[Amateur] Fresh Off the Boat 9

Fresh Off the Boat 9 (2013)
It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean!Charlie Monroe hails from Spain but grew up most of her life in the USA. Her paperwork was never done correctly and she must have a citizenship inspection in Dr. Hunter's office. She has very puffy nipples with pointy erect pink colored nipple tips. He uses his red paws to probe at her and puts his macro-meter and magnifying glass to work measuring and closely examining her areola and nipple stubs. He works his way down to her hairless vagina and starts to probe away at her insides finger by finger and then with the tip of his fat cock too. Like usual he lets loose quickly, spilling his seed all over her stubble covered pubic region. She moves onto secondary inspection station where 1 small problem effects her progress. She worked as a stripper which would automatically disqualify her, except for the fact she knows how to suck and take a cock between her legs very well. She gets fucked hard and long by the inspector. He pounds her out in several positions, before pasting her face with a thick batch of cum. She has earned her right to stay.Evi Fox came for her exam with Dr. Hunter. She is 22 and comes from Mexico and brings with her to this country 2 large tits and a thick booty too. Dr. Red moves in for his prey, checking her lungs, chest, nipples and vagina in one swift inspection. He uncovers that her right tit is bigger than her left, but that's not a problem as he applies his suction cups successfully to her areola. She closes her eyes for an "internal" exam that explores her vaginal canal before dropping a pool of cold ejaculate off all over her hairless vaginal area. She heads on for her secondary exam and quickly learns that in order to stay she better start to play. She sucks and then takes a hard fucking; followed with some PTM and even more vaginal plunging. He pulls out and rips a batch across her tits. She sucks his tip clean and then gets the signature she was waiting for.Janelle James is from the Philippines. Her immigration exam is with Dr. Hunter. He has her undress and starts her inspection with an extreme breast close-up. Her tits are all natural and just perfectly shaped too. Out comes the suction cups and the magnifying glass, before his internal inspection begins with his cock tip. He penetrates her hairless hole before blowing a load of "lubrication" across her vagina. She moves onto the next phase of her exam where Dr. Gonz uncovers a technicality with her paperwork. She is shocked, yet determined to stay so she gets busy fast. She first sucks his cock before fucking his ride with her tits. She hops on top and starts to ride it, up and down and in and out. She takes a break to lick her pussy juice off the big stick and then fucks it and sucks it repeatedly. He pulls out for a final time to dispatch a healthy cum dumping on her neck and face. Her hard work has paid off.Tiffan Monroe comes from the Dominican Republic and has stopped in to see Dr. Hunter for a routine immigration exam. She strips down for the doc, showing him her all natural body and very well developed ass, hips and thighs too. Her tits are on the smaller side but this young immigrant is super hot. His suction cups help her tiny titties grow and his magnifying glass helps bring everything into perspective. Her ass cheeks are huge and made for ass-clappin as Doctor Hunter quickly finds out. He finishes up with an internal exam where his bright white probe explores her tight interior before spilling its lubricant all over her queefing vagina. She moves onto the next station where inspector Jack is ready to further her paperwork. Unfortunately Dr. Hunter did not do his paperwork correctly and Inspector Jack will not move her forward. She imposes herself on him promising to do anything it takes to get her paperwork. She strips, sucks and then takes his white pipe between her dark thighs; riding and humping him in search of an exception to her paperwork problem. She does some PTM and then begs for his load across her stomach and for his signature on her visa.

Category: Amateur, Foreign, Gonzo
Starring: Charley Monroe, Evi Foxx, Janelle James, Tiffan Monroe, Ed Hunter
Language: English
Size: 4.24 GB
Length: 02:32:44
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720


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