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My name is Cristhian "Crizam" Zamora, andfor ten years I been working as a freelance comic book artist.
Some of my credits:
the 5 issues steampunk miniseries "The Precinct" written by Frank J. Barbiere,
"Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows" written by Nancy A. Collins,
"Swords of Sorrow: Black Sparrow & Lady Zorro" for Dynamite Entertainment,
participated in the series"Grimm Tales of Terror" and "E.V.I.L. Heroes" for Zenescope Entertainment,
and many creator-owned and self-published/crowdfunded books and miniseries like "Preble's Boys", "TheDredger"; “The Resurrected” 5 issues miniseries being my latest project.

At this moment I'm especially interested in creative projects on the Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Noir, Fantasy or Superheroic genres that allow me to develop the style that you can see in my following samples for DC that I been trying to have the time to put together.
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Please visit my art blog at for more samples and previously published work in the "sequential pages" section.
At the moment I can produce at least 3 pages a week for your project starting immediately.
You'll receive thumbnails/roughs for approval and ask for the changes that you may consider necessary. I'm highly respectful of the script and the writer's opinions and I also appreciate a reasonable amount of artistic freedom.

My current rates are usd$130 for a character design model sheet,usd$100\page for cleanly detailed pencils, usd$130\page for pencils and inks,usd$150 for pencils, inks and shading as seen in the previous samples and usd$300 for color covers/pin-ups.
On payment, I'll give priority to projects that pay half up-front, page-by-page, or weekly basis. Yes, I do accept Paypal.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (I'm trying to be more active on social networks)
Reach me via e-mail:

Thanks for your time.

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