Laid Back Reporters (Chlark) #13: "To me, you're more than just a hero. You're a Super hero." ~ Chloe to Clark

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Arriving on Earth from another planet, Clark's reluctance to embrace his powers has been an ongoing theme of the show since the first episode. Chloe's discovery of Clark's secret changed everything for Clark as she immediately recognized Clark as the hero he would one day become, and has been urging Clark to embrace his destiny ever since. Season 8 saw Clark take his final steps towards that as he began rescuing the people of Metropolis with a superspeed that led to him being nicknamed the Red and Blue Blur. While Clark was at first concerned over protecting his secret, Chloe was the person who encouraged Clark to take on the alias of the Red Blue Blue and become that symbol of hope that the world so desperately needed. Clark sees Chloe as the one true constant in his life. Their lives are destined to be entwined, whether in a world dreamed up by Lex Luthor, or in a nightmare world dreamed up by Clark himself, Chloe has been the one person that Clark can always count on to be by his side and fight alongside him in any reality.

Chloe moved to Smallville from the big city when she was in the 8th grade and her immediate assumption was that small town life would be much quieter than she was used too, however she soon discovered all of the strange-goings on that Smallville was infamous for, and she and Clark began investigating them together. Their partnership was solidified when Chloe discovered the secret and vowed to stand by Clark no matter what, calling him "my hero". Chloe kissed Clark on their first meeting so that they could put the lingering romantic tension aside and concentrate on being friends, yet Chloe's romantic love for Clark has never left her. Over the years Chloe has remained devoted to Clark, just as Clark himself has recognized many a time that he would be lost without Chloe. The world will someday recognize the heroics of Clark Kent through the symbol of Superman, but it is Chloe Sullivan who recognized Clark Kent as her hero from the beginning.

Clark & Chloe...what more needs to be said?
He is her kansas farmboy, reporter by day and crimefighter by night. Her hero... more then a hero, her superhero! Her one true love. And she is his intrepid reporter! His girl friday. His true love masquerading as his best friend and the only constant in his life! They live for eachother, they'd die for eachother! Through good and bad, they will always stand by eachothers side. Whether they are beside eachother as friends or more, they are there! From the moment, Chloe and Clark are just good friends, but some of the greatest romances in time began with a strong friendship!
Sadly, despite it all, they've had the universe working against them (sometimes literally) keeping them from getting the chance they, so badly deserve to ever truly be together, together as something more then friends. From ex-girlfriend/boyfriends to natural disaster tornadoes, to world ending kryptonians. Something always got in their way of being together. However it never kept them, nor their friendship, apart! The friendship that Clark and Chloe have is so strong and deep, that in a way, it's soul mate-like in a non romantic way. Through it all, they have always been friends, best friends, BFFs! They share a relationship that they would never ever share with anyone else. A bond that no one could break. A bond that no one would want to break! A bond they shared from the moment they first met!
But let's back track a little shall we? Their story began in 8th grade, with a fast friendship, a crush and... a kiss. Love at first site for Clark as he looked at her thinking of nothing more then kissing her right there on the spot but just couldn't work up the courage to make that move! But luckily, he didn't have to with Chloe. This bold and assertive teenage city girl had enough courage for the both of them. So, that very day, he got his kiss, Clark Kent got his first kiss ever, from Chloe Sullivan, the new girl in town! A kiss she gave him, one he willingly shared with her! 9 years later and not much has changed. Clark still the quiet smalltown farmboy, and even though he is the strongest bravest man in the world, he is still too afraid to make that first move with Chloe launching their relationship from friendship to something more. And sadly for Chloe, she would be the one to fall hard for him. While he had already fallen for, town princess, Lana Lang.
But despite the stand-still in their relationship, deciding that they were better off as friends, they continued being the best of friends! Clark is still there for Chloe and always would be there for Chloe. Through her first day at school to her first day at the Daily Planet. Through losing her job at the Daily Planet to the sadness of losing her mother to a comatose state, to living the life of a meteor freak. He's there as she is for him. From living the life of a Kryptonian alien on earth with powers beyond imaginable. To living with the grief and guilt of his fathers death, to the falling out with his other close friend Lex Luthor to even his multiple breakups with Lana Lang. She's there no matter what she has to sacrifice to do so... and no matter the heartbreak that is inflicted on her when having to watch him fall for every other women but her. Chloe hides behind her wit, her work, other relationships but none of that is enough to hide the fact that she is madly in love with Clark! But she doesn't let that get in the way of her support of Clark, before finding out his secret and even more-so after finding out. Chloe would continue to show her support of him and be his loyal confidant. When she found out his secret, she patiently waited for him to trust her enough to tell her the truth himself. And since the discovery, Chloe has become less of a sidekick to Clark and more of a partner, always lending her support, courage, and even getting in on the action from time to time. While he saves her from the baddies, she is there to return the favor. But while being his friend in the more heroic ways, she is also there for him in the smaller ways giving him advice on his current relationships, being his shoulder to cry on when those relationships don't work out.
There will never be anyone that will understand Clark and devote themselves to him the way that Chloe does!
She loves him in every way possible, as does he for her.
Whether it's romantic love or platonic love, it's love! The truest love of all loves. So much so that it transcends the platonic or romantic... They love each other with every fibre of their being and always will.
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan...interpret it as you will but no matter what, you can't hide the fact that they have one of the most trusting, caring, loving relationship that you will ever see!
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Reasons why we ship them:
1. Because they're best friends
2. Because their lives are intertwined by the secrets they hold
3. Because Chloe would die before she'd reveal Clark's secret
4. Because Chloe was Clark's first kiss...that's something you never forget
5. Because Chloe would always be Clark's best friend
6. Because Clark is Chloe's own personal bomb squad
7. Because Chloe is the first girl who has been to the fortress
8. Because she told Jor-el "I love your son"
9. Because they would always end up saving each other
10. Because you can see the love in their eyes
11. Because they've been through so much together
12. Because Chloe would never let Lana hurt Clark
13. Because Chloe risked her life to heal Clark (Fracture)
14. Because Clark sat by Chloe's bedside for 18 hours (Fracture)
15. Because even when Clark left for Metropolis Chloe kept an eye on him
16. Because Chloe declared her love for him years ago and they've remained close (season 2x16 Fever)
17. Because of the Vessel kiss
18. Because they've been through so much together
19. Because Clark was there for Chloe when she found her mother
20. Because Clark and Chloe both have secrets
21. Because Clark's a superhero in Chloe's eyes
22. Because Clark wouldn't know what to do if he didn't have Chloe in his life

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+What We Say

Why do you love Chlark so much?
Why do I love Clark and Chloe together so much? Because I look at them and see that there isn't anything not to love! The trust, the loyalty, the devotion, they will always care for eachother truly and deeply! They will be there for eachother when the other one needs them. They are each others shoulder to cry on, savior when in trouble, partner in anything and confidant for all things, no matter what they have to do to be those things! Nothing can split them up without them somehow finding their way back to eachother and being stronger for it! They love eachother in every way possible to love and that's what makes me love them!

What do you love most about Chlark?
There isn't one thing I love most about them cause I love everything about them equal...but something that stands out to me in their relationship is how equal they are. Everything about them is mutual. Even though Clark is an alien and the most different being on earth, he is still just as human as anyone and Chloe helps him be that way. And even though Chloe is just your normal young human women, she still manages to do everything the most powerful man on earth does, if he can't. Clark doesn't just save Chloe, she saves him. They share morals, ethics, beliefs, strengths and weakness'. They are from completely different planets yet they couldn't be more alike!

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
It's so hard to narrow it down, I love so many episodes and most episodes have something I like in them. The logical and typical choice would be between Tempest and Vessel for obvious reasons if you've ever seen those episodes. They probably are my favorite in regards to Chlark but another one of my all time favorite episodes would have to be Labyrinth. Despite it being an AU and despite the sucky ending, I still loved it! I loved it because even though Chloe wasn't technically real, I think if in that situation with Clark, she would be that person we saw in the AU! She would always believe in Clark and do everything in her power to help him... including giving up her own life to save him! Whether she was created by the phantom as a weakness for Clark or created by Clark as his only comfort or both, she was everything Chloe would be!

And even though she wasn't real, Clark was, which was something really amazing to watch because we don't often get to see their relationship through his POV. Even though the AU wasn't made up by him, his reaction to the phantom created AU relationship was all him. His happiness when he saw Chloe drive up and save him, his relief when he found out she was on his side, his reaction to watching her die, all him! What I loved most about it was that Chloe was his only weakness. When she was gone, he gave up everything and almost let the phantom kill him. Then seeing his reaction when he came out of it and found her still alive. It really showed that Clark loves Chloe more then either of them ever knew! Its the first time we really saw Clark open up and tell Chloe just how much she means to him. Yet another relationship strengthening episode!
~ Chloie (go_clo)

Why do you love Chlark so much?
For me, there is so much love and admiration between these two beautiful people, it's impossible not to adore them. When the show starts, Clark is oblivious to how Chloe feels about him. The audience watches and anxiously awaits the day that our future superhero catches a super clue! Sometimes hope seems lost, but then a kiss on the cheek and a high school dance change everything. For a brief moment, as Chloe later refers to in the most epic letter ever, the best friend sidekick facade is ripped off, and we see just how much potential there really is for Chloe and Clark. And that is why I'm proud to say i love Chlark!

What do you love most about Chlark?
I love how much trust the put in each other. They really do trust each other with their lives, and that is such a wonderful thing to be able to witness.

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
I'm torn between Tempest & Vessel. They both have such defining moments for Chlark.
~ xoBrucasFan4everxo

Why do you love Chlark so much?
I think they have one of those bonds that it unbreakable, untouchable. They are best friends, but there is just too much love there for them to remain "just friends". They confide everything in eachother, they trust eachother. They are each others constants. They Can't Imagine life without the other.. And They are ALWAYS saving eachother. I think the love between them is so pure, so real.. It's undeniable..They make me believe in love... and that there is no such thing as destiny. There's just so much to love about these two, and i think alot of that is down to the amazing actors that play them.. they have SO much chemistry. There is way too much i love about Chlark, the list would go on FOREVER. They're just epic. Beautiful.

What do you love most about Chlark?
There's not really one thing i like most about them. Everything about them is wonderful. But I think that the fact that they have known eachother for YEARS, and have always always been there for eachother and their relationship gets stronger by the day. I LOVE that about them.

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
There isn't really only one favorite. But i love Tempest for them. Its how i wish it would always be. Clark goes out of his way to make everything perfect for Chloe. There is so much love between them, that when re-watching this, it often reduces me to tears. The almost kiss, was almost perfect. For me thats the way the episode should end. Clark & Chloe and A Perfect Memory.
~ Marija (OTHlove1991)

Why do you love Chlark so much?
Chlark were the first ever couple I fell in love with and that's because they are EVERYTHING love should be - they don't keep secrets, they bring out the best eachother, and they are always saving eachother. Chlark are LOVE and they ARE epic because - Chloe means a lot more to him than she knows, Chloe Sullivan LOVES Jor-El's son, she knew it was him - it's always him, he's her hero, he'd never outgrow her (other than vertically), she's waiting for him to fly back to her because it IS worth the wait, she only felt it was easy before with ONE other person.. and it wasn't Jimmy, and she was his first kiss. There are so many things that tell you that in another life Chlark are sitting with their two kids, sipping coffee and saying to eachother that it WAS worth the wait.

What do you love most about Chlark?
Their relationship isn't physical at all and somehow you see more love between them than any couple on the show. The other couples have the touchyfeely-ness but only Chlark have that true connection. It's like they're one soul in two bodies.

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
Vessel, purely for that kiss! That's the moment when were people say 'he doesn't feel the same' you can go 'LOOK!'. He TOTALLY kisses her back and for a second they connect, and then she lets him go. It's why you have to love Chloe, she loves him so much that she lets him go.
~ Erin (Erin.<3)

Why do you love Chlark so much?
i love chlark because i think that they really compliment each other and actually can make each other really happy. they accept each other with all their faults, they acknowledge and forgive each others mistakes and don't just diminish them and pretend they never happened. they call each other on their crap, support each other and believe in the other even if noone else does. they actually really go through thick and thin together.

What do you love most about Chlark?
that they are always so comfortable with the other one like an old happily married couple .

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
Obscura. Clark being happy to see Chloe at the hospital (at the beginning of the epi), Clark encouraging Chloe to go to metropolis for her interview, Clark being all worried about Chloe, Clark recounting his first meeting with Chloe, the rescue, the hospital scene and then Clark asking Chloe to be his date for the spring formal -> it's chlark perfection
~ Sunny (sunnysmile1008)

Why do you love Chlark so much?
I love their bond. The fact that they inherently trust each other with every bone in their body. Also their chemistry displayed by Tom and Allison
What do you love most about Chlark?
The inherent trust they have.
What is your favorite Chlark episode?
Freak and Vessel
~ -Wait for it-'s

Why do you love Chlark so much?
I love Chlark because I think they one of the best relationships on the show. I love how they are always there for each other and how they always come out stronger then before when they are in a fight. They are devoted to one another and would die to keep the other safe.

What do you love most about Chlark?
The thing that I love most about Chlark is their unbreakable bond and friendship. They have been best friends since 8th grade and have been through it all. With the ups and downs they went through while Clark dated Lana, to Chloe learning Clark's secret, to stopping Lex's evil schemes, their friendship has endured everything imaginable and can withstand anything.

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
My favorite Chlark episode is Tempest. I love seeing the pure love that they have for each other, especially when they are dancing. The way Clark looks at her throughout the episode with adoration is really sweet. It's also great to see how happy Chloe is to go to the dance with him. This episode really shows how happy they make each other.
~ Viola (violagirl)

Why do you love Chlark so much?
I love Chlark because everything about them is so beautiful and rare. They're both heroes in their own right and together they are an unstoppable team. Through ups and downs Chloe has stood by Clark through anything and everything. She would do anything for him and has proved it more than once through endless sacrifices and being his true friend through it all. Chloe is such a selfless character and around her Clark is a better man and a more admirable worthy hero. They complete each other in so many ways and have the best chemistry any two characters have ever had on the show. It's Chlark that always bring me back to this show..They always somehow pull me back in. To me they're the heart of Smallville and nobody will ever compare to what Chloe is to Clark and vice versa.

What do you love most about Chlark?
That's tough to answer because they're are sooo many different aspects to Chlark that I love. I think if I had to pick one thing it would the very rare and special bond they have together. Their friendship has been an amazing thing to watch grow and strengthen over their years. The way they stand by eachother and have been there together through it all just shows how deep their friendship goes and how they'd go to the ends of the earth for each other.

What is your favorite Chlark episode?
I have so many..Beast, Rush, Abyss, Tempest, ones I'm blanking on the names of at the moment. If I had to pick one I think I'd pick Abyss. Everything about the episode from beginning to end was amazing. The flashback of their first kiss, a scene we'd heard about more than once but never seen before was so great to see. Chloe's desperation to get to Clark and his to help her was beautiful and so aww worthy to watch. I truly believe Clark needs Chloe in every sense of the word and to see him give her up and sacrifice his own happiness to save her is just another million reason why I love Chlark so much. You could see the sadness and reluctance in his eyes when he took her into the fortress and talked to her. The forehead kiss was one of the most tender moments ever and showed me exactly just how precious Chloe is to him. This episode was amazing for a Chlark fan and will always be one of my favorites.
~ Ashley (angel_wings05)

+What They Say

We know Chloe loves Clark, Is it romantic love? Is it platonic love?
It's love. It transcends the platonic or romantic... she loves him with every fiber of her being.
~ Don Whitehead

It's one of those great love stories that's probably never meant to be. I mean we know in the mythology that he's going to end up with Lois; but at the core Chloe will always love Clark, and I think that at Clark's core, also, he'll always love Chloe, but the timings just never quite right. Which is not to say something won't happen between the two before this series is over
~ Steven DeKnight

For the past nine seasons we’ve seen these two go through ups and downs, and despite it all stick together. Some call them the heart and soul of Smallville, and we wouldn’t dare to disagree. When Smallville first began, Chloe was just Clark’s quirky side kick and the best friend who loved him from afar. She has grown to be less of a sidekick and more of a partner, and has become his confidant and the one person he can always count on. Clark may have saved Chloe on numerous of occasions, but she’s also returned the favour and saved and protected him too – sometimes without him even knowing! Sure the mythology means that Lois and Clark are the ones that will inevitably be together, but Chloe and Clark are special. Whether it be friendship love or romantic love, Chloe and Clark have a rare bond that goes beyond love and is embodied within them and what they do, no matter where they are. Throughout the years in every world or alternate universe that Clark has encountered, there has always been one constant – Chloe by his side. What does that tell you?
~ 2010 Portrait Magazines 'Top 10 TV Ships'

Chloe and Clark have been friends since Chloe came to Smallville in the 8th grade, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their fair share of dramas along the way – from jealousy to romantic entanglements to disagreements and career choices. Nonetheless through it all, even when they weren’t on the best of terms, Chloe and Clark still had each other’s backs and always protected each other and that is the makings of a great friendship. Chloe and Clark are more than just best friends – they’re each other’s equals. Clark doesn’t trust anyone with his secret the way he trusts Chloe, and Chloe isn’t afraid to speak up and express her opinion when she disagrees with Clark no matter how badly she may think he’ll react. Forget sidekicks – these two are each other’s partners!
~ 2010 Portrait Magazines 'Top 10 BFFs'


Now that Chloe has returned, what is their relationship like?
Tom Welling: Their relationship is as up and down as the emotional levels of Clark and Lana. I know that the trust issue is big for Clark and Chloe.
Here's the biggest story of her life right in front of her and she doesn't even know it. In 'Truth' Clark's "best friend" went behind his back when she'd agreed not to, and obviously she was under the influence of something that she couldn't control, which was ultimately found out about, but that episode touched on a very big story arc between Chloe and Clark, and it's not until many episodes where it's resolved at all.

If it ever does get resolved...
Tom Welling: It is somewhat...There's an acceptance of each other's faults and a promise that it won't happen again, and choosing to trust in that promise once again. ~ SV magazine issue 4 (UK version)

Tom's thoughts on the Arrival scene:
Tom Welling: Clark realizing that Chloe knows his secret, which I thought was a great thing to hang in front of the show anyway, as a carrot to keep everyone guessing on what would happen...I thought Allison played that beautifully..I thought she did a good job with that. ~ SV magazine issue 7 (UK version)

Tom's thoughts on Chloe now knowing the secret:
Tom Welling: It has rewritten her character. For allows Clark to share some of those situations that he has with someone else, which is important to Clark and his learning process about how to become a hero. It has also branched Chloe out into her own webisodes. It created a sort of franchise for her. ~ SV magazine issue 8 (UK version)

Allison's thoughts on Chloe now knowing the secret:
Allison Mack: It has deepened their love for one another. Chloe was dedicated to Clark as a friend and then as a crush. When she felt the weight of this revelation and was inside his life, it matured Chloe and forced her to look at how much she really loved him and examine how important her committment to him was at a very selfless level...It is a very adult and mature relationship between the two of them...Chloe is the only person that Clark really listens to.
~ SV magazine issue 12 (UK version)

What Chloe scene has stuck out for you?
Allison Mack: My favorite Chloe moment of the whole season is that scene in the hospital where she finds out Clark is an alien. ~ SV magazine issue 8 (UK version)

What’s his relationship going to be with Chloe as she takes on the role of Watchtower?
Tom Welling: That’s an interesting one, because even on set, scene by scene, we’re not sure what it is. Allison Mack is a tremendous actor. On set, in a very collaborative and positive way, there’s this sense of distance between Chloe and Clark. They’re both changed people. They’re not the Chloe and Clark who used to run around the Torch in the first few seasons of the show. They’ve both grown up and they both have better ideas about what they want to do with their lives. And they’re trying to figure out what their relationship is. But right now it’s rough seas.
~ TV Guide Season 9 Interview

Allison Mack: I think she will always love Clark. I think that is something that just is.
~ SV magazine issue 12 (UK version)

There relationship has evolved over the course of the show.
Have you and Tom had a relationship thats changed?
Allison Mack: Tom and I have definitely had a relationship thats changed. I mean, I don't think that you can help but change when you are sorta growing up together on the show. I was 18 when I got the show, Tom was 25 so we really did grow up together so I have a deep appreciation and love for Tom Welling. I think he's an amazing man and I absolutely feel privileged to be working with him for the amount of time that I have and I look forward to going to work with him everyday. ~ Comic Con 2009

With the exception of you and Tom Welling, the cast has also continually changed --
what's it like to be one of the only two people who've been there all along?
Allison Mack: It's amazing and I think you can see it on-screen as well.
Tom and I have earned that relationship and I think you can see it in our camaraderie. A lot of it comes from the fact that we've really grown up together. It's funny, for someone that I spend very little personal time with, I know him so well. And him, me.

Who's the sexiest person in the show?
Allison Mack: Sexiest person in the show? Oh my God, Tom Welling! I've had a crush on him since the Pilot! I've never seemed to get over it. ~ Comic Con 2009

Allison Mack: Tom's been an incredible friend, teaching me I can do anything and learn anything.

There are fans who email me every week to talk about how you and Tom Welling have the best chemistry on the show....
Allison Mack: Awwww.... We've been working together forever, so that’s probably par for the course.

Right, but having worked together "forever," is that chemistry something you have to revisit each season? Or is it what it is?
Allison Mack: I don’t think we work at it at all, it's something that we've learned in each other and that we’ve built. It's not something that goes away. There's an affection for each other – I adore him, and I think there's a similar fondness for me back – and that comes from "growing up" together. That isn’t something we have to rekindle. It will always exist between us. ~

About her experience with directing:
Allison Mack: Working with Tom I think was probably one of my most favorite parts of this whole experience. It was really amazing! I didn't know how well I knew him until I'd had this experience. Him as a person I know SO well and I know what works for him and I know how he's feeling and I know when he's in a good mood or when he's in a bad mood and I know how to help him out of that. When I was directing him, I could be very... concise with my direction with him. I could say like 1 or 2 things and he would know exactly what I meant or I could look at him differently and he would know exactly what that meant.
~ Season 8 DVD Special Features

Allison Mack: They’re best friends. And the longer you know someone, the more of their nasty parts and their beautiful parts you get to see. And I think you don’t have a true friendship or a true relationship until you’ve survived some sort of a fight at some point. I think the fact that Chloe and Clark have been through so many ups and downs together — hated each other, but loved each other the whole way — just means that their relationship is incredibly strong and will withstand anything.
~ TV Guide Season 10 Interview 2011

When asked about Allison's/Chloe's return for the finale:
Tom Welling: She’s a big component not only of the show, but of Clark’s trajectory, so it was important for her to be there. ~ Zap2it Interview 2011


Interviewer: Now this is the second season of Smallville. Do you and Clark Kent get along alright?
Allison Mack: Yeah! Tom Welling is awesome. The only complaint that I have about Tom.. is that he is a man of steel. Like he's super dooper strong guy. Like he's a big you know.. manly man. And the first season.. he always has these scenes where he comes in and like.. save us. He's Superman, so.. It was like my first scene where I was getting saved, and I was in a room full of fire, and he has to run in and he stands there and you know, flexes his chest and I run up to him and he embraces me, and it's all wonderful and heroic. Well, my head comes right up to his chest. And he's got a very strong chest. (noises frm the audience, so Allison turns to them, "Yeah, I know.") I'm getting all geared up and ready to go, and they say ACTION! and I race in, and.. my head bounces right off of his chest. It was like a full on ricochet effect. And after like the fifth time, it was like "Tom, I'm getting a little bit of a concussion, so if you could just envelop a little bit, I'd really appreciate that.
Interviewer: Give you a hug
Allison Mack: Yeah, soften the steel.

Interviewer: Do you do your own stunts on the show? Because there are quite.. it's very stunt heavy.
Allison Mack: They tried. I'm not very co-ordinated. Like the fact that I got down the stairs in these shoes without falling is amazing. Well they put me on a horse. There was one thing where I was supposed to be riding a horse with Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana, and Tom Welling. And it was my first time ever on a horse. Like, ever. And so I get on, and I'm feeling so good, I'm like "Yeah dude, I'm a natural, like I should go be a cowgirl or something." So I'm riding back with Tom to our first positions, and all of a sudden Tom looks at me and he kinda like gives me a little wink, and his horse speeds up. And I was like "Ahh. okay. I gotcha. I can handle this." So my horse speeds up, so then his horse starts to trot, and then my horse just gets a bee in it's bonnet and takes off, and like Tom said that the only thing he could see was you know, my bum like three feet above the saddle and I'm holding on for dear life.

Allison Mack: My stunt double did the actual fall and then they cut to a shot of Tom holding me. Before every take he goes "Don't worry, i got it" and would then chuck me up in the air and then catch me!"
- About the fall and catch in "Rush'

Friend of Allison's: Allison and Aaron were blocking a kissing scene, and Tom was making out with the shelves when Allison looked over Jimmy's shoulder after they kissed. I am sure I could tell it funnier but I was seriously just cracking up regardless (i was about 10 feet away from him, behind him, watching). - About the scene in 'Noir'

Allison Mack: I was dressed in a prom gown and heels for the season finale. I was supposed to run up this road, jump onto this box—I'm short and Tom Welling is tall so they put me on boxes—and talk to Tom. I overestimated and missed the box! My heel caught on the end, and I went toppling into Tom. He was like, 'Oh, are you a little drunk?' No, I'm just clumsy!"

She also said some pretty funny stories, one of my favorites being how when Chloe is typing on a keyboard what Allison is really typing are her lines, whereas when Clark has to do it, Tom Welling just types his own name. Over and over again. It just cracked us up.

One of Tom Wellings favorite stories:
Then she had another encounter which she mentioned was also Tom Welling’s favorite. She’d been in New York during the first season of Smallville. They had just aired a few episodes and no one barely knew them. But this guy, dressed like, oh I don’t exactly remember what. Some fisher with a big hat or what was it? He’d stopped when he saw her and said, “You’re Allishon Mack from Schmallville!” He talked like that. He had gone on and on about, “You’re Allishon!” and how much he loved the show and just kept saying that. She had been pretty :O about it and didn’t know what to say.

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{To download the full soundtrack, click the covers}

{To download the full soundtrack, click the covers}

love Alternate Chlark Soundtrack love

Collide - Howie Day
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Wonderwall - Oasis
What About Now - Daughtry
I'll Stand By You - The Pretenders
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
You're All I Have - Snow Patrol
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Umbrella - Biffy Clyro version
Lost Without You - Robin Thicke
I Will Follow You - Death Cab For Cutie
Our Time Now - Plain White T's
About You Now - Sugababes
Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
No One - Alicia Keys

Avis by Orsi998

go_clo for the setup. antisocial for the Chloe and Clark bios. All the wonderful Chlark fans for helping us get here!
You guys rock so hard! And, of course, Chloe and Clark for existing and being so awesome!

≫ Future Titles ≪

Because she saved him from his doubt.
Because "In the world of Clark & Chloe, this is just another day at the office!"
Because "She really missed him."
"From the torch to the DP to Watchtower. She has always been there for him."
"We have been building up the amount of love that she had for him."
Because UST!
"I know no matter what, we'll still be in each other's lives"
"I saw [Tom] and was just like “HuminaHuminaHumina!”" - Allison Mack

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