Trojan Boys {Clark & Lex} #172: "It's a complicated world, Clark. Only the naive view it in black and white."

Welcome to the thread172 for the couple that we refer to as Clex

♥ Clark Kent & Lex Luthor ♥

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Celebrating150threads of


Credit: claudypritz

Jonathan: "Kids just don't fall out of the sky, Martha.
Martha: Then where did he come from?

We've all had those “I wouldn’t know the right person
if they fell from the sky” moments,
but what if your right person fell from the sky
and you knew it right away.
That’s story of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor
that began October 16, 2001
...and continued through150threads.

They both had the world, one was destined to save it
and the other was destined to take it over
but somehow fate intervened and the rest
well…that’s history.
The farmboy/superhero and the billionaire had
their share of issues and lies
but love always came through in the end.

The Smallville meteor shower was one of the
worst tragedies in that fictional town, but little
did anyone know that a “visitor from the sky”
would impact so many lives. They weren’t
perfect even though one would argue that…
they were and always will be
perfectly imperfect for each other,
but we love them the way they are always!

Clex has the one thing that all other couples on Smallville…
chemistry, the one thing
on this show that was never a lie. People have tried to say
that they weren’t meant to be…destined…soul mates…
but they always knew better, we always knew better.
They both had to get adjusted to new settings, new people,
they did at time…but love always brought them back to each
other and this is why we celebrate…because
we know that someday they will be back together.

I’d like to once again thank my Clex BFF Claudia,
who always makes all the arts and always knows where
I’m coming from, who wants Clex back as well as certain
other people gone as much as I do, and of course who
will always know what a single tear really means!
Love ya hun! ♥.

I'd also like to thank my "partner in crime" Lauren,
for being the best Clex BFF anyone could ever ask for,
I'm glad that clex gave me the opportunity to meet someone
as special as you are, love ya hun! ♥.

So, that being said, long live
the most important couple of this show,
and let's just hope that BK will never have it his way!.

~ ♥ ~

▒Our Guys ღ


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"Trust me Clark, our friendship is gonna be
the stuff of legends."

▒Shippers ღ

○Tom Welling | ♥ |
○Michael Rosenbaum | ♥ |
○Lauren | ocfan27 |
○Claudia | claudypritz |
○Jonathan Kent
○Martha Kent
○Lionel Luthor
○Chloe Sullivan
○Lana Lang
○Pete Ross
○Lex's brother (Lucas)
○Lex's girlfriends (Desiree, Helen, Victoria)
○Oliver Queen
○Kara Kent
○Ryan James
○Helen's old boyfriend Paul
○Lois Lane
○Lex's revolving door of security people
○Dr. Walden
○Perry White
○Alexander (Little Lex)
○Tess Mercer
○Mr. Lang
○Cassandra Carver
○Principal Reynolds
○Amy Palmer
○Whitney Fordman
○Dr. Garner
○Jimmy Olsen (aka. The Captain)
○Santa Claus
○Jason Teague
○Chris (Michael's Best Friend)
○Rachel Dunleavy
○Earl Jenkins
○Alfred Gough
○Miles Millar
○Dr. Fate
○Bradley James

▒Reminders ღ

| ♥ | love letters | CPR | Pool Games | Foils
| Porsche cars | Mustang cars | Basketball
| Lead boxes | Farms

Credit: claudypritz

"Clark Kent and Lex Luthor...
I like the sound of that."

▒Rules ღ

◘ 1• No one gets near Clark or Lex
◘ 2• The only marriage that will work is Clark ♥ Lex
◘ 3• No one mentions Lex...except Clark
◘ 4• Lex is all Clark's and Clark is all Lex's
◘ 6• Because Clark is the only one who can take Lex's cars
◘ 7• The only LL for Clark is Lex Luthor!
◘ 8• Because they are not enemies, they are soul mates
◘ 9• Love always finds a way!
◘ 10• Only Clark can live at the mansion…with Lex!
◘ 11• Clark can only love Lex and no one else
◘ 13• Never forget the Clex love!!!
◘ 14• Clex is better than Clana and Clois
◘ 15• No one replaces Lex!
◘ 16• No one kills/shoots/stabs Lex
◘ 17• We will not be ignored!
◘ 18• Clark will never be able to fool us…we know!
◘ 19• Never, ever, ever trust the Daily Planet
◘ 20• No one ever insults Clex-NO ONE!
◘ 21• Only Lex can have Clark...sorry everyone else in the show
◘ 22• CLEX is hotter than all other couples
◘ 23• Clark doesn't play well with others- especially not the JLA
◘ 24• "Journal" is man-speak for "Diary"
◘ 25• When in doubt…blame the BK
◘ 26• Never ever forget 10/16/01
◘ 27• Michael is Lex…and Lex is Michael
◘ 28• Clark only needs 1 man!
◘ 29• When someone named “Dr Fate” tells you Clex will be together again…listen!
◘ 30• Take the hints…Clex will be back!
◘ 31• Everyone gets what they deserve…eventually
◘ 32• You can say “I love you” a million times but it only means the most when you hear it first from the person that’s always loved you
◘ 33• Doesn’t anyone remember the Clex Room? Always Remember!
◘ 34• Try and Forgive Tom for all the bad he’s done…b/c he’s a Clex shipper!
◘ 35• Just because Michael isn’t on the show anymore…it doesn’t mean Clex is gone
◘ 36• There is a big difference between loving someone and being in love with someone…Clex is in love!
◘ 37• Why is it called the “Justice League” if there is no justice…always question this!
◘ 38• Lex Luthor is not the bad person is everything…the BK is
◘ 39• Always use “when” when talking about Michael’s return…never “if”
◘ 40• Even if they were giving away the DVDs…the real SV ended at 7 seasons and that’s all we need
◘ 41• Attemping to kill someone will never take away the pain that you felt when your one true love was taken way
◘ 42• There may be…Batman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Ironman but Lex Luthor only wanted Superman!
◘ 43• Always remember that they are “opposite sides of the same soul”
◘ 44• “The Blur” is still fakeClark! no matter what he believes
◘ 45• The Loft and Lex’s Office are their places!

▒Reasons ღ

1) Because fate brought them together
2) Because Clark saved Lex's life by giving him CPR before he even knew him
3) Because Clark gave Lex a chance
4) Because Lex helped Clark down after being tied up
5) Because Lex is Clark's favorite maniac in a Porsche
6) Because Lex thinks that Clark can make a career out of saving lives
7) Because Lex comes to the Farm to see Clark
8) Because Clark comes to the Mansion to see Lex
9) Because Clark knew Lex wasn't a criminal mastermind
10) Because they were brothers!
11) Because they are best friends!
12) Because "Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends"-Lex
13) Because Clark may not be able to save the world but he did save save Lex and that counts!!
14) Because Lex is part of the Kent family
15) Because Clark was Lex's best man
16) Because they are both their own way
17) Because they have the cutest hugs
18) Because Lex doesn't mind driving all the way to the farm just to ask Clark a question
19) Because the passenger seat in the Porsche is made for Clark
20) Because even as Kal Clark still cared enough about Lex to be at his funeral
21) Because they are both interested in the caves....and working together to find more information
22) Because they like to play pool together!!
23) Because when he was kicked out of the Mansion the first place Lex went was the Kent's
24) Because Lex had a Clark room
25) Because Lex is obsessed with Clark!
26) Because Lex came to see Clark play football
27) Because of all the places in Smallville.....Lex hid in the Kent's barn
28) Because Clark would do anything for Lex
29) Because Lex would do anything for Clark
30) Because their names sound good together
31) Because they are destined to be together!
32) Because Clark wouldn't do anything to hurt Lex
33)Because Clark's friendship is important to Lex
34) Because Lex knew Clark wasn't writing term papers but he let him in the caves anyway
35) Because Clark was inside of Lex
36) Because it started with a kiss and ended with an i love you
37) Because they want each other.....badly!!!
38) Because they have a private joke!
39) Because Clark's friendship kept Lex's evil side at bay...well at least for a while
40) Because even in his Christmas fantasy Lex can't help but think of Clark
41) Because Lex thinks that Clark is extraordinary
42) Because Clark's face lights up when thinks of Lex
43) Because even Michael and Tom see it
44) Because "we have a future Clark"
45) Because even in the comic books they are slashy!!
46) Because Lex would do anything to help the Kent's
48) Because Clark continues to save Lex
49) Because the shirt rip was HOT!!!
50) Because they can't keep their hands off each other!
51) Because Lex thought that dark Clark was sexy!
52) Because Lex can't help but mention Clark whenever he can
53) Because "Three months on a deserted island, and it was almost worth it to see the look on (Clark's) face right now."-Lex
54) Because Clark didn't care that Lex was crazy...he loved him anyway!!
55) Because if anyone hurt Clark Lex would transfer them to Siberia
56) Because Clark trusts Lex
57) Because knowing that Lex was at the farm made Clark's morning brighter
58) Because who knew a smile could say so much
59) Because Clark's Loft and Lex's Office are their places
60) Because Lex didn't trust all, he trusted Lex.
61) Because they are the Trojan Boys!
62) Because during investigations Clark always jumps at the chance to go talk to Lex
63) Because they don't need an excuse to see each other!!
64) Because Clark chose to go with Lex
65) Because they make it a little to obvious!
66) Because Ryan knew that Lex "admired" Clark
67) Because Lex makes Clark smile and vice versa
68) Because they both at home in Smallville
69) Because Clark is always save Lex
71) Because Clark doesn't need to knock he just comes in
72) Because Lex doesn't need to knock...but he does it anyway
73) Because Clark changed Lex's future
74) Because they can try to deny it but everyone knows the truth!
75) Because in Lex's Christmas fantasy....Clark was "Uncle Clark!"
76) Because they have the cutest heart to hearts!!
77) Because "I would never hurt the Kent's"- Lex
78) Because Lex thinks that Clark has really nice hair
79) Because Lex came to Jonathan's funeral
80) Because Lex wants to be there for Clark to help him through the pain
81) Because Lex misses the small talk and the pleasentries
82) Because Lex thinks that Clark needs to work on his enterance
83) Because even the credits have Clex in them!
84) Because Lex defended Clark
85) Because Clark was worried that Lex really died and was relieved when Chloe told him Lex wasn't
86) Because they both are impatient and have no time to wait
87) Because they have the best looks of love
88) Because Lex wants to find common ground again with Clark
89)Because they will find their way back to each other
90) Because Lex is still obsessed!!
91) Because Lex will never let it go!
92) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn't perfect but he tried to see the best in him
93) Because Clark came to visit Lex at the hospital
94) Because Lex emails Clark!
95) Because one day it will happen!
96) Because Clark knew which Lex was the real one
97) Because Clark was totally checking out Lex!!
98) Because Lex cares about Clark!
99) Because Clark would never kill anyone especially Lex
100) Because "I would never hurt Lex"-Clark
101) Because Clark won't abandon Lex
102) Because Clark wants to help Lex
103) Because they held hands!!!
104) Because Clark wants to help find Lex
105) Because will never be normal but Lex loves him anyway
106) Because Lex let Clark use "the man of tomorrow" as his slogan
107) Because Clark was always defending Lex
108) Because Clark was closer to Lex than any blood brother
109) Because they both have a dark side
110) Because Lex has done so much for Clark and the Kent's
111) Because they will find their way back to each other
112) Because Lex loves Clark and vice versa
113) Because Clark gave the speech at Lex's wedding
114) Because "our friendship will be the stuff of legends"-Lex
115) Because Lex always wanted to cry when Clark got angry with him
116) Because Clark will do anything to get in the mansion to see Lex even squeeze through the bars
117) Because Lex gave Clark an apple...and he ate it
118) Because it was Lex all along
119) Because Clark is going to have a Lex room
120) Because even Oliver sees it!
121) Because Oliver knew that Clark would never kill Lex
122) Because Lex brought Clark fireworks for his party
123) Because Clark will always be there!
124) Because they have a son in the comics!!!
125) Because love will lead them back to each other!
126) Because there is a reason that Lex's marriages didn't work-HIS LOVE FOR CLARK!
127) Because Clark inspired Lex
128) Because Clark is Lex's hero
129) Because Ryan knew Clark "liked" Lex
130) Because even Pete saw how close they were
131) Because they have the best shipper name
132) Because they need each other
133) Because they could never hate each other
134) Because even Jonathan and Martha couldn't deny Clark's love for Lex
135) Because Clark couldn't help but want to dig into Lex's past to help him
136) Because Clark knew all Lex's phone numbers
137) Because "tell him Clark Kent called"
138) Because Clark didn't want to cut Lex out of his life and Martha didn't want him to either
139) Because Clark can tell when Lex is in trouble
140) Because the only thing that Lex is truly guilty of is loving Clark
141) Because Lex wanted to help Clark find Jonathan
142) Because Lex wanted to protect Clark
143) Because Clark stopped the fire from burning Lex
144) Because Clark is Lex's flower delivery boy
145) Because Clark held Lex
146) Because it took him a while....but Lionel finally saw it!
147) Because Lex knew who "me" was ("Lex it's up" "Clark!")
148) Because Clark still matters to Lex
149) Because Lex still goes to the barn
150) Because Clark is obsessed!
151) Because Clark couldn't help but crash Lex's party
152) Because Lex wanted to take a sleigh ride with Clark
153) Because Lex invited Clark to the wedding (to see what he lost)
154) Because Lex waited for Clark
155) Because when Lex wanted to get away from Lionel he went to see Clark
156) Because Clark knew that there were 75 rooms in the mansion
157) Because Lex smiled at Clark as he left his wedding
158) Because everyone knows that a man of steel and a billionaire make the hottest couple
159) Because in the end of season 7 they proved they are our modern version of Romeo and Juliet
160) Because Lex drove Clark to school
161) Because Lex took the blame for Clark being late to school
162) Because Clark drove Lex's porsche
163) Because Clark had to do the same "where do you see yourself in 5 years" assignment as Lex
164) Because Lex didn't want Clark to leave
165) Because Clark wanted Lex to come with him
166) Because Clark opened up to Lex about what was going on with his father and grandfather
167) Because Clark took Lex's advice
168) Because Lex will always be with Clark
169) Because even as Kal Clark loved Lex
170) Because even as Kal Clark couldn't help but want to see Lex
171) Because Lex let Clark borrow his Ferrari
172) Because Lex was totally staring at Clark!
173) Because they were going to stay at the penthouse
174) Because Clark was hiding out at the mansion
175) Because even as Zod Lex wanted Clark
176) Because it didn't take much convincing from Chloe to make Clark turn the car around and find out what happened with Lex's car
177) Because Clark will use any excuse to go and see Lex
178) Because Clark pushed Lex out of the way of the bullet and saved him once again
179) Because "now he's mine"-Clark
180) Because Lex gave Clark´s dad (his father-in-law) a dvd player, so he could watch some westerns
181) Because Clark had to be the only one to save Lex
182) Because Lionel wanted Clark to save Lex
183) Becasue Clark was so worried when he heard Lex was kidnapped
184) Because Nemesis had the Clex we've been waiting for
185) Because their eyes say it all
186) Because Lex was so worried when he saw Clark bleeding
187) Because Lex pulled the shapnel out of Clark's back/arm and fixed his wound
188) Because Clark saw Lex's humanity
189) Because Clark worked through the meteor rock to get through to Lex
190) Because Lex pulled Clark out of the tunnel
191) Because Clark was the only real friend Lex ever had
192) Because Lex came back to save Clark
193) Because Clark grabbed Lex at the last minute to save him
194) Because the longing stares are HOT!
195) Because "when Lex pulled me out of that rubble, I saw a glimpse of something I hadn't seen in years... my friend"-Clark
196) Because Clark was worried that he gave up on Lex to soon
197) Because "If you thought I was going to leave you here... then I guess you never knew me at all"-Lex
198) Because only Clark and Lex can be in love in any decade
199) Because 1940's Clark was sent to watch Lex!
200) Because Clark can't stop mentioning Lex
201) Because Clark will do anything to work Lex into the conversation
202) Because now they can finally be together
203) Because Lex is only capable of loving Clark
204) Because Clark wouldn't get his hands off Lex
205) Because Lex will never forget that faithful day that Clark first saved him
206) Because Lex would never help Bizarro Clark kill Clark
207) Because Clark came to Lex's rescue
208) Because Clark waited in the hospital for Lex to wake up
209) Because Clark brought Lex to the hospital
210) Because Clark and Lex worked together to take down Dr. Knox in Cure
211) Because Lex didn't want Clark to get in trouble with Jonathan
212) Because the first meteor shower changed their lives forever
213) Because their families are aways involved with each other
214) Because they loved each other since the day they set their eyes on each other
215) Because Clark thought it would it be cool to be Lex's brother
216) Because Clark would always but himself in harms way for Lex
217) Because who needs Warrior Angel when Lex has Clark
218) Because Lex reads about Clark in the paper and probably keeps all his articles
219) Because Lex hadn't picked up a Warrior Angel comic since he and Clark were friends
220) Because Clark likes to get close to Lex when he talks to him
221) Because Lionel knows that Lex still has a "fixation" with Clark
222) Because they will never give up on each other
223) Because "let me take care of Lex"-Clark
224) Because people want evidence that Lex has actually loved Nemesis!
225) Because feelings this strong don't disappear
226) Because memories, and dreams may fade but never true love
227) Because they both have excellent taste in men
228) Because Clark rushed to the hospital when he found out that Lex was in the hospital after being shot
229) Because Clark still cares about Lex and Lionel knows it!
230) Because Clark wants to go inside Lex's mind
231) Because they were strapped up next to each other on the operating tables
232) Because Clark trusted Alexander (the good part of Lex)
233) Because "trust me Clark I'm you're best friend"-Alexander
234) Because they will be together one day
235) Because Clark and Alexander made a promise
236) Because Alexander is Clark's friend and he'll always be there for him
237) Because "now, what would i do without Clark Kent, the voice of reason"-Lex
238) Because "Trust me, Lex, there's nothing that's lost that can't be found again."-Clark
239) Because Lex called Clark....twice!!!!!!!!!
240) Because Clark still cares!!
241) Because Pete can take a hint and knows when to leave them alone
242) Because Lex can't help but look at Clark any chance he gets
243) Because Lionel knew that Lex liked things that could fly even as a child
244) Because Lionel was the one that told him that "the right man could make anything possible"
245) Because "i'm not going anywhere"-Clark
246) Because "when we first met you inspired me"-Lex
247) Because Clark was the only one allowed at Lionel's funeral besides Lex
248) Because Clark wanted the truck because it was from Lex
249) Because Clark can't help but smile when he hears Lex's name
250) Because Lex gave Clark his lead box

Reason #251 - #4000

Future Titles

B/c Michael wanted Clex to rule the world together
B/c Michael remembers the rescue as Clark slipping Lex some tongue
B/c "He loved Lex Luthor even when people told him not to.

Credit: Bigmamag

”You’re the only one I can trust”

~ ♥ ~