Tom Welling Appreciation #4: Because Tom is giving fans the best gift ever this year!

Tom Welling Appreciation #4: Because Tom is giving fans the best gift ever this year!

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4th Tom Welling General Appreciation Thread.}

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Co stars quotes on Tom

And I... like only Tom (Welling) could play this character this long. That's just fabulous."
[on Clark being Superman] "Yes, without ever putting on the cape either. I think that he's going to have a career after Smallville because of that, yes."
James Marsters, Newsarama article, 2010

"I think it was two years ago, maybe three years ago, when Tom (Welling) directed an episode. My first instinct was, 'Oh crap.' Basically I don't know how I'm going to handle that. But it was such a great experience. What I learned from that was, though it's hard to do sometimes, is not to have any preconceived notions that are so easy to have. Tom turned out to be...what I think his talent is, is directing. I think he's one of the best directors I've ever worked under, to be totally honest with you. The guy is wonderful to work with."
Justin Hartley

"The cast is led by Tom, who is a great director, and has a future in anything he wants to do in this business. He has a muscle for the stuff he brings to Clark."
Mike Rohl, Smallville Magazine November 2009

"Absolutely. He's really stepped up. Tom has been doing some producing responsibilities her and there over the last several years. He's been directing and getting more increasingly involved, but this year, Tom's helping with different ideas and dealing with issues as they come up in production. And whenever he's not on the set, Tom's trying to sit in on meetings. He's a busy guy and I don't know how he does it all."
Kelly Souders, Smallville Magazine November 2009 [about Tom's new role as part of the producing team in s9]

"He directed one episode last season, that I was in, and he's fabulous as a director. He's one of my favorite directors that I've actually ever had, in my professional life. He's quite talented at it, and he really enjoys it as well. He's very calm and he's very giving. It's funny because, in front of the camera and behind the camera, he's like two different people. But, having worked with him a lot, over the season, we knew each other. He knew me, in a more intimate way than a director that comes up for the first time would know me. My favorite thing that he does, and he's going to get a tag for this now ‘cause I keep saying it, but he'll get all the coverage he needs of a certain scene, and then he'll tell the actors that he'll take one more. He'll be like, "Now, this last take is just for you guys. Go for it." What that does is it shows that he has shared actor trust. You don't have to just hit this mark and look this way and do this thing. Sometimes, at the end of all that direction, you can end up looking like a robot. But, he does that, and he said he gets a lot of really great footage from that."
Cassidy Freeman on Tom as a director. Source.

"I think that he represents Clark in a very wonderful way, and he holds the innocence that the character needs, and it comes across the camera and it's quite, quite amazing."

"It was the first season of SV, and it was the first time I was being saved by Tom Welling, and I had to run up, and he had to stand there like a hero…and I had to run up, and kind of fall into him, and he had to hug me and embrace me…and my head comes right to his chest…he’s so like, buff, ..he was flexing when he was standing there, doing the superhero thing…and I ran up to him, and I fall into him and give him a hug, and my head bounced right off of his chest…and I almost fell back, and the next time I was like “Tom, do you think you could, like soften, like envelope me a little more, rather than the flexing thing...”

"Oh my gosh! Tom Welling is so Clark Kent, it's sick! He's the all American super boy. He's got the charm. He's got the intelligence. He's got the good heart. So, he's very Clark Kent."

"My stunt double did the actual fall and then they cut to a shot of Tom holding me. Before every take he goes "Don't worry, i got it" and would then chuck me up in the air and then catch me!"
Allison Mack

"Tom and I have a ball. Tom and I as actors greatly enjoy working together. It'll be 11:00 at night, and Tom will suddenly make faces, or I'll do a John Malkovich impression during his close-up. The directors don't know what to think, but on film, it works out. It's all about having fun.We are always testing each other, and making each other laugh, like Clark and Lex. We have a great relationship as well."
Michael Rosenbaum

Kristin about her first day on the set meeting Tom: "I remember I was really shy and tongue-tied. He’s quite stunning in person and was so cool with his stubble and ripped jeans; he looked like a model. Our chemistry was great, and that made me really excited to play this character."

"Tom is beautiful. He is. He is freakishly good-looking!"
"My kind of guy? My boyfriend! I like sweet guys, nice, reassuring, and with dark hair. I'm not attracted to ''bad boys.'' I need to be charmed and impressed. Tom Welling absolutely corresponds to that profile, but he is a friend and moreover he is married. Anyway, I have to admit he is very cute."
Kristin Kreuk

"He's simple and pure, both as an actor and a person, and just a very kindhearted soul."
Annette O'Toole

"Smallville is a well made series. Its well turned out, the stories are interesting, the whole team has an undeniable energy ....and the fact that Tom Welling is so cute helps too! I'm absolutely sure that a lot of girls watch smallville just because of him. But its not easy for him : he's forever shooting, he doesn't really have time for a true break.... All the others have time to breath some, but he's always working. His attitude is great."
Emmanuelle Vaugier

"The first I met with Tom he came in early to start the season to read scenes with me and the producer. Right then and there I thought we've got somebody who is not buying into the fame surrounding him. He wants people to feel comfortable and he's like a Southern gentleman, which is something I think his character brings to that Clark Kent thing. Very down to earth, very fun, very nice person."
Erica Durance

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