Sketchbook: An ebiful sketchbook

A sketchbook full of ebi's sketches and doodles.

This creepy looking horse thing (I think it's a Rody? painted from a picture) basically sums up where I am in my art journey ;)
(done with cheap kid's gouache and watercolour, which are my daily doodle go-to art supplies for now).
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And here's a Spoka from life in oils:
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I hate doing studies at the moment, but I also realize that I need to do them if I want to improve, so that's what I'll be working towards.

My motto is to at least draw/paint every day whether it's low effort, high effort, from life, a picture, studies, my imagination or just messing with brush strokes etc. so as not to kill the 2% of creative spirit I have left in me. So what I post on here will probably vary a lot, depending on my current mood.

At the end of May I hope to get a bunch of wooden/Styrofoam shapes to practice the fundamentals of drawing with.
I really hope the simple shapes will help me get perspective in real life, because so far... I've never been able to get even close to mastering that.
Somewhere during the summer holiday I want to start playing with oils more.

In the mean time I'll just stick to my motto, slowly adding a bit more life drawing and maybe some Loomis again.

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