Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum [Walkthrough]

Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum

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*****Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum FAQ* V3.2*****
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Written by Fallon - Fallonken@hotmail.com -
V 1.0 -HTML version (unpublished)
V 2.0 -Plain text version 8/12/2001 
V 2.1 -13 KB Minor additions 12/12/2001
V 2.5 -17 KB of Major additions and corrections 17/12/2001
V 3.0 -47 KB of Major additions and corrections 23/12/2001
V 3.1 -12KB of minor additions and corrections 14/1/2002
V 3.2 -Final unless there are major developments in EECH
Edited version of EECH FAQ written by me Fallon 
-fallonken@hotmail.com for SimHq.com (simHq had all sorts of HTML 
added in it that gameFaqs and Neoseeker do not allow).
**note there are links to forum postings on www.simhq.com where
information was gathered and or shared by various folks .However
much of this information was gathered through on and off after work
playing of EECH.
Since nobody had written a FAQ for EECH at GameFAQs and I was
getting tired of people asking the same questions over and over
in forums I frequent I thought I would write a guide.Since GameFaqs
has been helpful in the past I thought  I would contribute for once
Since V2.1 several other websites have asked to host this FAQ
sites with permission to post this FAQ are listed at the bottom
of this FAQ.I also changed a few things and refer to this function
and that function in the game rather than a specific button. I"m not
about to make the lives of any pirates easier buy EECH in UK its
only Ј5(UK) and well worth it US has been seen at about $20(US) 
still worth it.
**Note I am from England so I spell things the English way eg
Meter = metre
color = colour 
honor = honour
&ndash1 Appendix
&ndash2 System requirements
&ndash3 Version history 
   3.1 Version difficulty ranking
&ndash4 Flying 
   4.1 flight with damage
   4.2 damage ratings
   4.3 other damage
&ndash5 Combat 
   5.1 ground
   5.11 SAM/AAA
   5.12 Tanks 
   5.13 Other
   5.2 air to air
   5.3 air to sea
   5.4 Weapons usage
    5.41 ATGMs 
    5.42 Cannons 
    5.43 Rockets 
    5.44 Cannon pods 
    5.45 Iglas /Stingers
    5.46 extras
     5.5 Side specific tactics
      5.51 Blues only tactics
      5.52 Red only tactics
   5.6 Red disadvantages
   5.7 Red advantages
   5.8 Blue disadvantages
   5.9 Blue advantages
   5.91 Comanche vs Hokum
&ndash6 Campaigns
&ndash7 Common problems and questions
&ndash8 Cheats
&ndash9 Multiplay
   9.1 Multiplay hints
&ndash10 Unfixed bugs
&ndash11 Interesting things to try (Spoilers)
&ndash12 Extra bits
  12.1 Unlisted keys
&ndash13 Links to mod groups and online squadrons
&ndash14 Warstories
&ndash15 Command line editing
&ndash16 Credits
&ndash17 EECH wishlist
&ndash18 Future developments
&ndash19 Permission to host this FAQ list
Section &ndash1
EECH -Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum
EEAH -Enemy Engaged Apache Vs Havoc
Zoo(s) - ZSU-23 Shika (ok this isn"t in EECH but its my generic name 
for AAA)
SAM -surface to air missile
SSM - surface to surface missile (Bradley IFV ,T-80U ,BMP-x)
click(s) - 1000 metres
fast movers - fixed wing combat aircraft
Choppers - helicopters
ATGM - anti tank guided missile
Vihkr - NATO code AT-16 Whirlwind - Primary Hokum ATGM
Attaka - NATO AT-9 Primary Havoc ATGM
Igla - Reds short range IR missile fire and forget
Hellfire L - longbow fire and forget hellfire
Hellfire K - Hellfire II laser guided missile
Stinger - AIM-92 American short range air to air missile fire and forget
IRL - in real life
GSS - ground support system utility written by R Flexman available on
Splash(ed) - being either hit or being hit by the ordinance shockwave
FLIR - forward looking Infrared
DTV/DVO - daylight TV camera
periscope - hokum only scope
CPG - co-pilot gunner
CAP - Combat air patrol
OCA - offensive counter airsweep
CAS - close air support
A2A - air to air
A2G - air to ground
HE - high explosive
AP - armour piercing
DP - dual purpose
MP - multi purpose
Tubes - artillery( referred to by the in game C&C)
C&C command and control
MANPADS - man portable air defence system -men with stingers and Iglas
Chaparral - Blues main sam system (uses modified sidewinder missiles)
Avenger - Support SAM system (humvee with stinger batteries)
Grison - Tungska SA-19 AAA/SAM system quad 30mm cannon , eight (IRL)
SA-19 grison radio command guided missiles
M113 Vulcan - 20mm F-16 Vulcan mounted on M113 (retired IRL)
FARP - Forward Arming and refuelling point
KIA - killed in action
MFD - Multifunction display
HUD - head up display
HMD - helmet mounted display(Russian eye target system also)
Knock on damage - where damage causes more damage to other systems
fire and forget - lock a target fire it and you can forget about
that missile as it needs no more guidance from you
FOV - field of view
missile gimbal - the seeker head thats like an eyeball get out of its
FOV and the missile is (usually) defeated
CTD - crash to desktop

You can read more about these on 
* there are some command lines that cannot be edited in the GSS
such as tail rotor strength etc you can find how to edit these
at the end of the EECH manual and in section &ndash15 

Section &ndash2
System requirements
from the box - minimum system specifications
Desktop PC , windows95 or 98 
Intel Pentium 266 MHz or K6-300 64mb memory 
Direct X graphics card 4mb memory onboard
x6 CDROM windows compatible mouse
windows compatible keyboard
300mb HDD space
from the box Recommended spec 
333mhz CPU 128mb ram D3D card with 8mb vram
300mb HDD space
I"d recommend Geforce 2 with 256mb ram and a5 least 500mhz CPU as the 
min and recommended specs do not allow you to see the full glory of the 
game and require  masses of HDD swap and stutter Windows ME works fine 
too though slightly slower than a system with win98SE
If you are running a low spec machine EECH will benefit most from a
better video card.
OTT spec
P4 2ghz / AMD 1800XP
512mb ram
Geforce 2/3 graphics
You can get up to 1600x1200 resolutions with this kind of spec but the
text on the MFDs maybe a little too small to read unless you have a 
massive monitor.Over 1600x1200 many users have reported problems
with CTD.
IF you have a beefy system and you are having poor frame rates turn
off FSAA and use the no TnL switch.
(main ones and ones you can get as there are many versions
which would take me years to compile if I listed them here)
v1.02 UK and European version
for full details:

Patches after this were exe based which meant you just changed
your executable in your EECH directory
V1.46X X for experimental final razorworks patch to date
for details:
3rd party mods
VFriday 13th the so you think your a tough guy eh? version 
which incorporated real SAM ranges which meant you"d get incoming
missile warnings from 50km+ from carriers and other ships.An example
is Taiwan or Lebanon , you would be in the moutains somewhere and 
get incomming missile warnings from ships miles away , whereas in
reality the terrain clutter would hide your presence comanche
was essential as its stealth allowed you to stay alive more than
a few seconds.
V1.50BC discontinued patched by Starshoy which had modified units
and unit behaviour most memorable being super aggressive units
harder ships and artillery improvements.
Current version available from: 
was 1.50BC with USB joystick support from the may 1.46X patch and 
much more  hostile combat area like tanks using their main guns on 
you while still in flight artillery following right behind you for 
ages and  Blues gaining the upper hand with hellfires used air to air.
Friendly fire is much a reality and watching for a few minutes in 
demo mode they have many mishaps.
related links
more versions can be made with Destro"s WUT (weapons and units 
V1.51B/C Alaska , new maps and skins by Starshoy and Xabbarus takes 
place in the arctic
V1.51D - Same as 1.51C but with the FARP bugs ironed out for at 
least 3 days in each campaign. Blue A-10s are modified to carry 
more than cannon and rockets (Mavericks can be carried which do 
20000+ points of damage enough to kill anything but Red capital 
ships and carriers) the Red equivalent the Su-25 frogfoot has not 
been upgraded to compensate
can be found here:
Section &ndash3.1 Version difficulty rankings
Hard setting and full flight dynamics set on
1.01   -Reds very easy
1.01   -Blue very easy
1.41C  -Reds easy
1.41C  -Blues Medium
VF13th -Reds Impossible
VF13th -Blues Impossible
1.51B - Reds Medium (disadvantage)*
1.51B - Blues Medium (advantage)*
1.51C - Reds Medium (large disadvantage)***
1.51C - Blues Medium (major advantage)***
1.51D - Reds hard (major disadvantage)***
1.51D - Blues Medium (major advantage)***

*Blue AI could use hellfires @ 5km A2A there is no red equivalent
*** Reds ships are weaker Blues can use hellfires @8km A2A
Extra version related bits 
There is no music in the American editions of EECH as this came
after the UK release of the game and this saved space on the CDROM
which saved razorworks some money in the process. Also European
repackaged (in DVD cases with PDF manuals) do not have music either
,but don"t despair the music wasn"t very good anyway.
Section &ndash4
Basic flight is covered in the manual so I will not cover it here in 
detail but some general advice.The Hokum is best for learning btw is
Practice practise practice , hovering or autohover even , beware 
autohover  is sometimes vulnerable to vortex rings as described in 
the manual practice  with the autopilot as you safety net , you can 
also come to a fast hover by autopilot -> stable hover hold.
Also if you are using a throttle stick then you have to use stable 
hover  hold unless you fancy manually adjusting the rotors which can 
be useful for bobup attacks.
Circuits are not needed contrary to what the manual says (we don"t
need no stinking circuits) as express landings are common in EECH
and circuits take up time , time that could be used doing other things
such as an extra CAS mission(remember EECH is played in real time!).
Autorotation - semi pointless as it leaves you stranded in the middle 
of the field prime bait for artillery or something with a big gun , 
more pointless  over water as you die  when you hit water (thanks to 
Kamov for those ejection seats eh - beware Ejecting at less than 15 
metres will probably kill you before the ejector seats can leave the 
&ndash1 disengage rotor blades
&ndash2 collective zero
&ndash3 point down a bit
&ndash4 watch from an external view
&ndash5 wait until the rotors have turned blurry 
&ndash6 when you are a few ft from the ground reengage rotors and up 
collective and you should touch the ground softly but:
-if you do it too soon you lose power in the rotors and begin to play 
grand piano again
-if you do it too late you are a crater on the ground already
Taking off in a hurry (useful when artillery is raining down on 
you)  engage rotors brakes off full collective and make a rolling 
start you  gain lift from the forward motion and can take off before 
your rotors go blurred.(Yemen skirmish 1 as Blue is an example of 
starting out under heavy fire).More than 100Km/h or 60mph is likely 
to result in damage or destruction of your helicopter. If there is 
not space ahead of you , it is also possible to take off in reverse or 
roll forwards and use a rotor turn 90/180 degrees and you can get off 
the deck quick.
Altitude hold does not work very well (featured on the Hokum and 
Comanche) you can use a built in version by using the trim on your 
stick T to set shift T to reset , move your stick forward the 
required amount to keep speed and altitude  and press T and 
centre joystick.Altitude hold is good over sea and only at low 
speeds as high speed forward motion generates lift.
When you NEED that extra bit of lift its alright to go over 100% 
torque for a few seconds i find the limit is about 15 seconds for
120% and longer for 101%-110% . If you find yourself falling and
at 120% doesn"t seem to slow your decent you are in a vortex ring
nose forward and fly out of it extra torque will not help you 
except for the recovery after flying out as you will lose altitude
in the recovery
You can treat the helicopters almost like fixed wing aircraft in
some circumstances , you can do these manoveurs : Rolls , tail
slide Illeman , split S , half loop ,all of these can be done
tail first too. The only limits are your top speed (which your
rotors will fall off) and the ground (as in impacts and objects
that may take off your rotors).There are subtle differences however
you trade speed for altitude and altitude for speed at 370kmh in
the hokum if you suddenly pitch back without lowering the collective
the speed if converted to altitude which AAA can find difficult to 
track.However this is still not a fast jet do not try to outfly missiles!
EECH is a modern sim with modern missiles , older vietnam era missiles
if you evaded the missile the missile would try to turn around but could
not and would (probably) run out of fuel trying to turn round, modern
missiles have promimity fuzes which will take you out or heavily damage
you if they get close but not a hit.Players of Flanker 2 should be 
familiar with the lethality of modern missiles (EECH missiles are extra
deadly in that they ALWAYS reaquire lock after being decoyed for a few 
If you are trading altitude for speed sometimes you can come down too
fast to pull out if you misjudge it if autopilot still works get it to
save you.Turn it off and keep fighting as autopilot is very predictable
and AAA/SAMs make you a tasty snack.
Flying down streets is not highly recommended due to the small
amount of space your rotors can be easily taken off and some
new campaigns the designers put SAMs in the streets also.
Yemen - you can fly down dry river beds even the extremely narrow
one north west of the map very good for ambushing the enemy
Taiwan / Lebanon / Cuba / Thailand / Georgia
You can fly in the river gorges also good for ambushing the enemy
or to escape , you can also fly under some bridges but not bridges
with very little clearance space between the water , you die the 
instant you drop into water.
Contrary to modern Helicopter CAS and combat it is actually ok to
fly high in the sky using afganistan Hind tactics (one Hind D at
the back with two hind As or Bs in the weeds with the hind at the
rear giving out orders or acting as JSTARS some Hinds had telescopes
fitted for this purpose) though it often happens automatically in
single player mode when wingmen say "seeking firing position" you
can be in the clouds while you wingman is in the weeds .This can be
effective in Hokum mixed with other shorter range helicopters as
it keeps the shorter range platforms out of danger until its too
late for the targets. 
Being high up also gives speed advantages as you can dive to attain
maximum speed or autorotate if you get into trouble.But in the manual
it states that you lose lift after a certain altitude which seems to
be untrue as I have gotten a commanche with no payload except for fuel
and gone up and up and up, with the VSI remaining constant throught.
&ndash4.1 Flying with damage
Depending on how severe you might be able to get to a friendly base
to repair your ship.Since no damage is exactly the same general 
guidance is :
-Stay low and slow ground effect from the rotors can keep you aloft.
-Leave the combat area as soon as possible unless damage is minor.
-If weapons can be fired fire them off to save weight.Even better if
you can kill a few enemies with this "ammo jettison" comanche and
Apache can fire off hellfires with LOAL if targeting systems are out.
-Go into full cockpit mode so you can fly via analogue instruments
Comanche pilots do not have this option.With the Havoc and the
apache it is also good to go into 640X480 mode as all the in cockpit
instruments are fully functional
-Land without wheel brakes as you can land slightly harder.
-If Landing gear on the Comanche is damaged then the weapons
bay doors can be used as skis you will still take damage but not
as much
-Belly landings are possible (hokum takes least damage from this
sort of landing and can skid of the belly to a stop easily).
-If you haven"t got enough power to stay aloft you can quit
eject(hokum) or land (carefully) and turn off wheel brakes and 
attempt to roll to a base though you become a target for artillery.
-You can always quit the mission if mission objectives have been
met then there is no discredit.
-Check if the autopilot is still functional sometimes it is
you can be hit a few times before it fails and if it works
it can almost always bring you home , though when autopilot
starts clipping your helicopter through the terrain its not a 
good idea to turn off autopilot.
-Without speed indicators (say the MFD or the instrument is damaged)
you can judge you speed by looking and the ground speed below you
and to slow down without gaining altitude you can spin on the spot
a few times.
-With military bases you don"t need to land within the chain link
fence you can just land on the differently coloured terrain and
you can be repaired and rearmed there as well.FARPs are better
sometimes military bases just won"t repair and rearm you for
some reason (Yemen Reds first CAS mission where there is a 
base really close will not rearm me).
-It is possible to fly with tail rotor damage you just have to stay
slow and keep the collective to a minimum , the rolling to your
base is also possible here.
-Fuel leaks are not as bad as in other sims you can still go
quite far with a fuel leak and helicopters in EECH carry enough
fuel to travel any map several times.(without a fuel leak)
-MFD damage may not be that bad , you can scroll through the
various systems and sometimes they still work.
-MFD use can be substituted for HUD and HMD as they usually have
a configuration that shows speed heading pitch and vertical speed.
-There is more than one targeting system so if the radar goes down
try the others (the hokum has 6 different systems) you may still
be able to fight.
-Ask you wingmen to help they will cover your (usually until they
get killed) escape from the scene of the crime , and can distract
AA systems so you won"t take further damage.
4.2 damage ratings
IMO Major damage
Left/Right Engine damage
Left/Right Engine fire (can cause engine damage if not put out)
Main rotor damage (this will probably kill you)
Tail rotor damage
With this sort of damage you can still fly and fight but not easily
countering Tail rotor damage by flying low and in ground effect at low
collective levels normally your collective will go down automatically 
to reflect the max you can fly at take it low and slow
IMO minor damage
Stabiliser damage (unless you are a very bad pilot)
Fuel leak (unless you are very low on fuel which is rare)
landing gear fail
MFD failure (only Major on the Comanche)
HMD failure
HUD failure
hardpoint damage (unless you need something to take out the enemy
that is doing the damage)
Gun Jammed (i think this can be major since i use guns alot)
Laser designator damaged
autopilot damaged
DTV/DVO/Periscope/FLIR damaged
Radar damaged
Oil pressure high 
Oil pressure low
night vision goggles damaged
IR/Radar jammer failure
Navigation computer
Radar warning receiver
Communications (unless you need help from wingmen or need to transmit
recon data)
Chaff/flare dispenser (be careful and use cover instead of decoys)
With this sort of damage you can still fly and fight quite effectively
as long as you have some working ordinance + hardpoints and a targeting 
system of some kind with rockets and cannon you can bore sight them,but
with ATGMs the CPG will not fire them without a lock.Except hellfires
in LOAL mode which is useless as you still have nothing to guide them
to their targets.If many (5-6) of the minor damage items are damaged 
go home as it is very dangerous to fight this way.
*Not all helicopters have each and every piece of equipment listed
above so as said at the start damage can vary.Also knock on damage
as in Total air war and EF2000 does not exist except for engine fires
if not extinguished.
4.3 other damage
I didn"t know what to call this section but its not other damage
as in how else your heli can be damaged its something else. When
MFDs are damaged or the damage computer damaged (part of the avionics)
system in the Hokum , Apache and Havoc you can look at the in cockpit
damage lights and mini status read out (havoc middle right , Hokum
middle of the cockpit , Apache below the engine status lights)Ekran
display for ALL Russian/soviet era aircraft.To determine how badly 
you are really hit.In the comanche you have no such luxuries due 
to MFD dominated cockpit. You can determine how badly you are damaged
by trying out the systems and listening to your CPG speak (he is 
annoying sometimes but worth leaving his voice on in the options 
screen). When you are runninglow on weapons or decoys he will say 
we are low on [whatever] or if you try to use a damaged system he 
will either say negative or [system] damaged.
In the comanche and the Hokum you can also look at the pilot"s
hands in his hand on the cyclic is juddering slightly you have
minor damage high or low oil pressure maybe.If it judders alot
then you possibly have either high or low oil pressure (even
both) or stabiliser damage .With the collective juddering
slightly you might have engine damage or stabiliser damage also.

Section 5
Section 5.1
Ripple fire , you see a juicy bunch of tanks 9 clicks away all bunched 
up or in a column convoy reduce your scan cone to minimum and set 
auto  targeting fire away with a few seconds in between each shot 
as it allows  missiles time to turn to their new targets.This also 
reduces  waiting  time since it can take up to 20 seconds for a vihkr
missile to fly  9.8km rather than X12vihkr 20 seconds its about 40 
seconds for the entire engagement reducing the time you are exposed.
With a longbow apache I have use 16 Hellfires and taken out 16 targets
(longbow hellfires) in 16 seconds via rippling at an airbase , I could
have gotten so many more but that was all my missiles.
You can also use the FLIR or DTV to fire at targets sighted through 
these as when  you get near an airbase there is so much to shoot at 
(not to mention stuff  shooting at you) you often need to scroll 
through the radar list plenty.
There is no real need to wait for CPG ID of targets you can do it
yourself but not in the way the manual suggests.There are only a
few vehicles in each class for example and radar symboligy for example
(as a red pilot):
High = Chapparal , Avenger , MANPADs ,Bradley IFV and M113 vulcan
Medium = M1A2 Abrahams ,M113 APC and M1092A2 , choppers and fixed wing
aircraft on the ground.
Low : MLRS and other harmless things
But divided into symbolgy its:
High Triangles    : Chapparal , Avenger , MANPADs and M113 vulcan
High H symbols    : Bradley IFV 
Medium H symbols  : M1A2 Abrahams ,M113 APC and M1092A2 
Medium >< symbols : choppers and fixed wing
Low H symbols     : MLRS 
Low O symbols     : fuel trucks etc
Low square symbol : structures 
as a blue pilot
High = Grison , gopher , MANPADs and BMP 2+3 
Medium = T-80U ,BTR-80 and S219 , choppers and fixed wing
aircraft on the ground.
Low : MLRS and other harmless things
But divided into symbolgy its:
High Triangles    : Grison , gopher , MANPADs
High H symbols    : BMP 2 and 3
Medium H symbols  : BTR-80 ,T-80U S219
Medium >< symbols : choppers and fixed wing
Low H symbols     : MLRS 
Low O symbols     : fuel trucks etc
Low square symbol : structures 
Tanks get all smoky when you kill a few of them blocking the view of 
other  units you can: (regarding black smoke rather than purple smoke 
which radar and sensors can see through)
-fire a single rocket and listen to cpg if he says target hit there 
is a unit lurking in there cannons can also be used though you need 
to be close which return fire maybe coming your way anyway.This isn"t
that recommended as he will say target hit on dead targets that have
not been removed from radar.And when firing into a city and you hit
a building he will also say target destroyed.
-use the hokum periscope to have a look
-wait a bit for the smoke to clear
-relocate to another angle and investigate via that method
-have a look at the map to see if the unit you are attacking still 
Rear and side shots do more damage than frontal shots to tanks so use 
this to save missiles
If you are in the hokum or feel you are in no danger from the SAMs 
and zoos you can save ATGMs by aiming at other things in enemy 
columns instead , when attacking an enemy column say a typical blue 
column , high radar priority reads out usually:
1 chaparral / 1 avenger SAM
1 M113 Vulcan
X Bradley AFV
Medium Usually
X M1A2 Abrahams tanks
+ others
If you can pick out the Bradley AFVs instead and blow them away instead 
your  ATGMs have shockwaves which will kill the SAMs and AAA usually 
exceptions  are the SA-19 Tunguska (Grison in EECH) which can sometimes 
survive the shockwaves MLRS can also be taken out with cannons since 
they pose no  threat to you  unless somebody called artillery on you 
they  can splash you.A Grison should be taken out immediately they 
are powerful at short and long range.
Section 5.11
several methods to take them out:
&ndash1 out range them with the Hokum
&ndash2 LOAL them as above
&ndash3 save ATGMs by taking out the AAA (Grison / M113 Vulcan) and fly 
very low towards the  SAM unit and use cannons (does not work as well 
in the 1.50> series of patches worked very well in older versions)
&ndash4 Use longbow hellfires go in ripple them fast as you can dive 
towards to ground and retreat after the countdown on the HUD goes to 
zero rescan and re-fire.
&ndash5 MANPADS man-portable-air-defence system 
These boys sometimes show up on radar and on the map and feint circles 
red or blue near major buildings in cities such as mosques or hotels , 
take  them out with anything and even if you can"t see them on Radar 
sometimes (they show up as high priority radar targets) you 
can use the Helmet mounted  targeting system to find them and put a 
few cannon rounds their way.Bizzarely they have longer range than
self propelled SAM systems and AAA with their map threat circles 
being larger than other SAMs . They also fire at random it seems
after playing for a very long time sometimes they fire at me
6-8km away sometimes as little as 200m away especially when they
can get a rear shot where you have to turn to return fire.
misc/optional in the hokum and Comanche put the gear down during low 
level attacks as if you hit the  ground you take minimal / no damage unless 
at v high speed.
&ndash6 When taking AAA fire , if you are being hit by 30mm Grison fire give 
up your dead already (most of the time) you can still try to use the 
following but those quad 30mm do alot of damage! but the M113 Vulcan and 
tank mounted machine guns  can be avoided somewhat thru some nifty flying 
turn round to  kill your airspeed and kill the collective and you 
should  drop tracers will fly above you and you"ll still get hit but 
not as many  times.You can also go into a steep dive though the recovery 
maybe difficult  if you do not have  sufficient altitude.All AAA fire is 
in a predicted lead  shot so if you take  an unpredictable flight path then 
AAA will have problems taking you down. The above methods are effective 
except very close up as  there is very little delay in the firing and 
impact of the AAA shells.

&ndash7 Beware the enemy SAM units often do not direct fire at you they can LOAL 
you kind of meaning if there is only a small terrain difference masking you 
,you can be hit.
&ndash8 With an incoming missile dive to the deck and drop chaff or flares if 
you can identify which type of missile is coming towards you (grison 
radio command missiles are RF missiles as the radar onboard the Tunguska 
vehicle is guiding the missile) don"t think you have to save chaff and 
flares  as they are supposed to be disposable . Much more so that your 
gunship try to find some cover masking you from the direction the missiles 
are coming from.Or return fire as a dead target cannot fire additional 
If you are detected and fired upon do not try to get under the enemy
radar and escape like that (landing doesn"t work either) as the enemy
unit knows you are there and will adjust accordingly. You can sneak up
on SAMs and AAA (dangerous) only if they have not detected you or
you surprise them.You can tell if they have a good lock on you if on
the threat warning displays there is a line flashing or not from the SAM
unit to your helicopter.Its also a good indication on if you are fully
detected and can or cannot still sneak up on enemy ground units.
Reds - If you fly over 3000 metres then all Blue land based SAMs cannot 
reach  you , you can fly up to 5000 metres to avoid SAMs and AAA from 
ships as well
Blues - You can fly up to 4000 metres to avoid all land based SAM systems 
and 5100 metres to avoid ship based SAMs
BEWARE - at these altitudes you are a tasty snack for enemy aircraft 
(even though the AI was written badly for enemy fixed wingers) and if 
somebody  fires either a Laser guided or radio guided missile at you, 
you have very  little chance of survival. Since to stay alive from these 
threats you need some cover(most of the time Attakas in multiplay will 
be nasty since if you can avoid them by jinking and letting it pass you 
two things can happen:
&ndash1 the proximity fuse gets you
&ndash2 it has range that it can turn round and have another run at you)
Though if you have hit a major airbase with runways for fixed wing 
aircraft this isn"t so dangerous , and keeping the air to air radar 
off should keep aircraft away from you , unless they are on CAP or 
SAMs also have infinite ammo although you can see and count the missiles
on your and you wingmen"s rails after the ammo is expended on SAMs it
gets reloaded instantly (unlike other games such as total air war where
SAMs had ammo limits)
BEWARE - SAMs will ALWAYS require lock onto you since chaff and flares
only last 3 seconds (default) then after 3 seconds they will re-acquire
you and turn into you again , a technique for saving flares of chaff
though not 100% advised. Is to wait untill the SAM is 3-4 seconds away
and dump 2 chaff or flares (depending on missile type).The ASE can
be left at default range and this is good for saving chaff and flares.
Flares and chaff can be made to last longer by increasing their flight time
in the WUT though the arc they travel in does not change but they will
fall further than before which is good because if they burn out in 10
seconds compared to 3 seconds you will be outside the missile FOV 
gimbal limits.
BEWARE - If you are behind cover with some distance between the blocking 
terrain / object and you ducked to avoid missiles then don"t fire off
and chaff or flares unless there is line of sight to the SAM system.
This happened to me a few times you hide behind the object and if you 
lose off a few chaff then the missile seeks the chaff , if you look
carefully chaff goes upwards. This will turn the missile to a higher 
altitude and possibly over the object and after the chaff dies it
will reaquire you.It might be an idea to turn on manual jamming
chaff and flares to avoid detection sometimes.In Apache or havoc you
can do a steep sideways slide and use decoys as they will travel in
the horizontal plane or pitct back so they are also in that plane.
BEWARE - Radar circles on the ASE are the effective radar range of the
SAM/AAA unit not the missile range they are slighy uneven in size
in radar to the effective range circle the effective range circle is usually
larger than the radar effective range and even though you may turn and
run and be outside the radar circles you can still be hit.ECM also
seems to give away your position when you are outside the radar circles.
Note as Red you will use more flares as Blue you will use more chaff
The reasoning behind this is Blues SAMs are mostly IR guided and
Red SAMs are radar guided except the gopher SAM which is easily out
ranged by hellfires anyway.Though in reality the gopher SAM system
can shoot out to 8000 metres though this has not been updated in the
mods to reflect this (the mods seem to focus on improving american
Section 5.12
Keep your distance from them they can open fire on you up to 2.5Km 
away doing major damage to you ,Bradley IFVs and BMPs are especially 
dangerous in this respect since  they carry rapid fire 30mm cannons 
(BMP-3 carries a 100mm gun as well as ATGMs like the bradley so the
BMP-3 is more dangerous since its big gun can splash you at ranges
the bradley cannot).Try to hit them on the sides or at the rear since tanks 
have less armour here whereas a hit from the front can take up to two 
missiles.Do not land near them if you do they can use their main guns on you 
which can splash you easily.In later versions tanks can fire at you 
with their main guns when you are a few metres above the ground as well.
Watch out for tanks emerging from vehicle generators when you decide 
to hit and airbase , it might not do much damage per burst (compared to
say 20 and 30mm cannons) but they are often in large concentrated 
groups in a different radar priority so effectively unseen on radar.
They are more than the sum of their parts and 9-10 tanks unloading their 
12.7mm machine guns can lead to a nasty death cheating (Ctrl+R) won"t help 
either as they will keep firing in lagged bursts effectively making a 
constant stream of lead.They will try to decoy and hide their presence 
with purple smoke which radar can see through.(dependant on the parameter
used for smoke)
Note - machine gun fire has been reduced in effectiveness in the official
and non official updates , salvos are smaller and do less damage per hit
though sometimes the machine gun fire (I have experienced) can be constant
from a single tank which lead to obsence amounts of jinking to throw it off
leading me.

Section 5.13
Helicopters and aircraft on the ground don"t fight back and you should 
take them out with your cannons helicopters should be priority since 
they can take off anytime while fixed wing aircraft must taxi to a 
runway.If you have the capture switch on you may want to leave them
intact at your own risk , since they can still take off anytime the
war generator decides to task them a mission but you could be letting
yourself into bugs (see below) or gaining a more effective helicopter
(Hokum and Apache are a lethal combo)
section 5.2
To get rid of fixed wing aircraft fire laser / radio command ATGMs at 
fixed wingers or helicopters  they can"t escape unless they hide behind a 
hill or something or possibly outranging instead .Escaping them via
evasive flying is very difficult but not impossible (if they are fired
at you that is however enemy AI only fires radar guided longbow hellfires
,IR Iglas or Stingers , human pilots are a different kettle of fish)
*note EEAH AI is different and it will engage you with cannons 
and is more aggressive then the standard EECH out of the box version
To hit something with Iglas or stingers you need to be close very close 
about <2.5km and lucky with full flares and chaff effectiveness
Fixed wingers get very confused if you climb and go level with them and 
are easy meat  like this , this works in EECH universe only I am not 
responsible if you get into the US army and get killed trying this!

CAP helicopters are only dangerous in the later versions 1.51B/C since in 
the original versions enemy AI only ever use stingers or Iglas but can 
use hellfires (radar) in the later versions
You can always hide behind something and arm your cannon and hose 
their bellies as they over fly you its harder in the hokum due to its 
semi fixed cannon,  remember cannon shells take time to arrive there 
isn"t a count down timer as there is with missiles so it may seem fast 
movers take masses of hits.
If you see an enemy chopper in the vicinity do not lock onto it turn 
off your radar ctrl+0 keypad i think and you can get into a good position
to blow them away with cannons , changes in the patches  means that 
they will engage you if you lock onto them.
It is possible to ripple fire at air targets in previous versions
a single ATGM would take out a formation of up to 4 fighters/helicopters
in the newer versions it is less likely due to the spread out formations
(wingmen also clip you less) so just turn air radar to enemy only
and do a scan.Narrow your search cone to the smallest scan cone towards
the target(s) and fire off an ATGM then another after the first ATGM
scores the radar will remove the aircraft hit and the ATGM will
reacquire the other aircraft, this excludes longbow hellfires.
Do not fire at enemy fixed wing aircraft (except cargo aircraft as
they are slower) while they are flying away from you they will out
range your missiles , its best if they are beaming you (90 path
to yours) or they are incoming towards you or in your general
Do not fire radar guided or IR guided missiles at transport aircraft 
they carry masses and masses of chaff and flare bursts , try it once
or twice and they almost always spoof the incoming missiles , unless
the command lines have been edited to reduce flare and chaff 
Flying away from you and at 90 degrees to you isn"t a very good
gun solution try but you can still get kills just takes up more
ammo .Flying direclty torward you or at an angle seems to work
better for me anyway.
HE ammunition is better for air to air combat since you don"t
need a hit direct hit for damage to be applied like with AP
rounds.Air splashing if you will.
All combat aircraft have an elongated cone infront of it CAS aircraft 
have a downwards looking cone , helicopters have a cone that is slightly 
downwards and is up to 180 degrees on each side. This is the danger 
zone to be in when you are in this area you can be fired on and the 
person firing has a high chance of hit (depending on the weapon-/+).
With fixed wing aircraft you can move below his cone by flying towards 
below him so he cannot bring his weapons to bear without flying off 
and turning round . This gives you a prime oppertunity to fire back
as he passes overhead and he cannot retaliate . Helicopters are
different in that they can turn quickly (Hokum being fastest) 
to bring guns to bear on you to lethal effect.

section 5.3
Hmm there is no cover at all none not even waves 
Film quote commando "if we fly low enough the waves will mask us from radar"
Same in EECH but you have to be VERY low
Approach low and slow under 10 metres radar off very very very low and 
often people have said stories about firing one ATGM at each high 
threat ship to silence them a bit then fire all remaining missiles at target 
of choice , note to pre 1.51 exe players ships are easy meat requiring one 
hellfire or vihkr load to take out half a fleet in the later Exe everything 
was made much harder. Altitude hold might help as the sea is flat so 
altitude hold works ok here. Also keep your distance they mount 30mm 
cannons on those ships (Russians also have dual 30mm on the AIST)
Hit points 
Tarawa Class
1.46X  = 12000 
1.50A> = 25000
Kiev Class
1.46X  = 15000 
1.50A> = 30000
Oliver Hazard Perry Class
1.46X  = 8000 
1.50A> = 20000
Krivak II Class 
1.46X  = 8000 
1.50A> = 18000
As far as I know the other ships have not been changed and one ATGM
or two rockets will take them out possibly the AIST taking slighly
more hits.
more @ 
Air to air is especially dangerous since there is no cover at all 
none and you die instantly if you fall into the water.Though you
can go to 0 altitude and a bit lower than than brushing the water
(you have to be very careful as its a knife edge) to evade detection.
Section 5.4
General weapons usage
section 5.41 ATGMs 
Vihkr 9.8KM 2100 damage 1.41C 2500 damage 1.51X
Attaka 6km 2000 damage 1.41C 2500 damage 1.51X
Hellfires 7.9KM LOAL 7.9km in updates 2000 damage 1.41C 2500 damage 1.51X
Use them at anything they are effective against anything in the game the 
reds have a disadvantage that the missiles have to be guided up to impact , 
where the Longbow L hellfires are fire and forget.
**New tactic (its old but new for this FAQ)
For Vihkrs Attaka and Hellfire II which need to be guided till impact
you can try something called curling which is like LOAL but on the 
horizontal plane , its quite dangerous too and works best with
Vikhrs and Attakas.Also there are certain parameters needed for this
to work .You pop up over a hill radar scan the area in radar priority
ALL , then you descend back behind cover , change the radar priority to
low and find a structure or some other target at about 45 degrees 
between the target and you behind the cover.
|   AA
|   AA
|     @
|       @
|         @        D
|XXXXXXXX    @     D
|XXXXXXXX     @     
|           @      
|         @
|       @ 
|     @
|   @
| @
ZZ -----------------------------

X = mountain or object used for cover
ZZ = Your gunship
AA = target
D = possible target to curl missiles off with
@ = missile path
Q = point of radar priority change
| & _ = radar scan cone

You are going to fire on D and then change radar priority once your
missile gets to Q to high or medium depending on what you are trying
to hit.There will be no LOS displayed on the radar MFD but the missile
will turn towards AA unless it is a longbow hellfire however missiles
won"t turn too far so sometimes it doesn"t work especially if the angle
between D and AA is very large they will just fall to the ground. This
is a variation on the ripple fire technique and can work quite well though
it maybe difficult to accurately target anything specific without the 
external target inset turned on (which is cheating). Also you could just 
fire in the first pop up instance but its an interesting trick to know.
If there is no D available and the area is quite hot with SAMs you can 
over fly near D and tell a wingman to "weapons hold" and to "hold
position" and curl the missile using your wingman though you must be 
careful not to kill him! and you need to change radar priority sooner
else the missile will hit any elevations the wingman is near and it
will be wasted!.It is best employed when the terrain is relatively flat and
you have little cover to approach from or when the enemy is quite close
to the rear side of a hill .Where he would kill you before you could
kill him usually.Also targets will not be automatically removed from the
radar display so you should scroll through the list manually .Auto will
not remove the target entries.
This is impossible IRL as far as I know except maybe with a TOW 
missile which isn"t usable by the player in EECH and may not have 
enough wire/energy to turn such extreme angles . It could be possible 
with the Attaka and Vihkr as these missiles have a secondary role in 
air  to air combat and are thus much more agile than the hellfire 
series of missiles.)

5.411 extra ATGM details
These vehicles will die from ATGM shockwaves near them
*high probability
+low probability
++v low probability but I"ve seen it happen
M113 Vulcan*
M2A2 Bradley++
URAL 4320 truck*
URAL 4320 fuel tanker*
Gopher SAM*
Helicopters* (in close formation in 1.01 a single ATGM can take out 4 helis)
Helicopters on carrier decks*
Fixed wing*
Ground troops
section 5.42 Cannons 
Havoc 30mm HE/AP 2000 metres
Hokum 30mm HE/AP 2000 metres 
Apache 30mm HE/DP 1200 metres
Comanche AP 1200 metres
Keep bursts small the hokum Havoc and Apache cannons are pretty 
strong just takes sometime for the shells to actually get there and ammo
for Hokum and especially Havoc is very limited  Beware the Comanche 
cannon has to unfold out the front bay which takes time and swings from 
the left you can hit friendlies this way and or waste ammo.When your
co-pilot says good kill or target is down then that target is dead
it will just take sometime for it to explode though you can fire 
a few rounds to speed up this process.The turreted cannons will
track targets behind your fire cone but you cannot hit them so try
to keep them in your forward 120 degrees.Also try hit the rear of
tanks to keep the ammo usage to a minimum.
section 5.43 Rockets 
S-8  - 5000 metres (HMD only says 5000 metres however)
M261 Multi purpose 5000 metres
M255 High explosive 5000 metres
Good for airbase busting after you have cleaned up carry a few to 
level the base if you are playing blue then you can also choose MP 
rockets choose those in  preference to HE rockets as these do more 
damage per shot and have the same capacity.Max ranges are a guide 
only since it is very difficult to hit something that far out Apache 
and Comanche rocket elevate and depress automatically below 100 knots
.To fire rockets bore sight style turn off you radar or select a radar
mode different to what you want to shoot (air for ground etc).Tanks
will die after 1-2 hits from rockets depending on where you hit them.
Reds only
Big rockets S-13 
6000 metres but more effective closer (HMD only says 5000 metres 
As with small rockets but with greater range and a bigger bang
section 5.44
Reds only
Cannon pods 1500 metres but only seems effective <500 metres
Bit useless as its v hard to hit anything with them , although 
they are not too bad against helicopters you are tailing but the 
built in cannon can do the job better it takes about 40 rounds 
from a cannon pods to kill a helicopter but since cannon pods fire 
in fours (2 barrels per pod) If you can it on target they can be
useful. Not enough ammo in them for some real wrecking though this 
can be altered in the WUT (though beware cannon shells do have weight 
and can add up to quite a large amount so much so that you may not be 
able to lift off).However they are light which means more lift and
over the past few days I went tank hunting with four cannon pods
which was quite fun (ask wingmen to take out SAMs and AAA first
unless you are very confident of your abilities).A tank will die
from cannon pods in 250 shots or there abouts from the rear and about
300 from the sides , the front I do not know since I kept getting 
killed attacking from this position.Normal cannon shells (on the 30mm
on the Havoc and hokum will kill them faster and beware in a column
there can be upto 4 tanks after SAM/AAA are taken out).Cannon also
seems quite good against buildings 200-300 shells can take out hardened
hangers (3-4 rockets or one ATGM normally)
section 5.45
range 5200 metres (though lock is unlikely at this range)
use only really really close up as Iglas travel faster than stingers
you can use them up to 2KM quite effectively
range 6000 metres (though lock is unlikely at this range)
Use only when super close up to your enemy 1.5km is the max for effective
use , they are slower than iglas
new 3.1 addition
It is actually possible to fire Iglas and Stingers at ground targets not the normal
way though you have to exploit a bug in the game or use curling:
3 methods :
&ndash1 editing the game config in the WUT
Self explanatory
&ndash2 Curling
Sam as curling with ATGMs (almost) but this is quite hard to pull off with major sucess
Top view


Side view

W       X                U        
                U  OR             X      W
Ideal situation

                X slight flat on the slope
W = wingman
X = target
U = You

Lock onto your wingman and open fire if you are both low enough or your wingman is 
at a higher elevation with the target (X) in between theres a small chance that
the stinger/igla will impact the target in its flight path , pitching forwards
and aiming at seeker limits also helps . Though wingmen use chaff and flares 
and this can loft the missile up slightly making the missile miss , however in
low chaff and flare effectiveness games ( <60% ) the flares will be ignored
and fly right to your wingman , this is good and bad.It is good because missiles
won"t be lofted at your wingman ,it is bad because if you miss your wingman is 
toast and nothing will save him (laser ATGMs can be stopped by unlocking
the weapon by changing targeting system) . You should position your wingman
using the hold position command where you think it will work . 
&ndash3 Ripple lock slide
Prequesite - at least one ATGM or several rockets ( 0 cannon shells helps)
Yemen 1 as Blues try the first CAS mission lots and lots of SAMs eh? this requires
you to ripple those ATGMs fast as you can. Now it you lock onto a ground target
ripple switch to stingers and keep firing a stinger will come off the rails
directed at any ground target that was last targeted. You cannot just lock onto
a ground target and open fire with a stinger it needs to be part of a salvo
of either rockets or ATGMs.Its a bug in the game I think that I exploited
my reasoning behind this is that there is a buffer in the targeting system 
that is fast to clear but your fingers on the cycle target button can be faster.
So ATGM locked on a Tank = good lock flip to stinger fast and fire good lock
then the buffer resets to the stinger targeting system.I named it ripple lock
slide because you have to ripple to do it and the ATGM lock it slid to the stinger.
0 cannon shells helps because you can cycle to stingers/iglas faster than with
cannon shells.
Firing stingers/Iglas against ground targets is all well and nice , but 
its best to go home for a reload.Stingers and Iglas do have a huge advantage
against their ATGM brothers , they fly at about Mach 2.5->3 compared to
ATGMs which hover about the Mach 1 mark which leaves you less exposed and
kills that target fast!. Problem is, you need to fire it as part of a ripple
and that stingers are quite weak enough to kill a Hokum (600 points) but
not enough for a tank 2000 points x side impact multipliers.Meaning? you can
sometimes get lucky if you hit a tank at the rear and its been hit once or
twice already or taken splash damage.You can also kill all SAM and AAA units
with one hit , problem being that as part of a ripple the ATGM will kill
the AAA and SAM units most of the time anyway (except the Grison) but in the ripple
the stingers will arrive first.Also since you are rippling fast , you cannot pick 
out specific targets either.

section 5.46 extras
- slashing attacks no longer work well due to the super human reflexes of 
the AAA and SAM crews in patched versions.(its worth going back to old 
versions to have a try at these you could fly down a road where a 
convoy wouldturn round a corner up torque so you popup and cyclic forward to 
increase speed and fly down the length on the convoy spraying cannon
and rockets, it is still possible but nearly impossible with the
- Distraction works however esp when somebody calls out over the radio
this is [unit name] we need air support at [coordinates] we are under
attack from enemy armour , if you are attacking that group that is attacking
your group that is. They are busy fighting your ground troops or engaging
other CAS aircraft (such as Su-25) to engage you.Artillery firing is 
considered distracted too.This is very effective on ships when they are 
bombarding something.
-Supressing fire , Tanks take supressing fire ie if you are unloading
your cannon or rockets into the said tank then the commander will not
pop his head out and take shots at you with his machine gun however if
you stray too low they WILL use their main guns on you supressed or un
supressed .I found this out by flying super close in a cannons only game.
Oh IFVs (BMP + Bradley) and SAMs/AAA cannot be supressed but then they
die very quickly to anything.
- Never forget the weapons on your wingmen"s rails with a 2 helicopter
flight you have double the weapons in a four helicopter flight up to
4 times as much (4x16=64 Attaka , 40x4 = 160 rockets) flying with other
helicopters in the flight might also be desirable. Hokum to take out
things from long range (though you may not detect them and be able to
order an attack) and havocs for a big punch.So try to get mixed helicopter
packs best is Hokum leading 3 havocs or Commanche leading 3 apaches
or full apaches or full Hokum. Its randomly generated though so keep
a look out for groups like this as they can level airfields in no time
using the individual wingmen attack my target commands rather than the
ctrl+a which orders all wingmen to attack.
section 5.5
Side specific tactics
section 5.51 Blues only tactics
Blues can use LOAL with either L or K hellfires popup scan and go back 
under hiding and fire at them one by one with the laser guided hellfires 
(K) you have to popback up and lase your target after it starts coming down.
You can get extra angle on the LOALmodes by pulling back on the stick though 
this reduces range slightly.

Defeating the super long Hokum range 
The Hokum out ranges the Comanche and the Apache by 2 Km range in radar
and in weapon range meaning missiles from them (esp in multiplay)
can come out of nowhere as the launcher is too far away to detect.
Stay low and fast and deny the hokum the long range , or alternatively
fly the comanche you can get to within 1.6km of a hokum pilot
with air radar engaged (CAP or human) and not be detected .If you
keep out of his line of sight and to his rear hemisphere then 
you can close the gap for a fatal shot.

section 5.52 Red only tactics
Havoc can radio command missiles through terrain , popup scan for targets 
on radar and duck down , pullback on the stick and fire it should coast over 
the hill top and still guide even with no LOS
bit cheaty but there you go.
Use the cannon when close real close to AAA and SAMs cannon shells 
travel  pretty fast while your ATGM takes time to accelerate which 
can mean the  difference between becoming a colander like German 
fighters who went up against B-17 formations.(this applies to Apache 
but not Comanche as  its 20mm cannon is a pea shooter but the Grison 
30mm can kill you in seconds where the 50 cals on the M1s and 20mm on
the AAA you can survive 2-3 volleys before dying)
Hokum only 
Hokum can do a special maneouver called the funnel or the wheel of death
you are like a spoke in a wheel and you keep the front of the hokum pointed
at the same place on the ground (this is made easier by the hokum cannon
being able to move downwards by a large amount). You can only perform
this with about 9000Kg loading anymore and there isn"t enough power to 
perform it.Pitch 100% collective forward 75-80 degrees and turn at the same 
time while ruddering to the opposite direction you are turning open fire . 
Trying it on ground is best if you do it sucessfully manage it your cannon
shells will make tight circles on the ground , It is also possible to perform 
this at lower pitch but much harder and the Hokum orbits much slower .This
makes you an easier target.
Advantages are than many AAA units cannot reach you at 80-90 degrees from
horizontal however it does put you in a predictable movement pattern , since
AAA is based on leading you it can sometimes get you if the AAA is not directly
beneath you. You also should have some backup say some a few left over rockets
so if you run out of cannon shells you can fire those instead.Funnelling with
rockets is good also but only if you have a few left since rockets add weight.
Defeating stealth
The commanche is stealthy which poses problems it reduces radar
ability to detect the comanche 85% when it is in full stealth 
mode so your 1km Hokum radar can only detect the comanche at
1.5km rather close for comfort , even worse the Havoc can only
detect the commanche via radar from 900metres. However the 
stealth only works against radar , if you look out of the cockpit
and see little dots moving against the sky or the terrain and 
there is nothing on your radar , its most likely a comanche 
flight. You can turn off radar and shadow it until you can
get into a situation where you hold all the cards at his 6 o"
clock is best and open fire. You can also lock on using periscope
DTV/FLIR etc , however this points your designators towards
your target and the AI auto reacts (in 1.40C > versions)
of which they will open fire and be detectable as normal.
5.6 Red disadvantages
ATGM missiles need to be guided till impact
It is rare to get posthumous kills from the above
Hokum carries the smallest ATGM load of all four flyable helicopters
Hokum gun has limited traverse
Havoc has only 6km radar range
Reds can only land on carriers at sea Krivak class does not support a 
landing pad like the Oliver hazard Perry class
Low number of rounds in Havoc cannon
Primitive Havoc avionics
Ships are easily distracted from AA activities
Hinds used in insertions are very vulnerable due to low ATGM load (4)
5.7 Red advantages
10Km range (in 1.41C update) in the Hokum can outrange any Blue side
SAM ,AAA and most aircraft missiles as well 
Havoc is the bang for buck with 16 Attakas 40 rockets and 300 cannon
rounds it packs a punch bigger than all other helicopters
Ships are extremely good at artillery barrages
Grison SAM unit is combined short and long range SAM/AAA system which
hard to spoof missiles 
higher top speeds in the Hokum
Ejector seats in Hokum (so less KIA)
Both helicopters and their standard loads can curl missiles (see the
start of section 5.4 for more information)
Most ground units carry anti aircraft guns(less effective in 
1.41C update)
5.8 Blue disadvantages
Comanche carries a small payload in stealth modes
20mm cannon on Comanche is very weak
Apache is by default very sluggish
M1A2 Abrahams are outclassed by T-80Us (due to ATGMs carried by T-80U)
this used to be the other way round as the M1 used to have a gun that
outranged both the ATGMs on the T-80U and the main gun
5.9 Blue advantages
Fire and forget missiles on all platforms
Fire and forget longbow hellfires can get you posthumous kills
Fire and forget missiles are regarded by the AI as air to air as well
Oliver hazard Perry class frigates can be used as rearming bases
Stealth in the Comanche
LOAL firing modes
Commanche only
Using stealth
Keep the radar off you can put wings and weapons on the commanche
and still have 65% stealth +/- 10% the second you fire though you lose all
stealth and become detectable again. So what to do? , keep weapons bays
closed gear up (once you have been detected and decide to bobup wheels
out is fine and helps you bounce off the terrain with less damage)
your radar warning reciever should pick up the locations of enemy vehicles
SAMs and AAA radars at least .You can see them but they cannot see you
Grison in full stealth can only detect you @ 1200 metres .Sneak up onto
them low to the ground then open fire .Its worth while to put laser hellfires
on the wings and radar hellfires in the bay so using them won"t open the
bay and give you away when you start targeting them giving you vital seconds
to attack and escape.Often I have landed on a Grison without it detecting me
as I approached low and fast about 2ft off the ground its guns had not turned
to me yet.
5.91 Comanche vs Hokum
>From the manual
RAH-66 Comanche
Made in the USA not in production yet
Never Exceed Speed 200 kts.
Max Forward Speed 172 kts (318 km/h) 
Max Sideways Speed 60 kts 
Rate Of Climb (at sea level) 260 m/min (850 ft/min) 
Range (internal) 485 km 
Range (ferry) 2,335 km 
Engine Output 2 x 1,563 shp 
Weight Max 5,845 kg
My tried and tested figures (rough)
RAH-66 Comanche            
Never Exceed Speed 170 kts.
Max Forward Speed  155kts &ndash
Max Sideways Speed 25 kts (at high pitch)
Rate Of Climb (at sea level) 260 m/min (850 ft/min) 
Range (internal) NA 
Range (ferry) NA  
Engine Output NA
Weight Max 9400 kg
&ndash= I found that the commanche cannot sustain its max speed
in anything other than a dive even without weapons 
no cannon shells and very little fuel (I left it on autohover
for a while and came back) max speeds you will encounter
are typically 155 knots.
Ka-52 Hokum B
Made in CIS Moscow helicopter plant
Never Exceed Speed 188 kts.
Max Forward Speed  161 kts (298 km/h)
Max Sideways Speed 35 kts
Rate Of Climb 1,574 ft/min
Range (internal) 450 km
Range (ferry) 1,200 km
Engine Output 2 x 2,500 shp
Weight Max 10,800 kg
My figures 
Ka-52 Hokum B
Never Exceed Speed 378 km/h.
Max Forward Speed  374 km/h
Max Sideways Speed 85 kmh
Rate Of Climb 1,574 ft/min
Range (internal) NA
Range (ferry) NA
Engine Output NA
Weight Max 10078 kg
*Top speeds and lift per minute vary with payload
Who is the baddest helicopter of them all? 
My personal preference is the Hokum due to lack of torque first 
time I took her for a spin , with the 10KM radar range you are
never exposed to danger since your outrange nearly all SAMs
and their radars.If you capture a Hokum it is better than all
the red SAM systems also , It also takes lots of hits 
100 or so more than the Comanche (about 10-20 cannon hits)
and has lots of backup intruments and targeting systems.It
has ejector seats too to deny the kills , its weak due to
the limited cannon travel and medium cannon ammunition load.
The right view is blocked by the CPG body and head and 
when it rains the wipers only clean the front.
The Comanche is good but it is hard to land when damaged
due to its instant lift charactoristics and it is quite weak
stealth also wears off the second you open fire so it is not
that useful. If you choose to use full stealth then you will
barely have any weapons not enough for one tank column , and
will have to rely on your wingmen the gun is also very weak 
and takes vital seconds to unfold ,Traveling in anything but
navigation modes you are not stealthy either.Its small landing
gear also does not allow for very hard landings or less
than good landings, the pilot"s view is also blocked by
the CPG"s head.In rain the glass air driers are slow and 
cannot handle heavy rain and when damaged you have no backup
Its a matter of opinion....as both have strengths and weaknesses
"its the pilot who makes it into a weapon " 
Side note -
Its bizzare the speeds are calibrated differently in KMH
and knots
converted the commanche should be able to manage 285kmh
while the Hokum can do 375kmh as displayed on the HUD however
I have noticed that in a Hokum (which is alot faster according
to the cockpit instruments) it is incredibly difficult to catch
up to a comanche cruising away from you.One experience was that I
had to chase a comanche gaining only slightly on it for about 25KM
to get within gun range.Captured en