BitX Cast Player Pro

BitX Cast Player Pro v0.89


BitX Cast Pro can open files that are not even supported by Chromecast, so there are no compatibility issues. Furthermore, it has real time transcoding support, making it as powerful as it gets!
Watch any video stored on your phone in just a click, with no delay.

Enjoy unique features such as:
- Playing any video without any restrictions
- Automatic subtitle preloading, along with manual subtitle adding
- Online video streaming (mp4, webM)

Easily, send your media from your tablet or phone directly to BitX Cast and enjoy endlessly. And while you are watching your videos, we are working to make even more amazing apps, so stay tuned!

We would like to know what you like about it, or simply share some ideas. If there’s anything you would like us to know, send us an email and share your thoughts. Your feedback is much appreciated, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’ll be making awesome apps, such as BitX Torrent Video Player, which we know you like, so feel free to tell us what you think!

Version: 0.89
Größe: 12 MB
Format: APK nach entpacken
Hoster: uploaded / share-online

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