Marvel Ultimate Alliance [Walkthrough]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

                       .  ..__..__ .  ..___.   
                          |/|[__][__)  /[__ |   
                          |  ||  ||   / [___|___
            _    _ _   _______ _____ __  __       _______ ______ 
           | |  | | | |__   __|_   _|  /  |   /|__   __|  ____|
           | |  | | |    | |    | | |   / |  /    | |  | |__   
           | |  | | |    | |    | | | |/| | / /  | |  |  __|  
           | |__| | |____| |   _| |_| |  | |/ ____ | |  | |____ 
            \____/|______|_|  |_____|_|  |_/_/    \_\_|  |______|
                  _      _      _____          _   _  _____ ______ 
            /   | |    | |    |_   _|   /   |  | |/ ____|  ____|
           /    | |    | |      | |    /    |  | | |    | |__   
          / /  | |    | |      | |   / /  | . ` | |    |  __|  
         / ____ | |____| |____ _| |_ / ____ | |  | |____| |____ 
        /_/    \_\______|______|_____/_/    \_\_| \_|\_____|______|
                        FAQ/WALKTHROUGH (PC Version)
                              v1.02 2006-11-15
               Copyright 2006 by Barry Scott "PapaGamer" Will
A premium version of this guide is available. See
for more information.

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MUA                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                            MUA
                  Basic Gameplay..........................1.02
                  Act I
                     Helicarrier Hoedown..................2.01
                     Omega Base Are Belong to Us..........2.02
                     Attuma Numa Yay......................2.03
                     Duck a"la Mandarin...................2.04
                  Act II
                     Handbasket Express...................2.06
                  Act III
                     Bridge Over Frozen Waters............2.07
                     Frosty the Snow Giant................2.09
                  Act IV
                     Free as a Deathbird..................2.10
                     Planet Eaters Anonymous..............2.11
                  Act V
                     The Doom Song........................2.12
               Trivia Game
                  Act I...................................3.01
                  Act II..................................3.02
                  Act III.................................3.03
                  Act IV..................................3.04
                  Act V...................................3.05
               Version History & Credits..................4.00
To quickly find a section, press CTRL-F or CMD-F and type the full number 
code for the section. For example, search for 2.02 to find the section on the 
Omega Base mission.

MUA                               OVERVIEW                                MUA
These are the default controls for the keyboard/mouse and for a standard 
dual-analog gamepad. All controls can be customized in OPTIONS>CONTROLS.
      | Action             | Key                | Gamepad            |
      | Move Forward       | W                  | Left Analog Up     |
      | Move Backward      | S                  | Left Analog Down   |
      | Move Left          | A                  | Left Analog Left   |
      | Move Right         | D                  | Left Analog Right  |
      | Normal Attack      | Keypad 4           | Button 2           |
      | Smash Attack       | Keypad 6           | Button 3           |
      | Use                | F or Keypad 8      | Button 1           |
      | Jump               | SPACEBAR           | Button 4           |
      | Guard              | V or Keypad 5      | Left Trigger       |
      | Call Allies        | C                  | Left Shoulder      |
      | Select 1st Hero    | Up Arrow or F1     | D-Pad Up           |
      | Select 2nd Hero    | Right Arrow or F2  | D-Pad Right        |
      | Select 3rd Hero    | Down Arrow or F3   | D-Pad Down         |
      | Select 4th Hero    | Left Arrow or F4   | D-Pad Left         |
      | Camera Zoom In     | Home               | Right Analog Up    |
      |                    | or Mouse Wheel     |                    |
      | Camera Right       | Page Down          | Right Analog Right |
      |                    | or Middle Mouse    |                    |
      |                    | Button + move      |                    |
      |                    | mouse right        |                    |
      | Camera Zoom Out    | End                | Right Analog Down  |
      |                    | or Mouse Wheel     |                    |
      | Camera Left        | Delete             | Right Analog Left  |
      |                    | or Middle Mouse    |                    |
      |                    | Button + move      |                    |
      |                    | mouse left         |                    |
      | Use Powers         | 1 - 8, 0           | Right Shoulder +   |
      |                    |                    | Button 1 - 4       |
      | Toggle Map         | M                  | Left Stick Button  |
      | Scroll Map         | LEFT CONTROL       | Right Trigger      |
      |                    |            + Camera Controls            |
      | Hero Details Menu  | F12                | Button 9           |
      | Start/Pause        | ESC                | Button 10          |
      | Next Mouse Target  | TAB                |                    |
      | Prev Mouse Target  | Z                  |                    |
      | Quick Mouse Power 1| Q                  |                    |
      | Quick Mouse Power 2| E                  |                    |
      | Mouse Attack Obj   | LEFT SHIFT         |                    |
      | Hide HUD           | F10                |                    |
      | Screenshot         | F11                |                    |
      | Talk (Multiplayer) | T                  |                    |
Here"s an (admittedly crude) representation of a generic, 10-button, dual-
analog stick controller:
                  ____________               ____________
                 / LS______                /   ______RS \r
              /    _                                        \r
             /   _| |_                                (4)    \r
            /   [_ D _]                            (3)   (2)  \r
           /      |_|           (9)    (10)           (1)      \r
          /                 _                 _                 \r
         (               ,~" "~,           ,~" "~,               )
                       (  LA   )_________(   RA  )             /
                       |"~,_,~"           "~,_.~"|            /
                       |                         |           /
                       |                         |          /
                       |                         |         /
                       |                         |        /
                       |                         |       /
                       |                         |      /
                       |                         |     /
                   \____|                         |____/
D     = D-pad
LA/RA = Left and Right thumbsticks
LT/RT = Left and Right triggers (small shoulder buttons)
LS/RS = Left and Right (large) shoulder buttons
*NOTE* The game uses the four face buttons on your gamepad for executing 
Powers and playing mini-games. It displays the buttons on screen in the 
following pattern:
USE         SMASH
In order for the on-screen display to match your button configuration, you 
need to map the buttons on your controller accordingly. So, if your button 
configuration is:
(3)   (2)
then map the buttons:
1 = Normal Attack
2 = Smash Attack
3 = Use
4 = Jump
If your button configuration is:
(2)   (3)
then map the buttons:
1 = Normal Attack
2 = Use
3 = Smash Attack
4 = Jump
And so on.

                               BASIC GAMEPLAY
 Changes vs X-Men Legends
If you played X-Men Legends (especially II), here"s a quick rundown of the 
differences. Once you know these, you can jump right in and play.
* "Xtraction Points" are now "S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Points" (SAP). They have 
the S.H.I.E.L.D. eagle logo instead of an X. They are, otherwise, exactly the 
same and allow all the same functionality (Saving, Changing Team, Teleporting 
to another Access Point, etc.)
* Tech Bits are now S.H.I.E.L.D. Credits; they"re still money.
* Heroes have eight normal powers and one extreme power.
* (PC Only): Using the keyboard, all powers are used by pressing the 
corresponding number key (1 through 8 and 0 for the extreme). There"s no 
"Powers Menu" when using the keyboard.
* There are no health or energy packs. Health and energy orbs appear as you 
defeat enemies and break objects. These orbs automatically restore the health 
or energy of the nearest hero. If that hero doesn"t need any health or 
energy, the next closest hero receives the boost and on down the line. (Note: 
passing of orbs from one hero to the next only operates in Story Mode. In 
Arcade Mode, you must move your hero over the orb to receive the boost.)
* KO"d heroes must "rest" for five minutes. You can then revive them at the 
next SAP using the "Revive Team" option. You no longer have to pay to revive 
downed teammates.
* You can buy skill ranks. The more skill ranks you buy, the more new skill 
ranks cost. Sometimes, you can only increase a skill by purchasing new ranks; 
you can"t use skill points to get new skill ranks.
* Each hero can only equip one special item. There is less equipment in the 
* Each hero has four outfits, and each outfit can be upgraded using Credits. 
The types of upgrades vary for each outfit.
* There"s no store. You can sell excess items on any hero"s equipment screen; 
however, once "sold", you can"t buy it back because there"s no store.
* You can now play through the main story in competitive multi-player instead 
of just cooperative multi-player.
* To use extreme powers, you need momentum. Momentum is gained by using 
"finishers". A finisher is any combo attack that takes out an enemy. In this 
case, "combo attack" refers to a sequence of melee attacks, not a combination 
power attack. For example, using Trip (ATTACK - SMASH - ATTACK) to take out 
an enemy would be a finisher and you will gain momentum. You will also 
occasionally get momentum from treasure drops--they look like really big 
orbs. An individual hero"s momentum shows as a yellow meter around the 
character portrait.
* Whenever you execute an extreme power, all members of your team that have 
their extreme power unlocked and have a full momentum meter, will also 
execute their extreme powers.

 After Beating the Game Once
While you"re playing the game, all the characters and outfits you unlock are 
saved in a "settings.dat" file in My DocumentsActivisionMarvel Ultimate 
When you start a new game after beating the game once, you can do a few 
things differently:
1) You can choose the team you want to use in the very first mission (on the 
2) You can use any previously unlocked character and outfit.
3) You can play in Hard mode (it doesn"t matter if you previously beat the 
game on Easy or Normal mode).
4) You can choose to use default character stats or use the stats from a 
previously saved game. (This does mean you can run your high level characters 
through Easy mode, if you really want to.)
If you want to start a "clean" game, delete the "settings.dat" file (you 
might want to copy it somewhere else first, so you can retrieve your 
unlockables later). The game will create a new settings.dat file when you 
start it up again.

 Character List
The following characters are your starting team:
* Captain America
* Spider-Man
* Wolverine
* Thor
The following characters are available at the first SAP:
* Ms. Marvel
* Mr. Fantastic
* Storm
* Invisible Woman
* Luke Cage
* Thing
* Iron Man
* Human Torch
* Elektra
* Iceman
* Deadpool
* Spider-Woman
The following characters must be unlocked during the game:
* Dr. Strange--rescued during Act I
* Ghost Rider--rescued during Act II
* Blade--win a mini-game in the Murderworld Carnival
* Daredevil--collect 5 Daredevil action figures*
* Black Panther--collect 5 Black Panther action figures*
* Nick Fury--beat the game on Easy or Normal difficulty
* Silver Surfer--beat all the comic missions (simulator)
*There are more than five of each action figure in the game. Once you"ve 
collected five, the remaining action figures become experience point bonuses.

The following characters are exclusive to 6th-generation console versions of 
the game* (X360, PS3, Wii):
* Colossus
* Moon Knight
*A mod that allows PC users to have Colossus and Moon Knight has been made. 
This file is available at:
DISCLAIMER: I did not make the file nor do I support its use. I have used it 
myself and experienced no problems. Use at your own risk.

The following characters are alternate costumes for other characters:
* War Machine (Iron Man alternate &ndash2)
* Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man alternate &ndash2)
* Beta Ray Bill (Thor alternate &ndash2)
* Blue Mage (Dr. Strange alternate &ndash2)
* Ventura (Ms. Marvel alternate &ndash2)
* Spider-Girl (Spider-Woman alternate &ndash3)
* Binary (Ms. Marvel alternate &ndash3)
* Phantom Rider (Ghost Rider alternate &ndash3)
Note that these alternate characters do not have different powers; just a 
different outfit.
Each hero has three alternate costumes. To unlock alternates &ndash1 and &ndash2, you 
must play as the character and gain approximately four (4) levels as that 
character. To unlock alternate &ndash3, you must beat the comic mission for that 

 Special Teams
You can put together teams of heroes that give you bonuses. For any team 
where more than four heroes are listed, any four from the group will make the 
* Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: +5 All Resistances
  Captain America, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Wolverine
* Agile Warriors: 10% Reduced Energy Cost
  Spider-Man, Deadpool, Elektra, Daredevil, Black Panther
* Air Force: +15% Max Health
  Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Storm, Thor
* Alternate Identities: +5% Criticals
  Iron Man (War Machine), Ghost Rider (Phantom Rider),
  Ms. Marvel (Ventura), Spider-Woman (Secret Wars)
* Assassins: +60% S.H.I.E.L.D. Credit Drops
  Blade, Deadpool, Elektra, Wolverine
* Avengers: +5% damage
  Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel
* Bad to the Bone: 5% Damage Inflicted as Health Gain
  Ghost Rider, Blade, Luke Cage, Wolverine
* Bruisers: +15 Strike
  Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Thing, Luke Cage
* Classic Avengers: +15% Max Energy
  Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther
* Dark Past: +5% Experience
  Elektra, Ghost Rider, Blade, Spider-Woman
* Defenders: 5% Damage Inflicted as Health Gain
  Dr. Strange, Iceman, Luke Cage, Silver Surfer
* Double Date: +5 Health Regeneration
  Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Storm, Black Panther
* Fantastic Four: 20 health per KO
  Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch
* Femme Fatale: +5% Damage
  Elektra, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Storm
* Flashback: +15% Max Health
  Captain America (WW2), Daredevil (Original),
  Ghost Rider (Original), Ms. Marvel (Original),
  Wolverine (Classic), Iceman (Original), Iron Man (Classic)
* Martial Artists: +15 Striking
  Black Panther, Captain America, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Nick Fury
* Marvel Knights: +6 Body, Strike, Focus
  Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Moon Knight
* Marvel Royalty: +60% S.H.I.E.L.D. Credit Drops
  Dr. Strange, Thor, Storm, Black Panther
* Natural Forces: 5% Damage Inflicted as Health Gain
  Thor, Iceman, Storm, Human Torch
* Natural Leaders: +5% Experience
  Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Storm
* New Avengers: +5% all resistances
  Captain America, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Iron Man
* New Fantastic Four: +15% Max Energy
  Wolverine, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider
* Power Platoon: 20 Energy per KO
  Silver Surfer, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man
* Raven Ultimates: +6 Body, Strike, Focus
  Colossus, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Thing, 
  Moon Knight
* Scorchers: 10% Reduced Energy Cost
  Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Thor
* Super Natural: +5 Health Regeneration
  Thor, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, Blade
* Think Tanks: +15% Max Health
  Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange
* Weapons Specialists: +5% Criticals
  Blade, Captain America, Deadpool, Elektra
* X-Men: +15% Max Energy
  Storm, Wolverine, Iceman, Colossus

 My Team
MUA gives you the ability to form your own team and gain team bonuses. When 
you reach the beginning of the Atlantis mission, you can form a personal team 
of four heroes. Using three or more of the heroes from your roster allows you 
to earn team reputation and team skills.
To build your team, first select the four heroes you want to form the base of 
your roster. Then click the My Team button at any SAP (or during the initial 
selection process at the beginning of the Atlantean mission). Choose to 
create your team from scratch, select a logo, enter a team name and your team 
is formed. Or, choose to use one of the three pre-formed teams.
* Avengers (Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man and Thor)
* Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Thing)
* Marvel Knights (Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Spider-Man)
Now that you have your team roster, you will begin earning Reputation points 
for completing objectives. Each 100 Reputation points earns you a team level; 
at which time you receive a team skill point. You can spend team skill points 
on team skills.
* Team Vitality: Boosts team"s maximum health
* Team Synergy: Boosts team"s maximum energy
* Team Force: Increases all damage done by your team
* Team Focus: Increases experience points gained
* Team Tactics (requires team level 5): Increases the rate at which you gain
* Team Bench (requires team level 5): Increases team roster slots
You"ll earn Reputation points and gain the benefit of Team Skills as long as 
you are playing with at least three heroes from your Team Roster. Changing 
the heroes in your Team Roster costs 50 Reputation points per change; so, 
you"re better off waiting until you can purchase Team Bench skill ranks to 
increase your roster size.

 Unique Conversations
Most of the time, in conversations with NPCs, only the NPC"s dialogue is 
vocalized. Sometimes, if you have a specific hero on your team when speaking 
to an NPC, you will get a fully voiced, unique conversation between the hero 
and the NPC.
* Elektra & Bullseye
  Act I, Helicarrier, Command Deck (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Deadpool & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents
  Act I, Helicarrier, Barracks (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Thor & Radioactive Man
  Act I, Helicarrier, Barracks
* Captain America & Winter Soldier
  Act I, Helicarrier, Barracks (Contributed by Carlos)
* Deadpool & Black Widow
  Act I, Stark Tower (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Wolverine & Dum Dum Dugan
  Act I, Omega Base, Wrenchworks (Contributed by Carlos)
* Iron Man & Crimson Dynamo
  Act I, Omega Base, Wrenchworks
* Mr. Fantastic & Dr. Bruce Banner
  Act I, Omega Base, Project Labs
* Spider-Man & Mysterio
  Act I, Omega Base, Project Labs (Contributed by Carlos & James P.)
* Spider-Woman & Grey Gargoyle
  Act I, Mandarin, Golden Court
* Dr. Strange & The Ancient One
  Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Deadpool & The Ancient One
  Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Dr. Strange & Wong
  Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum
* Invisible Woman & Jean Grey
  Act II, Murderworld, Big Top (Contributed by Thomas H.)
* Wolverine & Jean Grey (more than one)
  Act II, Murderworld (Contributed by Cyrus Majin)
* Black Panther & Mephisto
  Act II, Inferno, when you try to free Ghost Rider
  (Contributed by Thomas H.)
* Thor & Mephisto
  Act II, Inferno, when you try to free Ghost Rider
* Thor & Sif
  Act III, Courtyard of the Gods
* Wolverine & Vision
  Act III, Courtyard of the Gods (Contributed by Thomas H.)
* Luke Cage & Wrecking Crew
  Act III, Bifrost Bridge, Midgard Gate (Contributed by Thomas H.)
* Spider-Man, Lizard & Scorpion
  Act III, Asgard, The Great Forge (Contributed by James P. & Kashkin)
* Blade & Volla
  Act III, Niffleheim, Shore of Corpses (Contributed by Kashkin)
* Spider-Man & Lockjaw
  Act IV, Royal Library (Contributed by James P.)
* Captain America & Dark Captain America
  Act V, Doom"s Lair
* Spider-Man & Dark Spider-Man
  Act V, Doom"s Lab

MUA                             WALKTHROUGH                               MUA
Areas with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point (SAP) are marked with an (S).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACT I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                            HELICARRIER HOEDOWN
* Flight Deck
* Command Deck (S)
* Barracks (S)
* Upper Batteries

* Furious
  Rendezvous with Colonel Fury on the bridge of the U.N.N. Alpha.
* The Scorpion"s Sting
  Defeat the Scorpion in battle.
* Nuclear Disaster
  Stop the Masters of Evil from launching the helicarrier nuclear missiles.
* Bullseye"s Target
  Defeat Bullseye in battle.
  Protect the helicarrier engine from the Masters of Evil.
* Dragon"s Fire
  Defeat Fin Fang Foom before he can destroy the helicarrier engines.

[] Strike point: Barracks
[] Body point: Barracks
[] Focus point: Upper Batteries
You start the game with Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Wolverine. 
Overall, not a bad team; and, certainly good enough to get you through what 
amounts to the tutorial stage of the game.
Follow the path around the flight deck of the helicarrier, getting rid of the 
Ultron warriors in your path. These guys are not that tough and can be taken 
out mostly with normal and smash attacks. Captain America"s Shield Throw is 
very useful.
After the second U-turn catwalks, you"ll run into Scorpion; your first mini-
boss. Take out the Ultron minions surrounding him, then devote yourself to 
smashing the bug. Use Mjolnir"s Might (Thor) liberally. This battle is made 
easier by the health and energy orbs that periodically pop up.
This is the tutorial stage, after all.
After Scorpion is defeated, grab his "Tail", slog through a few more generic 
bad guys; then, enter the Command Center of the helicarrier and talk to Nick 
Fury. After you"re through with him, turn around and walk onto the elevator 
and press USE to exit the bridge.
The elevator takes you from the bridge to the command deck. Right in front of 
you is your first S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point (SAP). You can save your game or 
change your team members. Go right from the SAP and enter a control room.
After the cutscene, pull the smashed transformer away from the wall (any 
character can pull the equipment--you don"t need Might). There"s another 
transformer to the left, pull it into place. The console on the upper catwalk 
is now active and you can USE it to open the force field that blocks your 
Enter the launch bay and find the missile control consoles; each is marked on 
your map with a red X. There is one to the right and one to the left. 
Regardless of the order in which you destroy them, the second missile is 
A five-minute timer starts counting down in the lower right of your screen. 
Return to the central platform for a fight with Bullseye. The objective is to 
take care of him as quickly as possible, since you only have five minutes to 
complete this objective. Bullseye obviously has some damaging ranged attacks; 
try to stay behind him and beat him up. He shouldn"t be that much trouble.
Enter the room behind Bullseye and USE the panel to self-destruct the 
missile. Go down the stairs and onto the elevator to enter the Barracks. 
There"s a SAP in front of you; nearby, a laptop is laying on the floor, grab 
it for later. Just past the SAP, turn into the first room on your left.
In single player mode, this is your first chance to use the AI heroes to 
perform simultaneous actions. There are two consoles, each with a green X in 
front of them. Take control of a hero and move to a green X and press USE. 
Switch to another hero, move to the other green X and press USE. Both heroes 
will turn and activate the consoles simultaneously.
The force fields down the hall will come down and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will be 
released. Talk to the first one you see. As you go down the hall, you can 
enter the agents" rooms and read their personal diaries--nothing important; 
just fun.
At the end of the hall, if you turn left and jump up to a little alcove, you 
can get a Strike point upgrade. Turn right and jump up and you have your 
first meeting with Radioactive Man and Winter Soldier. Concentrate on Winter 
Soldier; when his health gets low, both mini-bosses will flee.
Follow them until you reach a large, outdoor platform next to one of the 
engines. Here you have to fight both of them to the death. Beam attacks work 
better on both evildoers; Radioactive Man, especially, is resistant to 
standard melee attacks.
Move around a lot and practice dodging (quickly press GUARD while moving) to 
avoid the ranged attacks of both bad guys. When they are down, find the 
platform to the right (as you face out toward the engine) and jump or fly up 
to get a Body point upgrade.
Head back the way you came, and find the exit point marked on the map. This 
takes you to the Upper Batteries. Fight your way through a horde of minions 
until you exit onto the helicarrier"s upper deck. Fin Fang Foom, a huge 
dragon, alights and threatens you; then, he takes off.
Run forward to a gun battery and press USE to take control. Fire at FFF while 
he flies around. When you hit him, you"ll be knocked off the gun turret. Take 
this opportunity to run away as FFF is about to land. FFF has two attacks: 
five fireballs projected from his mouth in an arc in front of him and a huge 
claw strike. Both these attacks are very short range.
Stay back away from FFF and hit him with ranged attacks. Deal with the 
minions that pop up now and again and keep into FFF with beams and other 
long-range powers. He"ll take off again, so run forward and use the guns to 
bring him down. Rinse and repeat until FFF is history. Mop up, collect your 
goodies and go back inside.

                        OMEGA BASE ARE BELONG TO US
* Stark Tower (S)
* Wrenchworks (S)
* Omega Exterior
* Project Labs (S)
* Top Deck

* Detecting Dugan
  Locate Dum Dum Dugan to find out what"s happening on the Omega Base.
* Resuming Control
  Protect Dum Dum Dugan as you escort him to Central Control.
* A Long Way to the Top
  Stop the Omega Base by reaching the control room on the upper deck.
* Ultimate Ultron
  Stop the Masters of Evil from stealing the Ultron upgrades.
* Neural Nightmare
  Don"t let the Masters of Evil unleash the neurally enhanced Super Soldiers.
* Gamma Detonation
  Take Dr. Banner and deactivate the Gamma Bomb before it explodes.
* The menace of MODOK
  Defeat MODOK in battle before the Omega Base slams into the dam.

 Optional Objectives
* Train Wreck
  Disable the primary drive for the Omega.
* Database Destruction
  Stop the Super Soldiers from destroying the Omega computer.
* Cyber Speak
  Find Dr. Pym"s cybernetic helmet on the Omega Base and return it to him at
  Stark Tower.
* Electronic Secrets
  Get the decryption module from Black Widow and take it to The Vision.

[] Strike point: Tony Stark"s Office (Stark Tower)
[] Focus point: Tony Stark"s Office (Stark Tower)
[] Body point: Tony Stark"s Office (Stark Tower)
[] Sketch Book: Tony Stark"s Office (Stark Tower)
[] Daredevil action figure: Wrenchworks
[] Captain America"s Simulator Disc: Wrenchworks
[] Body point: Wrenchworks
[] Wolverine"s Simulator Disc: Project Labs
[] Sketch Book: Top Deck
[] Black Panther action figure: Top Deck
[] Focus point: Top Deck

After the FMV sequence, you"ll be able to explore HQ: Stark Tower. Within the 
main room you can find:
* A S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point
* Upgrades for Body, Strike and Focus
* A sketch book to unlock concept art
* A training simulator (though no missions are yet unlocked)
* A review computer to let you see what collectible items you"ve found
* A trivia computer you can use to earn XP by answering trivia questions
  (answers are found further down in this guide)
You can complete the optional Electronic Secrets quest by talking to Vision, 
then Black Widow, then Vision again. Talk to Dr. Hank Pym to open the Cyber 
Speak optional quest. When you"re ready to begin your first mission, talk to 
Wyatt Wingfoot. First ask him to investigate Black Widow"s laptop, which you 
picked up on the helicarrier; then ask to be taken to Omega Base.
As you enter Omega Base, you"ll be informed you now have access to a 
S.H.I.E.L.D. Port. Open the Game Menu (PAUSE) and choose Portal to open a 
portal back to base (Stark Tower). Once in the base, you can use the 
equipment/SAP at the base, then use the portal to return to where you opened 
the portal.
Portals are one-use only--once you return through the portal, it disappears. 
You must then wait five minutes before opening another portal. Portals do 
last through saved games; so, you can use them to save your game and quit 
playing for a while.
In the first room after the entrance, you"ll meet Dum Dum. After your 
conversation, he"ll follow you and you must make sure he stays alive. Shortly 
after Dum Dum joins your group, you"ll be tasked with taking out the primary 
drives of the base. When you receive this mission, the first drivetrain gear 
is directly in front of you. Destroy it; then, go to the other end of the 
room and destroy another. In the lower area of this room is a Daredevil 
action figure.
After the first drivetrain room, you"ll enter a control room. Unfortunately, 
Dum Dum can"t access the engines from here, so you have to get to the bridge. 
Go out the right door of the control room to pick up a Simulator Disc 
(Captain America). Go around to the other side of the control room to get a 
Body Upgrade.
The next room features a fight against Crimson Dynamo. This one"s pretty 
tough as Dynamo can reflect melee damage back in a fiery explosion and he"s 
fairly resistant to energy beam attacks. Try to stay back and hit him with 
melee ranged attacks (e.g. Captain America"s Shield Throw or Mr. Fantastic"s 
far-reaching punch).
After the fight with Dynamo, there are two more gears at the far end of the 
room. Destroy them; then, continue to the Omega Exterior. This is a side-
scrolling level (you have no control over the camera). A helicopter will show 
up and begin firing missiles at you. Whenever you see a red circle form on 
the walkway, quickly get out of the way.
Fight your way along the exterior of the base to the Project Labs. There"s a 
SAP; just beyond is a room full of comatose Super Soldiers. Mysterio shows up 
and overloads the neuralyzer and you"ve got six big bad guys looking for a 
piece of your hide.
Now is the time to use traps or AoE powers. Stunning powers also work well--
anything to keep the soldiers off-balance and unable to gang up on you. In 
the next hallway, enter the room to the left to meet Dr. Bruce Banner. 
(Unfortunately, you don"t get his green alter ego in this game.) He"ll lead 
you to a control room to shut off a gamma bomb. Before following him, find 
Dr. Pym"s cybernetic helmet on a table in a corner of the room (opposite the 
exit door).
Of course, the control panel is damaged. Leave the control room and head 
straight across the hall. In the next hall, enter the first room to the right 
and pick up a Simulator Disc (Wolverine). Go down the hall to the large room 
at the end, destroy the mobs and use the control panel in the center of the 
room. Dr. Banner is now able to deactivate the bomb.
Continue out of the large room, through the door to the left of where you 
came in. Next up is Mysterio and this is a very tough fight. Mysterio creates 
two projections of himself and destroying the projections is a waste of time. 
Unfortunately, in the chaos, it"s difficult to tell which is the real 
Mysterio. Unleash AoE powers and try to wear all three mini-bosses as quickly 
as possible.
Beyond Mysterio is a fascinating ride up an elevator. As you ride up, enemies 
will drop down. You can beat on them or throw them over the side of the 
elevator (the latter is quicker). Occasionally a bomb will drop onto the 
elevator with you. Approach and press USE to start a deactivation mini-game. 
Follow the on-screen key prompts, quickly pressing each key or button as it 
is displayed. If you fail, you get a nasty burn.
At the top of the lift, go down a short hall. Along the hall is a hidden 
doorway to a room where some super soldiers are attacking the Omega computer. 
You have to stop the super soldiers from destroying the console; or, at the 
end of the game, you learn a virus has wiped out much of the mutant 
population. Go you.
Then, it"s on to another lift, which takes you to the Top Deck. Go down the 
catwalks and talk to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent about using an anti-aircraft gun 
on the helicopter that"s been bothering you. There are two ack-ack guns in 
front of you; both are on fire. Go down the stairs in between the two 
batteries and collect a sketch book.
Follow the path until your way is blocked by an explosion. Go up the stairs 
and around to an upper catwalk. After the enemies are defeated, find a large 
crate in the corner and pull it to the edge of the catwalk, where the railing 
has been destroyed. Stand behind it and rapidly press the key shown on 
screen. The crate will fall down and break through the glass area of the 
deck. Drop down and go inside.
Pick up the Black Panther action figure right in front of you. Fight your way 
through a short corridor and back outside to the Top Deck. You"ll soon run 
into a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who asks you to keep the helicopter off his back 
while he unlocks the door to the bridge.
You get 40 seconds to destroy the helicopter. Jump down to the lower area 
where the ack-ack battery is located. Ignore the mobs and USE the battery. It 
only takes one shot to get rid of the copter and it will conveniently hover 
right in front of you. Mop up the area around the guns; make sure you pick up 
a Focus upgrade on the upper level near the door to the bridge.
As you enter the bridge, you"re frozen in place. To advance, you have to 
correctly answer questions posed by MODOK. The first three questions, and the 
correct answers are:
* What is the atomic symbol for gold? (Au)
* What percentage of the Earth"s atmosphere is oxygen? (21 percent)
* Which of the following is not a geologic period of the Earth? (Neoprene)
After the third correct answer the fight is on. MODOK has a particularly 
nasty radial blast attack. You can see it coming when he starts to glow and 
lifts slightly higher off the ground. If you can avoid that blast and 
otherwise keep yourself and your teammates pounding on him, you should be all 
If you get low on health or energy, drop down to the lower level and break 
some crates or KO some minions. You likely will collect health and energy 
orbs; then, resume on MODOK. When the big brain is out of the way, and you"re 
ready to return to Stark Tower, USE the console on the upper platform.

                              ATTUMA NUMA YAY
* Stark Tower (S)
* Nannite Chamber
* Dive Chamber
* S.H.I.E.L.D. Outpost
* Temple of Negrete
* Atlantean Trenches (S)
* Atlantean Throne (S)
* Defender"s Crypt
* The Arena

* Riot in Atlantis
  Locate Namor to discover what caused the riot in Atlantis.
* Battling the Barbarian King
  Remove Attuma from the throne of Atlantis.
* The Secret of the Crypts
  Discover what the Masters of Evil are doing in the Atlantean crypts.

 Optional Objectives
* Data Stream
  Ask Dr. Pym to look at the Quinjet"s data feed for Wyatt Wingfoot.
* Link to the Past
  Find Tony Stark"s missing cufflink and return it to Edwin Jarvis.
* The Sound of Insanity
  Destroy the sonic emitters that are making the Atlanteans hostile
* Mission of Mercy
  Gather rare seaweed to create a medicine that will heal Namor

[] Iron Man"s Simulator Disc: Iron Man Lab (Stark Tower)
[] Skill point: Iron Man Lab (Stark Tower)
[] Sketch book: Iron Man Lab (Stark Tower)
[] Black Panther action figure: Iron Man Lab (Stark Tower)
[] Focus point: Nannite Chamber
[] Black Panther action figure: Dive Room
[] Skill point: Temple of Negrete
[] Mr. Fantastic"s Simulation Disc: Temple of Negrete
[] Strike point: Atlantean Trenches
[] Daredevil action figure: Atlantean Trenches
[] Sketch book: Atlantean Throne
[] Body point: Defender"s Crypt

Back in Stark Tower, you"ll notice a new marker on your map. Right next to 
the SAP is a waterfall. Approach the waterfall and press USE to open the Iron 
Man Lab. Inside, talk to Jarvis to get a small quest (Link to the Past) and 
to Weasel to continue the quest related to Black Widow"s laptop.
Down on the lower level you can talk to Black Panther, Elektra and Spider-
Man. You"ll also find a Simulator Disc (Iron Man) and the Iron Man Health 
Console. USE the console to bring up a bonus skill point. Under the center 
stairs you can find a Black Panther action figure. Wolverine hangs out on the 
upper level; there"s a sketch book nearby. The heroes in this room don"t have 
anything quest related; but, they do add flavor to the Black Widow story.
Return to the main room and talk to Hank Pym to end Cyber Speak. Talk to 
Vision about Jacob Fury. Talk to Black Widow about Baron Strucker and to Nick 
Fury about Gabriel Jones. Return to the Iron Man Lab and talk to Weasel. Tell 
him the password he needs is Gabriel Jones. You can also find, in the main 
office, the cufflinks Jarvis needs for Link to the Past.
When you"re ready, go talk to Wingfoot about leaving for Atlantis. He"ll 
first ask you to talk to Dr. Pym about the Quinjet"s data feed. Hold off on 
doing that for a moment and ask to be taken to Atlantis.
You can now form your own team. By creating your own team (or using one of 
the pre-packaged teams), you gain additional bonuses when using three or four 
members from your roster of heroes. See the Characters section above for more 
information on creating a team. You can choose to create a team now; or, wait 
until later and do so at any SAP. However, once you create a team, you can"t 
undo your choices.
Go ahead and form your team; you"ll be able to start earning Reputation 
points right away. Once you"ve picked your team, you"ll find yourself in the 
Nannite Chamber of the S.H.I.E.L.D. outpost and your heroes will 
automatically "infect" themselves with the nannites. Look around the room to 
find a Focus upgrade.
Continue through the outpost to the Dive Chamber. (There"s no fighting in 
here.) Look around a bit to find a Black Panther action figure; then, use the 
Dive Chamber Controls and jump through the newly opened hatch in the floor. 
You"re now underwater.
Pretty cool, huh?
Fight your way through the Outpost area until you find Namor. Once all the 
Atlanteans are defeated, Namor is automatically freed and Namorita shows up 
and hands out your tasks. One difference you"ll note in this area is the 
presence of rejuvenators. Rejuvenator mobs and revive fallen allies; which 
means you have to take out the rejuvenators or the other mobs just keep 
coming. The female Atlantean Champion mobs are the rejuvenators in this 
mission; so, keep an eye out for them and concentrate fire on them before 
dealing with the other schmucks.
After Namor is freed, two exits open up. Take the one that leads to the 
Temple of Negrete. Break the wall to your left to get a skill point. Continue 
to the first large room, take a right and fight your way down to the red X 
marked on your map. Stand in front of the marked doors, press USE and then 
rapidly press the key shown on screen to force open the doors. You"ll collect 
a pearl known as the Eye of Negrete.
Go back to the large room and continue straight across. In this side room is 
a giant clam. Stand next to it, press USE and rapidly press the key shown to 
force it open and get another Eye of Negrete. Then, break the wall to the 
right of the clam (as you face the clam from the door) to pick up a Simulator 
Disc (Mr. Fantastic).
Go back to the large room and head straight across from your original 
entrance into the Temple. In the small room beyond, go right, kill the bad 
guys and pick up a trident that"s on a pedestal in the center of the room. Go 
straight back across the "hub" room into a room with a large statue.
Stand on the shells on either side of the statue and press USE to place an 
Eye in each shell. Then go up on the ledge, stand in front of the staff and 
press USE to place the trident on the staff. The status will blow open the 
door in front of it.
Go through, kill the mobs and collect the Walek Seaweed. Namorita opens a 
portal back to her location; talk to her to complete the Mission of Mercy 
side quest and earn 15 Reputation points.
Now would be a good time to open a portal back to Stark Tower and save your 
game. While you"re there, talk to Hank Pym about the Quinjet data feed. 
You"ll complete the Data Stream side quest and earn 5 Reputation points.
Return to the Atlantean Outpost and enter the Atlantean Trenches. Here you"ll 
have to keep an eye out for floating mines. Hit one and you"ll take a lot of 
damage. Not far in you"ll find the first sonic emitter; but, it"s guarded by 
Byrrah and Krang.
These guys are plenty tough. However, there"s nothing particularly special 
about them. It"s just an extended beat down. You can always retreat to the 
Outpost and open a Portal to Stark Tower if you need a breather. Once those 
two are down, take out the sonic emitter they were guarding.
Beyond that emitter, the path splits. Take the left path to another sonic 
emitter; and, a Strike upgrade next to the emitter platform. Then, head right 
to find a SAP and the third emitter. Beyond the third emitter, look for an 
Atlantean caught in a giant clam. Force open the clam and the Atlantean gives 
you a combination for a safe next to a sunken submarine.
Turn around and head straight away from the clam and swim up over the coral 
wall to find the sub and a chest nearby. Open the chest to get a piece of 
equipment and a Daredevil action figure. Continue to the Atlantean Throne.
Take either path (left or right) around to the SAP. Beyond the SAP, after 
killing the mobs, take the bead from the shell on the floor. Go into the next 
room and place the bead on the center shell. The side doors will open and 
spew forth mobs. Take them out, then go into the side rooms and swim over the 
whirlpools (rapidly press JUMP to swim) and get the beads. In one of the side 
rooms is a sketch book hidden between the columns along the side of the 
Beyond is the boss fight against Tiger Shark and Attuma. The secret to taking 
these guys out is to USE the consoles at either end of the room. This forces 
them to come to ground where you can beat on them. They can beat back fairly 
well--especially Attuma--but you shouldn"t have too much trouble with them. 
Especially if you have good range attacks.
When they"re defeated, a pit to Defender"s Crypt opens. Run back to the SAP 
and save your game, then go through to the crypt. Fight your way along the 
path, counting the coffins up on platforms. Next to the fourth coffin is a 
Body upgrade. At the end of the Crypts is the entrance to the Arena. You 
might want to Portal back to Stark Tower and save your game.
Just a suggestion.
Enter the Arena, have a chat with Mandarin, fight Kraken. All in a day"s work 
for superheroes! Kraken is your first mini-game boss fight. There"s only one 
way to defeat this monster, and that"s to play a series of mini-games. Stay 
out of the way of the beast and wait for it to break open one of the four 
corner crypts.
When it does, out pour a bunch of Atlanteans. Ignore them for now and swim 
into the crypt. Up pops the mini-game. You have to follow the on-screen 
prompts, pressing a series of keys. If you complete the sequence correctly 
(about five or six keys), Kraken breaks the crypt completely and the big 
column falls on its head.
Now, you have to knock out the Atlanteans that were in the crypt while 
avoiding the darts Kraken shoots at you, not to mention the occasional ground 
smash (radial attack). When all the Atlanteans are gone, the Kraken breaks 
open another crypt, more Atlanteans come out, you play another mini-game, 
another column falls on Kraken"s head, you KO the Atlanteans...
And so on. When all four columns have combined to give Kraken a migraine, it 
retreats and you can mop up the last of the Atlanteans. Collect your reward, 
then go through the marked exit door to automatically return to Stark Tower 
and receive your next mission.

                             DUCK A"LA MANDARIN
* Stark Tower (S)
* Ancients" Hall (S)
* Golden Court
* Celestial Hall (S)
* Forbidden Passage
* Mandarin"s Court

* The Rings of the Mandarin
  Question Mandarin about Dr. Doom"s plans for the Masters of Evil.
* The Orb of Agamotto
  Locate the Orb of Agamotto for Dr. Strange.

 Optional Objectives
* Problematic Schematic
  Find the Ultimo schematics from the Mandarin"s Palace and give them to
  Colonel Fury at Stark Tower.

[] Sketch book: Ancients" Hall
[] Strike point: Ancients" Hall
[] Weapon cache: Golden Court
[] Thing"s Simulator Disc: Golden Court
[] Weapon cache: Celestial Hall
[] Body point: Celestial Hall
[] Focus point: Celestial Hall
[] Crimson Dynamo"s Simulator Disc: Forbidden Passage
[] Black Panther action figure: Forbidden Passage

After the cutscene in Stark Tower, return to Iron Man Lab and talk to Weasel. 
The earlier password you gave him worked, and now he needs you to find out 
which of two hackers would be more trustworthy for the next stage of 
investigation. Talk to Dr. Pym and Vision about the two hackers, C. B. 
Cebulski and Beroge. Then, go back to Weasel and tell him to use Cebulski.
Also talk to Nick Fury to open the Problematic Schematic side quest. There"s 
nothing more to do in Stark Tower; although, some of the NPCs have different 
conversations now (nothing important). Talk to Wingfoot and ask to be taken 
to the Valley of the Spirits.
You begin in Ancients" Hall. In the very first room after the entrance hall, 
go down to the lower level and look behind the columns for a sketch book. Now 
there are two ways through Ancient"s Hall, based on what attributes you have 
on your team.
     THE SHORTCUT (requires Might, Flight and Fire Extinguisher)
    | Find the rope with the blue X on it and use a hero with Might to |
    | pull the rope (play the little mini-game). Go through the newly  |
    | opened door and destroy the enemies on the outer ledge. Fly over |
    | to the central platform and ring the gong by firing a power at   |
    | it. This opens a door in the right wall. Go through and find the |
    | braziers to your right marked with blue X"s. Put the fires out   |
    | nearly simultaneously. You"ll have about five seconds after ex-  |
    | tinguishing one brazier to snuff the other one. This opens a door|
    | into the final room. Note that, if you go this way, you skip     |
    | fighting Ultimo and don"t get the Strike upgrade near him.       |
    | (Unless, of course, you backtrack.)                              |
    | In the first room, take the first door on your left and go around|
    | on the walkway. Then, take the first door on the left and there"s|
    | another walkway, this time with a mini-boss, Dragonman. Like many|
    | of these mini-boss fights, ranged attacks work best as Dragonman |
    | mostly uses short-range melee attacks. From the next room, once  |
    | again go through the first door on the left. This time the walk- |
    | way is blocked by Ultimo. He"s a lot easier than you may think,  |
    | Dragonman was actually more difficult. At the far end of the     |
    | walkway is a Strike point behind a fire pit. Finally, you reach  |
    | the last room.                                                   |
In the final room you"ll have to defeat a horde of Shaolin monks before 
getting access to the exit room, which has a SAP. Beyond is the Golden Court. 
The first large room of the Court is full of clay warriors; who just aren"t 
very tough. Wipe them out, then fly up to a balcony that"s on the right 
corner of the room opposite where you entered.
Go through the door and find a weapon cache in the room beyond. Leave this 
room by the only other door and fight your way to a very large room with 
three levels. You"ll start running into Shaolin Monk Healers at this point. 
If you see your opponents glowing red and their health bars turn green, find 
the bald guy and take him down quickly.
At the end of the large room is a huge staircase. At the top of the stairs, 
jump to the balcony on your left and enter the side room to pick up the 
Ultimo schematics Nick Fury is looking for. Go back to the top of the huge 
staircase and jump to the balcony on your right. This side room has a 
Simulator Disc (Thing).
Now leave the large room and enter a boss fight against Grey Gargoyle. As you 
may expect, GG relies on heavy-duty melee attacks (plus he can turn you to 
stone for a short time), so using ranged attacks is the best way to go. As he 
loses health, healers will pop up and start regenerating his health. As soon 
as you see one of the healer monks appear, get rid of him. It will 
considerably shorten your battle with Gargoyle.
After Gargoyle, bust your way down the next hall to reach Celestial Hall. Go 
straight across the first large room to find a SAP with a locked door just 
beyond. From the SAP, go right and enter the side room. Kill the monks, then 
push or pull two large blocks over two of the three plates in the floor. The 
plates depress; then, step on the third plate to raise a lever. USE the lever 
to open one of the doors next to the SAP. Don"t forget a weapon cache while 
you"re in the room.
Go across the SAP room to the other side area. Go down the hall, and then 
through a door to your left. When you have finished killing monks (and a lot 
of them), a lever pops up and you can USE it to open the other door next to 
the SAP.
Beyond the door is Ultimo 2, which isn"t really that much harder than the 
first Ultimo (if you fought him earlier). Ranged attacks work pretty well as 
they keep you out of harms way. As you leave the room, make sure you pick up 
the Body and Focus upgrades near the door.
Up next is the Forbidden Passage. Soon after you enter, you find Dr. Strange 
in a fight with a bunch of monks. Help him out and he will journey with you 
to find the Orb of Agamotto. After Strange joins you, you"ll pass through a 
long hall. In the room beyond, look right and see a Simulator Disc (Crimson 
Dynamo) hidden among some whirling-blade columns. Destroy the columns with a 
ranged attack and collect the disc.
Next up is another large room. One door here cannot be opened. Continue 
through the door that is accessible and work your way toward the red X on 
your map. You"ll find a treasure chest with Strange"s Orb. He"ll thank you, 
you"ll get 10 Reputation points, and Dr. Strange is now unlocked as a 
playable character.
Backtrack a little, where the previous non-opening door has opened to spew 
forth a bunch of monks. Defeat the monks and go through the door. You"ll be 
in a small hall with four alcoves: two each on your left and right. Each 
alcove is "guarded" by a Bhudda statue and contains some treasure. Bust down 
the statues and collect the swag. The second alcove on your left also has a 
Black Panther action figure.
Next up is Mandarin"s Court and the final battle for Act I. Mandarin is not 
that tough--his attacks don"t do much damage; however, he is fairly resistant 
to damage, so this is mostly a test of patience.
But wait! What"s this? When Mandarin"s health reaches about 80%, he teleports 
into a closed balcony above you and sends out some exploding spiders and some 
Ultimo 3 prototypes. The spiders are the big worry. They chase you down, then 
explode, causing a fair amount of damage.
The trick is to lure the spiders on to the glowing teleport pad without 
stepping on the pad yourself. When you manage that trick, the spider 
teleports up to Mandarin"s balcony and destroys the Ultimo up there. You can 
then teleport up to Mandarin and smack him around a bit.
It takes quite a bit of patience to perfect luring the spiders over the 
active teleport pad while avoiding damage from the Ultimo 3"s. However, once 
you get the hang of it, the battle"s all but over. Mandarin will teleport 
three more times. In the fourth room, loot the weapon cache in the room after 
Mandarin teleports out. After the last beat-down, he drops back down to the 
main floor and you can finish him off there.
Jump through the newly opened portal to return to Stark Tower. Fury informs 
you the base of operations is moving. Before talking to Wingfoot and asking 
to go, be sure to talk to Fury again and give him the Ultimo schematics to 
close out that quest.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACT II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* Sanctum Sanctorum (S)
* Castle Doom
* Big Top (S)
* Pinball (S)
* Fairgrounds
* Maze-o-Death
* Fun House

* The Land of the Doomed
  Save Nightcrawler and Jean Grey at Castle Doom in Latveria.
* The Plight of the Phoenix
  Clear Jean Grey"s mind by destroying the equipment controlling her.
* Murderworld Mayhem
  Find Arcade and see what he knows about Nightcrawler.

 Optional Objectives
* Security Breach
  Get the S.H.I.E.L.D. security module from Vision and give it to Weasel.
* The Scientific Mystic
  Locate the mystic tome "A History of the Arcane" and give it to Vision.
* Political Schemes
  Locate and free Senator Kelly.

[] Strike point: Dr. Strange"s Sanctum
[] 2 Focus points: Dr. Strange"s bedroom
[] Sketch book: Dr. Strange"s Sanctuary
[] Daredevil action figure: Dr. Strange"s Sanctuary
[] Focus point: Castle Doom
[] Mysterio"s Simulator Disc: Castle Doom
[] Daredevil action figure: Castle Doom
[] Skill point: Castle Doom
[] Strike point: Castle Doom
[] Luke Cage"s Simulator Disc: Big Top
[] Sketch book: Big Top
[] Strike point: Pinball
[] Body point: Pinball
[] Sketch book: Pinball
[] Focus point: Fairgrounds
[] Sketch book: Fairgrounds
[] Elektra"s Simulator Disc: Maze-o-Death
[] Strike point: Fun House
[] Black Panther action figure: Fun House (if you"ve been diligent in
   collecting these, this is number 5 and Black Panther is now unlocked)
[] Body point: Arcade Bot Arena

Welcome to your new pad. Dr. Strange"s Sanctum Sanctorum serves as the HQ for 
Act II. Explore the area and talk to everyone you find. There are several 
rooms in the Sanctorum; and, you"ll find the usual assortment of goodies, 
* Strike upgrade
* 2 Focus upgrades (in Dr. Strange"s bedroom--you must have him on your
  team to get in there)
* A little to Vision and then find "A History of The
  Arcane" on an upstairs balcony in the Sanctuary; return to Vision to
  get your Reputation points
* Talk to Weasel to continue the Black Widow laptop side quest
* A sketch book
* A Daredevil action figure
* A Simulator Disc (Dr. Strange)
And, of course, you"ll find the review computer, S.H.I.E.L.D. training 
computer and trivia game. (Answers further down in this guide.) When you"ve 
finished exploring Dr. Strange"s crib, USE the Orb of Teleportation in the 
Sanctum and you"ll be taken to Dr. Doom"s castle.
You"re going to go a long way with no S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Points or the 
ability to portal back to base. In some areas, health orbs will be few and 
far between. You might want a hero with a healing power (such as Spider-
Woman). Just a suggestion.
Wipe out the Doombots in the first room and then locate the treasure chest on 
an upper platform. USE it for a little fun...
Well. Now. Something"s not quite right here, wouldn"t you say?
Up next is a hall filled with "chomping" gates. They"re not hard to duck 
through; however, your AI companions are not so good at dodging the gates and 
there aren"t a lot of breakables lying around to give out health orbs. A 
healing power would be a good thing here.
Beyond the chompers is a room with five side rooms. Break through the wood 
gates and collect the goodies inside. (Including another of those funky 
"treasure" chests.) There"s also a Focus upgrade, a Daredevil action figure 
and a Simulator Disc (Mysterio).
You then enter a hall with tracks on the floor. Advance a little way down the 
hall and gates will come down and the wall behind you will sprout spikes and 
start rumbling along the tracks. The camera will become fixed so your team is 
running toward you. Run as fast as you can, blowing through the gates as 
quickly as y