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"You're important."

"As far as vampires go you're pretty cuddle-y."

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"You just looked really hot doing that."

credit: awakeningjenny

"I could soothe your ass off, pal."

Our Favorite Smooches
You're Welcome

Cordelia turns to leave Angel, but suddenly changes her mind. Angel hearing her say "One for the road." turns around smiling and kisses her. Cordelia rests her hand softly on Angel's face and they stand quietly for a moment in the embrace until the phone rings. He whispers that he doesn't have to get that, but Cordelia insists that he does. As Angel turns around to answer the phone Cordelia uses her last breath to say "Oh, and you're welcome."

In this episode Cordelia is given the chance to realize her dreams of becoming a superstar. But not all is right in the parallel universe and even with fame and fortune she senses it. When she finds a clue to the world she had been living in she finds Angel alone in a dark room, suffering from the visions that were meant to be hers. As she gets down on her knees, sympathizing like she always has with Angel's needs, she leans forward and kisses him.
Waiting in the Wings

Angel and Cordelia take a night out on the town and entertainment takes the form of classical dance, or that was what it started out as. In the end, they stumble upon two souls of old lovers and they are possessed. In this particular heated moment Cordelia leans forward and whispers, "I'm only alive when you're inside of me." and while this scene may be an act, it's effects stay with Angel the rest of the evening.
Deep Down

After being entombed and sent to the bottom of the ocean, Angel's sanity is quickly slipping away from him and he starts to dream. In this dream he relives the night Cordelia asked him to meet her at the bluff, only this time everything is right. Cordelia looks out at the ocean and remarks that the sceneic area is beautiful. Angel's gaze never waivers from her as he replies, "Yes... It is."
Parting Gifts

First kisses. There's nothing like them. Full of lust, want, and desire. Unless you're Cordelia and Angel. In this case Cordelia has just been promoted to Vision Girl and she is doing everything in her power to get rid of "it". Cordelia presses her lips to Angel's and he quickly pulls away, claiming she is acting out of greif; an act we would all agree he regrets later down the road.

"Did you feel anything?"

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"I've got you."

Season One

Cordelia: "Are you still all... Grr?"
Angel: "Yeah... There's not actually a cure for that."
Cordelia: "Right."
- City of...

Angel: "Cordelia, do have any idea just how precious you are?"
- Sense and Sensitivity

Angel: "You got peanut butter on the bed."
Cordelia: "Really? I don't think so. I'll look. (goes to check; walks back in) Angel, at some point in the recent history you got peanut
butter on your bed, and it's gross. I think you're gonna have to change the sheets."
Angel: "I don't eat."
Cordelia: "Well, then I don't even wanna know how it got there."

Angel: "Cordelia, I'm gonna fix this. I promise. I'm gonna get you back. I need you back."
- To Shanshu in L.A.

Cordelia: "I never doubted for a minute you'd find me."
- Parting Gifts
Season Two

Cordy: "Yeah. We all got a little cocky, didn't we? It's gonna be a long while until you work your way
out - but I know you well enough to know you will... And I'll be with you until you do."
- Judgement

Cordy: "See his file? (Angel leans down as if to get a better look at the screen but instead starts smelling Cordy's hair)
He has Visa, MasterCard and a problem;
he's our target audience. But if you want to be rude, I guess it's your shop... Angel? (Angel is touching her hair) What are
you…? What are you...? personal bubble. (she jumps off her chair and away from Angel) Personal bubble!"
Wesley: "I need to speak to you, man to man. Cordelia, you may not want to be here for this. Was it something I did?"
Cordy: "He was feeling my hair."
- Dear Boy

Angel: "What we were. And I also know what she's going through. And unlike me,
maybe she won't have to go through it alone."
Cordy: "You're not alone."
- Darla

Cordy: "What are you doing here?"
Angel: "I heard about Wesley."
Cordy: "Well, that's great. Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap. Wesley doesn't
need you right now.
We don't need you. You walked away. Do us a favor and just stay away."
(Angel watches her walk away.)
- The Thin Dead Line

Angel: "You took all the books."
Cordy: "Yeah, well, you got the waffle iron. Hey! No! You can't take this, I-I-I'm in the middle of it.
(Puts the book back on the shelf and shoves a phonebook at him) Here, take this one."
Angel: "Don't make me move you."
Wesley: "Give him the book, Cordelia. Just give him the damn thing! Let him get the hell out."
Cordy: "(Shoving the book to Angel's chest) Here. I don't even know what you are anymore."
Angel: "I'm a vampire. Look it up."
Cordy: "What a jerk."
- Reprise

Cordy: "I love you."
(Angel smiles.)
Cordy: "And you ought to do that more often."
Angel: "Buy you food?"
Cordy: "Smile."
- Dead End

Cordy: "Stop. Stop the fight. Don't hurt him. Stop. I love him. I love him."
Angel: "You love me?"
Cordy: "Not you, dumb ass! Him (meaning Groo)! I love him!"
Angel: "Oh."
Cordy: "Lay down your weapons! Silas is dead. All priests have been defeated. Any guard who harms a human from
this day forth shall have to answer to me!"
Angel: "You love me, too, right?"
Cordy: "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"
Angel: "As a friend and co-worker."
Cordy: "Can I get some medical attention around here, people?"
Angel: "Maybe love is too strong a term."
- There's No Place Like Plrtz GlrbSeason Three

Angel: "Easy, baby, what'd you see?"
- Heartthrob

Angel: "Maybe he can make the noise stop."
Cordy: "Yeah."
Angel: "Isn't that what you want?"
Cordy: "Yes! No. Well, no. Sure I hate looking and feeling
like this, but - if I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able to
help you anymore. You wouldn't need me."
Angel: "That's not why I need you. You're important."
- That Vision Thing

Cordy: "Angel, what you did for me was unbelievably selfless - and brave, and amazing.
And it's so great to know that the next vision I have will just be blindingly painful and not turn
me into Elephant-man or anything."
Angel: "I hear a big 'but' coming."
Cordy: "But what if that guy you freed is someone or something that's truly terrible? Wolfram
and Hart won this time and it's all my fault."
Angel: "It's not about winning, Cordelia, it's about what's at stake.
And in this particular scenario you were way more important
than winning."
- That Vision Thing

Cordy: "She's got the big puppy love. I mean, who wouldn't?
You're handsome, and brave, and heroic (Cordelia notices Angel's
smug expression) - emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning
evil and, lets face it, a eunuch."
Angel: "Hey, how can you... I'm not a eunuch."
Cordy: "Angel, it's just a figure of speech."
Angel: "Find a better one."
Cordy: "I just mean that sex is a no-no for you. Because of this whole
'if you know perfect bliss you'll turn evil' curse. Really no cure for that, huh?
- Carpe Noctem

Angel: "I'm gonna miss her. She was just this nice, quiet kind of crazy. I found that - soothing."
Cordy: "And what? I'm not soothing? I can be soothing. I could soothe your ass off, pal."
- Fredless

Cordy: "Has someone been putting vodka in your blood?"
Angel: "(laughing) See? You're funny! And I, well I get off a good one
every once in a while, but you..."
Cordy: "Angel, are you trying to say you love me?"
Angel: "What?"
Cordy: "I love you too."
Angel: "You do? When did this..?"
Cordy: "(yelling) Angel loves me! I love him!"
Angel: "Oh, my god!"
Cordy: "You guys love us and we love you."
Fred, Wes and Gunn chorus: "We love you Angel."
Cordy: "They were all saying it earlier. Just in case this prophecy comes
true and we all die. You're not gonna wanna hug, are you?"
Angel: "(clearing his throat and shifting) No."
Cordy: "God knows we've been through a lot together."
Angel: "That's really all I was trying to say, that we've been through
so much together, you and me, as friends. You've seen the good,
and the not so good."
Cordy: "Just like you have in me. And for the record: the good
I've seen far outweighs the bad."
- Offspring

Angel spins around, yelling: "No, you're not listening! Cordelia is not a champion. She is a rich girl
from Sunnydale who likes to play superhero. She doesn't have what it takes to
do this! Don't the Powers get that? Stop whispering and listen to me, damn it!
She's weak. You're killing her. She's unconscious, and she's alone. Who knows if she's in pain?"
Voices: "It is angry. It is afraid."
Angel: "I'm more afraid of her dying than she is. What is that?"
- Birthday

Cordy: "You don't remember me, do you?"
Angel: "I was there. I wanted to die. But - but I was - was afraid to die. So afraid to die. One seven one."
Cordy: "Shh, Angel, it's okay. Everything is gonna be okay."
- Birthday

(Cordelia and Angel are lying in bed with Connor.)
Cordy: "I'm just saying a boat."
Angel: "No. College fund."
Cordy: "Yes. College fund and pay our bills and put a down payment on a boat."
Angel: "We're not getting a boat."
Cordy: "Hmm, they're fun."
Angel: "They're expensive. And when would I go on this boat, hmm?"
Cordy: "Moonlight sails. - Okay. - College fund - pay our bills - and rent a ski condo in Aspen."
Angel: "Ski condo?"
Cordy: "There's got to be some fun in our lives."
Angel: "Hmm - I like a ski condo."
Cordy: "Sure. Snow. Trees. Chipmunk robots on ice..."
Angel: "Chipmunk robots... - on ice..."
- Provider

Angel: "What have I got to offer her?"
Lorne: "Do I even have to answer that? You just have to act, Angel. You
gotta let her know what's brewing inside. 'cause, man,
it's real and - and you don't wanna miss that shot!"
- Waiting in the Wings

Cordy: "I want you to undress me."
Angel: "(shocked) You what?"
Cordy: "It's just another costume. I want you to see who I really am.
You're the only one who can."
Angel: "I... This isn't us. Cordelia (licks his lips) we're acting this out. Someone is..."
Cordy: "Whoa! Did - did I actually just ask you to undress me?"
Angel: "Is that what you want?"
Cordy: "What if he finds us?"
Angel: "I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of anything."
Cordy: "(whispering) I'm only alive when you're inside me."
- Waiting in the Wings

Cordy: "Hi. It's me."
Angel: "Hi! Cor. How are you?"
Cordy: "I'm good. You?"
Angel: "I'm pretty good."
Cordy: "Uhm, Angel, I sort of need to talk to you, in person."
Angel: "Is it something - bad?"
Cordy: "No! No, it's something good. I think. Well, it sort of depends on how you feel."
Angel: "About what?"
Cordy: "Well, about me."
- Tomorrow

"Were we in love?"

"I need Cordy."

Because Cordy thinks Angel's "salty goodness."~ Never Kill A boy On the First Date 1x05
Because Cordy wanted to ask Angel if he felt like dancing ~ When She Was Bad 2x01
Because He was so stalking Cordelia and enjoying it.
Because Angel smiles when he sees her in the dumpster
Because they are sitting really close together.
Because Cordy clinging to Angel.
Because Angel allows the clinging.
Because Angel going with Cordy on her drive home. ~ Some Assembly Required 2x02
Because Cordy hugs Angel after Buffy rescued her because she knew he would save them.
Because Angel lets her hug him(did anyone else notice that he does not point out that Buffy did the rescuing).~ Reptile Boy 2x05
Because she keeps him company while they are waiting for their dates to show.
Because she makes him smile and laugh (with car humor)
Because he is having a great time...until Buffy shows up.
Because he apparently stays at the Bronze with Cordy and does not run after Buffy.
Because she calls him a "cuddly" vampire.
Because she says he is a care bear with fangs
Because Angel always seems more comfortable with her than most of the others.
Because she calls Angel "a good vampire".
Because Cordelia seemed to genuinely like Angel~ Halloween 2x02
Because Angelus tackles Cordelia.~ Killed By Death 2x18
Because Angel Smiles when he sees her at the Party
Because Angel goes to Cordy at the party and tells her it’s "Nice to see a familiar face.
Because he saved her life from Russell Winters, that balcony jump was amazing.
Because patch up scene #1! Touching, with the hands.
Because Angel killed Russell so he couldn't come after Cordy.
Because the talk at the end of City of when Cordy sets up Angel Investigations and Angel lets her stay.
Because that smile exchange as he hands her the box.
Because Angel recognizes that Cordy is "a hottie". ~ City Of 1x01
Because Angel always appreciates Cordelia’s perspective". ~ Lonely Hearts 1x02
Because Cordy worries about Angel when he was looking for Spike and he had not came back yet.
Because Cordy's worry for Angel when she finds out Spike has him.
Because Cordy's name is the name Angel calls out when they come to rescue him.
Because Cordy looks after Angel in the van and worries that he might get dusted in the sun.
Because the way he looks up at her when she is taking care of her
Because she wanted to take him to the hospital
Because she runs to him on the beach to check if he's okay. ~ In the Dark 1x03
Because Cordy calls Angel "cuddly" again.
Because the computer scene.~ I Fall To Pieces 1x04
Because Cordy goes to Angel when her apartment gets infested.
Because she checks out Angel who is only wearing a towel.
Because Cordy stays the night, in Angel's bed.
Because the exchange in the morning over the peanut butter.
Because he didn't want her to stay in a haunted apartment even if her staying with him would drive him crazy.
Because of all the touching with the hands during the excercism scene
Because Cordelia grabbed and clung to Angel when the thugs came into her apartment ~ Rm w/a Vu 1x05
Because she is upset with him for not being sensitive to her feelings
Because he tries to make up with her by trying to act more sensitive
Because Angel wants to hug Cordy.
Because Angel thinks Cordy is "precious". ~ Sense and Sensitivity 1x06
Because he scrambles to stand when she comes into the room
Because Angel checks out Cordy in her black dress.
Because Angel hassles her date in a slightly jealous/protective way.
Because Cordy tells Angel: "Now I expect a guy to be all brave and interesting. And it's your fault!"
Because they looked coupley during the scene when Harry and Richard first show up
Because Cordy likes the way Angel's clothes look on him.~ The Bachelor Party 1x07
Because she was worried about his brooding after Buffy's visit.
Because Cordy doesn't want Angel to die by shutting off the device.
Because Cordy and Angel hold each other. ~ Hero 1x09
Because Angel watched Cordy and worries how she's doing after Doyle's death.
Because Cordy says she'll be there for him.
Because Cordy kisses Angel.
Because Angel takes his time in pulling away.
Because Cordy's Angel's seer, there to help him in his mission.
Because Angel won't let Cordy get hurt.
Because she hugged him when he was in vamp face.
Because he let her and kind of hugs her back.
Because Cordy never doubted for a minute he'd find her.
Because Angel makes Cordy breakfast. ~ Parting Gifts 1x10
Because Cordy defends Angel when Wesley accuses him of killing again.
Because she won't turn on him because of his past.
Because Cordy helps chain Angel to the bed. (What? We liked it. )
Because the rooftop talk.~ Somnambulist 1x11
Because Angel enjoyed sneaking up on her and startling her
Because Angel tells Cordy she looks nice.
Because Angel seems upset that she has been dating.
Because Angel wants to know why he hasn't met him.
Because Angel was worried when she did not show up for work and goes to check on her.
Because Angel tells Cordy: "You're not alone."
Because Angel beats Wilson up for her
Because Angel bought her magazines.
Because Angel seemed very happy she's back (he seems to have missed her...awwww).
Because the conversation at the end when Cordy says she knows she has people who care about her. ~ Expecting 1x12
Because Cordy bakes at Angel's place.
Because Angel probably cleaned up the mess she made when she was baking
Because it looks like Cordy is wearing one of Angel's shirts.
Because Cordy tells Angel he doesn't have to be stoic about Doyle's death with her. ~ I Got You under My Skin 1x14
Because Cordy worries that Angel's been out all night
Because Cordy tells Angel "We weren't going to let anything happen to you." after they rescue him. ~ The Ring 1x 16
Because of the patch up scene; she worries that he could get hurt again. ~ War Zone 1x20
Because Angel gets her humor and thinks it is funny.
Because she thinks "he's cool"
Because Cordy worries that Angel could die.
Because Cordy tries a way to make Angel want things in life.
Because she offers him a donut with cream filling
Because she buys him art supplies
Because Angel is her "really good friend".
Because Angel runs to Cordy when he hears about the constant vision she's having.
Because he considers himself her family.
Because of the hospital scene with Angel holding Cordy's hand.
Because of these words: Angel: Cordelia - I'm gonna fix this. - Promise. - I'm gonna get you back. - I need you back.
Because Angel tells Gunn Cordy means "a lot" to him.
Because he cuts off Lindsey's hand so he can save Cordy with the scroll.
Because Angel was the first person she looked at when she regained consciousness and his name it the first thing she said.
Because of that smile when Cordy wakes.
Because Angel touching Cordy's face.
Because Cordy hands Angel his blood and tells him to not be embarrassed.
Because Angel had always liked Cordy even at her Sunnydale snarkiest.
Because Cordy is happy that Angel will become human.
Because Cordy wanted to break out the champagne and celebrate when they learned Angel will become human.~ To Shanshu In L.A. 1x22
Because Cordy got Angel to open up about his doubts and insecurities without any coaxing whatsoever.
Because it will take awhile for Angel to become human, but she knows he will.
Because she promises to be there for him when he shanshus.
Because she wants to hear him sing. ~ Judgment 2x01
Because Cordy experiments with new tastes for Angel's blood.
Because he lets her experiment with new tastes for his blood. ~ Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been 2x02
Because Cordy worries for Angel when he acts strangely.
Because he let Cordy Drive his car ~ First Impressions 2x03
Because Angel is totally charmed when she says "You can't fire me, I'm vision girl." and sticks her tongue out at him.
Because Cordy patches Angel up, buttons his shirt for him and pats him on the knee.
Because these words: "Don't bone my boss." ~ Untouched 2x04
Because Angel smells and strokes Cordy's hair. ~ Dear Boy 2x05
Because Cordelia imitates Angel spinning in his chair..."Hey, look at me. I'm Angel!"
Because Cordelia imitates Angel brooding.
Because she says she loves Angel and everything. ~ Guise Will Be Guise 2x06
Because Cordy was really hurt when Angel fired her. ~ Redefinition 2x11
Because Angel seems hurt when Cordy says they don't need him. ~ Thin Dead Line 2x14
Because the sexual tension in the book scene is through the roof. ~ Reprise 2x15
Because Cordy is the one Angel is most desperate to get to.
Because Angel's smile when he saves Cordy and asks if she's okay.
Because the end scene when Angel catches Cordy and says "I've got you."
Because it’s Cordy's say so that gets Angel accepted back into the team.
Because Cordy says "Maybe he should drive?" ~ Epiphany 2x16
Because Angel is hurt when Cordy says they're not friends.
Because he wanted to buy her flowers.
Because Angel wants into Cordy's "affections".
Because when he finds out that Harmony is a vampire and is in Cordy's apartment he rushes over there to 'save' her.
Because the look they share when Harmony is annoying Wesley
Because Angel tries to go along with Cordy over Harmony to get on her good side
Because he is afraid for Cordy to find out that he shagged Darla
Because the clothes dance they did. With the kissing, bouncing and hugging.
Because he knows the way to this woman's heart: new clothes! ~ Disharmony 2x17
Because Angel holds Cordy during and after her horrific vision as she cries.
Because Angel buys Cordy lots of food so he won't upset her by asking what she wants.
Because the "I love you" from Cordy because of this.
Because the smile it causes.
Because Cordy says he ought to do that more often...Smile
Because Angel worries that Cordy's still in pain. ~ Dead End 2x18
Because Angel takes Cordy and the gang out for dinner to celebrate her acting job.
Because he doesn't want her to get famous and leave him.
Because Cordy gets Angel out of a possibly embarrassing situation.
Because Angel goes to the commercial shoot and takes a lot of double takes at Cordy in her bikini.
Because when the director is offensive towards Cordy Angel gets angry and protective.
Because he even offers to rip the guys head off.
Because of the look on his face and his actions when he tells Wesley and Gunn about the shell bikini
Because Angel apologizes for embarrassing her.
Because Cordy tells him that she embarrassed herself.
Because Angel trusts Cordy's instincts. ~ Belonging 2x19
Because Angel panics when he can't find Cordy.
Because Angel says, "I just got her back."
Because Angel tells Wes:" I don't wanna research, all right?! I wanna jump through the big swirly hole thingy and save Cordelia."
Because Angel says (meaningfully) "It's Cordy."
Because Angel organizes a way to get to Pylea to get Cordy, even though he may ever be able to get back.
Because he counts the hours in which they are not together. ~ Over the Rainbow 2x20
Because Angel takes a good look at Cordy in her princess outfit.
Because Cordy tells Angel - "You look good." ~ Through the Looking Glass 2x21
Because Angel threatens a guard with violence when he insults Cordy.
Because Angel is emotionally "moved" by the idea that Cordy loves him.
Because he seemed kinda hurt that she was not talking about him.
Because Cordy leaves being a princess and Groo behind to go home with Angel.
Because Angel wanted to be the one to say it... ~ There’s No Place Like PG 2x22
Because of the smile he gives her when she opens the door screams then realizes it is him.
Because of that hug.
Because he called her baby.
Because only Cordy can see something is bothering Angel.
Because Angel tells her about her the story about James, Elizabeth, Darla and himself.
Because Angel knows there is something on her mind.
Because she wouldn't leave his side.
Because she feels safe with him.
Because James can see that Angel loves Cordy
Because James does not believe that Cordy ISN'T the women Angel loves
Because the smile exchange in the last scene. ~ Heartthrob 3x01
Because he compared her to a we know its love!
Because he thinks she is way more important than winning.
Because Angel thinks Cordy is of great significance.
Because nothing or no one will prevent him from saving her.
Because she makes him waffles to thank him even though she knows he is not a foodie
Because of his smile when she makes him the waffles ~ That Vision Thing 3x02
Because she wrote his apology to Merle for him.
Because one smile from him could convince her to do anything.
Because he is upset that she put him on the lists of suspects
Because he tries to convince her he did not kill Merle
Because of the smirk on her face as he is trying to convince her. He bought donuts, would he have brought donuts if he were going to kill Merl?
Because she was afraid for him to go to face Gunn's old gang all alone.
Because she seemed kinda jealous of over Angel's chippies.~ That Old Gang Of Me 3x03
Because she thinks that angel is handsome, and brave, and heroic...emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning evil and, lets face it, a eunuch.
Because Angel wants Cordy to find a better figure of speech than calling him a eunuch.
Because of the way jealous and possessive way he behaves when Cordy is "interviewing” the guys at the health club.
Because Marcus coming on to Cordy in Angel's body is too funny
Because Cordy is jealous of Angel's cheap blondes even if she don't know it
Because Cordelia tazers Marcus and asks Angel if he is alright ~ Carpe Noctem 3x04
Because he cares about her opinions of him.
Because he gets hurt when she jokes around and calls him fat.
Because he was all excited for her to patch him up.
Because she can "soothe his ass off."
Because she her hand on his chest.
Because she helped him up and he held her close and tried to protect her.~ Fredless 3x05
Because of the first training session…with the trust and all that closeness
Because Angel says, "Don't stiffen up" and Cordelia replies, “Yeah, you either."
Because he wants to be the only one to save her.
Because she pins him against the wall.
Because he says "Go team" when she pins him.
Because he'd do it again.
Because she said his demon-ness made him almost a dark and disturbing kind of way
Because she is used to being creeped out and comforted at the same time and he gets that ~ Billy 3x06
Because Cordelia put plastic flowers in the basement to brighten it up for him a little.
Because he's been around a long time and has never known anyone like her.
Because she is afraid she hurt him when she punched him in the face
Because he lies and tells her she can't hurt him and even smiles so she won't feel bad.
Because he turns away so she won't see that she hurt him.
Because of all the touching during the training session
Because its kyerumption, it's destiny, its written in the stars.
Because they've got Moira.
Because even "crazy" Fred could see it.
Because he looked at her when he remembered he could someday become a normal man.
Because he is watching her after his talk with Fred
Because of the whole conversation after she catches him watching her.
Because she is a women and he is a man...pire.
Because Cordy loves Angel and He loves her.
Because she wants to know if he is gonna want to hug.
Because they have seen the best in each other.
Because he apologizes for lying and tries to explain why he slept with Darla
Because he cares more about her feelings then Darla's welfare. ~ 3x7 Offspring

"I'm more afraid of her dying than she is."

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