The Criminal & The Profiler [R&L|J&M] #16: "What are they gonna do to me that hasn't been done before? Kill me? None of it is worse than loosing you."

the criminal & the profiler
Red & Lizzie | James & Megan
s i x t e e n t h • a p p r e c i a t i o n • t h r e a d


He struck a chord in her heart and she stuck a pen in his neck. Elizabeth Keen, an unknown criminal profiler at the FBI before one of the FBI's most wanted, Raymond Reddington, strolled into her life. Red, a secretive criminal mastermind with a vendetta and key's to the mysteries of Liz's past. Liz, one of the few people in the world Red will put his trust in. What fated event in their past tied these two together? Where will their mutual future take them? We may not know. But we do know that their fierce chemistry and compelling story will make it worthwhile.

the first time we met them ღ


quotes ღ
— s e a s o n . one —

Liz: "Why involve me? I'm nobody. It's my first day. Nothing special about me."
Red: "I think you are very special."
Episode 1x01

Liz: "I'm supposed to believe you?"
Red: "Of course not, I'm a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is lie. But if anyone will give me a second chance it's you. The two of us have overcome so much."
Episode 1x01

Red: "I'm gonna make you famous Lizzie."
Episode 1x01

Red: "I want to know how you see things."
Liz: "You're a loner. You keep your distance. You travel freely through foreign lands. You're rootless. You're very comfortable here with your glass of Scotch but you're just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in a hole in the wall noodle shop. Your closest friends are strangers. You understand that tight bonds can make you vulnerable, so you are careful not to have any. And that's why you are so conflicted about me. You need me and you hate that about yourself because it makes you vunerable."
Episode 1x02

Liz: "I have a life. People who careabout me. But you.. this is all you have."
Red: "I have you."
Episode 1x03

Liz: "You're a monster."
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "How can you live with that?"
Red: "By saving your life."
Episode 1x04

Red: "Thank you."
Liz: "For what?"
Red: "For being honest with me. In my life I don't encounter this frequently."
Episode 1x05

Liz: "I feel like I'm drowning. I don't know what's real or who I can trust."
Red: "You can trust me."
Episode 1x06

Red: "I'm not a gumball machine Lizzie. You don't get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat."
Episode 1x07

Liz: "I don't want you in my personal life. I don't know how to make that clear."
Red: "You know the problem with drawing lines in the sand? With a breath of air the disappear."
Episode 1x07

Red: "Sorry about your father. How was the funeral? This is going to be a difficult time. The best way to keep the memory of your father alive is to talk about him."
Episode 1x08

Red: "Lizzie I want you to know, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, if you're in need I'll be there."
Liz: "One question please."
Red: "What's the question Lizzie?"
Liz: "Are you my father?"
Red: "No."
Episode 1x10

Red: "Therefore we are back where we began. Me speaking with you."
Liz: "Well then.. Welcome back."
Episode 1x11

Red: "Just out of curiosity, what number am I on your speed dial?"
Liz: "Seven."
Red: "Who's six?"
Liz: "Chinese take out."
Episode 1x12

Red: "You're arriving at a point of no return Lizzie. If you have any doubts your husband, you can't go through with this adoption. When you go there, if there is even one shred of doubt..."
Liz: "There isn't."
Episode 1x13

Red: "You have me. And I'm not gonna let anything happen to you."
Episode 1x14

Liz: "With you I never know what to believe."
Red: "I have never lied to you."
Liz: "How the hell would I know?!"
Episode 1x17

Liz: "You spent days building that damn thing. You knew about the song, my father. You knew I'd find out the truth and you wanted me.."
Red: "To know that everything is going to be okay. You're going to be okay."
Episode 1x17

Liz: "How is this all going to end?"
Red: "This is an end. And than something new will begin. You deserve the best in life Lizzie. I know that sounds odd coming from a man who has brought you some of the worst. But it's the reason why Tom had to work so hard to be that for you. To be kind, be thoughtful, make you laugh, to make you love him. Because you deservethat and it will come."
Episode 1x19

Liz: "Did you kill my father? Did you kill him?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "I was right. There was something he wanted to tell me before he died and you didn't want me to know."
Red: "It's not quite that simple."
Liz: "Go to hell."
Red: "I don't expect you to understand."
Liz: "Understand?! How could I possible understand when you take someone I love away from me and then try to justify it?!
Red: "Listen to me. I've been friends with Sam for all of yours and most of my life. He was dying. Every part of his body was failing. He was impatient for it to end. He asked to be disconnected from all the machines. He was inpain and suffering and he wasn't thinking clearly. If he were, he would never have chosen to tell you any of it. It wasn't his choice to make. We said goodbye and I put him out of his misery."
Liz: "We're done. I'm done. This ends right now. God you're a monster.
Episode 1x20

Liz: "There are answers I need and I can't get them without you."
Red: "And I can't get them without you."
Liz: "So I guess we are stuck with each other."
Red: "I was once on the island of Ko Ri, free diving in the Andaman Sea. I fell terribly ill, stung by a lionfish. I was dehydrated and in excruciating pain. I had lost all sense of time and place, completely disoriented. But I knew I was dying. So I readied myself for it. And in that moment at death's door, I looked up and standing over me in the brightness was this landless Moken Sea Gypsy. Just standing there Smiling. She and her tribe nursed me back to health. Good as new. When I left the island, she kissed me, it was like a burst of sunlight on my cheek. It was.. It made nearly dying welling worth it. That's how I feel now.
Episode 1x21

Liz: "The only memory I have of my father is from the night of the fire. I remember him pulling me out of the flames, saving me."
Red: "Yes and knowing him identity would put you in grave danger."
Liz: "Why? Because he is a fugitive on the mosted wanted list?
Red: "I loved Sam Lizzie. Taking his life was, of all the difficult things that I have done, this may be the most. But I did it to keep you from learning the name of your real father. To protect you. And you must understand having done that, I'm certainly not going to tell you who he was now."
Episode 1x22


quotes ღ
— s e a s o n . two —

Liz: "Don't go through with it. We can find another way."
Red: "The deal is moving forward."
Liz: "But you can't hold up your end. He'll kill you."
Episode 2x02

Liz: "I know what you are trying to pull and it's not gonna happen."
Red: "What I am trying to pull? Is that how we speak to each other now as if I am some kinda cheap dime store confidence man?
Episode 2x02

Red: "Slushee?"
Liz: "Pass."
Red: "Oh my gosh. You have no idea what you're missing.
Try a grapefruit gusher. It's just like you today. A little sour."
Episode 2x03

Liz: "Who is he?"
Red: "Who is who?"
Liz: "The gunman. The sniper. He works for you doesn't he?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "How long has he been following me?"
Red: "Since the day Agent Malik died."
Episode 2x04

Liz: "I'm sorry. I am still getting past the whole you're buddies with Geoff Perl thing."
Red: "We are not buddies. I don't have buddies."
Episode 2x06

Red: "You told me Tom is dead. He is not."
Liz: "Who told you he's alive?"
Red: "I'm disapointed you haven't felt that you could trust me enough to tell me this."
Episode 2x08

Red: "When you love someone, you have no control. That is what love is. Being powerless."
Liz: "I don't know what's wrong with me."
Red: "There's nothing wrong with you."
Episode 2x08

Red: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Liz: " I came to help get you out."
Red: "You came out of curiosity."
Liz: "Or maybe I actually care about what happens to you."
Episode 2x09

Liz: "What is he after?"
Red: "The Fulcrum."
Liz: "I don't know what that is. The Fulcrum. What is that?"
Red: "It' s a blackmail file. Proof of the existence of an extraordinarily, powerful clandestine organization. If their activities are made public, some of the most powerful and influential men would go to prison or be executed."
Liz: "And it's here? This Fulcrum?"
Red: "No, the Fulcrum isn't here but I believe information critical to finding it is.
And that's what Braxton wants. But I am here to stop him."
Liz: "I can help you."
Red: "No. You need to leave."
Liz: "Ressler and Samar have been taken hostage."
Red: "They shouldn't even be here. You never should have come here."
Liz: "Why didn't you come to us? What aren't you telling me? Why don't you want me here?"
Red: "I'll get to Ressler and Samar as soon as I can but you need to get back on that chopper."
Liz: "Not without Ressler and Samar or you. Now how are we gonna stop Braxton? He has an entire team."
Red: "Well sadly there isn't a prison on earth where I don't know a few guys."
Episode 2x09

Liz: "So that's what this is about. This whole thing. Protecting yourself?"
Red: "Maybe hard for you to imagine but I once had a relatively normal life. Bills to pay. Playdates. Family. Some friends. People to care about. Lost all that."
Liz: "Lost how?"
Red: "In Mexico, there are these fish that have colonized the freshwater caves along Sierra del Abra. They were lost. They found themselves living in complete darkness.
But they didn’t die. Instead, they thrived. They adapted. They lost their pigmentation, their sight, eventually even their eyes. With survival, they became hideous. I’ve rarely thought about what I once was. But I wonder if a ray of light were to make it into the cave, would I be able to see it? Or feel it? Would I gravitate to its warmth? And if I did, would I become less hideous?”
Episode 2x09

Liz: "You were there. Weren't you?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "There were people with a woman looking for it. The Fulcrum. You were one of them."
Red: "It's not that simple."
Liz: "But that's why you were there? That's why you came into my life. That's why you're here now. Not because of me. Who I am to you. Whatever connection we might have but because of some object. Some thing."
Red: "Whatever you remember.."
Liz: "What I remember is leaving my father dying on the floor of a burning house. There is no way he could have survived that."
Red: "Lizzie, the memories of a 4 year old are unreliable."
Liz: "My father was killed because of The Fulcrum. Because you and your people came for it that night. Well I want you to know something. This charade, of you pretending to care about me. It was a waist of your time, because I don't know where it is."
Episode 2x10

Red: "That's not how this works."
Liz: "I know exactly how this works. You lie. Say what you need to say to make me believe that you actually care."
Red: "That's not true."
Liz: "You're after The Fulcrum. It's why you are here. Not to help me or protect me or whatever's been your selling today. Well I'm not buying it. From this point on, there is no reason for us to talk unless it's about the work."
Red: "Fine. Than let's work."
Episode 2x11

Liz: "What's this?"
Red: "A key. I bought you an apartment at the Audrey, top floor, splendid view of the Potomac."
Liz: "Why?"
Red: "It's time to leave the motel behind."
Liz: "I'm happy where I am. Thank you."
Red: "You've been many things lately, Lizzie, but happy is not one of them. That motor lodge you call home crushes the spirit, smothers the soul."
Liz: "And you think a view is gonna change that?"
Red: "I once stayed at a villa in Bali with a view of the Indian Ocean. Every morning, all I saw before me was possibility. That and a gorgeous housekeeper named Putu, who used to..."
Liz: "Thanks, but, no, thanks. I wish you'd stop."
Red: "Stop what?"
Liz: "Trying. Stop hoping things are gonna get better between us. You and me, it's just business. That's all it's ever gonna be."
Episode 2x12

Red: "You all right?"
Liz: "Yeah. Fine."
Red: "What were you thinking running after a killer alone without backup?"
Liz: "Are you scolding me?"
Red: "Yes. Yes, I'm scolding you. That was foolish, Lizzie. You could have been..."
Liz: "Killed?"
Red: "Exactly that. Killed."
Liz: "What are you gonna do?Ground me? Take away my phone privileges?"
Red: "You were right about The Deer Hunter. He was a man."
Liz: "And a woman. We were both half right."
Red: "Together, we were right."
Liz: "I have the Fulcrum. Tell me what it is, and I'll tell you where to find it."
Red: "I've already told you what I can. To elaborate would place you in grave danger."
Liz: "I don't need your protection."
Red: "Oh, I think you do. If it weren't for me, you would have been indicted today.
As it is, you needn't worry about the harbormaster any more."
Liz: "What did you do?"
Red: "Nobody was hurt, if that's what you're concerned about. In fact, a young man's life was saved."
Liz: "I don't want to hear any more. I'm leaving."
Red: "I believe I know the real reason you don't want me to have the Fulcrum."
Liz: "That is?"
Red: "Because you're afraid that once you give it to me, you'll be of no further use to me and you'll never see me again."
Episode 2x13

Red: "Lizzie, you need to go."
Liz: "Damn it! What's the code?"
Red: "Listen to me. I was brought in through a series of tunnels that way. If you hurry, you'll be miles away before they ever realize you're gone. Take the boy and go."
Liz: "You could be killed."
Red: "Lizzie, you did everything you could. It's time to go. Go."
Episode 2x14

Red: "You can never do that again."
Liz: "You're welcome."
Red: "I'm serious. You can never do that again. Promise me."
Liz: "We took down dozens of wanted criminals, recovered millions of dollars in stolen property, and saved innocent lives."
Red: "I'm not talking about that."
Liz: "You. You're talking about you. Wow. You are so damaged. You can't accept help from anyone. Has anyone ever helped you? Is that why you are the way you are? Because you don't feel deserving of it? Is that why you can't be vulnerable for a second? I risked my life for you because I care about you. Deal with that.
And when someone does something nice, you're supposed to say, "Thank you.""
Red: "Thank you."
Liz: "You're welcome."
Red: "But never do it again."
Episode 2x14

Liz: "What are you doing?"
Red: "Whatever it takes to keep you safe."
Liz: "Finding Tom will not keep me safe. I lied to the court."
Red: "We can handle the perjury count. It's the murder charge I'd like to avoid."
Liz: "How? Judge Denner's right. I covered it up. At the very least, I'm an accessory after the fact."
Red: "Listen to me. Juries care about intent. You didn't intend to kill the harbormaster.
That was Tom's decision. Right now, that judge may think you're guilty, and it's not easy to let a cold-blooded killer go free, even in the name of national security. But a cold-blooded killer you are not. If we can prove Tom is responsible, it might just tip the scales."
Liz: "It's my fault. I never should have put him there. He'll go to prison for the rest of his life because of me."
Red: "One step at a time, Lizzie."
Liz: "He's not gonna come back."
Red: "He will. This journey we're on isn't over just yet. You may have given up on us, but I haven't."
Episode 2x16

Red: "Now I understand why you sold the apartment I gave you."
Liz: "Eugene Ames was 67 years old. The only reason he was still working was to get his daughter through college."
Red: "Be careful, Lizzie. Because the truth of it is, once you start down this road there's no logical place to stop. You can see to her education, health insurance, housing. You can watch her or have her watched, keep her safe, try to ascertain her hopes, dreams, desires. Pull strings, call in favors to discreetly smooth the path.
And for the first few years, it may work. You'll draw some measure of virtue from being her invisible benefactor. But that won't last. It's all a fraud. That it's really not about her at all. That it's all about you. And you're just going through the motions to salve your own guilt. Look, all the money, all the time and effort, all the favors in the world cannot possibly equal what you took away from her. Everything else is just a nice gesture."
Liz: "You knew about Tom. That if he came back they'd exonerate him to protect the task force. He'd get his life back. You saved a man you hate to saveme."
Episode 2x16

Liz: "What's this?"
Red: "You don't remember, do you?"
Liz: "What?"
Red: "The grapevines. The ones you and Sam harvested."
Liz: "Of course. I-I remember. Along the garden fence, we would pick.. Is this from.."
Red: "A bottle of wine you made with Sam when you were a child. Happy birthday, Lizzie. You've become everything Sam dreamed you would and more. Share it with someone special. That said, it's probably undrinkable by now, so I also brought you an '82 Brunello as a backup."
Liz: "31. No offense, but that's old."
Red: "My yogi tells me that time doesn't exist. He fully intends to live forever, and tragically, he's not the only one."
Episode 2x17

Red: "Perhaps I haven't made myself clear."
Liz: "I came home, and Tom was here."
Red: "He's back in your life."
Liz: "He is not in my life."
Red: "I understand what it's like to be drawn to something that is unhealthy, to a part of yourself that you are afraid of. But I want you to remember what your life really was with him and imagine all that it could be without him."
Liz: "I don't have to imagine."
Episode 2x18

Liz: "Don't give me advice. This man, this liar, he told me something. Something that I need you to confirm. Now, before I ask, I want you to understand that I expect you to give me the dignity of a yes or a no. Do you understand?
Red: "Yes. I'm the one who hired Tom Keen to enter your life. Can I explain?"
Liz: "No. No, you cannot explain. Here. This is all you wanted. Now you have it."
Red: "Lizzie, when I hired Tom.."
Liz: "I said please do not attempt to explain why. I don't care why. I just want this to stop. I want it all to stop, right now. Take it!"
Red: "Lizzie.. Lizzie!"
Episode 2x18

Liz: "We've cleared a wing at Sibley Memorial for you and your medical team.
Cooper will oversee your security personally."
Red: "Lizzie , when I hired Tom Keen.."
Liz: "Don't. There's nothing you can say."
Red: "When I hired Tom Keen, it was at a time of profound transition in your life. You'd already left behind the relative safety and innocence of youth. Sam's care as a father had served you well, but you'd outgrown him.
A-and I knew that eventually my life would jeopardize yours.
So, in an admittedly presumptuous and ultimately futile effort to keep you safe, I hired Tom simply to be there as a friend of a friend to look after you from an arm's length. When I learned that your relationship had become intimate, I fired him. I should've removed him, but you were already in love with him. And Tom, he shifted his allegiance to Berlin in part to protect himself from me, but also because it allowed for
an inextricable intimacy and commitment to you.
And so you were married. And I couldn't stay away any longer. A confluence of peril had entered your life, and I wanted to be within reach, to have influence. I turned myself into the FBI to point you toward a truth that inevitably you would have to discover for yourself."
Liz: "Is that all of it?"
Red: "Some of it."
Liz: "Why couldn't you just have said yes? It wouldn't kill you to lie just once to make someone feel good."
Episode 2x19

Liz: "Swanky digs."
Red: "Seeing as how you recently paid a visit to my apartment in Bethesda, you know I have a fondness for the old and somewhat decrepit."
Liz: "Dembe asked me to go. To get the interface for The Fulcrum."
Red: "He needed you to get The Fulcrum. He wanted you to discover secrets. Did you discover any secrets Lizzie?"
Episode 2x20

Red: "The girl is you. And the woman is your mother."
Liz: "What was her name?"
Red: "I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent."
Liz: "The girl... The night of the fire, they called her..."
Red: "Masha. You were born in Moscow. Your parents, your father and.. They were both in foreign intelligence."
Liz: "You said she died of weakness and shame."
Red: "Yeah."
Liz: "You were there that night. I need to know what happened."
Red: "You want to know. There's a difference."
Liz: "Dr. Orchard told me someone blocked my memory of that night. Was it you?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "Why?"
Red: "I'm not going to tell you."
Liz: "You have a picture of my mother in your weird, little apartment. Why?
Were you in love with her? Is that why my father died? You killed him because you were in love with my mother? Tell me what happened. Please."
Red: "I'm not gonna tell you what happened, Lizzie."
Liz: "Then I'll find out for myself."
Episode 2x20

Liz: "It's not enough for you to tell me that my mother was KGB and that I was born in Russia."
Red: "In truth, he works for the Cabal. They smuggled him into America because they know if he commits an act of terror here, your government will blame Moscow."
Liz: "My mother and my father, who they are, what happened in the fire.. I'm gonna find out the truth."
Red: "I'm sure you will, Lizzie. But listen to me. The Cabal is orchestrating..."
Liz: "I get it. The Cabal is trying to start another Cold War, and an act of terror committed
here is step one in making that happen. I am listening to what you are saying, and I know that it's important, but it is no more important than what I am telling you and I need you to listen to that."
Episode 2x21

Liz: "Hey, I gotta call you right back."
Red: "Lizzie, you need to get out of there now."
Liz: "Why? Where are you? What's going on?"
Red: "You've been set up. The Cabal is been asking about you Lizzie. They know who your mother was. You've been set up. You were there when the Orea building was bombed. They wanted you to save Clifford Hawkins. They sent Karakurt to the memorial to make you think he was the treat so you would secure the Senator and infect him in the process."
Liz: "But I don't have the virus."
Red: "You do Lizzie. I don't need a test to know that you do. Your mother was a Russian spy and now they made it look like you are to. You have the virus. You infected the Senator and now they will come for you. You need to get out of there now!"
Liz: "I'm being framed."
Red: "Yes and by the end of the day they will identify you by name."
Liz: "Anyone could have infected Hawkins. He must have shaken dozens of hands at that memorial."
Red: "Within hours they will all have tested negative for the virus."
Liz: "You can't know that. This is insane."
Red: "Lizzie, you walked into the Director's office and played him The Fulcrum.
You are the enemy. They're crawling over every place you ever lived and worked. Every file and hard drive like fire ants on a grasshopper."
Liz: "They won't find anything."
Red: "That will suit their purposes just fine. Anything they do find, they'll erase so they can say you destroyed evidence to hide your involvement in the plot and when they eventually restore what few pieces they do want to be found, they will not be kind to you. You need to get out."
Liz: "If I run it will only make me look guilty. I'll be playing right into their hands."
Red: "You are already in their hands. The only thing they haven't done is closed their fists. Go! Now! I will be there in three minutes."
Liz: "No. They can't prove I did anything wrong. They can call me a criminal but I am not gonna act like one."
Episode 2x22

Liz: "You got me out of the Post Office. You gave me a chance to prove my innocence. I know you think you care about me. But every time you do something that makes me think you really do, you do something else that reminds me that you simply aren't capable of it."
Red: "I'm a sin eater. I absorb the misdeeds of others, darkening my soul to keep theirs pure. That is what I'm capable of."
Liz: "What sin of mine could you possibly have absorbed?"
Red: "Andropov.. do you have a lead?"
Liz: "I do, and I'll handle it on my own, because that's what I'm capable of."
Episode 2x22

Liz: "I remember. I remember everything."
Red: "Remember what?"
Liz: "The night of the fire. I know what happened, and I understand why you didn't want me to find out. When I pulled the trigger. When I shot Connolly, I... It came back to me. It was like I was there. I could hear them arguing. He was hurting her. And I know why my father died that night. I shot him. That's why you blocked my memory. Not to protect yourself. To protect me."
Red: "Yeah."
Liz: "You're my sin eater."
Red: "Tried to be. But I failed. I never wanted you to be.."
Liz: "What?"
Red: "Like me."
Episode 2x22


quotes ღ
— s e a s o n . three —

Liz: "We'll never make it out of the city."
Red: "No, that's why we're not even going to try."
Episode 3x01

Liz: "You released the contents of the Fulcrum to the press. Did you expect him to just come forward?"
Red: "I wasn't sure what to expect."
Episode 3x01

Liz: "If I didn't know any better I'd believe him."
Red: "But you do know better."
Liz: "There gonna believe I am a Russian spy. My mother was a Russian spy. I doesn't matter that I never knew her. It's the perfect story. I'm the perfect patsy."
Red: "We have to be patient."
Liz: "Patient?! Do you have any idea the kind of resources they are throwing at us right now? The man power? This city.."
Red: "This city is impossible to get out of now. We have no chance of crossing the perimeter they have established. But Washington DC. can not sustain a siege. The economy, the government. One week. Two at the most and the city will be back to normal. That's when we travel."
Liz: "People will go on believing I'm a terrorist."
Episode 3x01

Red: "This reminds me of beach. We were navigating the backwaters in Western Cambodia.
Hoping to steal some sapphires from a mine foreman. Got as far as pile in when the Monsoon strike. Took shelter in a root seller of all places. I've never seen so much rain. Winds like a monarch gone mad. All we could do was hover down and wait it out. The sock, he just made a run for the village. So there I was, soaking wet. Alone. Three days of absolute misery and then on the fourth day I was overcome by this incredible feeling of peace. Something about being hidden there under ground while the rest of the world was being torn apart outside."
Liz: "This isn't making me feel better."
Red: "You have every right to be afraid. Just don't let it control you."
Episode 3x01

Liz: "What do you think?"
Red: *chuckles*
Liz: "She was blonde. My mother.
The picture in your apartment, she was blonde. I look like her don't I?"
Red: "We are out of time."
Liz: "Is she alive? What happened to her? My mother."
Red: "There was a time in my life when I was quite sure that I knew exactly what happened to Katarina Rostova. But after all these years I am not sure if I have any real sense of how or why she disappeared."
Liz: "Everyone talks as if she was terrible person. Was she?"
Episode 3x01

Liz: "We're splitting up?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "Why?"
Red: "Because it doubles the odds that one of us may get out to clear your name."
Episode 3x01

Red: "Lizzie, they know."
Liz: "Where are you?"
Red: "I made it through but you won't. You have to turn back right now."
Liz: "Turn back where? There is no where.. what are you doing?"
Red: "Lizzie. Listen to me. Take a breath, you can do this."
Liz: "What? What am I going to do?"
Red: "I'm outside the perimeter and I won't be able to get back to you in time. So you are on your own. You need to find a place to hide. Some place where they can not get to you."
Liz: "I can't."
Red: "Katarina Rostova was the cleverest most resourceful woman I have ever known."
Liz: "What are you saying?"
Red: "No matter how dark the moment, she could always find her way through."
Liz: She was a Russian spy who I never knew."
Red: "No you didn't. But that doesn't mean your mother is gone. I see her in you every day.
She is as much a part of you as the air you breathe."
Liz: "I can't do this."
Red: "You can. You must."
Liz: "2650 Wisconsin Avenue."
Red: "No. Lizzie. No no."
Liz: "It's the only chance I've got."
Episode 3x01

Red: "You alright?"
Liz: "No, I'm not alright. Ressler tried to kill me."
Red: "Seeking asylum with the Russians was a dangerous decision."
Liz: "I was out of options. At least I would have been secure in Moscow right now."
Red: "If by secure you mean dead, than yes absolutely. Ressler wasn't trying to kill you. He was trying to save you. The convoy was compromised."
Episode 3x02

Liz: "This is not working."
Red: "Lizzie, please. Take a seat. I'll have Chewy bring you a piece of pie. I promise, you'll thank me."
Liz: "A lawyer? How is that going to help us with this?"
Red: "Lawyers find and exploit loopholes. It's what makes them so loathsome. And Marvin Gerard is the most loathsome of them all. That's what makes him so invaluable."
Episode 3x02

Liz: "This whole thing. The diner. Is wasn't a hostage situation. It was a jailbreak."
Red: "Yes. We're not gonna fight our way out of this. We're gonna have to think our way out.
Episode 3x02

Liz: "I can not stop thinking about that man from the diner. His wife. The way she looked at me. No one's ever looked at me like that before. How do you do it?"
Red: "Do what?"
Liz: "How do you deal with people looking at you that way? The fear? How do you go on knowing that people are terrified of you?"
Red: "From as early as I can remember, I dreamed of someday being captain of a ship.
To be out there on the ocean in the middle of the night, navigating by the stars. I always thought it would be the greatest life on earth. The people you’re talking about.. The ones who think they know you… they really don’t know anything about you at all. I’ve never told anyone that before. About a life at sea.
Liz: "I think you would have made a terrific captain."
Red: "I don't know. You can’t do every silly thing you want to in life. You have to make your choices. You have to try to be happy with them. I think we’ve done pretty well. I’m not saying it’s easy to ignore the way people look at you. But I hope you can find some solace in the fact that when I look at you.."
Episode 3x02

Red: "That's Polaris. The north star. That's how sailors used to find their way home. When I look at you, that's what I see. I see my way home."
Episode 3x02

Liz: "We were out. You said the ship we were on was headed to Spain."
Red: "Change of plans."
Liz: "Because?"
Red: "Because after far to much time playing defense, today’s the day we switch to offense."
Liz: "Take a look around. We are hardly in prime position to be fighting anyone right now."Episode 3x03

Red: "How the hell did Ressler.."
Liz: "I called him. While you were in the store."
Red: "Why would you do that?"
Liz: "I told him to back off cause I thought, if he was interested in the truth.."
Red: "Ressler is a law enforcement robot. The FBI winds him up."
Liz: "That's not true. He is a person. He's a good person."
Red: "Look at me. You need to let that go Lizzie. I have survived for a very long time now and I assure you, I didn't do it by relying on the goodness in people."
Episode 3x03

Liz: "I killed the Attorney General of the United States."
Red: "Yes and when you did that, you crossed a threshold.
Leaving your world and entering mine. Bad things are going to find you now Lizzie.
This life.. has a mind and a momentum of it's own. That's a reality you need to accept. Bad things happen to good people."
Liz: "Am I a good person? I am not so sure anymore."
Red: "I am sure."
Episode 3x03

Red: "If you are thinking about reaching out to him, don't. Now that he is on the FBI's radar, they are likely monitoring any communications. This is important Lizzie. Promise me you won't call him."
Liz: "I promise."
Episode 3x04

Red: "What is your fantasy?"
Liz: "It's been the same things for as long as I can remember. I'm walking in a park with my husband. In between us is our little girl. I am holding her hand in mine and I never let go."
Episode 3x04

Liz: "The bullet was so close I could hear it. I thought.."
Episode 3x05

Liz: "It's been a long drive. Any chance I can hear about Ian and the beekeeper after I clean up?"
Red: "Yes freshen up. I will fill the tank. Get us something to eat.
Lizzie, we are very close. This will all be over soon."
Episode 3x08

Red: "Elizabeth."
Liz: "Are you alright?"
Red: "Do not do this. Do not give it to them."
Episode 3x08

Red: "Lizzie, have you seen the deal?"
Liz: "Yes."
Red: "It's not everything we wanted but it's close. You'll be safe. Be free."
Liz: "But I won't be an agent. I'll be an asset. Like you."
Red: "Yes. I told you some time ago when you pulled that trigger you crossed a threshold.
You stepped from your world into mine. I wish I could deliver the perfect outcome but I'm afraid.."
Liz: "This is.. fair."
Red: "Fairness is overrated. And maybe there is a way to get you all the way back but for
now Lizzie, for today, sign the deal."
Episode 3x10

Liz: "I'm sorry, wait. Are you giving me a case?"
Red: "You look surprised."
Liz: "I thought maybe after all we've been through the past three months, that you might want to take a break. I mean, aren't you exhausted?"
Red: "Your past three months have been what my life has been like for the past 25 years. I am often exhausted."
Episode 3x11

Red: "I forgot how much it sickens me to come here."
Liz: "Then why bother? Why give a guy like that the time of day?"
Red: "Because my life depends on it."
Liz: "Not if you move on. We beat Berlin and the Cabal isn't that enough for you? It is for me."
Red: "Is it?"
Liz: "I know I'm lucky the way things turned out but I can't even rent an apartment
because people think I'm a criminal. Tom thinks we should just go away and start over. Maybe he's right."
Episode 3x11

Liz: "It's your battle, not mine."
Red: "I wish that were true Lizzie. But the manhunt revealed certains facts that had long been hidden. About you."
Liz: "Me?"
Red: "Katarina Rostova was a name that had been lost to history. Masha Rostova was never more than suspicion and rumour. The manhunt and the publicity it generated changed all of that."
Liz: "But who would care that I am Katarina Rostova's daughter?"
Red: "The daughter of a legendary spy master? The secret keeper who disappeared."
Liz: "Disappeared? You and Sam told me she was dead."
Red: "The secret she took with her could comprise any number of players on that map. They'll be coming. They'll be coming for you."
Liz: "But I don't know anything."
Red: "They don't know that. You can't walk away Lizzie. They won't let you."
Episode 3x11

Liz: "What was his name?"
Red: "Gregory Devry."
Liz: "Were you close?"
Red: "Gregory was a dear friend and a brilliant grifter. He made a good living conning con men. Short of George Sanders, I can think of no one I rather have pretend to be me."
Liz: "But you killed him."
Red: "Gregory had terminal stomach cancer. So at his request I euthanized him."
Liz: "And you manufactured a doppelganger to reclaim your reputation."
Red: "I have many contingency plans in place. This was one."
Liz: "Why not tell us?"
Red: "The FBI would never permit me to do the very thing necessary to make the plan work. Let everyone escape."
Liz: "So they could spread the word that we are not working together."
Red: "Are we working together? The way you were talking before I wasn't so sure."
Episode 3x11

Liz: "I'm pregnant."
Red: "Yes. I've known for some time."
Liz: "How?"
Red: "Everything. Your body, your skin, a look in your eyes, different tastes for different foods, nausea, distracted, moody."
Liz: "Yes. With everything that was happening, I just... I mean, I guess I knew, but I just couldn't. I bought a pregnancy test three weeks ago, and I threw it out before I took it.
I mean, I was okay facing the Cabal, but those two red lines. I just... could not handle that."
Red: "I assume Tom is the father."
Liz: "I haven't told him. Uh... He's still figuring his life out. There's a job in Boston."
Red: "I know you want to believe that our work is done, but it's not. The addition of a child will make that infinitely more difficult."
Episode 3x12

Liz: "What are you doing here?"
Red: "I missed you."
Liz: "Yeah, I, uh, dyed my hair to hide. I don't need to hide anymore."
Red: "Lizzie, I misspoke earlier... about your child. I said that having it would be... inconvenient."
Liz: "You got me a couch."
Red: "When your mother was pregnant with you, it was terribly inconvenient. The Cold War was ending. Our country was... falling apart.
Everything she had ever known... She dreaded having a child. Almost aborted it. Not one day of her pregnancy did she ever think of you as anything but a curse. And then, from the second you were born there was never a day when she thought you were anything but a blessing. In my experience, there is never a convenient time to have a child. It certainly isn't a convenient time for you. But if in saying that, I left you with the impression that I didn't think you should have your baby, I'm sorry for that, because nothing could be further from the truth."
Liz: "Tom."
Red: "What I did was for your protection."
Liz: "Taking his job away?"
Red: "I'm not a threat to your safety, Lizzy, or your child's. On the contrary, I can guarantee it, but I cannot do that if you run away."
Liz: "You're the only reason I need protection."
Red: "I wish it were that simple."
Liz: "I think you should leave. "
Red: "Yeah. Oh, I should probably mention, I booked a pregnancy massage for you. She'll be here at 9:00.
Her name's Edwina, she's a registered nurse, and she smells absolutely divine."
Episode 3x12

Red: "I see your new home is a work in progress. What colors are you considering?"
Liz: "You know, I usually like people to enter my apartment after I'm in it. My mother, was she still alive when I was placed with Sam?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "Why did she do it?"
Red: "I let myself in because he situation is urgent."
Liz: "How did my mother die?"
Episode 3x13

Liz: "Hey. What's this?"
Red: "A trust account for your child."
Liz: "I can't take this. I'm sorry."
Red: "When I was young, I loved fairy tales. I was always partial to shapeshifters, who seemed good and sweet, but they were full of unimaginable darkness. Once upon a time, there lived a woman in the woods. She was neither purely evil, nor purely good. She gathered unwanted children and gave them a home in which to stay.
She promised them they'd live forever and a day. She changed them into colors, so beautiful, so bold."
Liz: "She cared for them so sweetly, they never grew old."
Red: "You know it."
Liz: "Lady Ambrosia. Ugh. Always creeped me out. I'm more of a Wizard of Oz fan. You just can't beat a farm girl in great shoes."
Red: "Every culture has their version of a mythic creature who takes children."
Episode 3x13

Liz: "I want him gone."
Red: "He's here for your protection."
Liz: "I don't want his protection any more than I want your money."
Red: "The money isn't for you."
Liz: "It's very generous. I can appreciate that it comes from a place of concern, but it's dirty money, and I just don't want it. I don't need it."
Red: "No, but your child does."
Liz: "I'm giving my child up for adoption."
Red: "Why would you do that?"
Liz: "How can you, of all people, ask me that question? The life I have because of you is no place for a child. I can't even make a waffle without one of your people bursting into my home with a gun."
Red: "You think your life is too dangerous for a child. But what is your life without one? I can tell you from personal experience, not much. What?"
Liz: "You and Tom agree on something."
Red: "He wants you to keep the baby?"
Liz: "Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. That's it. The key to these abductions is parental consent. No child can be adopted out without both parents agreeing."
Episode 3x13

Red: "When I said that Baz saved you, I wasn't looking for a "Thank you". I'm just relieved."
Liz: "I found a couple to take the baby. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually doing it.. How did she do it, my mother?"
Red: "Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hard. Too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you."
Liz: "The night of the fire, that's what they were arguing about?"
Red: "Your mother despite what he'd done, she wanted him back. She wanted them to be a family. As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably...
the only man she ever really loved."
Liz: "And I shot him."
Red: "It was an accident."
Liz: "Tell me. I need to know."
Red: "Your mother was never the same after that. The man she loved killed by the child she adored. It was just too much. Two months later, she went to Cape May and left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.
Liz: "So that night I killed both my parents."
Red: "You were a child. There should never have been a gun for you to grab. Looking back, I'm not sure I shouldn't have raised you myself. I don't want you looking back with that kind of regret."
Episode 3x13

Liz: "Where is he? Do you know? He's not answering his cell."
Red: "I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and assume you mean Tom."
Liz: "Did you hurt him?"
Red: "Why would you think that"
Liz: "Cause the last time I spoke to him, he told me we'd be free. Of you."
Red: "I am not your Tom problem, Lizzie. Tom is your Tom problem. I'm sure he'll turn up soon enough."
Episode 3x15

Liz: "He's in the hospital! He was shot!"
Red: "Not on the street. Let's get in a car."
Liz: "He was involved in some kind of robbery, and now the police want to question him!"
Red: "Lower your voice, Lizzie."
Liz: "No. I am not your Lizzie to control, to be told what to do. Don't you get it? The only reason Tom did what he did is because he had to do something desperate to get away from this."
Red: "You made yourself clear this morning, Elizabeth. You can blame me if you like."
Liz: "Damn right, I blame you. If he dies.."
Red: "If he dies, it's because he put himself in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. He did this, not me. And that robbery the police want to ask him about, diamonds. He was part of a team that stole tens of millions of dollars' worth of diamonds. A team I hear included his ex-girlfriend Gina Zanetakos. He's reckless, dangerous. He's not worthy of being your husband, and he sure as hell is not worthy of raising that child."
Episode 3x15

Red: "How are you feeling?"
Liz: "We've decided to keep the baby."
Red: "We?"
Liz: "I've accepted Tom's proposal. We're gonna get married."
Red: "Right."
Liz: "I know how you feel about him. I hope you'll keep an open mind."
Episode 3x16

Red: "There is one thing that I can't seem to wrap my head around."
Liz: "What?"
Red: "Tom. After all the lies, all the deception and humiliation, how you can just forgive and forget."
Liz: "I haven't forgotten. Forgiveness can't change the past, but I believe it can change the future."
Red: "That's a charming sentiment. But as far as I'm concerned, some things are unforgivable."
Episode 3x16

Liz: "My mother's alive. You lied to me."
Red: "Velov is the one who lied to you, Lizzie, not me. Katarina Rostova committed suicide in 1990."
Liz: "Velov was the agent assigned to find her. He was getting close, she knew it. That's why she allegedly walked into the ocean. She wanted the world to believe she drowned."
Red: "But Velov knows differently."
Liz: "He tracked her to a hotel in Prague. She had just left. But in such a hurry, she missed this... A photo of her little girl. Me."
Red: "That could easily have been planted."
Liz: "You said the name Masha Rostova had been lost to history until the manhunt. Now it's out there, and someone's looking for me. It's my mother. Who else would care? Who? You were right. Some things can't be forgiven."
Episode 3x16

Liz: "Is that what this is really about? Getting me to delay my wedding?"
Red: "This is about preventing Matias Solomon from getting his hands on a nuclear weapon."
Liz: "I'll take it to the task force."
Red: "I was hoping you'd say that."
Liz: "But I'm not going to get involved. What I am going to do is get married. And I hope you can be there."
Episode 3x17

Liz: "What brings you here? You need an update on the Solomon case?"
Red: "I just got off the phone with Agent Navabi. She thoroughly briefed me on the situation."
Liz: "Oh. Then you're here for the wedding?"
Red: "No, Lizzie. I'm here to ask you, to implore you, please, don't do this. I'm telling you, no matter what you believe, Tom is not the man you think he is."
Liz: "You're wrong. You don't know him."
Red: "He's a criminal."
Liz: "No. He's changed."
Red: "Men like Tom don't change. You're attempting to build a life with a man who is fundamentally dishonest."
Liz: "No. I am attempting to build a life with the father of my child. A normal life with two parents who love one another. With everything you know about me, can't you see that? Can't you see how important that is to me? To my child?"
Red: "You were wrong about him once. What makes you so sure you're not wrong this time? Do you really want your child to pay the price for that mistake for the rest of his or her life?"
Liz: "Get out. I want you to go. Please? I don't want you here."
Episode 3x17

Red: "Elizabeth, I'm sorry, but we need to go."
Liz: "What are you doing here?"
Red: "Men are coming for you. We need to leave now. Solomon never intended to take that weapon. He was contracted by an employer to take you."
Episode 3x17

Liz: "Reddington. It's her, isn't it? Solomon's employer. It's my mother. Who else would call me Masha Rostova?"
Red: "Lizzie, your mother is dead."
Liz: "Then who is it? Who? You owe me this."
Red: "I'll tell you what I know as soon as I know you're safe."
Liz: "We're not all out of options here. Nobody has to get hurt."
Red: "Lizzie, you are not going out there under any circumstances."
Episode 3x17

Liz: "Okay, you promised to tell me what's going on. Who sent the army?"
Red: "Are you okay?"
Liz: "What do you think? That was supposed to be our wedding."
Red: "Who's honking?"
Liz: "Everyone."
Red: "Tell Tom to drive you to the Mill Shop on L Street. I'll send you the address and meet you there. It's owned by a friend, Yong-Sun Hopgood. He'll provide safe haven. We need to get you off the street quickly before Solomon finds you."
Liz: "I'll take it under advisement."
Episode 3x18

Red: "You need to leave. Mr. Kaplan will be there in five minutes to pick you up out back."
Liz: "Did you hear a word Tom just said?"
Red: "I can't protect you in a hospital."
Liz: "You can't protect me in a church, either."
Red: "Let me rephrase that. I cannot safeguard you and the dozens of innocent patients and medical personnel who'll be caught in the crossfire when Solomon and his storm troopers put together where you are. I know how desperately you want to protect your baby, Lizzie. So think."
Episode 3x18

Red: "Congratulations, Elizabeth. May I see her?"
Liz: "No. Get out. Please, go away. Make him go away. It's not the drugs. This is my daughter. I'm begging you."
Episode 3x18

Liz: "I'm sorry I kicked you out. It wasn't fair after all you've done for me.
Red: "I've done nothing for you, Lizzie."
Liz: "I'm scared for my little girl."
Red: "It's the children whom the world almost breaks who grow up to save it."
Liz: "I don't want that for her."
Red: "I wasn't talking about her. I was talking about you, Elizabeth."
Liz: "Oh, Raymond. I do love.."
Episode 3x18

Red: "Come on, Lizzie. Please, don't go. Please, don't go."
Episode 3x18


quotes ღ
— s e a s o n . four —

Liz: "Agnes. Do you have Agnes?"
Red: "I don't have her."
Liz: "Go. Find Agnes and Tom."
Red: "I'm not leaving here without you."
Liz: "If they get you, they'll kill you. Did you hear me? You have to go."
Red: "Elizabeth, I will come for you."
Episode 4x01

Liz: "This is where you wanted to meet?"
Red: "I wonder what poor soul Mr. Kaplan buried down there."
Liz: "Where is Mr. Kaplan?"
Red: "I understand why you ran. You believe your family's in danger because of who I am. But what you don't seem to grasp is you're also in danger because of who you are."
Liz: "Alexander Kirk says he's my father."
Red:"I'm doing everything in my power to find Agnes and bring her home safely to you."
Liz: "Do you have any leads?"
Red: "Yes."
Liz: "What? Who?"
Red: "I'll be handling it on my own."
Liz: "I know you feel betrayed. Samar and Aram feel betrayed. Everyone feels betrayed. But.. my daughter is missing, and if you have any idea how to find her, you've got to tell me."
Red: "No, I don't. I expected Kirk to go underground after the FBI's raid at his estate. He didn't. I have it on good authority he reached out to a uniquely inventive young man named Miles McGrath."
Liz: "And you really believe that if we find McGrath, he'll lead us to Kirk?"
Red: "Not us. Me."
Episode 4x03

Red: "Anything interesting?"
Liz: "Yeah. My mother's journal. She talks about you. About the affair. I'm up to the part where she writes about you pressuring her to leave her husband."
Episode 4x03

Liz: "You lost him."
Red: "Yeah."
Liz: "I think I know why Kirk wanted that virus. I saw him getting a blood transfusion at Cape Breton. My mother wrote about his family's history. Generations of Rostovs had the same disease. A rare blood disorder that's been killing them for centuries."
Red: "Kirk is dying. And the Rybowski virus is a temporary antidote to what afflicts him. He has aplastic anemia. A systemic failure to produce viable bone-marrow cells. It's been a death sentence for generations of men in his family, except a distant uncle, who had contracted the Rybowski virus. After getting the virus, the uncle lived longer than any other Rostov with the blood disease."
Liz: "So Kirk wanted the virus to re-create what happened to his uncle?"
Red: "Yes. It's a simple math problem, really. Kirk's disease prevents his body from producing enough blood cells. The Rybowski virus results in a rare form of leukemia which creates the opposite problem, too many blood cells.”
Tom: "So he's gonna give himself leukemia? Isn't that gonna kill him?"
Red: "Eventually. But by offsetting his blood disease, he buys himself a few more precious years."
Liz: "No one could be that desperate."
Red: "But he is that desperate, Elizabeth. Because he no longer has you. You wanted to know why he went so far to find you, why there seemed to be nothing he wouldn't do to physically get hold of you. Now you know. He needs a biological descendant to save his life. A genetic donation from the woman he believes to be his long-lost daughter. That's what you are to him. A collection of cells. This isn't about saving you from me. This is about saving you for him."
Liz: "Well, he doesn't have me."
Episode 4x03

Liz: "Dembe said you had a lead on Agnes."
Red: "Our next blacklister is devoted to protecting the Earth from the greatest threat to its existence as we know it, us. He's a stealth eco-terrorist known only as Gaia. Earth Mother in Greek mythology."
Liz: "Okay, so, the connection between this Earth Mother and Agnes is what?"
Red: "What is not relevant. Only where. We must find this man. Unless you have a better lead on Kirk. Has he reached out to you?"
Liz: "No, he hasn't."
Episode 4x04

Red: "You asked me how this case is connected to finding Agnes. Owen Ayers and his son Skyler share a rare blood disorder. But Dr. Sebastian Reifler is one with a particularly relevant distinction. He treats both Skyler Ayers and Alexander Kirk. If we can get to his doctor, we can get to Kirk. We're getting close, Lizzie."
Liz: "I lied to you. You asked if Kirk had reached out, and I told you he hadn't. That wasn't true. He set up a link. A video feed so I could see Agnes."
Red: "How incredibly cruel."
Liz: "Tom tried to trace the link, tried to find Agnes, but Kirk found out, and now.."
Red: "She's gone."
Liz: "I thought I could make it better, that I could protect my baby. I mean, that's my one job. To protect my child. Make her feel safe at any cost. To hold her. To tell her everything's gonna be okay. But now because of me, because of what I've done, I can't even do that."
Episode 4x04

Liz: "Let me guess. You and the pastor are dear friends.
Red: Never met the man. I am, however, a benefactor for the artists they hired to lead the restoration. As luck would have it, sprucing up the old apse hole will take months."
Liz: "You're squatting in a church."
Red: "I usually have a devil of a time getting to sleep, but here I sleep like a babe in the manger."
Liz: "Did you get Kirk's doctor?"
Red: "Yes, and he's going to lead me to Kirk."
Liz: "I want to be there when he does."
Red: "The Lindquist Concern."
Liz: "Don't change the subject."
Red: "I'm not. The doctor gets us Kirk. The Lindquist Concern gets Kirk to give us Agnes."
Liz: "l'll call it in, but if you have a line on Kirk, I'm staying with you."
Episode 4x05

Liz: "Listen to me, this doesn't need to be another one of your scorched-earth raids."
Red: "What a curious concern for a mama grizzly going after her cub."
Episode 4x05

Liz: "He admires Kirk, says he's a good man."
Red: "He shouldn't. And he's not."
Liz: "I'm in the middle. Between you and Kirk, between Tom and Kirk. Can you at least admit how difficult that is?"
Red: "No. It's only difficult if you accept the premise that Kirk is your father.