Sketchbook: vfza's road to greatness in the realm of art

Yo, this community is great with great people too so i decided to join and improve with everyone
so im 18 and started to really study just late lastyear so im really behind however willing to learn and i was first inspired by a friend of mine who is really great too and next is from Ahmed Aldoori on his youtube videos then went to see other artist and so i decided i want learn and be an illustrator/concept artist, typical story yeah? hahahha but what i want is to make everybody better while everybodys making me better too and someday i want art to be like a way of letting this world know about what is happening and what we can do to help it. a bit ambitous but there are great people that surrounds me and motivates me to get better and its great so yeah hahaha peace

so this guy i kinda have a hard time rendering so i asked my friend(who is by the way, literally amazing) to critique these for me and i tried to do what he suggested but i messed it up so hahahha

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