[PS2] [Emulator] PCSX2 v1.3.1 Updated! (Complete w/ BIOS, Plugins, Tools & Patches) + BIOS Collection

Hi Emu Fans ^^

I just packed an up to date package of PCSX2 with everything you might ever need. And it's not 1.1.0, not 1.2.0 or 1.3.0, BUT 1.3.1 !!
Included are all latest plugins, bios, widescreen hacks, patches and tools. As a bonus, I also added some pretty helpful guides.
I will try to update this thread after some revisions. Hopefully it helps some to get a more complete version of PCSX2!


1.) Download my package and extract the "PCSX2-1.3.1" folder to wherever you like (for Example: "C:\Program Files\PCSX2-1.3.1").
2.) If you want, create a desktop shortcut for "pcsx2.exe" as well.
3.) Start PCSX2 and go through the 1st start wizard. Just import the settings on update.

If it's not already installed on your system (either x86 or x64 OS!), since this was
build with Visual C++ 2013, you need to have Visual C++ 2013 Redist (x86) installed.
Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl....aspx?id=40784

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Included are also some helpful and ripped guides ("help" folder):

- PCSX2 Configuration Guide (HTML)
- PCSX2 Troubleshooting (HTML)
- PCSX2 Widescreen FAQ (HTML)
- GameFAQ Saves to PCSX2 (HTML)
- How pnach files work (HTML)
- Guide to pnach files (HTML)
- How to convert pnach files (HTML)
- Cheat Engine Guide (HTML)

You might find more help in various languages here: http://pcsx2.net/config-guide/guide-translations.html
Or try to get answers at the official forums: http://forums.pcsx2.net

You're probably not the first with the same problem.
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My Last Update: 2015-05-06
PCSX2 Version: 1.3.1-r218 (2015-05-05)
Languages: Arabic, Czech, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Spanish-Catalan, Swedish, Taiwanese, Turkish & Thai
BIOS: SCPH-77000 v15 2.20 (NTSC-J), SCPH-90001 v18 2.30 (NTSC-U) and SCPH-90004 v18 2.30 (PAL)

My Changelog:

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN 1.3.0-r5894 to 1.3.1-r218
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 1.3.0-r5889 to 1.3.1-r218
• Plugins: all plugins got updated
• Shaders: all shaders got updated/sorted
• Widescreen: got updated/sorted
• Patches: all old patches are deleted, new ones added
• New Tool: PS2 Controller Remapper 1.20
• New Tool: GamePhoenix 1.1
• New Tool: PSUView 0.1.1 Loader 1.0
• New Tool: SumRepair 1.0
• New Tool: PCSX2 SaveState Preview 1.3
• New Tool: ELF Extractor 1.00
• New Tool: MaxConvert 0.71
• New Tool: PCSX2dis 1.1
• New Tool: PNACH Converter 2.01
• New Tool: PS2 Patch Engine 1.03
• New Tool: ps2rdmod 1.00
• Tool Update: Omniconvert 1.1.1
• Tool Update: Multi Converter 2.2
• Tool Update: TSearch 1.6b
• Tool Update: XBox 360 Controller Emulator Beta1-r1182-x86
• Tool Update: SStatesMan
• Tool Update: Cheat Engine 6.4
• Tool Update: BIOS Dumper 2.0 (now as bin & iso)

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN 1.1.0-r5761 to 1.3.0-r5894
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 1.1.0-r5760 to 1.3.0-r5889
• Plugins: all plugins got updated
• BIOS: Added BIOS SCPH-90004 BIOS V18 EUROPE 2.30 (replaced SCPH-77004) and deleted all non BIN files
• New Tool: Multi Converter v2.1
• New Tool: PCSX2OTC v1.4.1
• New Tool: PCSX2 Ram Dump 1.0.5065.9786
• Tool Update: PCSX2Bonus v2.0.0.2
• Tool Update: XBox 360 Controller Emulator r865 (About version: v2.1.2.196 & xinput v3.4.0.865_x86)

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN 1.1.0-r5627 to 1.1.0-r5761
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 1.1.0-r5622 to 1.1.0-r5760
• Plugins: almost all plugins got updated
• New Widescreen Hacks: Over 1000 hacks for almost any game and region!
• New FX Shaders: Over 30 shaders for PCSX2!
• New Tool: PCSX2Bonus v1.1.0.13
• New Tool: PSV Exporter v1.1
• New Tool: PCSX2 Cheat Manager v1.0
• New Tool: PCSX2 Widescreen Helper v1.0.5
• Tool Update: XBox 360 Controller Emulator r835 (About version: v2.1.2.196 & xinput v3.4.0.789_x86)
• Tool Update: PS2Lunch to v1.3c (incl. support for creating executables)

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN 1.1.0-r5530 to 1.1.0-r5627
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 1.1.0-r5530 to 1.1.0-r5622
• Plugins: some Plugins got updated
• New Plugin: DEV9ghzdrk-r5602 (Emulates the Ethernet part of Dev9, which enables online play, check the How To Play Online Guide)
• New Plugin: padPokopom-r127 (XInput gamepad plugin)
• New Patches: Widescreen hacks for over 600 games (cheats_ws, read Readme.html!)
• New Tools: 2 PALtoNTSC and 2 NTSCtoPAL Image Converters
• Tool Update: PS2Lunch to v1.2c (incl. updated & new languages)
• Tool Update: XBox 360 Controller Emulator to v2.1.2.191
• Tool Update: SStatesMan to v0.1.5.1630
• Tool Update: FMVTool2 to Alpha2

• SVN-Release: PCSX2-SVN update from 1.1.0-r5406 to 1.1.0-r5530
• Emulator EXE: pcsx2.exe update from 1.1.0-r5406 to 1.1.0-r5530
• Languages: 2 new languages, Arabic and Norwegian
• Plugins: almost all Plugins got updated
• Plugins: updated cg.dll + cgGL.dll to v3.1 (incl. cgD3D9.dll, cgD3D10.dll & cgD3D11.dll)
• Tool Update: updated XBox 360 Controller Emulator to v2.0.2.163
• Tool Update: updated MyMC to v2.6
• Tool Update: PS2Lunch v1.1i - My German translation got fixed, now everything is translated!

• SVN-Release: PCSX2-SVN update from 0.9.9-r5288 to 1.1.0-r5406
• Emulator EXE: pcsx2.exe update from 0.9.9-r5277 to 1.1.0-r5406
• Languages: PCSX2 now supports more languages
• Plugins: all Plugins got updated
• Tool Update: many Tools got updated
• Patches: new patches for "Grandia Xtreme (NTSC-U)" and "Ys The Ark of Napishtim (PAL)"

Open the "cheats.zip" (...PCSX2/cheats) for patches that may help to play a couple game, to skip videos etc.

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN to 0.9.9-r4873
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 0.9.9-r4832 to 0.9.9-r4870
• Plugins: updated plugins (SPU-X runs better on very long sessions and some gamefixes)
• Tools: updated PS2Lunch 1.0a to 1.0d
• Miscellaneous: updated "GameIndex.dbf" with new games

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN to 0.9.9-r4833
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 0.9.9-r4801 to 0.9.9-r4832
• Plugins: many plugin updates, as far as I can see many gamefixes aswell
• Tools: updated PS2Lunch 0.9b to 1.0a
• Miscellaneous: updated "GameIndex.dbf" with more new games

• SVN-Release: updated PCSX2-SVN to 0.9.9-r4801
• Emulator EXE: updated pcsx2.exe 0.9.9-r4789 to 0.9.9-r4801
• Plugins: updated GSdx32 video plugins to r4793
• Plugins: updated LilyPad Pad Plugin to r4797
• Miscellaneous: updated "GameIndex.dbf" with new games

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4782 to 0.9.9-r4789
• Plugins: updated GSdx32 video plugins to r4788
• Plugins: updated ZZOgl video plugin to r4789 (incl. the for Win needed cg.dll & cgGL.dll from Cg Toolkit 3.0)
• Tools: added 3 Memory Card Tools & updated PS2Lunch v0.9b to v0.9c

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4777 to 0.9.9-r4782
• Plugins: updated GSdx32 video plugins and SPU2-X to r4780
• Other: "GameIndex.dbf" got many new games
• Miscellaneous: You don't need the "new" SPU2-X 2.0 Plugin from the PCSX2 News, it's only r4779, in my new release is r4780 included.

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4757 to 0.9.9-r4777
• Plugins: updated GSdx32 video plugins to r4772 and SPU2-X to r4777
• Patches: added Gran Turismo 4 [SCUS-97328] [NTSC-U]
• Tools: added MFAudio 1.1 and some FFX & FFX-2 Movie Extractor
• Help: all iNFO text files revised
• Note: deleted "run_spu2_replay.cmd", was only for Developer

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4751 to 0.9.9-r4757
• Plugins: updated SPU2-X-r4751 to SPU2-X-r4756

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4744 to 0.9.9-r4751
• Plugins: 9 Plugin updates, including the GSdx32 plugins!
• BIOS: replaced PAL BIOS "SCPH-77008_BIOS_V15_RUS_220" for "SCPH-77004_BIOS_V15_EUR_220"
• Note: there is no need to get the SPU2-X 1.5 plugin from the pcsx2.net news, this is just r4747, but in my package is r4751 included

• Emulator: updated 0.9.9-r4744 to 0.9.9-r4748
• Tools: updated Omniconvert 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 and PSLunch 0.8 to 0.9b
• Patches: added some new patches
• Help: PCSX2_iNSTALLATiON-m3Zz.txt, Release_iNFO-m3Zz.txt, Patches_iNFO-m3Zz.txt and Tools_iNFO-m3Zz.txt created and updated

_ _ __________________________________________________ ___ _ _


PLUGiNS (33 Plugins)
Last update: 2015-05-06 (m3Zz)

• cdvdGigaherz-0.9.0-20150505
• CDVDnull-0.6.0-20150505
• DEV9ghzdrk-0.3.0-20150505
• DEV9null-0.5.0-20150505
• FWnull-0.7.0-20150505
• GSdx32-AVX-0.1.16-20150505
• GSdx32-AVX2-0.1.16-20150505
• GSdx32-Cutie-AVX-0.1.16-20140417 (English)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSE2-0.1.16-20140417 (English)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSE4-0.1.16-20140417 (English)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSSE3-0.1.16-20140417 (English)
• GSdx32-Cutie-AVX-0.1.16-20150427 (Chinese)
• GSdx32-Cutie-AVX2-0.1.16-20150427 (Chinese)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSE2-0.1.16-20150427 (Chinese)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSE4-0.1.16-20150427 (Chinese)
• GSdx32-Cutie-SSSE3-0.1.16-20150427 (Chinese)
• GSdx32-SSE2-0.1.16-20150505
• GSdx32-SSE4-0.1.16-20150505
• GSdx32-SSSE3-0.1.16-20150505
• GSnull-0.1.0-20150505
• LilyPad-0.11.0-20150505
• NuveePS2Pad-0.2.0-20111021 (for lightgun and mouse)
• Padnull-0.1.0-20150505
• padPokopom-2.0.0-MonsterHunter (good for Monser Hunter)
• padPokopom-2.0.0-r124 (older 2.0.0 version)
• padPokopom-2.1.0-20131030 (latest official)
• padPokopom-2.1.0-20140606 (latest available Git)
• padTwinPad-0.9.1-20150421 (for keyboard, mouse & combos)
• PadSSSPSX-1.7.1-20140201
• SPU2-X-2.0.0-20150505
• USBnull-0.7.0-20150505
• USBqemu-0.1.0-20150505
• USBqemu-wheel-0.5.1-20140814 (for wheel)
• XPad-0.2.0-20150505

Read "..\help\Readme-Nuvee.txt + *Pokopom.txt + *TwinPad.txt + *USBqemu_wheel.txt" to get more infos!

WiDESCREEN HACKS (1800+ Hacks)
Last update: 2015-05-03 (devina40)

Start PCSX2, go to "System" and make sure "Enable Widescreen Patches" is checked. You can enable the
console to ensure that PCSX2 has found the patch. Now open "PCSX2 > Config > Emulation Settings".
Go to "GS Window > Aspect Ratio", and ensure "Widescreen (16:9)" is selected.

When toggling widescreen hacks using "Enable Cheats", it's recommend to do it with a fresh boot each time.

If you save your game with widescreen hacks on and reload the save without them enabled, they won't be applied anymore.
If you load a "widescreen hack save state" from a "cheats disabled" config, you'll likely still have it enabled.

If PCSX2 doesn't seem to be locating the widescreen cheats, it may be because PCSX2 is searching the wrong folder.
This is common if there are multiple installations of PCSX2, or if you're using a shortcut to it.

Read "PCSX2 Widescreen FAQ" for a list of supported games, an FAQ and more!

FX SHADER (40 Shader)
Last update: 2015-05-06 (m3Zz)

All shaders are located in the "shaders" folder. They work with the GSdx plugins and within this folder only.

GSdx FX shader by Asmodean ("GSdx.fx" + "GSdx_FX_Settings.ini") is activated ("shaderfx=1") by default. Any
other shader also need to be named "GSdx.fx" and would replace GSdx FX. But GSdx FX provides a wide range of
features and can be fully customized. Some settings are pre-activated: UHQ FXAA, HQ Bloom, Tone & Vibrance

To edit GSdx FX's settings, open "GSdx_FX_Settings.ini" and customize any options. GSdx has fixed shortcuts,
so make sure your shortcuts don't conflict. They will affect GSdx also when alt/ctrl/shift are pressed. It's
best to completely avoid them.


  HOME = toggles FX shader on/off
PAGEUP = toggles FXAA on/off
INSERT = toggles Software mipmapping
  DEL = toggles Software Edge Anti-Aliasing (AA1)
  F9 = switches from the Hardware rendering into Software rendering
  F5 = cycles through deinterlacing modes
  F6 = cycles through different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9 and "stretch to screen")
  F7 = tries to alter the "pixel geometry" by applying some "TV-like" shaders
  F8 = takes the screenshot of the current screen
  F12 = will start to record a video, finish the capture simply press F12 again

To get more infos on "GSdx", read: http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php/GSdx
To get more infos on "Shaders", read: http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php/External_shaders

GAME PATCHES (16 Patches)
Last update: 2015-05-03 (devina40)

Each patch is located inside the "cheats" folder.

The "DE37E046.pnach" is just the default PCSX2 cheat file example.

To activate a patch/cheat, they have to be moved into the "cheats" folder, no sub folder. Now load up your
game with PCSX2. Take a close look at the PCSX2 log and check the so called "Game CRC" (without the "0x").
Your Game MUST! have the same Game CRC as the patch filename, if not > try to rename the *.pnach file.
If the Game CRC is the same, you just have to "Activate Cheats" (@ System) before you load up the Game.
Or you stop the Game with ESC, activate cheats and resume it. Always check the log if the patch gets loaded.

You can open *.pnach files with Notepad. There you find infos about the actually function of each patch. So
before you use any of them, on certain patches you have to activate or deactivate some values inside the patch
file itself. To do so, go to your "cheats" folder and open up the right patch (remember the Game CRC)
with Notepad. You might have to add or delete the "//" in front of a value to activate/deactivate them.

Especially for pnach patches/cheats, read the following:
- How pnach files work (HTML)
- Guide to pnach files (HTML)
- How to convert pnach files (HTML)
- Cheat Engine Guide (HTML)

TOOLS (47 Tools)
Last update: 2015-05-06 (m3Zz)

All sorted inside the "tools" folder. Some are zipped, because AV-programs might pop-up.
Always read the "Readme.txt" or any other help file in each folder!

Input Tools:
- PS2 Controller Remapper 1.20
- x360ce Beta1-r1182-x86

Widescreen Tools:
- PCSX2 Widescreen Helper 1.0.5

Profile Tools:
- PCSX2Bonus
- PS2Lunch 1.3c & PS2Lunch Tools 1.0e
- SStatesMan
- PCSX2 SaveState Preview 1.3
- PCSX2 Profile Manager 1.0

Memory Card Tools:
- GamePhoenix 1.1
- mymc 2.6
- PS2 Save Builder 0.8
- PS2 Save Converter 0.030
- PS2MemConv
- PSUView 0.1.1 Loader 1.0
- PSV Exporter 1.1
- SumRepair 1.0

Extractor Tools:
- FFX2 Movie Extractor 0.1
- FFX2-2-mov 1.01 (NTSC-U)
- FFX2mov 2.11 (NTSC-J&U & PAL-UK)
- FFX2mov 2.12 (NTSC-J&U & PAL-DE)
- FMVTool2 Alpha 2
- MFAudio 1.1
- PSound 2.00
- PSS Demux 1.05
- PSS Plex 1.1.0
- PSX Multi Converter 3.23

Cheating Tools:
- Cheat Engine 6.4
- ELF Extractor 1.00
- emuhaste 4.00
- MaxConvert 0.71
- Multi Converter 2.2
- Omniconvert 1.1.1
- PCSX2 Cheat Editor 0.27
- PCSX2 Cheat Manager 1.0
- PCSX2dis 1.1
- PCSX2OTC 1.4.1
- PNACH Converter 2.01
- PS2 Patch Engine 1.03
- ps2rdmod 1.00
- TSearch 1.6b

Other Tools:
- BIOS Dumper 2.0 (bin & iso)
- PCSX2 Ram Dump 1.0.5065.9786
- PCSX2Bench 0.1 RC9
- PS2 NTSC to PAL with Y Fix 1.12
- PS2 PAL to NTSC with Y Fix 1.06
- PS2 PAL to NTSC with Y Fix 1.07

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The complete package

(42,7 MB @ ZS, 180, UL & SO / unpacked 110 MB)

You just don't need anything else! ;)
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Here's my Playstation.2.BIOS.Collection-2015-05-06-Full or Lite

It's NOT needed for the PCSX2 package! This collection is for collectors only! The Lite version has the important *.BIN files only, the Full version also the *.MEC. *.NVM etc. files. Here is see what you get:


DOWNLOAD > PS2 BIOS Collection
Full Version: http://linkcrypt.ws/dir/04s99108093h6v7
(29,7 MB @ ZS, 180, UL & SO / unpacked 164 MB)

Lite Version: http://linkcrypt.ws/dir/t177d5l2xx21m2e
(6,68 MB @ ZS, 180, UL & SO / unpacked 88 MB)

CRYSTAL 2014.1

CIMNE GiD Pro 11.0.1

iMOSS 3.2

MEMS CoventorWare 2012 Win&Linux

Metrolog X4

ESI Sysweld 2011.0 v13.0 Win

Prince of Persia Warrior within [Walkthrough]