Huge Boat Builders Ebook Collection

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Huge Boat Builders Ebook Collection l 1.04 GiB


10 wooden boats you can build
23 boats you can build
100 boat designs reviewed
A treatise on the construction, rigging & handling of Model Yachts, ships and steamers
Anyones boat
Build the new instant boats
Build your own boat Popular Mechanics
Handbook of knots and splices
Hydrodynamic modeling of sailing yachts
Legends & superstitions of the sea
Manual of yacht & boat sailing and Architecture
Plans for catamaran sailboat
Power boaters guide to electrical systems
Principals for yacht design
The Klutz book of knots
The Corinthian yachtsman
The sailing boat - a treatise on English & foreign boats and yachts
Yachts boats and canoes
Ashleys Book of Knots yay!!
The Chinese Sailing Rig
Ropes, knots, ladders, lashings & anchorages
Boat Building manual
And a Selection of Boat Plans

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