Things We've Learned from PLL #3: B/c these make more sense that than the show does.

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1. Never close a door, especially if you are dating your teacher and anyone can find out.
2. Leave all important files on your computer, especially if your house is visited by real estate's agent and potential buyers.
3. Stealing at a blind center is easier than steal candy from a baby.
4. If you are questioning a person, you're giving her the fourth degree.
5. If you're a detective, always corner minors alone to interrogate them.
6. That tree was not always there.
7. Always confront a murder suspect by yourself, unarmed.
8. Jumping to conclusions is never a bad idea.
9. Found A's phone? You stare at it until A decides to go back to pick it up.
10. Put your daughter in detention but be sure to let her date a new guy anyway.
11. Doll tells you to go alone? Go alone.
12. If Emily breaks up with you, you cease to exist.
13. The Hastings don't know how to buy good apples.
14. That is a beautiful Toyota.
15. Stolen money? Hide them in a pasta box in your house where everyone can go in.
16. Hit before let your escorts/friends explain themselves.
17. Can't write an essay for your AP class? Just copy one your older sister wrote. No one will notice.
18. You can hit someone with a car in Rosewood and the police won't investigate.
19. It's okay to steal your sister's wedding ring, as long as her husband is dead. She won't need it anyway.
20. You get hit by a car? No worries, you'll be in and out of the hospital in a week.
21. You know that first person you ever suspected of killing your best friend? No worries, he turns out to be your true love. Destiny; ain't it a bitch.
[accidentally skipped numbering 22-23]
24. If a character breaks his arm, please stay at his bedside. It could be fatal.
25. If you are looking for your BFF's bf, go alone, preferably on the rooftop, be sure NOT to tell anybody and try to keep the door opens with bricks that even a kid might move.
26. If you have an important and compromising video about someone, do not make copies.
27. If you are trying to save your friend who is climbing up a ladder to get away from another guy, roundhouse kick first, ask questions later.
28. If you don't wanna look suspicious, just a girl for her ankle and refuse to let her go.
29. Being blackmailed by someone with awesome tech skills? Don't suspect the girl with awesome tech skills who helps you blackmail someone.
30. Wanna trick everyone into thinking you are a victim of your stepsister's meanness? Just photoshop a nude picture of yourself, send to everyone in the school from her phone and not be careful about hiding your birthmark.
31. Go out with the girl who almost killed you maybe you will have fun.
32. If you hide things from your friend and he says he made a mistake do not forgive him. He is not the person you thought he was.
33. If you are meeting with someone dangerous and you are alone just say that you lied to them so you can almost die strangled.
34. Are you bored? No problem you can always steal the boyfriend of your sister.
35. Worried about someone in your school being A? Answer a phone call in the middle of a room where everyone in school is sleeping.
36. Do you want to get rid of your daughter's girlfriend? Just say to the girl's parents that she is using drugs. Your daughter will never date another girl it was just bad influence.
37 - If you want to test your friends loyalty just make it seem that you are being attacked and see if they will come to save you.
38 - Do you want to put your stepsister in trouble ? Easy, just get her drunk and then she can puke on the wedding dress of you mother.
39. A teacher in his 20's dating a 16 year old student, scandal! A cop in his 20's dating a 16 yr. old blind girl, no problemo!
40. Run into the head girl of your high school clique at a salon wearing a wig and going by another name.Never mention it to your other pals,even in passing.
41. The best location to hold meetings when you are being stalked by a sinister menace,an abandoned,falling down greenhouse in the middle of nowhere.Only go there at night,it's safer that way.
42. Suspected of blackmail and/or murder? Act as suspicious as possible, whenever necessary.
43. Need money? Sell your sister's wedding ring at a pawn shop.
44. Breaking your arm requires as much hospital time as being hit by a car.
44. If you do not like the new girl and she steal your Halloween costume you can always blind her that will show her who is the only crazy bitch around here.
45. If you want to give a girl a present just take photos of her sleeping is not creepy, at all.
46. If your daughter is caught shoplifting the best solution is to sleep with the cop who is investigating the case and everything will be fixed.
47. If you are spending the night at school with the people that you believe are blackmailing you: bring your laptop with information on the person who already threatened you and hit your girlfriend with a car. They will never think of steal the laptop.
48. The best places to hide things are: a lasagna box, a snowglobe and a old doll.
49. Your son is a troubled loner suspected of arson and murder by most of the town and your stepdaughter is the only disabled student in Rosewood.It's best that you spend as much time out of town with your new wife as possible,leaving both kids behind.They would only resent you if you stuck your nose in their business.
50. If you're the most popular girl in school with your pick of any guy in town it's always best to roll the dice with the mysterious drifter that you found living in the school's ventilation shaft.
51. When you regularly find yourself being pursued by a frenzied blackmailer it's always best to wear high heels.Bruises heal but it's fashion that truly matters !
52. Don't worry about having an intense swim practice an hour before a big meet. No one will be tired.
53. Whenever you're doing something shady, be sure to film it for future mystery solving.
54. Problems between your old family and new family? Move them all into one town and force them to interact!
55. Best place for a spontaneous strategy session,the girls bathroom.Remember,under no circumstances should you check the stalls to see if anyone else is in there,that'd just be rude.
56. Backing up computer files is a waste of time,it's not like anything's gonna happen to the originals anyway !
57. Follow your dream to be a martial arts fighter, serious heart condition be damned !
58. Apparently every computer in Rosewood has the layout of a primitive computer.
59. When the police take your laptop with a warrant, it's a great idea to try to hack into it to delete incriminating files on the school computer. No one can trace that.
60. If your Doctor recommend you to do something simple like gardening what he actually meant was go do something completely dangerous like fighting.
61. The strange rules of sleeping with a cop: Sleep with a detective and he can get your daughter out of a shoplifting charge. Sleep with a patrolman and he can frame your enemies for murder.
62. In Rosewood if you are the new girl in town and are tormented for months by the popular girls who then blind you,force your stepbrother to take the blame,then blackmail you to keep silent about their attacks on you then YOU are the bad guy.
63. Fun fact: three out of four fathers in Rosewood,Pennsylvania are adulterers. The fourth is in the Army.
64. Life on the suburb is never boring we have blackmails, mysterious deaths, intrigues and of course many secrets.
65. Any girl with dark long hair can be your girlfriend if you are desperate enough to want her to call back.
66. If you set up a meeting with a Stranger over the phone get your friend too go. He wont recognize the change in voice at all.
67. Fun fact: the courtyard at Rosewood High is one of the only places on Earth in which the change of seasons is unnoticed.The weather there is always pleasant no matter what the temperature/atmospheric conditions are in the surrounding town.
68. Fun fact: Due to high levels of infidelity within the town of Rosewood most of it's citizens are related to each other.However,virtually none of the townsfolk are aware of this fact.
69. Fun fact:The only person living in Rosewood who has not commented on how strangely Aria dresses is Jenna Marshall.
70. The best places for secret meetings: the girls bathroom but you can not check the stalls, cars in plain view, dark greenhouses, creepy houses in the woods.
71. Emily will never have a stable relationship.
72. Aria and Ezra will never break up for a very long time.
73. Emily cannot choose who she dates wisely.
74. Aria will always dress in a really weird way.79. In an entire hospital full of personnel, you will always end up with an attending (Wren).
75. A mysterious young man seems to know a lot about the final hours of the life of your murdered BFF. Accept his invitation to go flying at night in a light plane.
76. Jenna Marshall can NOT be killed by fire,merely injured. Future would be assassins should try another method of execution.
77. Maya St. Germain's parents are really careless packers ,any old thing that is laying around just gets slapped on the moving van.It's possible that they may have accidentally packed up Allison as well!
78.If Jenna's parents aren't gonna bother to show up at the hospital after she's nearly been blown up (again!) your chances of seeing them at a parent/teacher meeting are nil.
80.In today's economy it's really hard to keep a doll hospital afloat without an outside investor.
81. When the girl you helped blind comes to you to tell you she STILL can't see after her latest surgery, STILL refuse to say you are sorry for what you did or acknowledge her pain in any way. After all,why start now.
82. Blind or sighted, everyone hates flies!
83. If you and your friends blind another, no need to ever apologize.
84. If you are pretending to be blind but still wanna take a spin in your car,don't sweat being seen by nosy neighbors. Just tell them it's one of those new fangled ''Smart Cars'' that drive themselves.
85. At any given time half of Rosewood's Police force are either sleeping with minors,having blackmail sex with suspects mothers or under arrest for murder.
86. That new Toffee/Tango lipstick is FANTASTIC,it won't smear even if you fall down a cliff!
87 - If Emily loves you, you will die.
88. When you are looking for a psycho killer trying to ruin your life in a shady motel, taking a shower is always a good idea
89. When said friend is taking a shower, feel free to leave without telling her. Be sure to leave the door open too.
90. Your gangs greatest enemy is hiding out at a masked ball and could be literally ANYONE in the room.Now is the perfect time to split up and wander around by yourselves.
91. Your a corrupt cop who's sitting in his car for long hours,staking out the four girls that you're out to destroy.Who is your ideal sidekick for this covert spy operation ? Your blind girlfriend.
92.Cell phones provided by T-MONA are not always reliable.
93. Tip 87 is not only applicable to Pretty Little Liars. If you hate someone to death but you're not named Emily, find a real Emily and switch your identity with her.
94. Feel embarrassed when your English teacher turns out to be the hot stuff you made out with in a bar, and everyone follows his astonished eyes to stare at you? Just look down and check out the text message to see how a blackmailer thinks about it.
95 - Dating your student but having trouble to escape from her father's wrath in front of him? Ask her younger brother to punch on your face.
96. Tell your friends you all need to stick together to stay safe. Immediately split up.
97. Anytime you view a nude picture on your phone -- yes, I said ANYTIME -- make sure that your thumb is at the right position to cover the sensitive part.
98. Never, ever have strands of pink hair, it will lead to you see your dad cheating on your mom; even if you undo it, a hot blond love child will miss it.
99. Wanna change the color of your hair? Don't dye it, just wear a wig, by which even your closest friend can barely recognize you.
100. Wanna be a smooth criminal who is capable of doing the creepiest things in the world without any evidence left behind? Easy, just wear a black hoodie with a pair of A-list black leather gloves.
101. The best place to unwind after the loss of your beloved girlfriend:the site of a terrible disaster.
102.New medicare rules stipulate that Dr. Wren Kingston must now treat all inmates at the local insane asylum (having already proven himself capable by treating all the patients at Rosewood General.)
103.It is possible to become "blinder''.
104. Rosewood High features bathroom stalls that can comfortably accommodate four girls at a time.
105. When examining crucial evidence it is best to dangle it precariously over a toilet with an auto-flush sensor.
106. It seems that being potentially evil does come with the bonus of being provided with a really sweet muscle car (just ask Garrett and Jenna!).
107. Mrs. Hastings ''Spidey Sense'' tingles every time Spencer is about to get lucky.
108. Much like Bloody Mary or Candyman,if you call Jenna Marshall's name in front of a mirror three times it will summon her.
109. The most sentimental memento to leave in the casket of your dead BFF: the earrings of that skank who was screwing your Dad .
110. Wren Kingston will hit on girls even at a mental hospital.
111. It's perfectly okay to bring sharpened tweezers into the cell of an insane inmate.
112. Be sure when exiting the Hospital for the Criminally Insane to dispose of your visitors pass at the convenient garbage can inside the cell of the dangerous inmate you just spent the afternoon with.
113. Best place for a regular meeting in Rosewood High: cafeteria; best place for an occasional meeting in Rosewood High: courtyard; best place for an EMERGENCY MEETING in Rosewood High: bathroom!
114. If you hire someone to do something for you, what is the most succinct yet desirable answer you want to hear when this task is complete? Here's the answer: "I did everything you asked me to do."
115. If you're an inquisitor whose prisoner is averse to speak a single word or give a simple look to you, what can you do? Don't worry, try to provide a makeup for her or return another favor that you received from her before.
116. Best way to spend a raining Sunday or other boring time -- expanding your vocabulary. Trust me, when it is effectuated, you'll have jubilation.
117. Can't pass your exam? Here's my tip. A few days before it, keep pretending to be restless, anxious and terrified, as if you are haunted by a demon, arousing other ones' curiosity. When your teacher sees it, perhaps she'll sympathize with you and cheat for you to ease your troubled mind.
118. Best way to CALM DOWN: Raise a chair and hit it onto the ground, making a loud noise to show how furious you are, then you'll feel better.
119. When you are thinking about your bff who's passed away, try to keep staring at an empty chair. If you really missed her that much, you should've had a hallucination of her sitting on it.
120. When you take a massage, do not keep your eyes closed from the beginning to the end -- at least open them for one second. How could you know if your massage therapist is in black from head to toe or as hot as Jennifer Love Hewitt? You need to see that by your own eyes.
121. After asking someone if they had anything to do with a grave robbery go get them some cookies.
122. You should chill Vodka at the same temperature as you store a dead body.
23. Jenna must REALLY like Aria because judging by their ''duet'',she couldn't have wanted her to accompany her for her musical ability.Very few classical pieces require the skills of a master of the flute AND someone who can turn on a Casio keyboard and hit the ''demo'' button.
124. Rehabilitation works! Mona is now able to comfort the other inmates at Radley by giving them bedtime readings of VOGUE.
125. Lucas has become such a "bad boy" that he has a science class all to himself!
126. It seems the man is irresistible, looks like even the male principal of Rosewood High has a crush on Ezra Fitz. "No corruption, whatever you say Ezra, sweetie!"
127. Jenna's actually a great hostess: takes an interest in her guest,her guests friends and, hey, COOKIES!
128. When the N.A.T Club decides to stage a flash mob in Alison's bedroom they really should make sure Ian's left his camera at home.
129. Greatest makeout movie of all time: I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE.
130. Jason's role as a drug councilor is to appear before troubled teens and show them how drug and alcohol abuse turned him into the "pathetic", handsome,wealthy chick magnet they see before them.
131. With his many tearful glances and moments of dashing off during his fights with Hanna this season it's obvious that Caleb has at last blossomed into a beautiful, sensitive young woman.
132. Ella Montgomery's online dating profile name: HOT MOMA. Byron Montgomery's online dating profile name: BIG DOUCHEBAG. Meredith's online dating profile name: L'IL SKANK.
133. Ashley Marin and Ella Montgomery:The greatest love match that PLL has NEVER had....YET!
134. Melissa Hasting's closet is roughly the size of a TARDIS.
135. When cornered ,Jenna Marshall has a defensive tactic much like a possum's.Instead of ''playing dead'' she ''plays the victim".
136. $50.00 at the Montecito Airport Lounge will get you one watered down drink and a bowl of peanuts,in other words the same as $50.00 will get you at EVERY airport.
137a. Faking a pregnancy is quite easy in Rosewood.
137b. You can now get Wine at Coffee shops!
138. If you are a divorced women, the only way to find a man is online dating
139. Ella Montgomery and Ashley Marin have greater sexual chemistry with each other than they ever have with any of the men they've been involved with.
140. Fun Fact: Veronica Hastings spends a full 30% of her life trying to keep Melissa's endless string of lies hidden. An additional 20% of her time is devoted to making Spencer feel ''second best".
141. Nine out of ten psychos agree, vodka is AWESOME !
142. Spencer Hastings is such a dogged detective that she will even stake out a comatose woman.
143. The best way to snap your daughter out of the deep depression she's fallen into after breaking up with her boyfriend: enlist her as an aid at a rummage sale !
144. Splitting a cookie with a woman is the surest way to her heart.
145. Blind her,try to kill her in a fire,slap her in a bathroom,Jenna Marshall will just bounce back, but if you start screwing with the finger food at her birthday party she will charge you like an angry rhino!
146. When accepting the gift of a used flask from your former lover be sure to rinse out the old hootch she left in it before you start sneaking shots.
147. The best way to get over the death of your cousin is to creep on her old girlfriend. No question is too intimate or awkward!
148. Don't even consider questioning how Jenna knew about your secret relationship with your ex-English teacher.
149. Wearing a normal t-shirt + yoga pants obviously means you are depressed in Rosewood
150. When your depressed you forget how to work a zipper.
151. "THEME" parties in Rosewood inevitably end with someone either bleeding from the head or dead.
152. Helpful Hint: In a pinch a film roll can be used to keep dangerous narcotics fresh!
153. A lesser known after effect of successful eye surgery: the uncontrollable desire to hit on everyone that you see.
154. Ashley Marin can get lucky at a church rummage sale.
155. Jenna Marshall wearing dark glasses equals a social pariah that no one would be caught dead sitting near.Without the glasses she's suddenly beloved and everybody at the school will come to her birthday party.Perhaps if she had just lost the shades two years ago she could have been a really popular BLIND girl !
156. Sharing a Peanut Butter cookie in Rosewood means your Married.
157. Marriage is a foreign concept in Rosewood.
158. Beware of black envelopes from a debutante with prominent cheekbones and emerald eyes if you don't want to be infected by anthrax.
159- The best moment to tell your friend whom is having problems with her grades, that the guy who killed her girlfriend is getting out of jail is when she is about to do a math test. That will not affect her performance at all.
160. Remember to ask the guy whose cousin was killed to go to the hospital with you where her killer currently is. What could possibly go wrong?
161. Buying sandwiches to your boyfriend is the universal sign that you think he doesn't have money and causes him to feel like he isn't a man. But if he buys you a super expensive camera, it is all okay.
162. Don't make wine jokes around the guy you like, in case he turns out to be a pastor.
163. If you have $50,000 in cash, don't put it in the bank. Hide it in your sock drawer in a plastic bag. No one will find it suspicious.
164. Toby is everyone's go-to date for a dance.
165a. Don't worry about getting caught when you're sneaking around a hospital doing suspicious looking stuff. You've always gotten away with it before -- like that time you broke into the morgue.
165b. Whenever you make a plan to catch a bad guy in Rosewood some other event will ALWAYS happen that same day. Weather you know about it or not.
166. When the girl you blinded two years ago finally regains her sight and starts dressing in colorful outfits again, the classy thing to do is to compare her to a ''float".
167. The "Thanks for helping out with the church rummage sale" Dance is the only party event in Rosewood that does not require months of planning and hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on. Subsequently it is the lamest event on the town's social calendar.
168. Emily Fields leads a more exciting and active social life when she is nearly unconscious.
169. Zip Lock freezer bags keep your money fresh and prevent it from getting that ''dirty socks'' smell.
170. Sometimes Toby likes to take a break from being ignored by be ignored by Hanna.
171. Holden is THE MAN TO SEE if you want to experience Rosewood's many exciting underground clubs and illegal events. Whether it's Fight Clubs that thrill you or Murder/Rave Parties,let Holden be your guide to Rosewood's deadliest illicit entertainments!
172. Ashley Marin is such an industrial strength MILF that even a pastor will hit on a CHURCH!
173. Peter Hastings' idea of spending ''quality time'' with his son Jason is to warn him to stay the hell away from his sister .
174. Alison was such a "great friend" to the girls that they all secretly wish they'd never met her.
175. The term "chain of evidence''means nothing to the Rosewood Police Department.Toby AND Garrett have been freed simply because the Police allowed their blood evidence to be corrupted.Perhaps the Police might do better to store all of their crime scene clues at Lucky Leon's Cupcakes,they might be safer there.
176. It draws more attention from other people when you wear an exquisite golden chain on your ankle instead of your wrist.
177. Much like N.A.T, Tom Marin,Byron Montgomery and Mr. DiLaurentis have a secret club.They get together each week and try to figure out new ways to be terrible fathers.
178. CeCe Drake would probably be rejected by the BIG SISTERS organization.
179. "Creepy Doll Therapy" is an accepted technique in the care of the mentally ill.
180. When fleeing the scene of an accident in a damaged car be sure not to leave the car you actually ARRIVED at the scene of the accident IN abandoned and open at the scene of the crime. Even the Rosewood P.D. will be able to figure out you were there.
181. Hanna's Mom is so consumed with being awesome that she likely won't notice the Ouija Board crammed in her kitchen garbage can.
182. When splitting a peanut butter cookie just isn't enough,giving a hot middle aged woman leftover pastries will melt her heart like warm butter.
183. Threatening to ''scratch out the eyes'' of a girl who was until recently blind is just "crossing the line''of what is an acceptable threat.
184.Mona is such a model patient she actually tells the staff at Radley Asylum when it's time to give her her meds.
185a. With Garrett's release still pending,Detective Wilden is forced to investigate EVERY crime in Rosewood,even traffic accidents.
18b5. Candles always make crappy gifts.
188. In Rosewood not even the pastors are monogamous.
189. Everybody knew Maya better than Emily.
190. Jenna can be a lot of things, but she is no boyfriend stealer.
191. Even Ali's friends have a thing for making Jenna blind.
192. Friends don't let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.
193. Arias earrings can be considered weapons.
194. When a bad dad eats ice-cream in a cup, he scratches the edge to make a mount in the middle.
195. If you have bought a glamorous outfit for your date, such as a Karen Kane Colorblock Dress, remember to bring it to your work place and show it to everyone, especially your child.
196. Rosewood used to have only one doctor, and now it has only one police officer/detective.
197. Boss A never takes her black leather gloves off, even at hot summertime.
198. Boss A thinks that a tape recorder hidden in a doll's body is harder to be found than a tiny bug that can be easily planted at anywhere, even if it would make the doll heavier if someone accidentally grabbed it.
199. Is there a question that you want to know its answer so bad? Go find a friend to play a game on a planchette. Whatever it tells you, believe in it and never doubt it.
200. A pair of tweezers is the best tool to open an old lock. If you need to ensure that it is sharp enough, just use it to prick your index finger to find out.
201. If you couldn't trust Ali with your secrets then it's likely you can't trust the girl she PATTERNED HERSELF ON with them either.
202. Ouija Boards should be placed in the recycle bin,not the garbage.
203. The safest bets in opening a new business in Rosewood are: coffee shops, antique stores, insane asylums.
204. Fun fact: There are more porcelain dolls in Rosewood ,PA than anywhere else on Earth.
205. The same guy that handles security at Radley is also in charge of monitoring the evidence locker at the Rosewood Police Department.
206. Top three professions that will get you dates with hot chicks: Doctor, Policeman, Pastor.
207. Like Cupid arrows,mind altering drugs will lead you to your true love's door !
208. The least conspicuous vehicle to commit a murder in: a Police cruiser, no one EVER notices them.
209. Ezra can actually afford to buy his own sandwiches.
210. As Ezra's ''muse'', Aria has inspired him to write absolutely NOTHING .
211. Take it from Maya, ''facing your fears'' is a TERRIBLE idea.
212. Emily hangs out with more people when she's in a drug haze than when she's stone cold sober. She's the life of the party when she's nearly catatonic.
213. A sure fire way to get your date all hot and bothered,tell her about that time you almost contracted rabies!
214. Maya is more loveable on video than in person.
215. The Kahn Brothers' "Truth Or Dare'' sessions pack more tension than THE HUNGER GAMES.
216. Though born years apart, Noel and Eric Kahn sport an identical smirk.
217. You know the party has taken a dark turn when the girl seated across from you starts talking about "Mutually Assured Destruction". It's time to skip the beer bong and go home.
218. Doing the dishes for your date will really pay off big time !
219. The best way to snap your girlfriend out of a deep depression is tell tell her about your dead grandpa's hilarious ass tattoo.
220. When Noel Kahn looks worried about the secret you're keeping, **** is about to get real!
221.''Douchbaggery'' is a hereditary trait.
222. You feel the same sense of unease when CeCe Drake is helping you that you do when she's plotting against you.
223. The universe is a finicky little bastard.
224. What better way to deal with your daughter being a murder suspect than having dinner with a guy who already went on a date with someone else!
225. If you ever wanna make your girlfriend open up to you, send her a menacing text pretending to be her secret stalker. It's not like she knows your number away.
226. Jalapeno bagels are NOT the way to start the day!
227. Noel Kahn's life is far more interesting than my own.
228. Being suspected of murder is a turn on for some people.
229. Maya hung out with almost as many people before she died as Emily did when she was drugged out of her mind.
230. For a straight laced girl,Spencer Hastings seems awfully comfortable in the boys locker room.
231. Hanna's not very handy with a knife.
232. When Hanna is in danger Emily develops "Hulk" strength!
233. Whatever else he may be, Noel Kahn is polite. He offers to help Spencer break into his locker,sends her a video link to Maya's murder and opened blind Jenna's car door like a gentleman. Such a sweet boy!
234. Unlike Ashley Marin,Ella Montgomery CAN turn down wine in an inappropriate setting.
235. Dr. Wren Kingston not only makes house calls, he caters!
236. Ezra was able to Google Maggie's current address by entering the search, "Girls my bitch Mom paid to disappear forever".
237. Jenna got just as much sex when she was blind as she does when she can see.
238. A is a WHEEL OF FORTUNE fan.
239. It was Ella Montgomery's dream to have a guy treat her to a LADY AND THE TRAMP style meal in her classroom.
240. "I have to go fill some cannolis'' just sounds dirty.
241. Ordering Chinese food is never a good idea in Rosewood.
242. Making out with your dead girlfriend's cousin in front of your CURRENT girlfriend is ALSO never a good idea in Rosewood.
243. You can effortlessly get Hanna's blood sample.
244. Even if you have been anonymously harassed for the past year, you should befriend anyone new who comes into your life (see: Nate and Cece).
245. People who you have known all your life are suspicious and untrustworthy, but people who just show up out of the blue can always be trusted.
246. Churches in Rosewood are filthy. A flashdrive can lay under a pew among the dust bunnies for over a year before someone actually bothers to sweep under the seats.
247. Hanna was upstaged in the school production of MOMMA MIA ! by a cardboard goat.
248. You know your dead bestie was a habitual liar,therefore you treat everything the girl she patterned herself on says as the gospel truth.
250. When Jenna tells you your computer time is up,it's UP !
251. Aria can take a train from Pennsylvania to Delaware and back in the course of an afternoon and still be back in time to make Ezra's birthday dinner.I suspect that train also makes a stop at Hogwarts.
252. CeCe's dressing rooms are pretty ****ed up.Caleb and a deadly snake can pop up in the back at any time and the doors lock from the outside.
253. When trying to convince a skeptical person that you are not a lunatic it is best not to snap the fingers off a mannequin while proclaiming your sanity.
254. When Ezra blows out his birthday cake candles he doesn't make a wish because he already has all he could ever want! Yeah,like a great teaching job,all the money he could ever need,a girlfriend that he can't be arrested for sleeping with,a Mom who loves him and who would never meddle in his life and a thriving career as a writer! Oh, wait.
255. The Marin girls love to destroy flashdrives!
256. Many phones have ''Call Waiting''. Hanna's has "Wren Waiting".
257. Nate may be a tad ''clingy".
258. If the situation has gotten creepy enough that Jenna Marshall is leaving town, it's time to ****ing go!
259. Between controlling her ''friends'' lives ,bullying closeted lesbians and blinding the new girl in town,it's surprising that Ali had time to attend school.
260. If Hallmark ever launches a line of "Sorry I accused you of being a murderer" cards, Spencer Hastings could single handedly keep them in business.
261. Apparently in Rosewood "Not knowing someone well" means you've been at War with them for years.
262. Alison has the best gaydar in the world.
263. Mona's stay at Radley Asylum is based on the "Honor System", they just trust she wont walk right out the door.
264.Spencer's guesses as to who is -A may actually be CORRECT after all, they are just a year and a half premature.
265. Lighthouse Rock Inn's are as popular in the Rosewood area as SUPER 8's.
266. A good rule of thumb: when being pursued my a murderous stalker, don't run UP into a building with only one staircase.
267. Innocent or not,Garrett's smile makes him look like a *ick !
268. A key advertising point for the Lighthouse Rock Inn, it's the home of the last rotary phone in America!
269. Mona looks great in a hoodie, Toby looks like a creep.
270. A thoughtful murderer will always make sure that the girl he plans to kill wears her jacket outside on a cool night. After all, you wouldn't want her to catch a chill before you cut her throat!
271. Everyone on the show prepares for a dangerous meeting with -A in different ways: Spencer: Finally gives herself to the man she loves. Hanna: Gathers up all of Maya's evidence and takes the bag with her. Caleb: Packs a gun for protection. Aria: Watches Ezra eat cake.
272. It was thoughtful of Caleb to bring a pistol for Nate to shoot him with.
273. A mysterious stranger calls and warns you to get out? Stay inside.
274a. Trust no one, not even your soulmate.
274b. Trust no one. Ever. Even if you first distrust them, don't fall for it. Never trust anyone.
275. Never, ever be seduced by Emily and let her lips press on yours. Her kiss is as lethal as cancer, with which your days will be numbered.
276. There's only one place in Rosewood to buy a Halloween costume.
277. You don't have to BE from Rosewood to know a terrible secret about someone FROM Rosewood.
278. The one costume you can be sure Garrett WON'T buy, an orange jumpsuit.
279. Things you are most likely to see in Rosewood's Halloween store: A. Burlap Baby Zombie Costumes, B. A collection of Jenna Marshall's lovers/party dates.
280. Shana is beginning to think that that Nate St. Germain guy isn't gonna come by to pick up the costume that he ordered.
281. Only in Rosewood you will be able to escape a mental institution with paper mache.
282. It's always a good idea to let someone think you're a murderer.
283. Especially if someone actually then gets murdered.
284. But don't tell anyone what really happened.
285. Mona has the voice of an angel....and the eyes of a serial killer.
286. With her sweet disposition and his love of practical jokes, Jenna and Noel are Rosewood's most fun loving couple!
287. Minister's love it when their girlfriends dress up like Naughty Nurses.
288. In Rosewood the Burlap Baby Zombie costume is more prevalent than the bed sheet ghost.
289. On Halloween Adam Lambert dresses the same way he always does.
290. If you try to mess with her glasses or her eyepatch Jenna will smack you.
291. If a dead kid asks to use your phone to call her Mommy make sure it's a local call.
292. When she puts on a tuxedo Paige can fight just like James Bond!
293. Against all odds Byron keeps finding new ways to be sketchy and unlikeable.
294. Popular children's toy: Jack In The Box. Unpopular Children's toy: Garrett In The Box.
295. Rosewood Novelty Cocktail: Ali on the Rocks.
296. Oddly enough, Halloween is now the one night of the year that Lucas DOESN'T act creepy.
297. Considering how she checked her out, it looks like Jenna has finally forgiven Paige for that cupcake debacle.
298. It is possible to have MULTIPLE conversations with Jason and learn absolutely NOTHING from him.
299. In an episode in which two of the girls were nearly murdered by a crazed Jester,Garrett got killed, Alison's body turned back up and we learned that Byron was with Ali the night she was murdered, Ezra still, amazingly, managed to do absolutely NOTHING.
300. Some guys lie about their jobs to impress the ladies, Garrett lied about committing murder.
301. Watching a slap fight between two girls isn't much fun if one of them is blind.
302. Radley Mental Hospital puts too much emphasis on patients learning arts and crafts.
303. The best way to unwind after months of being stalked by a hooded figure trying to kill you is to buy tickets for a GHOST TRAIN where everyone around you is masked and menacing.
304. Jenna plans to show Toby up NEXT Halloween by wearing TWO eye patches with her pirate costume!
305. You know you're asking for trouble when the closest thing you have to adult supervision for a party filled with hard drinking,sexed up teens on a train is Adam Lambert.
306.Toby may be able to successfully take on Noel Kahn in a fight but even he isn't ballsy enough to pick a fight with Paige.
307. Blind girls often can hear perfectly well.
308. Inviting the homeless boy who lives in the school ventilation system to come stay at your house is a sure fire ticket to romance!
309. Parties and dances should be avoided at all costs.
310. Two Lady GaGa's is one too many!
311. Be sure to allow a desperate person who is trying to come clean to tell you his ENTIRE secret before wandering off to find your friends. Trust me, you will NEVER get this chance again!
312. Alison visited more places on the last day of her life that she did on every day of the previous 15 years she was alive combined.
313. If you think you have Jenna Marshall all figured out, you DON'T.
314. Oddly enough many young woman find Byron Montgomery to be a hottie.
315. Remember the old days when you foolishly though sweet, loyal Toby was a bad guy ? Guess what....
316. You are not supposed to celebrate the 4th of July by blowing up your neighbor's garage.
317. Becoming BFF's with a sociopath isn't your best choice if you want to look back on your High School years fondly.
318. All things considered you would probably have been better off joining the Chess Club than N.A.T.
319. All of your older sister's boyfriends are up to something, she doesn't date anyone who doesn't have a big secret that is either completely innocent or completely dark.
320. If someone is arrested for murder, the chances are they didn't do it, and the real killer is still out there.
321. In an age of advanced technology, it isn't possible to check who keeps leaving creepy notes in your locker, because your school is the only one that has not yet invested in CCTV.
322. You have more friends than the three you spend all your time with, but you never speak to the others unless you think they know something (Holden, and also, kind of, Lucas)
323. If you unintentionally blind someone, they will become the root of all evil because they're not okay with that. You, however, will never so much as take responsibility, let alone apologize.
324. If Jenna tries to warn you off of someone, the chances are she is actually trying to help you.
325. Nothing says ''Welcome back to school!'' like a a cow brain pinned to your locker with a knife.
326. If you've signed on to a race for charity you needn't bother actually running in it.
327. Meredith is such a hottie she actually burst into flames at a foot race!
328. Toby borrows Mona's SUV when he wants to run people down because he doesn't want to spoil the grill of that great vintage pickup truck that Spencer bought him.
329. Wayne Fields can be absent from his daughter's life for 3/4 of the year and still leave Byron Montgomery,Tom Marin and Peter Hastings in the dust when it comes to "Best Dad'' bragging rights.
330. The Good News: You've come out of your coma. The Bad News: You've recovered just in time to plan your son's funeral.
331. Most kids do ''extra credit'' work for better grades, Ali did it for money.
[accidentally skipped numbering for 332]
333. Aria's dilemma: To tell or not tell Ezra that he has a son? Ezra's dilemma: To take a shower or have another piece of cake?
334. Mona needs someone to shoot the confessional videos that she posts online.She should get Jason to do it,I hear he used to be in some sort of camera club !
335. Jason probably still looked hot even with a screwdriver sticking out of him.
336. Mona's first act to prove that she's all better now: to break into Hanna's house in the middle of the night.
337. Lucas likes to recreate the skateboard chase scene from BACK TO THE FUTURE in the middle of the night.
338. Once she gets started you can't get Hanna's Grandma to stop singing unless you pull a gun on her.
339. Jenna transferred to a School for the Formerly Blind.
340. Even though she looks great in a nurses uniform,Mona still isn't qualified to treat stab wounds.
341. No matter how big the crime, posting a confessional video immediately redeems you.
342. Hanna's grandmother sings because she can.
343. Lucas is a nostalgic fan of Avril Lavigne. One of his favorite songs is Skater Boy.
344. It's surprisingly easy to break in and out of the biology lab at Rosewood High.
345. It's also surprisingly easy to create a fire on school property even when surrounded by at least 100 people.
346. Arson is the favorite method for murder in Rosewood and has been since the town was formed.Even the town's emblem shows a group of girls running stealthily away from a flaming garage.
347. Fun Fact: Fully 50% of the people who attended Rosewood High's Masquerade Ball were there to distract Jenna Marshall.
348. Byron's become so rotten he has now stooped to issuing movie spoilers to Aria.
349. If you should be lucky enough to stumble across any of Alison or -A's stuff,just take it with you and damn the consequences.Trust me,you will NEVER get this chance again !
350. It's a sad reflection on the current economy when a bright, loveable go-getter like Harold can't manage to keep a job.
351. If you are feeling threatened by a teenage girl your first course of action should always be to try and burn her to death in an arson fire.
352. Only Byron Montgomery would get Ella drunk and frisky.....and then LEAVE!
353. If Spencer ever gets on JEOPARDY! she will completely dominate the entire game....and then lose all her money on the last question.
354. If Lucas thinks home schooling will protect him from -A then he has bigger mental problems than a gambling addiction.
355. The best way to get your skittish lover to hang out with you is to wring her by her freshly burned arm.
356. Judging from his room, Lucas could be best buds with the guys from THE BIG BANG THEORY.
357. Oddly enough the person who took Garrett's death the worst (apart from Garrett of course) was Paige!
358. Hanging around with Emily may make you a paranoid wreck, however she does give a great ''goodnight'' kiss.
359. The ideal nursemaid when you're feeling under the weather: your father's devious mistress.
360.The drop out rates at Rosewood High have skyrocketed this year!
362. Friend feels threaten by another person that you know who's insane ... So you go and tell them straight to their face. That will keep your scared friend safe!
363. Girlfriend is driving a car in the woods get scared and can't breath, do you pull over and drive for her windows down? Or walk alone in the woods at night leaving your car unattended so it can get harmed?
364. When you're preparing for a test, a quiz or a contest in other form, do it alone without distraction from anyone close to you, especially the one you're in love with.
365. The chances of Meredith getting more calls to be a substitute at Rosewood High just got a lot slimmer.
366. That Anniversary dinner that Spencer cooked for Toby was delicious, Mona loved it!
367. Caleb and Paige had a brainstorm and have decided to team up to help protect the girls.They are so excited about the idea they are thinking about asking Toby to join their team!
368. Sure, he seems nice now but you know in a couple of days Byron is gonna demand that Aria apologize to Meredith for spilling her tea.
369. The only secret Veronica Hastings has ever willingly shared with Spencer is her lasagna recipe.
370. Melissa is so sketchy that she's now appearing in BYRON'S flashbacks !
371. Toby was lucky he was unmasked AFTER the plumber came and fixed his bathtub,because I think more showers at Spencer's place are off the table.
372. Emily is now being protected by the girl who tried to drown her and the guy that gave her stalker a gun.
373. Sadly,getting knocked over by a rack of mannequins is still the least embarrassing thing Hanna has ever done at a job interview.
374. In retrospect it was stupid of Meredith to ask the pharmacist how many clonazepam tablets it would take to put a 100 pd teenage girl into a coma.
375. The power grid in Rosewood sucks, EVERY storm knocks out the power in the whole town.
376. According to her father, Meredith has a long history of being a bitch.
377. Fun Fact: When he was in juvie Toby cut a rap album under the name MC TOE-B.His first single,''Framed'' was a hit with college kids.Jenna appeared in the video wearing her cool shades as she freak danced behind Toby as he rhymed and rocked his pimpin' do rag.
378. Pam Fields is the only person working at the Rosewood Police Force who has ever successfully busted the RIGHT person for a crime.Sadly it was Maya for smoking weed.
379. Hanna Marin could be a much sought after Lipstick Lesbian if she wanted to be.
380. ''Pink Drink" is NOT gay code.
381. Once he ran out of cake, Ezra was forced to leave Rosewood,
382. If your ''sexy dreams'' about your boyfriend involve him choking you to death, dump his ass!
383. Every time Spencer Hastings cries a fairy dies.
384. Making a joke about how a guys stepsister is now blind is NOT a good icebreaker.
385. The A Team wastes a full third of their budget on custom made bobble heads.
386. Once he checks out what that key goes to, Spencer's Private Eye is gonna try and find out where the hell Aria's brother is.
387. Cape May may be a pit of intrigue and danger, but the fishing is great!
388. Wanna catch a hot chick's attention in a lesbian bar? Order a pink drink for her! A cup of flirtini would be more effective than real flirtation.
389. Always remember to use protection in your concupiscent pleasure!
390. If your dad's ex-mistress/current gf offers you tea AFTER you've confided in her that you suspect he might have murdered your friend, DON'T DRINK THE TEA.
391.It was nice of Toby to wear that do rag in juvie to lighten everybody's mood!
392. When you drive to somewhere for a meeting, check your makeup in the rear-view mirror and fix it if there's any flaw on your face before you get out of the car.
393.Wesley is like an alternate universe version of Ezra.He had an affair with a teacher,not a student.Ezra rejected the family fortune,Wesley embraced it.Cake is probably like Kryptonite to him.394.When Hanna visits a farm she dresses like she's a guest star on HEE HAW.
395.Only Spencer could ''kill the mood'' at a funeral.
396.Much like a lonely puppy,when Ezra is gone too long Aria will pee on his slippers to get his attention.
397.Caleb should have known something was up as a child when everyone refered to Jamie as "Uncle Dad".
398.Realizing that her French threats go over Emily's head,-A will now start leaving sinister messages for her in Pig Latin.
399.With Valentine's Day fast approaching Toby bought up all of the hydrangea's at the florist so he could spell out "SORRY I STOLE YOUR VIRGINITY AND RUINED YOUR LIFE." on Spencer's lawn.
400.PLOT TWIST:The hypnotic vision where Emily killed Alison was TRUE,it was the flashback of Alison NOT being a *itch that was false.
401.If you are out of Post It notes you can always leave a message carved into the face of a crypt.
402.Dr. Sullivan is gonna celebrate the grand opening of her new practice by taking a few days off.
403.Dr. Sullivan has failed to learn the first rule of psychiatry,get the money in advance.
404.Spencer was so eager to get a good seat for the Education Decathalon that she arrived a day early and sat on Mona's chest !

405.With the new addition of CeCe Drake to the list of people hanging around Alison's house the night she died,The DiLaurentis Home is now second only to The Gettsyburg Battlefield as the biggest visitor destination in Pennsylvania.
406. At 10 cents a bottle,-A left enough empties at Jason's place tonight for him to get his fifty grande back in deposits.
407.When Ezra is out of town Aria is forced to hang out with his nearest biological relative in order to avoid going into withdrawal.
408.Nine out of ten academics agree:stripping promotes better study habits among teens.
409.Wren is now a door to door psychiatrist.
410.Spencer's parents have now gone to England in hopes of finding a new country from which to ignore her.
411.Hanna eats cake in order to soak up moisture so she doesn't have to urinate.Makes you wonder if Ezra has a bladder control problem ?
412.FUN FACT: When Wes spilled wine on CeCe's carpet,Ashleigh Marin SENSED it from miles away !
413.When she was in church Hanna prayed that Caleb and Jamie would reconcile.When HE was in church,Jamie prayed that someone would leave him five dollars.
414. When The -A Team plays "spin the bottle",no matter who the bottle points to,Spencer is "It".
415.Melissa and CeCe met in Alison's back yard the night she died to discuss how suspicious it was that Byron was meeting with Alison back there that night.Byron met Alison back there to discuss how suspicious it was that Alison had been talking to Garrett and Jenna.Jason tried to do the math in his head of how many people were actually hanging around his back yard that night but it was too much for him and he passed out.
415: Stalkers play spin the bottle with Kentucky bourbon
416: People wear durags in juvie.
417.The best way to avoid taking a breathalizer test at a traffic stop is to run over the Police Officer that has stopped you.
418.Wren finds it a turn on when he sees the crazy girl he used to treat being choked by the crazy girl he wants to date.
419.Ella Montgomery's students have an open invitation to come and sit in her classroom between bells to wallow in their own depression.
420.A million dollar shower can be sabotaged by a $5.00 plunger.
421.Between them Hanna and Ashley Marin have been involved in nearly all of the traffic accidents in Rosewood.
422. A fearful CeCe is rushing off to join a fearful Lucas and a fearful Jenna....probably at an awesome party !
423.Fun Fact: Nine out of ten of life's mysteries somehow involve Melissa Hastings.
424.Historical Note: In episode 3.20 of PLL, Ashley Marin actually REFUSED a glass of wine!
425.Fun Fact: Diane Fitzgerald has never been given a "World's Greatest Mom" coffee mug as a gift.
426.Shanna stole all her smooth dating moves from Nate St. Germaine.
427. Don't expect sympathy from a girl whose boyfriend got shot.
428. A lesson to learn from Hanna: when you try to hide a secret that someone you're talking with asks about, never, ever say the word "nothing" and don't mask your face with a fake smile, otherwise you'll get yourself suspicious.
429.When Hanna Marin "masterminds" a criminal enterprise it is doomed to failure.
430.Aria and Malcolm have a lot in common,for example,they both go to the same pediatrician !
431.Aria was forced by Ezra to take a "time out" when she refused to let Malcolm wear the conductor hat.
432.Remember that ROSEWOOD POLICE cap that Wilden NEVER wore.Someone found it !
433.The autopsy will reveal that Toby died from "helmet hair''.
434.That kid the Cavanaugh's hired to pick up their mail and newspapers while they were on vacation really sucks at his job !
435.If Maggie and Malcolm move in with Aria and Ezra they can have their own sitcom/spinoff next season called THROWIN' A FITZ !
436.The eerie "mystery'' of how Toby's friend knew Emily's name was revealed to her when she got home and realized she had never removed her nametag from THE BREW.
437.Top three things Emily still foolishly believes in....
1. Santa Clause
2.The Tooth Fairy
438.Good News ! Maggie can start a new teaching job at Rosewood High right away.The last girl that had the job left town after she tried to murder Aria !
439.Detective Wilden is so "invaluable'' at the Precinct that no one has noticed he was missing.
440.In order to get out from under Ezra's mom's thumb Maggie decided to move far,far live with Ezra.
441. Keep your eye on a seven-year-old-boy when he's bouncing on mattress. You've got him out of your sight for one second, you see him whining on the floor with his jaw wounded in the next
442.Detective Wilden is made out of the same stuff that the "black box" on an airplane is,he's indestructable.

443.In Rosewood logic the best man to get you a job is the guy that got you fired from your last one.

444.Alison regularly attended heckel the worshipers.

445.Eddie Lamb is a kind,thoughtful,helpful and handsome man,which in Rosewood marks him as a psychotic killer !

446.While Spencer's best friends are unable to vist her in the Insane Asylum ,Mona has an ALL ACCESS PASS.Probably won a radio contest.

447.Dr. Sullivan hopes to one day publish a paper about how to pretend to help mentally troubled girls.

448.Never let a crazy cop ,back from the dead, stand in your way of taking that awesome trip to New York !

449.Spencer's parents have extended their world tour so that they can ignore Spencer in non English speaking countries.

450.If the family member that is most broken up over Spencer being committed is Melissa,she's screwed.

451.Missy Franklin spent her whole life striving for Olympic Gold in the hopes of one day being able to meet Emily Fields !

452.Realizing that not everyone who needs terrorizing lives in Rosewood,The -A Team now is opening franchises that will bring a truck full of terror right to your door !

453.Ezra Fitz has now had every member of the Montgomery family in his bedroom except Mike.Give him time....
454. According to Hanna, nothing works underwater. This explains why Last Resort, ABC's submarine drama show, was axed without a chance to finish its first season.
455.To get a permit to bring a circus or carnival in Rosewood you must be able to prove to the local authorities that it will be hellishly creepy.

456.Children can't get enough of FAUST !

457.Ella Montgomery now trolls carnivals to get dates with carnies.

458.Spencer was lucky that Mona's favorite game wasn't TWISTER.

459.Spencer's mom was a kind and caring shoulder to cry on....for Alison.

460.The entire series was based on a plot by Ali to get the chance to slow dance with Spencer.

461.When he graduated Medical School,Wren was asked by his Professors what he wanted to specialize in.His response:"Being suspicious".

462.The Chief pathologist at the Rosewood Morgue was baffled when he was presented with a body that actually died of natural causes.

463.Wearing a Candy Striper outfit will allow you to successfully break into anywhere.If only Mike Montgomery had known....

464.After his latest hissy fit it took hours for Hanna to convice Caleb that he was still pretty.

465.Eating buttered popcorn is less messy if you wear gloves.

466.The box of "Missing Persons" files at the Rosewood Police Department is fairly small.The box of "Cases we thought we solved but totally DIDN'T" is ENORMOUS !

467.Spencer found a Radley "Vistor's Pass" with CeCe Drake's name on it,which made her think that CeCe was suspicious.Also making Spencer think CeCe was suspicious:EVERY SINGLE SECOND SHE EVER SPENT WITH CeCe DRAKE !

468.Malcolm's kidnapper was a more responsible babysitter than Aria,

469.The -A Team kidnapped Malcolm and framed Caleb's dad in an attempt to make the "Baby Daddy" and "Uncle Dad" plots relevant to the show.

470.Spencer is so anal retentive that she still manages to keep her black hoodie perfectly pressed in the asylum.
471.Spencer's parents are so uninvolved in her life that she has to plan her own "Welcome Home From The Asylum" party.

472.In a shocking twist "Pretty Eyes" is revealed to be Toby's stripper name !

473.Jenna and Shana one day hope to marry and adopt two suspicious children.

474.Malcolm thinks that Hanna is a much better babysitter than Aria but she's still not as fun as that kidnapper chick,"Alison".

475.Rosewood High's arch rival swim team's mascot looks like a dead girl in a red hood.

476.Yet again we see that a fire is the worst way to try to kill anyone.

477.When Jenna and Shana snatched Wilden from the scene of his hit and run accident they took him on a road trip,to a retro diner and then the cemetery.This is what they jokingly refer to as giving someone an "EMILY".
478. Make sure your enemy is dead before you bury them in your backyard.
479. The best way to avoid attracting attention at a funeral is to show up wearing a china mask underneath a huge shroud.

480.If you give Spencer a hearty breakfast and a piping hot cup a' joe she'll totally forget the utter hell you put her through that got her locked in an insane asylum.

481.Remember that time Jenna came by to warn you that you were hanging out with a murderer ? The next time you see her you should....

A. Thank her for trying to save your life.
B.Compare her to a snake.
C.Blow off the death of her friend with a "Meh" style "Sorry for your loss".
D. B and C

Answer: (for Emily) "D''.

482.Ali's technique to charm the pants off of Toby: referring to his clearly ill Mother as "lazy".

483.With Wilden and Garrett dead,Rosewood is now in dire need of new corrupt cops.

484.Although the Hastings and DiLaurentis families are both filthy rich neither of them will shell out a few bucks for some damn curtains.

485.The most exciting thing Ezra has done in two seasons took place in a daydream.

486.After attending Wilden's funeral the girls now qualify as "Gold Level Mourners".Their next funeral is FREE !!!!

487.Wilden's phone was ringing but HE was disconnected.

488.Emily and Paige think moving to California will put them beyond -A's reach.Hey,worked for Caleb's Mom,...right ?
489: The A team has a key to every car, house, apartment, etc in Rosewood.
490: Shopping at Macy's is a good way to keep your enemies closer
491: Lucas has feminine hands
492: Dressing like a spider is a way to stuff someone in a box
493: Mona understands Spencer's caffeine addiction better than Toby does. Toby still thinks they can be separated.

494: The list of people who didn't see Alison the night she died is far shorter than the list of people who did, so much shorter that it may be non-existant

495: Veronica Hastings can't separate her home and work lives because her daughter insists on blending the two, what with handling murder weapons, stealing autopsy reports and digging through caskets.
496.Recreating the scene of a fire is best accomplished with the contents of a Sampler Platter.

497.Only in Rosewood is befriending a visually impaired girl and helping the local Police considered "shady".

498.Emily and Paige's main consideration in picking a College: do they offer Queen Size beds ?

499.The best way to convince your girlfriend that you will never betray her to the -A Team again: to IMMEDIATELY betray her to the -A Team again !

500.Rosewood High's newest faculty hazing ritual: to stick the most recent teacher hired with the four most disruptive students the school has ever had,all in the same class at the same time.

501.Spencer was stunned when her admittance essay about murder,blackmail,and stays in an asylum sent up "red flags" for the U. Penn. staff

502.When Emily is out of spiked muscle pain cream she falls back on heavy narcotics

503.In an alternate universe,four Pretty Little Parrots are trying to discover who killed their bitchy best friend,"Tippi".

504.Aria's favorite Martial Arts move:"The Lip Lock".

505.Ali was so good at holding her breath that she was able to do it for a year underneath the Gazebo.

506.On the bright side,the details of Toby's Mother's death were enough to win him the prize for ''Most Depressing Backstory In Rosewood".

507.Question: can a bird that talks point out to you that attempting to feed it ANOTHER BIRD is just plain gross ?

508.Emily's Team Spirit is so strong she'll try to swim through cement.

509.Tippi The Parrot has contributed more to solving the -A mystery than Ezra has.
511.Zack and Ella's relationship is all about hot,steamy....PASTRY !

542.Melissa sometimes takes a break from being sketchy in Rosewood to be sketchy in D.C.

543. Jake's taken so many kicks to the head he thinks that black and white movies are "broken".

544.Ashley Marin would kill to avoid seeing a musical.

545.Detective Holbrook's "murder board" has all the lines going back to the same motive for Ali's murder;"Because she was a *itch !" .

546.After a hard day's work at his creepy Mask Studio ,Hector Lime likes to unwind somewhere relaxing...... The Doll Hospital in Brookhaven !

547.Ali was so good at holding her breath Hector didn't even have to leave nose holes for her when he made her mask.

548.-A is stealing all the Liars's Dad's weapons,like Peter and Tom's pistols.It's really gonna kick it up a notch when she swipes Wayne Field's TANK !

549.If -A had really wanted to frame Ashley Marin for Wilden's murder she should have stabbed him with a corkscr

[Sonstiges] Vocal Group Harmony Vol.01-79

[Blues] Bump Jump Jive ~ Volume 1-14 (2015)