[VST(i), AU & RTAS] Audiomere Polarity Maximizer v1.0.2-[WiN/OSX]

Audiomere Polarity Maximizer v1.0.2-[WiN/OSX]

R2R | May 2015 | 7MB

A common task when dealing with audio in a multi-mic recording (e.g., of a drum set, piano, guitar, or a whole band) is to invert the polarity of certain tracks to create a mix with the least amount of signal cancellation. When dealing with a larger number of tracks, this process can be difficult or practically infeasible (with just 10 microphones there are actually 210 = 1024 possible polarity configurations!).

Audiomere Polarity Maximizer v1.0.2 Incl.Patched and Keygen WiN/MAC-R2R

Audiomere Polarity Maximizer

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