Ashampoo Software Pack 2015 (15/3/2015)

Ashampoo Software Pack 2015 (15/3/2015)

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Ashampoo Software Pack 2015
Multilingual | Win all | Build 04.01.2015 | RAR=>.exe | 3.0 GB

This archive includes the latest versions, with the latest updates from the developer Ashampoo. The programs are designed to perform a huge number of tasks: work with CD / DVD, optimization of the computer, antivirus protection, restoration of hard disk drives, editing text documents and many others. The perfect solution for people installing different software on different computers to your customers!

The list of programs from Ashampoo:
Ashampoo music studio
Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.20
Ashampoo HDD Control 3.00 + Corporate Edition
Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0.0
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3.30
Ashampoo Movie Studio 1.0.17
Ashampoo Office 2012 12.6
Ashampoo Uninstaller 5.0.4
Ashampoo powerup 2009 3
Ashampoo Registry Cleaner 1.00
Ashampoo burning studio 15.0.2
Ashampoo burning studio elements 10.0.9
Ashampoo movie shrink and burn
Ashampoo myautoplay menu 1.0.5
Ashampoo photo card 2.0.2
Ashampoo photo commander 12.0.8
Ashampoo photo converter 2.0.0
Ashampoo photo mailer 1.0.8
Ashampoo photo optimizer 6.0.8
Ashampoo red ex 1.0.0
Ashampoo slideshow studio hd 3.0.9
Ashampoo snap 7.0.10
Ashampoo winoptimizer 11.00.60
Ashampoo zip pro 1.0.0

Description of programs:

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a Comprehensive multimedia program for recording CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, which have won numerous awards

Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements is a great and very powerful program with which You can easily record various movies, music and data - fast and effectively. Software with an intuitive user interface offers You compact functions to perform all tasks related to Your projects account - easily creates data disks, writes backup, music rips, creates audio CDs or records already existing film files on Blu-ray. Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements offers you all the tools to store movies, music and data - fast and effectively. Software with an intuitive user interface, competency-based software for burning, which offers you compact functions to tackle all tasks relating to burning projects - easily create data discs, records backup, receives music, creates audio CDS or records already existing movie files to Blu-ray disc and much more.

Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn is a program to quickly and accurately resizes and converts your digital video into other formats. Also, the program will record your video on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD, so they can be played on your home player. Just select the device type DVD Player, Computer, PDA, Internet, the format that you need, and the maximum size of the file and the program will take care of the rest. Convert videos and movies to play them on mobile devices and upload to YouTube and other video sites.

Ashampoo Cover Studio is a new program from the famous German developer, which allows you to create covers for your CDs. With this tool you can create covers for your CDs for a small period of time than you would have done manually. The program supports all current formats of packaging CD/DVD, as well as modern printers with direct print to disk. Feature of the program is to provide support for all types of standard CD-ROM drives, use ready-made templates skins, in which you only need to enter your text / graphic data, create your own cover design and much more. As with many products of this developer, the program has a pleasant, stylish, and multilingual interface, including support for Russian language.

Ashampoo HDD Control 2 is a program for controlling your hard drive. This program is for monitoring, maintenance and defragmentation, checking the health and performance of your hard drive(s). Ashampoo HDD Control 2 is to warn you about possible faults drives will easily solve everyday problems and to clean the hard disk from unnecessary data. With the help of this program you will be able to find out the performance of hard drives in your computer, the current temperature and efficiency drives to find and delete unnecessary data on the drives that take up too much space to do a defragmentation of the hard drives. Also, the program allows you to do benchmark your disks for detecting the speed of reading data. The program interface is multilingual and has the support of the Russian language. Hard drive is one of the most important components of your computer. Even if the hard drive works flawlessly, still it should be regularly checked and maintained. Thus the inevitable hard drive failure can be detected and prevented in advance. If suddenly there are major problems or if the hard drive completely fails, then data loss is guaranteed. Ashampoo HDD Control 2 can notify you in advance that valuable data is not a victim of a hardware failure.

Ashampoo Home Designer - is a professional tool 3D-plan homes for all. The program allows you to experiment as much as you want! The ability to view the layout of your rooms outside and inside from every point helps to avoid costly mistakes - overview allows you to see the area, as if being in it - and it's not the same thing look at the pencil sketches on paper.

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator is a program to optimize Internet connections. The program has beautiful and at the same time easy to use interface that will help you quickly and easily configure all network settings. There is an opportunity to optimize the connection automatically or manually, and you can also reset all settings of Internet connections on the values set in Windows initially.

Ashampoo Movie Studio - software for cutting, converting and video processing. Movie Studio includes everything You need for editing and processing of Your home movies from start to finish step by step: cutting, cutting and converting video, adding background music, apply transition effects and add text captions, exporting to a file or write to the disk. Ashampoo Movie Studio comes with all the necessary set of features for editing and processing of Your home video. Cut and crop Your video to the correct sizes Shorten scenes or cut, as well as getting rid of unwanted ads. The developers did not follow the path weighting functions are not trying to hit a large number of different features, effects, sounds, etc. the Program is easy to use and solves a very specific and efficient video editing. You don't need to be a professional, special knowledge is not required to get projects Studio high level. Ashampoo Movie Studio will walk you through the entire process of creating your movie using step-by-step wizard for 5 -7 stages.

Ashampoo Music Studio is a full - featured software package that is designed to work with audio files, which is able to rip audio tracks to hard disk, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV. The program also allows the user to create playlists, burn CDs of various formats, edit audio tracks, etc. the Program will be useful for everyone who deals with digital music. This latest version includes everything needed to create, edit and manage your digital music collection. You will be able to cut and mix files, to write songs. Also the program can be used as a regular music player.

Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu is a program intended to create a navigation menu for multimedia, demo disks, portable application collection. Often, when You insert a commercial disk, it will start automatically with a graphical menu that allows You to make a choice: install the program, displaying a web page, viewing documentation or information material and so on. The creation of these discs and menus manually is quite a lot of work and requires programming skills - and even if You have the skills, you will need a lot of time. Using Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu anyone can make such a disk without much straining. The program supports burning CD and DVD that You can burn a disc.

Ashampoo Photo Card is the intuitive and easy solution to turn Your photos into stunning greeting cards with frames and labels with a few clicks. Show Your concern by sending a hand-made greeting card.
- Topics included: No matter what the event, Ashampoo Photo Card comes with a set of different themes to simple expressions of gratitude or Your feelings in style. And built-in library of clip art will help You to add more sophistication.
- Built-in fine tuning: resizing, brightness, contrast and saturation, reflection and overturn Your photos - all right in Ashampoo Photo Card.
- Sharing, mailing, or change: Ashampoo Photo Card gives You several options to share Your cards with friends and family. Upload to Ashampoo Web, share via Facebook and Picasa or just send it to El. mail. Of course, You can also save Your work to the hard disk and later to make additional changes.

Ashampoo Photo Commander - a powerful program for viewing and organizing digital images and create presentations, with support for audio and video files. Supports RAW files and use as a media player. The product provides the tools needed to photoretouch, optimize images, create collages and calendars.

Ashampoo Photo Converter is our Swiss army knife for processing photos. No more tedious screening of heaps of photos, Photo Converter 2 handles the entire collection at once, whether it be 1 or 1000 files.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is an easy - to-use program to optimize and improve the quality of digital photos. The utility allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness and color balance. All actions in the program are made by pressing the necessary buttons on the toolbar. Also, this program provides a batch processing of image files. Using this utility, images become brighter, lighter, gain clarity and contrast. If you compare before and after transformation, it is noticeable how strong software optimization algorithm. After one day with this program, you'll never want to use any other, largely because of the time savings. Entire folders with images automatically scanned and converted. The original data is automatically saved in the backup folder and destroyed only when the user is completely satisfied transformed photographs.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer - these days You can use one of the many ways of sharing photos. However, the easiest is still sharing photos by e-mail. Photos need to be customized by size, trim, and split into multiple messages. Ashampoo Photo Mailer does all the work on resizing and cropping for You! This makes the process of sharing photos by e-mail in the fun. You are trying to enter pictures and Ashampoo Photo Mailer does the rest!

Ashampoo PowerUp is the tool for you if you don't want to spend time exploring the configuration and maintenance of Windows, including Windows Vista. This is a single control center for all your Windows, where all the available explanations. Protection against incorrect settings, control, option settings, a significant simplification of the overall process.

Ashampoo Office is a reliable and powerful alternative to other solutions for office! The Ashampoo Office 2010 allows you to fill and format text, drawing tables, insert images, print documents, and so on, Ashampoo Office 2010 consists of two main applications: TextMaker: provides full access to the files, word processing Microsoft Word. PlanMaker: used to read and write Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Both applications are designed to without too much trouble to read and write Microsoft Office documents. TextMaker and PlanMaker offer a familiar user interface - if You have worked with Word and Excel before, You'll feel right at home.

Ashampoo Red Ex is a program for removing red-eye in photos. Red eye happens when the image was taken with the bright light and at a certain angle postsocial eyes. Then the retina of the eye reflects light and makes your eyes look red. Ashampoo Red Ex contains a complex technology, which automatically detects the red-eye phenomenon based on the specified parameters. The program replaces the red with a darker more natural tone, as if red-eye never been there. Thanks to Ashampoo Red Ex you will never be irritated red eyes in digital photos. To use the automatic detection of red-eye, you just have to drag the frame with the mouse to the area of the eyes and Ashampoo Red Ex will do the rest for you.

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner will help you clean Your Windows, safely removing backup or corrupted entries, correcting broken links in the registry and making backups in real-time to quickly repair the Windows registry. The Windows registry is the control center of the operating system, it stores all system configuration, hardware and software. If you do not perform regular checking and cleaning the registry, you may experience failures and errors. Over time, errors can accumulate, which ultimately slows down the computer performance and leads to more serious failures. After cleaning the registry significantly improves the performance, because the system requires less computation to work with the registry.

Using Ashampoo Slideshow Studio to create a slideshow simple. Selected pictures are added in the editor, Ashampoo Slideshow Studio automatically creates a slideshow of them. You can configure the parameters of the transition, add text, music and other effects. In intuitive editor to graphically display the entire timeline slideshow. On this scale, the user can, for example, to drag and drop pictures and separately configure their display and transition duration. For each photo you can add themes, text, etc., to impart individuality. Also, the user can in the editor to preview your slideshows.

Ashampoo Snap - program for creating screenshots with built-in graphics editor, allowing you to apply a variety of effects. The utility has many options for removal of screen shots and additional tools for editing and conversion of screenshots. Immediately after removing the screenshot appears automatically, edit the image. If you are satisfied with the result, you can click on the button to save, print or send the finished image by email.

Ashampoo UnInstaller - program for quick and complete uninstall of the software installed in your operacionnoi system.Ashampoo UnInstaller cleans system registry from ostavlennyh keys ,cleans the file system. Does the program simply takes a snapshot of the system and after installing any program makes a second, and when it is necessary to remove the software will clear all changes! Ashampoo UnInstaller - Uninstaller programs with well-organized interface and the algorithm works. This utility monitors and records the changes that make installation program, which allows to correctly remove unwanted program.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2015 is a powerful set of tools that uses a number of methods to help to improve the performance of your computer. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2015 is a powerful set of tools that uses a number of methods to help to improve the performance of your computer.

Ashampoo ZIP Pro is a Powerful set of 5 excellent applications for compression, encryption, sharing, and backup Your data. Ashampoo Pro ZIP Put an end to the confusion formats in one click! ZIP, RAR, TAR, CAB and many other formats - Ashampoo ZIP opens Your files quickly and correctly and combines multi-volume archives
Ashampoo Encryption Suite: You are the one to decide who can access Your files! Store Your files in a compressed form in many different formats with password protection in full compliance with the standards of professionals
Ashampoo Virtual Drive Virtual drive allows You to mount disc images in ISO format without having to burn it to a real CD/DVD/BD disc.
Ashampoo Cloud Browser: Share Your files with others. Built-in tool download Your compressed files support "DropBox", "Google Drive", "One Drive" and many other cloud services.
Ashampoo ZIP Scripts: the Windows Scheduler Scripts archiving create and use task scheduler for Windows that enables you to automatically back up with lots of options.



Password: Cassandra



Ashampoo Software Pack 2015 (3/3/2015)

IHS PETRA 4.0.11

GeoEast 2.6.3

CFD CHAM Phoenics 2011

promax 5000.8

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MEMS Covent MEMSplus 4

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