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Visual Assist increases the editing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Visual C ++. Visual Assist X – The most convenient and useful addin to the environment MS Visual C ++ among ever used. Using all the possibilities of this package (including syntax highlighting text with different colors, AutoComplete name, etc.)we do not do annoying syntax errors that occur during compilation. With Visual Assist X will be accessible to the AutoComplete feature, the substitution code, context menus, formatting. It supports multiple clipboards for storing a few parameters, and more. It saves us from gazing into a long name in the search for misprints, find matching brackets, etc. allowing more time to programming.

Extras. Info:
Some possibilities:
* Improved syntax highlighting for the code editor, lists autosubstitution, wood classes tooltips.
* AutoFill, based on part of the name (not necessarily primary) or its acronym.
* Filter the list autosubstitution.
* Auto-complete file name in the expression #include
* Insert code templates via the buttons on the toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts.
* AutoCorrect point on the -> for pointers.
* Backlight paired and unpaired braces.
* AutoText. Similarly, the system AutoText in Microsoft Word.
* Automatic display of the symbol when determining the allocation of
* Restore to edit a file after a crash development environment.
* Expansion of the clipboard (remember to several tens of last backup)

Version: 10.9 (builds 2076, 2074, 2068, 2062, 2059, 2052, 2048), 10.8 (builds 2043, 2042, 2036, 2029, 2023, 2007rc, 2001), 10.7 (builds 1946b, 1940, 1936, 1929, 1925 1918, 1916, 1912, 1908)
Year: 2015
Developer: Wholetomato
Compatibility with Vista: complete
System Requirements: Visual Studio VS2015 RTM / VS "14" CTP / VS2013 RTM, preview / VS2012 RC, RTM / 2010/2008/2003/2002/6
Language: English


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Visual Assist X 10.9 Final

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