Die Hard Trilogy 2 - Viva Las Vegas [Cheat]

Die Hard Trilogy 2 - Viva Las Vegas

Cheat Codes:
To use cheats, pause the game (press ESC) and then 
just enter them:   
For all modes:   
PAINLESS   - Be Invincible   
ALPHABLEND - Figure out yourself   
FOGGING    - Toggle fogging on/off   
BACKFACE   - Figure out yourself   
LODBLEND   - Figure out yourself   
FOLLOWME   - Move the camera   
FLYCAM     - Figure out yourself   

Sharpshooting mode:
WEAPONS    - Get all weapons   
AMMO       - Get unlimited ammo   
AUTOFIRE   - Guess again ;)   
SLOWMO     - Enemies are slower   
SLOWROCKET - Rockets are slower 

Driving mode:   
GHOST      - Ghost mode (drive through walls)   
NITRO      - Get unlimited nitros   
FREEZE     - Toggle timelimit   
CHANTASTIC - Drive faster   
CAMORAMA   - Figure out yourself   
COOLCAM    - Figure out yourself   
SNOW       - Snow :p   
SUSONLY    - Drive only with tires   

Action-adventure mode: 
WEAPONS       - Get all weapons   
AMMO          - Get unlimited ammo   
FREEZE        - Freeze your enemies   
TARGETING     - Toggle Auto-Targeting   
LASER         - Toggle Laser at Targeting
ZDAMP         - Figure out yourself   
GHOST         - Ghost mode (walk through walls)   
FOLLOWTERRAIN - Jump as high as you want   
MRBONES       - Be a skeleton   
SHOCKED       - Be electric   
WIREFRAME     - Figure out yourself   
FPS           - Get in a Doom-like perspective   
FRAGYUCK      - A little more blood and less heads :p   
PILLOWMODE    - Small heads big body   
BIGHEAD       - Big head small body

Defeating Viktor Rashenko:
In the "Desert Bunker" level, when you have gotten all three security 
cards and have put them in the main console, head for the Blue security 
door near the start of the level (the door with the lasers and the gun).
However, before you do this, equip your 9mm pistol and make sure you 
have at least half health. By doing this, you should be ready to easily 
win a tough battle. After deactivating the lasers, go through the Blue 
security door. Upon entering, the door will slam shut behind you and 
Viktor Rashenko, one mean terrorist with one mean flamethrower, will 
come down on an elevator babbling about how he will "break" you. To 
start off the battle, do not move. Wait for Viktor to come around the 
corner. When he does this, he should send a burst of fire your way 
(chances are it will not even touch you). When he does this, quickly 
run directly up to him and start firing your 9mm very quickly. By doing 
this, Viktor will just stand there (he will not fire his flamethrower) 
and will fall quickly. Note: When shooting Viktor, there will be times 
when you will automatically reload -- do not worry about this.

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