Popular Woodworking Magazine – 2014 Full Collection


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Popular Woodworking Magazine – 2014 Full Collection

February : Connecticut Lowboy – 4 Mortise Methods – Router Planes – Shop-Made Tenon Saw – Tame Your

Table Saw
Our cover article for the February 2014 issue is a Connecticut lowboy with distinctive details – Glen D. Huey builds a faithful reproduction of this piece he found in a museum storeroom (plus, he includes a sidebar on several ways to make the cock bead moulding).

In Jeff Miller's "Perfect Shoulders," you'll discover how to build a handy saw and frame for dead-on-accurate tenons; it's a tool Jeff devised…then saw a similar item in an 18th-century French book. Christopher Schwarz got a close-up look at Roy Underhill's iconic nail cabinet, tape measure in hand. He shares his measured drawings and step-by-step build (plus the "secret" he discovered about it). You'll discover four ways to make mortises from Robert W. Lang – by hand, by power and by both – but what's most important is that you understand the mechanisms of the mortise.
Take a trip to the Mercer Museum with Chuck Bender for a look at this brainchild and life's work of one man, Henry Mercer, who was intent on capturing pre-Industrial America. In "Mighty Router Planes," Megan Fitzpatrick shows you how this precision tool works, and explains why you need one (or two) in your shop.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the Laguna 14-Twelve band saw, the new carbide birdcage awl from Czeck Edge Hand Tool and Starborn's Smart-Bit depth setter. In Design Matters, George R. Walker shows you how to make the most of figured maple. Woodworking Essentials takes a look at taming your table saw for precision and safety (by Robert W. Lang). Bob Rozaieski discusses "Small-shop Efficiencies" in Arts & Mysteries. Bob Flexner talks about acetone – a powerful and versatile solvent that's fairly easy to find and safe to use in Flexner on Finishing. And in End Grain, David Mathias shares every woodworker's fear – bad moving companies – in "The Downside if Up is Sideways."

April : 5-Drawer Cherry Chest – Shop-Made Tail Vise – Jewel of a Box – Shop Mallets – Period Pressure
Our cover article for the April 2014 issue is a William & Mary five-drawer chest with a two-over-three drawer design built by Chuck Bender. The chest also features frame-and-panel ends with mitered-stuck moulding profiles (plus, he includes a sidebar that walks you through his technique for brushed on shellac).

In "Chipbreaker: Theory & Use," Kees van der Heiden and Wilbur Pan present video evidence from two Japanese professors who demonstrate how most bench planes come equipped with everything you need to eliminate tear-out as you work. If you set your chipbreaker properly, you'll have smooth sailing. Autumn Doucet, the winner of the 2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine Excellence Awards, shares her insight into building a jewelry box with wood and shell inlay; you 'll discover how to cut and inlay mother-of-pearl and abalone. Don Williams improves his workbench with the addition of a shop-made tail vise – a sheet of Baltic birch plywood and a few metal parts, including an 8" handwheel, transform his bench into a workholding marvel. He shares his measured drawings and step-by-step build. And Marc Spagnuolo builds his version of a Greene & Green-style blanket chest, complete with ebony embellishments and a secret drawer – he also shares a special router technique used to form the chest handles.

Christopher Schwarz introduces Freddy Roman in "From Punk to Period." If you're not familiar with young Mr. Roman, you'll be amazed at the finished projects he's turned out in such a short period of time. And you'll discover how teachers including Phil Lowe, W. Patrick Edwards and Bob Van Dyke have influenced his woodworking.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the Bosch 10" Dual-bevel Glide Miter Saw, Senco's FinishPro 23 XLP headless pinner, a magnetic-mount LED Work Light from Lee Valley and EyeMuffs (Sells Safety) that are hearing and eye protection combined into a single apparatus. In Design Matters, George R. Walker discusses how to combine cyma curves to produce an outstanding swan's-neck pediment. Woodworking Essentials has Glen D. Huey's take on woodworking mallets; learn what shapes, sizes and weights are best. Bob Rozaieski discusses "Period Clamping Techniques" in Arts & Mysteries. Bob Flexner explains how you can use soap as a wood finish – a finish that imparts no color to your project and is great for woods that are light in color – in Flexner on Finishing. And in End Grain, John Ipekjian, in "Blacker House Garden Bench," shares how a Bermuda cedar tree planted by Greene & Greene is re-purposed into an outdoor bench that resides on the property.

June : 'Riveted' Corner Joinery – Contemporary Take on Cabriole Legs – Hardware Hideaway – Carved Spoons – Get a Handle on Mortise Chisels
Christopher Schwarz's clever and simple technique for eye-catching "riveted" joinery is the cover article for the June 2014 issue. While Chris used the approach on a campaign furniture piece, a little touch of brass will add shine to any project – and it's simple to achieve.
In "Contemporary Cabriole Legs," you'll discover Jeff Miller's take on a classic form, updated for modern use – plus a slick trick with a router to quickly flush the top of legs with a table's apron. In "Get a Handle on Mortise Chisels," Willard Anderson and Peter Ross share their crazy (but cool) technique for rehandling oval bolstered mortise chisels (hint: it involves fire).

Glen Huey shares his techniques for making box joints at the table saw in his "Hardware Hideaway" build – a piece inspired by a pricey find in an antique mall. It's a great-looking piece for storing your shop bits and bobs – but it would be equally at home in the kitchen of office – or anywhere else you have small items to sort and store. Inspired by both Wharton Esherick and nature, Chuck Bender walks you through the design and planning process, and then the build, of a graceful stool. And Peter Follansbee teaches you to carve spoons – all it takes is a few tools and "found" wood.
In this month's Tool Test, we review the Nova Comet II Midi Lathe, Blue Spruce Toolworks Joiner's Mallets and Grobet Cabinetmaker's Rasps. In Woodworking Essentials, Megan Fitzpatrick boils sharpening systems into the three things you need to know, Bob Flexner shares fixes for a baker's dozen of finishing problems in Flexner on Finishing. And in End Grain, David Wiggins shares his essay on woodworking coming full circle.

August : Stickley No. 624 Wardrobe – Improve Your Coping Skills – Mid-Century Coffee Table – Bucket Bench In a Weekend – Make Mouldings of Massive Size
This month's cover article from Robert W. Lang, executive editor, teaches you step by step in "Craftsman Wardrobe" how to build Gustav Stickley's No. 624 wardrobe (the interior could easily be reconfigured for use as a media cabinet, hanging storage – whatever you need to stow); Christopher Schwarz shares his quick and easy fix for making a cheap coping saw perform like a champ, plus tips for successful sawing, in "Improve a Coping Saw"; in "Mid-century Coffee Table," Mario Rodriguez shows you his clever and simple technique for basket-weave veneer used atop a handsome piece that looks great in the modern home; Chuck Bender, senior editor, helps you move beyond the limits of your router (or shaper) bits and make mouldings of any size using the table saw, core-box bits and a couple of handplanes in "Massive Mouldings."

You'll learn from Derek Olson how to replicate André Roubo's 18th-century veneer press in "Roubo's Bench Vise" – and adapt it to suit your clamping needs; in "Painted Bucket Bench," Catharine Kennedy teaches you how to make a simple bucket bench from home center pine, then how to apply faux graining with vinegar paint to make it look like a far more expensive piece; and, in "Danish Modern," by Linda Rosengarten, you'll meet Ejler Hjorth-Westh, a woodworker, boatbuilder and more from Denmark who now teaches woodworking at the College of the Redwoods.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander, Abortech's TurboPlane and Min-Turbo and Freud's Diablo general purpose and crosscut finish 10" saw blades; George Walker discusses how to modify a design in Design Matters; Bob Rozaieski show you how to build a traditional miter square in Arts & Mysteries; Bob Flexner shows you how to match color on wood with an existing object or a photo in Flexner on Finishing; and in End Grain, Ethan Sincox shares his essay on woodworking at the lunch table in "Take Your Home to Work."

October : Portable Folding Bookcase – Breadboard Ends 6 Ways – 'Illusion' Cabinet – Bench Plane Restoration – Best Veneer Glue
Any bibliophile will immediately be drawn to the traveling bookcase built by Christopher Schwarz, which is the cover project this issue. The glass doors and striking brass pulls, corner brackets and corner guards make this an eye-catching project that's fun to build and fully functional, too; Willard Anderson provides step-by-step instructions on how to restore a "woodie" bench plane. The article focuses on "user tools" that can be restored for use in your shop; in "Breadboard Ends," Chuck Bender shares six cross-grain strategies that are sure to keep your tabletops, desk lids and wide-panels flat and straight; Gary Rogowski's "Illusion Cabinet" is the perfect size for many uses around your home. Plus, it's a contemporary design that demonstrates just how easy it is to work with proportions and ratios.

If you're in need of sawhorses for work around your shop, "The Butterfly Horse" by Don Williams is just the ticket and discover the best glue for veneer work and for any project that requires an extended open time in "A Must-have Woodworking Glue," by Laurie McKichan who joins us from the pages of American Woodworker.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the 'Ready 2 Rout' automated fence setup that brings CNC-like accuracy to your router table, the Benchcrafted Classic leg vise and Bosch's newest dust extractor, the VAC140A; George Walker discusses how to freehand sketch a volute in Design Matters; we welcome Peter Follansbee who takes over as our Arts & Mysteries columnist and extolls the virtues of proper lighting in the shop; and in End Grain, Gus Goodwin shares his thoughts of his friend and the tools left behind in "Inheritance."

November : Natural-Edge Cabinet – Cutting-Edge Versitility – Contemporary Splay-Leg Table – 'Bookend'

Inlay – Michael Dunbar on Chair Joints
A live-edge top and spalted beech doors bring an organic twist to the clean lines of a hanging cabinet that mixes classic and contemporary. Michael Dunbar, the wizard of the Windsor, shows you three innovative joints that will keep your chairs solid no matter how much your sitters lean, plop and squirm; In "Must-Have Router Bits," Chuck Bender trims away confusion to show you the four router profiles your shop shouldn't be without. Chuck shows how you can make almost any moulding or cut you need with just a few sizes of each bit's profile. This month, you'll also learn how to make a contemporary splay-leg table that looks hard to build – but despite the splay legs, it's not. "Bookend Inlay" is one of the hallmarks of Federal-period furniture – you'll learn how to use common tools and a pan of hot sand to make four variations of this design (and in our December issue, you'll see how to build the rest of the table that features this beautiful inlay).

Looking for inspiration for a fall project? You'll find plenty as we present the winners of the second annual PWM Excellence Awards, as determined by you and the editors. You'll love how our Grand-Prize winner used walnut, ebony, olive, ash and dyed sycamore to create remarkable marquetry inside his winning entry.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the Hammer K3, an Austrian sliding table saw that's worth the price (which isn't much more than a typical U.S. cabinet saw); the Angle-Ease, a tilting router base from Woodhaven…and a secret tool to be revealed on Oct. 13. George Walker gives his slant on "Fair Curves" in Design Matters; Peter Follansbee looks at interesting and unusual tools from the past in his Arts & Mysteries column (what – you haven't used a thixtell?); and in End Grain, Joe McMahon says goodbye to his longtime love (and his wife is still around).

December: Federal Bow-Front Table – Sharpen Your Hand Saws – Ruler Trick for Dovetailing – Stylish

Router Bit Storage – Carving 101 – Traditional Marking Systems
A Federal Bow-front table from Frank Vucolo is our cover story for the December 2014 issue; his article not only shows you how to build this form that appears in many furniture styles, but how to add the veneer, banding and stringing that are hallmarks of the Federal period. You'll learn how to sharpen your own handsaws and backsaws from Matt "the Saw Wright" Cianci as he takes you step by step through the four steps of setting, jointing, filing and stoning.

From Glen D. Huey, you get plans, measured drawings and instruction on making a "Not-so Ordinary Router Cabinet" (that would also look at home in the house, with a few tweaks). Mary May shares her carving expertise in "Woodcarving Basics," with everything you know to get started with V-tools and gouges, as she teaches you techniques for shallow-relief and applied carving. And from Christopher Schwarz, learn a clever and simple way to align your dovetails for easy transfer from pins to tails (or tails to pins); all you need is a cheap wooden ruler and a couple tacks.

In this month's Tool Test, we review the Earlex 6003 spray system, a 3-stage turbine that is plenty powerful for most finishing needs; the Shenandoah Tool Works Birdcage Awl; and the Jet JWBS-14SF-3 band saw. George Walker gives us his thoughts on handsome toppers (that is, how to let function and proportion guide you to a good-looking top); Peter Follansbee shares his thoughts on "green" woodworking in the Arts & Mysteries column; and in End Grain, Lee Dye shows how us how a tree became a whale.

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