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So much for the stories about love at first sight and star-crossed lovers, but deep down we know that the most compelling ones are those about the slow build up between two people, the thrill on the anticipation, the continuous sexual tension waiting to explode when we less expect it.

The story between Damon and Elena is about this: the patience to get to know and accept each other entirely, the hard reality of fighting every day with and for a person whom you want to be part of your life, one step forward and three behind, making mistakes and immediately regretting them and trying to fix them, stubborn enough not to let go of the other. It’s about looking at other and seeing so much more behind the mask he/she wears: seeing the good in a 170-years old vampire who claims to be selfish and undeserved to be loved and the fierceness and true-being behind an innocent cupcake face.

Damon and Elena met one night, on a desert road in the middle of nowhere, and from the first moment there was a spark between them, an understanding. He didn’t know her at all and yet he managed to see at first sight who she wasn’t (Katherine) and what she wanted from life; and she was charmed but this “mysterious stranger” enough to flirt with him and surprise him back when she wanted to know what he wanted from life. That night “Elena had been touched in her soul by this man” and despite his compulsion, this connection has never gone away.

Then we all know how it began. It wasn’t love in the beginning, but mutual suspect and disdain: she was with Stefan and he was the narcissist evil vampire come to town to find Katherine and have his revenge, risking to hurt people Elena cared about. While almost everyone decided Damon was only the bad guy who couldn’t be redeemed, Elena saw something in him that hinted he wasn’t entirely evil. She showed him sympathy and care, she bothered to know him bet-ter, to see the man behind the vampire, enough to make him open up with her, trust and care for someone in return for the first time in so many years.

Because that’s what Delena are about, trust, and not the one magically handed over, but the one earned day after day, mistake after mistake, giving each other second chances, until one day you look into the other person’s eyes and you realize he or she is the one you trust the most, your best friend, the one who makes you laugh in the worst moments and surprises you when you less expect it.

And Delena’s relationship is also about honesty, even when it hurts, even when it leaves you broken-hearted, because they see each other faults and call each other out for their bull**** when it’s needed, without idealizing anything. They know the other is strong enough to deal with the truth, with the problems of each-day-life, and survive everything, because deceiving would be so much worse and a crime against their relationship.

Delena is about making each other a stronger and better person, learning to accept the darkness in the other anyway, challenging each other on everything and yet never letting the other alone. Because while Elena is willing to put the others always before herself, Damon is firm on choosing her above everyone, balancing her (now weaker) martyr’s complex. And while Damon is sure he doesn’t deserve to be loved and happiness, Elena is firm in wanting to prove him he’s wrong.

Because Delena is about making each other happy and alive, even with small gestures such as a gift or an “I’m sorry”, joking and bickering on meal or a fun night together. It’s about letting go and shut the world out for 5 minutes to enjoy life completely, without judging and morally restrains. It’s about coming home every time the other takes you in his/her arms after a bad day or an amazing moment you shared together or every time the other tells you, you are not a broken toy, but a creature full of life, even in death.

And Delena is also about having bumps in the road, both for Elena’s and Damon’s faults; and they’ll still have them in the future, no doubt of that, because they’re similar, both stubborn and fierce, ready not to listen to the other’s wish and decision if they’d lead him/her to death or sufferance. They’ll argue and hurt each other without wanting it, but it’s part of the game too, to make mistake and fix them, always learning something new from the other, always strengthening their relationship and make it more real and on strong basis.

Delena is about all of this and much more; the two enemies who became best friends and then lovers, who know everything about the other, who learnt to accept the other entirely without sacrificing themselves in the meantime. The two people who never regretted to have met each other, because the tears they shed for the other came along with laugh and sweet moments together, along with the beauty to grow closer to a person and become more mature thanks to her/him. The two people who can be the worst and the best to each other… and for this, they’ll always choose each other.

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"Even before anything happened in our series, Elena had been touched in her soul by this man" - J. Plec

Why do I love Damon and Elena?
I guess it’s because the care and fullness of feelings and situations the writers used and still use to build up their relationship, making it progressing slowly, without forging it ahead.
You have two people who cannot be more different, and yet they are very similar.
A 170-years old-vampire whose life has been a lonely and lacking-of-love journey until now; who pretends not to feel, to be the bad guy,
and yet he’s the most selfless person whose actions are based most of the time on love.
And a 18-years-old human (now vampire!) girl who has already witnessed so much sadness and losses for her young age...caring, sweet, stubborn.
They met and they were practically enemies.
But she bothered to know him, understand his reasons, believe in him; and he was fascinated by her and decided it was worth to change for her, become “the better man”.
So they became best friends, confidants, allies; they speak always the truth to each other even when it’s brutal,
they understand each other with a simple look, they challenge each other, have each other back, hurt each other, forgive each other, never give up on each other.
She brings out his humanity, he makes her stronger and more smiling.
It’s never simple or banal or boring with them; it’s always a challenge, unpredictable, intense, real.
There would always be obstacles and bumps in their road
and maybe that’s the real beauty of them: that no matter what they will have to face, their relationship will always survive thanks to the solid bases it’s built on.
Anna ~ (LabuanPearl88)

There are so many reasons why I ship Damon and Elena.
One of the things I love most has been their journey.
Nothing has ever come easy for them. Their friendship grew slowly and turned into love.
Simply put, they are best friends who fell in love.
They know and understand each other. They bring out the best and worst in each other. They've each changed the other.
They make each other happy. I’ve never seen Damon or Elena happier than when they are together.
It also doesn't hurt that Damon and Elena's chemistry has always been off the charts.
We're not at the end of their journey and I know it still won't be easy but I know that they will come through it in the end.
Mary ~ (pixiestyx)

"Damon might be the first person to truly allow Elena to be herself
whereas everyone else is constantly judging her actions" - Robyn Ross (TVguide)

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"Happiness, passion, and some very strong nails made for another sexy Delena love scene." – Wetpaint

What can I say about Damon and Elena?
They are really special to me for quite different reasons….
The first thing that got me drawn to them is how Elena became Damon's humanity.
Elena was the one who made Damon feel again, be alive, be happy... all due to the fact that he met REAL LOVE thanks to her.
Then, Damon also helped Elena to feel alive again, to light up that spark in her, that passion and fire so innate of her.
She had become just a shell of what she was after all the suffering she had to go through but… HE was there for her.
There is also the fact that Damon and Elena didn't become a couple just a short amount of time after they met.
They had build-up… SUBSTANTIAL build up.
They weren't on the best terms at first… but Elena started to care more and more about Damon, and Damon too… slowly but inevitably fell in love with her.
Elena also undoubtedly fell in love with Damon later (…and boy she tried to deny it).
She wasn't expecting it of course… to fall in love with her boyfriend’s brother but 'The heart wants what the heart wants'.
Besides, there is the also the fact that DE are never boring (to us or to each other), they are unpredictable, they challenge themselves and they both spark up that fire on each other.
Finally, I have to mention their chemistry and connection.. which just can be defined as electric and explosive… it's so amazing to see them.
And this is why I love D&E so much!
Roxy ~ (rrr222)

"Love is friendship set on fire", those words fit Damon and Elena to me.
Their story started off with him wanting revenge and her hating him
but over the course of the show, it has become so much more, it grew into friendship and them falling in love.
It hasn't been easy for Damon and Elena, they have had to go through a lot to get together, fights, obstacles, pain,
but in the end it was worth it and made them who they are.
Damon and Elena are the couple you wait four seasons for and you feel like it's worth it
They are true loves, soulmates, twin flames and they always will be.
Sara ~ (Clarissa Fray)

"Yet, Elena loves Damon, not just in spite of his worst attributes, but because of them. And isn’t that really what all of us want in a true love? Someone who can not only appreciate and embrace our beauty, but our ugliness as well?" – tvrecappersanonymous

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" At the end of the day, I'd rather be with a person who loves me too much rather than not enough and it's a positive thing that the self-proclaimed selfish vampire would do anything in the world for this girl " – Robyn Ross (TVguide)

I love DE’s relationship because it is a real, fair and honest one.
They’re on the same level with each other.
Damon doesn’t treat Elena like a fragile baby, he treats her as his equal.
He is not scared of telling her when she’s wrong, he is not scared of upsetting her or making her angry, and so is she.
They confront each other, challenge each other and support each other in many ways.
Elena is Damon’s soul. She gave him a reason to live when he had none.
She believed in him when no one did, she saw the good in him when no one could, and just like that she became his entire universe.
He devoted himself to her safety and her happiness.
He is willing to do anything for her, to make her happy, even if it means he’ll have to watch her spending the rest of her life with his brother.
Damon is Elena’s lighthouse.
She may have not realized it yet, but he is her rock.
Whenever she is in trouble, when everything is falling apart, she calls him, she asks for his help, she needs him by her side.
And if he is not there, she feels his absence.
Right now, Damon is Elena’s constant, her ally, her teacher, her partner in crime, her savior, her confidant, her best friend.
Valentina ~ (Katpee)

If you asked me to write a testimonial on any other ship that I enjoy, I'd throw something together in minutes.
I'd mention a few scenes, say that I loved them, and then I'd send it off without a second thought.
But this is Damon and Elena.
This is my ultimate ship of all time, that nobody can ever touch.
Part of me doesn't even want to write one, because I'm afraid that no words can do them justice.
Their story has been crafted with such care, and such intimacy,
that every time I try and get my head around what they have come to mean to me, I simply dissolve into a fit of giggles.
Both Damon and Elena are on separate journeys, yet they are Twin Flames, and their paths will forever intertwine.
I could rave about so many scenes, so many looks, so many quotes.
I could talk endlessly about the chemistry shared between Ian and Nina.
But what really excites me, is all that there is to come.
With that one kiss, Elena has finally taken that step.
Soon, we will see her struggling with those feelings she had always buried before.
No doubt we'll see more tears. But we'll also see laughter, and smiles.
We'll see their first real kiss, their first mutual hug, the first time that they make love.
This is the journey.
This is the story.
Elena doesn't think that Damon knows what love is? But neither does she.
They'll find out, when they come to love each other.
Nat ~ (foxyfreds)

"There’s been something between Elena and Damon since they met on the bridge before her parents’ deaths" – J. Plec

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“When I touched you, I saw a crow. There was fog… a man…” - Bonnie’s prediction (1x01)

Elena and Damon met for the first time at the Boarding House, while she was looking for Stefan. Damon is back in town after many years to free Katherine from the tomb and lively happily ever after with her; also, his hatred toward Stefan, pushes him to make his life a living-hell and to try to drive an edge between him and Elena, mentioning their ex, Katherine, every time he can. At the same time, it immediately seems to be an understanding, a connection, between Elena and Damon: she’s the first person in all his life who affirms to be sorry for him, for what he has been through with Stefan and Katherine and who actually acknowledge he must have suffered too. On the other side, Damon seems to understand Elena better than the others, he sees she’s miserable being a cheerleader and suggests her to quit. The same night, while Stefan words about what an monster Damon is echoing in the air, Damon is caressing carefully Elena’s check in her dream: it seems that the bloody vampire, for the first time in his life, has been deeply touched by a human girl.

First approaches between Damon and the Gilbert girl aren’t nevertheless the happiest ones: Damon tries to compel her to kiss him and then hurts her friend Caroline, which both piss Elena off very much, so she doesn’t trust Damon at all.

After discovering his true nature, Elena keeps being distrustful toward him and staying away from him, while Damon shows to be uncaring and unmerciful about humans’ lives once again.

The spark of a first game-change happens when Elena blames Damon of Vicky’s death and calls him out about his attitude, enough that he volunteer to compel Jeremy’s suffer away, showing to care about something he did for the first time.

Things start to change when Damon saves Elena from a vampire’s attack on the road and she goes with him on a trip to Georgia, where they have a good time together and Elena saves Damon’s life. Elena sees a new side of Damon, but she still doesn’t trust him completely and she finds herself teaming up with Stefan to betray Damon who’s really hurt by it, since Elena is the first person he really tried to trust in over 145 years. Elena seems to feel a bit guilty for it, even if she doesn’t regret everything, and decides to help Damon to free Katherine from the tomb; when it’s revealed she was never in there, Elena hugs Damon to comfort him.

Not even time to take a breath, an a new bump in their journey happens when Elena discovers Damon was the one that turned her biological mother into a vampire and is mad at him for a while.

Stefan being captured by the tomb’s vampires pushes Damon and Elena to work together to free him, the same with Stefan sudden lust for blood. While it doesn’t stop them from bickering and having arguments, this situation, the fact that they both cares a lot about Stefan, brings Damon and Elena closer: he finally opens up and trusts someone while she learns more about the brothers’ transition and how it wasn’t all on Damon’s she starts to realize there is much more behind the coldly mask that Damon wears.

Important in their journey is the Miss Mystic Falls’ dance they share when Damon saves her from the poor figure she risks to make since Stefan isn’t there to be her suitor. They dance together and it’s magical, it’s intimate, it’s beautiful… and in that moment Damon Salvatore realizes he may feel something for her, and that something is love.

While Stefan recovers from his ripper moment, the friendship between Elena and Damon is blossomed and they finally are at ease with each other, Elena is jokily annoyed by his smirks and jokes, while the sight of her can leave him breathless.

In the final episode, Damon’s life is put in danger by John Gilbert and Elena is genuinely worried about him and tries to save him with Stefan and Bonnie. Touched by act, Damon goes to the Gilbert’s house and thanks Elena for that, confiding to her that he’s shocked to find himself caring about Mystic Falls instead of hating it, implying that he changing and maybe because of her herself. After a sweet kiss on her cheek, Damon takes a chance and kisses her on the lips and she kisses him back. What Damon doesn’t know is that it’s not Elena the girl he’s kissing, but Katherine, coming back to the town.

“(Hate) sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one” - Katherine (2x01)

Season2 starts with a big bump in the road for Delena’s relationship, when Damon, rejected by Katherine and hurt by Elena’s words that even if she cares about him “it’s always gonna be Stefan”, impulsively kills Jeremy, snapping his neck. Fortunately Jeremy is wearing his ring and comes back from the dead, but the damage is done and Elena swears to hate Damon and, later, that he has lost her, her affection and her friendship forever.

Damon realizes his mistake and slowly tries to earn Elena’s forgiveness and friendship back, helping her with supernatural problems in Mystic Falls and protecting her from enemies, without however stopping calling out her bull**** and bickering with her.

Slowly Elena starts to forgive him and to be friend with him again, claiming she can still see “the Damon that was her friend” inside him. She’s by his side when Damon is dealing with the death of his new friend Rose, whom he had to stake before a werewolf’s bite leads her to craziness and death, and she sees emotions and feelings emerging from him, proving he’s not a cold-heart monster. She keeps pushing him to be “the better man” and Damon repays the trust protecting her and her friends even when it puts him himself in danger and growing wiser.

While he slowly earns Elena’s trust and friendship back, Damon’s romantic feelings toward her keep grow stronger and intense too; in order not to ruin his new-found relationship with his brother and with her, and thinking he himself doesn’t deserve Elena’s love anyway, Damon makes an amazing sacrifice, declaring his love to Elena and then compelling her to forget, so she won’t be turn and hurt by it, proving once again his unconditionally love for her.

The search of the moonstone and Rose’s and Katherine’s revelations lead the group to discover that not only the Sun and the Moon Curse implies the death of the human Petrova doppelganger, namely Elena, to break it, but also that Klaus, the most ancient vampire in the history of time, is coming after her. While Elena is willing to die to protect the people that she loves, knowing that Klaus would come after them, Damon tries everything he can to prevent her death, claiming that he’d let anyone else to die instead of her and that he’ll always choose her first.

A new bump in the road in their relationship happens when Damon, not willing to lose her when the ritual is approaching, impulsively feeds Elena with his blood, so she’ll be back as a vampire, but taking away the choice from her. Elena is mad at Damon again and when Stefan claims his brother did it because he loves her and can’t live without her, she says Damon doesn’t know what love really is, if he did such a terrible thing to her, but at the end of the day neither does she, she’s too young for that. Damon once again realizes his mistake too late and tries to fix everything, freeing Caroline and Tyler, who have been chosen to be sacrificed in the ritual, to earn one more month for Elena. While he’s doing so, Tyler starts to transition into a werewolf and bites Damon, who was protecting Caroline with his own body. Even if he’s dying because of the bite, Damon keeps fighting for Elena and to kill Klaus; when he reaches the site of the ritual, Elena is already dead and the only thing he can do is taking her away from there. Later Elena wakes up as human and Damon sighs in relief for both the things, but decides to keep from her the fact that he’s been bitten, because he doesn’t want her to suffer again for the loss of someone she knows.

When Elena discovers it, she’s shocked and desperate to lose him and stays by his side even if it’s a risk for her, since he can lose control and hurt her, still hoping Stefan will find a cure. On his deathbed, Damon tells Elena he loves her and that he wishes she would have met him in 1864, because perhaps she would have liked him. She tells him that she likes him now, just the way he is, that she forgives him and she seals her words with a sweet kiss. At the last minute, Katherine appears with the cure and news that Stefan had to go with Klaus to have it.

“It’s right, just not right now” - Damon to Elena (3x11)

During season 3, Elena and Damon’s relationship grows closer and begins to take off to a whole new level. They spend the entire summer teaming up to find and save Stefan from Klaus and, no matter the fails, none of them is willing to give up.

At the same time, Damon is always trying to cheer Elena up with jokes and embarrassing moments and to make sure she’s ok: on the night of her 18th birthday, he gives her a special present, the beloved necklace Stefan gave her, proving once again how much he cares for her and his brother. Later that night, Elena discovers that Damon has kept some news from her, to prevent her to discover that Ripper!Stefan may be back, and has an argument with him; still, the next day they’re together on a mission with Alaric to find Stefan on the Smoky Mountains and when she realizes Damon is risking to be bitten by a werewolf again, Elena gives up on the search of Stefan, to protect Damon.

Among arguments and bickers, Damon’s there for her when Stefan dumped her in Chicago and when Klaus’ compulsion forced him to bite her; Damon arrives too late and finds Elena in the hospital but she sighs in relief seeing him. Later Damon promises her he’ll never leave her again. They team up once again against Ripper!Stefan and to kill Klaus with the help of Mikael. When they fail apparently because of Stefan, Damon lashes out, frustrated to have failed again, but Elena reassures him they’ll survive this because they always do when they’re together.

When Stefan steals Klaus’ coffins unleashing his revengeful side, Elena and Damon try to protect Jeremy, like a family, sending him away for his own sake. Later Elena thanks Damon to have been always there for her, because she doesn’t know what she’s do without him; Damon doesn’t take advantage of that, but reveals Elena that Stefan did what he did to protect him and that he was hoping he didn’t have to feel guilty anymore to love Elena. He kisses her and she kisses him back, but later Elena tells him she cannot do it again and he reassure her that it’s right for them to have feelings for each other, only it’s not the right time.

A first bump in the road happens at the Mikealson ball, when they have a disagreement about Elena meeting Esther and Elena lashes out saying Damon’s love for her may be a problem. She regrets immediately her words, but the damage is done and she sees Damon being hurt by those words. Later Damon sleeps with Rebekah, who has just tried to kill Elena, and this frustrated Elena very much. Their relationship seems to go few steps back for this and because Damon shows no regret to have turned Bonnie’s mum into a vampire to save Elena.

In the middle of everything, Elena decides to bring Jeremy back to Mystic Falls to keep an eye on him and because they need his help to contact Rose’s ghost and discover something about the brothers and Caroline’s bloodline. Damon accompanies her and they seem to finally grow close again when Elena has a new proof of Damon’s good heart after he reveals how he softened Rose’s death. While they lay together in bed, Elena asks him why he doesn’t let people see the good in him, and he says he doesn’t want to live by anyone's standard. He then reaches for caressing her hand, leaving her overwhelmed and breathless. Elena scurries out of the motel room to the balcony, Damon follows her and she kisses him passionately, finally letting herself free to show her feelings. Still, later, when Damon asks her if she has feelings for him, Elena says she doesn’t know for sure and that she’s scared by his continuous lashing out. Damon replies coldly he isn't going to help her anymore with her feelings, and that she now has to sort it out herself.

Their relationship seems to be at loggerheads again, even because Elena invites Stefan to the decade dance. In the finale episode, scaring he may die, Elena calls Damon to see if he’s ok and when he asks her to choose between him and his brother, she tells him that no matter what she feels for him, she never unfell from Stefan, and that she has to let him go. Refusing to believe he’s going to die, Elena tells Damon she’s going to see him soon and Damon agrees, not telling her that Rick’s evil vampire alter-ego is right in front of him, ready to kill him. While he’s fighting with Rick, Damon reminisces about the past, revealing that it was he who met Elena first and how they instantly had a connection. This memory gives him strength to fight back. In the meantime Rebekah made Matt’s struck, with Elena on board, go off the Wickery Bridge. Struggling to free herself underwater, Elena sees Stefan coming at her rescue, but silently begs him to save Matt instead. Suddenly Rick drops dead in Damon’s arms and Damon knows that it can mean only one thing: Elena, whose life was linked to Alaric’s, is dead too. What none knows is that Dr. Fell gave Elena Damon’s blood to heal her from cerebral haemorrhage; in the morgue, Elena comes back to life, as a vampire in transition.

“In death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive” - Elena to Damon (4x23)

Season 4 witnesses the transition of Elena into a vampire and her struggle with her new nature. After her choice at the end of season3, Damon is ready to honour the promise he made to Stefan and leave town. Instead, he stays and helps Elena to deal with vampirism, showing once again his unconditional and deep love for her. Along the first episodes, Damon appears as the person Elena trusts the most with her problems: she asks for his help, she listens to him, she admits he is the one who understands her the most, even if they don’t always agree on everything and she’s reluctant to follow all his methods. On the other side, Damon tries to convince her to live as a vampire, not shutting down her instincts, but embracing her new nature in order to learn to control the bloodlust and the heightened emotions. With Damon by her side, Elena shows her most rebel and wild nature, the one she always hides with other people, afraid of their judgment; while Stefan, Jeremy and the others show more or less openly that they don’t like the “new” Elena and that they want to fix her with the mysterious vampirism’s cure, Damon reassures her he never saw her more alive, making her feel loved, understood, appreciated. Elena’s relationship with Stefan keeps growing more distant every day, while the one with Damon closer, until the letter saves her from a tentative of suicide caused by hallucinations, throwing both of them in water, off the Wickery Bridge. Elena wakes up the next day refreshed and finally realize she can’t deny her feelings toward Damon anymore, so she and Stefan break up. The next day, Elena shyly admits to a surprised Damon he’s the reason of the break up, and at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant they share intense glares, remembering the time they danced together at the same party. The same day, Elena has to transfer to the Boarding House since Jeremy, now a vampire hunter, wants to kill her. That night Damon and Elena shares a slow, romantic dance, then kiss passionately and finally make love to each other.

The next day starts with Damon and Elena happy to finally be together, but Stefan brings news that destroy that happiness in a moment: Damon’s blood turned Elena and so she may be sired to him, her feelings may not be real, but only to please her sire. Damon is whacked and goes to New Orleans to discover that the link between vampires is formed out of love and in order to break it, the sire has to tell the other vampire to forget about them and move on with their life. During a fight, Caroline informs Elena of the sire bond but Elena refuses later to let go on Damon, claiming she knows her feelings are real, the SB doesn’t affect them. It starts an odyssey for Damon and Elena where he’s eaten by doubts and decides to let her go, still without ordering her to forget about it, while she keeps claim she loves him and finally says it out loud. During the search of the vampirism cure on a mysterious island, Elena asks Damon to take the cure with her and grow old together, but he refuses, saying he consider human life the most miserable thing in the world. Later Jeremy is killed by Silas and Katherine and Elena is destroyed by it. Damon order her to switch off her emotions, Elena does it and later burns her house down.

Elena without emotions is ruthless and uncaring, only Damon, in the beginning, seems to be in her gray-area. But after a trip in New York, Elena felt betrayed by Damon too who, on the other side, is tying even more hard to find the cure to turn her into a human again and make her emotions switch back on, since the sirebond seems not to have any control on her anymore.

After some failing attempts, and with the help of Matt, Damon triggers Elena’s humanity and her emotions are back, along with the suffer for Jeremy’s death and the hatred toward Katherine whom Elena decides to focus on, realising later it’s not enough.

In the final episode, Damon is wounded by a bulled filled with werewolf venom and risks to die; Elena, who previously refused the cure since the vampire hunters had treated to kill everyone if they hadn’t got it, proving the sire bond is broken at the same time, proposes Damon to take it, but he refuses, later earning a slap from her, scared to lose him. At the end of the episode, Damon and Elena share a passionate and intense declaration where he says he’d rather die than be human and be with her only for few years before dying and that he’s not sorry for that. Elena replies she’s not sorry either, to have met him, that knowing him has made her question everything, that in death he’s the only one who made her feel alive. Maybe this will be her worst choice according to the world’s morality, but she’s not sorry she’s in love with you; and finally they share another passionate kiss in front of the fireplace.

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"For three seasons, we've watched him try to prove himself to her. (…) Now, it's time for the tables to turn, and for Elena to convince him that they should be together and that her feelings for him are true" – C. McKenzie

Damon & Elena are amazing.
They have everything; love, angst, humor, fun, hotness.
They are the IT couple.
The couple you root for.
The couple that has to be endgame. It wasn't love at first sight, not at all.
They are so carefully developed over time, no rush.
Elena started off not knowing what to think of him, then she hated him, then slowly starting to trust him again,
they became friends and eventually that lead to the relationship they are in right now.
He loves her so much, she finally acknowledged that she loves him too.
They understand and know each other better then anyone.
So much chemistry between DE, which isn't possible if the actor and actress didn't have so much chemistry together.
Ian & Nina are both amazing in their roles.
They are just undeniable.
DE are boyfriend and girlfriend now, yes they have many issues to overcome but they will do it together.
They survive, they always will.
Loes ~ (loezzzje)


"This is our time. It's never been right before but it is right now"

"That's how much I know this is real. That's how certain I am that I'm going to love you even
after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together. Grow old together"

Rupert Appreciation #53 ~ He's a Cutie

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