EOW #330: Money Pit in a Rich, Primitive Town

EOW #330: Money Pit in a Rich, Primitive Town

Topic: Money Pit in a Rich, Primitive Town

This primitive settlement has been making profit from something that few people know about, and storage of the money generated is stored in a 'money pit' -- an alternative to a bank, since those haven't really been invented yet. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Environment Assignments: Design two environments of your choice and focus on the storytelling elements.

Money Pit
Town Details

Expectations of the Client

-To qualify for the poll, complete all two concepts. They must be final and portfolio-ready, but if they are half-done but look developed enough, we will let them go to poll.
-If you finish two out of three, or even one out of three, consider this a victory for you and your portfolio development -- or just for fun in general. This is a four week project that's meant to challenge participants and encourage them to produce portfolio-grade work. Artists in the EOW have been asking for something like this for years and many have gone on to become a force in the concept art industry.

Deadline: You will have FOUR weeks to finish your two-enviro assignment. Due April 14, 2019