know. Maybe now that I'm a dad, I'd... be lying if I said I didn't wonder who my father is."
Liz: "That's totally understandable. And another day, I might feel differently, but this is our present and our future. That's all that matters."
Tom: "Yeah. That and getting her into a good college."
Liz: "Yeah. Let's start by finding her a place to live. She needs to be able to open up her living room windows and see the sun. We all do."
Episode 4x09

Tom: "I thought Panabaker told Cooper you'd never be reinstated."
Liz: "She did, why? Did she just say.."
Tom: "You've been pardoned. Oh, my God. Liz, you've been pardoned."
Episode 4x09

Liz: "From the beginning, we've been fighting secrets and agendas and psychotic homicidal killers coming between us.
And for the first time, we're together, and we've got no one to fight. But it still feels.."
Tom: "Like we're coming apart?"
Liz: "I know this family is the most important thing to you. But it's not gonna work if you can't be who you are. I guess I'm just scared."
Tom: "Of what?"
Liz: "I'm not gonna love that person."
Tom: "Do you love me?"
Liz: "Yes."
Tom: "Then you love that person. Because that's who I am."
Episode 4x12

Tom: "I'm not gonna pretend I feel something when I don't."
Liz: "Honey, he was your father."
Tom: I guess. I never really knew him. I know it sounds cold, but my father, my mother, that family, whoever they are, I'm not really interested."
Liz: "Come on, honey. You must have some questions."
Tom: "You know, when I met my mother, she offered me a job."
Liz: "As an operative, which seems like it would be your dream job."
Tom: "I meant what I said when I turned her down. They're my past. You and Agnes are my future, and that's what I care about."
Liz: "You can care about us and look for the answers you need."
Episode 4x13


top 10 quotes ღ
— s e a s o n five —

Liz: "You're back! Are you really here?"
Tom: "I really am. God, I missed you. I have some news."
Liz: "You've got news? I've got news. It's about Reddington."
Tom: "What about him?"
Liz: "He's my father."
Tom: "He's your father?"
Liz: "I know, it's crazy but it explains so much. I mean, of course, I'm confused about why he took so long to tell me and how I feel about everything,
but wait a minute. You're here. So, do you have something to tell me?
Tom: "I wanted to tell you that I love you, Liz, and that I'm never gonna leave you, ever again."
Liz: "You better not leave. I'll kill you."
Episode 5x01

Liz: "I can't believe you're back. I have so many questions for you, like where you've been."
Tom: "I'll tell you later."
Liz: But it's done? You're back?"
Tom: "Yeah. I'm never gonna leave you again. You know what we need?
We need to get married. We never got married."
Episode 5x02

Tom: "I was taken hostage, all right? He could've gotten me killed. I cannot believe that you are related to him. Because he's a nutjob."
Liz: "Nutjob or not, he is my father. And I appreciate you offering to help him. Means the world to me."
Episode 5x03

Tom: "Hey, you want to grab, lunch?"
Liz: "Yeah. There's a burger place in Adams Morgan I've been wanting to try."
Tom: "Lunch sounds so.."
Liz: "I believe the word you're looking for is amazing."
Tom: "Yeah, completely amazing, but, like, something parents would do."
Liz: "Oh! Yeah. If either of us had even remotely normal parents."
Tom: "Now, that's the word I was looking for. Lunch sounds so completely normal. You know I love normal."
Liz: "At lunch no calls, no interruptions."
Tom: "Agreed. Just you and me being normal."
Episode 5x04

Tom: "Look, Liz, you're kind, and you're decent and honest. Reddington is not decent. He's dishonest and he's dangerous."
Liz: Reddington and I got Nik involved in something he never should've been a part of."
Tom: "Nik's a big boy. He can take care of himself."
Liz: "I know he can, but ultimately, it's my responsibility. Nik would've never been involved with Reddington if it weren't for me.
And he's been a good friend to us and I just feel like we're never gonna see him again. And I don't blame him."
Tom: "He'll come around. He will. Just give him some time. It'll be fine."
Episode 5x04

Liz: "Nik's d-dead. He was strangled. They found his body in an empty lot miles away from home or any hospital."
Tom: "What? How? Do they know?"
Liz: "The last thing he said to me was he never wanted to see me again."
Tom: "Liz, do they know what happened?"
Liz: "No, but we do."
Tom: "Reddington."
Liz: "He had him perform a surgery, and then Nik said he was out. Reddington probably thought he was a liability, that he knew too much."
Tom: "You don't know that."
Liz: "Nik was good. He was decent. The only indecent thing in his life was Reddington and me."
Tom: "You didn't You didn't do this."
Liz: "Would Nik be alive if I weren't in his life?"
Episode 5x05

Tom: "Slow down! Liz, why are we running? I don't know why we just flew across town."
*shows Tom a marriage license*
Liz: "Will you? I know it's super spur-of-the-moment, and this is not very romantic. I mean, we're under fluorescent lights. These pens are attached to the table, for God's sake,
but look with everything I see in a day, I just feel so lucky to have you. And if we don't do this now.."
Tom: "Hey. Yes."
Episode 5x06

Tom: "If you answer your phone we are getting a divorce."
Liz: "I have to meet Reddington in 30 minutes."
Tom: "No! No, you don't! Just tell him you're on your honeymoon. Tell him that your second husband insists you take one day off.
Liz: Technically you are my first husband because our first marriage was annulled and last night was our first time sleeping together as husband and wife."
Tom: "You know what? I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me - again."
Episode 5x07

Liz: "I've been worried sick about you. Please tell me you're okay?"
Tom: "I'm okay."
Liz: "What's going on? Where are you?"
Tom: "Liz, I need to see you right now."
Liz: "Tom, what's wrong?"
Tom: "Listen to me, okay? I need you to do exactly what I say. Do not tell anyone that we spoke or that you even know I'm okay."
Liz: "What are you talking about? I've got half the FBI looking for you."
Tom: "I need to see you alone, all right? Have Rosa take Agnes, go to the house, and make sure that nobody follows you."
Liz: "Tom, tell me what's going on."
Tom: I figured it out, the whole thing. Why Nik was killed, all of it."
Liz: "Tom, you're scaring me."
Tom: "Just go to the house. Meet me there, and when it's safe, babe, I'm gonna explain everything."
Episode 5x08

*last scene of Tom and Liz*
Tom: "You are so beautiful. You're the most beautiful. Liz. My Liz."
Liz: "Tom promise me, promise.. tell Agnes about me."
Tom: "I don't have to. Look at me. Liz, stay with me, babe, please. Lizzie, please. Please.
babe, please. You hear that? We're almost here. You're gonna make it. Please, you have to make it. I can't live without you. Liz? Please, God, stay."
Episode 5x08

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the vows ღ
Tom: "When I'm with you Liz I feel like I don't need to pretend.
I know that you accept me for who I really am and that's a gift that I thank god for every day."

Liz: "Tom, everyone. The thing is when you asked me to renew our vows, I thought it was odd.
And then I realized how much we've been through in such a short time.
So much has changed but the more I thought about it I realized this is the beginning of something amazing.
A new chapter, a new us. And I wanted to take this opportunity to stand in front of you and all of our friends,
everyone we love and tell you how excited I am about what's coming next. Because I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a ride."

— Agnes Keen - 04.18.16 ღ —
"I want to keep the baby. Our baby."


the reasons ღ
Because he shifted his allegiance to Berlin because it allowed him an inextricable intimacy and commitment to her.
Because he wants to be Jacob for her.
Because she knows what she wants, she wants him.
Because she regretted that she never got on that boat with him.
Because he came back to save her in the harbor master case.
Because he even was fighting on Red's side for her.
Because he was the one she sought shelter at in the rain.
Because he made her pancakes all the time and she didn't have the heart to tell him she doesn't like them.
Because they just want to be a normal, boring couple like everyone else.
Because they are both trying to figure out who they are and what better way to do that than together?
Because he betrayed Red, Berlin, and The Major for her.
Because he wanted a family with her.
Because she made him feel like he had a real life and somebody that cared about him.
Because he was there for her when she gave birth to their baby girl.
Because he promised her to take their little girl to the beach.
Because they are doing everything they can to find Agnes.

— Tom Keen † 11.15.2017 —
Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly creeping. Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain. Still remains within the sound of silence.


future titles ღ
You're gonna make it. Please, you have to make it. I can't live without you.
"I know a little something about baggage, but I love you. And I am willing to help you carry yours, if you can help me carry mine."
"Our fights, the baby, your laugh, it couldn't of all been pretend."
"You are my greatest failure as a profiler." "You are my greatest success."
"Liz, if you go away with me, you’ll never get answers. You’ll never find out who you really are."

past titles ღ
"You never really know people, do you?"
"I just want to be a normal, boring couple."
"I love you. I just hate that there are things you have to hide from me."
"We both need to start over. You and me. The real me."
"We'll be lying on a beach under the sun. Just you, me and our little baby girl. I promise you."
"All they did was stop a wedding. They can't touch what we have."
"You made me feel, for a moment, like I had a life. I had somebody who cared."
"You're gonna make it. Please, you have to make it. I can't live without you."
"You are so beautiful. You're the most beautiful. Liz. My Liz."
"You know what? I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me - again."

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