WinTask 5.2

WinTask 5.2 x86 | 16.2 MB

Automate any combination of tasks, whether Web or Windows applications… Transform your PC into a lean, mean automation machine with WinTask!

WinTask Features and Capabilities

No programming skills necessary to Record and Playback Scripts
Automatic Macro Recording (demo)
Turns the macro recording feature on and off
Executes manual processes (all keystrokes automatically captured and recorded in a Script)
Automated Script available for instant use
Unlimited length of Scripts
Easy to modify Scripts
Real Time Recording
Powerful Scheduler functionality (only XP/2003) (demo)
Unattended operation
Automatic logon to XP/2003, task launching, then logoff
Email notification with error report when a task fails
Backups and database maintenance during off-times
Holiday list
Direct access to the WinTask programming language if desired to program Scripts directly or modify existing Scripts
Extensive ODBC functionality
Synchronization on a text through an OCR engine
Data Extraction and Data Extraction using OCR
Comprehensive Quick Start Guides and Tutorial Manuals
Free e-mail support both before and after purchase
30-day money back guarantee of satisfaction
One user license can be installed per device (Download EULA). For multiple licenses contact Prices vary per quantity
Runs in Windows XP/2003/Windows 7 32 bit
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome required for Web automation
25 MB disk space required

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Language : English

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