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Michael Guerin is in many ways the most complex character on "Roswell," and the most driven as well.
Unlike Max and Isabel, he has grown up in a very unhappy environment, being bounced around from
various foster homes with neglectful caretakers who have given him no support or encouragement.
He lived in a trailer park with his latest foster dad, Hank, who was a mean and abusive drunk. As a result,
Michael has become a complete outsider, coming close to flunking out of school despite his hidden brilliance,
and trusting no one but Max and Isabel. He has become obsessed with finding out the truth about his origins
as a means to escape the world that he has come to despise, and he often acts in an impetuous way to achieve
this goal. Michael is also the most emotional of the alien trio, and the one most likely to act on his feelings.
Michael has the least amount of control of his powers, due to his insecurity and inability to control his emotions.

Maria DeLuca is one of the most delightful characters on Roswell, for a variety of reasons.
Maria brings some much-needed comic relief to the show, as her sarcastic humor and
high-strung tendencies lighten up the often-somber mood of the show. Maria is a
wonderfully loyal friend to Liz, and their friendship on the show is very touching and
very true to life. Maria's mother Amy DeLuca (Diane Farr) is a hippie New Age person
who had Maria when she was young, and Maria's father left them when Maria was a child.
Liz is like a sister to her. Maria is very nervous and her excitable nature has only been
increased by the revelation that three of her schoolmates are aliens. Maria also is kind and
compassionate, as she demonstrated when she chose not to tell Sheriff Valenti the truth
about Max, Michael, and Isabel or later when she helped the Skin girl Courtney when she
was sick, even though she saw Courtney as a rival for Michael's affection.

["The minute we put Michael and Maria together in a car in [the episode] '285 South',
we knew we had to move forward with that relationship.
It was definitely our plan to do that,
but seeing that natural, electric kind of rapport they had with each other,
we moved it ahead faster."
- Jason Katims,, 2000 ]

[ "Michael and Maria, which I thought was one of the sexiest, hottest couples on TV, literally.
We could roll that camera and these guys would get so into it,
that I would forget to yell cut...
You talk about connect, a chemistry, wherever they're from, it came out."
- David Nutter, DVD Season 1, the bonus. ]

["That to me, is an excitement and joy you get from writing for TV that you don't get everywhere. ...
The Maria-Michael relationship is the most clear example.
It's really fun watching Majandra [Delfino, who plays Maria,] and Brendan [Fehr, who plays Michael,]...
The way they relate to each other has all this great humor in it, and it's so charming.
It's something that we feel when we're writing it; we feel excited about it, as there's such great chemistry between them."
- Jason Katims, Science Fiction Weekly Interview ]

["The minute something happens to Michael,
Maria steps up and becomes the caregiver,
and is just so straight about what she has to do, how she has to help him because her feelings for him just came out…
Maria the flaky one is now the tower of strength… Maria was right there for Michael…
Michael and Maria belong together."
- Thania St John, DVD commentary, episode The balance ]

["Michael's feelings are in too deep to carry through with this destiny…
I have a feeling they are not going to, because the whole moral of the story is
do you choose your destiny or is your destiny what is in your heart."
- Majandra Delfino, ]

["The idea of writing the scenes between Maria and Michael, where they're so alive and have such a great sense of humor between them, is also great."
- Jason Katims, Science Fiction Weekly Interview ]

["They're all illogical and torturous and wonderful and hard to define." - Jason Katims, the WB session with JK, 2000 ]


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