The Paul Wesley Event Thread #15: Because 2019 is starting well

The Paul Wesley Event Thread

Paul at the 13th Annual Polish Film Festival in L.A. October 9th 2012 - he was awarded with the Piotr Lazarkiewicz Award.

The one and only place to keep track of what official events Paul has been attending over the years.

Events of 2019


The Night Before The Oscars - MPTF (Oscar party), February 23 2019

Nashville con, February 09 2019

Omega Event at World championship of Bobsleigh in St Moritz, February 01 - 02, 2019


The Record Speakeasy And Club Red Carpet Grand Opening Celebration At Park MGM Las Vegas, January 19 2019

WizardWorld New Orleans, January 5 2019

Events of 2018


Warsaw ComicCon, Warsaw, Poland, October 28

Promotion for Tell me a story at BUILD, NYC, October 26

Tell Me A Story Premiere and After party last night NYC, October 23

New York Comic Con, NYC October 05


Heroes Comic Con Madrid, Spain September 22-23

Emmy party, September 16 2018, LA

Seattle Con, September 15 2018

Creation Entertainment TVD Official Convention Whippany, New Jersey September 08, 2018

Grey Goose Suite at 50th Annual US Open, New York, USA, September 02, 2018

FanExpo Canada, Toronto Canada, September 1st 2018


Creation Entertainment TVD Official Convention in San Francisco, CA, August 11, 2018

The Originals - the end - event, Atlanta, US, August 1st 2018


London Film & Comic Con, London, UK, July 28-29 2018

San Diego Comic Con, July 19


Bloody Night Con, Barcelona June 30-July 01 2018, Spain

CFDA Fashion Awards NYC, June 04, NYC


ICM Partners Upfronts Party, May 15, 2018, NYC

Chicago Con, May 05, 2018


Blood Lust Con, Paris April 29 2018, Paris


12th Annual Garden of Dreams Talent Show, March 27th 2018, NYC

March for Our Lives - March 24th 2018, NYC

GoodByeCon, Milano, March 04, 2018 Milano Italy


Nashville Con, February 10, 2018, Nashville

Events of 2017


Opening Night party for Frankenstein, December 27, 2017, NYC

Cast of Frankenstein Meet and greet, December 14, 2017, NYC


Rhode Island Con, November 12, 2017

Humane Society - To the Rescue New York Gala, November 11, 2017


Salt Lake City ComicCon, Salt Lake city, September 21, 2017


SpiedieFest, Binghamton, NY, August 05, 2017


TVD Con, New Jersey, July 08, 2017


IAmAnImmigrant, LA, June 17, 2017

Wizard World Philadelphia June 03, 2017


Brussels Con, May 20-21, 2017

Brazil Con, May 6-7, 2017


Chicago Con, April 2nd, 2017

FanExpo Dallas, April 1st 2017


TVD Wrap party Atlanta, February 04 2017

Events of 2016


Orlando con, December 11 2016


Washington DC con, October 02 2016


Dallas Con, August 21 2016


Teen Choice Awards, July 31 2016

Comic Con

TVD Panel (the last one), July 23 2016

Signing Booth, July 23 2016

Press room at ComicCon, July 23 2016

Press line, July 23 2016

SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts, July 23, 2016

Extra TV photo shoot, July 23 2016

EW photo shoot, July 23 2016

TV Line photo shoot, (aka on the WB boat) July 23 2016

EW interview, July 23 2016

TV Line Interview by ZTE, July 23 2016

Entertainment Weekly’s annual Comic-Con party, July 23 2016

CW Party, July 22 2016

New Jersey Con, July 10 2016


Burbank Con, June 26 2016

Denver Comic Con, June 19 2016


Pix11News, May 31 2016

UpFronts, May 19 2016


Chicago Con, IL, US, US, April 24 2016


Walker Stalker Con, Dallas, TX, US, March 5 2016


Cadillac Oscars Week Celebration at Chateau Marmont, February 25 2016, LA

Frame Denim's 3rd Anniversary Party, February 13, 2016, NYC


The 2016 InStyle And Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party, January 10, 2016

The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala, Culver City, Ca, January 09 2016

Events of 2015


Orlando Con, December 13, 2015

Walker Stalker Con, New York/New Jersey, December 05, 2015


Walker Stalker Con, Atlanta, November 01, 2015


Boston Con, October 04, 2015


Virtual Reality Room Service at Hotel Marriot NYC, September 22, 2015

Las Vegas Con, September 19, 2015

EW Pre-Emmys Party, LA, September 18, 2015

US Open women's finale, NYC, September 12, 2015

Frame Denim presentation during NY Fashion Week, September 12, 2015


XAmbassadors concert at Jeep Summer, Atlanta, August 29, 2015

Dallas Con, Texas, US, August 15, 2015


PlentiTogether LIVE, NYC July 19, 2015

New Jersey Con, July 19, 2015

Comic Con

TVD Panel, July 12, 2015

E!Online Interview, July 11, 2015

TV Guide photo shoot, July 11, 2015

EW photo shoot, July 11, 2015

SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts, July 11, 2015

Entertainment Weekly ComicCon Party , July 11 2015

@cwtvd Meerkat stream, July 11 2015

MTV interview, July 11 2015

TV Line interview, July 11 2015

Press room at ComicCon, July 11 2015

NerdHQ Party, July 10 2015


Love and Blood Itacon 3D, Rome, Italy, June 20 - 21 2015


WizardWorld FansTang ComicCon, Guangzhou, China, May 30-31, 2015

WizardWorld FansTang ComicCon, Shanghai, China, May 29, 2015

Bite me I'm famous 3, Paris May 23-24, 2015

Humane Society. Benefit Gala, LA, May 16, 2015

CW UpFront After party, NYC, May 14, 2015

UpFront, NYC, May 14, 2015

ICM Partners Upfronts Party, NYC, May 12, 2015

Ottawa ComicCon, Canada May 10, 2015

Vampire Attraction in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil May 02-03, 2015


Chicago Con, April 19 2015


Houston con, Texas, March 22 2015

Atlanta con, Georgia, March 07 2015


2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards, LA, February 21, 2015

Giorgio Armani pre-Oscar party, LA, February 21, 2015 - no pictures.


Salt Lake Comic Con, January 31 2015

Entertainment Weekly’s celebration honoring the 2015 SAG awards nominees at Chateau Marmont, January 24, 2015

Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Filmmakers: Amira & Sam, January 17, 2015

InStyle And Warner Bros. 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party, January 11, 2015

HBO's Post 2015 Golden Globe Awards Party, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes After Party at Chateau Marmont, January 11, 2015

New Orleans Comic Con - Wizard World, January 9-10, 2015

Events of 2014

Paul at Venice Film Festival August 27th 2014


Inside the Show, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 21, 2014

Inside the Show, Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 21, 2014

TVD Con in Orlando, FL, US December 14, 2014

Trevor Live, LA December 7, 2014

Before I Disappear screening at NoHo 7, LA December 7, 2014

The WRAP interview, December 6, 2014

2014 GQ Men Of The Year party at Chateau Marmont, LA, US December 4, 2014


Before I Disappear - Q&A NYC, November 29 2014

Opening night for Before I Disappear - Q&A IFC Center, NYC, November 28 2014

Screening of Amira & Sam, Forever Fest, Austin, Texas, US Novmeber 15 2014


@VirginAtlantic party #HelloAtlanta, October 24 2014

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, October 19 2014

Woodstock Film Festival, October 16, 2014

Hamptons International Film Festival, New York, October 11-12

Screenin of Amira and Sam, October 11

Variety's 10 Actors To Watch Brunch, October 12

Walk-a-thon in remembrance of Sarah Jones, Atlanta, October 5 2014


Showtime's VIP Pre-Fight Party For Mayweather vs Maidana 2, Las Vegas, NV, September 13 2014

Las Vegas Con, NV, September 13 2014

The Moet & Chandon Suite At The US Open, September 6th

Time Warner Cable suite at US Open, September 6th


Venice Film Festival - la Biennale, Venice Italy, August 27th-28th

Press, August 28th

Before I Disappear official dinner, August 28th

Premier of Before I Disappear, August 27th

PalazzinaG Hotel's Venice Film Festival event, August 27th

Pour Les Amour wine launch, NYC, August 23rd

Teen Choice Awards 2014, August 10th

Dallas Con, August 9th


Comic Con July 24-26

The Originals Panel, July 25th

WB Cocktail Mixer at Comic Con, July 25th

CraveOnline Comic Con event The Last Ship, July 25th

Playboy and "Bates Motel" Event, July 25th

TVD Panel, July 26th

TVD Signing Room, July 26th

TVD Press Room, July 26th

MTV interview, July 26th

Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel, July 26th

Social Photobooth, July 26th

TV Guide Magazine yacht photo shoot, July 26th

TVD Cast at SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel, July 26th

Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration at Float at Hard Rock Hotel, July 26th

New Jersey Con, July 13th 2014 in New Jersey


Immigrant Heritage Month Gala Reception, LA, June 24

Insurgence 6, Birmingham, UK June 15

Alpha Convention,Vienna Austria, June 07-08


Love&Blood ItaCon 2.0 Roma, Italy May 30 - June 1st

Paris Con - Bite me I'm famous 2 (BMIF2), Paris, France May 24- 25

CW UpFronts, May 15th

CW UpFronts afterparty, May 15th

'A Villainous Affair' with Jaguar North America LA, May 2nd


On Kelly & Michael, April 23th (but filmed the 15th)

2014 Tribeca Film Festival Juror Welcome Lunch, April 17th

Paul on SiriusXM, NYC, April 16th

Paul on PIX11 morning news, NYC, April 15th

GUESS Hotel at the Viceroy Palm Springs, CA April 12th (Coachella)

Music Lounge pool party, April 12th (Coachella)

Chicago Con April 6th


The HSUS's (the Humane Society) 60th Anniversary Benefit Gala, March 29, Beverly Hills - Paul received the "Humane Generation Award"

PaleyFest, LA, California, March 22

SXSW 2014, Austin Texas, March 08-10

WRAP Interview, March 09

Screen Slam Interview, March 09

Before I Disappear Photo Op And Q&A, March 10

World premiere on Before I Disappear, March 10

Before I Disappear Cast dinner at the Samsung Galaxy Experience, March 10

Before I Disappear After party at Supper Suite, March 10


“Scent responsibly” campaign launch - Old Spice in LA, January 13

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, January 12 - at least he was said to be there - we didn't get any pictures

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - InStyle and Warner Bros. After Party, January 12

3rd annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala in LA, January 11

ICEBERGS New Year's Day party, Sydney Australia, January 01

Events of 2013

Paul at the Cleopatra premiere at The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival


TVD con Orlande, Fl. December 15


TVD 100th celebration party, Atlanta: November 09

EyeCon, Atlanta: November 03


Savannah Film Festival: October 27


VIP Pre-Fight Party For Showtime, Las Vegas: September 14


Comic Con: July 19-21

the DC Entertainment And Warner Bros. Superman 75 Party: July 19

the Maxim, FX And Fox Home Entertainment Party: July 19

The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Celebration Event: July 19

MTV's San Diego Comic-Con Live: July 20

TVD Panel: July 20

TVD Signing: July 20

Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Party: July 20

Entertainment Weekly Interview: July 20

Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot: July 20

TV Guide Photo Shoot: July 20

TV Guide's Yacht Party: July 20

TVLine Interview: July 20

TVD con New Jersey: July 14 2013


TVD Con in São Paulo, Brazil: June 22-23 2013

John John Event, Brazil: June 20 2013

4th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York: June 13 2013

BloodyCon 2013 in the Swissôtel Neuss, near Dusseldorf, Germany: June 08-09 2013

New York City Park’s Swim for Life, June 05 2013


The Stella Artois Suite at The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival May 22 2013

Cleopatra premiere at The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival May 21 2013

Paris Convention May 18-19 2013

BloodyNightCon Europe, Brussels, Belgium: May 12 2013

BloodyNightCon Press conference, Spain, Barcelona: May 3 2013

BloodyNightCon Spain, Barcelona: May 4 - 5 2013


TVD Las Vegas Con, Las Vegas April 13

TVD Chicago Con, Chicago, April 07


FanStang events in China, Shanghai and Beijing, March 11-15

ELLE China Photo Shoot, Shanghai, March 12

80's Talk Show, Shanghai, March 12

FansTang event, Shanghai, March 12

Sohu event, Beijing, March 13

Sohu interview, Beijing, March 13

V Plus Lounge Party, Beijing, March 13

BAZAAR Men’s Style China photoshoot, Beijing, March 14

Interview in Beijing, March 14


Vanity Fair Oscar party: February 24

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards: February 24

The Weinstein Company Academy Award Party hosted by Chopard , L.A.: February 23

Super Bowl, New Orleans: February 03

Rolling Stone Hosted Jeep Heroes Tailgate, New Orleans: February 03

DIRECTV Super Saturday Night, New Orleans: February 02


18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: January 10

Events of 2012

Paul at The Humane Society's H Couture Fashion Show


TVD Con, Orlando, Fl: December 09

Trevor Live: December 2


EyeCon, Atlanta: October 28

FREE screening of #Okuyamba at UCLA in L.A.: October 10

13th Annual Polish Film Festival in L.A.: October 09


Humane Society H-Couture 2012 Fashion Show: September 22

ICM Partners Pre-Emmy Brunch at Fig & Olive Melrose Place: September 22

Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party Presented By L’Oreal Paris at Fig & Olive Melrose Place: September 21

Paul on Jay Leno Tonight: September 20

Dragon Convention, Atlanta, Georgia: September 1


New Jersey Convention: August 19


San Francisco Convention: July 28

TCA 2012: July 22

Comic Con: July 13-14

Maxim, FX and Fox Home Entertainment Party at Comic-Con: July 13

TVD Signing Booth at Comic-Con: July 14

TVD Panel at Comic-Con: July 14

ExtraTV at Comic Con: July 14

Entertainment Weekly’s 6th Annual Comic-Con Celebration: July 14


4th Insurgence Convention, Birmingham, UK: June 23-24

Crimson Sky Convention, Vienna, Austria: June 16-17

Bloody Diaries Con, Bonn, Germany: June 9-10

Philadelphia Comic Con: June 2


Glamour Women of the Year Awards, London, UK: May 29

Welcome to Mystic Falls 2, Paris, France: May 26-27

CW UpFronts: May 17

CW UpFronts Afterparty: May 17

Tribune Broadcasting Party: May 17

Bloody NightCon, Barcelona, Spain: May 6


On Rachael Ray: April 24

On Sirius XM Radio: April 16

On Live with Kelly: April 16

TVD Chicago Convention: April 15

Wizard World ComicCon, Toronto, Canada: April 14

Television: Out Of The Box at Paley: April 12


Paley Fest 2012: March 10

Kinga Rusin Interview for Dzień Dobry TVN: March 3

Eyecon Atlanta: March 2-4


The Academy Awards - Elton Johns AIDS Foundation Viewing Party: February 26


People's Choice Award: January 11

Events of 2011

Paul at Teen Choice Award


Trevor Live at The Hollywood Palladium: December 4


Peoples Sexiest Man Alive: November 17


Scream Awards: October 15


Creation Entertainment Convention in Nashville: September 18

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: September 16

Regis & Kelly: September 12

at PIX11: September 12

CW launch Party in LA: September 10


Teen Choice Award (TCA) 2011: August 7


Comic Con: July 22-23

EWs 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration: July 23

TVD Panel: July 23

Signing Booth: July 23

Maxim Celebrates FX & Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment at Comic-Con: July 22

Ubisoft at Camp Playboy Party at Comic-Con: July 22


Transatlantyk Film Festival Press Conference: June 27

Bloody Night Con, Barcelona, Spain: June 11-12

Press for Bloody Night Con: June 10

Insurgence in Birmingham: June 4-5


CW Upfront: May 19

CW Upfront Afterparty: May 19

La Mer and Oceana event: May 18

at 102.7 KISSfm: May 9


EyeCon Atlanta: march 26-27


On Lopez Tonight: February 14

Events of 2010

Paul at Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Males Of 2010


Trevor Project: December 5

On Rachel Ray: December 2


"ELLING" Broadway Opening Night: November 21

W Happening presents Symmetry Spins: November 18


Hot Topic In Miami: October 23

on KTLA: October 20

Scream Awards: October 16


Teen Choice Award: August 8


Comic Con: July 23-24

EW Interview At Comic-Con: July 24

The Wired Cafe At Comic-Con: July 24

Myspace And MTV Tower During Comic-Con: July 24

EW & SyFy Celebrate at Comic-Con: July 24

TVD Panel: July 24

Signing booth: July 24

CW party: July 23

TV.Com Now Awards: July 23

Q&A HUB event in Melbourne, Australia: July 4

Q&A HUB event in Sydney, Australia; July 3


Monte Carlo Festival: June 6-10

Monte Carlo Festival - Closing Ceremony: June 10

Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo TV Festival: June 9

Monte Carlo Festival - The Vampire Diaries Photocall: June 8

Monte Carlo Festival - Opening Ceremony: June 6

London: June 2-3

Signing at HMV, London, UK: June 3

This Morning Show: June 2


CW UpFront: May 20

CW UpFront Afterparty: May 20

The Young Hollywood Awards: May 13


Paleyfest: March 6

Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Males Of 2010: March 1


Hot Topic Tour - Canoga Park, California: February 13


Armani Exchange & NYLON Host "Love Bites" Party: January 30

Hot Topic Tour - Paramus, New Jersey: January 30

Q&A session in Atlanta, Georgia: January 23

2010 Winter TCA Tour: January 9

CW Cocktail Party: January 9

Events of 2009

Paul at Comic Con


Grey Goose Character & Cocktails, London, UK: December 13

Promotion TVD Apple Store, London, UK: December 12

ITV2 met the cast of The Vampire Diaries, London, UK: December 12

BBC Radio with Jo Whiley, London, UK: December 12 (not entirely sure on the date)


Heidi Klum's 10th Annual Halloween Party: October 31

Night of Mischief and Mayhem: October 30

Scream Awards: October 17


at PIX 11: August 31

Television Critics Association Press Tour - CW Network Panel: August 4


Comic Con: July 25-26

Entertainment Weekly & SYFY at ComicCon: July 26

TVD Panel at ComicCon: July 25


CW Upfront: May 21

CW Upfront Afterperty: May 21

Velvet Margarita's 5th Anniversary Party: May 5

Events of 2008

Paul at the premiere of Killer Movie at Tribeca Film Festival


Breeder's Cup Winners Circle Gala: October 23

T-Mobile G1 Launch Party: October 17


Premiere of Killer Movie at Tribeca Film Festival: April 24

Press Junket for Killer Movie: April 24

Events of 2007

Paul and Torrey at the DVD Release party for The Last Run


17th Annual L.A. Music Awards. November 29


Temecula International Film Festival. September 16


Comic Con: July 27


DVD Release party for The Last Run: June 19


ABC All Stars Party: January 14

Events of 2006

Paul at Comic Con 2006


Saturn VUE X-Games Kick-Off Party: August 2


Comic Con - Fallen Panel: July 26

ABC's Television Critics Association Party: July 19

ABC Family and Disney Channel TCA Press Tour: July 10


Standing Still Premiere: April 10


Standing Still Release Party: February 10

Events of 2005

Paul at Fashion for Passion


Fashion For Passion: October 11


GenArt Festival: April 12

VH1 Save the Music - After Party: April 11

Events of 2004

Paul at 13th Annual Music Video Production Association Awards


The Art of Elysium Presents Exhibition of Paintings by Thom Bierdz: November 14


13th Annual Music Video Production Association Awards: May 20


Sundance Film Festival - UTA/ Party: January 18

Events of 2003

Paul at After Party at Teen People's Artist of The Year AMA


After Party at Teen People's Artist of The Year AMA: November 16

Events of 2002

Paul at the Daytime Emmy Awards


Industry Events Grand Opening Night: November 8


Bold And The Beautiful - at El Rey Theatre: July 21


Daytime Emmy Awards: May 17

Events of 2001

Paul at the CBS Upfront Party


NINTENDO Gamecube Launch Party, NYC: November 17


CBS Upfront Party: May 16

Events of 2000

Paul at Kelly And Regis fashion thingy


Guiding Light Fan Club Gathering: October 29

Date unknown: on Kelly And Regis fashion thing

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