The Big Book of Presidents From George Washington to Barack Obama 2

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The president has been the figurehead of the United States since the time when our country was a small band of thirteen fledgling colonies until its current position as a world superpower. The forty-four leaders of our nation have had fascinating, exciting, and sometimes scandalous lives. The Big Book of Presidents illustrates each president's journey to the White House through facts, anecdotes, illustrations, photographs, inspirational quotes, and more! Find out which president had a faithful dog named Fala, who was the only unmarried president, and which president's daughter carried around her pet snake in the White House in this fun and fascinating overview of our country's leaders.
Bestselling author Nancy J. Hajeski not only provides engaging information about each president, but also includes timelines of US and world events that place each president's term in office in a historical context. She also provides useful facts about the White House, Congress, the...

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