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Kevin on Whitney

"It's very easy to fall in love with Whitney."

"I remember looking at Whitney and I said, "Oh man, this girl, really. She just really has it."

"This is not race. This is just about good, old-fashioned chemistry...boy-girl stuff."

“At her essence, Whitney was a really good person."

"I promised her two things -- that I would be right there with her, and she would not be bad."

"Whitney and I had a lot in common."

"A lot of leading men could have played my part, a lot of guys could have filled that role."

"But you Whitney, I truly believe, were the only one who could have played Rachel Marron
at that time."

“Whitney, if you could hear me now I would tell you, you weren't just good enough,
you were great."

"People didn't just like you, Whitney, they loved you."

“I urge us all...to dry our tears, suspend our sorrow and perhaps our anger just long enough,
to remember the sweet miracle of Whitney"..."Sing your hearts out,
knowing that there is an angel in Heaven making God Himself wonder
how He made something so perfect."

"Off you go Whitney, off you go. Escorted by an army of angels to your Heavenly Father,
when you sing before Him, don't you worry you'll be good enough."

"That was big. It was like a...kind of a score to our life together a little bit...
People were suffering, the people closest to her were truly, truly suffering, and that song kind of...
it did kind of bring everything back together, but it was an absolute goodbye."

"A couple of times over the years I called radio stations that were on her pretty hard,
asking the deejay to look at it in a different light. And at a couple of critical moments in her life,
I was asked by a close friend to write her a letter. And I did. I don’t know if she ever read them."

"I was writing [my eulogy] on the plane, in the limo, in bed. It was important.
When I first walked into that church, it was electric, man."

"I started [speaking] with the idea that sometimes
what you think life will be it won't be at all,
and about what was real between Whitney and me,
what we talked about being in church when we were little,
both getting in trouble, about our not wanting to be preachers...
I wanted to impart a bit of the Whitney that I knew,
and maybe people could think about her in a different way."

"I think about Whitney a little bit the way I think about the Kennedys.
I know there’s trouble, but I choose to think about a lot of other stuff.
The trouble is as real as the achievement, but it does not tarnish it."

"You don't do that for everybody. And it was a pretty seminal moment for Whitney."
"I took Whitney in my arms and kissed her, not as a black woman but as a beautiful woman.
That’s how I saw her."

"She was a very important person to me and the world has connected us
in a way that we'll never not be."

"I chose Whitney because she's a beautiful woman and a superstar singer"

"If I Was Her Bodyguard, She would still be with us."

"It was easy for us to laugh. "

Whitney on Kevin

"It was really nice, really a joy to work with Kevin,
and it had a lot to do with his personality.
He is down-to-earth; he doesn't trip. He's into his work.
And he's very kind, he's effective and he's considerate."

"That was more exciting for me than the actual idea that he is this hunk
Kevin Costner. Yes, he's a hunk and he's sexy.
We all know that, but that's not what I was looking for."

"We kind of made a deal. He loves to sing, he loves music.
Okay, Kevin -- I'll help you with your singing if you help me with the acting."

"He was kind enough, and gracious enough, to ensure that I was comfortable,
being that it was my first film, he understood that, and he knows what it can be like
to be doing your first film so he was really kind and very... very kind!"

"How do I know I can act? I've never done it before!
But Kevin said, “You can do it, I know you can do it, I just know you can."
I was like, “This man has more faith in me than I have faith in myself."
Oh, he was a tremendous help...I mean, he made me feel so comfortable about acting,
and he made it look and seem so easy, you know,
and little bits and pieces he gave me helped me so much.
Kevin was so great."

"What is Kevin Costner really like? Well, I can tell you this - I was blessed.
Kevin cares...Kevin really cares."
"If I have one friend in Hollywood, it's Kevin."
"He really took me by the hand, and I think I did pretty damn good."


"I kissed her once for everybody in America
I kissed her once for myself..."

Made By whitneyehouston

"She wasn't just pretty, she was as beautiful
as a woman could be."

The Comments...The Best Of & Unique

They belonged together. In the film and in real life. I sensed that they would have had a richer life together and that NO ONE would have been able to use her or take advantage of her. Whitney is surely beautiful as a person and physically and I believe that Kevin would not have strayed being married to her (but for America and Hollywood) they were not ready for these two to be in an authentic relationship or marriage. Kevin and Whitney would have shared more of a joy and appreciation together as a couple and Whitney would not have felt insecure about anything with Kevin and Kevin would have become more and enriched as a result. I have always believed that who we are married to either makes us a better person or drags us down. They would have encouraged each other and both would have been stronger together as a married and in love couple. The company that Whitney kept may have even depressed her after being with Kevin and in needing a better person like Kevin. She would be alive today but for the hindrances of life and he would have been a strong shoulder to watch over her as well.


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"I have my own personal history with Whitney."

"This is the kind of thing that I maybe tell a very few people...
but not a million. She's the one though."

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"We kind of made a deal. He loves to sing, he loves music.
Okay, Kevin -- I'll help you with your singing if you help me with the acting."

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"There's an abundance of talent within this woman...
It's a gift...God's gift to her."

"There's a gentleness about her..."

"She was just a true beauty and such a musical instrument...
and I really wanted her."

"Whitney just had that thing...
She was exotic."

"She's not just a world class beauty but she's a
world class woman.
So there's not a guy out there..."

"If I have one friend in Hollywood, it's Kevin."


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F uture T itles

They Had A Secret Love And Eternal Bond
He Gets So Emotional Every Time He Thinks of Her
They Were Meant To Be
She Was His Brown Sugar
They Were A Perfect Match
Whitney Is The Only One Who Gets All The LOVE
They Were The True Definition Of Soulmates
She Is The One That Got Away
They Knew The Formula For Discreet And How To Get Their love Across
She Is The Apple Of His Eyes
They Are Endgame
Whitney Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Him
They Completed Each Other
He Only Has Eyes For Her
They Will Be Connected Forever
They Had Each Other's Hearts
She Was The Love of His Life
An Endless Love

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Kevin's Eulogy To His One True Love Whitney

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