Lord of The Rings - Battle for Middle Earth [Walkthrough]

Lord of The Rings - Battle for Middle Earth

Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth FAQ
Author: LoneEagle013
Version: 1.0.2
Date: 02/17/05
Contact info: loneeagle.faq@gmail.com

1. Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth is copyright of EA Games.
2. All materials here are of original strategies and opinions, unless stated
3. As of the current version, the FAQ is far from complete. I will continuously
update the FAQ (hopefully on daily basis for the next 3 days). For questions 
please check the message board in the topic I created, w/ the topic regarding 
the writing of this FAQ.
4. Please do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is the worst form of flattery. If you
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therfore my writing flavor is somewhat unique - I can see my writing style
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paraphrase the ideas if you want to take some parts of this guide.
5. When sending me e-mails, I reserve the right for all the contents of the
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- Added new privacy statement.

- First finalized version of the faq, minor updates from now on.
- Updates will be done at slower pace from now on.
- Minor update on Black Gates.

- Formatting updates for easier reading. 0.8 formatting was converted to a very
  weird double skipping for unknown reason, fixed the problem.
- Finished Evil Campaign.

- More evil missions completed.
- More commentaries and contributions.
- Minor corrections on spellings and grammar.
- Major contribution at the end of the faq, recommended reading.

- Added some extra notes on Contact info.
- Added some more common questions answered.
- Minor update on mergable batallions.
- Finished Mordor units guide section.
- Added credits section at the end of the FAQ.
- Added more evil missions.

- Added first four missions of Evil side.
- Finished the Isengard unit guide.
- Added some more commonly asked questions.

- Added general Ancillary mission strategies.
- Finished Mordor guide for Minas Tirith (Evil final mission).
- Added commonly asked questions regarding the game (always under construction)
- Added contributions section.

- Minor updates on Aragorn.
- Added my general comment of the game.
- Finished Evil Heroes section.
- Finished the Good Units guide section.
- Finished the GOOD main missions, with the rest of the ancillary mission
  coming up.
- Put a contact info at the top.

- Fixed/updated GOOD heroes guide.
- Expanded the GOOD campaign missions.
- Started the FAQ.
- Good side Heroes with their abilities and comments of general usage.
- First few missions of Good Side.

This is my first game FAQ ever, so any inputs and ideas are more then welcomed.
This FAQ is a work in progress, and I will update the FAQ continuously as I
refine my tactics and beat the game. As of this version I already finished both
good and evil campaigns, but currently replaying the good side of the game in
order to write up this FAQ, with the evil side coming up within a week or so.
I will also include my brief version of strategies for important/critical

As of this version the FAQ covers mainly about the Single Player (SP) campaigns
both good and evil. Multiplayer strategies will be included as people
contribute more stuff to me.
I will cover most of the important missions that are integral to the plot of
LOTR, since these are the trickiest missions in the game. I will not cover
all the ancillary missions due to its similarity between one to another and
the objective is always to destroy all the enemies, so not a very hard thing
to do if you have a powerful army at your disposal to begin with.

I welcome any comments, you can send them at LoneEagle.faq@gmail.com. If you
have any strategies that you think works better than mine, I"ll be happy to
include it in this FAQ. Also, I haven"t played all the ancillary missions yet,
so if you have anything you would like to contribute, it is more than welcomed.
Please understand if the replies are somewhat slow because I have a busy
schedule and writing the FAQ is a spare time thing. (CONTRIBUTIONS ARE CLOSED
AS OF 02/17/05, but questions are always more than welcome)
I will try to respond to all the messages sent to me, and update my FAQ along
with answers from the questions I received via e-mail. However, to avoid
redundancy I will not reply to questions already covered in the FAQ, so please
read the FAQ carefully for your questions and if you cannot find your answer
then by all means ask me the question. I will make this FAQ as comprehensive
as possible, and I will edit the contents to make them clearer if people find
my explanations confusing.

Update: I have received quite some e-mails within the few days of posting this
FAQ, thereby confirming my questions on whether people actually read my FAQ or
not. I am happy that a lot of people do, and so far all the mails I received
have been very positive. However, I did notice that there were some e-mails
that were written poorly, and asked questions that has been thoroughly
discussed in other places (GameFAQ message boards, EA tech support, etc).
I don"t mind answering your questions, but I mainly focus on the strategic
aspect of the game rather than technical and dollar value of the game.
The message board is always a good place to start for finding information,
and there are plenty of reviews out there in the web or printed media that
asking me whether the game is worth to get or not is a bit of a subjective
issue. Solutions to technical problems can often be found in the message
board, or at the EA official tech support page. I will gladly answer your
questions the best as I can, but I"ll be much happier discussing gameplay
tactics and finishing the faq to its final version.
Ultimately, if you"re still stuck and no one out there can help you, then
by all means you are welcome to e-mail me and I"ll try to help you out the
best I can. Just remember I am just an individual and are not affiliated in
any way with EA or Game developers, only a guy who happens to play the game
and decided to write an faq about it.

Since the release of 1.0 faq, I have been receiving a whole lot of e-mail. Most
of them were good questions and strategies, but some concerns me a whole lot.
First of all, people are starting to instant message me, and add me to their
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While I can filter e-mails sent at my direction, there is no way for instant
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set up a new mail account exclusively for faq purposes, and set up several
new rules so that hopefully it is easier to deal with the large amount of
e-mail I am receiving because of this faq.
So here is the deal:
   OR QUESTIONS NOT COVERED IN THE FAQ. (Dumb questions will not be responded,
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3. EMAIL TO: loneeagle.faq@gmail.com. If you have corresponded with me before,
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   when the FBI comes knocking the door on you. Software piracy these days is
   a serious crime. Try it if you will, but then buy the game afterwards, when
   it is on sale or it is at the bargain bin.

A lot of you are very friendly, helpful and sent me very good questions and
strategies. But trust me, this is only the minority of the e-mails I receive.
A majority of e-mail I received goes back to the questions I have answered
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seriously out of control. For the rest of you who sent me some seriously dumb
stuff, I forgive your errors in the past. But I will not be so forgiving, now
that I made the rules clear for everyone.
Thank you, and please enjoy the rest of the FAQ.

I have played many other RTS games before this one, and it is definitely a
different experience. First of all the game is much simplified compared to 
other RTS games. It is even simpler than its cousin C&C Generals, which is
already a simple RTS game compared to Warcraft III. Units are grouped based
on hotkeys, force move/attack inputs are nonexistent, and the AI is very
simplistic. So simplistic that units under attack often times do not react
and welcome their untimely deaths instead. The game focuses more on large
battles instead of resource gathering, since most resource gathering is done
by building structures and do not require any management at all.
Battles are huge and fun, very faithful to the movies. Units are well
animated, and the background sounds of chaos in battle are also very good.
Some units have death animations that can affect the surroundings, like
Mumakils and trolls.
Balancing of the game is a mixed bag. A lot of people seem to think that
the balance of the game is broken, with the evil side is far weaker compared
to the good side. IMHO the game is SOMEWHAT balanced, but in order to see that
one must understand the mechanics of the game completely. Each faction is 
designed for a certain purpose, and if someone plays a particular faction 
outside of its specific strengths and weaknesses can be royally destroyed by
a relative RTS newbie. Several times I was humbled by the AI in the single
player campaign mode because I wasn"t playing a faction the way I was supposed
to play. So give the game a chance before rattling your sabers and declare the
game is completely broken. I admit that the game is far from perfect, and it
requires a whole lot of polishing before it"s completely balanced and bug free.
While I cannot speak for the multiplayer experience, I successfully finished
both sides of the single player campaign at medium difficulty level. Some
missions are designed to be challenging, but given the right strategies it
becomes manageable and surprisingly easy at times.
So what if you keep getting defeated over and over in a specific mission or
against a particular faction? One way is to think carefully about what you
did right and what you did wrong during the game. In one game I made 8 fatal
mistakes, but it turned out that my opponent made 10 fatal mistakes, and I
was able to come out as the winner of the battle of who screws up less. And
on another occasion I was playing the single player campaign and kept on
getting destroyed by the AI. I switched to a completely different tactics
and decisively win the mission. Just keep trying different approaches to a
problem, and eventually you"ll come up with a solution that works. Ultimately,
the game is more or less RTS lite, so it is not that hard of a game to begin
with, single player wise. Multiplayer I cannot say because my record is not
that great, and there are truly amazing players out there and I think they
should write an FAQ about the multiplayer aspect of this game. So if you think
you"re pretty hot with the MP and would like to contribute strategies and
discuss the contents of the FAQ, feel free to e-mail me.


NOTE: Most of this information is available in the user"s manual, or in the
      tutorial part of the battle school. Please spend some five minutes on
      them before asking the rudiment questions. Watching the battle school
      will give you a much more deeper insight to the game, as the manual
      skips a lot of details when explaining things.
Q: Will my computer run this game?
A: Depending what kind of a computer do you have. The computer I use currently
   is an AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB PC2100 DDR RAM, and a GeForce 4 Ti4200
   video card. I can run the game at 1024 by 768 with the lowest details with
   no problems except on very big battles, and even then it"s still bearable.
   I would recommend a system with at least 512 MB RAM, Pentium 2.0 Ghz or AMD
   equivalent of that speed, and GeForce 5200 series and above video cards or
   its ATI equivalent of that. Message boards are a good place to research this

Q: Should I get this game? Is it worth my money?
A: Depends on whether you like LOTR stuff or not. If you hate it in the first
   place, don"t bother. If you haven"t seen the movie yet, it might spoil some
   of the story, so go watch the movie - it"s been out for a year now. If you
   are a newbie to RTS games, it is a good place to start because it is more
   simple than other RTS games out there in the market.
   If you are an expert in other RTS like Starcraft or Warcraft III, then you
   might find the game on the easier side, and might be frustrated because the
   game does lack more complex features Blizzard RTS games have. As I said
   earlier, it is RTS-lite after all, low carbs and all. So don"t expect a
   revolutionary gameplay. But it does have a seriously fun gameplay at times,
   and if you are an LOTR nut, it"s probably one of the best LOTR based RTS
   ever created in the annals of middle earth history.
   In general, the average review on the game is very positive. Not as great
   as Warcraft III or Starcraft in a sense of being a classic RTS, but it is
   better than most RTS available out there, and it is aimed for mainstream
   audiences.  For it"s worth, I have spent more than 40 hours playing it, and
   I still am currently playing it over again because each time I play I found
   better tactics beating the AI in the campaign.

Q: My units keep on dying whenever I start a mission. What"s going on?
A: This is a built-in anti-piracy measure of the game. If the game detects
   any altered files it will self destruct all of the player"s units,
   effectively rendering the game unplayable. Unfortunately, it happens a lot
   to legitimate users such that EA posts a solution for this problem at their
   official tech support page. 
   A quick fix for this problem is to navigate to the games installed folder
   and then to the support directory and to load the The Battle for 
   Middle-earth_code.exe file. Just re-enter the key and all works again.
   If that doesn"t work, then uninstall the broken version of the game, and do
   a clean installation of the game in the default directory, and it should 
   work just fine.
Q: How do you assign hotkeys?
A: Hotkeys are the numerical keys 0-9 on the top of your keyboard. Select a
   group of units, then press ctrl-&ndash (&ndash of key you want to assign the unit to)
   to assign the selected units under that hotkey. Pressing the hotkey recalls
   the selected units you"ve chosen under that key, so it is very useful to
   access groups of units. Hotkey groups are different than merging units.   
Q: What is merging units, and how does it work?
A: BFME has a unique feature for merging different types of units into one
   single batallion or horde. A batallion consists of five units for the side
   of good an a single horde consists of 10 units of uruk or orcs. A merged
   unit, for those of you who can add, consists of twice as many units as a
   single batallion or a horde. This merging ability is exclusive and only
   certain units can be merged to other specific units.
   Here are the list of known possible combinations of merging units:
   1. Yeoman Archer - Peasant
   2. Gondor Soldier - Ranger or Gondor Archer
   3. Gondor Tower Guard - Ranger or Gondor Archer
   4. Uruk-hai - Crossbow Uruks
   5. Uruk-hai - Pike Uruks
   6. Pike Uruks - Crossbow Uruks
   7. Elvish archers - Elvish swordsmen (toggle the bow with the sword)
   8. Mordor Orcs - Orcish archers
   9. Gondor Soldier/Tower Guard - Gondor Knight
   10. Rohirrims - Peasants (what"s the point, though?)
   To merge units, click on a mergable unit, and hover your mouse pointer on
   another mergable units. The pointer should change into merge icon. Clicking
   the mouse on the unit with this pointer merges the two units together.
   Note that merging units are a permanent process: you cannot undo the change.
   And merged archer batallions cannot garisson towers. Merging has benefits
   because you only pay upgrades for one batallion, so you are paying half the
   cost when buying upgrades for merged units. Also new units merged to ranked
   up units gain the higher ranks. Some unit mergings are less useful than
   others, so use your imagination on how to use them properly, and tell me so
   that we can all share the tactics of using the units properly.
Q: How do you garrison archer units to an abandoned tower?
A: Some maps in the game have abandoned towers that can be garrisoned by your
   archer units. To garrison a tower, select your archer unit, and hover your
   mouse at the tower. The icon should change to the garrison icon, and click
   on the tower to garrison your unit at the tower. Note that garrisoned units
   are permanently lost, freeing up command points in the process. In this
   light it is best to garrison stock (non-upgraded) units and lower ranked
   ones, because it will be gone for good.
   You can recapture a tower garrisoned by enemy units by sending and garrison
   -ing the tower with your own archer. There will be a mini battle fight for
   the control of the tower, but the attacking unit will always wins the tower
   and garrison it for your side. Just escort the garrisoning units so they
   don"t get killed approaching the tower.
Q: Help! my unit is stuck on a wall, and cannot get out! What do I do?
A: Blame the game testers for this. Unfortunately there are some bugs that can
   make units stuck on some weird places in the game. I had seen several of
   them, including stuck reinforcement units in Osgiliath, and someone asked
   me how to unstuck his Eomer on a wall.
   For Eomer, Gandalf, Theoden, Eowyn and Faramir, you can try mount/unmount
   them and try clicking around to see if that dislodges them from the sticky
   spot. Clicking around from different angles might dislodge a stuck unit
   from its position. If all else fails, you can just win the game without
   the hero (sucks), or you can restart the mission if you have the heart to
   do so (sucks even more). I hope the patch resolves these problems.
   There is one special case where stuck heroes are meant to be. If Lurtz is
   lurking around, he has the ensnare ability which pins down your hero to
   his standing spot and make him vulnerable to enemy attacks. In that case
   you just have to protect the hero until the spell wears off.
Q: How do I turn on the autoset feature for the heroes" skills?
A: Right click on their skill icon. You should see a circular shine on the
   edges of the icon if autoset is enabled for that particular skill.
Q: I purchased upgrades from the building, but my units are still not upgraded
   yet. What"s going on here?
A: After the initial purchase at the building, you still have to INDIVIDUALLY
   upgrade your units by clicking on the icons by your units picture at the
   bottom of the game screen. You can check the battle school for more details.
Q: In some of the missions, the objective mentions to find friendly units some
   where across the map, but after destroying everything and opening up the
   entire map, I still couldn"t find them. What"s going on here?
A: This is probably a design oversight. What happens is that the AI explores
   the map continuously and employ search and destroy tactics. That being said,
   they sometimes wipe out friendly units (like the giant eagles) chilling
   around waiting for you to call them out and play with the bad guys. They
   will not defend themselves and will become easy preys for the enemy troops.
   The easiest way to deal with this is to send out a scouting unit to explore
   the map early on while you build and defend your main base. Sending out the
   knights or Gandalf is usually a good idea because they are fast and can
   evade enemy patrols without getting themselves killed.
Q: Man, your guide sucks. It doesn"t work with hard mode, and I think your
   strategy doesn"t work in skirmish or multiplayer games.
A: Okay, as I explicitly stated, I based the guide on MEDIUM difficulty, since
   most people play in this difficulty mode. I haven"t tried HARD mode yet, nor
   do I play multiplayer often enough that I become an expert of that. That is
   where the contributions section comes in. If you have tips and guides for
   parts of the game that I DO NOT cover, please by all means e-mail me some
   contributions and I"ll be more than happy append them to my guide and give
   you the credit where it is due. There might be other faqs out there that
   cover hard mode, and I have no intention to cover hard mode strategies
   other than from contributions.

Q: Your guide is not complete. What about the other missions besides the ones
   they cover in the movie? I need help on mission <insert mission name here>,
   but you didn"t cover it. What should I do?
A: Those missions are called the Ancillary missions. Ancillary missions are
   battles not fought or explicitly mentioned in the LOTR main storyline. These
   are battles that are either background stories, or creative intepretation of
   the battles not covered majorly in the movie or the book.
   As such, the missions are more or less skirmish missions with some extra
   bonus objectives thrown in it. The basic idea of the mission is the same, to
   destroy all enemies lurking on the map. I wrote a section of how to win the
   ancillary missions right after the battle of minas tirith for the good side
   walkthrough. The tips do apply for the Evil side for the most general cases,
   and I will add some more tips and tactics for the Evil side once I completed
   all the ancillary missions available for the Evil campaign.
   Ancillary missions in general shouldn"t be too challenging aside from the
   beginning rushes by the enemy. After that it is up to the imagination of the
   player to come up with interesting tactics, and that on its own is a huge
   part of the game. It kinda takes out the fun when you have someone dictate
   you play by play on what exactly to do. It"s just a game, not a dinner
   recipe or college applications, so you won"t die just by losing the mission
   several times. I had to rethink my plans on some of the missions I failed
   several times before finally succeeding.


------------------QUICK COMMENT PLEASE READ FOR YOUR SAKE----------------------
This is the main course of the FAQ, and occasionally I will revise the contents
to make things clearer and add strategies contributed by people.
NOTE: Always try to accomplish the bonus points, because they tend to help
you win the mission easier than not accomplishing them. And often times they
are part of what you are about to do anyway (upgrading w/ heavy armor, duh).
Accomplishing all the bonus objectives in a misison will give you total victory
status, regardless of your accumulated points. Plus I would think that you are
winning big time if you are indeed accomplishing the bonus objectives anyway.
I based my strategies on medium difficulty, so it may NOT work for hard mode.
Another point worth pointing out is that if you win with a very weak army, that
army will be carried over to the next battle. If it is a tough mission, you
will have a whole lot of pain playing the next mission if the only thing left
in your army is stock (non-upgraded) units, and not much else. So always before
destroying the last enemy building, hang around and build up your army until
your units are maxed out, so you can save time on the next mission rebuilding
your army all over again from scratch. If you are careful, you can get away
with having your original units from the first mission survive the entire
campaign and have tons of kills and maxed out at level 10. These guys are uber
bad ass, so don"t lose your units over stupid tactical errors. Good generals
keep their men alive for as long as possible.

The side of good consists of Gondor and Rohan, as well as the heroes of the
Fellowship. A quick info on the factions on the side of good is provided below.
I mainly describe the characters properties in the game rather than an uber long
biography of who"s who in middle earth. I"ll leave the movies, the books, as 
well as encyclopedia of Arda online to give you an exhaustive material on those.
Abilities(level obtained):
1. Athelas(1): Heals all heroes within a small radius.
2. Blademaster(2): Aragorn deals 100% extra damage for a short period of time.
   Very useful to put on auto-activate mode.
3. Leadership(4): Passive ability, gives bonus to surrounding army with bonus
   damage, armor, and immunity to fear.
4. Elendil(5): A warcry that make enemies flee for a short period of time,
   while Aragorn can make chase and kill off the slow ones.
5. Summon Army of the Dead(10): Aragorn summons a small legion of Army of the
   Dead, lasts for a minute or two before it dissapears.

Aragorn by far is one of the most useful heroes in the game, only second to
Gandalf. He can pretty much go solo on his own with his abilities.
He can be the heroes medic, clearing crowds away with his Elendil Shout,
and rack up kills with his blademaster ability. His Army of the Dead ability,
by far, is the most useful one. He can singlehandedly defeat a massive evil 
army on himself by summoning the secret service of the king (As I like to call
it myself), protecting his flank while he"s retreating. A general strategy
using Aragorn is just to put him on one of the ctrl-&ndash key, and just set him
loose in the action while every now and then check on him. He will level up in
no time that way. He is also one of the heroes you might want to level up the 
fastest so you can use all his cool abilities.
If you have the Anduril evenstar power, Aragorn becomes a insane monster. With
his blademaster ability and the Anduril, he can take down defensive towers in
one swing! That"s some raw power there. He can take down mumakils in two or
three swings, so use him if there are no nearby fire archers. I wouldn"t be
surprised if your top 5 vanguished enemies would include him, Legolas and 


Abilities(level obtained):
1. Wizard Blast(1): Strikes and knocks back groups of enemies.
2. Lightning Sword(2): Creates a chain of lightning over a radius of area.
3. Leadership(4): Passive ability, gives bonus to surrounding army with bonus
   damage, armor, and immunity to fear.
4. Mount Shadowfax(5): Allows Gandalf to ride shadowfax, giving him advantages
   and disadvantages of mounted heroes.
5. Light of Istari(5): A powerful light beam that can take most units down in
   one shot.
6. Word of Power(10): Most useful spell in the game; creates a massive magic
   blast surrounding Gandalf and deals 500 damage to all enemies wthin the
   radius (it"s a BIIIIGG radius, btw).
Gandalf is the most powerful hero in the game, and no one comes close. In the
campaign he"s pretty much unstoppable if you use him correctly. The Evenstar
power of Gandalf the White gives 100% extra damage, as well as doubles the 
recharge rate of his spells. Wizard blast clears up the area in front of 
Gandalf, and sometimes if it is done right it can take out an entire batallion 
of orcs. Lightning sword is very useful to clear out a region full of orcs, or
sometimes trolls who are at the right time at the wrong place (trashing your 
normal units, for example). The light of Istari can take out big units in one 
shot, including the Nazguls (I use this skill exclusively sniping them out of 
the skies in the later missions). Word of power, is just pretty much an "Oh 
S***" button that literally clears the screen out of bad guys. While it may not
kill all of them, it"ll definitely knock out all the weaker units, leaving you 
to deal with the strong one. Mounting Gandalf can be very useful in larger maps
so that he can cover a big area in a short amount of time, helping various
sides of the battles.

Abilities(level obtained):
1. Hawk Strike(1): Legolas fires a two-volley of arrows with increased damage.
2. Knife Fighter(2): Legolas switches to his knife, gains 125% speed bonus and 
   huge melee damage for a period of time.
3. Master Archer(4): Legolas teaches archer units within the radius and gives 
   experience bonus.
4. Arrow Wind(7): Legolas rains massive amounts of arrows within a small radius,
   useful to take out small bulidings or a group of enemies.
Although I rank Legolas &ndash3 in my list of poweful heroes, by the end of the 
campaign, he"ll have the most kills out of all your units (In my first game, he
wasted 2000+ units with Aragorn came close to 1200-something). His range of 
vision is impressive, and his rate of fire is the fastest in the game in terms 
of archer units. At higher levels you can just have him guard a spot, and 
unless they bring out a horde to take him out, he can pick off 3 batallions of 
orcs one by one that by the time it reaches him only a few are left. Legolas is
best used to scout for shrouded areas, because he can see enemy units before 
they can see them. He is also very useful to be the one left at the base 
guarding baby-sitting the hobbits while all your other heroes go out and level 
up, because he can level up THAT fast on his own compared to everyone else. 
Hawk Strikes are best used for sniping big enemies, including Nazguls and 
trolls. Knife Fighter is a very useful ability, but almost never used unless 
Legolas is completely surrounded by infantry units. Arrow Wind is useful later 
on to deny a small choke point of enemies, and sometimes for dealing rapid 
damage to small buildings like slaughterhouses, or lumber camps (kills all the 
laborer orcs within the camp).

Abilities(Level obtained):
1. Axe Throw(1): Gimli throws his axe at a single opponent; decent damage.
2. Leap(2): Gimli leaps to the air, with a powerful landing that knocks back 
   opponents away on his landing area.
3. Slayer(5): Doubles speed and damage for a short period of time.
Aye, the dwarf. He"s pretty useful for crowd controls, but his use is somewhat 
limited. Powerful melee fighter, never hurts to put him at the front lines. His
leap attack, which is his most useful attack, have to be abused whenever the 
situation calls for it. It simply clears up the area of bad guys, very useful 
for leveling up purposes and rescuing heroes trapped among enemies. Beware 
though, the leap attack needs to be initated from a set distance, meaning that 
Gimli has to actually run until he meets the distance for his leap - which can 
be problematic if there"s a lot of enemies in the way. Leave his slayer skill 
on auto-set, that way you can maximize his damage dealing during the time. The 
easiest way is to have him guard an area crowded with enemies while he"s on 
slayer mode. Prior to that, leave the axe-throw skill on autoset, so he always 
have at least one freebie ranged attack at an ugly orc"s face.


Abilities(Level obtained):
1. Horn of Gondor(2): Stuns surrounding enemies for a period of time.
2. Leadership(5): Passive ability, gives bonus damage, armor and immunity to 
fear on surrounding allied army.
3. Captain of Gondor(7): Boromir gives experience to the units within the 
radius of the skill.


Boromir goes to the lower part of my list. Part of the problem is that he did
not really make it very far in the original story, so EA didn"t have that much
material to work on his skills. The horn of Gondor is very useful to hold off a
massive wave of enemy going down on your army, giving you some extra time to 
regroup your army, or move your heroes out of enemies" encirclements. Aside
from that, Boromir is also useful to pump up your army and give them bonuses, 
so it would be wise to put him in the center of your army to maximize his 
passive ability of leadership.


Abilities(Level obtained):
1. Throw rocks/use Sword(1): Toggles between attack modes.
2. Elven cloaks(post Lothlorien); Invisible while not moving for a period of 
3. Phial of Galadriel(Frodo only, post Lothlorien): Scares away enemies.

I group the hobbits together in this FAQ because their skills are identical, 
and I don"t think you"ll be using them that much in the game save for leveling
them up or when it is required for missions. The easiest way to keep them alive
is to set their skill on throwing rocks, as it actually gives them ranged 
attack and levels them up far faster than their swords alone. Hobbits are so 
slow compared to other heroes, often times they don"t reach the enemies in time
(the bad guys get wasted by everyone else). I surely wish they have a cool idle
animation (like smoking the pipe), because most of the time they are left 
guarding my fort with Legolas baby-sitting them once he leveled up his share, 
and the battle is not very crucial. Group them together and they"ll last
longer. If you really want them to go to battle, then group them with your 
archer units so that way they don"t get too much action for them to handle.



Abilities(Level obtained):
1. Wounding Arrow(1): A powerful arrow strike that can kill most units in one
   shot, Nazguls losses 50% of the health bar. Ranger mode only.
2. Toggle Sword/Bow(1): Toggles between Sword/Arrow mode for Faramir
3. Ranger/Knight(4): Toggles Faramir between Knight mode and Ranger mode.
4. Leadership(6): Passive Ability. Gives leadership bonus to surrounding army
   (bonus damage, armor and immunity to fear).
5. Captain of Gondor(7): Gives 50% exp. bonus to units within area of effect.


Faramir is probably one of the most versataile hero given his ability and his
price. He can be an archer unit, and he can also be a knight unit, so next to
Aragorn he can be anywhere in the battlefield without too much problem. While
his archery skills is nothing compared to Legolas, he can still hold his own 
ground once he levels up enough, and being a knight with his leadership
ability, you can group him with your knight batallions and have him wreak
havoc all over the place. Think of a merging between Eomer and Legolas,
watered down a little bit and you"ll get Faramir. Very good hero overall.



Abilities(level obtained):
1. Leadership(1): Passive ability, gives bonus to horsemen units. This ability
   also allows horsemen to get resource for each unit they kill.
2. Mount/Dismount(1): Mounts/dismounts from the horse, with advantages and
   disadvantages on each stance.
3. Spear Strike(6): A poweful spear throw against a single target, massive
   recharge time. Make sure it counts when you use it.

Eomer is the hero on the Rohan side for most of the mission until you reach
Helm"s Deep. He"s most useful when you put him into 1 single group, and group
the rest of your rohirrims on another slot. He can lead successful raids on
enemy positions, and strong enough to go around patrolling alone to level up.
I use him mostly to bait enemies out of their camp, and have my rohirrims jump
on the enemies while Eomer holding them off on his own. His resource ability is
somewhat not as useful as the game progresses when your resource gathering
becomes somewhat large.

Note: Theoden is already at level 4 by the time you obtained him in campaign
Abilities(level obtained):
1. Glorious Charge(4): Mounted only. Theoden and all horsemen in radius of
   effect takes 10% of damage while the skill lasts.
2. Mount/Dismount(4): Mounts/dismounts Theoden, with the advantages and
   disadvantages of each stance.
3. Leadership(4): Passive ability, gives horsemen bonus (damage, armor).
4. King"s favor(6): Increases units" experiences.

Theoden comes in during Helm"s Deep, and he"s more effective being grouped
with the rest of your rohirrim units. That way whenever you activate the
glorious charge (which should be on auto-set for making your life easier),
it reaches the maximum amount of units receiving the bonus. I personally like
mounting him at all times, that way he becomes the hero that is attached to
the my army.

Note: Like Theoden, Eowyn is already at level 4 by the time you obtained her
in campaign mode.
Abilities(level obtained):
1. Mount(3): Mounts/dismounts horse with the advantages/disadvantages of each
2. Shield Maiden(5): Eowyn gains 55% armor.
3. Disguise(4): Eowyn disguises as one of the rohirrim riders.
4. Smite (built in): Eowyn delivers a very powerful projectile strike. Use with
   care and don"t waste it at weak enemies.

Eowyn is pretty useful in MP, no doubt. Her disguise ability makes her look
like one of the rohirrims, such that you can sneak slowly behind an annoying
enemy hero and smite him in one shot. Her smite ability is so powerful, it can
almost take a Nazgul in one shot. I usually mount her and group her with my
rohirrim archers because of her ability for added protection, as well as her
leadership bonus (that way i have heroes leading each of my grouped armies).

Note: Treebeard only shows up at the Isengard mission in the campaign, and he
is already at level 10 when you get to use him. Treebeard does not appear
anywhere else in the game as a playable hero unless you play skirmish/multi-
player mode.
1. Toggle melee/rock throwing: pretty obvious from the name, eh?
2. Grab chunks of buildings: Treebeard grabs a chunk of building and fling it
   to his intended target.

Treebeard is like the super Ent. Massive Health bar and deals extra damage
compared to other ents. Just like other ents, Treebeard is suspectible to
fire damage, and will have to go to the nearest pool of water to put out the
flames. In the Isengard mission Treebeard must survive, otherwise the mission
will fail.



Rohan"s basic foot infantry unit. Relatively weak and not much use other than
repairing damaged gates and meat shields for the yeoman archers. Can be buffed
with the arm peasants Evenstar power, but still worthless for the most part.
I would recommend skipping creating these guys as most buildings repair on
their own over time. Nonetheless, arming the peasant upgrade increases
the armor and damage of peasants, making it somewhat more sturdier, but not
by much. Gondor soldiers are much better suited for battling purposes.

Rohan"s basic archer unit. Not terribly strong, but definitely useful for
defending basea or taking down units suspectible to fire arrows. Mostly
useless until it is upgraded with everything. I prefer the elves because
they are more versatile and have superior stats compared to yeoman archers,
although they are more expensive. Archers are very useful when grouped
together and focus their fire against a single target, as opposed to random
aiming of targets.

In the movie, elves came to aid humans during the seige of Helm"s Deep. You
will encounter the Elvish units at Lothlorien for the first time, but you
won"t be able to see them until Helm"s Deep. Far more superior in range and
damage, the Elvish warriors can also switch to their swords to fight melee
against other infantries, but they won"t very last long because they were not
designed to go toe to toe with orcs.

The Rohirrims are the bread and butter of Rohan army. The cavalry is strong
against most normal infantries, and it can trample over batallions of
infantries, destroying them in a single swoop before they have time to strike.
Be careful, however, for trmapling enemies cost health. You might lose several
units in a batallion if you attempt to trample veteran or upgraded units.
The Rohirrims are vulnerable to Troll attacks and pike units. Nazguls have a
field day against Rohirrims; they swoop down and pick up horsemen and drop
them from a height. It"s a sight that"s both gruesome and awesome, depending
whose side are you on. Avoid the piked units like a plague, because even a
level 10 Rohirrim can fall against a level 1 uruk pikemen or rhun warriors.
Both the Rohirrim and Rohirrim archers are useful for fast reacting units, they
can be raiding the enemy outpost one instant and return to help defending your
base from across the map. There will be a lot of instances in the Ancillary
missions that requires this due to the small unit cap of the game.
Rohirrims with wedge formation have 125% damage at 25% armor penalty, so use
this formation while being led by a hero with armor boost to nullify the
penalty. With Theoden"s glorious charge, this formation amplifies insane
damage to the already excellent raw damage the riders have.

The Rohan horse archers are great complements to the already awesome Rohirrims.
They are very powerful and mobile, very effective in groups of four. Upgrading
them with fire arrwos allows them to become great counters to pike units,
mumakils, trolls, and nazguls. They are effective because of their ability to
run around slower units while riddling them with arrows. They are somewhat
decent in taking down buildings, too. Horse archers can take down pike units
while your main cavalry army retreats from the battlefield while minimizing
Just like the Rohirrim"s the horse archers are suspectible to piked units, so
keep them far away from the tip of the pikes.

Ents are slow, lumbering ancient living trees that can dish out a lot of pain
to the Evil side. Ents are generally expensive, and in the campaign mode are
exclusive units only available through Evenstar powers, special situations and
the Isengard mission.Ents can throw rocks and building chunks aside from their
melee attacks, so they are very useful for destroying buildings from far away.
Ents deal extra damage when attacking lumber camps, because they are enraged
from the destruction of their kinds.
Ents" weaknesses lie on the fact that they are made of wood, and they can catch
fire easily. Fire arrows are the bane of Ents" existence, and orc laborers can
chop up ents faster than the ents can run away, although a smart ent would be
able to kick the orc stupid enough to swing around his axe on a very angry
moving tree. Find pools of waters to put out the fire, otherwise the Ent will
keep on losing health until it either dies or finds a pool of water to quench
the flames. If an ent successfully put out his fire, he"ll be royally pissed
and will do more damage than usual for a short period of time.
Ents do not level up in rank in the campaign mode. And last but not least,
just like other siege units, rocks don"t discriminate between friends and
foes, so keep your units out of the intended target of angry ents throwing
big chunks of rocks.

The basic foot unit of the Gondor Army. Very cheap to produce and takes the
least amount of command points, you can create oodles of these men if you
plan to expand rapidly. They can be combined with the Gondor Archers and
Rangers to become meat shields, so they are very useful and worth the money
you put in to produce them.
Gondor soldiers can form block formations, increasing its armor by 25% but
at the cost of 40% speed penalty. The added armor bonus is useful when they
are defending their position from attacks. The block formation is not a good
retreating formation, however. Just remember to switch formations accordingly
to the situation.

The elite soldiers of the Gondor Army. More powerful and tougher than the
soldiers, but at 4 times the cost and at 15 command points. But the costs are
justified with what can they do in terms of abilities. Tower guards have shield
wall formations, which offers a whopping 80% armor bonus at the expense of 75%
speed penalty. In terms of defense, it"s huge. Arrows are basically worthless
against tower guards in this formation. I particularly like the tactic where I
draw enemy fires to my tower guards, while my other units destroy the enemy
and their structures during my assault to their base.
In order for a barracks to produce tower guards, it must produce at least five
gondor soldiers beforehand.

Just like their Rohan counterparts, the Gondor Archers are your basic archer
unit. Archers can be stationed along the walls of a base and become a very
effective defensive unit. They are prone to cavalries and siege projectiles
(ballistas and catapults) if they are grouped together, so be warned.
To level up a Gondor Archery range, it must produce at least 5 gondor archers
before you can start creating rangers and obtain fire arrow upgrade.

The elite archer unit of Gondor. Rangers can cloak in forest areas, allowing
them to set up nasty ambushes. Rangers can also switch to their swords if they
are engaged by melee units, but don"t count on their swordplay abilities. The
only rangers I respect their swordfighting abilities are Aragorn and Faramir,
and even then Faramir is better with his bow rather than his sword.
Rangers with fire arrows give a lot of headache to mordors, because rangers
can bring down mumakils really, really fast. This is an economic disaster
because rangers are faster to produce than mumakils. A mumakil costs 2000,
an equivalent of 2 ranger batallions complete with fire arrow upgrades. With
their skirmish formation, rangers scatter and deal 300% damage with 75% armor
penalty. Use this formation to set up ambushes in the forrests, and the enemy
will never know what will hit them.
NOTE: Rangers can be detected if enemy units comes too close to them.

Gondor knights are identical to their rohan counterparts, except they are far
more expensive than the Rohirrims, especially for identical stats. Having
Faramir leading thema around as a knight tremendously boosts their armor and
damage, so if you can spare Faramir to do so, do that. Wedge formation allows
knights to deal 125% damage at a cost of 25% armor penalty.
You need to create at least three knights on a Gondor stable before you can
get the shield upgrade.

Trebuchets are awesome catapults the Gondor Army uses. Relatively mobile and
has a decent range. It does wonders of breaking formations and buildings.
The Gondor base defense can also mount trebuchets on the walls. Very useful
to attack big lumbering things coming at your way such as trolls and siege
Trebuchets can be upgraded with fire projectiles to deal more damage. Pay
attention to where the trebuchets are aiming, because often they aim at enemies
that are engaging your units, thus creating splash damage and friendly fire.
Trebuchets can create huge casualties on your army if you are careless, but
there is a bright side to this part. If your command point is at its limit, you
can force fire your trebuches to kill off PARTS of your batallions so the unit
size falls down, just enough to produce another unit so when your wounded
batallion respawns to full strength, you have more units than your normal limit
would allow you to have. 


First off, Group your units accordingly. Put Aragorn on 1, Gandalf on 2,
Legolas on 3, Gimli on 4, Boromir on 5, and the Hobbits on 6. Then set the
hobbits on rock throwing mode. AFter that, get the evenstar power of elven
gifts to increase your heroes" damage by 50%.
The priority is to level up Aragorn, Gandalf, and Gimli as early as possible,
because when things get ugly, they"re the ones that can bail the rest of the
group out. There will be six veteran upgrades, and here are the list of who
should obtain it (in no particular order, but my preference)
1. Aragorn
2. Gandalf
3. Gimli
4. Legolas
5. Boromir
6. Aragorn (again).
Once Aragorn received the upgrade, have him guard the rear flank while the rest
of the army presses forward. As other heroes gain rank, rotate them to the rear
of the line so the other ones can gain a level. I noticed that once a hero
gains a level in a mission, he needs much more kill to level up to the next
level, almost impossible to level up twice for a hero unless you have the
veteran upgrade bonus (only available in moria). The idea is so that everyone
gets leveled up at least to level 2. That way you can use the important skills
each hero possesses. Trust me, you"ll be needing them to survive.
At some point you"ll find trolls, use the following things to deal with them:
1. Gandalf wizard blast and lightning sword.
2. Aragorn"s blademaster ability.
3. Gimli"s leap.
4. Legolas" hawk strike.
5. Boromir"s horn to hold off the goblins.
don"t bother standing toe to toe with the trolls, you gonna get hurt pretty
bad. Speaking of injuries, use Aragorn"s athelas ability liberally when one
of your fellowship members is hurt; it regenerates pretty fast, and it will
fill up the health meter to the max. After halfway through, you should buy
the evenstar ability of heal as soon as you can afford it. In general, let
the melee fighters gain level while having legolas chill around for a bit -
he"ll have his time of his life picking off goblins during the stairs section,
when no one else can reach them with their swords (but the elf can, har har).
After the stairs, comes the Balrog slugging match. Apparently a lot of people
have problem with this one. I finished this part in one try in medium level.
All you have to do is guide Gandalf around, and make sure the he doesn"t get
raped by the Balrog while he"s casting his spell. The trick is to click the
spell on Gandalf himself, because that way he"ll cast the spell while the
Balrog is walking toward him, eating all the damage by the time it reaches
Gandalf. Then, have that old man run around like a chicken while he"s
recharging. If you get punished by the Balrog, use the heal ability and it will
max out Gandalf"s health bar. After 5 shots of lightning sword, the Balrog
should go down and the Fellowship escapes the mines of Moria.

There are several choices, but I picked Rohan first. The mission is relatively
easy to finish. Just be patient and let the resources flow in. Build farms,
stables, archery range and a well for your units to heal up. Lead Eomer around
to level him up, then have the Rohirrims join him whenever he needs backup.
You should heal up the rohirrims whenever things are quiet so that they can be
at full strength when they really need it.
Here"s my unit groupings for this mission, as well as general Rohan missions:
&ndash1 - Eomer
&ndash2 - Rohirrims (Include Theoden here later)
&ndash3 - Rohirrim Archers (Include Eowyn here, she can be at &ndash2 as well)
&ndash4 - Archer batallions, include Elves here.
&ndash5 - Whatever you want to put here.
Some people like to micro their units, then by all means use up the other
grouping keys. I personally like to have all the units within the grasp
of my left hand fingers for quick access.
With your stable, build rohirrims so you have four of them, and build a group
of archers and level them up whenever the situation allows, with priority on
leveling up the rohirrims. Make sure you send the peasants you found to their
untimely death, because you need all the command points given at this point,
and there is simply no room for worthless units.

This mission starts on the top of the map, and here are my groupings for this
&ndash1 - Aragorn
&ndash2 - Gandalf
&ndash3 - Legolas
&ndash4 - Boromir and Gimli
&ndash5 - Hobbits (All 4 of them, set in rock throwing mode)
&ndash6 - Elvish units
Set these skills on auto-set:
1. Aragorn"s blademaster
2. Boromir"s horn
3. Gimli"s axe throw
These 3 sets should always be on auto-set mode for best usage throughout the
First off, have Aragorn go forward so he can go medieval on everything evil
that moves, with the rest of the fellowship taking care of business in the
rear. Before you make the right turn to the bridge, clean up the Lumber camp
on the left side first, you"ll get bonus resources by taking care of that camp.
Afterwards, enter Lothlorien, build barracks and train elves as soon as
possible, all the while sending the hobbits to take care of the lumber camp
on the top right while Gandalf cleans up the one in the center top part of the
map. It"s a good idea to merge knife-wielding elves to protect the archer
elves. Have your trained elvish archers and the rest of the heroes guarding the
northwest bridge from the siege. Gimli should be leaping to the fray often,
and once he levels up have him take care of the trolls (but pay attention to
his health bar). Boromir can blow his horn and take care of the small goblins
and orcs, while aragorn can do whatever and play medic if he needs to be.
Don"t forget to bring gandalf to the fray at the bridge. Legolas"s hawk strike
can be used to deal with the trolls as well. At this point you can leave the
hobbits gathering resources around the base, or have them fight, but that would
be unwise because if frodo gets killed, the mission is over.
You will then faced with several waves of attack, both of them happens either
at the northwest bridge or at the western bridge. The strategy for both sites
are the same. just use your heroes to thin take care the majority of the bad
guys, with the elves providing fire support and meat shield for the trolls.
Don"t worry about losing the elves, they don"t get carried along through the
rest of the campaign, so they are expendable.

At this point you should have more command points, so start building more
units. Build six farms to fulfill the bonus mission, and whatever peasants
you rescue, send them back to the orc camps so they die and free up the command
points. Also build a well to rejuvenate your rohirrims. Try exploring the map
and build farms whenever possible. Use your rohirrims to wipe out any orcs
dumb enough to attack any of your farms (AARGH!). 
After you got enough money, build 3 rohirrim archers, which is enough to buy
the shield upgrade for the rohirrims, and upgrade the four rohirrims you have
through the armory. Upgraded rohirrims are much more durable and can last you
the entire campaign if you take care of them properly. So upgrade them with
the heavy armors, forged blades and banner upgrade if they still at rank 1
(but they should at least level up somewhat if you"ve been using them all this
time). Also build 2 archer batallions and give them all the upgrades. Save
some room for archer batallions so you can get the fire upgrades once and for
all at when you can get the upgrade. Once you got the army to the max of the
command point, explore the map and wipe out all the enemies, and you"re done.

This mission can be tricky at first, if you are not careful. You start the
mission with Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo and Sam, and the hobbits must survive
the mission or otherwise it fails. Toggle the rock throwing for Frodo and Sam,
they can take out an orc for every shot they take. Have Aragorn defend one side,
with Gandalf going to the other direction. Once the attacks are over, the camera
shifts to Gimli and Legolas, and depending on your luck they can level up in
this process. Have your first four heroes run up and meet them, but be ready
for a pair of trolls ambushing you in between. If that"s the case, have Gandalf
use his spells on the trolls (the wizard blast knocks those beasts down so you
can finish them off without taking too much damage), and have Gimli and Legolas
come and support you once they finished their share of orcs.
The second half of the mission is a bit trickier. Boromir is stuck against
truckloads of orcs, and Lurtz is among them. Have Legolas take care of the
archer orcs, and the hobbits can help him so long as they are not the prime
target of the orcs (watch their health bar). When rescuing Boromir, use
Aragorn"s Elendil ability (he should be at level 5 if you have been following
my walkthrough thus far), Gandalf"s various spells and Gimli"s leap attack.
Boromir is stuck at where he is standing because of Lurtz"s special attack, so
just heal and use athelas if he"s dying. Gang up on Lurtz and he"ll die within
30 seconds or less. After he dies, gather up the fellowship, and heal the ones
that are injured. The ship is protected by a massive horde of orcs, and several
trolls. Use Gandalf to kill the trolls, and Legolas" hawk strike can take out
the trolls really fast too. It should be a really easy battle so long as the
hobbits don"t die. Once you kill everything evil that moves, move Frodo and
Sam to the boat and the mission ends.

You begin the mission with whatever unit survived last time with Eomer. The
mission begins with a camp already set up for you, so start building 3 farms
and an archery range. Building a well doesn"t hurt either, because you"ll be
needing that well a lot after the massive barrage of orc attacks. There are
several ways to finish the mission, either way it"s relatively easy and
The first way is just to rush the bad guys out to oblivion. With most of your
units intact from the previous mission, you can just rush the orc positions
and win the mission under 10 minutes. However, you would not get the more
powerful unit upgrades like fire arrows and such. But if you feel getting those
upgrades for later, be my guest. The rest of this mission"s guide is devoted for
obtaining all the upgrades available at this point.
At this point you should have almost maxed out your unit cap, around 170 or so.
If you maxed out your unit production already, sacrifice enough of your units
so that you can have around 20 - 30 free command points. Build an archery range
and start churning out sacrificial archers. Sacrificial being that you will send
them to scout the map and intentionally send them to their deaths, so that you
can keep churning archers until you"re reached level 2 archery range. I think
you only need to make five archer batallions before the building upgrades.
After getting the fire arrow, ideally you can have at least 4 rohirrims, 4
archer batallions, and 2 yeoman archer units. This maxes out at 190 (my current
unit cap at this point if you follow my guide). A trick a lot of people use is
to queue the productions at the stables or the archery range so that when some
of your units are dying, hopefully they open up enough to produce a new unit,
and if you bring the injured unit to a well, you will have more units that your
command point allows you to have. Kinda cool, eh? I fi

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