Unsung Hero (Matt Appr.)#90 - His professional future is uncertain but our love for him will never waver

Matt Appreciation Thread #90

Side Affects include (but are not limited to)...
Potential Fainting
Automatic Drooling
Intensive Staring
Ridiculous Bowing
Extensive Sighing
Obvious Shock
Difficulty Breathing
Increased Heart Rate
Relationship Memory Loss
Desperate Need For Oxygen
Brain Melting
Incoherent Words

Birthplace: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Birthday: 5-20-1977
Birth Name: Matthew Charles Czuchry
Height: 5' 9½" (1.77 m).

Matt's agency:The Gersh Agency and The Collective

He grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee. His father, Andy, is a professor at East Tennessee State University and his mother, Sandra, is a homemaker, and are residents of Gray. He has two brothers, Mike and AJ (Andy Junior), a sister Karen, and a cousin Jason Phelps. AJ is married to his wife Diane (in Auburn, Ga), Mike is married to his wife Tiffiniy Sia in Ft. Worth TExas and Karen and her husband Florian live in Vienna, Austria.
Matt is also an uncle of Drew (son of AJ), and Selina (daughter of Karen).

Czuchry graduated with honors in 1999 from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. He won the Mr. College of Charleston pageant in 1998, which won him a 15 week course at Millie Lewis and sparked his interest in acting. He went to school on a tennis scholarship, was captain of the men's tennis team, and was an NCAA ranked player in the Southern Conference. He took one theater class in college, and his professor encouraged him to change his major to drama. Additionally, Czuchry studied acting with Belita Moreno, star of the comedy series George Lopez.
He won the 1995 Tennessee state high school singles championship for Science Hill.

It was during his first role, in The WB's Young Americans, that he met Kate Bosworth. He dated Bosworth from 2000 to 2002.

Czuchry is best known for his role as Logan Huntzberger on the television show Gilmore Girls on The CW, in which he plays Alexis Bledel's love interest on screen.

Prior to this role, Czuchry had a recurring guest role on the CBS drama Hack and starred in the pilot of UPN's Jake 2.0. He has also appeared in the movies Eight Legged Freaks and Slap Her, She's French, Hooked and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. In addition, he has appeared in the cult favorite TV show Freaks and Geeks as well as on 7th Heaven, The Practice, Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights.

At the moment, Matt is currently starring as Cary Agos in 'The Good Wife' which airs every Sunday at 9 PM on CBS.

First sign that told Matt to become an actor:
'First there was the time his sister told him during a walk on the beach that he would someday be an actor.'

[Partially courtesy of wikipedia]

Owns a Volkswagen and a black Porsche | Loves Comic Books | Plays Basketball and Tennis |
Fav TV Shows: Six Feet Under, The Office, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Lost, South Park, Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, the Ali G Show |
Matt's favorite season 5 quote of Gilmore Girls: 'I think I've been a bad influence on you, Ace.' |
Did animal rescue work in LA and key supporter of the spcaLA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Los Angeles) | Grew up with a dog |
Matt's stylist was Barbra Horowitz. | Repped by The Gersh Agency and The Collective |
Boston Celtics Fan | Democratic | Fav Book: Blindness by Jose Saramago, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley | favorite IPhone App: Plants vs Zombies | Fav Place to travel to: Charleston, South Carolina | Music fan of Kings of Leon, Alberta Cross, The Black Keys. | Pet Peeves: Doesn't like the sounds of alarms or phones ringing. |
Used to live in Hermosa Beach, CA (still has a house there) | Currently resides in New York.


Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (TheGoodWife) - 2010, 2011, 2012
Teen Choice Awards: TV - Choice Chemistry (Gilmore Girls) - 2005 & 2006
Teen Choice Awards: TV - Best Breakout Performance Male (Gilmore Girls) - 2005

EWwy Award for best Supporting Actor in a Drama Show (voted by the fans)

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Charlie Brennan Interview

"Matt Czuchry from The Good Wife, as dreamy as can be"
bye Kelly Reipa

"I like that Matt is a dreamboat and so anything he says
I will be like: Hmmmm, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh"
Neil Patrick Harris to Kelly about Matt

"We go way back. I feel like I am partly responsible for what you have."
by Michael Ausiello

"It's not just me, right? The haircut suits him, yes?"
by Michael Ausiello

"The Mattster was unable to talk to me over the phone in time to meet my deadline.
But being the unbelievably awesome human being that he is,
he went ahead and e-mailed me answers to
questions he thought I would ask"
by Michael Ausiello

“Matt Czuchry is the loveliest, most polite and well brung up southern boy.
and easy on the eye too"
by Alan Cumming

“"Can I just say how amazing Matt Czuchry is?
He is like an über lawyer meets spider-man
#thegoodwife #talented co-stars"
by Monica Raymund

“My first night of filming was in Griffith Park and that’s when I met
Alexis, Matt, Tanc Sade, and Alan Loayza.
I was terrified - but Alexis was really cool and Matt is the sweetest guy alive,
so that helped a lot."
by Nick Holmes

"...he was REALLY good. He had that look, that spark, that energy that is so key to inhabiting the character
but that no one has really gotten exactly right yet. When he read,
I got the same feeling I got when the guy who got the SlingBlade part read.
I saw the character in him and for the first time I BELIEVED,
on a visceral level, that the guy in front of me could be Tucker Max. "
by Tucker May

"He's almost a painfully good human being. In real life, the dude is the complete opposite of me:
Humble, empathetic, conscientious, compassionate. If I had a sister,
I would set him up with her--he's that good of a person.
The fact he can not only play me, but be a better me than me
is just another testament to how good of an actor he is.

He's not just a good person. I genuinely like him.
We've become pretty good friends already. "

by Tucker Max

"There were these moments today when Movie Tucker would pick up
Real Tucker's mannerisms or his way of speaking or he'd say something
that Real Tucker would say.
It was a little startling to see someone I just met basically nail
the behavior of someone I know.
I could see him start to internalize Real Tucker as they went over the script."
by Bob Corman

"So we met in person, and he was so unbelievably nice. Tiny, and nice.
He had classic good looks and a nice smile. He had great manners.
He tried to pay for the drinks. He didn't bore us with the little details of his life.
He just listened, and when he spoke, he was unbelievably vapid.
I guess it was because he wasn't there to speak about anything.
He was sucking up the essence of Tucker, so to speak...
Just like that, he snaps back into this terribly nice boy.
Like I said, I don't know anything about acting,
because this kid couldn't be any less like Tucker in real life,
and in two seconds of mimicry after twenty minutes of study,
he gave us more to work with than hundreds of professional actors."

by TheBunny

"He’s made his mark as a good actor. He’s someone very special.
He made that nice impact, and that’s why he is still on the show."
By Lauren Graham

“It isn’t easy to just jump into arguably the smartest long-running series on television –
one known for its brilliant writing and strong ensemble cast –
and make an immediate impression.
However, Matt Czuchry made it look simple.”
By Jay. S. Jacobs (Journalist)

"When you add a kid like Matt Czuchry to the show
and all of a sudden it brings in different layers and different stories
and different textures, it's like, it doesn't have to end."
~ Amy Sherman Palladino

"But here he is, walking the red carpet, having photographers
yell out his name and setting the hearts of the WB aflutter."
From Interview with Terry Morrow

"'I heard a million messageboards light up with fingers tapping
'Oh my god, he's available!'"
Michael Ausiello – TV Guide Podcast

"For Willie, we had Matt Czuchry. He's a very nice guy and he loved meeting John Karlen on the set and had a good time.
I think he's a good actor and Karlen liked him -
Johnny's hard to please, he can really sum up an actor.
I think there were a couple of scenes where Willie just got a little too silly,
but I'd blame the director for that. Everyone agreed that Willie should be
a little more down to earth than in 1991.
Jim Fyfe is a great comedic actor,
but with him Willie was really too much of a court jester.
So Matt was a real asset."
By Jim Pierson

"I ran into Matt Czuchry (Logan, love him!)"
Kristin Veitch (E!Online)

'That was a really nice guy!!!'
'Our new best friend Matt Czuchry!'
Michael Ausiello – TV Guide Podcast

'It has to be a sort of an egoboost to you to know
that there are so many people out there that consider you a sexsymbol'
Michael Ausiello – TV Guide Podcast

'I just wanted to make sure he was not playing a character similar
to who he's playing on Gilmore Girls.
I think Matt's a terrific actor.
He has great range and an ability to play all kinds of characters.
I support Matt and would love him to do all kinds of work
outside the show.'
~D. Rosenthal

"It's really fun working with him, I mean it definitely is,
because he's always very engaged, he's always in character,
and it kinda motivates me.
Because, like, I'm on the show every day, and when he comes in,
he brings this fresh new energy and its kinda nice to work with him.
So, I hope we get to have a lot more scenes together this season."
~ Alexis Bledel

"I was orginally....by my colleague and buddy Matt Czuchry
who is playing here tonight. The little guy. (laughs) He hates that."
~ Geoff Stults about how he joined the Hollywood Knights.

"Matt embodied the perfect student athlete,
he was not only a great tennis player but an outstanding student,
graduating cum laude."
~ Anastopoulo, Matt's former tennis coach.

"Matt Czuchry is going to be the next year's breakout star who puts us all to shame "
~ Julianna Margulies @ Regis and Kelly, September 2009

"Matt is sort of an unexpected pleasure on the show in the sense
that he is very fresh faced but Matt is also an experienced actor."
~ David Zucker, producer The Good Wife.

"As so many of the castmembers, he can do comedy as well as drama."
~ Michelle King

"Matt, I think went so far beyond where we thought we would be able
to take that character and we've been able to explore his world
independently in a way that you don't expect to see on a first season of a show."
~ David Zucker

“He’s a true gentleman and kind soul. Not only is he gracious and classy, he’s probably one of the best actors on the show to boot. I found him inspiring and we really got along well. We both work in a similar way in which we loved to rehearse and talk about the scenes and run lines over and over. He’s actually the perfect guy.”
— Monica Raymund

"Matty, is like the coolest guy on the planet"
- Milo Ventimiglia

"Matt is sort of an unexpected pleasure on the show
and in some way that was probably was one of the most talented parts to cast."
~ David Zucker

by Eternal Flame

~"Cause meeting Matt would be better than winning the lottery!!
~ It's about time - he plays prince charm(ing) - so he can use tights!
~ Baby you will be famous, we'll chase you, we love you
~ Promise I'll be kind, this boy is mine
~ Cause Matt is finally getting what he deserves.
~ Cause he is one of 10 Rising and Upcoming Hollywood Stars
~ Cause interviews, Pictures and Article About Matt pretty much sums up a perfect day for us
- Matt Czuchry of The Good Wife, as dreamy as can be
- he is lucky to have us as fans, and we are lucky to be fans of his!

Thread 1-50
#51 ~ Because Matt finally starts to get the attention he deserves!
#52 ~ Because there is not enough space to put all the things we love about him in the title...
#53 ~ Because our hot hunk can Czuch us any night!
#54 ~ New episodes, photoshoots, interviews, events! Its a dream coming true!
#55 ~ Because this March isn't about basketball for us!
#56 ~ The end of season 2 should bring some deserved love Matt's way!
#57 ~ One More Step to Stardom, The Gays are in Love!
# 58 ~ We're thrilled the industry loves him but we need mainstream appreciation!
# 59 ~ Because we wouldn't mind him being the dark horse in the Emmy race
# 60 ~ Because everyone wants her chance with Matt and FF can make it happen!
#61 ~ Cause they say his talent will bring him far. We agree!
# 62 ~He doesn't need award nods. He's got the love of his cast mates & us!
#63 - Even with us patient we need new Matt stuff to appreciate.
#64 - Move over August--September is Matt Appreciation Month
#65 - Jess' list is getting longer as is our list of reasons for appreciating him!
#66 - We appreciate all the new pictures but now it's time for a new interview!
#67 - He's always been our Sexiest Man Alive but now he's one of People's, too!
#68 - I like that Matt is a dreamboat and so anything he says I will be like: Hmmmm, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh"
#69 - We believe 2012 is Matt's year!
#70 - When it comes to Matt all we want is More more more!
#71 While we wait for casting news, Matt wrote a book, YES A FREAKING BOOK!
#72 - We would like to hear him sing, we would even take a shower with him. No problem at all!
#73 - We survived summer break, now please show your pretty face Matt!
#74-Because with September finally here, this thread will be busy
#75 He hangs out with angels, he is super cool like that!
#76 - We will always be supportive of his career no matter what!
#78- We might miss Matt but we never miss out on him!
#79It is the summer of unreleased pics, but how about a busy Matt fall?
#80 - Cause "To Mattczuchryfanforum: Matt thanks u for ALL the love & support!" - TGW publicist
#81 - Cause we won't get tired of "To Mattczuchryfanforum: Matt thanks u for ALL the love & support!" #HeIsTheBest
#82 - "Czuchry is the guy you can’t help but root for, even if he’s impossibly good-looking, charming and talented"
#83 - “He’s a genuine human being with a great heart and a great work ethic,” Julianna Margulies
#84 - "Limited edition, bitch!"
#85 - "Matt Czuchry is terrific, and I'm thrilled he's getting this opportunity for a meaty storyline." tvguide
#88 - "Emmy nomination or not, Czuchry should be proud; this season was some of his best work."
#89 - "Matt had that spark, He was different. He had a presence about him. He was likeable … just a natural on the stage.”

by Eternal Flame



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