SufferDrivers Sketchbook

Hey everyone. I'm trying to get good. I just got a tablet and have decided to get serious. I'm 32 years old and my whole life I've been a rough sketcher that ruined many a napkin, receipt, envelop or back in school assignment. But I've never been like a real artist that studied. It hurts to study from reference, it's like learning other people's guitar solos to me, just way too tedious. I prefer to just be intuitive and make it up as i go.
I'm trying to paint this picture in photoshop and I'm just having fun with it, thinking about all the cool stuff I liked as a kid. I used to stare at covers and posters for hours and just get lost in them but I knew in my head I couldn't do stuff like that so I never really tried. Just the rough sketches of scoobydoo villains and monsters. Some people like it and some (my wife) think I suck and draw like a 3 year old.
Anyway I am going to try and finish this painting just so I know I can do it and maybe find some motivation to do studies and get better.
Thanks anyone who helps me along the way.

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