Angel/Fred #6: B/c Fred jumped at the chance to watch the Charlton Heston double feature with him.

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||| Also Know As
- Frangel

||| Why We Love Them
1. "Because he rescued her."
2. "Because she wasn't afraid of him."
3. "Because he saved her from the monsters"
4. "Because boring isn't a word he'd use to describe her."
5. "Becasue she's Fred, she does that too"
6. "Because Angel bought THAT kiss in The Magic Bullet."
7. "Because he told her there's nothing to be scared of."
8. "Because I can't help myself. It's so gripping."
9. "Because we found her bleeding to death on the ground."
10. "Because she's "one of my people"."
11. "Because she looks up to him." 12. "Because I think I'll have a go at Fred. Shut up!"
13. "Because Who's helping me here? I am!"
14. "Because the instant a gun was pointed at Fred, Angel vamps out and attacks even without his destiny"

||| Shippers
#1: x Something Blue x (Amelia)
#2: BabeWithAttitude
#3: Jaime Bee
#4: Karbear3916
#5: Cati
#6: MareWillow
#7: tipdip
#8: StarliteParadise
#9: felmitch
#10: Dianna
#11: Olympic Princess
#12: *Sheena*
#15: n0fear88
#19: ~♥~My Lonely Angel~♥~

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||| Links
Angel/Fred Yahoo Group
Fairytale Beginnings

||| Quotes

People walk by them, talking and laughing. Fred reaches up to Angel and kisses him. Angel puts his arm around her. A few moments later, they stop kissing.
(whispering) You think they bought it?
(whispering) I did. I?I mean, I didn't hear anything.

And that about covers it.
(Looks at the walls)
Are you gonna remember everything that's up there?
FRED Well, sure. It's a story.
(They both look at the walls)
Once upon a time - there was a girl who lived all alone in a horrible cave - so far from home it made her chest hurt. - And every day in that horrible cave, the girl tried to figure out a way to escape. - None of her plans ever succeeded, of course, - and she'd almost given up hopin' - when one day, just like in a fairy tale - a handsome man rode up on a horse and saved her, - and took her back to his castle. - - Now you'd think that was the end, wouldn'tcha? Dumb old fairy tales and their happily ever afters.

Fred sits down on the edge of her bed and Angel sits down beside her.
But see, the minute they got back to the castle, - the handsome man went away again. - And even though she didn't mean to, - didn't want to - high up in that castle the girl just built herself another cave. Hoping he would save her again.
(Looks at Angel)
But you can't save me *this* time. - Can you?

Angel remains silent and Fred looks down at her hands.

||| Past Threads
#1: Because He's Her Salvation

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