SWAT 3 - Close Quarters Battle [Walkthrough]

SWAT 3 - Close Quarters Battle

Full Walkthrough
Document written by PyroFalkon (pyrofalkon@hotmail.com)
Current Version: 1
Latest Update: 17 April 2004

v1 (17 April 2004)
First release of the guide.

1. Intro
2. Game Basics
   a. Elements and Call Signs
   b. Rules of Engagement
   c. Stealth and Dynamic
   d. Your Role As Leader
   e. The View Port
   f. Miscellaneous Notes
3. Walkthrough
   a. Mission 1:  Army Ranger Wannabe
   b. Mission 2:  Gatts to Get Going
   c. Mission 3:  Who Carved the Turkey?
   d. Mission 4:  The Mansion Family
   e. Mission 5:  Holy Crap
   f. Mission 6:  The Sky is Falling
   g. Mission 7:  Overdrawn Account
   h. Mission 8:  Oprah Gets Spanked
   i. Mission 9:  Beat Down the Flaming Bird
   j. Mission 10: Penthouse Follies
   k. Mission 11: Urban Shield
   l. Mission 12: ATC Gone Horribly Wrong
   m. Mission 13: "We Don"t Anticipate Problems"
   n. Mission 14: Mushrooms, Anyone?
   o. Mission 15: Stinky!
   P. Mission 16: It All Comes Down To This
   q. Epilogue
4. Version History
5. Copyright Info
6. Contact Info

||1. INTRO||
This past weekend, I watched SWAT, the movie based on the 70s TV show. After 
that, I got the itch to play the game. There was one mission I never could pass 
well, so I jumped on GameFAQs to see if I could get help. This FAQ is the 
fourth one I"ve started because I saw a lack of help online. Every game should 
have a complete FAQ, shouldn"t it?
This game is a little unusual in that there"s multiple ways to solve levels. 
Unlike Rainbow Six 3, enemies" and hostages" locations may jump around quite a 
bit inside the level. Due to this, the FAQ reflects the possibilities. As early 
as the first mission, the suspects may lay down for you or get hostile, AND 
IT"S RANDOM. If things ARE in the same places mission to mission, I"ll tell 
Okay, first, let"s get to the basics of the game.

This section deals with how to proceed when playing. This will NOT have the 
controls of the game in it. If you need help with that, check the manual, or 
just head into the options screen and check the key config.
|2a. Elements and Call Signs|
SWAT is divided into teams called elements. You take the role of a sergeant 
with eight men under your command. You will be in every mission, and you"ll 
have two two-man elements with you dubbed red and blue. In the missions, you"ll 
command them by calling their element color, and they"ll refer to you as 
element or team leader.
The exact officers in the elements, and to what elements they are assigned, 
seems to be random. In any event, you can"t choose them, but it doesn"t really 
matter because everyone seems to have the same stats.
You can usually rely on your elements. They always follow the rules of 
engagement, and they are extremely accurate. In about 25 missions I"ve run, 
they"ve only opened fire on each other once, and that was because we faced 
about four enemies in surprise.
Your allies have instant reaction too, so if you"re not a big FPS player (like 
me, who only likes tactical shooters), you may want to send in your teammates 
before you go in, and take more of a passive role. I"ll talk more about that in 
a second.
The main dude of SWAT is a lieutenant called 10-David. He"s going to be at 
every mission site, and you will report directly to him. The six sergeants 
under his command are 20-David, 30-David, 40-David, 50-David, 60-David, and 70-
David. You will take the role of one of the 20- through 70-David"s.
|2b. Rules of Engagement|
The mantra of SWAT is that it"s a life-saving organization, not a life-taking 
one. SWAT officers don"t go around and randomly shoot up people; this ain"t 
Operation Desert Storm.
In fact, if you"ve played the prior SWAT games, you"ll know all that goes on 
prior to combat. When SWAT is called to the scene, they first try to talk the 
suspect into submission. After enough time, or if any shot is fired, then 
combat becomes the only option left. SWAT 3 assumes that contact has failed or 
a shot has been fired, so it bypasses all that peaceful stuff and goes right to 
the action.
Despite all that, again, this isn"t Rainbow Six. You cannot just charge in and 
open fire. As the manual says, you are not judge, jury, and executioner. When 
you encounter a suspect, you can only open fire if the enemy fires on you 
first. You must give them a chance to surrender by shouting compliance. By 
default it"s the 7 key on the number row, but I find that too out-of-the-way. I 
put compliance on the middle mouse button as well, so I"ve always got a finger 
near it.
You need to shout compliance to everyone, not just suspects. Everyone, hostages 
too, is considered "dangerous." After all, a freaked out hostage may pick up a 
suspect"s weapon and start firing it at SWAT or other hostages or something. In 
other words, everyone who can stand needs to be handcuffed. If someone is 
wounded or dead, they can"t be handcuffed, but it"s okay because they"re no 
longer a threat.
When a person is secure, whether that means cuffed or no longer a threat, they 
must be reported to your sergeant. Read the next sentence carefully...
One of my friends who played this game had that problem. He cuffed the suspect, 
but didn"t report it, and the mission never ended. You must report every single 
person you come across. In addition to that, you must report them accurately. 
You can"t say "Suspect" when you mean "Hostage," and you can"t say "Wounded" 
when you mean "Dead."
If you think this all doesn"t matter, think again. When in your missions, you 
have a stat called your Leadership Rating. This goes down every time you make a 
mistake, from misreporting something to whacking a hostage to capping someone 
who wasn"t firing on you. If your Leadership Rating dips too low, you"re 
considered unfit for the job, and you"re fired... in other words, game over.
|2c. Stealth and Dynamic|
There are two movement modes in missions: stealth and dynamic. In stealth mode, 
your officers move slowly, peak around doors, pick locks, and otherwise try to 
do the James Bond thing. In dynamic mode, officers run, doors are blown open 
with C4, and shells fly.
Stealth mode is great in theory, especially if you"re used to Rainbow Six, but 
I find it a little useless, especially in late missions. See, if there"s ANY 
suspect within visual range, stealth mode breaks and everyone goes into 
dynamic. (The reason is because, technically, you"re not supposed to fire shots 
from stealth mode. It doesn"t count as a mistake, but stealth mode is supposed 
to be nice and quiet, and gunshots are not nice and quiet.)
In the early missions, initially going into a building in stealth mode may be a 
good idea, but it won"t be long before everyone has to go dynamic. Remember, 
you can switch modes any time using the Page Up and Down keys. You are the 
element leader, and can do what you want.
|2d. Your Role As Leader|
Prior to a mission starting, you can review all available information on the 
site. You can get a view of the probable suspects and what they"re armed with, 
how many hostages and such are planned, and any other general information that 
might help you. Note that no matter how much information 10-David may have for 
you, there"s always a chance that there"s a surprise or two waiting for you, 
and you have to be ready for it.
As team leader, you will outfit all five men in the element how you want. The 
selection of weapons and things are limited... as one reviewer put it, SWAT 
isn"t a military organization, so they don"t have the same funding and access 
to equipment that, say, Team Rainbow does. Anyway, after outfitting your men, 
you will select one entry point and the starting mode. That"s all the planning 
you do, though; every step of the way will be planned on the fly.
Once inside, there"s really two ways you can do things: passive or active. If 
you"re a passive leader, like me, you send your computer-controlled elements 
into most situations. You serve to cover their backs and "clean up the trash," 
as well as report suspects and such. If you"re an active leader, you go through 
doors first and fight most of the time. Make sure that compliance button is 
close by, because you"ll be on it a lot.
Either method is fine. Just pick which one you"re more comfortable with, but 
note that you may have to temporarily switch if things go wrong.
|2e. The View Port|
The view port is probably the best tool you"ve got, but it"s a little weird to 
use. Its purpose is to see what your allies are seeing no matter where anyone 
is. A little window pops open in the top-right corner when activated.
You can even send commands in the view port. By holding the T key, you make a 
little red cursor appear in the view port. While it"s active, you can"t move or 
shoot, so don"t do it if you"re under pressure.
Now, here"s the weird part. There"s a toggle that basically turns the view port 
on or off. Unfortunately, THERE"S NO WAY TO KNOW WHETHER IT"S ON OR OFF. Here"s 
what you do... The Insert, Home, Delete, and End keys correspond to specific 
members on your team. Hitting Insert *should* bring up the red member &ndash1"s view 
port. If it doesn"t, then the view port is off. Hit the Backspace key, THEN hit 
Insert again. You won"t need to hit Backspace again for the rest of the 
The first time I use the view port is mission 4. You can use it before then, 
but it won"t really be necessary.
|2f. Miscellaneous Notes|
Pistols are not worthless. If you"re in a tight area, you may want to use your 
pistol instead of your main firearm. If you"re using an automatic, it may be 
way too easy to hit someone who doesn"t deserve it. If you"re in a large area 
though, you"ll need to use your main weapons.
You can give most of the weapons non-lethal ammo. That"s fine and all for the 
first few missions, but that ammo doesn"t penetrate body armor, which most of 
the suspects in the later levels wear. I"ll make notes about that in the 
walkthrough, though.
The F key activates your gun"s flashlight, and works with pistols and firearms 
alike. Use it whenever you can.
You don"t have frag grenades, but you do have teargas and flashbangs. Tear gas 
works fantastically in this game, and all SWAT members automatically have gas 
masks, so you won"t have to worry about breathing the fumes. Just look away 
from flashbangs if you throw one.
The Wave (F7 by default) is your all-purpose tool for everything from doors to 
bombs. You"ll be using it often.
The four primary weapons are the MP5, MP5SD, M4, and M1 Tactical Shotgun. The 
MP5 and its silenced cousin are good for most situations. The M4 is good for 
extra firepower or range. The M1 is fantastic for door breaching, making it 
perfect for close quarters combat, especially inside buildings. It"s normally a 
good idea for someone to have it unless you know you"ll be outside. I"ll 
recommend a gear setup before each mission, but you"re free to do what you 
There is only one secondary weapon.
If one of your team members KILLS a suspect, they"ll report it for you. If they 
only wound a suspect, you have to report it for them.
You"ll not have a count on ammo or anything, so you"ll just have to "feel" when 
you"re close to the end of a clip. Reload often, between every firefight.
When I mention "take red" or "take blue," you can swap the colors. I just tend 
to make blue the cover team and red the assault team. But, that"s just me.
If a mission doesn"t end even though you think it should, that means there"s 
probably someone who wasn"t reported. Remember, if someone is wounded, you have 
to report that they"re down, AND you have to report to evacuate them. If 
there"s still no apparent end and you"ve checked everything, then you can 
always end the mission early. That may result in a failure, but remember, you 
can always ACCEPT a mission failure and go on anyway, until the last few 

Okay, let"s fire up the game! I"ll lead you through the first couple screens, 
then we"ll get to the first mission. As always, check over your options before 
doing much else, but when you"re ready, head into Career Mode. This walkthrough 
covers the original 5-man missions.
Once you start the campaign, you"ll be asked to put in info. I love putting my 
real stuff, so let"s see... Last name Falkon, first name Pyro, nickname PF, 
years in SWAT 1 (because I"ve gone through the whole campaign once so far), 
race white with brown eyes (that"s the closest anyway), personality operator.
After that, you can pick your squad. Again, this is purely aesthetic. Basically 
what you"re doing is replacing one of the team leaders and taking his people. 
Pick carefully, because it"s permanent. You can read the officer bios in case 
you have any particular preference. For this FAQ, I"m taking squad 3, the one 
led by Carpenter and Dunn.
You get one final confirmation screen now. Make sure everything is good to go, 
and click "Confirm." Now you can click "Metro" or "Call Up." Metro leads to the 
map, where you can look around. Call Up leads to the first mission right away. 
Either way, when you"re ready, click "Pre-Assault" to go.
By the way, there is an overall storyline. A conference is being held in Los 
Angeles because an international treaty banning nuclear weapons is going to be 
signed. Terrorist activity and general crime rises because of this, so SWAT 
gets a bunch of missions. The missions aren"t as related to each other as a 
Rainbow Six game, but the later ones have some significance.
Oh, and the names given to the missions in the walkthrough are mine. You won"t 
find the names in-game, they"re just what I call the missions. That way you can 
tell at a glance which mission is which, and it provides me an opportunity to 
spread along some lame humor.
|3a. Mission 1: Army Ranger Wannabe|
A guy named Martin Brenner is holed up in his house near the highway. For some 
reason that no one can figure out, he"s randomly shooting at people and cars. 
Some think that he"s just off his medication, but either way, we need to get in 
Martin Brenner"s house. This is just a small two-story thing with an attic. 
It"s really tight, so go with pistols.
For you, I"d suggest the M1, but you shouldn"t need it. For everyone else, go 
with the MP5SD.
Occasionally an unknown woman is in the house. She"s presumably Martin"s 
girlfriend, but either way, she"s not a threat.
There are very few missions where I suggest going into the building in stealth 
mode, but this is one of them. There"s only a maximum of two people inside, and 
there"s no reason to go running through it.
Due to the constriction of the building, I recommend going in with only ONE 
element. Leave blue or red outside (by telling them to cover the front door), 
and tell only the other one to enter the house. First have them search the 
first floor. You probably won"t find anything, but you might find the 
girlfriend or a couple weapons.
After that, slowly head upstairs. Martin himself is usually in one of two 
places: the second room to your left on the second floor, or the attic. There"s 
a THIN chance he"ll be wandering the halls. What I do is cover my element while 
they search that first room. If he"s not there, they search the next room. 
Repeat for the third if you still haven"t found him. (The third room, by the 
way, is the bedroom, and it"s where the woman normally is if she"s there at 
If he"s still not found, head upstairs to the attic, because he"s definitely 
there. Go dynamic if you"re still in stealth, and tell your buddies to breach, 
bang, and clear. Whether you"ve found him or not, though, you need to go to the 
attic to confiscate the sniper rifle.
|3b. Mission 2: Gatts to Get Going|
An arrest warrant was issued for Victor Gatts, but he"s now barricaded himself 
in the house, so he has to be dug out. His son, Alan, lives with him and is in 
the house as well, but Alan is not wanted. Victor Gatts is into bombs, and 
there are probably a bunch in the house that should be confiscated.
Victor Gatts"s house is a one-story house, which is a little roomier than 
Martin Brenner"s house. There"s also a garage, and a basement in that garage.
Same as the last mission. You should take the M1 shotgun, and have everyone 
else take MP5SDs, but you should be using your pistol for most of this.
Alan Gatts is always in the house, but his role changes. I"ve found him totally 
unarmed and cooperative sometimes, and completely hostile with a handgun other 
times. Both Gattses move around a bit too; I"ve found them in the hallway, and 
Alan sometimes hides in the hall closet. 
Don"t worry about stealth here. Go into the house through the front door (side 
1, level 1) in dynamic mode. Breach, bang, and clear the living room with 
everybody because Alan might be there. Tell your boys to search the place for 
illegal weapons. Tell blue to cover the door to your left, then send red into 
the hallway.
If the hallway is clear, check the closet, then go room by room down the 
hallway. Be careful about the first door away from the closet, because it"s 
booby trapped. To disarm it, use the big tool to on the black box to the right 
of the door. Otherwise, just make your way down the hall.
After red checks the master bedroom, go back to the living room and tell blue 
to go through their door. They"ll be in the kitchen. Clear it, then tell them 
to go again. The next door leads to the garage, and there"s ALWAYS someone 
there, whether it"s Alan or Victor. Clear that too. Have Red finish the rest of 
the house, and have everyone meet up in the garage.
Tell the whole element to go downstairs and search. The bomb is down there, but 
it"s disarmed. Your team will pick it up automatically, and that will be the 
end of the mission.
|3c. Mission 3: Who Carved the Turkey?|
The Turkish embassy was bombed, and the ambassador was kidnapped. The 
kidnappers took him to an export garage. The FBI wonders if this has happened 
because someone wants a special Russian-made suitcase nuke. In theory, they"d 
use the Turkish ambassador as a bargaining chip to get one. But, the nuke 
situation isn"t an issue at the moment. You just need to worry about rescuing 
the ambassador.
The River Tigris Import/Export store is a fairly small building. It"s very 
linear on the upper floor, and then you"ll descend into a basement. The 
basement has a few turns, but nothing big.
Same as the last two missions, and again, you probably won"t need anything more 
than your pistol.
On the upper floor, in the second room, the store owner is freaking out. He 
poses no threat, but he"s not a suspect. Everyone else on site (aside from the 
ambassador in the basement) carries weapons. Despite the mission taking place 
in the day, you"ll be dark rooms all the way through, so hit that F key as soon 
as you"re in.
There"s only one way in. Take it in dynamic mode. You may need your shotgun 
here for the first room... for that matter, you may need to open fire before 
even entering the building! Anyway, once you"re in, switch to your pistol and 
head into the back.
There"s a small room where normally the shop owner is. Even if he"s there, 
don"t worry about him just yet. Keep going further back, because there are 
normally a couple of threats in the farthest room. With that clear, tell blue 
to back off (again, tell them to cover a door several rooms back), and tell red 
to proceed through the short door to the right. Then tell red to go into the 
next door, which leads down the stairs to the basement. Follow them down, then 
tell everyone to fall in.
Now that you"re in the basement, you need to be really ready. Keep your pistol 
out, but you probably won"t have any problems here. The Turkish ambassador has 
a black sack over his head, so he"s easy to spot. Everyone else who may be down 
there is a threat, so do what you need to. (Occasionally, there"s NO ONE down 
aside from the hostage, so it could be really easy.)
|3d. Mission 4: The Mansion Family|
Around seven enemies went into the home of CEO Donald Foreman. Something went 
wrong, and shots were fired. A neighbor heard the noise and saw Donald"s wife, 
Linda, bleeding. Not only are those two hostages, but so are their two kids. 
The enemies are in full body armor.
Donald Foreman"s mansion is a little more open than the other buildings, but 
it"s still a little tight. There are three floors, plus the yard. The first 
floor is the largest, holding the living room, kitchen, and a couple small 
rooms. The second floor holds a few bedrooms. The lowest floor has a few small 
rooms as well.
Everyone needs to take MP5s with zero clips of the Jacketed Hollow Point ammo, 
and several clips of the Full Metal Jacket ammo. Body armor will block the JHP 
ammo, so don"t even bother with it. With hostages around, you need MP5s over 
M4s to have better control of your shooting, and you"ll need a punch that the 
MP5SD doesn"t provide.
There"s more than five enemies here, and at least three are outside. Anyone 
outside can shoot you when you get inside since most of the windows are pretty 
large, so be very careful. Linda Foreman is hit, but not dead, and she"s still 
on her feet. You"ll have to cuff her.
Sierra did not want to show children being dead or wounded, so no matter what 
you or anyone else does, the children WILL BE ALIVE AND UNHARMED. They cannot 
be cuffed, but they have to be reported to "evacuate" anyway. They won"t be 
moving, they"ll only be lying in one place.
This mission steps up the difficulty quite a bit from your last three. Side 1, 
level 1 leads to the living room, which is WELL guarded. Enter from Side 3, 
basement level, if you want keep your entire team alive. Go in dynamically, 
because the bullets will be flying in an instant.
Clear the yard. Send blue up the stairs to cover the door by the pool, then 
take red and go into the door at the bottom, which leads to the housekeeper"s 
apartment. Ignore the stairs on the left for now, then enter the next door. 
Turn right, into the small living room. Continue into the small bedroom, then 
go into the bedroom at the end. With the whole thing clear, tell red to fall 
in, then go back to the stairs. SLOWLY go up it, and keep your Optiwand out to 
make sure there"s no one around the corner. When it"s safe, tell red to cover 
the landing, then head back outside.
Go back to where blue is, then tell them to enter the house via the poolside 
door. Occasionally, the daughter is laying on the red sofa just inside that 
room. Tell blue to cover the double doors, then open the single door on the 
wall opposite the TV, but DO NOT ENTER. You are looking at the same kitchen red 
Fire up the view port, and send red into the kitchen. Have them search the two 
rooms on the other side of the kitchen form the stairs, and cover the double 
doors in the kitchen while they do. Issue your commands from the view port so 
that you can keep your crosshairs where they need to be. When they"re done with 
the utility room and bathroom, tell them to check the closet in the kitchen. 
When all that"s clear, tell them to cover the double doors in your place, then 
return to blue, but leave the red view port open.
Enter the next room with blue. Proceed carefully, as this is the big living 
room. There"s a guy outside the house who WILL shoot into it as soon as he sees 
you. As blue and you clear this area, use the view port to tell red to enter 
their double doors, which leads to the same room. Let both teams clear that 
room and the enemy outside, then regroup everybody.
Tell blue to cover the single door adjacent to the living room, and tell red to 
cover the hallway that leads to a single door and a set of double glass doors. 
Then blue to open their door and clear it. Inside is a bathroom, and usually 
Linda is there. With red still covering the hall, tell blue to search and clear 
the room through the double glass doors.
Take the lead and turn the corner of the hallway. Head up the stairs carefully 
to the first landing. If it"s clear, tell red to cover it, then head back down. 
Tell blue to bang and clear the single door that you passed to get to the 
stairs. That door leads to a large garage, and you may want to help out blue if 
things get rough.
Turn on the view port for red and tell them to continue moving up to the second 
floor. Once you"re on the landing, tell red to go room by room searching. Cover 
them while they do so, and soon the mission will be over.
|3e. Mission 5: Holy Crap|
A bunch of armed guys have taken a church. They arrived during a prayer 
service, but allowed the churchgoers to leave. They"ve taken the clergy, which 
number around seven, as hostages.
A defector gave LAPD and SWAT some additional information. The main target of 
the kidnapping was Alexy III, a very high-ranking religious official. The 
kidnappers were paid by some guy named Rick "Dog," with no known last name. 
Rick was paying quite a bit of cash to get Alexy, but only wanted him alive.
Also, there"s a third force involved in this mess. We have the good (SWAT and 
the hostages), the bad (the suspects), and the... questionable. The church 
hired a private security force to protect them. Fat lot of good that did, huh? 
Either way, they"re in the church, but it"s unknown what their role is.
Saint Dimitri"s Holy Trinity Church has several floors. What"s even more 
annoying than that is the fact that there are actually a bunch of secret 
passages and back doors. Plus, the church is anything but linear, so it may be 
tough to figure out how to take it.
Due to the enemies having body armor, you need the same stuff you had last 
time. That is, an MP5 for everyone with nothing but the FMJ clips.
The private security force, which contains roughly four people, has a random 
role. Sometimes they"ll be in on the kidnapping, and they"ll actually try to 
shoot you and your officers. Most of the time, they"re neutral because they 
didn"t anticipate this problem, so they"ll be cooperative but nothing else. 
Very rarely, they"ll actually ASSIST SWAT and shoot at the baddies. No matter 
what their role is, though, you have to cuff "em.
There"s only one entry point, so take it dynamically. Your team will go through 
the courtyard by themselves and enter the church, but will hold at the side 
door. Tell red to enter the door. You"ll see a spiral staircase going up, which 
red will probably immediately explore. Once they do, tell blue to cover the 
door at the bottom of the stairs, then follow red as they ascend.
At the top of the stairs, go along the balcony to the next door. Tell red to 
get in there and clear it. Cover the hallway, then send red up the stairs. Use 
the view port to tell them to clear the entire upstairs. When done, tell them 
to return to you. Assist them in clearing out the rest of that floor.
Once it"s all clear, go into the back room at look carefully at the wall. 
You"ll see a door-sized split in it. That"s a secret passage that goes down 
into the back rooms of the worship room, but more on that in a sec. Tell red to 
go first down that passage. Go into that room, then hold at the single door.
Now, open the blue view port and tell them to enter the door they"ve been 
covering all this time. Meanwhile, tell red to enter the door you"re near, and 
follow them in. It all goes to the same large worship room, and that"s where 
most of the enemies are. Remember to go in with gas to give all your guys a 
chance at capturing the suspects instead of just capping them all.
With the worship room clear, there"s only two more rooms to hit. Tell the whole 
element to fall in, then face the worship room from the view of the pews. On 
the far right is the door you used to enter. On the far left is another room 
similar to the one you went through. In the center is a hidden door that leads 
to a smaller room. Clear the room on the left with red, and clear the center 
room at the same time. Follow whichever team you want, and be sure to report 
the captured and casualties. That should end the mission.
|3f. Mission 6: The Sky is Falling|
At a water treatment plant, terrorists have setup AA missiles, and have shot 
down one passenger plane that was carrying the Algerian president and some of 
his ruling party, along with other civilians and the flight crew. Everyone"s 
dead, and somebody"s gotta pay. SWAT"s been called in to fix the situation.
The water treatment plant where the missiles are is large and open. There are a 
few buildings around, but for the most part it"s just one huge area with a 
couple of things lying around for cover. The place is still under construction, 
so open pipes and pieces of metal are everywhere.
There are no hostages here, and the place is open, so we"re going full power 
this time. Have everyone take M4s with nothing but the Hollow Point ammunition. 
The non-lethal Atlantic Arms Punch ammo just won"t cut it. Oh, and this time, 
don"t worry about your pistol.
Despite what 10-David is telling you, before and during the mission, THERE IS 
NO TIME LIMIT... at least none that I can find. No matter how long I"ve taken, 
the terrorists have not shot off another missile. Still, that doesn"t mean you 
should just stand around and take in the sights.
There are three missile launchers around the complex. When you find a missile 
launcher, just use the Wave to disarm it.
With enemies covering both entry points, it"s pointless to go in with stealth 
mode on. There"s a missile close to the entrance of side 1, level 1, so enter 
from there.
You"ll probably be under fire immediately. Clear the area, then turn left 
immediately. You"ll pass a yellow forklift to your left, and right next to it 
is a door leading into a concrete building. Head down there, and disarm the 
missile launcher, then go back up via the other ramp.
Proceed forward at a run, but slow down as you get to the next corner, which is 
about halfway along the wall to your left. Bang the area, then run in and clear 
it and the area below you to your right. This might be a big firefight 
depending on how many tangos are there, so be ready to help your guys. When 
it"s clear, run down that area to your right and disable the missile. (To reach 
it, you"ll have to take a small path that goes under the pipe.) Two down, one 
to go.
Gather up your team, then send them THROUGH the pipe near the missile launcher. 
That"ll take them to a similar area, also below ground. When you pop out of the 
other side of the pipe, look to your left, and you"ll see the last missile 
launcher. Disarm that pup, and now you only have to worry about cleaning the 
rest of the place of tangos.
Head up the ramp of this small area, then turn right twice. Clear the area up 
to the corner, then turn around and head back. Go through the small "room" 
where the two yellow construction vehicles are. Clear it, then head left around 
the corner. Personally clear the two portable bathrooms to the left, then take 
red with you into the gray stone building by them. Have blue covering the door 
to the other, brown stone building while you do this.
Help red clear the building, then join up with blue. Using the whole element, 
enter and clear the first room of brown stone building. Tell blue to fall in, 
and have red hit the smaller side room with gas. Clear it, then tell the whole 
element to fall in and exit the building the same way you came in.
If the mission is still not over, there aren"t too many other places the enemy 
can be. Once out of the building, turn left twice. Proceed down this "hallway" 
until you reach the corner. Once there, turn left, and keep going. You"ll soon 
find yourself back at the forklift near where you found the first missile. Turn 
left as soon as you can, and look to your left. There"s a chain-link gate that 
leads to a final "room" of the area. Breach, gas, and clear. After that, 10-
David should call you back.
|3g. Mission 7: Overdrawn Account|
A bank is being robbed. Real original, huh? We"ve already got one officer down, 
who is on the floor and bleeding in the lobby.
The California Security Bank is only a couple floors, and it"s tight. You"ll be 
entering via helicopter and rooftop.
Okay, here"s an interesting set of options. The enemies are not wearing body 
armor, and the halls make it too tight to use the M4 anyway. However, they"ve 
got rifles, so you may not have the time to use the pistol strategy and "bang 
bang bang" people... More likely, you"ll have to "rata-tata-tata-tata-tata" 
your way through this one. The problem, however, is the close quarters.
Give your computer teammates MP5s, not silenced. Trust me, you don"t need to 
stealth your way though this one. The problem now, is you personally. Are you 
good with your pistol? If you are, take the M1 shotgun with a balance of 
shells, and use your pistol once you"re inside. If you"re not good with the 
pistol, take an MP5 with you too. Either way, make sure everyone has JHP 
rounds, which kill more than injure, but will bring a quick end to this.
There is OCCASIONALLY a baddie or two in the space between the roof and first 
floor. I don"t know what the hell he"s doing up there, but just be ready for 
The woman who made the cell phone call that 10-David told you about is 
sometimes hiding in the bathroom. Sometimes, she"s somewhere else.
The officer who"s down is always in the lobby, just in front of the barricaded 
front door, but he"s sometimes dead before you get there. Either way, he"s at 
least wounded, so you won"t need to cuff him.
The hostages are USUALLY in the vault, but occasionally they"re spread 
Even though 10-David says that there"s four entrances, there"s really only two, 
because each door leads to another one. You"ll need to clean out the whole 
thing anyway, so start by turning right and going to door B. If you"ve got a 
shotgun, switch to your secondary ammo and blast the door open. Send in the 
element, and wind your way through the maze to clear it. You should arrive at 
door A. Blast it too to return to the roof. Head to door C, clear the whole 
thing, and pop out of door D simply to make sure you"ve got everything, then go 
back in.
Now, at least one of your guys is looking at the door to head down into the 
bank, so use the view ports to figure out how to get there. If you can"t find 
how to get there even if you see it in a view port, find another member of your 
team, then use a view port command to tell the whole element to enter the door, 
then follow you guy to it. If you CAN see it, only tell red to go down, since 
it"ll be a tight fit. Once you"re in, have the whole element fall in.
Now, most of the baddies are in the lobby, but you may encounter some already. 
Take the lobby last if you have a choice. If the door to the lobby is already 
open, then hit it first. If it"s closed, clear all other rooms before the lobby 
using only one color. Once you clear that floor and report everyone, it"s over.
|3h. Mission 8: Oprah Gets Spanked|
Terrorists have taken over a TV station during a live broadcast of a talk show. 
They think they"re still on the air and have been doing the political 
propaganda thing, but they"re really just preaching to SWAT. They"ve got a 
bunch of people as hostages, to the point where the terrorists are almost 
The DBN TV sound stage is pretty open, but not as much as the water treatment 
plant. It"s basically only one floor, although the producer"s booth at the 
sound stage proper is upstairs.
The place is tight enough to make the M4 a little tough to use. With all the 
hostages running around, I feel that any automatic is dangerous, so I recommend 
that EVERYONE takes shotguns, and have a healthy balance of shells for door 
breaching. Just be sure not to use slugs when attacking the enemies, because 
you don"t want to nail a hostage accidentally.
None, really. The hostages and terrorists move around a bit from mission to 
mission, but there"s no major weird thing that happens.
The two entry points are a staircase that will lead you to a skywalk and 
building, or a parking lot leading you somewhere else. Going to the skywalk 
makes the mission linear, so that"s the one I"d suggest. Go to side 1, level 1, 
in dynamic mode. You"re all using shotguns, so why bother with silence?
Charge up the stairs, blast open the door to get into the skyway, and turn 
left. Tell your boys to cover the door, then blast it open for them. Anyone 
inside will be instantly dropped. Tell your guys to enter and clear, especially 
the left side where all the props are.
Now, tell blue to cover the far door (the one with the "On the Air" sign above 
it), and tell red only to breach and clear Studio C. It connects into Studio D, 
so clear the whole thing and pop out the other side. Tell red to fall in, then 
blue to go through their door, and follow them in.
Tell red to cover the opening to the right (between the black curtains), then 
send blue down the hall on the left. You"ll alone take the three small rooms on 
the left. Just open the door a crack, toss in a gas grenade and bank it off a 
wall or something, and start issuing some compliance.
Head over to where blue is, turn left, and go near the door that"s marked 
"Exit." Toss in a gas grenade again like you did the last three rooms, then run 
in and clear it. (This is where you would have started if you picked the other 
entry point. See how much easier it was?)
Now, go to blue, who should be standing by the stairs. Tell them to head up the 
stairs and start clearing out those booths above you. Don"t enter Donna"s room 
until the rest is clear. Once you do enter Donna"s room, be sure to drop a gas 
grenade beside the closet before opening it... There"s no room for a bank shot, 
and trust me, sometimes there"s a tango in there.
Okay, this whole area is clear. Gather up blue and head back down to red, and 
send them in. You"re going into the most open area, the audience part. It"s too 
big to make gas effective, so bang it, then enter. There"s probably going to be 
an assload of hostages here, mostly studio audience members, and several might 
be wounded. Be sure to report everybody, and that should do it.
|3i. Mission 9: Beat Down the Flaming Bird|
A nightclub has been targeted for a search and seizure for dope, but that"s 
only one part of it. It"s owned by that Rick "Dog" dude from the church 
mission. Apparently he works for someone who"s interested in the suitcase nuke 
that"s floating around, and he was hoping to get some cash for that. "Dog" 
(whose last name is Peters) also tried to get into the Foremans" home back in 
mission 4, for the same purpose. SWAT needs evidence more than anything.
The Phoenix nightclub is pretty small overall, but open. It"s a little dark, as 
nightclubs are, but it"s nothing you can"t handle.
The people inside don"t pose much of a threat. It"s wide enough to use M4s, but 
there"s no need to go postal. Send everyone in with M4s, but only use the AAP 
ammo. Don"t bother with actual rounds, there"s no need for fatalities here. For 
best results, if you"re willing to take a little gamble, send everyone in with 
NO PISTOL CLIPS AT ALL. It"s a challenge, but there won"t be any blood 
spilled... well, no enemy blood anyway.
The only real surprise is a new objective, for this mission only. You"re 
supposed to locate and secure ALL WEAPONS. If all suspects are cuffed and 
reported, then you"re probably just missing a weapon somewhere. Search VERY 
carefully. The place is pretty small, so it shouldn"t be too tough. Oh, and 
it"s nearly impossible to get Rick "Dog" Peters alive. He"ll do everything to 
avoid being arrested, so you"ll probably have to cap him.
Take the back (side 3, level 1), and do so in stealth. We can keep quiet 
through some of this mission. (If you encounter any enemies for this part, go 
back into stealth once the action is over.) Pick the lock and enter with some 
gas. There"s two openings, one left and one right. Pick up any weapons lying 
around before moving. Tell red to clear left, and take blue to clear right. You 
should be in the bedroom. The last door in that direction leads to the 
bathroom. Clear it, then return to red.
Enter and clear the next room with the whole element. You"re in a storage room, 
and there"s only one door other than the one you came in. You can"t get cover 
around the door, so go dynamic here. Tell the element to breach, bang, and 
clear through that door. Enter the room after them, and help them secure the 
area. This is the main room, and it"s pretty damn big, so do what you can.
There"s a set of double doors on one wall, between the two bars. That leads 
outside, and it"s where you would have entered if you when through the front 
door. Go ahead and clear it, then turn your attention to the opposite wall, 
where there"s an opening. That leads to the bathrooms. Stay in dynamic, and 
tell red to gas and clear the women"s bathroom while blue gases and clears the 
men"s. Cuff anyone you see, and that should do it. Again, if the mission still 
is on, then look for any weapons you may have missed.
|3j. Mission 10: Penthouse Follies|
Terrorists involved in the AA missiles from a prior mission have taken a few 
political people hostage in the penthouse suite of a hotel.
The hotel, at least the part you"ll be working with, is fairly small. There are 
only a couple floors, but it"s really tight.
M1s all the way. The place is way too tight for automatic fire, so shotguns are 
the thing here. Again, if you"re good with a pistol, you may want to use that 
Usually, all the hostages are in the penthouse itself, or at least that floor. 
There"s always terrorists everywhere, but otherwise there"s not much out of the 
By land or by air? Well, everyone who"s ever handled a gun before will tell you 
that it"s always easier to shoot down than up. Besides, the priority is the 
hostage rescue. Enter dynamically from the roof. I hate to repeat myself, but 
with nothing but shotguns, it"s silly to go in quietly.
Enter the door there, but don"t use gas or a flashbang because that first area 
is rarely (if ever) guarded. Once you go down the stairs, it"ll be too tight to 
enter the next room with a bang or gas, so into that one without flair too.
Okay, now you"re going to be splitting up. Tell blue to cover the stairs, then 
send red into the other door. Again, go without gas or bangs. Now tell blue to 
cover the hallway while red goes to gas and clear the room to your immediate 
left. Work with red to secure the entire penthouse level. Blue needs to stay 
still and cover the hallway during this whole thing. Be sure to check the 
balconies, too.
Once it"s secure, tell everyone to fall in. Return to the main room with the 
elevator, and send red down the stairs after gassing the room. Follow them 
down, reporting the whole way. When you get to the bottom, gas and clear the 
area, then have everyone fall in.
Have the entire element enter the main area of the basement. Use gas the whole 
time while you"re at it. Now, this place is one giant circle, and there are 
tangos absolutely everywhere. Your best bet is to pick a direction and clear 
the place room by room. It"s tough to do this in any organized fashion, but try 
to work slowly. Pretty soon, the mission should be over.
|3k. Mission 11: Urban Shield|
All the dignitaries from around the world are meeting at the LA Convention 
Center for the treaty thing. This is only a preliminary tour, and not the 
actual treaty signing itself. SWAT is escorting the dignitaries to make sure 
nothing goes wrong.
The LACC is really large and open. It"s only got two floors, but you can see 
for miles. There are a bunch of rooms, so you"ll have to take most of those 
with one team, but the whole element will be needed in the main halls.
It"s large enough that automatic fire will be good, even with hostages and 
civvies all over the place. Go in with MP5s, not silenced, for optimal 
None. Everyone who"s a threat will make themselves known, and everyone who"s a 
hostage will be easy to identify.
The bus is really cramped, so don"t worry about it. Escort the Humvee, and do 
so dynamically, because you will be under fire within seconds of being there.
You"re thrown into the hell almost instantly. From the Humvee, move forward. 
One color will probably check out the bus on their own. After they do, tell the 
whole element to enter the main part convention center. You need to finish up 
anything in the bus, including reporting. While you do so, all hell will break 
loose in the convention center. Resist the urge to help the team for now. Mop 
up the buss (make sure to check the bathroom), and join your team.
For some reason, there"s A LOT of people who surrender here, most civvies. Cuff 
everyone, but be careful doing so. Your team is guarding the prisoners, so you 
won"t have much backup if you find someone hostile. CUFF AND REPORT EVERYONE 
When everyone is cuffed and reported, send the element into the cafeteria and 
kitchen. While they clear that, you should single-handedly clear the bathrooms, 
which are on the other side. Don"t head into the bathrooms until you know the 
rest of that wing is clear, though, you may wind up with bullets in your back. 
With the whole first floor clear, return to the center, and tell everyone to 
fall in.
Near the escalators is a single door. That leads to a stairwell, which goes up 
to the second floor. Tell red to take it, while you and blue head up an 
escalator. Clear the balcony, then regroup everyone. 
The rest is pretty straight-forward and easy. As an element, clear meeting 
rooms A, B, and C. Then, head to the other side of the floor and clear D, E, 
and F. It"s that simple. Just make sure that when you take the rooms, ALWAYS 
only go in with one team. The whole element is too large for the little rooms, 
so just head in with red.
|3l. Mission 12: ATC Gone Horribly Wrong|
Terrorists, the same ones responsible for all this mess, have taken over Los 
Angeles International Airport. They"ve made a couple planes crash already, and 
they may have missiles ready to blast the other planes out of the sky.
Luckily, you won"t have to go through the whole of LAX, just the tower. It"s a 
little tight, and it"s more vertical than horizontal in parts.
Due to the fact that you"re not supposed to be noticed, use MP5SDs.
Despite what 10-David says, the aircrafts are safe. They may be shot at, but 
the tangos will always miss. Still, when you find the missile launcher, disarm 
it with the Wave.
There"s only one way in, so take it with stealth. If at any point you need to 
go dynamic, drop back into stealth once the action calms down. The first 
priority is stopping the aircraft from being shot down, so that"s what we"re 
doing first.
Don"t breach the first door yet, or an alarm will be set off throughout the 
airport, making this much tougher than necessary. Instead, use the Wave on the 
electronic control panel by the door, then enter. The first hallway is linear, 
so do what you need to.
At the next door, enter it slowly. Turn left immediately, then enter the set of 
double doors marked HVAC. Go through the next set, and clear the HVAC room. Pop 
out of the other exit door, then stack up at the door marked Compressor. Open 
that door and clear that room. Once inside, enter the door marked Hydraulics. 
Turn right, go through the "Restricted Area" door, and proceed down the red 
When you get to the end of the hall, go dynamic and hit the stairs hard. Clear 
the whole stairwell as fast as you can, then charge to the top of the stairs. 
Tell red to breach and clear the topmost "Restricted Area" door (the one marked 
Big Top). Keep them moving, and secure the tower as quickly as possible. The 
missile launcher (and probably at least one hostage) is up there. Disable that 
bad boy, then slow down your pace back to stealth.
Return to the stairwell, and go to the next set of doors down from the tower, 
the ones marked Operations. Tell red to stack up on the right door, and have 
blue cover the left door. Tell red to enter their door and clear it. If there"s 
any enemy, and he tries to run, blue will have your back.
When that"s done, proceed down the stairs to the doors marked Flight Deck. 
Again, have blue cover the left door while red enters and clears the right. 
After that, head down another floor and set up the teams again for the doors 
marked Big Red. Clear that one the same way. After that, head down again and 
stack the whole element at the next door, called Kitty Hawk. Again, enter and 
clear that pup. Then, stack the element at the single door inside that room, 
then enter it.
Although High Ground says you"re exposed, you"ve already cleared out everybody 
above you, so you"re okay. Stack everyone up on the glass door on the other 
side of the bridge, enter, and clear. Tell blue to cover the right side, then 
take red around the left. You"ll probably encounter hostages here, so cuff "em 
and report "em. When the circle is made, stack everyone up at the door to the 
stairwell. Go dynamic, then enter and clear it at full speed like you did the 
last one.
When the whole stairwell is clear, slow yourselves down back to stealth mode. 
Tell blue to fall in, then stack red up at the topmost door aside from the one 
you entered. Enter and clear it, then follow red in. Have blue cover the door 
to the right, then tell red to further into the lobby. Turn left three times 
from the door to the stairwell, and you"ll find the door opposite the one blue 
is guarding. Enter and clear those offices, then have the entire element secure 
the rest of the lobby.
With the lobby secure, head to the bottom of it, where there are three doors. 
Again, tell blue to cover the left set, and help red enter and clear around via 
the right set. Again, have red enter and clear any door you come to in this 
area; however, ignore the stairwell for now. Once you"re back in the lobby, 
have red clear the double doors, the ones marked "Elevators."
Once that is clear, tell the element to fall in, then head to the stairwell 
door I just told you to ignore. You"ve already cleared this stairwell; in fact, 
you"re only one door below where you entered this whole lobby area from. Just 
enter the stairwell, then head down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs is the last door. Tell red to stack, enter, and 
clear. You"ll be back to where you started.
Now, hopefully, you"ve completed the mission by now. If not, you"ve probably 
missed one of the hostages, or someone isn"t reported. Go dynamic and do a full 
search again if you have to. Find that missing guy!
|3m. Mission 13: "We Don"t Anticipate Problems"|
SWAT has been attached to a few VIPs in a hotel. 10-David says that a perimeter 
has been set up, and he doesn"t anticipate any problems happening to the VIPs. 
Yeah, right.
The Ventura Hotel is a pretty nice structure. It"s a little tight, but it"s got 
a big size overall.
MP5SDs for everyone. The place is too tight for M4s, but large enough to allow 
automatic fire. The close range you"ll be to the baddies allows you to trade 
the power you lose compared to the MP5 standard without repercussion.
Even though your boss says everything will be okay, it really isn"t! Wow, 
shocking, huh? Otherwise, there"s not much in the way of surprises. When you 
see the waiters and other hotel employees, sometimes they"ll be armed threats, 
sometimes they"ll just be civvies. Keep your gun and handcuffs ready either 
There is one little thing worthy of mention though. There are A LOT of unknown 
suspects, civvies, and hostages. Even when 10-David says the mission is 
complete, continue it anyway, because chances are there"s still someone around 
who"s unreported. For a better score, stay in and make sure you"ve cleared 
One entry point. Start it in dynamic. Hang out in the opening room until you 
hear shots being fired. Take red into through the double doors, but have blue 
back covering the door to the stairwell. Let red explore and clear the whole 
hallway. While they do, you enter and clear the men"s bathroom just to the 
right of the entrance. When done, come out and turn right twice to find the 
women"s bathroom. Clear that too.
Tell red to fall in, then head over to the elevators on that floor. There"s a 
set of double doors across from them marked Whitney. Have red enter and clear 
that room while you cover the other set of double doors leading to the same 
room. When it"s clear, head back near the women"s bathroom, and have red enter 
and clear the room marked Shasta. That room doesn"t have any alternate exits, 
so you can charge in with them. Then exit that room, turn right, and have red 
charge into the room marked Sierra. This room does have an alternate exit, so 
guard the hallway while red clears out both Sierra rooms.
With the whole second floor clear, send red down the nearby staircases that 
lead into the lobby. While they do so, bring up a blue view port and give the 
order to send them down the stairwell they"ve been guarding. Also send them 
through the door at the bottom of those stairs.
Follow red when they go into the lobby. Like you did upstairs, personally clear 
both bathrooms. They"re small, so gas them to give yourself a chance. When 
they"re done, go behind the registration desk and have red breach and clear the 
room behind it. In the next room, take the door on the left first, as it leads 
to a small room. Clear that, then hit the other door in that back office. That 
will lead to a hallway where blue is hanging out. Go through the hall and clear 
every room you come to, as you have.
When that hallway and all its rooms are clear, there"s only one more room left. 
Return to the lobby, and take red with you. Breach and clear the set of double 
doors near the elevators. After that, the mission should end.
|3n. Mission 14: Mushrooms, Anyone?|
The leader of one of the terror organizations has taken the top three floors of 
the city hall in downtown LA. He"s got intel about the suitcase nuke that"s 
floating around, so SWAT is going to go in and get him.
The LA city hall is pretty large and open, plus it"s four floors tall. You"ll 
need to make good use of the cover command, as most rooms and halls can only be 
taken by one team. As I"ve done, I"ll be sure to tell you when it"s best to go 
in with just a color, or the whole element.
It"s too tight for M4s, so take MP5s. You"ll need the extra punch that the 
MP5SDs don"t give.
The suitcase nuke is not onsite, but there is a big bomb that needs diffused. 
It"s in the precise center of the room at the top of the complex, and it"s well 
guarded. You need to disarm it, but you have to do so in stages. The device is 
on a table surrounded by lasers, and if you break those beams (by touching the 
nuke or trying to disarm it), it"ll go off, and that"ll be it for the mission 
and your life. You need to disarm the lasers first, then disarm the bomb, but 
you"ll be using the Wave for both. Still, that all won"t matter until the end.
10-David says that you need the leader, Tobias Storm, to be taken alive. He"s 
unarmed in the mission, so as long as you don"t leave weapons lying around, he 
won"t pose a threat. Just round him up like you do hostages and civvies.
Don"t bother being quiet here. Enter the sole entry point dynamically. Your 
team will head up the stairs and stop at the first door. Enter it with red 
only. Turn left and go down the hallway. Take the turn, and tell red to cover 
that whole hall. Now go back and get blue. Tell them to take the door to the 
right of the stairwell exit. Clear that little room (the one with office 
cubicles), then proceed to the next one. Keep it going, and you"ll soon pop out 
into the hall that red is covering.
Tell the element to breach the next room, marked Law Library, together. It"s 
huge, so you"ll definitely need everyone for it. Once the library is secure, 
tell blue to cover the stairwell, then take red and clear the little rooms 
adjacent to the library. Once it is, send blue up the stairwell they"re 
guarding, then take red back to the original stairwell.
Tell red to enter the next floor, the 25th, which is the one at the top of this 
stairwell. Turn right, and tell them to clear the rooms to your right while you 
cover their backs. Keep this up, room by room, until you get to the hallway 
intersection. (The fourth room red should take is on the left side of the 
intersection, with the elevators in front and blue"s stairwell to the right.) 
Once the room there is clear, tell red to clear the part in front of the 
elevators. Now turn down the hall toward blue"s stairwell, bang and clear the 
last room, then regroup with blue.
This is the only stairwell in the equation now. Proceed up the stairs and have 
red enter the 26th floor. Stay in the stairwell and tell blue to cover the 
door, then follow red in.
Now, there"s a hidden passage in this huge room. It"s to the right of the 
double doors. You need to cover it while red bangs and clears the room through 
the double doors. Once they do, tell them to continue into the next room, which 
is the mayor"s office. Have them hold there, and you need to take the secret 
passage. Bang and clear it, then go to the next wall, which also has a hidden 
door. This leads to the bathroom, which is adjacent to the mayor"s office where 
red is. Take the bathroom together, then return to the big area.
Tell the element to fall in. Send blue one set of stairs, and send red up the 
other. The bomb is up here and it"s WELL guarded both in and out the building, 
so watch your fire and secure the area before tending to it. Once everyone is 
down or on their knees, don"t worry about cuffing or reporting, just 
concentrate on disarming the bomb.
Okay, on one side of the table below the lasers is a small silver box. Use the 
Wave on the silver box to shut the lasers off, then use the Wave on the 
suitcase itself. That will properly disable the bomb. After that, mop up what 
needs to be done on that top floor, and that should do it.
|3o. Mission 15: Stinky!|
There"s been suspicious activity along a parade route, so it needs to be 
checked. Apparently some crews were working on the sewer, but the city reports 
that there are no crews in the area. Hmm.
The LA sewers is a very twisty, grimy place. There"s a new challenge, by the 
way. In some areas, there will be highly explosive gases. I explain those 
The place is JUST large enough to take M4s, so use them. Take nothing but the 
hurtful ammo.
There are seven bombs onsite that can nuke the city. And guess what? THEY ARE 
SET ON A 45-MINUTE TIMER. If you take too long to disarm them, you WILL lose 
the mission and the city, even on the Easy difficulty. Luckily, the bombs never 
move, so the map is actually really useful. Speaking of that, the maps given to 
you prior to the mission are almost entirely accurate, but there is one passage 
not marked on the map that is in the sewers, and a couple barricades that 
restrict movement.
The bombs are pretty small and look like little radios. They can be disarmed 
easily with the Wave, just like you did with the suitcase nuke in the last 
mission. As you get near them, you"ll 

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