[Country] Faron Young - The Classic Years 1952-1962 (5 CD Box 1992)

Faron Young - The Classic Years 1952-1962 (5 CD Box 1992)

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1-1 They Made Me Fall In Love With You
1-2 If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')
1-3 I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday
1-4 A Place For Girls Like You
1-5 I Can't Tell My Heart
1-6 In The Chapel In The Moonlight
1-7 If That's The Fashion
1-8 Forgive Me Dear
1-9 Just Married
1-10 Baby My Heart
1-11 What's The Use To Love You
1-12 That's What I'd Do For You
1-13 I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You
1-14 You're The Angel On My Christmas Tree
1-15 I Hardly Knew It Was You
1-16 That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
1-17 You're Right (But I Wish You Were Wrong)
1-18 Down Lover's Lane Alone
1-19 I'm So In Love With You
1-20 Just Married
1-21 Goin' Steady
1-22 Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)
1-23 I Can't Wait (For The Sun To Go Down)
1-24 Have I Waited Too Long
1-25 Tattle Tale Tears
1-26 What Can I Do With My Sorrow
1-27 The Good Lord Must Have Sent You
1-28 I Knew You When
1-29 Saving My Tears For Tomorrow
1-30 Foolish Pride

2-1 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
2-2 Go Back, You Fool
2-3 All Right
2-4 For The Love Of A Woman Like You
2-5 It's A Great Life
2-6 Better Things Than These
2-7 I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night
2-8 Turn Her Down
2-9 You're Still Mine
2-10 Sweet Dreams
2-11 Until I Met You
2-12 I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die
2-13 Candy Kisses
2-14 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
2-15 I'll Be Satisfied With Love
2-16 I Can't Help It
2-17 Your Cheatin' Heart
2-18 I'll Be Yours
2-19 Sweethearts Or Strangers
2-20 Shame On You
2-21 Worried Mind
2-22 I Miss You Already
2-23 I'm A Poor Boy
2-24 You Call Everybody Darlin'
2-25 You Are My Sunshine
2-26 I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die
2-27 Moonlight Mountain
2-28 Anything Your Heart Desires
2-29 Vacation's Over
2-30 The Shrine Of St. Cecilia
2-31 Love Has Finally Come My Way
2-32 The Face Of Love

3-1 That's The Way It's Gotta Be
3-2 We're Talking It Over
3-3 I Made A Fool Of Myself
3-4 I'll Be All Right
3-5 Your Old Used To Be
3-6 I'll Be All Right (Single Version)
3-7 Out Of My Heart
3-8 Everytime I'm Kissing You
3-9 Alone With You
3-10 That's The Way I Feel
3-11 I Hate Myself (For Falling In Love With You)
3-12 Last Night At The Party
3-13 A Long Time Ago
3-14 Hey Good Lookin'
3-15 Tennessee Waltz
3-16 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
3-17 Making Believe
3-18 Almost
3-19 Mom And Dad's Waltz
3-20 Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
3-21 Bouquet Of Roses
3-22 Slowly
3-23 Bimbo
3-24 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
3-25 I Don't Hurt Anymore
3-26 I'll Go On Alone
3-27 Honey Stop (And Think Of Me)
3-28 The Locket
3-29 Snowball
3-30 When It Rains It Pours
3-31 Rosalie (Is Gonna Get Married)
3-32 I Can't Dance
3-33 Once In A While

4-1 Riverboat
4-2 Country Girl
4-3 Face To The Wall
4-4 There's Not Any Like You Left
4-5 Forget The Past
4-6 A World So Full Of Love
4-7 Hello Walls
4-8 Is She All You Thought She'd Be
4-9 Congratulations
4-10 Three Days
4-11 Safely In Love Again
4-12 Down By The River
4-13 The Part Where I Cry
4-14 I Hear You Talkin'
4-15 Big Shoes
4-16 Believing It Yourself
4-17 The Comeback
4-18 Overlonely And Underkissed
4-19 Things To Remember
4-20 I Fall To Pieces
4-21 A Moment Isn't Very Long
4-22 Goin' Steady
4-23 Moments To Remember
4-24 Three Days
4-25 A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough
4-26 I Can't Find The Time (2. Recording)
4-27 Trail Of Tears
4-28 I Let It Slip Away
4-29 Let's Pretend We're Lovers Again
4-30 Backtrack
4-31 How Can I Forget You
4-32 I Can't Find The Time (1. Recording)
4-33 Get Outta Here Faron

5-1 I'll Fly Away
5-2 Mansion Over The Hilltop
5-3 He Was There
5-4 How Long Has It Been
5-5 Beautiful Garden Of Prayer
5-6 My Home Sweet Home
5-7 Suppertime
5-8 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
5-9 What Can He Do
5-10 He Knows Just What I Need
5-11 When I've Learned Enough To Live
5-12 Now I Belong To Jesus
5-13 I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
5-14 Traveling On
5-15 My Wonderful Lord
5-16 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
5-17 Where Could I Go But To The Lord
5-18 God Bless God
5-19 Don't Take Your Love From Me
5-20 If I Had You
5-21 Stay As Sweet As You Are
5-22 My Darling, My Darling
5-23 Who Wouldn't Love You
5-24 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
5-25 The Object Of My Affection
5-26 It All Depends On You
5-27 Thank You For A Lovely Evening
5-28 Everything I Have Is Yours
5-29 The Nearness Of You
5-30 Sweet And Lovely



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