Franzis HDR projects 2018 elements v6.64.02783 Multilingual-P2P

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P2P group has released an updated version of “Franzis HDR projects 2018 elements”.

Description: You just want photos that are perfectly exposed? HDR projects 2018 elements does it for you! All the features you need to create stunning HDR images are included. Take advantage of the fact that HDR projects 2018 elements will do you all the work. Thanks to automatic corrections, presets, styles and advanced algorithms, you get brilliant pictures in just a few clicks. HDR projects 2018 elements can be used without image processing skills and provides an easy introduction to the world of HDR photography.

Fast success is guaranteed, no special knowledge necessary
The crucial element of HDR projects 2018 elements is the integrated image suggestions. Within seconds, HDR projects 2018 elements analyzes your images and calculates over 350 image suggestions. In the newly added variant browser, you can also browse through the presets applied to your image in a more uncomplicated way. Your advantage: You do not need to operate a single switch, to adjust any controls or to try out any functions. You want to develop true masterpieces from your pictures as fast as possible and stress-free? HDR projects 2018 elements does this job reliably for you.

Tickle all the picture information out of your photos, now even easier and more personal!
HDR has always been the guarantor of the very special photos, now it’s even easier to get your personal favorite results. The key is the newly integrated personal image styles. You adapt your developments more precisely to your own taste, you experience no unpleasant surprises and quickly get an excellent result. It was never easier to optimize images!

Thanks to HDR, photos look just like what the photographer saw in reality.
You photograph a scene and wonder that the picture on the monitor looks somehow different, somehow boring? You can not help it, that’s physics, so normal! No camera sensor in the world can capture the entire spectrum of light that is made available to him. Only photographers using HDR can do that!

That’s how HDR works
Take several pictures with different exposures, but you do not need a tripod! Or – even easier – use even a single image. Load the images in HDR projects elements and let the program assemble the images. You have no extra work, HDR projects does all the work for you! Then simply choose from the 71 image suggestions that you like best, or enhance your image according to your personal taste. Lighter you are guaranteed not to perfect exposed shots!

It works! HDR pictures with people
HDR works only on shots where there are no people or moving objects? Not correct! The HDR projects 2018 elements integrated ghost image correction moves moving image parts in the HDR image pixel-accurate, crisp and with a mouse click – a revolution in HDR photography.

Release Name: franzis-hdr-projects-2018-elements-v6-64-02783-multilingual-p2p
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