Titan Quest - Immortal Throne [Walkthrough]

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne

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                   -   I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L   T.H.R.O.N.E   -
                                               Copyright Mister Sinister, 2007
           This guide is dedicated to my beloved partner, Martyn "Shelfy" Owen 
   CHAPTER 1   - Introduction to the Game
   CHAPTER 2   - Choosing your Character
   CHAPTER 3   - Basic Controls
   CHAPTER 4   - Schools of Training
   CHAPTER 5   - Main Walkthrough
   SECTION 1.0 - Road to Helos
   SECTION 1.1 - A Troubled Village
   SECTION 1.2 - Spartans At War
   SECTION 1.3 - The Words of an Oracle
   SECTION 1.4 - The Source of the Monsters
   SECTION 1.5 - The Battle for Athens
   SECTION 1.6 - The Order of Prometheus
   SECTION 1.7 - Under the Labyrinth
   SECTION 1.8 - The Blindness of the Gods
   SECTION 2.8 - The Blindness of the Gods
   SECTION 2.9 - The Invocation
   SECTION 2.10 - A Telkine in Egypt
   SECTION 2.11 - The Sickle of Kronos
   SECTION 3.11 - The Sickle of Kronos
   SECTION 3.12 - Hunt for the Sickle
   SECTION 3.13 - Journey to the Jade Palace
   SECTION 3.14 - Under Wusao Mountain
   SECTION 3.15 - Olympus
   SECTION 4.16 - A Mysterious Message
   SECTION 4.17 - Medea"s Price
   SECTION 4.18 - The Road to Hades
   SECTION 4.19 - Judgment of the Living
   SECTION 4.20 - The Battle for Elysium
   SECTION 4.21 - The Immortal Throne
   CHAPTER 6   - Skills of the Schools
   CHAPTER 7   - Relics
   CHAPTER 8   - Monster Charms
   CHAPTER 9   - Arcane Formulae
   CHAPTER 10  - Shrines
   CHAPTER 11  - Hero Monsters
   CHAPTER 12  - Side Quests
   CHAPTER 13  - Tips and Tricks
   CHAPTER 14  - Playing on Epic and/or Legendary
   CHAPTER 15  - Acknowledgments
C H A P T E R   O N E                                                CHAPTER 1
I N T R O D U C T I O N   T O   T H E   G A M E
Hello and welcome to my Titan Quest: Immortal Throne FAQ and beginning-to-end
walkthrough.  I hope that you"re able to glean some helpful information from 
this guide, as I certainly enjoyed writing it.  If you do have any helpful 
comments or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me by 
e-mailing me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.  Please note, however, that I DO 
MEAN "helpful" - if you have nothing nice or productive to say then my advice 
is to say nothing at all - it"ll save BOTH of us a lot of hassle, cheers.
So then my cheeky monkeys, let"s get stared shall we ??  First, a brief 
overview of the game ...
Titan Quest (and its Immortal Throne Expansion Pack) are simple-interface, 
third-person perspective hack "n slash game, which could best (without wanting
to sound like it is a clone or similar) be alikened to any of the Diablo 
games, but with better levels of animation throughout.  If you like Diablo
or the Diablo series, I"d bet my bottom dollar you"ll love this game.
The focus of the game is on arcade-style hack "n slash fun, with you being
thrown IMMEDIATELY into the fray, so if you"re expecting something even 
REMOTELY similar to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ?  STAY AWAY !!  If you"re into
simple interfaces and hours of guttural laughter from slaying troops en masse ?
GO GET A COPY NOW !!!!!! :)
You begin by customising your character from a limited number of options, or
importing a previously saved character if you have already played through
Titan Quest, and just installed the Immortal Throne Expansion Pack, and
set off on the road to fame, fortune and glory, travelling the ancient world
and stopping off at the holiday hotspots such as Delphi, Athens, the Nile, 
Giza, and the Great Wall of China.
Naturally you will be meeting all manner of beasts and characters from the 
myths of the ancient world along the way, and one of the most refreshing 
things about Titan Quest is the fact that anybody that"s read up on any of a 
number of myths of the ancient world, will find something they find familiar
in this game AND, it must be said, something which has been given an 
appropriate level of attention by the game"s developers.  EVERYTHING in this
game is graphically beautiful.
So !  Without further ado, let"s get crackin" !!
M A I N   M E N U
The main menu of Titan Quest (and Immortal Throne, although from this point
on I am going to make life easier and just refer to it as "Titan Quest") 
provides you with the following options :-
   * Play Titan Quest
     Begins a Titan Quest "Main" Game (i.e. the game"s main storyline)
   * Play Custom Quest
     Starts a Titan Quest "Custom" Game (e.g. a map created by a third party)
   * Options
     Tweak a number of graphics, sound and gameplay options amongst others
   * Credits
     Plays the game"s credits (but you get cooler music if you beat the game)
   * Updates
     Checks for (and downloads) any updates/patches etc.
   * Exit
     Returns to Windows
I am going to take it as read that you are going to be pressing the Play Titan
Quest button ... as that"s what I"m about to do.
C H A P T E R   T W O                                                CHAPTER 2
C H O O S I N G   Y O U R   C H A R A C T E R
So !  We"re ready to begin a Titan Quest "Main" Game eh ?  Fair play !
Whilst it would only be natural to draw comparisons between this game and its
peers (mainly the Diablo series), I am going to avoid doing so, on the basis
that you as a reader might not have played any of the Diablo games - therefore
the Diablo commends stop NOW, ok ?  I mean it now - no more ... :)
If you click on the "Create" button, you will be taken to the character 
creation screen.
The options for customising your character are initially really quite limited,
which you may find to be a bit stifling, but stick with it - it does get MUCH
much better.
To start with, you get a choice of :-
   1)  What you want your character"s name to be (up to 14 characters);
   2)  Whether you want a male or female character; and
   3)  What colour you want your character"s tunic to be.  You can pick from
       either:- White, Tan, Teal, Grey or Rose
You can also see on the right-hand side of the screen that you have a couple
of options for the TYPE of game you"d like to play ... you can play a Single
Player game (which is what we are going to do together ... if you want of 
course ...), or you can either join, or host, a multi-player game.
C H A P T E R   T H R E E                                            CHAPTER 3
B A S I C   C O N T R O L S
So !  Once you"ve started the game you will very very quickly realise just how
simple it is to play your character in the game.  Very simply put, the control
method is as follows :-
M O U S E   C O N T R O L S
Nb "left-attack" and "right-attack" are whatever attacks or commands have 
been mapped to the corresponding buttons on the mouse, and you WILL wind up
changing these periodically as you play - however, to begin with they are :-
Left-click    - Move/Attack target with left-attack/Pick up item
Right-click   - Use right-attack at given location
K E Y B O A R D   S H O R T C U T S
Alt           - Highlights all undamaged items on the ground
C             - Calls up the Character Screen
D (with item) - With an item raised, D drops the item on the ground
Q             - Calls up your quests screen with details of all current quests
S             - Calls up your skills screen
W             - Changes your active weapon from 1 to 2 (and back if hit again)
Z             - Highlights all damaged items on the ground
I have given directions throughout this guide in accordance with the way that
was prevalent when I was a child - i.e. go north-west of this, or south-east
of that ...
Therefore I am going to draw you a little compass, just to make sure that we
are all familiar with which way I consider north on the screen to be.  This
may sound childish, but as the game is angled, it will make your life a lot
easier, believe me ;)
                 NORTH-WEST        ^        NORTH-EAST
                       .          /¦          .
                          .        ¦        .
                             .     ¦     .
                                .  ¦  .
            WEST <--------------- YOU ----------------> EAST
                                .     .
                             .     ¦     .
                          .        ¦        .
                       .          ¦/          .
                 SOUTH-WEST        V        SOUTH-EAST

C H A P T E R   F O U R                                              CHAPTER 4
S C H O O L S   O F   T R A I N I N G
Once you reach level 2, you can choose a school of training.  Consider this a
character class for your player.  There are NINE schools of training to pick
from - eight in regular Titan Quest, and nine in Immortal Throne.
Once you have chosen a school, however, you CANNOT undo it (without cheating).
You can pick a SECOND school of training at level 8, and it is your choice of
training schools which determines your ultimate character class, as you can
either stick with the one school, or pick up a second one at level 8 or any
point thereafter.
There are MANY classes to choose from, and a full list follows.  To begin with
however, here are the nine schools of training :-
     1) STORM
        The Storm School handles two main elements - air and water.  Its skills
        include the ability to slow or freeze enemies, call lightning, summon
        a wisp, fire shards of ice, interrupt other spellcasters and so on.
     2) EARTH
        The Earth School handles two main elements - fire and earth.  Its 
        skills include the ability to burn and surround yourself in rock for
        better defence, fire blasts and bombs of fire, create volcanoes under
        your enemies, summon a golem to aid you, and so on.
     3) WARFARE
        The Warfare school represents absolute mastery in hand-to-hand combat.
        Its students learn how to wield two weapons at the same time, as well
        as how to channel their rage into their attacks, augmenting their
        strength, accuracy, power and so on.
     4) SPIRIT
        Necromancy, plain and simple - the Spirit-master"s powers focus on 
        causing pain and sorrow, attacking the minds and souls of their foes.
        They can summon the powerful Liche King, as well as a Spirit-creature 
        of sorts, called the Outlander.
     5) DEFENCE
        Defence students are taught the most effective use of armour and 
        shields.  They have a couple of skills that are similar to those of
        the warfare school, including how to funnel their rage into their 
        strikes, but their dominant focus is on safety and defence, rather 
        than offensive power.
     6) NATURE
        Those that walk the path of nature are skilled in healing, and 
        communing with nature"s beasts.  They can summon wolves and the fierce
        and reliable nymph to their aid, and can augment their power in combat
        through auras.
     7) HUNTING
        Hunting focuses almost exclusively on the effective use of a bow and
        arrows to target and eliminate enemies.  Skills include augmenting 
        the character"s arrows so that they penetrate enemies and strike those
        behind them, or shatter upon impact to do burst damage.
     8) ROGUE; and
        The rogue is a master of stealth and cunning, relying on powders, 
        poisons, traps and assassin-style attacks for their strikes.  Their 
        ability to coat their weapons with venom enables them to do more 
        damage, and their lethal strike power lets them HUGELY increase the
        power of a single attack ... fire it up and watch for yourself !!
     9) DREAM
        Whilst this may sound rather biff, being able to control dreams DOES
        have a number of advantages.  You could dream kinky dreams, or dream
        you win the lottery every night !!  Ok sorry I know ... the Dream 
        school enables you to dominate the minds of your enemies, so it gives
        you powers like sending your enemies to sleep (no joke), bending time
        to increase your reflex-speeds, creating auras to augment your power,
        summoning a nightmare to aid you, teleporting to strike your enemies,
        and so on.
Here is a short list of the possible character classes that you can create, by
mixing different spheres of training :-
Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class .¦. Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class
 STORM        -       STORMCALLER      ¦   DEFENCE       -      DEFENDER
 STORM     HUNTING    SAGE             ¦   DEFENCE   ROGUE      CORSAIR
Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class .¦. Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class
 EARTH        -       PYROMANCER       ¦   NATURE       -       WANDERER
 EARTH     DREAM      EVOKER           ¦   NATURE    EARTH      SUMMONER  
Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class .¦. Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class
 WARFARE      -       WARRIOR          ¦   HUNTING      -       HUNTER
Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class .¦. Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class
 SPIRIT       -       THEURGIST        ¦   ROGUE        -       ROGUE
 SPIRIT    EARTH      CONJURER         ¦   ROGUE     SPIRIT     WARLOCK    
 SPIRIT    STORM      ORACLE           ¦   ROGUE     WARFARE    ASSASSIN   
                  ¦ Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 = Character Class ¦
                     DREAM        -       SEER
                     DREAM     SPIRIT     DIVINER
                     DREAM     WARFARE    HARBINGER
                     DREAM     EARTH      EVOKER
                     DREAM     STORM      PROPHET
                     DREAM     DEFENCE    TEMPLAR
                     DREAM     NATURE     RITUALIST
                     DREAM     HUNTING    HARUSPEX
                     DREAM     ROGUE      DREAMKILLER
I shall go into considerably more detail on each school when you get to 
Chapter Six: Skills of the Schools. 
C H A P T E R   F I V E                                              CHAPTER 5
M A I N   W A L K T H R O U G H
   We begin the game on the road to Helos.  Where is Helos you might ask ?
   Buggered if I know I might answer ...
   The first time you do any of a given number of actions in Titan Quest, a 
   very helpful little side panel will swing onto your screen from the right-
   hand side, to tell you a little bit about what you need to do.  The first
   thing that will happen if you move towards Corythus the Boat-hand, who is
   standing beside you, is the game will tell you about :-
   Whilst diplomacy is not a hugely important factor in wielding a sword and
   cutting the heads off monsters, there are a number of times when it is 
   both appropriate AND wise to speak to people.  To help you discern the 
   worthwhile from the chav, you can see which characters you are able to 
   interact with, by looking for either a golden exclamation mark, or a golden
   rhombus above their heads.  The exclamation mark denotes a quest character,
   i.e. somebody that will either have information for you relating to the 
   ongoing MAIN quests of the game, or who may have a side-quest to give you,
   The people with the rhombuses are just going to talk a lot of plop to be
   honest, but it"s nice to speak to one or two of them from time to time, as
   they do have the odd story to tell.
   Once you have exhausted the dialogue opportunities with any of the peeples
   you meet in the game, the respective icon above their heads will go grey.
   Continue down the road aways, and you will meet Timaeus, the Poor Farmer.
   As you will see, Timaeus has an exclamation mark over his head, as would I
   if I was wearing clothes like THAT, but hey !  Who cares.
   If you speak to Timaeus you will get your first quest.  This is the start
   of the main quest in the game, and it goes a little something like this ...
   Timaeus (a poor farmer) says that his village, Helos, is having trouble 
   dealing with a group of monsters that assail it.  First and foremost 
   however, he appears to be having trouble with his horse, which a group of
   monsters are about to slay.  The plough-horse is his only possession, and
   without it he cannot make a living.  OK OK !  I get the picture !!  We"ll
   save your bloody horse.
   Head into the adjacent field and kill the ravenous boar and two satyrs 
   that are trying to kill the horse.  They won"t attack you (just to make
   sure your first few kills are easy enough) ;)
   Once you"re done with the monsters, hold the ALT key on your keyboard and
   you will see that they"ve dropped some items.  Pick up whatever they"ve
   left and, if it"s a weapon, call up your character screen by pressing the
   C button, and click on the little green "II" above, and to the right, of
   your current weapon.  This will activate your second set of weapons.  Just
   drop whatever weapon you"ve picked up (if any) into this second weapon
   slot, and then you can chop-and-change between your two different sets of
   weapons by pressing the W key on your keyboard.
   Once Timaeus has been reunited with his plough-horse, you can continue 
   on down the road to Helos.  Once you arrive, dispose of the five satyrs 
   that are assaulting the town"s militia at the entrance to Helos, and then 
   head on in.
   Incidentally, five is a very significant number in Titan Quest, as five is
   generally-speaking the number of monsters that form what I shall be 
   referring-to from this point on as a "group" of monsters.
   Once you enter the village of Helos you will encounter your first 
   rebirth fountain.
   Rebirth fountains are REALLY cool - all you need to do is walk NEAR
   one - not even right up to it, and it will activate itself.  A rebirth 
   fountain is effectively a marker which serves to respawn your character
   in the ... hopefully unlikely but possible event of their death.
   If you find another rebirth fountain in the wilderness or another city,
   and you will I assure you, then just walk up to it, and it will replace
   the previous fountain (or marker) as your latest respawn point.
   Just remember AT ALL TIMES that revisiting areas you have already been 
   to CAN be a bit of a pain in the arse, ESPECIALLY if you have already
   activated a rebirth fountain further on in the game, as if you have 
   missed a rebirth fountain in an earlier part of the game, you stand a
   chance of activating it if you come close to it, and this would see 
   your *later* rebirth fountain overwritten by this earlier one ...
   ... and that would suck ...
                                            ... a lot ...
   That being said, once a rebirth fountain has been overwritten by another
   one, it can only be REactivated by clicking on it with the left-mouse
   One other thing I should mention about dying and being respawned, is 
   that you WILL lose some experience points if you die and come back.
   The higher your level, the more XP you will lose when you are brought
   back to a rebirth fountain after death.  HOWEVER, when you die (in 
   Immortal Throne at least - this doesn"t happen in plain old Titan Quest),
   a gravestone will appear at the site of your death.  If you click on the
   gravestone, it will sink into the ground and you will regain SOME of the
   experience points you lost when you died.  HOWEVER, if you are really
   quick you can click on the gravestone AS IT IS SINKING, to gain 2, 3 or
   even sometimes FOUR times the experience you might have lost ... this
   is a glitch in the game, and one I expect you to exploit to the MAX, ok ??
   In the village of Helos you will find :-
   MIDIAS - a villager who explains the function of rebirth fountains for
            your benefit ... if you HAVEN"T been paying attention that is.
   AESON  - Guard Captain - distressed that the Shaman leading the tribe
            of monsters that dwell nearby is overrunning the defences of
            the town and destroying its farmlands.
   IOLAUS - Storyteller, who recounts the tale of Herakles and many of his
            twelve labours.
   EUMOLPUS - Old Farmer, whom you cannot speak with at the outset.  He does
            congratulate you for saving Helos" farms and the livelihoods of 
            its citizens, once you have completed Diomedes" quest, however.
   HESIONE - a villager who is, to be honest, a bit of a pessimist.  She
            is upset about the wholesale destruction of the town"s crops 
            and begs you to speak with Diomedes.
   LACHES - a villager who explains the function of portal shrines, which
            we will get onto in a few moments.
   LYERSES - Lookout, who will allow you to leave the town, but urges you
            to speak with Diomedes (if you have not already done so) to 
            sort out the problems in Helos, before moving onwards.
   DIOMEDES - Elder of Helos.  Diomedes is the head honcho in the little 
              village of Helos, and proud of it.  Unfortunately, however,
              he has a problem.  His village is being overrun by monsters
              led by a satyr shaman.  He says they have nobody to defend
              them against the monsters, and he implores you to help him.
              Diomedes updates your main quest with a call for you to 
              "find and defeat the satyr shaman".
              For the sake of consistency, I"m going to finish exploring 
              the town of Helos before helping Diomedes in his quest.
              Incidentally, as soon as you have spoken with Diomedes, a group
              of satyr"s rushes the bridge to his north, so you should help 
              the villagers fend them off before exploring further.
   A quick word or two about merchants.  They come in three fruity flavours
   First off we have Blacksmiths, who specialise in weapons and armour.  
   Then come Arcanists, who focus on selling items that are of use to the
   mages amongst you, and then you find Traders, who are quite happy to sell
   whatever they can get their hands on.
   When you are dealing with a merchant, you can move the mouse over any 
   item he or she is selling.  If the mouse cursor changes to a red no go 
   sign over a purse, it means you cannot afford to purchase the item with
   the amount of gold you currently possess.  If the item is depicted on a
   red background, you cannot use it for one of a number of possible 
   reasons, including :-
      Your character is not of a high enough level;
      Your character is not strong enough to wield the item;
      Your character is too stupid to understand HOW to use the item; or
      Your character is a clutz, and wouldn"t be able to wield it anyhow.
   Helpfully, when wanded, the game will automatically provide you with a 
   description of the item you are interested in, and how it compares with 
   any item/s you are currently carrying that might be replaced by it.  E.g.
   If you wand a necklace, the stats for that necklace are brought up on
   screen, as are the stats for any necklace that you are currently wearing.
   Another REALLY cool thing about merchants is that you can buy and sell
   from them at the same price during a given transaction, MEANING if you
   inadvertently sell them something and think "Sh!t !!  I didn"t mean to
   sell that - I NEED IT BACK oh PLEASE sell it to me PLEASE", then rather
   than turning around to you and saying "Sure !!  AT THREE THOUSAND TIMES
   will just turn around and say "hokay", and will sell you whatever, at
   the same price it was when the original transaction took place.
   Similarly, items which you sell are placed in a separate screen, meaning
   that you can easily see what you"ve sold the merchant, and can buy it
   back from them quickly and easily ...
   If you quit the merchant screen and come back, however, you will have to
   pay full-whack for whatever you have parted with.
   Problems arise where you"re selling HEAPS of stuff to a merchant (which
   will happen later on in the game), as the amount of space they have to
   store the stuff YOU sell them will wind up being less than the amount
   of space you have to sell them items from, and so items in their "what you
   have sold me" screen will be overwritten.
   ... confused ?  I have more !!  STICK AROUND ;) 
   ENCHANTERS are another additional type of character that are only present
   in Immortal Throne and not Titan Quest, but as there are none in Helos,
   we shall come to them in due course.
   MYSTICS are a further type of character that are only present in Immortal 
   Throne and not Titan Quest.  As with Enchanters, there are none in Helos,
   so I shall discuss them at an appropriate time.
   CARAVAN DRIVERS are KICKASS.  They will hold items for you, so that you
   don"t have to carry them around with you all the time, and so that you 
   don"t run the risk of losing them by leaving them on the ground.  You can
   purchase additional space from caravan drivers in two blocks.  First block
   you get for free - the first ADDITIONAL block you buy will cost you 10,000
   GP, and the SECOND additional block of space you buy will cost you 500,000
   Caravan Drivers also give you access to what is called a "Transfer Area".
   You can use the transfer area to transfer items between ANY character in
   Titan Quest, and your character.  So if you pick something up and think 
   "I can"t really use this, but character (x) can", then put it in the 
   transfer area, load up character (x), go to the nearest caravan driver and
   voila !!
   Caravan Drivers are only present in Immortal Throne, not Titan Quest.
   In the village of Helos you will find the following merchants and caravan
   drivers :-
   CARCINUS - Trader
   ERATODES - Caravan Driver
   If you venture to the south of Carcinus and Eratodes, you will find the 
   villager Laches, standing beside a set of steps leading up to a circular
   platform, encircled by statues.  This is what is called a 
   Portal Shrines are designed to enable you to quickly travel to areas that
   you have been to previously.  Similar to rebirth fountains (and Sharon 
   Stone), all you need to do to turn one on is walk up to it, and the rest
   will happen for you.  Once activated, Portal Shrines can never be turned
   off, and you will be able to teleport back to this location whenever you
   Once you have activated your first portal shrine, you may press the L key
   on your keyboard AT ANY TIME during play to call up a personal teleport
   gate, which you can use to travel to any of the portal shrines you have
   activated in the entire game.
   Once you are done in whatever town/s you travel to, you may teleport back
   to the exact location you created the teleport gate in.  HOWEVER, if you 
   are slain, your teleport gate is automatically closed, which is a REAL 
   bugger, but nevermind.
   So !  Now that we have explored Helos, let"s go and sort out Diomedes"
   problem, shall we ?
   Head from Diomedes northwards, over the bridge, taking note that the two
   torches on either side of the bridge light up as you pass by them.  This is
   another significant thing in Titan Quest, as torches like this, which light
   up when you pass them ?  Are a sure sign that you are going the right way.
   Always remember that, as otherwise there are times when you might get a 
   tad lost exploring, and not know which way to go - it"s happened to me 
   before I must admit !!
   So, back to the plot.  Once over the bridge, keep heading to the north, 
   through the Helos Farmlands and into the Helos Woods, slaying the satyr"s, 
   crows and boar that you encounter en route.  Left-click on any chests you
   may find on the way and pilfer their contents, and REMEMBER to keep using
   the ALT key to pick up those items that your enemies drop.
   If (and it is very unlikely this will happen, but if) you fill your whole
   inventory during this mission, press the L key and teleport back to Helos.
   Sell your unwanted items to Carcinus, and then use the portal shrine in
   Helos to teleport back to where you were and carry on.
   If you encounter any obelisks in the wilderness - they may take a number of
   forms, from crumbling blocks of stone to warped sculptured pieces of marble,
   (but all of them will have a glowing light above them), these are called
   Shrines give temporary benefits to the player once they are activated.  A 
   full list of shrines can be found in Chapter Ten: Shrines.  For now all you
   need to know is that some shrines give immediate bonuses, such as full 
   health recharge, and others give duration-based bonuses, such as better xp
   gains from kills for a given period of time, or the ability to slow down
   your enemies with frost, giving you substantial benefits in combat.
   Simply left-click on a shrine to use it.  Some shrines recharge themselves
   over time, but there is no point in waiting around for one to do so, trust
   me ;)
   Once you find the Shaman you will see that he immediately begins to bombard
   you with magic spells from afar.  He has two main types of attack :-
   A) A fiery blast which he unleashes from his staff - it looks like a little
      red flaming arrow; and
   B) A flaming bomb which he lobs at you.
   Stick and move - avoid his attacks whilst despatching his followers, who 
   are a combination of satyr archers and regular satyr"s, and then close in
   for the kill once those have been despatched.
   Ordinarily there are two shrines in the area occupied by the Shaman - one
   to the west, and one to the south - use those if you need to.
   Once he has fallen to your might, open the chest behind him, grab the loot,
   and either portal back to the town if you cannot carry it all in one go, or
   walk back to town if you can.
   Speak with Diomedes to earn your reward - 1000 GP, and 150 XP (on normal
   difficulty), and a further plea for you to go and plead with General 
   Leonidas of Sparta to despatch a small platoon of soldiers to help protect
   Helos against further assault.
   I AM NOT YOUR ERRAND BOY !!!!!  *Sinister pouts when he realises that he 
   cannot cleave Diomedes" arms from his body for the IMPUDENCE of his request*
   And so we"re off !  Helos having been spared a sure thrashing at the hands
   of the satyr shaman and his horde, we can carry on in search of Sparta.
   The Main Quests screen tells us that we will need to travel through Laconia
   in order to get to Sparta, so what are we waiting for ??
   As you leave Helos a shepherd named Nicostratus will come running towards
   you and pause for breath, the weight of the exclamation mark on his head
   obviously too much to bear.  Speak with Nicostratus, and he will tell you
   that his friend Tellis has been kidnapped by monsters whilst the two of them
   were leading their flocks home, and that he now resides in a cave by the 
   road.  You have just picked up the Monstrous Brigands Quest (your first 
   side quest).
   Side quests are incidental quests that are not necessary in order for you
   to continue through the main quest.  They do, however, very often lead to
   your receiving MASSIVE bonuses for completing them, so I shall guide you
   through each of the side quests in the game, and show you how to complete
   each one in the most expedient manner possible.  Please note that, as with
   the main quest, I shall detail what you get as a reward for completing 
   the quest on normal difficulty.  For details of your rewards on Epic and
   Legendary difficulties, please see Chapter Twelve: Side Quests.
   To find tellis, simply follow the road from Helos aways, and you will come
   to a cave with two Satyr Trappers standing outside it.  As you approach, 
   they will leg it inside.  Follow them, slay ALL in the cave, and at the 
   back you will find tellis, huddled in a corner poor lad.  He"s the one
   with his knees knocking together, just in case you WEREN"T sure ;)
   Speak with tellis to gain your reward - a piece of magical jewellery, and
   300 XP.
   If you wish, you may go back to Helos (I would suggest teleporting there),
   to speak with Nicostratus - however all he has for you is a thank you.
   Leave the cave where tellis is, and head further down the road.  You will
   pass a rebirth fountain and a set of torches as you go.
   You are now entering the Laconia Woods.  Stay on the road, and follow it 
   to the north-east.  You will find that you walk past a battered cart and
   by a rudimentary gate that leads into a clearing with a load of sawn trees
   piled up high.  Go in there, and slay the satyrs there.  You will find 
   they are attacking a man who stands alone, cowering under their assault.
   Once you have freed the man, speak with him.  His name is Lycus, the 
   Labourer, and he is most grateful to have been freed.
   Having saved Lycus, you have earned yourself 300 XP, and 1500 GP.  Well 
   done !!  You"ll be saving up for that pension in NO time.
   Return to the main road, and keep following it to the north.  Keep going
   all the way to the north, past another set of torches and to the next 
   rebirth fountain.
   Just past that rebirth fountain you will see a traveller named Euphadimus,
   who is standing scratching his head, next to his two oxen.  Speak with him.
   Euphadimus is trying to get precious medicines to his hometown of Tegea, to
   help combat a strange illness that afflicts the people there.  However, his
   path north is blocked by a satyr brute, and his entourage who are attacking
   any who pass.
   Head to the north and despatch this group of ruffians, taking special care
   with the satyr brute, as he has considerably more health than his lower-
   ranking satyr counterparts.
   Once you have slain them and raided their bodies, return to Euphadimus for
   your reward, being 350 XP, three lesser health potions and the full 
   restoration of your health and energy.
   Follow the road to the north again, and keep following it as it turns 90 
   degrees to the east.  You will come upon Theages - a Spartan Peasant, who
   appears to have something important to say.  Speak with him.
   It turns out that Theages" daughter"s wedding dowry has been stolen by a
   group of monsters who trashed his cart and pegged it.  A hit and run !!!
   Travel to the north-east of Theages and into the Natural Cave that you
   can see on your compass - it"s a black hole in a red circle ?
   Once inside, explore and retrieve the dowry necklace from the monster 
   that is holding it.
   Return the necklace to Theages and you will earn, not only his gratitude,
   but also 400 XP, and a random essence.
   You have just been given, quite possibly your first relic.  Relics are 
   shards of a God"s power, which you will only ever encounter in pieces.
   Three pieces make one complete relic.  On normal difficulty these 
   pieces are called "essences", such as the Essence of the Valour of 
   Achilles, or the Essence of Zeus" Thunderbolt.
   Each relic can be used, even if you only wield 1/3 or 2/3 of a completed
   one, by infusing its power with whatever type of weapon or armour the 
   relic purports to work with, so for example the Essence of Archimedes" 
   Mirror will only work on shields, whereas the Essence of Artemis" Bowstring
   will work on bows only.
   To use a relic, and PLEASE bear in mind that once used it can only be 
   retrieved by visiting an Enchanter (and Enchanters are only available in
   Immortal Throne - NOT regular Titan Quest), simply right-click on it, and 
   then left-click on the item you wish to attach the relic to.
   If you have attached, say, 1/3 of a relic to an item, and you them come 
   upon another 1/3 of the same relic, you can add that to the same item, to
   make the relic in the item 2/3 of the completed relic, and so on.
   The more pieces of a relic you combine, the stronger the relic becomes.
   Three pieces of a relic make it a completed relic, giving you an ADDITIONAL
   bonus (woohoo !!)
   Monster Charms function exactly the same as relics, but they have to be
   assembled in groups of FIVE rather than THREE.
   You can either keep the relic you have just received, or use it to 
   augment the power of something you are carrying.
   For a complete list of relics and their powers, see Chapters Seven: Relics
   and Eight: Monster Charms.
   Continue north, and follow the road as it curves north-west, until you
   reach the next rebirth fountain and set of torches.  The wayfarer 
   Parmenides is standing by the roadside, and if you talk to him, he will
   tell you that you are on the right road to get to the Spartan War Camp,
   which is just a bit further on.
   Cheers mate !!
   Cross the bridge and you come to "Spartan Road", which you should follow
   to the north until you get to the Spartan Camp.   Be warned that straying
   from the road will get you attacked by skeletons, who are buried near 
   the Spartan Road.
   As you approach the Spartan War Camp you will see a small army of Satyrs
   and Satyr Brutes set upon the Spartans.
   Have you watched 300 ?  These monkeys don"t stand a CHANCE, but I"m sure
   it might endear you to the Spartans to help them out a bit if you fancy 
   Situations like this are generally very useful ones, as your enemies are,
   for the most part, more interested in what they are doing (i.e. attacking
   the Spartans at this time) than fighting you, making them easy pickings
   for bows and magic-users.  Easy XP ;)
   Once you have helped fend off the attack on the camp, go in.
   * There is a rebirth fountain in the Spartan War-Camp
   * There is a Portal Shrine in the Spartan War-Camp
   PARALUS - Spartan Soldier who tells you that Leonidas is in the camp, but
            that he doesn"t speak with those who are not invited.  Hmmmmm.
   CLEIPPIDES - Spartan Veteran who says that the monsters you are facing are
            arguably more fearsome than the Macedonians and the Persians the
            Spartans have faced before, as they yield only to death.
   CEPHISUS - Young soldier who only joined the Spartan Army today, bless
            him.  He seems eager for combat.
   AGATHON - Spartan Watch.  You cannot speak with him at the present time.
            You WILL, however, be able to speak with him once Leonidas and
            Brasidas have moved off for Athens in a lil while, and he will
            direct you to Athens if you wish to speak with them again.
   DASCYLUS - Spartan Soldier who has the utmost faith in General Leonidas, 
            but who worries that the Spartans may not be able to defeat their
            beastly enemies.
   BRASIDAS - Leonidas" Guard.  Brasidas has a task for you to complete 
            before he will let you speak with his master Leonidas.  You
            must find and slay the Centaur Nessus, to demonstrate your 
   LEONIDAS - Spartan General.  Much like his portrayal in the OH so cool
            300, Leonidas doesn"t have time to waste with those people that
            are not worthy of his audience.
   EUTHYCLES - Melancholic Spartan who is concerned for his friend and great
            idol Hippias.  Hippias has wandered off and not returned since
            morning, and Euthycles is worried that something may have 
            happened to him.  He asks you to go in search of him.
   Enchanters are the first new type of businessmen that I referred to earlier
   on in this guide.  They are only available for treating with in the 
   Immortal Throne Expansion Pack, and serve TWO very useful functions.
   Firstly, Enchanters are the only people that can craft Artifacts for you.
   You see on your character portrait screen the inventory slot in the bottom
   left-hand side ?  That is for an Artifact - an item of great power that
   you can only wield one of at a time, but which will give you BIG bonuses.
   For full details of Artifacts and artifact creation, see Chapter Nine: 
   Arcane Formulae.
   Secondly, Enchanters can separate items and relics, so if you have put a
   relic in an item and later decide that you want it, or the item, back,
   you can ask an Enchanter (upon payment of usually a RATHER large sum of
   money) to separate them.  HOWEVER there is a catch, as you can only 
   retain either the item, or the relic, so choose very carefully ;)
   This is the quest you get from Euthycles, and it is deceptively simple.
   All you have to do is to leave the Spartan War-Camp by heading due east
   of Euthycles, and keep heading east until you reach an impassable mountain
   face.  Head north (through a satyr encampment) and follow the mountain
   around to the east and you will find Hippias, who is resting, sitting
   on a rock, surrounded by dead bodies (don"t forget to loot them - just 
   because you didn"t kill them doesn"t mean you can"t benefit from their 
   slaughter - muahahahahahaaaaaar).
   Once you have spoken with Hippias you will need to return to the Spartan
   War-Camp to let Euthycles know that he is alright - however I personally
   always take out Nessus first, so that I can return to the War-Camp and 
   kill two birds with one stone, so-to-speak.  However, once you DO go and
   speak with Euthycles, you will be rewarded 2000 GP, and 500 XP.
   Brasidas asks you to despatch the Centaur Nessus, as the Spartans do not
   have the resources to send after him at the present time.  He says that
   Nessus runs wild in the Pellana Valley, and that slaying him is the only
   way you will be able to gain an audience with General Leonidas.
   Nessus isn"t running wild at all - he"s actually staying put to the north-
   west of Hippias.  If you have found Hippias before going to find Nessus,
   you will actually see a marker directing you to Nessus on your compass
   from where Hippias is.  Nessus is identified at the yellow circle with the
   black exclamation mark in it ;)
   Nessus is NOT an easy boss to fight - however I am going to teach you a 
   ALL bosses in Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne Expansion Pack are 
   limited insofar as how far from their starting point they are able to 
   move.  If you are finding any boss particularly difficult to slay, simply
   (I hate to say retreat so I"ll say) fall back until they stop, turn around
   and go back towards their starting point.
   You can then walk towards them again, and they will turn around and move
   towards you again.  Step back again and they will turn around and move
   away again.  You can use this dizzying tactic to easily despatch most of
   the bosses in the game.  Yes, it may be BIFF, but trust me when you"re
   fighting Cerberus on Legendary Difficulty, you WILL thank me ;)
   So !  Nessus is difficult for three reasons :-
   1)  He"s a centaur, so he can run like he"s in the Grand National;
   2)  He"s got a small contingent of centaurs to help him out, so he has
       safety in numbers; and
   3)  As a boss, he"s really quite tough !!
   Once Nessus has been slain (and please do remember my dizzying tactic, as
   it will save you no end of desk-slamming and monitor-headbutting in the 
   long-run), investigate the rest of his encampment before returning to the
   Spartan War-Camp to speak with Brasidas (and, hopefully now, Leonidas).
   There is a Majestic Chest behind where Nessus was standing, which will
   be FILLED with goodies.  There are also three further chests to the north 
   of where the Majestic Chest lies.
   Sometimes if you come back after completing the game to battle old bosses
   like Nessus, you will find that the programmers have put in (I do not know
   whether this is intentionally or by mistake) duplicate Majestic Chests,
   so you get DOUBLE the goodies - all random of course, but double the 
   goodies nonetheless !! :)
   Once you have done raiding the Centaur Camp, TELEPORT (don"t walk) to the
   Spartan War-Camp and speak with Brasidas who, true to his word, will now
   allow you through to speak with General Leonidas.
   Leonidas praises your skill in battle, and agrees to send a few of his 
   warriors to defend Helos.  He says that he is not impressed that it is 
   those people that once mocked his army that now cry for their help.
   He suggests that you venture to Delphi to consult the Oracle there, to 
   learn where the monsters are coming from.  He tells you to stop at 
   Megara and speak with his friend Timon, who will help you locate a proper
   offering to give to the Oracle, in order to secure an audience.
   It would appear our business with the noble Spartans is done for now.
   If you teleport back to the Centaur Camp, and head, not back into the
   camp, but north outside the camp if that makes sense - i.e. north of the
   entrance gate, but outside the camp, then you will pass between two rocks.
   Continue north, and you will see a pair of torches, and the Spartan Sentry
   Aeacus standing by them.  Speak with him to learn that you are now on the
   right road to reach (ultimately) Delphi.  He says you must pass through
   Megara, and head up the coast to reach Delphi.  Result !! :)
   Follow the road to the north and, when you run out of road, head north-
   west towards the rebirth fountain that you will see on your compass.
   From the rebirth fountain, keep heading north until you reach a set of 
   satyr encampments, and then head from there, see that rebirth fountain
   on your compass ?  The one in the north-east ?  Well you"re actually
   going to have to go SOUTH-east to get to it, so follow the rudimentary
   path around and to the south-east of the satyr encampments, and you will
   enter the Mycenean Ruins.  You do not need to explore the Mycenean Ruins,
   you need merely to get through them, which you can do by hugging the 
   mountain wall that leads to the north - however if you DO choose to 
   explore the Mycenean Ruins, then I would ask you to please BEWARE, as    
   it is a burial ground, and it is CHOCK-FULL of undead bad guys.
   Since they are almost all buried, you won"t see them until you get close
   enough for them to try and ambush you.  Sinister says try and avoid 
   running into the ruins - take things step-by-step, and take out your
   enemies wave-by-wave if you wish to explore the area.
   At the back of the Mycenean Ruins (through the horde of undead warriors)
   is a single-level ancient tomb for you to explore.
   This sound REALLY specific, but it applies to any type of tomb that you
   may encounter inside a burial chamber.
   When you open a tomb, sepulchre, or whatever it is called in the burial
   chamber you are exploring, you will hear one of TWO noises.  The first 
   is a noise which sounds like a stone slab being slid off the top of a 
   burial casket.  This noise means the sepulchre is not trapped, and you
   may take whatever is inside it.
   If, however, you hear a noise which sounds like a clicking noise ?  Like
   a switch being depressed ?  RUN AWAY.  You have activated a trap, and 
   should stand well clear of the sepulchre until the trap has gone off.
   There are four types of trap you can activate in Titan Quest :-
   A)  Gas Trap (longest duration - stay WELL back or be poisoned)
   B)  Frost Trap (does frost damage - stand back)
   C)  Fire Trap (does burning damage - stand back)
   D)  Lightning Trap (does lightning damage - stand back)
   Sorry for the rather imaginative descriptions of those traps, but they
   ARE pretty self-explanatory (!!).
   Once you have either circumvented or explored the Mycenean Ruins, head 
   north to the rebirth fountain, and torches, and past them into the 
   Spartan Woods.
   From entering the woods, head west-north-west and keep going up until you
   reach the entrance to the Village of Tegea.
   * There is a rebirth fountain in the Village of Tegea
   HAGNON - Storyteller who regales you with the details of the tale of 
            the Goddess Artemis and the mortal Actaeon.  He tells you of how
            Actaeon, a great hunter, chased his quarry to a stream where 
            Artemis was about to take a bath.  P!ssed off that a mere mortal
            had seen her in the buff, she turned him into a Stag, and he
            was chased away by his own prey.
   CLINIAS - Aging Farmhand who speaks to you of how news from Greece 
            confirms that the monsters are rampaging over all the lands.  He
            is worried that the Spartans may not be able to protect all the
            Greeks (and he"s right to worry).
   OLORUS - Young Tegean.  Olorus gives you the task of finding the source
            of pollution of the town"s water supply, and the Poisoned Spring
   PIRRO  - Trader
   Head west of Olorus, out of Tegea and into the Tegea Forest.  From here,
   head immediately due west and follow the shoreline to the north-west until
   you find the Water Nymph (aka Naiad) Pegaea.   She will tell you that she
   knows why the water has become tainted - it"s because of all these 
   bleedin" spiders that have moved into her cave !!
   Head into the cave to the north of Pegaea, and clear it of spiders.  You
   needn"t kill them all - only the ones with the glow around their legs, 
   which is quite a few of them.  I would suggest slaying them all for the XP
   Once you have cleansed the cave, return to Pegaea for your reward: a 
   permanent +75 Health, 1500 XP and your health and energy fully restored !
   Well worth it that one eh !! :)
   From the Naiad, head back to the Village of Tegea, and this time leave
   via the north, into Arcadia.
   From entering Arcadia, follow the path as it winds north, and then when
   the path ends, head north-west until it recommences.  From there, follow
   it up and into the hills (it will wind a bit), until you see a rebirth
   fountain off in the distance on your compass.
   Head north and into the Megara Bluff, and keep to the path as this will
   lead you to the rebirth fountain.
   From there, head north and wipe out the Maenad Encampment.
   Maenad are quite dangerous, and you are reasonably likely to die at least
   once until you work out how best to tackle them.  They are cat-like women
   with high dexterity and speed who attack with bow and arrow, poisoned 
   spear and needle traps, and who"s spellcasters are storm-adepts, so watch
   out for poison, blade and lightning attacks from this little lot.
   The best way to deal with the Maenad (unless your character is just a 
   walking wall of muscle) is to take them on, as I suggested with the 
   undead in the Mycenean Ruins, in waves, step-by-step.  If you get 
   overwhelmed, just fall back and try again once you"ve healed up.  Heading
   face-first into a conflict with the Maenad is folly.
   Once you have slain the Maenad, head north and out through the two 
   torches onto the Megara Coast.
   Once you get onto the Coast (ah, the beach at last), you should follow it
   west, where you will encounter a set of new villains, the most significant
   of which are the Coastal Ichthians.
   Ichthians in ANY form are dangerous lizard-men - however their most 
   dangerous units are their spellcasters - their Shamen.  Ichthian Shamen
   can cast spells at quite a speed, and should be the first units you 
   attack in any Ichthian group.  Later on you will encounter the Lords of
   the Deep, who should ALSO be the first Ichthians you attack in any group.
   Keep following the coast as it bends round ... as coasts do ... past two
   torches and into the City of Megara.
   * There are two rebirth fountains in the City of Megara
   * There is cool music in the City of Megara
   * There is a portal shrine in the City of Megara
   EURYSTHEUS - Market Gossip who tells of how afraid he is of having to 
            raise his family in hiding should the monsters ultimately win.
   XENOCLIDES - Storyteller who has a tale of the battle between the Gods 
            and the Titans.  He tells of how the Titans ultimately lost to
            the Gods, and all but one were banished to the pit of Tartarus.
            The one Titan that was not banished to Tartarus was shackled to
            the base of a mountain as a gesture of revenge by the Gods.
   IPHITUS - Aged Fisherman who claims to be as comfy on the sea as you are
            on land.
   NIREUS - Citizen of Megara, who gives you the Skeleton Raiders quest - a
            quest to help free Megara from the undead hordes that ravage its
            gates on a daily ... or rather NIGHTLY ... basis.
   ANTOR  - Sailor who tells you of the cargo (treasure chests and so on) of