Kayfabe Commentary Mega Pack 130GB 95% Complete


The * indcates the videos in the collection if there is none next to the video name then its not there.

Kayfabe Commentaries Catalogue:


Alberto El Patron *
Amazing Kong *
Balls Mahoney
Bob Holly *
Chyna *
Danny Doring *
Dixie Carter *
Honky Tonk Man *
Honky Tonk Man 2 *
Jamie Dundee *
Jim Cornette *
Jim Cornette "Lost Questions" *
Joey Ryan *
Kevin Nash *
Kevin Sullivan *
Lanny Poffo *
Matt Sydal
Maria Kanellis *
Missy Hyatt *
Monster BC *
New Jack *
Perry Saturn *
Rikishi *
Sabu *
Scott Hall *
Sean Waltman *
Shane Douglas *
Shane Helms *
Swoggle *
Tammy Sytch *
Teddy Long *
The Iron Sheik *
The Sandman *
Tony Atlas *
Vampiro *
Vince Russo *

Total: 39

Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette:

AWA Starring Greg Gagne *
Calgary Starring Lance Storm *
Florida Starring Kevin Sullivan *
Indianapolis Starring Baron Von Raschke *
Mid South Starring Jim Duggan *
Mid Atlantic Starring JJ Dillon *

Total: 6

Timeline The History of WWE:

The 60s (1963-1969) Bruno Sammartino *
1977/1978 Superstar Billy Graham *
1980 Larry Zbyszko
1981 Rick Martell *
1983 Magnificant Muraco *
1984 Roddy Piper *
1985 Greg The Hammer Valentine *
1986 George The Animal Steele *
1987 The Honky Tonk Man *
1988 Hacksaw Jim Duggan *
1989 Brutus The Barber Beefcake *
1992 Bret Hart *
1993 Lex Luger *
1994 Sean Waltman *
1995 Kevin Nash *
1997 Jim Cornette *
1998 Vince Russo *
1999 Sean Morley *
2000 Rikishi *
2001 Lisa Moretti *
2006 Blue Dave Finlay *
2008 Blue Brian Myers *

Total: 22

Guest Booker:

Al Snow The Attitude Era *
Bill Eadie The Breakup of Demolition *
Bruce Pritchard Screwing Bret *
Dutch Mantell Exposing TNA *
Gabe Sapolsky Re-Booking The New ECW *
Gary Hart Booking The Dallas Territory *
Glenn Gibertti The Out of This World Ideas of Glenn Gilbertti *
Greg Gagne Re-Booking The Opposition *
Jerry Jarrett Re-Booking WCW 2000 *
Jim Cornette Re-Booking The Invasion *
JJ Dillon Writing Wrestling Television *
Kevin Nash The Outsiders Stay Inside *
Kevin Sullivan & Gabe Sapolsky The TNA Impact Sale to WWE *
Kevin Sullivan Re-Booking The Year 1984 in The WWE *
Mike Graham The CWF Crockett Merger *
Raven Booking Hall & Nash In ECW *
Robert Fuller Shawn Jumps Ship *
Sheepherder Luke Re-Booking 1993 WWE Hardcore
Terry Taylor The UWF Sale To Crockett *
Vince Russo Re-Booking The WCW Invasion *

Total: 20

Timeline The History of WCW:

1985 Magnum TA *
1986 The Rock N Roll Express *
1988 JJ Dillon *
1989 Jim Cornette *
1991 Barry Windham *
1993 Vader *
1994 Eric Bischoff *
1996 Kevin Sullivan *
1997 Kevin Nash *
2000 Vince Russo *

Total: 10

Timeline The History of ECW:

1994 Shane Douglas *
1995 The Sandman *
1996 Raven *
1997 Sabu *
1998 New Jack *
1999 RVD *
2000 Justin Credible *

Total: 7

Ravens Restler Rescue:

Dr Acula *
Merry Men

Total: 2

Breaking Kafabe:

Jerome Young *
Jim Cornette *
Kevin Nash *
Lanny Poffo *
Marty Janetty *
Sean Waltman *
Scott Levy *
Tammy Sytch *
Terry Brunk *
Troy Martin

Total: 10

Bombshells with Leva Bates:

Mia Yim/Kennadi Brink
Santana Garrett/Kimber Lee

Total: 2

Gabe Sapolskys Next Evolution:

Spotflight: Johnny Gargano vs Richochet vs
CIMA vs YAMATO vs Swann *

Total: 1

Wrestlings Most:

Season 1:
Wrestling Most Awful Angle *
Wrestling Most Controversial Moment *
Wrestlings Most Over Babyface & Effective Heel *

Season 2:
Wrestling Most Awesome Manager *
Wrestling Most Botched *
Wrestling Most Crappy Gimmick *
Wrestling Most Despised *

Season 3:
Wrestling Most Creative Booker, Iconic Champion, Shocking Heel Turn

Total: 8

M Side of The Story:

Magnum Natika
Tito Greg *

Total: 2


Demolition *
Terry Funk The Classic Years *
Vader *

Total: 3

Ring Roasts:

Iron Sheik *
Jim Cornette *
Terry Funk *

Total: 3

KC Investigative Special:

Being A Horseman JJ Dillon *
Blood The Hennig Wrestling Family *
Gabes Book of ROH Secrets *
Inside the Office with Rene Goulet *
Kevin Sullivan and the End of WCW *
Rebuilding The Sheik *
The Great Debate 08 Race Sammartino (NWA WWWF) *

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http://public.upera.co/1lMzgflp#YouShoot Jim Cornette.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMylzkz#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette Florida Starring Kevin Sullivan.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMx4osr#YouShoot Scott Hall.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMvl2hr#Timeline The History of WWE 1998 Vince Russo.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMt4fqc#Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker with Kevin Sullivan.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lMsqrby#Gabe Sapolsky Next Evolution.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMmzq6f#YouShoot Honky Tonk Man 2.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lMlwgsz#YouShoot Shane Douglas.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMkbage#Ring Roasts 2 All Funked Up! Terry Funk.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMjtvkh#Youshoot New Jack.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMejysm#Timeline The History of WWE 1984 Roddy Piper.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lMcr2bc#Guest Booker Vince Russo Re-Booking The WCW Invasion.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lMas7yk#Timeline The History of WCW 1989 Jim Cornette.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lM8s6jl#Guest Booker The Out of This World Ideas of Glenn Gilbertti.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lM6zmqb#Timeline The History of WCW 1986 The Rock N Roll Express.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lM5i074#Guest Booker Raven Booking Hall & Nash In ECW.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lM4pumh#Guest Booker Robert Fuller Shawn Jumps Ship.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lM35dhw#Guest Booker Terry Taylor The UWF Sale To Crockett.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lM2anop#Guest Booker Kevin Sullivan & Gabe Sapolsky Yesterday and Today.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLZsyn1#Guest Booker Mike Graham The CWF Crockett Merger.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLXqqjq#Guest Booker Kevin Nash The Outsiders Stay Inside.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLTad4r#Guest Booker Kevin Sullivan Re-Booking The Year 1984 in The WWE.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLO2ly6#Guest Booker Jim Cornette Re-Booking The Invasion.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLQ5jq5#Guest Booker JJ Dillon Writing Wrestling Television.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLLro6o#Guest Booker Gabe Sapolsky Re-Booking The New ECW.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLJlhqn#Guest Booker Jerry Jarrett Re-Booking WCW 2000.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLGikts#Guest Booker Al Snow The Attitude Era.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLFzh2l#Guest Booker Gary Hart Booking The Dallas Territory.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLCyojn#Guest Booker Greg Gagne Re-Booking The Opposition.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLAz6gs#Guest Booker Dutch Mantell Exposing TNA.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLzozgp#Guest Booker Bruce Prichard Screwing Bret.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLwwb57#Guest Booker Bill Eadie The Breakup of Demolition.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLs8b11#Breaking Kayfabe Scotty Levy.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLq8da0#Breaking Kayfabe Tammy Sytch.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLp12bq#Breaking Kayfabe Terry 'Sabu' Brunk.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLoodp7#Breaking Kayfabe Sean Waltman.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLlxu80#Breaking Kayfabe Marty Jannetty.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLhuko9#Breaking Kayfabe Lanny Poffo.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLdroj5#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette Mid Atlantic Starring JJ Dillon.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lLcd7zz#Breaking Kafabe Jim Cornette.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lLbkcp8#Breaking Kayfabe Kevin Nash.m4v
http://public.upera.co/1lLabx2r#Breaking Kayfabe Jerome Young New Jack.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lL9vlpd#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette Mid South Mid South Starring Jim Duggan.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL643py#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette Indianapolis Starring Baron Von Raschke.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL5gj0n#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette AWA Starring Greg Gagne.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL4bl4s#Back to The Territories with Jim Cornette Calgary Starring Lance Storm.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL35dpi#YouShoot Vampiro.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL26b04#YouShoot Vince Russo.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL1vr3f#YouShoot Tony Atlas.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lL0p6qw#YouShoot The Iron Sheik.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKY11bt#YouShoot The Sandman.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKX4tpa#YouShoot Shane Helms.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKUdrg3#YouShoot Tammy Sytch.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKT3pvr#YouShoot Teddy Long.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKRs5y4#YouShoot Sean Waltman.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKQ0mjy#YouShoot Swoggle.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKP6rz9#YouShoot RVD.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKOkish#YouShoot Sabu.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKNzkyp#YouShoot Monster BC.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKM64qr#YouShoot Perry Saturn.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKLytfv#YouShoot Missy Hyatt.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKKs1te#YouShoot Lanny Poffo.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKJu09e#YouShoot Rikishi.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKGkk9d#YouShoot Kevin Nash.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKFl5by#YouShoot Maria Kanellis.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKE453x#YouShoot Jim Cornette The Lost Questions.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKD6dtg#YouShoot Kevin Sullivan.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKC2pav#YouShoot Joey Ryan.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKBvul2#YouShoot Jamie Dundee.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKAfyms#YouShoot ICP.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKzed2z#YouShoot Honkey Tonk Man.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKxem67#YouShoot DDP.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKus78g#YouShoot Danny Doring.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKifesu#YouShoot Chyna.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lKeph2i#YouShoot Dixie Carter.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKd5w7q#YouShoot Amazing Kong.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lKalee3#YouShoot Bob Holly.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lK9d999#YouShoot Balls Mahoney.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lK8bmsc#YouShoot Alberto El Patron.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lK657uc#Wrestling's Most Creative Booker, Iconic Champion, Shocking Heel Turn.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lK5dmky#Wrestling Most Botched..avi
http://public.upera.co/1lK1je8j#Wrestlings Most Despised.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lK0wi47#Wrestlings Most Awesome Manager.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lJZdmwg#Wrestlings Most Awful Angles.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJXegka#Timeline The History of WWE 2006 Fit Finlay.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lJW7afa#Wrestlings Most Over Babyface.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJVlbtm#Wrestling's Most Effective Heel.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJUl1k0#Wrestling Most Crappy Gimmick.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lJS8h8e#Timeline The History of WWE 2008 Brian Myers.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJRiqnd#Timeline The History of WWE 2001 Lisa Ivory Moretti.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJNxcoi#Wrestlings Most Controversial Moments.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJIkbin#Timeline The History of WWE 2000 Rikishi.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJH3oo7#Timeline The History of WWE 1994 With Sean Waltman.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lJCyh7h#Timeline The History of WWE 1999 Sean Morley.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lJ121gh#Timeline The History of WWE 1995 Kevin Nash.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIVp052#Timeline The History of WWE 1992 Bret Hart.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lITp8kz#Timeline The History of WWE 1993 Lex Luger.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIS4slv#Timeline The History of WWE 1997 Jim Cornette.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIP706t#Timeline The History of WWE 1989 Brutus Beefcake.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIFtloo#Timeline The History of WWE 1987 Honky Tonk Man.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIG361p#Timeline The History of WWE 1986 Hacksaw Jim Duggan.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIDfp8q#Timeline The History of WWE 1986 George The Animal Steele.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIC70lq#Timeline The History of WWE 1983 Don Muraco.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIumakc#Timeline The History of WWE 1985 Greg Valentine.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIt0o0g#Timeline The History of WWE 1981 Rick Martel.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIquocl#Timeline The History of WWE 1963 1969 Bruno Sammartino.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIpt0r7#Timeline The History of WWE 1977-78 Superstar Billy Graham..avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIoikxl#Timeline The History of WCW 1996 Kevin Sullivan.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIkfu6u#Timeline The History of WCW 2000 Vince Russo.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIirsfl#Timeline The History of WCW 1997 Kevin Nash.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIhwdic#Timeline The History of WCW 1994 Eric Bischoff.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIfwlqf#Timeline The History of WCW 1993 Vader.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIeztcv#Timeline The History of WCW 1991 Barry Windham.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIc9b8h#Timeline The History of WCW 1988 JJ Dillon.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lIbr6dq#Timeline The History of ECW 1997 Sabu.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lIamfd4#Timeline The History of ECW 1998 New Jack.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lI86bf0#Timeline The History of WCW 1985 Magnum.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lI7d53p#Timeline The History of ECW 2000 Justin Credible.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lI3nt8l#Timeline The History of ECW 1999 RVD.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lI21ofs#Ringside Demolition.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHZlqzr#Ringside Vader.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHVxl21#Timeline The History of ECW 1995 The Sandman.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHUxb13#Timeline The History of ECW 1996 Raven.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHSn9nq#Timeline The History of ECW 1992-93 Tod Gordon.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHQepzg#Timeline The History of ECW 1994 Shane Douglas.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHLwbyr#M Side Y of The Story Greg Valentine Tito Santana.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHK5c81#Ringside Terry Funk.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHIwkvd#Ring Roasts 3 Jim Cornette.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHHk4bz#Ravens Restler Rescue Dr Acula.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHGjspq#Ring Roasts 1 The Iron Sheik.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHj4rgb#KC Investigates The Great Debate Samartino and Race.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHi1yob#KC Investigates Kevin Sullivan And The End Of WCW.m4v
http://public.upera.co/1lHhxu2l#KC Investigates Becoming A Horsemen JJ Dillion.mp4
http://public.upera.co/1lHgp16g#KC Investigates Rebuilding The Sheik.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHf2vsi#KC Investigates Blood The Hennig Wrestling Family.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHeesir#Inside The Office Rene Goulet.avi
http://public.upera.co/1lHdwlqy#KC Investigates Gabes Book of ROH Secrets.mp4