Reflections {Alex and Meredith}#28 Because she's the only one he can count on!

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This thread is devoted to the friendship and potential for a romantic relationship of
Alex Karev & Meredith Grey

I’ve said before that Alex is Meredith’s mirror and I’m saying it again. He’s too screwed up to give Ava a reason to stay because he doesn’t think he’s good enough. And it’s no coincidence that this scene comes right before the MerDer scene where Derek is asking her, all pained and raw, to put him out of his misery and Meredith is WAY too screwed up to give him an answer. They’re damaged people, Alex and Meredith.

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their significant others said:

“You know what, Meredith? Do whatever you want. Sleep with the guy for all I care.” - Izzie

“Who's next? Alex? 'Cause I hear he likes to sleep around. You two have that in common.” - Derek

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m o m e n t s

{1.03: Winning a Battle, Losing the War}
Alex: God, I smell good! You know what, its the smell of an open heart surgery. It is awesome. It. Is. Awesome! You gotta smell me.
Meredith: I dont want to smell you.
Alex: [wraps arms around her] Oh, yes you do!
Meredith: [She grabs Alex and pushes him up against a locker] You've gotta to be kidding me! I've got more important things to deal with than you. Ive got roommates, boy problems and family problems... You wanna act like a little frat boy bitch, thats fine. You wanna take credit for your saves and everybody elses, thats fine too. Just stay out of my face! And for the record, you smell like crap!

{1.06: If Tomorrow Never Comes}
Meredith: Are you really as shallow and callous as you seem?
Alex: Wanna grab a drink and hear about my secret pain?
Meredith: Does that line ever work for you?
Alex: Sometimes.
Meredith: Oh. Must be because you look like that.
Alex: Like what? [She gives him a look and he laughs] So is that a yes?
Meredith: No. I cant, I'm seeing someone.
Alex: Look, if you don't wanna go out with me just say so, you don't need to lie.
Meredith: Okay - I don't want to go out with you... and I think I might be seeing someone.

{2.03: Make Me Lose Control}
Alex: Nah... I guess not. You could talk, you know, I mean, if you need to.
Meredith: I'm fine.
Alex: You said that word so many times today, it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. Just saying you can talk to me. Because, you know, even if I repeat every word you say, no one around here likes me, they just call me a liar and a moron.
Meredith: Izzie likes you. You're blushing.
Alex: Shut up. For what it's worth, I don't know how you're still on your feet. If I found out my mom might have cancer, I'd be under the bar right now.
Meredith: You want the ugly truth?
Alex: What, you have an ugly truth? I never would have picked you to have an ugly truth.
Meredith: I'm more afraid she doesnt have cancer.
Alex: You know, liver cancers' fast. Painful, but its fast and they give you morphine. They don't give you morphine for Alzheimers.

{2.06: Into You Like A Train}
Meredith: Addison yelling at you in front of a patient?
Alex: She didn't exactly yell. [Pause] Fine, she's Satans whore.
Meredith: Thank you. So, did you yell back?
Alex: No.
Meredith: Dude, you lost your mojo.

Meredith: I hope you find your mojo Alex, I find you disturbing without it.
Alex: Me too.

{2.09: Thanks for the Memories}
Alex: What are you doing here?
Meredith: Waiting for my patient to wake up.
Alex: Why aren’t you at the Thanksgiving?
Meredith: Why aren’t you at Thanksgiving?
Meredith: What?
Alex: I tell you something, you tell me something.
Meredith: Okay. I feel like one of those people whose so freaking miserable they can’t be around normal people. Like I’ll infect the happy people. Like I’m some miserable diseased dirty ex-mistress. Your turn.
Alex: I failed the medical boards. If I tell Izzie she’ll be nice about it and all supportive and optimistic. She might as well rip my nads off and turn them into earrings.
Meredith: Alex, you should go to Thanksgiving. I mean don’t tell her if you don’t want to, but you should go. Otherwise you’re just... me.
Alex: A miserable diseased dirty ex-mistress. It’s hot. [Meredith laughs] It’s really hot. I feel better already.
Meredith: [still smiling] See?
(Alex gives her a reassuring pat, ruffles her hair and stands up)
Alex: Happy Thanksgiving.

{2.12: Straight to the Heart}
Alex: Could you be any more patronizing? I didn't ask for your help.
Meredith: Enough with the ego, you big baby! I gave up a surgery for this! [she lies back down and goes back to old womans voice] Now like I said, it hurts here, and here and back here. Oh and this morning I noticed my poop was a funny grayish color.

Izzie: Why does everyone care what kinda time Alex is having?
Meredith: Because he's dirty Uncle Sal.
George: Sorry?
Cristina: Huh?
Meredith: He's dirty Uncle Sal. The one who embarrasses everyone at family reunions and the one who can't be left alone with the teenage girls but you invite him to the picnic anyway.

{2.19: What Have I Done To Deserve This?}
Alex: Alright, so you slept with O'Malley. Big deal. Get over it already.
Meredith: He told you?
Alex: What? No. I...I was just kidding! Well, it's not like I should be surprised.
Meredith: Why not?
Alex: Because when your life is sucky, you get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men. It's your thing. Whatever. I find it charming.
Meredith: Well, you sleep with inappropriate women when you're sober.
Alex: Hey! Izzie forgave me for that. Why are you trying to piss me off?
Meredith: You're trying to suggest that its okay for you to sleep with Olivia, but not okay for me to sleep with George.

{3.17: Some Kind of Miracle}
Alex: I dunno... its just... Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance.

{3.18: Scars and Souvenirs}
Izzie: Alex is moving in?! To this house?!
Meredith: He's taking George's room.
Izzie: Why?
Derek: I was asleep just a minute ago.
Izzie: Ugh! And I was naked - in the bathroom - when Alex walked in. I'm lucky I didn't come out of the shower to see him peeing all over the seat.
Derek: And we're up. [Derek leaves]
Izzie: What's wrong with where he was living before?
Meredith: I don't know where he was living before.
Izzie: Probably a whorehouse. [Meredith laughs] I can't have him living in the room right next door. It's weird.
Meredith: People are what matters. Alex is one of our people. We can't just leave him out in the cold.

{3.20: Time After Time}
Alex: You may be confused, since you were basically raised by wolves, but this is what mothers do. They stop by, they stock the fridge... Hey dude, you think she might do our laundry?
Meredith: Hey! Get your own fake mom!

{3.24: Testing 1-2-3}
Meredith: Are you gonna give me an inspirational speech, too?
Alex: No. [He sits with her, in silence]

{4.07: Physical Attraction … Chemical Reaction}
Meredith: The Chief just saw me naked.
Alex: Huh, nice.
Lexie: Um, Alex, do you want to get a drink at Joe's?
Alex: Yeah, sure.
Meredith: Alex.
Lexie: There's no rule that says he can't have a drink with me.
Meredith: Actually, there is. I'm making one. No drinking with Alex, no sleeping with Alex.

Meredith: I don't care if you sleep with Lexie.
Alex: Oh, I just can't do it at my house.
Meredith: It's my house.
Alex: Oh, get over it.
Alex: It was a one time thing anyway.
Meredith: Alex.
Alex: What? Seriously, one time. What's the problem with you and your sister anyway?

Alex: I told her I couldn't see her anymore.
Meredith: You did?
Alex: Whatever. I don't need another chick with issues.
Meredith: Thank you.

{5.10: All By Myself}
[Alex panics when Izzie doesn't show for his surgery and asks Meredith to scrub in instead]
Alex: I'm freakin' out. I told her I love her. I told her I love her before a solo surgery. I can't believe that. Who does that? And now she's not gonna show up, and I'm freakin' out.
Meredith: Stop. Stop freaking out. If you screw this up and kill this guy, I'm gonna be pissed. Then I'll know I should've won it. You have to kick ass in there, Alex. You have no choice.

{5.16: An Honest Mistake}
Alex: Admit it. Her being around your guy bugs.
Meredith: Okay. It bugs a little.

{5.19: Elevator Love Letter}
Alex: I said go away.
Meredith: You left the door unlocked. Thats bold.
Alex: The Chief send you in here?
Meredith: Nope. I offered to come in. In case you needed to talk.
Alex: Hah, you think talking will help? You think a dixie cup full of my swimmers will make everything ok? Its crap. This is crap! You just cant go messing with peoples heads like that. Even if she freezes the embryos do you think, you think well get a chance to use them? You think shell still be here? You think she’ll survive all of this? You think... I think... She told me... she told me she was seeing a ghost okay. And I'm so used to all the crazy chicks in my life, that I didn't even... I'm a doctor. A Doctor! And I didn't even think to... and now she's... this is wrong. This isn't how its supposed to happen.
Meredith: I know.
Alex: Its crap!
Meredith: I know.
Alex: I hate this.
Meredith: I know.
Alex: This isn't... this isn't how we were supposed... this isn't how I wanted to do this. This isn't how Izzie and I were supposed to make a baby.

{5.22: What a Difference a Day Makes}
Meredith: Alex.
Alex: Bailey says Shepherd found another tumor, in Izzies brain. Did you hear?
Meredith: I heard.
Alex: I just...
Meredith: Alex.
Alex: He doesn't think hes gonna get it out this time. I think... [crying] I think she's gonna die on me. I think she's really gonna die... What are you doing here? Arent you supposed to be getting ready for a wedding?
Meredith: Well, thats what I came to talk to you about.

Meredith: [tears up] Okay, so whose the maid of honor? Me or Cristina?
Izzie: Cristina. Alex, he needs a best man... and he was asking for you.
Meredith: [laughs, trying to hold back the tears] Haha.

r e a s o n s

1) Because they both slept with inappropriate people, it's their thing.
2) Because she makes him think that screwed up people have a chance.
3) Because they are each other's reflection.
4) Because she tried to talk boy.
5) Because if she needs to talk, he'll listen.
6) Because she was the first to help him study for the boards.
7) Because they 'get' each other.
8) Because he confided in her about failing his boards.
9) Because she gave up a surgery to help him study.
10) Because she believes that he's different when you get to know him.
11) Because he asked if she needed anything.
12) Because she asked if he needed anything.
13) Because she lets him live in her house.
14) Because she asked if he was ok.
15) Because she made him blush.
16) Because he made her smile at/on Thanksgiving.
17) Because she likes him with his mojo.
18) Because he's one of her people.
19) Because he didn't give her an inspirational speech, he just sat beside her.
20) Because she knows he's not as shallow and callous as he seems.
21) Because he would tell her about his secret pain.
22) Because she cheers him up.
23) Because of the head-pat!
24) Because she gets him to go inside for Thanksgiving.
25) Because she wanted to help him out in the spirit of Christmas.
26) Because they don't judge each other.
27) Because she doesn't hate him.
28) Because when Meredith was holding the bomb, Alex said "should we call Meredith's family?"
29) Because she can talk you know, if she needs to.
30) Because he didn't think she'd have an ugly truth.
31) Because they can sit in total silence and still be comfortable.
32) Because they are soulmates, they just don't know it yet...
33) Because they bring out the good in each other.
34) Because they both had rough childhoods.
35) Because if Ellis hadn't gotten sick, Meredith would probably be Alex.
36) Because they are cut from the same cloth.
37) Because Alex picked Meredith, chose Meredith, what comes next?
38) Because she's like him.

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p r e v i o u s t h r e a d s

#1: You tell me a secret, I'll tell you mine
#2: Because they are each other's reflection
#3: Because they deserve a chance!
#4: Because Alex is the only man who chose Meredith first
#5: BC we want them to talk about their mothers, together
#6: Because she was his best man!
#7: Because she's like his sister from another mother
#8: Because "What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies." - Aristotle.

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