Franzis Hdr Projects Professional v5.52.02653 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

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Franzis Hdr Projects Professional v5.52.02653 Multilingual (Mac OSX) | 63.1 MB

HDR projects 5 professional The best tool for HDR experts. HDR projects enters round three. Originally launched in 2012, HDR projects has taken HDR photography to a whole new level. Smart Colorspace Adaptation (SCA), a unique and entirely new development of the projects line, determines an individual, intelligent colour space for every calculated step. This capability enables elementary enhancement of the primary colours' vividness, with finer and more distinct colour gradation.

HDR photography reigns world wide as the only photography technique that really captures all image information. No camera sensor in the world can keep up with HDR - it is and remains a physical fact!

For a decade, Franzis' HDR program has guaranteed perfect application of this fascinating technique. As a leader in HDR technology, Franzis also offers the newest highlight in HDR photography: Ultra HDR - the world premiere of this component of HDR projects 5. Your images will become even more realistic, the colours even more brilliant, the details even more pronounced and the atmosphere even more enticing.

Includes 4K support
With the fully equipped professional toolbox from HDR projects 5 professional, you have the fine-tuned presets on the left and the expert filters on the right. Arrange your favorite tools the way you want, now even in the 4K design.

- 11 Tonemapping algorithms
- 4 denoising parameters
- 81 Postprocessing Effects
- 360 panorama ghost image remover
- Plug-ins Adobe Photoshop, Element
- Plug-in Adobe Adobe Lightroom
- Lighting effect Tonemapping
- Tonemapping Detail Protection
- Real-time animation Preview
- Preset Import & Export
- Panorama Viewer
- 3 Exposure Optimization / Parameters
- 360 Panorama mode
- Ghosting correction: Detailed forecast
- Ghosting correction: Creative Types
- Ghosting correction: Intensity
- 7 Alignment parameters
- Advanced RAW Module Features
- Selective exposure and HDR weighting with HDR Painter
- Highly precise alignment for crisp exposure series results
- More professional pro-league RAW converter for all RAW formats
- Finally, clean HDR images
and more.

Only in the professional version
- 155 finely tuned presets for fantastic masterpieces
- World-renowned alignment function, interactive ghost image correction and selective HDR
- Exposure series: up to 55 individual images
- Additional HDR algorithms and post-processing effects
- Support for 8 additional
- Farbräumen
- Clean HDR images without amplifying the picture noise
- Includes full-fledged Photoshop plug-ins

System requirements: Mac OS X (10.7 and higher), 64 bit, Intel
Language: Multilingual

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