[For Hire] Digital Comic Style Art - Illustration for Portraits and Characters

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Hello all,
My name is Nick and I'm a Character Illustrator for comic style portraits and full character sheets. Environments optional.
2 styles; Linework and full color illustration:

Line-work: Line-art / shadowing / faces / or full character in pose.

Full Illustration: Portrait or character in full color and shadow / extra for detailed environment or background.

Prices vary depending on complexity and you get 2 revisions for minor details for every piece. The pricing range starts at $35 for line-work and $150 for full scene illustration. PM me here, email, or art station.
I post my art on the following platforms:
artstation / https://wicked_pixie_llc.artstation.com/
instragram / https://www.instagram.com/nick_wohlfarth/?hl=en
animation / https://vimeo.com/282356817
For inquiries and more information, please contact me via email at: wickedpixieart@gmail.com
I'm available Mon - Fri. Emails sent / received during the weekend will receive a response the following work day.

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