The Borgias Guilty Pleasure #13: "Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings." - Euripides

Welcome to the 13th The Borgias Guilty Pleasure Thread

We are curious to know, besides Cesare and Lucrezia, what else do you ship? And we mean something different than an ordinary ship. Share your opinions below.

The Borgias Thread of the Impossible Loves

Peter and Claire (Paire) - Heroes

Jasson/Jessica - True Blood

Norma/Norman - Bates Motel

Cathy/Chris - Flowers in the Attic Noves

Aria/Ezra (Ezria) - Pretty Little Liars

Jamie/Cersei - GoT

Klaus/Rebecah - The Originals
(sourse: May)

Luke/Leia - Star Wars


The OP is still Under Construction (or something)