The Debutantes (Summer|Rachel) #251 ~ Whether it be Summer, Zoe, or Sam... we love all of Rachel's characters!

Rachel Bilson & Summer Roberts
A p p r e c i a t i o n

by Mernie

Rachel quote of the moment
Other than acting, ... expressing myself creatively through my wardrobe is my favorite thing to do.”

Summer quote of the moment
“It's like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining,”

by In Fair Verona

by Mernie

The Debutantes

1. beautifulgarbage (Rachel)
2. Rain Sierra
3. Jer][choGirl (Roxie)
4. Lovesbitch
5. *reza*
6. ^cloud^
7. *Ledi*
8. In Fair Verona (Sibby)
9. material girl (Amanda)
10. Hot like Fire (Kristen)
11. spazzie (Aisha)
12. Theocangel (Tiffany)
13. DashboardC Luver
14. Kawaii_Jay
15. Ice Queen follower (Cordy)
16. kim9duck
17. Sarah R (Sarah)
18. -diana- (Diana)
19. Rock Chickie (Leigh)
20. SATiNribbon (Cathy)
21. BrendaBarrett (Alicia)
22. YingYang07 (Sam)
23. AlwaysADreamer (Ali)
24. PiPaS (Ana)
25. lil_angel1989
26. crazy4TheCalling (Mandy)
27. BeachBabe101 (Karlee)
28. dixieland_dreamer
29. * Diane *
30. Atti's Angel (Shelly)
31. TinySweetHeart (Heather)
32. rOsWeLlBABY
33. Bookish Hermione (Mandy)
34. * Kay *
35. haydensgirl (Jess)
36. Andrea D
37. crazymike4 (Mike)
38. Less Than Perfect (Holden)
39. retro (Katie)
40. CanonsAreWorthless (Aleah)
41. Shawdie
42. Lyndsi
43. BBallinGurl31 (Lauren)
44. joozerkid88 (Angelica)
45. Peter's Lost Girl
46. *Ciera Rochelle* (Ciera)
47. Princess OC
48. EmmyMcBitchy (Emily)
49. BeachBum12 (Ashley)
50. MARIAROCKS000 (Alex)
51. MissShannon (Shannon)
52. BlushingAmbition (Vero)
53. Princess OC (Chrissy)
54. TheCrow
55. candyangelgal
56. Tragedy Tay (Tay)
57. PhAt PiGGyE
58. emrie
59. Annariverly
60. Anica
61. ayoitsqian
62. *CherryCoke*
63. Semmer (Heather)
64. -EM-
65. Sweet x Catastrophe
66. QueenBitch (Aly)
67. 01Bee
68. ~*LA.Angel*~
69. *Rachel Bilson's #1 Fan*
70. *R-Drey* (Audrey)
71. Lady Dragonair
72. Summer Roberts
73. starry812
74. Natz
75. A Buffy & Spike Dreamer (Lily)
76. lilchicklit1
77. -.cathy.- (Cathy)
78. silver_lined_cloud (Lulu)
79. evening_twilight (Cassy)
80. Semmer Fan
81. Sindaanca
82. JacquiJack (Jacqui)
83. -Kat-
84. Patinha
85. Are You Happy Now? (Shinie)
86. ~Catrina~
87. lilmnx04
88. sunshine_angel
89. MrsJamesLafferty
90. MarstersAngel
91. Callalily
92. XoCmMoX
93. chadfan
94. True Daisy lover4ever
95. tru-calling4eva
96. Summerth4ever
97. eatyourgreens
98. Mernie
99. rachel_19
100. coleyoo (Nicole)
101. ScorpioGrl
102. donnaxoxo
103. ashley23
104. Swedishblonde
105. Enodia (Karolyna)
106. jeytonleytonfan
107. Javababe (Sam)
108. ...SNAP... (Claire)
109. veronica_echolls
110. sethandsummerforever (Amy)
111. Avacado
112. ^coops^ (McKenzie)
113. Magnesium Ribbon (Erica)
114. rich10
115. bilsonbrodyfan
116. octobersmoke
117. JTMannyan1
118. Crazed_Fan
119. Shameless Mind (Harlee)
120. cdgeiger (Chelsea)
121. lightofshadows (Leanna)
122. Sweet_Honeycomb
123. >>Val_haydenlover26<<
124. Summer#717
125. _indelible
126. onepapergirl
127. piscesgirl389
128. rorygirl
129. your_konstantine
130. Stefigus (Stef)
131. =A/R=
132. BreathofJasmine
133. Serene_Ray
134. i~luv~adchel
135. IriSka
136. dayblazes
137. *Drea*
138. lolagirl
139. gilm0regirl01x
140. MeganMila
141. Teetsy (Tara)
142. *ela
143. cociOC
144. Canadianchick_115
145. She Screams In Silence
146. sethcohen
147. RA4Evah
148. Caroline DR
149. Cosmic Love (Stef)
150. O1adchel4me
151. Drama_Diva1
152. j3ssiicaa
153. tooty
154: ~*Yuki*~
155. Jackie85
156. BeaSugarman
157. -cuckoo bananas-
158. our_memories
159. littlemsvixen
160. hjj48jc42
161. Katydid0389
162. jojo3
163. Danetta
164. Sarah2000
165. ocfan1021nj (Sara)
166. Honest_Mistake (Amber)
167. birthdaygirl (Jessica)
168. Dr.Jen
169. rachel180691
170. alwaysbeenyou
171. Broony
172. dancing shoes (Terri)
173. Lovely Lauren (Suz)
174. RySummLove
175. PrincessRachel13 (Jess)
176. Elyx
177. trouble sleeping
178. Brunette-beats-all-sucka (Kristen)
179. valagen
180. Riley*
181. Mia_R
182. GracesAngel
183. AllKindsOfTime
184. Ella_Ocean (Ella)
185. Rachael_Sue
186. Centerfinn
187. flavy
188. XOPrincessSummXO
189. Sethummeraholic
190. notpictured
191. "You'reMyLittleSnowAngel"
192. cecilialouise
193. totally_0bsessed
194. ~anni~
195. Teen Vogue
196. K.Corinne
197. Insanitic
198. xJibertyx
199. RachelRoberts
200. SexyBrucas
201. Suddenly Enlightened
202. LooBitteTundiLoo
203. zfehrian
204. MissPandora
205. x.VOGUE
206. ThePrettySophia
207. CrazyForYou
208. naturellebella
209. forever young
210. Lawrahhh
211. How Cute Is She (Rachel)
212. SuperstarJANE
213. crashintoyou
214. Dreamer~Candy4eva
215. Cassie.
216. ~IcePrincess~
217. x-love-adam-brody-x
218. shalea3
219. ChuckFan
220. theocrocks863
221. tv-fan189
222. Fairy*
223. Lisa2011
224. Sweetgirl465
225. silver reflection
226. Kelly_Dylan
227. martha(brucas&jeyton)
228. imaginary light
229. Natasja1982
230. bumbleDEE
231. BreanBamonFan
232. iheartTV
233. slicknickshady
234. ManhattanBabe
235. maverick721
236. grahad8
237. RM&SSforever
238. youretheonlydrugineed
239. ant31
240. HaleyJamesFan
241. NewOCFan
242. McQueenFanGirl
243. beachbum314
244. Sara Caffrey
245. BearDogg-X
246. Always_Choose_You
247. DuVe2LoVe
248. sourburst

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Why we love

1. Because she says ewww.
2. Because she said Oh muh God to Sandy.
3. Because she's on the case.
4. Because she suffers from rage blackouts.
5. Because she's a fan of The Golden Girls. She even sang the theme song!
6. Because she's Blanche!
7. Because it's kinda weird that she identifies with a 70 year old women.
8. Because she won't be anyone's sloppy seconds!
9. Because she's undeniable.
10. Because she has become everyone's favorite.
11. Because she's a great best friend to Marissa.
12. Because she hated that mean squirrel.
13. Because she wishes she was a mermaid.
14. Because she is a candy striper.
15. Because she has read Madame Bovary 5 times.
16. Because deep inside, Summer is a real sweetie.
17. Because she hits everyone...and it's so cute.
18. Because she's obsessed with The Valley.
19. Because The Nana likes her.
20. Because she out-jewed Seth.
21. Because Grady Bridges is a fan of hers.
22. Because lets face it, Summer is hysterical!
23. Because "she is the show's second most reliable source of one-liners."
24. Because she is the cutest fangirl EVER!
25. Because she is the Princess Sparkle to Seth's Captian Oats.
26. Because she thinks old people are soo cute!
27. Because she knows how to handle those power tools.
28. Because she's a slave driver.
29. Because Hello Sunshine.
30. Because she's a stud finder.
31. Because she can probably kick your ass.
32. Because she told Coop to giddy-up.
33. Because she told the girls to go work another corner.
34. Because she likes crust.
35. Because you just want to hug her when she sees Anna kiss Seth in “The Heights”
36. Because she is Wonderwomen.
37. Because she looks cute eating carrots.
38. Because we love jealous Summer in “The Links”
39. Because she had crazy sex hair in “The Telenovela”
40. Because she is “The Boobs”
41. Because she is vibrating at a high frequency.
42. Because she is one of Captain Oat’s friends.
43. Because she doesn’t cry over bitches on boats.
44. Because she said “Break me off a piece of that!”
45. Because “Do not honk at DJ his HOT”
46. Because “Well he can park his truck in my driveway anytime.”
47. Because she loves saying “Hot”
48. Because she said “And suddenly, there was a hot, hot yard-guy, in the yard and he was hot!”
49. Because she is a fan of “The Walkmen”
51. Because she gives good relationship advice
52. Because she's so cute when she gets all festive
53. Because she's an expert Christmas Tree picker-er
54. Because she refused to let Chrismukkah be cancelled
55. Because she's our Chrismukkah miracle
56. Because she saved Chrismukkah
57. Because she said "You smell like Marissa!"
58. Because she loves surprises especially if they're named Jimmy Choo.
59. Because she's Little Miss Vixen.
60. Because she has a lot of attitude.
61. Because she said, "Well, the boobs are a little big, I mean, well aren't they?"
62. Because she wants "boob approval."
63. Because rage blackouts are apart of her superpowers.
64. Because she is "Oh my God" in her superhero costume.
65. Because she doesn't want "junk in the trunk."
66. Because she made Princess Sparkle a cape.
67. Because she still gets "flustered by a bobbled headed geek in 27 jeans."
68. Because only she could make that yellow dress look even a little bit good.
69. Because she left Zach at the airport.
70. Because only she could look that good wet.
71. Because she was supportive of Marissa' relationship with Alex
72. Because she's like a Marine, she won't leave any man behind.
73. Because she's so cute.
74. Because she might breakout.
75. Because being trapped in a department store is her ultimate fantasy.
76. Because she's not a monster.
77. Because "pinky swear."
78. Because she says "asshat."
79. Because she's having a 'panic spiral.'
80. Because she sold her shoe for charity.
81. Because she has a Word of the Day calendar.
82. Because she'll pretend to be on coke for her friend.
83. Because she said "Ganga."
84. Because she thinks the Bait Shop is visual.
85. Because she thinks pink gerbera daisies are sweet, when they are from Seth, of course.
86. Because she thinks Seth should be at the Death Cab concert, WITH HER!
87. Because she we love when she dresses up in costumes of comic book characters.
88. Because "nice whip."
89. Because she's wanted to go to prom her whole life.
90. Because she's our prom Queen.
91. Because even though she's Queen, she loves the Jester.
92. Because she thought Capital Oats might need some company.
93. Because “The Bitch” is back.
94. Because she has natural god given rage, and we love it.
95. Because she took down Taylor Townsend.
96. Because she can handle tools like no other.
97. Because she’s Seth’s little Social Chair maiden.
98. Because US Weekly is her bible.
99. Because she wants to give Taylor a side kick.
100. Because she thinks college fairs are like shopping.
101. Because she does the cutest parrot impersonation we’ve ever seen.
102. Because she has “a huge mouth and an even bigger buddy list.”
103. Because she’s already dating a dork.
104. Because she knows the “Bring It On” cheerleader song off by heart.
105. Because she spent all night worrying about her and Seth being separated for college.
106. Because she may be Taylor’s friend, but she won’t have a Kieslowski's Decalogue sleepover marathon with her.
107. Because she’s Seth’s little snow angel.
108. Because she got a 2300 on the SAT.
109. Because she’s got “aptitude”.
110. Because she knows a thing about working a room.
111. Because she used to play the tuba.
112. Because she’s the cutest band!geek ever.
113. Because even Seth thinks she’s funnier than him sometimes.
114. Because have you seen her pyjamas? Sooo cute!
115. Because she picks out Chrismukkah trees like no other.
116. Because Chrismukkah miracles is what she does.
117. Because she was born to usher.
118. Because she can read lips.
119. Because she’d like to think of Taylor as her sister too.
120. Because she’s the master of the thank you note.
121. Because she’s on a first name basis with the college interviewer.
122. Because Seth rocks her world.
123. Because she wore the thong for Seth.
124. Because “you don’t choose the choose, the choose choose you.”
125. Because she listens to her own voice.
126. Because it’s so cute that she giggles when making out with Seth.
127. Because “I’ll wheelbarrow you!”
128. Because she has the cutest giggle.
129. Because she’s a regular Veronica Mars.
130. Because her aura is green.
131. Because she got into Brown.
132. Because she’s already found the person she wants to be with forever.
133. Because she’s only gotten hotter since “The Heartbreak.”
134. Because Seth isn’t the only one who physically incapable to walking away from her, we are too.
135. Because she loves Seth so much that she re-enacted Seth’s coffeecart grand gesture.
136. Because she breaks our hearts.
137. Because “you guys, what is a jihad?”
138. Because we missed drunk!Summer.
139. Because she's been our prom Queen two years running.
140. Because Taylor thinks she might be pregnant.
141. Because she wants to learn to cook for Seth.
142. Because Seth gave her an engagement ring that glows in the dark.
143. Because she "wanted" to get married in Vegas.
144. Because she wants Seth to watch Pancakes.
145. Because Pancakes is her son and very important to her.

1. Because she's a self-proclaimed goober.
2. Because she's aware of her sex appeal, and she knows how to use it.
3. Because she kicks ass!
4. Because she thinks it's fun to be a bitch!
5. Because she's a nice girl.
6. Because she's been in that crazy triangle before!
7. Because she already has a plan to get Ben back for mortifying her!
8. Because she's Miss Positive!
9. Because she's easy-going.
10. Because she likes the bad-boy image, but she loves the funny guy.
11. Because her style's a cross between modern and eclectic.
12. Because she's a Clippers fan.
13. Because her favorite album ever is Jeff Buckley's Grace.
14. Because she said, "Sometimes when Summer is mean, I wanna hug the person I'm working with and say, 'It's not me, it's her!'"
15. Because she said, "You've got to use you're celebrity for good stuff, not evil."
16. Because she thinks ". . . it's lame when people act as if they're better than everyone!"
17. Because Adam thinks "she's so sweet, and so funny, and nice."
18. Because she has the cutest laugh.
19. Because she isn't afraid to admit she loves Britney
20. Because her fave characters are Seth and Kirsten.
21. Because she's adorable even when she swears!
22. Because she loves Taco Bell.
23. Because she would never get fake boobs.
24. Because she hates pimples and working out!
25. Because she was in a Subway commercial.
26. Because we love the way she always sits with her legs crossed.
27. Because she's special, even Kristin Veitch said so!
28. Because She loves lying in bad, watching old movies and going out to watch bands with her friends.
29. Because we love the quote she goes by (from her Mum) "It's none of my business what other people think of me."
30. Because she likes to masquerade in "Men's underwear and wifebeaters."
31. Because she was so cute in her Ellen interview.
32. Because this is so sweet: "I really do believe that if someone tries hard enough, they can get what they want. If you put all your effort towards something, you're going to be rewarded. The trick is to not give up. If you don't, anything can happen."
33. Because we love how she can’t play golf.
34. Because she was like "Holy....beep!"
35. Because she was damn good in "Unbroken"
36. Because she was so cute speaking to the Furby.
37. Because she said the lyrics, "If you want to be my lover you gotta get with my friends?" is not how it works.
38. Because she dances with her Britney life size cutout.
39. Because she said the book that is by her night stand is "Probably, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss...No it's not".
40. Because she called Ben a "white-bread" boy.
41. Because she doesn't have the heart to be mean to anyone
42. Because she said girls shouldn't get caught up in the Hollywood crap about models and actresses and how thin you have to be.
43. Because she thinks it's important to enjoy food and enjoy life.
44. Because "you only live once and food's great!"
45. Because she thinks it's important to try and make a difference with the small amount of celebrity she has.
46. Because she thinks grading systems can be unfair and were discouraging at times.
47. Because she has an older brother and she's tough.
48. Because she likes to be different, original, independent.
49. Because she wants to find a charity or somehow donate money to help research Lou Gehrig's disease.
50. Because she loooves puppies.
51. Because her friends say she has ADD but it's endearing and cute.
52. Because she had "wannabe-chola" days.
53. Because Josh says that she got the part (of Summer) because of her ability to say the line "I gotta pee".
54. Because they "kept giving her more to do, and she kept nailing it. She's great."
55. Because she doesn't like to get pushed around.
56. Because she says that relationships are a sacred thing.
57. Because she's so excited about shooting a movie, she's ready to burst. And guess what? She has one! "The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff.
58. Because she helped a boy achieve his dream through Make a Wish Foundation.
59. Because she's helping the Komen Breast Cancer Fondation by donating a signed photo.
60. Because she's finally getting the recognition she deserves
61. Because we would loooove to hear her sing again
61. Because casual!Rach is just as hot as dressedup!Rach
62. Because she's nominated for a TCA!
63. Because she's knocking out everyone with her good looks
64. Because she's impossible not to love (Zach Braff)
65. Because "my best friend Lea and I always harmonize. We'll sing songs from every musical. It doesn't get any nerdier than that"
66. Because "what's the key to being beautiful? Being happy. It's as simple as that."
67. Because Penny is 50 pounds, "so she walks me".
68. Because Adam said "she is super excited" about her first movie.

Contributed by Jess (haydensgirl), neko_chan and Holden (Less Than Perfect). If you come up with any, let me know and I'll add it.


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