Secret mental powers: miracle of mind magic

Frank Rudolph Young, "Secret mental powers: miracle of mind magic"
English | 1973 | ISBN: 0137975716 | 225 pages | PDF | 5 MB

For twenty-five years Frank Young studied and refined the different methods which so many of these people used to achieve their ends. But, he found, it was not only the methods they used that counted, but how they "triggered" them. Without the right trigger they could not even start to get benefits. With his special scientific knowledge of the mind and body, Young experimented for years until he unravelled the secret of the unsuspected power of the conscious mind-a power which hundreds of leading scientific investigators have discovered is equal to, and even greater than, that of hypnosis, psychic power, the computer, brain-wave machines, or whatever. But it needed the right trigger! That's when Frank Young discovered the secret Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator. He confided it to hundreds of people and was amazed at the successful results these people secured for themselves.

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