The Blacklist "List" Thread #5: "My wish list, a list I've been cultivating for over 20 years: politicians, mobsters, hackers, spies."

The Blacklist "List" Thread
5th A P P R E C I A T I O N T H R E A D

"It's called the Blacklist. That sounds exciting! That's why we're all here, of course.
My wish list, a list I've been cultivating for over 20 years. Politicians, mobsters, hackers, spies.
I’m talking about the criminals who matter. The ones you can’t find, because you don’t even know they e x i s t."

The Blacklist

7. Tom Keen

Jacob Phelps is a social outcast and petty thief.
He is recruited at a young age, in 1994, by an underground spy trainer known as the Major.
As an adult, he is hired by Red to keep an eye on Liz.
As part of his cover, Jacob takes the identity of Thomas Vincent Keen and starts working as a fourth grade teacher.
Tom gets emotionally involved with Liz and because of it Red fires him.
To protect himself and to remain with Liz, Tom goes to Berlin and the Major reasignes Tom's contract to Berlin when offered double Red's original price.
He and Liz eventually marry and make plans to adopt a child.
Tom kills Jolene Parker and the Cowboy after they discover that Tom is not who he says he is.
Liz eventually also finds out that Tom isn't who he says he is,
after being warned by Red several times and Liz has their marriage annulled.
Liz holds Tom captive on a boat for 4 months, where she demands him to tell her everything.
Tom is discovered by The Harbormaster and Tom kills him in order to make sure Liz is not going to jail for kidnapping him.
After all of this Liz sets Tom free and Tom disappears. He goes to Germany where he goes undercover.
Liz is charged with The Harbormaster's murder and Red and Ressler go look for Tom in Germany to convince him to come back to the States to save Liz.
Tom eventually comes back and confesses to killing the Harbor master.
Assistent Attorney General Tom Connolly makes sure the charges for both Liz and Tom are dropped and Tom is a free man.

8. Berlin

Milos Kirchoff starts out in the Red Army, rises to the rank of Colonel and later becomes a member of the KGB.
Notorious for sending his enemies to the gulags in Siberia, he is a loyal servant of the Soviet Union.
In 1991, near the end of the Cold War, Kirchoff takes part in a meeting in Kursk with other Soviet officials
on how to combat their more progressive countrymen who want the Soviet Union dissolved.
The meeting is interrupted when a bomb goes off, killing 15 attendants and the last of the old Soviet resistance.
The act was done by a man named Kiryl Morozov on the orders of Alan Fitch, known as "the Decembrist", but Red is blamed.
Shortly after that, Kirchoff's daughter is suspected of falling in love with a dissident and imprisoned.
He uses his connections to help her escape, but the Kremlin found out and decided to use him as an example to the Motherland.
He is put in a Siberian gulag where a lot of people he had put away were imprisoned.
One day, he is sent a pocket watch he had given his daughter. Over several months, someone sents him several body parts
and is led to believe that they were his daughter's and that Red is behind it.
In reality, Alan Fitch sends body parts belonging to someone else and helps Kirchoff's daughter escape to the United States.
Eventually, Kirchoff sharpens one of the bones he has been sent into a weapon, kills the people holding him captive and escapes and forms his criminal syndicate under the alias "Berlin".
Kirchoff still believes that Red killed his daughter and he kidnaps Naomi Hyland, Red's ex wife.
Red meets with Kirchoff several times. He agrees to get the money that was stolen from him in exchange that Red gets Naomi back from him unharmed.
Kirchoff once more blames him for his daughter's death and intends to hurt Red by going after Zoe, whom he assumes is Red's daughter.
Red reveals that Kirchoff's daughter is actually alive and someone else in his syndicate had lied to him about her being killed.
He is soon reunited with his daughter, who had been living under an assumed name as Zoe D'Antonio.
After being reunited with Zoe, Kirchoff learns the truth of Red's innocence.
He kills Kiryl Morozov after learning of Fitch's orders to frame Red and use Kirchoff as a pawn. Using Zoe to gain the access numbers to free Fitch, Red holds Kirchoff at gunpoint.
Red returns to the warehouse where he is holding Kirchoff prisoner with a bottle of vodka and places 2 shot glasses in front of him.
After they reminisce about the Cold War and finish the bottle, Red kills Berlin.
Chistopher Maly (Craig Keen, Tom's brother) Lucy Brooks (Jolene Parker) and Tom Keen worked for Berlin.

11. Tom Connolly

Thomas "Tom" Connolly is a good friend and colleague of Cooper.
They meet prior to 2003 when Cooper is leading an FBI task force in the Middle East, and Connolly is the US Attorney prosecutor that works alongside the group.
Sometime during the war, an American named Alan Rifkin defected to the Taliban, and assisted them in massacring a village in Afghanistan.
Rifkin is captured, but refuses to confess to his crimes. FBI and military interrogators, on Cooper and Connolly's orders, then brutally beat Rifkin until he confesses.
With this confession, he is sent back to the US and put on death row for treason and murder.
Connolly becomes a prominent member of the US Attorney's Office in Washington, D.C.
During the events revolving around Justin Kenyon and a bomb plot, Connolly visits Cooper at the Post Office,
telling him that he is about to be confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States.
He wants Cooper to join him in the administration as Director of the FBI. Cooper declines. Connolly asks why Cooper won't take the job.
Cooper tells Connolly about his serious health issues and that the prognosis is quite bad.
He also tells him about the trial group he had recently been declined for, and how it is pretty much his only hope. Connolly uses his connections to get Cooper in the trial.
Connolly is blackmailing Cooper into doing what he wants or he will make sure that Cooper is not going to be a part of the trial anymore.
Connolly is revealed to be a new member of the Cabal. The Director states that betraying Cooper was the price of a seat at the table.
Connolly reveals his involvement with the Cabal to Cooper and that he is part of the Cabal.
He then admits that he has been gaining leverage from Cooper and the Cabal owns him.
He threatens to shut down the task force since he is aware of the laws Cooper broke. Later, Connolly is appointed Attorney General.
When Liz is framed for the assassination of a U.S. Senator, Connolly forces Cooper on administrative leave for keeping Liz from being questioned.
Through Liz, Cooper discovers that his disease was a hoax orchestrated by the Cabal through Connolly, and angrily confronts him together with Liz.
They threaten to give evidence proving his corruption to the FBI unless Liz is cleared of her charges, Karakurt is charged for the crimes, Cooper is reinstated,
Charlene is released, and Red is left alone. Connolly ignores them, pointing out that he controls the FBI, he controls the Department of Justice, and no Federal judge will oppose him.
Connolly tells them that the Post Office will be painted out as a rogue unit and its members prosecuted.
When Liz points her gun at him, he tells her that killing him will accomplish nothing since he will only be replaced.
Despite Cooper's pleas for her not to pull the trigger, Liz shoots and kills Connolly.

12. The Decembrist

Publicly, Fitch works as an Assistant Director of National Intelligence.
On the side, he is a senior member of the Cabal whose secrets Red knows.
Red has arranged for those secrets to be divulged in the event of his death in order to make sure Fitch's organization stays away from him.
He is the one responsible for Berlin's daughter's disappearance, having helped her escape from a gulag and faking her death.
Fitch arranges for Anslo Garrick to attack The Post Office and capture Red so that he could interrogate him
as to whether Red's new arrangement with the FBI affected their previous agreement.
He decides that Red had not betrayed the Cabal after all.
He forbids Garrick from killing Red, as he believed that doing so would release the evidence against him and his cohorts.
After Berlin finds out that Fitch is behind his daughter's disappearance, he orders his agents to abduct Fitch and strap a pipe bomb on him, intending to kill him.
The FBI later finds Fitch with a bomb strapped around his neck. He is escorted to FBI headquarters and locked in the same box that Red was sent into
after first being detained by the FBI. There, several bomb squad officers attempt to disable the bomb.
Eventually, Fitch announces he does not want any more blood on his hands than he has already, and asks the bomb squad officers to leave.
Fitch asks Red if he has the Fulcrum. Several members doubt that Red still has the Fulcrum. Red merely says that he cannot stop the bomb.
Fitch says that his death will trigger a series of events, which will make it harder for the moderates to resist the radicals, and predicts that by 2017, conditions will get worse.
Fitch names 2 members who might be willing to ally with Red.
Fitch then tells Red the combination to a safe he has hidden away in St. Petersburg, but is unable to tell him the location within the city before the bomb explodes.

16. Anslo Garrick

Anslo Garrick is a mercenary who specializes in raiding classified
and well defended prison facilities and extracting high level prisoners, always using extreme levels of violence.
He works almost exclusively with a unit of highly armed, countryless mercenaries known as "The Wild Bunch".
At some point, he successfully raids a CIA black site in the Bering Sea to exfiltrate a man named Mahmoud al-Azok.
His employer pays him to plant evidence that blames the raid on Peruvian insurgent organization Shining Path.
At some point he and Red work together, though the alliance ends in 2008 when Garrick gives the FBI Red's train number
and itinerary for a stop at Waterloo station in Brussels. When Red arrives, a hit squad led by Ressler made an attempt on his life, but they fail.
Red realizes that Garrick has betrayed him and shoots him, damaging the right side of his face and apparently blinding his right eye.
However, Garrick survives and spends 5 years in a prison described as a "black hole".
To remind himself of the incident, Garrick never repairs the facial scarring with surgery.
At the request of Alan Fitch, he organizes and leads a raid on the Post Office.
The raid begins with a hijacked garbage truck being driven to the loading bay
and as the truck approaches the compactor was opened to reveal armed men inside who quickly kill the FBI guards.
Garrick and his men then place jammers on telecommunications links while killing any guards who try to stop them.
After cornering the remaining FBI personnel in the armory, his numerically superior force captures them.
The purpose of the attack is to capture Red, but he manages to enter a secure holding cell together with Ressler,
who is shot in the leg by one of Garricks's men before Garrick and his men can catch Red.
After discovering that the cell is reinforced against bullets and explosives Garrick tries to force Cooper to open the cell by threatening to kill him.
When this is unsuccessful, he drags Luli Zeng in front of the cell, and threatens to shoot her unless Red opens the door. Red is unable to open the cell, so Garrick shoots Luli.
He then drags Dembe in front of the cell and repeats his demand.
Garrick realizes from Red's reaction to seeing Liz that threatening her will probably have a better outcome than threatening Dembe.
When he puts the gun to Liz's head, Red forces Ressler to reveal the box password. Garrick uses the password and Cooper's hand to open the box.
Garrick and some of his men take Liz and Red to the lower level and begin to drill though the floor.
When the drilling is complete they all escape through the storm drains to a waiting ambulance.
In the ambulance Garrick has to drive when Liz's escape causes the death of the original driver.
Red's DARPA tracker is removed and Red is taken to a deserted building for interrogation.
Garrick has Red suspended by his arms and a doctor injects Red with a drug to heighten his sensitivity to pain.
Garrick then starts hitting Red, without requiring any information.
After Alan Fitch finishes questioning Red, Garrick asks if he can kill Red. Fitch is initially unsure, but Garrick convinces him to let him kill Red.
Garrick approaches Red and taunts Red by saying that after he has killed Red he will go after Liz.
Garrick then asks if Red is actually feeling something. As Red plunges the scissors into the back of Garrick's neck he replies "regret".

21. Luther Braxton

Luther Braxton is a professional thief known for stealing money and information from the People‘s Republic of China, Iran, and the United States.
He typically organizes his operations to take place during wars, natural disasters or other upheavals and take advantage of the surrounding chaos to cover them up.
He is credited with stealing 282 million dollars from Baghdad during Operation Shock and Awe and the abduction of a CIA asset from Tehran during the 2009–10 Iranian election protests.
Braxton has a past with Red, including an incident in Belgrade where Braxton bested him, killing Red's local point man and hanging him by the neck with one of Red's own neckties.
While serving in the Gulf War, Braxton is involved in a traumatic friendly fire incident in Khafji. He is successfully given therapy to have the memories of it removed.
Luther Braxton is imprisoned at the Factory, a CIA black site in the Bering Sea that houses inmates trained to resist torture. Red is also brought there after he was arrested in Hong Kong.
Red has information that Braxton is going to break out the Factory and hands that information over to the warden in exchange for his freedom.
Meanwhile Braxton is being tortured by electrocution, but doesn't talk. When the technicians call it off, one of the guards slips a piece of the electrical equipment into Braxton's mouth.
After being taken to his cell, Braxton uses the equipment he has been given and other supplies from his cell to rig the door with the electrical wiring of a lamp.
When a guard who is bringing him food tries to unlock the door, he is electrocuted and falls to the floor. An alarm goes off and the section goes on lock down.
Guards with assault rifles and full SWAT gear enter the section and toss tear gas into his cell, but Braxton, who has covered his mouth and nose with a scarf, fights back, steals one of their rifles and kills them.
Now free, Braxton unlocks the other cells of the section, which turn out to house his accomplices, a group of hackers, munition experts and former special ops fighters.
Together, they break out, gas the security staff and take over the facility.
As his operatives take hostages, including Samar and Ressler, Braxton is contacted by the CIA and asks to talk to someone in authority.
He is put through to Harold Cooper and asks for the master code for the facility. Threatening to kill hostages, he gives Cooper ten minutes to decide.
Then Braxton starts hanging Samar by the neck and Cooper gives it up.
Planning to access information leading to the Fulcrum, Braxton's men go to the server room and enter the code. Meanwhile, Red and Liz are in the facility basement and overheat the boilers.
The resulting explosion puts a stop to Braxton's plan, but alerts him to their location. He grabs Liz, who tells him that Red, who has been knocked unconscious, is dead.
Red is found and woken up by one of the guards who works for him. After being given a shotgun by one of the facility's guards Red fights his way through the riot,
breaks into the control room and takes out Braxton's guards. He tries to convince Braxton that the Fulcrum will only make him more of a target than he already is.
When Braxton talks about the Fulcrum and a fire in which it disappeared, he spots the burn on Liz's wrist and realizes her connection to the incident.
Red tells Liz to put a bullet in Braxton's head, but then they are interrupted by an air strike launched at the facility by the CIA.
After being saved by the missile barrage, Braxton and his surviving accomplices grab Liz, disguise themselves as paramedics and use a medevac helicopter to fly to the Grace River Hospital in Juneau, Alaska.
Once secure, they torture Liz for information about the Fulcrum, but realize that she can't remember the fire from her childhood.
Braxton kidnaps Dr. Selma Orchard, who gave him memory therapy after his fire incident, and holds her son hostage, threatening to kill him if she doesn't get Liz to remember what happened to the Fulcrum.
Braxton also gets a call from Red, who once again warns him that he is out of his depth.
While Dr. Orchard and Braxton's men work on Liz to get her memories back, Braxton goes to a church to meet with the Director, who is revealed to be the one who hired him to raid The Factory.
Now having a better idea of what's at stake, Braxton raises his price for the Fulcrum, but promises to have access to it by the end of the day.
As Braxton leaves, he is ambushed by Red and Dembe, who force him into their car and drive away with him.
Later, after Liz has been saved, Red kills Braxton and leaves him hanging in the Director's home.

22. The Scimitar

Red described him as a 2 parts conman, 1 part assassin. The Scimitar.
An Iranian assassin also known as Walid Abu Sitta.
In 2009, he kills a Sunni tribal leader after joining his militia and fighting for him for 7 months before finally killing him.
He directs the suicide bomber that kills many people including Shahin Navabi, Samar's brother.
In retaliation for the assassination of Kian Nouri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, carried out in part by Samar, he is hired to kidnap Amalia Collins.
A key member of the Cloud Top missile research program.
As he does not initially know her name, he creates an elaborate scheme to convince the FBI that one of his own team
is a member of the Secret Service assigned to protect Professor Collins and is under threat of abduction.
When Ressler and Liz go to take the man into protective custody, he stages a car accident.
Ressler and Liz are apparently taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital for treatment.
The Scimitar poses a doctor who is treating Ressler and Liz.
Whilst in the "hospital" Liz calls Cooper and in the course of the call names Professor Collins.
The Scimitar successfully kidnaps Professor Collins, but is prevented from completing the kidnap by Liz.
He escapes to his safe house to find Red waiting for him.
Red tied him up and calls Samar. Red leaves Samar to decide the Scimitar's fate.
The Scimitar attempts to morally debate with Samar and fails. Samar shoots him and dumps his body in the river.

24. The Director

Peter Kotsiopulos is the director of the National Clandestine Service,
the CIA component that deals with covert operations.
He is also a high-ranking member of the Cabal, the criminal syndicate that Alan Fitch belonged to.
However, he has far less respect for Red than Fitch had and is certain that Red is bluffing about having the Fulcrum.
He seems to represent the more radical side of the Cabal, one far more ruthless than the rest of the organization.
The Director arrives at the Post Office after Luther Braxton takes over The Factory and informs them who Braxton is and why the facility is so vital to them.
Kotsiopulos later meets with other members of his syndicate and suggests that Red doesn't really have the Fulcrum, though his fellow members are still wary.
In spite of it, they agree to sink The Factory into the sea to eliminate Red but they fail and Red and Braxton both survive.
After killing Braxton, Red breaks into Kotsiopulos' home and hangs up the body inside accusing him of hiring Braxton to steal the Fulcrum.
As they talk, Kotsiopulos makes it clear that he doesn't consider Red a real threat and believes that he is bluffing about having the Fulcrum.
Red dares him to call his bluff and leaves.
Kotsiopulos hires a hit man to kill Red. The hit man is partially successful and shoots Red, however Red survives.
While his assassins are dealing with Red and his syndicate, Liz confronts Kotsiopulos in the middle
of a meeting at the CIA and shows him that Red did have the Fulcrum.
Kotsiopulos recalls the strike force, but tells Liz she is now a target.
Later on, Kotsiopulos recruits Tom Connolly into his syndicate.
The Director and therefore the Cabal are trying to frame Liz for the Orea bombing which killed 14 CIA agents and the death of a US Senator.
When Red and Liz are on the run, the Director and his people are doing everything to find Red and Liz.
Meanwhile Kotsiopulos meets with Matias Solomon, a Cabal member who is angry that their organization was exposed.
He warns Kotsiopulos that the Cabal has grown unsatisfied with his performance and that he must deal with Red soon or the Cabal will come for him.
Kotsiopulos is assigned to the task force after testifying at Laurel Hitchin’s presidential commission.
Solomon visits Kotsiopulos again to warn him of his endangered position in the Cabal.
In turn, he calls Solomon out for trying to take control of the Cabal and forces his cooperation.
Red steals the money Kotsiopulos has embezzled from the Cabal. When Peter refuses to exonerate Liz and calls off his bluff again,
Red reveals his knowledge of Kotsiopulos' embezzlement against the Cabal.
He warns Kotsiopulos that his continued resistance will eventually turn the Cabal against him and that he will be assassinated, should they learn of his embezzlement against them.
When Ressler brings Liz into the Post Office and locks her in the box for her own protection, the Director tries everything in his power to get the code from the box so he can execute the plans he had with her.
After having effectively isolated Kotsiopulos, Red, the task force and Marvin Gerard team up together to bring him down.
As Kotsiopulos schemes with Laurel Hitchin to assassinate Liz before she can testify, he gets a call about his wife having a panic attack and rushes to the psychiatrist's office.
Unknown to him, this is a trap set by Red's team and he is captured. He is then taken aboard a Venezuelan plane where Red reveals he plans to have the Venezuelans turn him
over to the Hague to be tried for war crimes as an American representative.
As Kotsiopulos is a high ranking CIA official, this would cause the government international humiliation.
Red then contacts Laurel and demands that she publically exonerate Liz to prevent this.
Laurel reluctantly agrees and strikes a deal through Marvin Gerard where Liz is exonerated of all but the Tom Connolly murder.
Laurel states she'll take her chances with Kotsiopulos and the Hague if he refuses.
Laurel offers Red a deal and Red and Liz reluctantly agree to the deal.
Laurel asks Red to deal with Kotsiopulos in exchange as the Cabal now sees him as a liability which Red agrees to.
They watch a news report in which Laurel exonerates Liz, but implicates Kotsiopulos in his role in the Cabal, stating that he has fled the country.
Kotsiopulos tells Red he knows who Red really is and his relationship to Liz, but Red is unconcerned.
As the plane descends, Red throws Kotsiopulos from the plane and he crashes through a house's roof, killing him.

31. Zal Bin Hasaan

Born in Iran, Shahin and his older sister, Samar, lost their parents to an Iranian government-employed assassin in 1992 because of their political affiliations.
Samar eventually abandoned her country because of what happened to her parents and became an operative of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.
Meanwhile, Shahin became a political activist. In 2009, he and the Scimitar were responsible for a bombing in Pishin, Iran at a meeting between the opposition leaders and members of the army.
41 people were killed at the bombing and Shahin's blood was found on the scene.
With everyone believing that he was dead, Shahin adopted the alias "Zal Bin Hasaan" and became an assassin for Iran, targeting and killing numerous Mossad operatives all over the world.
Among his victims were the partner of Samar, who was killed in 2012 in an explosion in Cairo that hospitalized Samar, 31 people, 14 of them women and children,
killed in a synagogue bombing in Buenos Aires, and a Mossad operative named Avi Lebov, who was killed by a car bomb along with 12 civilians.
Hasaan is responsible for the abduction of 6 people that work for Lazarum Systems International.
That company is providing technical expertise to Israel's missile defense shield to encrypt software for the iron dome.
Together with a SWAT team and Mossad, Ressler and Samar raid the place where Hasaan keeps the abducted people.
They also find a lot of people locked up in cages. On of them is Shahin Navabi, Samar's brother, who she believed was dead.
What Samar doesn't know at that moment is that Shahin is Zal Bin Hasaan.
She finds out after Mossad's facility is bombed and all the hostaged are executed.
Hasaan is looking for a list of Mossad agents and their informants working around the world to find and execute him.
Samar and Levi burn the list and Levi gets shot by one of Hasaan's men. Shahin/Hasaan abducts Samar but Red and his men come to her rescue.
Red lets Samar decided what to do with her brother. Turn him in or hand him over to Red. She decides to hand him over to Red.

32. Mr. Solomon

38. The Troll Farmer

Bo Chang is a computer genius, also known as The Troll Farmer, aided by a team of other "trolls", specialized in using the internet to create diversions or provoke reactions.
The Troll Farmer uses social media to conduct highly coordinated disinformation campaigns on behalf of governments, lobbyists, corporations,
crime syndicates, and on occasion, a humble fugitive.
He's mastered the art of information warfare by creating events, virtual hoaxes designed to piggyback on real public anxiety.
He activates hundreds of fake accounts to post thousands of tweets, creating the appearance of, say, a terrorist attack in Paris that served as cover for an art heist.
He doctors screenshots from news outlets to report an ebola outbreak in Atlanta in order to drive up the stock of a drug company developing a cure. The Troll Farmer is much more than a rumor monger.
The events he creates appear to be real and provoke a very real response.
Smoke manufactured to draw the cameras away from the real fire.
Red, who had him on retainer for 3 years, asked for Chang's help to get Liz and himself out of the country when they were on the run.
Red gave the FBI The Troll Farmer in return for Ressler's word that he would give Liz the benefit of the doubt. The FBI raided Chang house and arrested him.

42. The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker is a political expert who manipulates political careers.
He acts as a mercenary who drives politicians to the height of power or destroys their careers.
His tactics range from staging media events to assassinating the competition.
He was said to groom his clients for years, deciding their education, careers, and even their family.
He convinces Patrick Chandler, an aspiring state assemblyman, to stage a car accident on bridge as a "media stunt".
This earns Chandler attention in the media, but his wife dies in the accident.
He insists on moving on with the plan even after Chandler informs him that the FBI was asking questions about the staged accident.
The Kingmaker later visits the man he paid to force Chandler's car off of the bridge and kills him to silence him, staging the death as a suicide.
As the next part of his plan for Chandler, the Kingmaker goes after Senator Albert Mitchell.
Under the guise of a burglary, he attempts to assassinate the senator, as his death would force a special election for his seat in the U.S. Senate,
which Chandler would be in prime condition to take over.
After shooting Mitchell, The Kingmaker hides to avoid Ressler and Liz. Ambushing Liz, he begins to strangle her but is shot and killed by Ressler.

43. The Djinn

Nasir Bakhash was the eldest son of Bahram Bakhash, the owner and CEO of a New York-based holding company, Azeri Financial.
When Nasir came out as gay at the age of 19, Bahram, unable to accept it, forced him to undergo a sex change to make his attraction to men more acceptable and change his name to the feminine Nasim.
Even after she went through all that suffering, Nasim was still effectively disinherited by her father and began her own business as "the Djinn" (named after a genie-like spirit from Islamic mythology).
Using a network of operatives, she helped high-paying clients live out their own personal revenge fantasies,
arranging for the object of their rage to be kidnapped and taken to a private location where the clients could make them suffer any way they saw fit.
Along the way, she took advantage of the crimes she assisted in to damage Azeri Financial as part of her own revenge plan against her father.
Red credited Nasim with facilitating the kidnapping and rape of a British princess and the kidnapping of a big game hunter who was locked in a cage with a lion and mauled to death.
Nasim had her father kidnapped and she tortured him at her house for what he did to her in the past. Red and Liz locate Nasim cause she has something that Red wants.
A notebook with all the names of her clients. Red has the FBI surround Nasim's house. Red has an escape plan for him and Liz and in order from Nasim to go with them she needs to give Red the notebook.
Nasim gives Red the notebook but once they are at the chopper that Red arranged for, Liz holds Nasim at gunpoint so she can't enter the chopper.
Red rips one page out of the notebook and throws the book out of the chopper and Nasim is being arrested by the FBI.

47. Frederick Barnes

Frederick Barnes is a bioterrorist.
Barnes works for the United States government designing biological weapons and the antidotes.
He has a son with one of his colleagues, Anne Forrester.
Because she is married, the child, Ethan, is raised by her and her husband.
At the age of five, Ethan develops Kurz disease, a rare and untreatable vascular condition.
Barnes reaches out to his contacts in the pharmaceutical industry to raise funding for a cure, but since Kurz disease
is so rare and creating a cure would cost more than it could hope to repay, they turned him down.
Barnes then resigns from his job at Arpax Systems, sells his house, goes underground and becomes a developer and black market dealer of weapons of bioterrorism
and chemical terrorism, working on the cure for Kurz disease on his own.
While he develops and sells his weaponized diseases, he never deployed them in person, but sells them to anyone who can afford them, among them Red.
He infects over 600 people with Kurz disease to find a person with a natural immunity.
After a survivor is found, he sedates her and takes a bone marrow sample.
He takes the untested cure to his son, Ethan but Liz stops him from using it.
After arguing over the cure's safety, Liz shoots him just as Barnes is about to inject his son.

50. Arioch Cain

When a bounty is placed on Liz's head, Red, Liz and Aram find out that the bounty was placed on a website called “”.
A website that set up bounties for contract killers via crowd funding from civilians.
The bounty was put up by someone named Arioch Cain.
At first it is believed that Arioch Cain is a man and with the help of Aram, Red and Liz try to track him down.
When they track him down Red and Liz go to his house to force him to take down the website which has the bounty on.
The man doesn't seem to know what Red is talking about and it is revealed that his daughter Blair is the one that put the bounty on Liz.
Blair lost her mother, Sharon, in the OREA bombing, which was carried out by Karakurt and blamed on Liz. Believing the official story that Liz was the bomber, Blair creates a profile at “”.
During a confrontation with Red and Liz, Blair refuses to take down the page, believing that Liz killed her mother and having her killed was the only way to avenge her.
Liz makes Blair aware of the dangers of her actions in helping the Cabal recruit assassins to execute her.
When she deletes the page, Blair realizes that Liz was framed and the Cabal is responsible for her mother's murder.
Red and Liz leave her alone and they don't turn her into the FBI.

52. Ranko Zamani

Ranko Zamani is a Serbian national educated in the United States.
He works as a terrorist responsible for several atrocities. Red credits him with an attack on
the U.S. embassy in Damascus in 1986, the abduction of six foreign nationals from the
French embassy in Algiers in 1997 and a 2002 break-in at the Krung Thai Bank in Bangkok. In 2007, he faked his own death.
Almost immediately after turning himself in to the FBI, Red reveals that Zamani is alive.
He names him as the prospective abductor of Beth Ryker. Gerenal Ryker's daughter.
After the successful abduction of Beth Ryker, Zamani goes to the house of Tom and Liz,
where he tortures Tom for information prior to the arrival of Liz.
When Liz arrives he questions her about what she knows of his plans, and what Red has told her.
In order to encourage her to answer truthfully he stabs Tom in the leg.
He then stabs Tom in the stomach telling Liz that she can save lots of people or only one person.
While Liz is tending to Tom, Zamani escapes.
Liz and the FBI, with some hints from Red, realize that Zamani is dying and that he wants revenge for the death of his family during the Yugoslav Wars.
Zamani meets with Red and informs him of Tom's injury, which Red apparently ordered.
The meeting turns out to be a setup, and Ressler kills Zamani.

55. Karakurt

Known in the intelligence community as the Left Hand of the SVR (the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service), Karakurt, which is Russian for spider,
is an assassin employed to silence Russian dissidents and known high-profile critics of the Russian regime.
He specializes in either making his murders look like non-criminal causes, such as accidents, suicides or natural deaths, or like the work of other criminals.
Karakurt is smuggled into the country by Quan Zhang, to perform some act of terrorism so that it will be blamed on Russia and become the catalyst for a new cold war.
Red figures out that Karakurt has constructed an IED and has it in a white moving truct that right outside of the CIA sub-station that Ressler and Liz have just exited when the whole thing blows up.
Ressler and Liz get a new lead on Karakurt and go to Union Station where Liz spots a man in the exact same clothes Karakurt was wearing in the surveillance picture.
When she goes after him, he catches her off guard, knocks her out and runs away.
The team discovers that Karakurt working on a weapon of individual destruction, which will only effect one person.
When the task force discovers that Karakurt wants to poison a senator, Liz tries to stop the senator right before he touches Karakurt, thinking this will activate the WID.
What she doesn’t know is that she’s actually the one that is carrying the weapon which has activated and killed the senator. Karakurt has infected her with the virus when she ran into him at Union Station.

57. The Judge

Ruth Kipling is the founder of the Amnesty Collective, a death penalty abolishment movement.
After her father is wrongfully convicted, she begins to imprison or execute court and police officials who had wrongfully convicted others.
Known as The Judge, she aided by a group of accomplices, runs a secret prison yard network where she reviews prisoner's appeals,
using the Collective as a cover to keep tabs on their lives behind bars.
She would always let the officials she imprisoned suffer the exact same punishments they had sentenced someone to,
be it the number of years served in prison or an execution.
Kipling has contact with Rifkin, the latest prisoner to contact her, by working as his spiritual advisor upon the closing in of his death sentence.
After Rifkin dies, she kidnaps Connolly and Cooper, who had beaten Rifkin's confession out of him.
As she is about to execute Cooper with a makeshift electric chair when Red arrives with proof that Rifkin really did commit the crimes for which he was executed.
Cooper is released, The Judge is apprehended, and later sent to prison.

62. Leonard Caul

Born as Joseph McCray, Leonard Caul is a spy working for the CIA known for his ability to blend in and conduct covert surveillance.
In the 1980s, he is part of Operation Harwood, a CIA operation to keep watch on the Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua.
After the Iran–Contra affair, the operation is shut down and Caul, dropping his birth name, went off the grid.
Shortly after that, he creates the encryption of the Fulcrum, the blackmail file granting leverage against the Cabal.
Red comes in contact with him after Caul answers the phone after Red dials the number he found in Alan Fitch's safe.
As Red fights for his life, he pleads with Liz to track down Caul.
Caul is tracking down Liz's every move. He has audio recordings of Liz talking to Tom and pictures of everyone involved in Liz’s life.
Including lots of pictures of Liz and Red.
When Liz is in Red's apartment, Leonard Caul bursts into the apartment.
He’s been following Red, waiting for a signal to reach out to him.
When Liz started searching for Caul, that’s when he knew the time had come for them to meet.
Liz gives Caul the interface for the Fulcrum and the key to operate it.

64. The Cyprus Agency

Owen Mallory, born as Michael Shaw, is the head of the Cyprus Adoption agency.
An organization that kidnaps young women and keeps them in captivity to give birth to children, who will be put up for adoption.
The task force also discovers that Owen Mallory is the father of all the children that are being put up for adoption.

67. Ruslan Denisov

Ruslan Denisov is the leader of an Uzbek separatist movement known as The Supreme Republic of a Free, Righteous and Independent Uzbekistan.
Under his leadership, the group became notorious for its methods of raising funds by kidnapping senior executives of wealthy foreign corporations working in
or passing through his region, holding them for ransoms far above the normal rates and killing them if the employers refused to pay.
Denisov, an old associate of Red's, is targeting members of a company called Anneca Oil, that is refusing to replace a pipeline, whose leaking water is poisoning civilians.
After unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with Denisov, Red works with him to capture a former Russian business associate and use the company's history to blackmail them into repairing the pipeline.

71. The Kenyon Family

The Kenyon Family is a family of polygamous cultist criminals.
The cult is attacked by an unseen enemy, killing all of the members and stealing the weapons, while also kidnapping Justin Kenyon, the cult's leader, who they later kill.
Justin Kenyon is the leader of The Church of the Shield, a religious cult and separatist militia.
He preaches polygamy and requires that male members of the cult marry 3 women, regardless of their age. Because the gender ratio of the movement becomes problematic,
several boys born into the cult, including Kenyon's own son, David, would be abandoned in the wilderness to die at the age of 8-10.
While many died of sickness or exposure, the survivors, led by David, eventually banded together to form The Watchers, preaching their own version of Kenyon's teachings.
As time went on, Kenyon becomes popular within fringe circles of the far right.
While the authorities are somewhat aware of the group's crimes of polygamy and forced elder-minor relations, he has four prominent civil rights lawyers on retainer that stymied any attempts to enter the compound and investigate.
To make money, Kenyon starts storing illegal contraband, such as weaponry, drugs and stolen goods, for other criminals in underground storage facilities on the cult's compound.

72. Eli Matchett

Eli Matchett is an eco-terrorist. Matchett was the leader of an eco-terrorist group known as "Los Segadores" which is Spanish for "The Reapers".
Composed of small business farmers, they targeted Verdiant, an agricultural company that dealt in genetically modified produce and had forced small farms into bankruptcy.
Matchett had a vendetta against the company because of a lawsuit that cost him his farm.
He had owned a farm adjacent to one of Verdiant's facilities. When some of their genetically modified seeds blew onto his field and grew there,
Verdiant sued him for infringing on their patent, costing him a fortune in legal fees as well as his farm when the bank foreclosed on him.
Adding insult to injury, Verdiant bought the property and used it to expand their own industrial farm. Because of that Matchett and the Los Segadores stole data from Verdiant detailing how Verdiant modifies it's corn genome.
With that he has a virus designed that he wants to release to destroy Verdiant.
If they virus were to get out it would spread all over the world in months and there would be a global food crisis.
The FBI finds out that Matchett is planning all of this and tracks him down to the corn field he used to own. He tries to release the virus but Ressler catches up to him in time and prevents him from doing so.
He is arrested and sent to jail.

73. Madeline Pratt

Madeline Pratt is a well-known politically active socialite.
Behind the facade, she forms relationships and affiliations with powerful, influential people and then uses those connections to commit million dollar heists.
She had a previous romantic connection with Red, which he broke off.
Posing as Red's widow, she steals documents belonging to him worth 10 million dollars from a bank in Istanbul to gain his attention regarding the proposed theft of the Effigy of Atargatis.
Madeline enlists Red's help in stealing a statue called the Effigy of Ashtart in the Syrian embassy.
The statue secretly contains coordinates for Soviet nuclear detonation codes, which has the interest of the Russian Mob.
Red enlists Liz's aid in the operation, only for the pair to be double-crossed by Madeline.
Faking their capture, Red succeeds in getting the location of the Effigy and the coordinates from Madeline.
The statue is secured and one of Pratt's allies is arrested.
Madeline is able to free herself and steals a precious painting from Red.

74. The Front

Maddox Beck and his wife, Carrie Ann, are the leaders of an eco-terrorist movement known as "The Front".
Despite working together, they have very different views on their work.
Beck steals an ancient clay painting from his wife to map out the location of a dormant pneumonic plague virus.
Beck successfully recovers the virus and weaponizes it to inoculate his followers and create a world-wide epidemic.
The task force contains most of the followers, but Samar and Liz are infected by one of them at Dulles International Airport.
With Aram's help, Red learns Beck's location and steals a supply of synthesized vaccine before leaving Beck to commit suicide.

75. The Major

The Major recruits social exiles who have a specific psychopathy personality profile.
Theose people are trained to act as spies for various clients. Once an agent is assigned, they are to only contact the Major if the situation is "mission critical".
The Major recruited Tom Keen in 1994 when he was a young boy.
Tom continues to work for the Major until Red contacted The Major and Red hired Tom to keep an eye on Liz.

77. Lady Ambrosia

Lady Ambrosia, whose real name is never revealed, and her husband, Noah Shuster, once had two sons together. One of them, Theo, was mentally disabled.
When the boys were in a canoe accident that resulted in the death of her other son, Lady Ambrosia snapped.
Using her husband's job at an adoption agency to find children whose parents were going to give them up because of their disabilities, she kidnapped them with Theo's help and
made them part of a cult she started, telling the victims they would be "turned into butterflies" and live forever as children.
In order to keep them from having to face adulthood as outcasts, she would kill them when they reached the age of 12 and wrap them into a cocoon of burlap and
wooden sticks and throw it into a well on the cult's compound, an abandoned schoolhouse known within the cult as The Colony.

78. The Caretaker

Dating back three generations, the men of the Janus family, ran a safety deposit service where they stored countless incriminating documents, recordings,
and photos on behalf of powerful clients, such as corporations, criminals, and governments.
The evidence, which was stored in canisters hidden in the corpses buried at graveyards, could then be released according to instructions set by the clients, such as them dying or being arrested.
Janus used the pneumatic tubes formerly used by the U.S. Postal Service to transport hard materials.
Albert Janus had an adopted daughter, Rose Janus, who was the only thing in the world he valued higher than his work.
A few months after his wife and child had died, he got into a confrontation with Rose's drunken father when he abused her and knocked him down.
He then took Rose, whose real name was Jessica Van Zandt, and raised her as his own, never telling her about her real family.

80. Marvin Gerard

Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard where, at the tender age of 31,
Marvin Gerard was appointed the third youngest full professor in the institution's history.
He served as a prosecutor for three years for the State of New York.
Later, he joined his father-in-law's criminal defense firm as a full partner.
While Gerard was being considered for a seat on the federal bench, his marriage took a bad turn.
He eventually went so far as to try to kidnap his son, for which he was disbarred and sentenced to 7-10 years at the Cumberland FCI.
He continued doing legal work behind bars, serving as shadow counsel to some of the biggest players in the criminal underworld. Politicians, CEOs and one Raymond Reddington.
Red asked for his help while he held some people hostage in a diner and in return Red made sure that Gerard could stay out of prison and he left with his fiancee Becky Weinberg.

82. Dr. Linus Creel

Linus Creel is a psychologist who works as a lab assistant on Subproject 7.
A black-op project sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency to research the MAO-A 2R, also known as the "Warrior Gene",
which is said to cause a predisposition towards violence in humans.
After the project is canceled, he uses his PhD in clinical psychology from NYU to go into private practice, but never loses faith that the project could be resumed
and identify those who could one day become violent. He also subbed at six other hospitals.
To this end, he starts manipulating his patients whom he strongly suspected of carrying the MAO-A 2R "Warrior Gene"
into committing violent crimes by stressing them, putting pressure on them through anonymous accusations
and making their lives spiral further and further downwards until they cracked and attacked someone, usually fatally.
When Dr. Creel is holding Liz at gun point, he is shot by Ezra. The sniper that is following Liz.

83. Mako Tanida

Mako Tanida is a notorious crime lord in a Japanese crime syndicate when he was arrested
by FBI agents Sam Raimo, Pete McGuire, Bobby Jonica, and Donald Ressler while they were hunting Red.
He is arrested, tried and placed in a maximum security prison near Hokkaido, Japan.
His brother, Aiko, is believed to have taken over the crime syndicate since then.
Tanida escapes the Japanese prison and kills an FBI agent, claiming revenge for "collateral damage" caused by the FBI when they were after Red.
After another FBI agent turns up dead, Ressler fears he may be next, as he was part of the team searching for Red back then.
When Ressler tries to get his girlfriend Audrey somewhere safe, his car is rammed by Tanida's driver. Ressler gets into a struggle with Tanida.
When Audrey gets out of the car and Tanida sees her, he shoots and kills Ressler's girlfriend.
Fueled by hatred and anger, Ressler goes with Jonica on a rogue hunt for Tanida.
They capture Tanida and Ressler figures out that is was Jonica who had taken over as a crime lord, not Tanida's brother Aiko.
Tanida is then shot by Jonica, resulting in Ressler and Jonica fighting over the wheel an eventually tipping over the car.
When Ressler goes back to the crash site, he finds that Tanida had escaped while he was chasing Jonica.
Later that evening Dembe arrives at Ressler's appartment with a package from Red.
Opening it, he finds Tanida's head inside the box.


Wujing is a hacker who targets and assassinates spies and other government agents for different nations.
Wujing is born the second child of his family, violating China's restrictions of one child per family.
He is an ex-member of the Chinese Ministry for State Security.
Despite not being officially recognized by them, he maintains strong, unofficial connections with the government of the People's Republic of China.
Wujing asks Red for help to decrypt a message from a CIA agent who was murdered in Shanghai.
Red appoints Liz to go undercover as a master decrypter, and they arrive at Wujing's underground base in the States.
With help from a CIA-provided device, Liz decrypts the message of Wujing's target. Liz plants her tracker on Wujing's car, leading to his arrest.

85. The Courier

Tommy Phelps's father had abused him and his brother as children.
Since he has a genetic disease which made it impossible for him to feel physical pain,
his father forced him to fight in a dog fighting ring and would invite others over to place bets.
He later became the Courier, a brutal and efficient middle man who made deliveries between criminals
and enforced the black market's policy of trust through fear and the threat of violence.
The courier is scheduled to deliver a valuable shipment to an Iranian spy.
After he is arrested by Liz and Meera, they learn he has kidnapped Seth Nelson, an NSA analyst.
Seth is entombed and only has a limited amount of air left.
While the FBI searches for him, the courier escapes. Ressler and Meera track down the Courier and then kill him in self-defense.

86. Sir Crispin Crandall

Crandall is a reclusive billionaire and owner of Crandall Cryonics, a legitimate company that researched cryogenic preservation,
i.e. freezing living humans to the point of suspended animation so they can be brought back at a later date.
Crandall spent most of his time living on a constantly airborne Airbus A380. Because he had it refueled regularly while still in flight, he could go months without even touching ground.
In addition to serving as his living quarters, the plane also served as Crandall's "ark", on which he stored pairs of kidnapped distinguished scientists, each pair from a different field.
Crandall was shot and killed by Red and frozen into one of the cubicles on his own plane. After Red killed Crandall, Red cut his two thumbs and needed them to open that deposit box,
which held the money that the Director stole from the Cabal to disappear at some point.

87. Quon Zhang

Quon Zhang is a Chinese smuggler closely affiliated with the Cabal. He is known for taking dead corpses into "art".
He specializes in using caskets, sometimes with the bodies still in them, to smuggle contraband between countries.
Zhang smuggled the Russian assassin Karakurt into the United States.

88. Ivan

Ivan is a Russian hacker. He had caused chaos within the Russian economy because of a personal vendetta.
He stole 5 million dollars from one of Red's accounts.
He is initially believed to be the person behind the theft of the NSA's Skeleton Key project.
However, he later convinces Red that someone else is using his cyber identity.
He also returned Red's 5 million dollars with an additional 3 million dollars in interest.

89. Dr. James Covington

Dr. James Covington is a surgeon who performs transplant surgeries that helps criminals to stay alive.
Prior to his criminal career, Covington was a cardio-thorasic surgeon.
Once one of the foremost practitioners of his field, he loses his medical license after diverting a pair of lungs from the donor pool and implanting them in a sick child.
He vanishes before the legal system required his arrest and made a career of implanting organs into those who could not get one by legal means, but had the money to find other ways.
However, he does not sell the organs; he leases them to his clients at 500,000 dollars a year.
If they fail to meet payment, he tracks them down and takes the organs back, even if it killed them.

93. The Deer Hunter

Tracy Solobotkin is married to an abusive man named Ron, who is secretly a serial killer known as "the Deer Hunter".
His M.O. is to go after heavyset men and hunt them with a crossbow.
Postmortem, he cuts into their abdomens, remove their internal organs and take a bite out of their livers.
She discovers the truth when they are separated and she comes home to pick up some things.
She finds him in the garage covered in blood and made the connection.
When she tries to leave, he tries to kill her to silence her, but she grabs a crossbow and kills him with a shot to the heart.
She decides to continue the Deer Hunter killings, but starts targeting
abusive, possessive men she'd heard of through her job at WhiteHaven Shelters, a victims' advocacy group.
She copies the killings perfectly enough to convince the authorities that the original Deer Hunter is still working.
Tracy kidnaps Liz and confesses to her that she is the Deer Hunter. When Tracy tries to kill Liz, Liz beats her too it and tries to strangle Tracy.
Ressler and Samar are just in time to prevent Liz from killing Tracy. Tracy is arrested and sent to jail.

94. T. Earl King VI

The King family, who for 200 years, have been under the guise of being investors and businessmen.
Their real business is running underground auctions during which they sold off highly valuable commodities, such as stolen art, radioactive materials,
weapon components and even persons of interest, to the highest bidder.
The auctions are always held in different locations with varying guest lists and sometimes took place years apart.
Over the course of this lucrative business, there is a tradition among the King patriarchs to make their sons compete with each other to make the most profitable sales.
While the total would be added to the family fortune to be inherited later, the son who makes the least would be forced to play a round of Russian roulette.
This process continues until one of the sons dies and is repeated until there is only one sole heir to the business and the fortune left.
The present-day patriarch, T. Earl King VI, makes his sons, Tyler and Francis, follow the same tradition.
When they kidnap Red using Madeline Pratt as bait, Liz uses the identity of a proxy from an infamous Russian art collector with an interest in stolen paintings
and infiltrates the auction to retrieve Red and shut down the Kings' business.
After Red is saved by Liz, he shoots T. Earl King VI.

95. Mr. Gregory Devry

Gregory Devry specialized in conning criminals.
At some point he met Reddington and they became friends.
Devry pretended to be Raymond Reddington and claimed that Red wasn't who he said he was and that he was an imposter.
Red set up a meeting with the other members of the Shell Island Retreat and he tried to clear his name.
Devry had learned he had stomach cancer and he had asked if Reddington would euthanize him if the job of pretending to be Red was done.
Red shot and killed him.

97. The Longevity Initiative

Dr. Julian Powell works at the biotech company Sadovo Solutions, owned by tech billionaire Roger Hobbs.
When Julian and his girlfriend Leanne are in a car accident together in which Julian was behind the wheel,
Leanne suffers massive damage to the frontal lobe and is confined to an assisted living facility. Desperate to bring her back to normal, Powell starts trying to treat her.
In order to get access to better funding, he approaches Hobbs about joining the Longevity Initiative, a research project he started meant to find methods of extending the human lifespan.
Convincing Hobbs that his research of the human brain could be the key to immortality, Powell went off the grid in 2004, left his job at Sadovo Solutions
and joined the Initiative. By 2015, the experiments had started involving humans who had suffered brain damage similar to Leanne.

101. The Alchemist

Eric Trettel was a medical school student, but after failing his courses, he forged a Harvard University degree and gained employment on the Human Genome Project.
He then used those credentials to make a career as an expert witness.
He is exposed as a fraud after a trial went wrong because the exculpatory DNA evidence he provided was proven false.
Trettel then went underground and becomes "The Alchemist".
Using his intricate knowledge of forensics and genetics, he would seek out people resembling his clients, who were criminals about to face trial,
alter their physical appearances as closely as possible and even turn their DNA into theirs using artificial DNA and kill them, faking the clients' deaths and allowing them to disappear.
He enjoys the challenge of pushing the limits of science.

103. Alistair Pitt

Known as a promnestria, a term from Ancient Greek that translates roughly as "matchmaker", Pitt would find some way to get rivaling criminal gangs to unite and
then get a cut of whatever profit the newly formed merger resulted in.
It turns out that Red had a personal reason for wanting to get to Pitt.
Pitt had arranged a marriage between Josephine Moliere, an old love of Red's and daughter of an Eastern European arms dealer,
to be married to Gabriel Stockwell, the violent son of her father's rival. Gabriel Stockwell beat Josephine until she was left paralyzed in a wheel chair.
Therefore Red shot and killed Pitt.

104. Lord Baltimore

Nora Mills, a covert operative who suffers from an engineered dissociative identity disorder,
which she developed after she murdered her twin sister Rowan out of envy,
is a legendary hacker known as "Lord Baltimore".
Nora specializes in searching the deep web for cyber-skiptracing.
After using her cybertech skills to locate her targets, she uses her military training to bring them in.

106. The Good Samaritan

Karl Hoffman was physically abused by his mother as a child.
This abuse inspires him to become a serial killer. His targets are people who abuse lose family members.
Finding victims through his jobs as a local nurse, he kidnaps them and takes them
to a home-made operating room at his childhood home, where he uses different instruments
to inflict the exact same injuries on his victims that they had inflicted on their loved ones.
He is named "The Good Samaritan" because he left the victims alive and called 911, giving the paramedics a chance to save them.
Though none of them is mentioned to have survived.

108. Kings of the Highway

The Kings of the Highway (KOTH) are a criminal gang situated in West Virginia.
Led by a man known as Cash, they make their living on motorists who happened to be passing through the area.
The gang holds them captive, rob them of any cash they were carrying, empty their ATM accounts, and max out their credit cards before setting them free, pennyless.
Red gets abducted by The Kings of the Highway. When Red shoots one of the gang members and tries to escape, he is stopped by Cash.
When they find out who Red really is and that he is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, they try to find Liz so they can hand them over to the FBI and collect the reward.
Liz is with a guy named Jasper, who works together with the KOTH, to find out where Red is. When Jasper finds out who she is, he tries to drown her and she shoots him.
Liz calls Cash and wants to make a deal with him. Trade Red for Jasper. Of course Cash doesn't agree with that. Pablo shoots Cash and makes a deal with Liz.
Two million dollars for both Red and Liz and then he will let Red go. Red tells her not to but she agrees anyway.
Liz and Dembe go to the exchange place in the woods, they give Jasper to the KOTH and the care package that was needed to clear Liz's name.
After that they set Red free but the KOTH and Dembe and Liz are arrested by the FBI.

109. General Ludd

An anti-capitalist organization led by General Ludd, named after the Luddite movement,
is responsible for a bringing down a cargo plane using a bomb. The founder and leader is Nathaniel Wolff.
Nathaniel Wolf is using a lot of different names and evidence is being found that Wolff had cosmetic surgery to change his face.
Meanwhile Wolff's supporters create a bomb for a laptop computer, and hand it to him as he confirms flight details with them.
He dresses as a pilot and tries to get on board of a plane to detonate the bomb.
He fails to do so because he is apprehended and arrested by Ressler and Liz.

112. Monarch Douglas Bank

The Monarch Douglas Bank in Warsaw, Poland gets robbed.
The bank launders money for numerous black market organizations,
while keeping law enforcement unaware of their operations around the world.
The FBI investigates the bank since the theft had targeted the “Formula”/

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