Grand Theft Auto - Vice City [Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

                                           Version 56t
                __ ,
              ,-| /  ,,                     ,              ,
            //"||   , ||                    ||              /
            || || /  ||  _-_  \/\  _-_, =||=  _-_  ,._-  _-_,
            || ||/ | || ||_  || || ||_.   ||  ||_\  ||  ||_.
            \ /    , || ||    || ||  ~ ||  ||  ||     ||    ~ ||
              -____/  \ \,/  \ \ ,-_-   \, \,/   \,  ,-_-
                   __ ,
                 ,-| /            |                 ,
               //"||   ,        "   \               ||
               || || /  \ \ \  / \  _-_        =||=  /"\
               || ||/ | || || || || || ||_         ||  || ||
               \ /    , || || || || || ||           ||  || ||
                 -____/  \/\ \  \/  \,/         \, \,/
                              __.                ._
                             (__  _ ._ _  _    _ |,
                             .__)(_)[ | )(/,  (_)|
:::      .:: :::  .,-:::::  ,::::::      .,-:::::  ::: ::::::::::: -:.     :::
";;,   ,;;;"     ;;;"````"  ;;;""""     ;;;"````"      ````;;;"""" ";;.   ;;;;
 II  .II/   III II         II++++     (II         III     II        "II,III"
  Y& .&&"    &&& &&         &&""""      &&         &&&     &&          g&&"
   WooF      Lil Dodo,__,,. Hey__,__.   `HOo,,__,. 888     88,       ,Ha!`
    Mm       MMM  "NUMMMmms mmmmmmMM     "MMMMmms  mMm     MMm      mM!

     Glenster"s Guide to Some of Vice City
     Oriented for the PC version
     with Standard Controls and mouse aim
     by Glen T. Winstein (glenster at Gamefaqs, IGN, Super Cheats, StuckGamer,
neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, GamerHelp, Game Revolution, GameBorder, and Games-
     glenster (who"s at)
     This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at:
     Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out,
you"ll exit the web page.  To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a  
page up twice and click a link from each.
     While you"re there, you might want see if you find any useful information
in "Glenster"s Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link:
     While waiting to put together a PC to play GTA "IV," I wrote a walk-
     through for "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2"...
     ...and a walk-through for "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven"
     Glenster"s Some of Vice City Starter Saves
       featuring Klarnetist"s 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hard top
       and Alpert Saracoglu"s Administrative Console
     glen1ster"s YouTube channel
  When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the
screen, then click "Find (on This Page)... Ctrl+F" and a "Find" menu appears.
(Pressing "Ctrl+F" makes it appear, too.)  Type in the name, or even just the
start of the name, of the mission or section you"re looking for, then keep
clicking "Find Next" till you"re taken there.  At least that works if you have
Windows XP Home Edition--(update): or Vista Home Premium Edition.
  Written with 1280x1024 resolution and Lucida Console font--size 10.
  Vice City Tribute (lighting tweaked)

  Introduction, credits, and personal indulgences.

  I.1  Prelude to a prequel
  Some background information about the intro to Vice City.
  I.2  Paying tributes, references, or at least having things in common
  "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,"
  Al Capone--"Scarface,"
  "The Untouchables" starring Robert De Niro as Al Capone,
  "Scarface" by "Armitage Trail" (Maurice Coons), Paul Muni, and Al Pacino,
  the "Vice City"/"Scarface" (with Al Pacino) similarities,
  "Cop Land," "No Escape," "Blow," Pablo Escobar,
  "Carlito"s Way," "Donnie Brasco," "The Godfather,"
  "Goodfellas," "Mean Streets," "Taxi Driver," Martin Scorsese,
  Tiger Cabs, "Blue Thunder," Samuel L. Jackson,  Quentin Tarantino,
  Joanna Taylor, Robert De Negro, "Heat," "Manhunter," "Miami Vice," "Manhunt,"
  "The Sopranos," "Nice Dreams," John Wayne, "Easy Rider," "Speed," "Boogie
  Nights," "To Live and Die in L.A.," George Romero, "Lady Frankenstein,"
  "Escape from New York"
  "Miami Vice," Miss Cleo, the Psychic Friends Network,
  wiccans, selling witchcraft as a way to get practical help from spirits,
  the Lunar Landing Hoax hoax,
  Phil Silvers, Andy Kaufman, "Top Gun," "Iron Eagle," Iron Maiden,
  "Spycatcher," Frank Sinatra, "Disco Inferno," "We Close Our Eyes,"
  Roger Wayland, Allan Robertson, Rambo, "The Final Countdown,"
  "Driving Miss Daisy,"
  Game makers and voice actors, soundalike game names, celebrity soundalikes
  (Walter Brennan, etc.), more funny things pedestrians say,
  Captain Scott and Dundee, Scotland, look-alike mall and soundalike island,
  Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Liberty City--Miami,
  and other places "Vice City" is based on

  I.3  How to go to New York and get there a couple years before you leave:
         some of the "Grand Theft Auto III" tie-ins with "Vice City."
    People and the Dodo
    Walk out over thin air (hoo-ha!)
    Darkel and discarded game ideas
    PS: "San Andreas," "GTA," "Wild Metal Country," and "GTA 2"

  I.4  PC health.
  Clean your disk, disk player, and PC
  Get your hard drive clean and in order
  Use the latest updates
  Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game
    and use one processor core
  Take-Two Games web site and support
  Tweak guides
  A cure for crackling noises with reverb
  System requirements
  I.5  How to save games and things to avoid when you do.
         Glenster"s Some of Vice City Starter Saves
         The convenience of copies of your GTA Vice City User File
         Some advice about saving the game
         A checklist for 100% completion
  I.6  Settings
  I.7  Stats
         Including how long a day in the game really is,
         what Wanted Stars Attained and Evaded is about
           (and why times of stress are the worst times to shop for clothes),
         whose heads are tallied for Head Shots,
         why you shouldn"t worry about Daily Police Spending
           or your percentage of Accuracy for Bullets Fired/Bullets That Hit,
         who the Gang members and Criminals are,
         the difference between Unique and Insane Jumps,
         how to mod the game to make it recognize Quadruple Insane Jumps,
         the ratings given for Flight hours,
         and the CRiminal Ratings and Highest media attention levels
           (and the easiest ways to raise them).
  I.8.A  Some distinctions between the PC and PS2 versions,
           and some distinctions between
           the PC Standard Controls with mouse aim
           and PC Classic Controls versions.
  I.8.b  Adapters for PlayStation and Xbox controllers
         Gamepad controls

  I.9  Controls--basic information
  The Standard Controls with mouse aim/keys centered around W,S,A, and D
  Some controls that are good to use on foot, while using any vehicle,
  or just anytime you"re enjoying the show
  Going up without gaining altitude

  I.9.A  On Foot
    (Hi)jacking vehicles except boats, Rhinos, and Hunters
    Harder punches and faster attacks with the Left Mouse Button
    Punching to work up an appetite,
      punching your neighbors to get to know them,
      and punching for a Good Citizen bonus
    LMB throwing, shooting, and taking photographs
    Aiming with the whole Mouse, not just part of it, and auto-aim
    Bouncing a beach ball off Tommy"s head.

  I.9.B  Four-wheel Vehicles

  Controls for four-wheel vehicles
  Some notable things about the four-wheel vehicles
    Driving indoors
    Locations of the secret Caddy, Cheetah, Voodoo, BF Injection, Packer, and
      the gang car with a Teddy Bear
    How to put your convertible roof or Teddy Bear up or down, change the things
      you can find in delivery trucks, and make other quick vehicle changes with
      instant replays
    Bus driver income and bus "routes"
    Police cars: safe collisions and spike strip-proof tires
    The Cabbie Climb
    Fast and complimentary Pay "n" Sprays
    Chauffeured rides
    The Rhino--how to hijack it, save it, and destroy it
      (rampage with it--see I.32; and fly it--see I.9.D)
    Two-Wheelers and one-railers
  A run down of all the four-wheel vehicles
    including the real names for most, and top speeds for all,
    of the four-wheeled vehicles
  Good/distinctive two-door vehicles
  Good/cute little vehicles
  Good/distinctive four-door cars
  Emergency and military vehicles

  I.9.C  Motorcycles

  Controls for the PCJ 600 (or the place of wheelship of your choice)
  Getting a good look at Tommy
  A run down of all the motorcycles
  including the real names and top speeds of the motorcycles
  Some notable things about the motorcycles
    Fast and complimentary Pay "n" Sprays
    Wheelies for jumps
    The 360 degree Stoppie
    The flip gimmick
    The PC Super Jump
    The BSM
    Half pipe stunts
    Climbing and jumping from trees
    Hitting poles
    Stunt videos
    A bunch of jumps that are often overlooked
    Insane Jumps and Insane Stunts
  Controls for Tommy morphed to a bike
  Outfit locations
  Some favorite spots for big Insane Jump statistics

  I.9.D  Helicopters, the Skimmer, the jets, and the flying Rhino
  The worst criminal destruction in Vice City
  Controls for the helicopters
  A run down of all the helicopters
  including the real names and speeds of the helicopters
  and how many passengers Tommy can take in each of them for rides
  Some notable things about the helicopters
    The game physics of following helicopters with the "camera"
      and moving them forward with NP9
    Bailing from helicopters
    Getting a good look at the big guy
  Controls for The Skimmer
  The real names and speeds of the Dodo and the Skimmer
  Loop de loops
  Flying the Skimmer upside down
  Dodo emeritus
  Dodo ephemeralis
  The real names of the solid motionless jets
  The real name of the solid, motionless lunar module
  The real name of the solid, motionless UFO
  The real (and handling.cfg) names of the flying non-solid vehicles
  How to (hi)jack the Hunter
  How to fly the Rhino

  I.9.E  Boats
  Controls for the boats
  Special concerns for embarking and disembarking
  A run down of all the boats
  including the real names of some, and top speeds of all, of the boats

  Some notable things about the boats
    "Miami Vice" boats
    (Hi)jacking boats
    Boat jumps
    How to fly a speed boat

  I.9.F  General vehicle information
           Healing vehicles with "aspirine," garages, and Pay "n" Sprays
           Keeping vehicles from disappearing
           Picking up prostitutes
           Fast switch to the MP3 station

  Sometimes the people in this town are just too weird dept.
  I.9.G  How to go to Ghost World and the Underworld
           The WK Chariot Hotel
           Apartment 3C
           The Pole Position Club
           The Washington Beach Police Station
           Vinyl Countdown
           Ring_of_Fire"s way to make interior graphics load in Ghost World
           Let me see Ghost World--I"ve got a Bazooka here
           The Lithjoe"s Trainer Jetpack (No Clip) Way to Visit Ghost World
           Getting to Ghost World with a BF Injection
           The Ocean Beach Triangle
           The Ocean Beach Rectangle
           Going Nowhere Fast
           Taking your Time About It
           The Ocean View of Ghost World
           Ghost World Headquarters, Airport, and Map
           Ghosts in 2D
           Ghost Barriers in Alleys
           Ghost World and Gaming: Flying and Biking
           Driving a Blown-Up Car
           Driving a Ghost on a PCJ 600
           Ghost Beach Ball Soccer
           Magician"s Disappearance Box
           "I never"
           Diaz, the Invisible Man

  You can have it--arsenal
  I.10  Weapons
          One possible combination
          Weapon advice
          A rundown of all the weapons (including fast Chainsaw attacks,
            and, for the Sniper rifle, a seagull hunting guide),
            the real names of the weapons,
            and some history for most of them
          8 Ball"s Bomb Shop
  I.11  Armor, Police Bribe, Health, and Adrenaline pickups
  I.12  Wanted Ratings
          What happens at each wanted level
          What to do about wanted ratings
          Things any major fugitive should know
  I.13  Odds and Ends
          Ambient sounds
          The WK Chariot Hotel
          Interacting with your town
          Huh?  What?
          Marine world
          A few exploration duds
          Strange but fun--that"s the important thing
          Creative plugging
          WTF screen shots
  I.14  Glitches
          Stats glitches
          The Havana Outfit glitch
          Persistent slow motion stunts
          The bomb detonator glitch
          The Hyman Condo and Cherry Popper glitches
          Rampage 13 and Knocking Off Stores
  I.15  Radio
          A rundown of the stations
          How to have your own MP3 station
          How to hear Lazlow"s Chatterbox FM from "GTA III" in "Vice City"
          Toll free phone numbers
  I.16  Codes
          Some basic advice
          Some favorite codes: aspirine, bigbang, chasestat, seaways,
            comeflywithme, istilllikedressingup, chickswithguns, fannymagnet,
            certaindeath, hopingirl, the weather codes, gripiseverything,
          HUD (heads up display) codes
          Game speed codes
          Lead player codes
          Vehicle spawning codes
          Traffic codes
          Three codes that make you start a new game to get rid of them
            if you save the game after using them
  I.17  The initial main story missions
          The advantages of doing all the side missions you can do for now
          that you need to do for 100% completion,
          and of getting to the mainland/west island,
          Starfish Island, and Leaf Links
          earlier than normal people.

  I.17.A  "In the beginning...."
  I.17.B  "An Old Friend"
  I.17.C  "The Party"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
  Main missions continued at I.33.

   I.18  Getting past the barricades and locked gates and back
  Going to the west island early PCJ 600 and a Packer, Coach/Enforcer/Firetruck/station wagon and a boat, jumping off a bridge or through a gate and using a boat, PCJ 600 alone,
    ...and by using a code, codes, or a mod
  Stealing money from parking meters, buying the Skumole Shack for $1,000,
    and several ways to get back to the east island,
    making a side trip to sneak aboard the yacht
  Jumping on a shrub to get to Starfish Island early
  Four ways to jump into Leaf Links early

  Getting to know the town
  I.19  Finding Hidden Packages
          A mod that can help if you lose count,
          how to find the secret chocolate Easter egg by H61
          and printing press by H66,
          and buying all the other non-moneymaking properties.
  I.20  Taxi job (a Sub-mission)
          and how to jump over anything that gets in your way
  Getting honest work in town while building endurance and speed
  I.21  Pizza Delivery Mission (a Sub-mission)
          and how to make things easier
          for the Pizza Delivery, Paramedic, and Firetruck missions.
  I.22  Paramedic Mission (a Sub-mission)
  I.23  Firetruck Mission (a Sub-mission)
  Turning from small time crime to big time (unofficial) law enforcement
  I.24  Knocking Off Stores
          GTA_Loc"s way to get $1,000 per store and not confront the police
  I.25  Vigilante Mission (a Sub-mission)--Brown Thunder, if using the Hunter
          How to max out your cash and kill a small town"s worth of criminals
  Learning that what you want to do in life is make a rewarding hobby
  a rewarding source of income
  I.26  Unique Jumps
          (except six that aren"t available yet: J"s 1,3, and 4--I.81;
          J17--I.43; and J"s 34 and 35--I.46)
          How to use J19 to give Tommy a car
          that"s suspended in midair to stand on
  Skillfully driving, jumping, and flying through glowing disks
  for increasing acclaim, becoming a ham of the radio
  I.27  PCJ Playground
  I.28  Test Track and Trial by Dirt
          How to adjust to the statistics glitch for Trial by Dirt
          How to get the cab driver to run the course
  I.29  Cone Crazy
          And a map to help you plan your course
  I.30  Top Fun van: RC Bandit, RC Baron, and RC Copter
          And Demarest"s way to alter the handling.cfg code for RC Bandit
          (THANK you).
  I.31  Hyman Memorial Stadium: Hotring, Bloodring, and Dirt Ring
          How to pick your time for the dirt bike event
          How to be the only one in the Hotring
  Giving something back to the community
  I.32  Rampages
          How to make a little cash
          and kill a small town"s worth of local armed gang members,
          with the option of using the old Liberty City trick
          of using the Rhino, updated to include the Hunter and drive-bys, too,
          to help you clean up this town.
  I.33  The Rest of the Main Story Missions (continued from I.17.C)
          Learning that being a celebrity
          gives you access to other celebrities that most people never have,
          especially if you"re ethically impaired in how you go about it--
          and polishing off the side missions.
  I.34  "Back Alley Brawl"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
  I.35  "Jury Fury"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
  I.36  "Road Kill"  Phone: Assassination Mission 1
  I.37  "Riot"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
  Some of the non-asset missions for people (Avery Carrington/Umberto Robina/
Auntie Poulet, and Love Fist/Mitch Baker) can be done in any order at any time
after they"re available.
  Rusk saves most of them for near the end, and I"m not doing that.  But I go
along with Rusk in putting "Trojan Voodoo" for Robina last among all missions
except the last mission of the game, which is given to Vercetti.  That"s because
the Haitian gang members will run and shoot at Tommy after "Trojan Voodoo," mak-
ing it harder to get things done, explore, and play with jumps in Little Haiti.
(As an alternative, you could make the Haitian gang members more peaceful by
modifying the files with Notepad as explained at Weapons and Attack-
ers--how to lessen the severity of attacks.)
  I"d delay "Two Bit Hit" for Avery till some time after "Cop Land" and "The
Job" to make sure you don"t get the Havana Outfit glitch.  Since "Two Bit Hit"
also provokes a conflict between the Cuban and Haitian gangs and initiates the
Robina and Poulet missions, and I moved "Trojan Voodoo" to be the next to the
last mission, I opted for moving "Two Bit Hit" closer to the end so the bunch of
them would be done at about the same time.
  I restructured the order of the Love Fist/Mitch Baker missions--also the Mali-
bu Club and Sunshine Autos asset missions--as little as possible to jack Hila-
ry"s Sabre Turbo (just as an option for something different to do--it"s not bul-
let-proof for PC) and use the "Wheels of Steel" Angel for eight races in a row.
  If you go along with that, do the other non-property missions in any order you
want.  So, with those exceptions, I"ve leaned in favor of doing them about the
time the opportunity to do them is presented in the game.

  I.38   "Four Iron"  Avery Carrington
            (Leaf Links will be open)
  I.39A  "Demolition Man"  Avery Carrington
            (and a map to help you beat the clock
            with the RC Goblin helicopter)
        ("Two Bit Hit"  Avery Carrington--
            delayed till I.83, after "Cop Land" and "The Job,"
            to avoid the Havana Outfit glitch,
            and to put it and the Robina/Poulet missions it initiates,
            notably "Trojan Voodoo," close together near the end)
  I.39B  A multiple choice of things you can do about the Havana Outfit glitch.
  I.40  "Treacherous Swine"  Col. Cortez
  I.41  "Mall Shootout"  Col. Cortez
  I.42  "Guardian Angels"  Col. Cortez
          (make sure you save the "Everything-Proof" Admiral in a garage;
          Starfish Island will be officially available)
  I.43  Unique Jump 17
  I.44  "The Chase"  Diaz
  I.45  "Phnom Penh "86"  Diaz
          (the mainland--west island--
          and Piers 1 and 2 will be officially available)
  I.46  Unique Jumps 34 and 35
  I.47  "Waste The Wife"  Phone: Assassination Mission 2
          (get out the Rhino: "Gangway, coming through")
  I.48  "Sir, Yes Sir!"  Col. Cortez
          (how to take on the army and take their tank, armed or unarmed)
  I.49  "The Fastest Boat"  Diaz
  I.50  "Autocide"  Phone: Assassination Mission 3
  I.51  "Supply & Demand"  Diaz (the fastest course)
  I.52  "Death Row"  Kent Paul
  I.53  "Rub Out"  Diaz (and get his mansion)
          GTA_Loc"s "Felony Allowed" gimmick
  I.54  "All Hands on Deck!"  Col. Cortez
  I.55  Checkpoint Chopper Missions 1 to 3
          (the 4th is available at I.82)
  I.56  "Love Juice"  Love Fist
  I.57  "Psycho Killer"  Love Fist
  Please consider this before continuing beyond "Psycho Killer" with the mis-
  The bike with the best handling in the game is the Angel you can jack from one
of the other three contestants at the start of the "Alloy Wheels of Steel" race
(I.69).  It loses the practically "gripiseverything" handling it has after you
put it in a garage and the door goes down.  Like other vehicles, it can be de-
stroyed by a hazardous mission, and can disappear from the game memory if you
use a couple of other vehicles after using it.  So the easiest way to use it for
other races--"The Driver," which can be frustrating, and the six Sunshine Autos
races--is to do them one after another without saving the bike in a garage.  It
remained in the Hyman Condo alley after I saved a game there without exiting the
game, but this bike makes it easy to do all eight races in a row.
  (Alternatively, you can use Notepad to change the handling.cfg file as ex-
plained in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes, under Gameplay advantages: How to create
your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel.  If you do that, before you do, follow
the advice given in I.100.D.a  Uncheck the green dot.  And during "Alloy Wheels
of Steel," have Tommy jack an Angel from in front of the bar and not one of the
Angels the other contestants have--those would be twice as jazzed up and hard to
win the race with.)
  I didn"t want to rule out the ability to get Hilary"s Sabre Turbo from "The
Driver" (bullet-proof on PS2 but not on PC).  Using the Sentinel of that mis-
sion, and possibly another vehicle to use with it to make a roadblock for Hila-
ry, might make the Angel disappear.  So I scheduled "The Driver" twice: option-
ally, to deliberately fail it so you can get Hilary"s car, and a 2nd time to win
the race once you have the "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel.
  (Alternatively, you could go to I.100.D.a  Uncheck the green dot, then to
I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes, under Gameplay advantages, and use the handling.cfg
change given for a strong Sentinel.  If you do, poor Hilary won"t have a
chance--just try not to kill him.)
  If you want to do that, which I think is fun, I hope you don"t mind that I
start three sets of missions to line up the several missions in a row that let
you do that.
  If you try to use the Angel for missions beyond the races, there aren"t many
I can see using it for or that it would survive through.  Something like "Mess-
ing with the Man" (I.72) would be risky.  You could also try to put it out of
harm"s way, like on the roof of the condo or the Skumole Shack, and try to
use only one other vehicle between times you drive it.

  Of the asset property missions, which make money for you after you do their
missions, the Vercetti ones come up 1st.  They allow Tommy to buy the other as-
set properties, which can be done in any order, and receive protection money at
the mansion.
  An exception is the Phil Cassidy asset property in that it doesn"t make money
for you after you do the missions for it, but it provides a place where you can
buy heavy weapons and remote grenades.

  In order to skewer the order of a few missions to use the Angel for the races,
I schedule the Malibu Club ones early.  I pass along the easiest method to score
enough points for one of them, "Rifle Range" (not an asset mission but one which
needs to be done for 100% completion), so you can earn the Rapid Load feature.
Among other things, this makes it easier to succeed with the Sniper Rifle for
"Dirty Lickin"s" and the Rocket Launcher for later attempts at the Sunshine Au-
tos races.
  I follow Rusk"s logic to leave the Print Works among them for last.  Since one
of the missions for it (actually, a related Vercetti mission: I.97)  involves
stopping Sonny"s henchmen from taking money from Tommy"s asset properties, you
have more time to stop them if you have more such places for them to go.
  I follow Rusk in putting the Cherry Popper mission after the Sunshine Autos
vehicle collection garage mission because you need it to complete the 4th list
of the vehicle collection.  You can just drive the Cherry Popper truck to Sun-
shine Autos when you"re done with it.
   You can"t do the last two Vercetti missions and see the final credits till
after doing the Print Works missions, so you might as well do all the other mis-
sions before the last two Vercetti missions (and "Trojan Voodoo"), too, and have
the credits roll at the end of it all in Hollywood tradition.
  If you go along with that, do the other Asset properties in whatever order you
like, depending on what you want: with Interglobal Films you open up the rooftop
jumps and ability to fly the Skimmer.  After the Kaufman Cabs missions, you get
Deborah Harry dispatcher messages on the radio in Kaufman Cabs.  You can get
hard liquor and heavy weapons with Phil (bring the kids), go see the wild love
flesh inside the Pole Position Club (use Gunslinger"s mods--I.100.D.d), or get a
couple of speedboats, including the fastest, at the Boatyard.

  I.58  "Shakedown"  Vercetti
          (then you can buy money-making properties)
  I.59  "Check in at the Check Out"  Phone: Assassination Mission 4
  I.60  "Bar Brawl"  Vercetti
  I.61  "Cop Land"  Vercetti
          GTA_Loc"s "Never Wanted" gimmick
          (the Vercetti mansion will collect protection money,
          and the policeman outfit, Hunter, and Rhino will be freely available)
  I.62.A  Buy Sunshine Autos (car showroom asset)
  I.62.B  Sunshine Autos Vehicle Collection (car showroom asset)
            (it will make money, provide bonus vehicles,
            and carry on the traditions of B.J. Smith and "GTA III")
  I.63  "Distribution"  Cherry Poppers (ice cream factory asset)
          (it will make money and let you polish off the vehicle collection)
  I.64  "No Escape?" the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)
  I.65  "The Shootist"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)
          (how to score high with "The Shootist")
  I.66  "Rifle Range"
          (an easy way to get the points needed for the Fast Load feature)
  I.67  "Loose Ends"  Phone: Assassination Mission 5
  I.68  "The Driver"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)
          (optional: how to jack a non bullet-proof Sabre Turbo from Hilary on
                     and how to get a BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo from Hilary on PC)
  I.69  "Alloy Wheels Of Steel"  Big Mitch Baker
          (jack a Biker"s Angel--the best racing bike you"ll get in the game)
  I.70  "The Driver"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)
          (another race with the same Angel)
  I.71  Sunshine Autos Street Races
          (six more races with the same Angel)
  I.72  "Messing With The Man"  Big Mitch Baker
          (cause havoc with the Hunter or the Rhino
          and create a bumptious media attention level)
  I.73  "Hogtied"  Big Mitch Baker
  I.74  "Publicity Tour"  Love Fist
          (afterwards, the Love Fist limo will appear Downtown
          in front of the VROCK building)
  I.75  "The Job" the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)
          (the Malibu will make money;
          El Banco Currupto will always be open)
  I.76  "Gun Runner"  Phil Cassidy asset
  I.77  "Boomshine Saigon"  Phil Cassidy asset
          (hard liquor and heavy weapons will be available)
  I.78  "Recruitment Drive"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)
  I.79  "Dildo Dodo"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)
          (how to fly the little Dodo with pontoons with time to spare)
  I.80  "Martha"s Mug Shot"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)
  I.81  "G-Spotlight"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)
          (the film studio will make money;
          many rooftop jumps will be available)
  I.82  Checkpoint Chopper 4
          (this Downtown chopper is also convenient to use
          to go for the CRiminal Rating of "Godfather" given in section I.7)
  I.83  "Two Bit Hit"  Avery Carrington
          (how to get both the black Voodoo and Romero"s Hearse)
  I.84  "Stunt Boat Challenge"  Umberto Robina
  I.85  "Cannon Fodder"  Umberto Robina
  I.86  "Naval Engagement"  Umberto Robina
  I.87  "Juju Scramble"  Auntie Poulet
          (a detailed route to run through a five star wanted level with)
  I.88  "Bombs Away!"  Auntie Poulet
  I.89  "Dirty Lickin"s"  Auntie Poulet
       ("Trojan Voodoo"  Umberto Robina--
           having the Haitian gang go nuts is delayed till I.98)
  I.90A  Buy Kaufman Cabs taxi company (taxi firm asset)
  I.90B  "V.I.P."  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)
  I.91  "Friendly Rivalry"  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)
  I.92  "Cabmageddon"  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)
          (how to incorporate the sadly neglected 8 Ball;
           the Zebra Cab will be available;
           the taxi company will make money for you)
  I.93A  Buy the Boatyard  (boatyard asset)
  I.93B  "Checkpoint Charlie"  the Boatyard (boatyard asset)
  I.94   The Pole Position Club ass and asset
           (to make the strippers--
           and other club dancers, prostitutes, or any lady peds you want--
           cuter and naked, see my tutorial, I.100.D.d,
           you ridiculous ffffffilth.)
  I.95  "Spilling The Beans"  the Print Works (print works asset)
  I.96  "Hit The Courier"  the Print Works (print works asset)
          (the Print Works will make money for you)
  I.97  "Cap The Collector"  Tommy Vercetti
  I.98  "Trojan Voodoo"  Umberto Robina
  I.99  "Keep Your Friends Close..."  Tommy Vercetti
  (Al Pacino/Tony Montana voice: "Say hello to my little friend"--pa-HOOOM.)
  A checklist for 100% completion

   I.100  Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
          music, and screen shot tutorial.

  I.100.A  Compressed File Utility
  I.100.B  Web sites for skins and mods
  I.100.C  Skins for Tommy
             "Tony Montana" by archicondeas
             Gunslinger: "Robert De Niro" and "Hot Shirts"
             Make your own skin
  I.100.D  Mods
  I.100.D.a  Uncheck the green dot
  I.100.D.b  Make backups (and where to find other VC backup files)
  I.100.D.c  Tools:
               The IMG Tool v.2
               DMagic1"s Wheel Mod v.3
               The Vice TXD Tool
               The Rescaler and CFG Studio 2
               The GXT Editor v.1.2
               The GTA3 Audio Editor
               SFX Manager
  I.100.D.d  Women
               Gunslinger: "Prostitute Pack"s 1 and 2
               Dr. Colossus: "Ultimate Nudes"
               "GTA Vice City Nudes"
             Naked Women: a variety of methods of insertion
             Another Naked Woman
               Russificator: black stripa
             How to change the way they walk
  I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes
             Installing car and bike mods (Example: a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air)
             How to change their engine sounds
             How to change their colors
             How to change their mass,
               ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
               ability to survive in water,
               cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
               suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
             Gameplay advantages
               Making vehicles weaker or stronger
               How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel
               One possible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
             How to change the traction of surfaces
             Failure to lower the cannon shots of Rhinos
             Grand Theft Auto: Vice Bedrock
             The hot Cougar scandal
             How to change their wheels
               DMagic1"s Wheel Mod
               Xbox wheels
             How to change their on-screen names
             Spookie"s Speedometer mod
             The Pole Position bike
             Xbox Cars to PC  Weapons and Attackers
                How to lessen the severity of attacks
                The MP5 A2 ("Counter Strike") mod
                Buy Back Your Weapons
                The highly mysterious sexual Busker
  I.100.D.eee  Helicopters
                 How to make the RC Copter easier to fly
                 Low flying jets
  I.100.D.f  Miscellaneous mods
               The RC Mod
               The Surf"s Up Billboard Jump mod
               The Havana Outfit Bug Fix
               The Rampage and Package Finder Mod (the Northern Lights Mod)
               The Hidden Interiors and Steed mods
               The NOS mod
               VC Code Tools (tools that tell you which missions are left to be
                 done, give you credit for all the Unique Jumps, etc.)
               Spaceeinstein"s All In One Mod
               Carl Johnson in Vice City
               [CLEO] Great Swimming Mod 2.0
               Parkour Cleo
               Correct SVH Damaged Building
               Avery Carrington, Mitch Baker, BJ Smith, and Candy Suxx
                 Player Models
               Rosenberg"s Audio Fix
               Road Reflections Fix
               Vice City Trails
               Silent Patch
               Fixed VC Animations
  I.100.D.ff  Trainers
                Pizzadox" +10 Trainer
                Alper Saracoglu"s GTA Vice City Administrative Console
                Lithjoe"s Vice City Ultimate Trainer
                Vice City MiniConsole
  I.100.D.g  Total conversion mod
               The Liberty City mod
  I.100.E  Music
             MP3s and wav files
               How to save hard disk space with shortcuts
               MP3 volume boost
  I.100.F  Screen shots and videos
           Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub
           How I make videos

  This guide is geared toward helping someone who is new to the game, so I try
to find an easy way to do anything.  I bought the game for a couple of friends
of mine who are new to games, and wanted to make sure they had fun and got a lot
of the inside references.  If you"ve gotten the hang of that, I hope I might tip
you to something you didn"t know about before.
  If you"ve never played a PC game like "Vice City" before, I recommend it, if
you don"t mind some colorful language.  It"s the 1st one I ever played all the
way through--the 1st time in mid-2003--and it"s fascinating to me.  It"s not
like anything else in movies or music, except that it"s like acting out a fanta-
sy of being the star and director of a movie, and the mouse and keyboard move
the star and your hand held camera.  You pick how to interact with a whole city
filled with pedestrians chattering away with snippets of conversation that some-
times make for funny coincidences with what you"ve just been doing.
  It"s enough like the real world that doing the surreal gaming things in it
seem funny.  That a guy needs to do something so he drives down a normal subur-
ban street in his tank, or drives from here to there as fast as he can to get
the game mission done, then the guy going by says, "Unnecessary!" like Regis
Philbin, just looks and sounds funny to me.
  You frame shots with clouds that swirl like real clouds, and the sun rises and
sets and makes some beautiful hues and reflections when it does.  You choose
from dozens of cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and you get a variety of cinemat-
ic shots for the dozens of jumps through town you can do with the PCJ 600 (best
bike for jumps).  You score your show with dozens of songs and parodies of talk
stations on the radio stations you get with most vehicles, and, if you feel like
adding others, you can put in your own MP3s and have your own radio station.
  I don"t think stars and directors have had that much control over something
that"s that much fun since Buster Keaton.
  I think Robert Rusk, who has a PS2/PC--Classic Controls/Xbox guide for it at
the Gamefaqs web site, has done an excellent job, and his guide has been very
helpful to me.  He doesn"t have a PC to use for games just now, though, and I
don"t have a PS2.  My notes are meant to help adapt it to the way I use PC Stan-
dard Controls with mouse aim.  After Rockstar and company, I owe the most debt
to his guide, which is mainly organized to help you achieve 100% completion of
the necessary parts of the game.
  One of the best things about Rusk"s guide is how he organizes what could be
overwhelming into something manageable.  After doing the initial few story mis-
sions, doing some of the side missions early on gives Tommy benefits and abili-
ties that can help him in the rest of the side missions and main storyline mis-
sions.  He puts nearly all of the side missions together, which frees you up to
enjoy the rest of the main story in an uninterrupted sequence.  The strategies
minimize time spent frustrated and help likewise, although the easiest way can
be different for my format.  I highly recommend his guides for "GTA III" and
"San Andreas,"  which have the same basic structure and strategic assistance.
  I basically use his advice, often hard to improve on, with the same basic con-
cern to supply the easiest way to do things, and change something if it"s dif-
ferent for PC, or just add a little something now and then for the variety.
  Put "shopping search" or such in a search engine.  You"ll find lots of sites
like dealtime, bizrate, froogle,, mysimon, etc., that you can use
to search for "Vice City," PC components, or anything else.  The last time
I tried, I found "Vice City" for about $20.  If you don"t mind your games being
2nd hand, you can find some real bargains for them at eBay.
  You can get the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide for Grand Theft Auto Vice
City, PC version, on eBay for a few bucks.  If you do, be sure to check the
seller"s ad to be sure it"s the PC version you"re bidding on and buying.  It has
lots of useful maps, including ones for specific missions, and pictures and
descriptions of all the vehicles, weapons, and other features of the game.  I"d
be open to other ideas for a little of the guidance, however (i.e. I.94 in this
guide).  To be fair, it"s an early effort that hasn"t benefited from years of
millions of players trying out new ideas and sending them to message boards.  So
it"s official, though none of us voted for it.  It"s a totalitarian leader
that"s colorful to have around except for all the unnecessary deaths.  It"s Cas-
tro"s new Cuba, which is where Tony Montana came from; then again, he got
killed....  No, no, no--actually, the Brady guide has been very helpful.  Some
of the strategies haven"t been topped yet.

   Some whole categories of important concern, like the locations of armor and
police bribes, are best helped with maps.  The Gamefaqs web site and BradyGames
Official Strategy Guide are good sources for them.  Some of the best advice
you"re going to get is to get copies or print outs of them and make notes all
over the print outs.  Nobody expects you to memorize all this "2nd block from
the E and 3rd from the W" stuff of mine.
  There are various other things that can only be done with, or are features
special to, the PC version; there are unnecessary but fun things and related in-
terests, and I"ll add my notes for them.  I"ll thank everybody I can remember
who hipped me to anything, all the while trying to avoid legal suits with any-
body--they didn"t help the Beatles get along any better.  I"ll change to a dif-
ferent horse midstream if I find out different.

   Some of the following is True:
   Thanks to the artists at developer Rockstar North (sort of the Brothers Grimm
of Scotland, but more tuneful), and the publishers Rockstar and Take-Two Inter-
active Inc, the little Dodo and the PCJ 600, and Ray Liotta and the whole cast
of "Vice City."  It"s my favorite game:
   The origin of the GTA series included work by game developers David Jones,
later Jeronimo Barrera, then Dan and Sam Houser.
   Rockstar was previously Dan and Sam Houser and Jamie King, of the video games
publishing division of BMG Interactive, and Terry Donovan, of Arista Records,
who"d all worked with DMA Design of Dundee, with a small branch in Edinburgh, on
the 1st GTA games.  BMG Interactive was sold by BMG to Take-Two Interactive in
1998, the year Rockstar Games was founded and the Houser brothers, King, and
Donovan moved to New York.  They picked a DMA team based around Leslie Benzies,
Aaron Garbut, Obbe Vermeij and Adam Fowler, which they built up in a big studio
in the Leigh district of Edinburgh (which is the beautiful, so says Glen True,
capital city of Scotland) as Rockstar North.  Rockstar North has been part of
the Rockstar Games companies since it was bought, in Sept., 1999, by the parent
company Take-Two Interactive Inc of NYC.  It"s worked closely and creatively
with its NYC publishing branch Rockstar Games, which is one of the subsidiaries
of Take-Two that Take-Two publishes and develops games through (other subsidiar-
ies include Gathering of Developers).
   Thanks to Rusk and his time honored, proven strategies and research, which is
what this walk-through originated with, and for being the oldest friend I know
   thanks to A.M.S. Siva Ganesh Maharaja, aka HandsomeRockus, for graciously
letting me help communicate his ideas for his walk-through of "Vice City" at the
Gamefaqs web site, teaching me some things in the process, his spelling and
spacing corrections, and for being such a nice friend:
   ("A.M.S.," in his culture, Tamil Nadu, refers to the 1st initial of those on
the paternal line you may honor that way.  For great-grandfather to father,
that"s Ayyadurai, Maharaja, and Subbaraj.  You can call me H.W. Glenster, if you
want.  I never met my Dad"s Dad Howard, who died before I was born, but my Dad"s
parents meant so much to him, as mine do to me, that I"d honor him that way.  My
Dad"s given name was William but he used the common nickname for it, Bill, in
his work as an artist/cartoonist.)
   thank you very much to the Gamefaqs web site for patiently hosting this pon-
derous walk-through from the start and always taking care of the trailing spaces
for me:
   thanks to Stephen Ng and the IGN web site for kindly finding a place on the
reference shelf somewhere in the library for such a dauntingly large reference
book of a walk-through:
   thanks to Dennis and the Supercheats web site for allowing more of an occa-
sional data file modifier than a super cheater to find their way in there:
   thanks to Kevin Walter and the StuckGamer web site for making a trek from the
old-fashioned (pre-high speed Internet video) way into the future of videogame
guides about "San Andreas" so enjoyable:
   thanks to the neoseeker web site for letting a dilapidated old seeker look
   thanks to Brooks Huber and the 1UP and My Cheats web sites for scattering
some empowerment for me and many others around the scenery:
   thanks to Spenser Hall and the GamerHelp web site for letting me help:
   thanks to Tim and the Game Revolution web site for letting me have a place in
their revolution:
   thanks to Emanuele and the GameBorder web site for hosting this big fat Sun-
day newspaper complete with the funnies:
   thanks to Paul Ryan and the gamesradar web site for helping my walk-through
travel safe and sound:
   thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for sharing so much information that can help
anyone understand how to modify vehicles in "Vice City," and providing his CFG
Studio 2 to make it easier still:
   thanks to the enigmatic and industrious modder spaceeinstein for the well-re-
searched repository of some of the glitches and tricks I"ve read about at his
web site, showing me where the brakes are on a helicopter, pointing me to Cer-
bera"s web site, various helpful tips scattered throughout the walk-through, and
his latest "All In One Mod":
   thanks to Madeye, alias some name, alias Mohammed Kahn, for the "Ocean Beach
Triangle" way to go through Ghost World, the shooting the garbage bags tip, and
some much-appreciated web site help most of all,
   thanks to Demarest, of the GTA Forums (and now defunct tfads) web site, for
supplying some much-appreciated information on how to change the files of the
game to make RC Bandit and going for a two-wheeler easier, a way to get to Star-
fish Island early; the Timetwister mods that let you pick any mission of "III"
and "Vice City" from the beginning of the game; and, with spaceeinstein and the
rest of the team behind it, for the Liberty City mod (a pretty ponderous piece
of work in its own right, I"m sure).  Some of his work can be found at the next
   thanks to the ardent quests of Chris Phillips for finding an invisible plate
in the roof of the Schuman Health Care Center, a way to get a two-wheeler Stat
with a helicopter, and some tips on English slang (and giving me a preview of
"San Andreas" with MSN Messenger; the man tears a mean rampage, even at the mil-
itary base):
   thanks to U.K. reader Colin Attle several times over for the correct calcula-
tion for pay for the Paramedic, Firetruck, and Vigilante Sub-missions, and var-
ious references, including that that Fizz Bombs ("Love Juice") are candies in
the U.K., that "Broons" is also a reference to the Scottish comic strip "The
Broons," where the graffiti for the Rockstar Vancouver game "Bully" is, and that
the Ocean View apartment magazine "ERSE" probably refers to the U.K. videogame
magazine "Edge." 
   thanks to helpful modder DiCanio for fun ideas like the RC mod and his adap-
tation of Yoyo"s "57 Chevy Bel Air (like my Dad"s car) mod:;
   thanks to Klarnetist, whom I learned of from a Russian web site, for several
hardtop versions (even more like my Dad"s car) of Yoyo"s 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air:
   thanks to Gunslinger for the models and skins for Tommy and lady pedestrians
that just can"t be beat.  The codenamenetwork web site seems to have changed
hands, so I don"t know if we"ll see his
site again.  If not, it"s a shame--it was a distinctive one.  You can still
find a number of his skins and models at:
    thanks to the and web sites,
and "Leonard Maltin"s 1998 Movie and Video Guide," 1997, edited by fellow Buster
Keaton fan Leonard Maltin, for much of the information about movies,
   thanks to the educational web site "A Dictionary of Slang," which specializes
in the British perspective, for some U.K. slang definitions:
   thanks to the research of modder Nuclear Hedgehog for the real names of some
of the land and flying vehicles,
   thanks to Tobias Nilsson for the real names of some of the other land and
flying vehicles.  This was a Swedish site of his:
   thanks to explorer yOman69, in message board posts for the PC version of
"Vice City" at Gamefaqs, for the PC super jump discovery.  His post is no longer
there, but you can find the Gamefaqs message board at:
   thanks to dare demon stunt man Gav, in a Gav"s Stunt Guide (v.1) post at the
message boards at GTA Forums/GTA Vice City/Gameplay, for some extra jump spots
and grinds information.  The last time I checked, it was still at:
   thanks to video bike pilot Brad Ward, aka ThaShoka89 and Southern Finest, for
the BSM--Bike Stuck Method--which uses a PCJ 600 as a portable jump ramp for a
2nd PCJ 600.  Like yOman69, he shared his find with us at the message boards for
the PC "Vice City" at Gamefaqs.  Thanks on top of that for tipping me to the Cab
Climbing, Air Grabbing, etc., stunting tutorials by Ghostchild, Kaneda, and oth-
ers that were at:
   thanks to stunt man"s stunt man Ghostchild for making it easy for many of us
to understand so many ways to do some of those stunts, and for letting me pass
it along to you:
   thanks to fluffyheretic of GTA Forums for writing to me about the references
Hidden Packages, the Stubby Shotgun, and the CROCS BAR make to "Miami Vice"
   thanks to GTA_Loc"s post at GTA Forums for the "Felony Allowed" (I.53) and
Never Wanted (I.61) gimmicks, useful for Knocking Off Stores (I.24),
   thanks to Reverend Ted for the Havana Outfit Bug Fix--amen:
   thanks to eL dudE for the Game Script FAQ at the Gamefaqs web site:
   thanks to Aggrosk8er"s full walk-though and FAQ for "Vice City" for the Pilot
   thanks to the "Criminal Rating/Media/Money FAQ" by Zarathustra for the High-
est media attention level and CRiminal Rating scores, and for the fastest way to
get the "Godfather" CRiminal Rating:
   thanks to the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide by Tim Bogenn for some his-
torical and technical information about a few of the weapons, a few strategies,
some helpful maps and photos, and the "official" numbers of the hidden packages,
rampages, and jumps:
   thanks to the gta-series web site for having such nice clear screen shots of
the Vice City vehicles:
   thanks to these web sites for a lot of the, as Forrest would call them, "big,
fat ol"" pictures of vehicles: now called
   thanks to imageshack for letting me make copies of a lot of the pictures so
you wouldn"t have pop-ups or have the pictures disappear when sales are over:
   thanks to the web site given below, which lets you type in phrases that it
translates into ANSII art:
   thanks to all the other people with individual tips mentioned in the text;
   and thanks to eBay for being a good way to get stuff cheap:
   If any of the web sites given in this guide become obsolete, you might lop
the end off of it, try the basic web site, and look around in it for the infor-
mation referred to.  You might also try a search engine for it, or see if it
turns up at (thanks again to HandsomeRockus for the ar-
chive web site tip).

  PC info: if I haven"t put out a GTA walk-though for a GTA more recent than
"San Andreas" by the time you read this, it"s because I"m saving up for a 22m
processor with support for PCIe 3.0 and a 28nm graphics card.
  I hope the improved technology for PCs and of PS3 allows developers an easier
time of transferring game titles from PC to PS3 and vice versa.
  I got a good PC to use Cakewalk Producer, a MIDI Strat, Yamaha DD-55 drums,
M-Audio Oxygen 8 keyboard, etc., with, to do something about the music and come-
dy I"ve come up with since I was in high school.  (The Electronic Musician web
site is good for finding out what the best gear for that is currently.)  I fell
in love with "Vice City," the first game I played all the way through, as a side

  Personal info: "Winstein" is pronounced "Win," like win or lose, and "stein,"
like beer stein or Steinway piano; so many people have called me "Weinstein" I
usually joke I might as well convert.  The story I heard is that it was origin-
ally "Windstein" a long time ago but some ancestor of mine from Germany or
France had bad handwriting and some American official thought it was "Winstein."
They must have been easy to get along with because they let it stay that way.
  "Glen" (like in "Danny Boy") is Scotch/Irish for a little wooded valley.  With
two "n""s, it a word for someone that lives in it.  "True" is Scotch/Irish, my
Mom"s maiden name, and the etymology goes back to "constant, like the hardness
of a tree."  "Stein" is German for "stone."
  So just think "In a shady valley constantly hard by the piano" and it"s easy
to remember, if misleading.
  The main thing to know about me is I"ll always love my Mom and Dad.  How you
can tell from a town like this, I have no idea.
  He was an artist/cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Press and this is something vi-
sual.  Me and each of them watched movies and listened to music together.  I re-
member him in the art room with some swing or Dixieland playing.  My Mom mainly
went for what you might call MOR (middle of the road) music, but it included
more recent music.  So I put in a few appropriate MP3s and make some movie
scenes for them now and then.
  We even had our own words for things.  An outsider would never understand.

  "Glenster"s Guide to Some of Vice City" copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Glen T. Winstein
  This may be not be reproduced under any cir

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