Avril Lavigne Music Appreciation #6: Thread #6 waiting for AL6!

Welcome to the 6th Avril Lavigne Music Appreciation Thread

I sit down with a guitar and if there's a situation I feel strongly about, or a guy that I've been thinking about or if I'm mad at a guy, it comes out.

Welcome to the Avril Lavigne Music thread. She has many talents, one being her amazing voice.

In this thread you will find everything you need to know about Avril's Music Career, so you can too appreciate our girl.

I think, you know, my parents really saw that I was really into music and that kinda caused that I got a bunch of instruments. So growing up I had drums around, guitar and a piano and I learnt how to play all those.

The Songs

Let Go (2002) Track Listing:

Losing Grip


Sk8er Boi

I'm With You




Anything But Ordinary

Thing's I'll Never Say

My World

Nobody's Fool

Too Much To Ask


Under My Skin (2004) Track Listing:

Take Me Away


Don't Tell Me

He Wasn't

How Does It Feel

My Happy Ending

Nobody's Home


Who Knows

Fall To Pieces

Freak Out

Slipped Away

The Best Damn Thing (2007) Track Listing:


I Can Do Better


The Best Damn Thing

When You're Gone

Everything Back But You



I Don't Have to Try

One of Those Girls


Keep Holding On

Misc. Avril Songs



Falling Down

Get Over It

I Always Get What I Want

I Don't Give

I Will Be

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Two Rivers

Take It

Temple of Life

Touch The Sky


NOTE: Show your support to Avril! Downloading her music for free is nice, but please do buy her CDs when you have the chance to!

My inspiration to continue writing music comes from everything. I just always feel like I have so much in me.
1. PeytonMelissa
2. Peyton Scott
3. snatches of sunshine

Funny enough my favorite song to perform was the song that I play drums on, that I don't have to sing. I get to sit down and play the drums, and I love playing the drums.

Official CD Art:
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Let Go:

Under My Skin:

The Best Damn Thing:

Avril Live Acoustic:

Let Go (Tour Edition + Bonus AVCD):

I'd describe my music and my sound as Avril Lavigne.

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Songs; Avril wrote for others
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  • Breakaway
  • I Will Be

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    Covers; by Avril
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  • Imagine
  • Love Revolution

  • [Rock] KuschelRock Collection Vol.01-31 (1987-2017)