World of Warcraft - Cataclysm [Walkthrough]

World of Warcraft - Cataclysm

         _______ _______  _       ______     _______ _______   
|     /|  ___  )  ____ )(      (  __     (  ___  )  ____   
| )   ( | (   ) | (    )|| (     | (    )  | (   ) | (    /  
| | _ | | |   | | (____)|| |     | |   ) |  | |   | | (__      
| |( )| | |   | |     __)| |     | |   | |  | |   | |  __)     
| || || | |   | | ( (   | |     | |   ) |  | |   | | (        
| () () | (___) | )  \__| (____/ (__/  )  | (___) | )        
(_______)_______)/   \__/(_______/______/   (_______)/         
         _______ _______  _______ _______  _______ ________________  
|     /|  ___  )  ____ )(  ____   ____ )(  ___  )  ____ \__   __/  
| )   ( | (   ) | (    )|| (    / (    )|| (   ) | (    /  ) (     
| | _ | | (___) | (____)|| |     | (____)|| (___) | (__      | |     
| |( )| |  ___  |     __)| |     |     __)|  ___  |  __)     | |     
| || || | (   ) | ( (   | |     | ( (   | (   ) | (        | |     
| () () | )   ( | )  \__| (____/ )  \__| )   ( | )        | |     
(_______)/     |/   \__/(_______//   \__/|/     |/         )_(     
 _______ _______________________ _______ _            _______ _______ 
(  ____   ___  )__   __/  ___  )  ____    |     /|  ____        )
| (    / (   ) |  ) (  | (   ) | (    / (  (    / ) (    / () () |
| |     | (___) |  | |  | (___) | |     | |    (_) /| (_____| || || |
| |     |  ___  |  | |  |  ___  | |     | |       / (_____  ) |(_)| |
| |     | (   ) |  | |  | (   ) | |     | |     ) (        ) | |   | |
| (____/ )   ( |  | |  | )   ( | (____/ (____/ |  /\____) | )   ( |
(_______//     |  )_(  |/     |_______/_______|_/  \_______)/     |
This is a Restoration Druid guide for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.0.6.
The guide focuses on PvE. Some of this information--particularly the Heroic
Dungeon and raiding guides--can be useful to all players and all healers.
I play the character Panis on the server Skullcrusher. Currently, I have
cleared all 10 man raid content on normal mode and am 7/13 in Heroic 10 man
content. According to, I have had 200 healing performances on
every normal fight (including a &ndash1 ranking) except for Ascendants Council and
on 6 of the 7 Heroic fights we have completed.
I appreciate any feedback and am always looking to improve my healing or
consider alternate strategies and approaches. Thank you for reading my guide.
To navigate this guide use control-F and type in the brackets and what is
between the brackets to quickly find the proper section.
Thanks to my guild BLT. Many of these strats and tips are either directly from
them or learned while raiding with them.

I. Leveling [1.0]
II. Spells & Strategy [2.0]
III. Talents & Glyphs [3.0]
IV. User Interface & Addons [4.0]
V. Stats [5.0]
VI. Gems, Enchants, Food, Flasks, & Professions [6.0]
   Gems 	[6.1]
   Enchants	[6.2]
   Food & Flasks[6.3]
   Professions  [6.4]
VII. Gear [7.0]
   Pre-Heroic Gear 	[7.1]
   Heroic Dungeon Gear	[7.2]	
   Pre-Raiding Gear	[7.3]
   Raiding Gear		[7.4]
   Heroic Raiding Gear	[7.5]
VIII. Heroic Dungeon Guide [8.0]
IX. Raid Guide [9.0]
   i. Baradin Hold          	[9.1]
 	Pit Lord Argaloth 	  [9.1a]
   ii. Throne of the Four Winds [9.2]
	Conclave of Wind 	  [9.2a]
	Al"Akir 		  [9.2b]
   iii. Bastion of Twilight 	[9.3]
	Halfus Wyrmbreaker 	  [9.3a]
	Valiona & Theralion 	  [9.3b]
	Ascendant Council 	  [9.3c]
	Cho"gall 		  [9.3d]
   iv. Blackwing Descent    	[9.4]
	Magmaw			  [9.4a]
	Omnotron Defense System	  [9.4b]
	Maloriak		  [9.4c]
	Atramedes		  [9.4d]
	Chimaeron		  [9.4e]
	Nefarion		  [9.4f]
X. Heroic Raid Guide [10.0]
   Halfus Wyrmbreaker 		[10.3a]
   Atramedes	 		[10.4d]
   Chimaeron	 		[10.4e]
   Maloriak			[10.4c]
   Valiona & Theralion		[10.3b]
   Magmaw			[10.4a]
   Omnotron Defense System 	[10.4b]
XI. Links [11.0]

Aggro: When a mob targets you, you have aggro on that mob.
AoE: Area of effect. Usually refers to a spell or ability that targets an area.
BoA: Binds on Account. Can trader this item between players on your account.
BoE: Binds on Equip. Can trade, sell, or buy these items from other players.
Boomkin: Druid with Balance specialization.
Buff: A status effect which aids the unit under its effect.
CC: Crowd Control. An ability that prevents a mob from taking action like
Polymorph, Hex, Fear, etc.
Crit: Critical strike rating
Debuff: A status effect which hinders the unit under its effect.
DoT: Damage Over Time. Ability that damages the target over time like Moonfire.
DPS: Party member brought along to provide damage.
GCD: Global Cooldown. 1.5 second limit on how often you can cast spells and
perform certain actions. Can be lowered with more haste.
HoT: Heal Over Time. Spell that heals the target periodically like Rejuv.
ilvl: Item level. Better items have a higher item level.
Int: Intellect
LoS: Line of Sight. To cast a spell on a target you have to have line of
sight with someone. Staircases have the mysterious ability to sap the
intelligence from tanks and cause tanks to forget about the existence of LoS.
Mast: Mastery Rating
Spi: Spirit
SM: Swiftmend
ToL: Tree of Life form
UI: User Interface

	= Choosing your Race =
Tauren Druids get a small boost to health. Troll Druids get to use Berserking
which increases your attack and casting speed by 20% for 10 seconds.
	= The Grind =
Level as a Feral Druid. When dual specialization is available, purchase it and
learn restoration. Level primarily by questing and killing mobs. Run dungeons
to break up the monotony and practice healing. This is a viable build for
Feral damage:
Choose Skinning and either Herbalism or Mining as your leveling professions.
When you reach 85 change your professions (see section six of this guide).
Get an add-on like Bad Kitty or Destruction for Dummies that helps maximize
your dps. Joining a high level guild and having Heirloom items gives an
experience bonus to make leveling faster.
Levels 10-20: Quest in Azshara, Ghostlands, Northern Barrens, or Silverpine
Levels 20-25: Ashenvale, Duskwood, or Hillsbrad Foothills.
Levels 25-30: Arathi Highlands, Northern Stranglethorn, Stonetalon Mountains,
or Wetlands
Levels 30-35 Southern Barrens, the Cape of Stranglethorn, the Hinterlands.
Levels 30-40: Desolace and Stranglethorn Vale.
Levels 35-40: Dustwallow Marsh, Feralas, and Western Plaguelands. Levels
Levels 40-45: Eastern Plaguelands and Thousand Needles.
Levels 45-50: Felwood and Tanaris.
Levels 50-55: Un"Goro Crater, Winterspring and Swamp of Sorrows (51-55)
Levels 55-58: Blasted Lands and Silithus
At level 58 start leveling in the Outlands.
At level 68 start leveling in Northrend.
At level 80 start leveling in Cataclysm zones. Try to obtain a faction rep of
at least Honored with the Guardians of Hyjal. At level 82 move to Deepholm and
complete all quests until you are able to run the Therazane faction dailies.
At level 83 quest in Uldum and at level 84 quest in Twilight Highlands. Make
sure to open up the Dragonmaw Clan dailies. It is nice--but not essential--to
hit Honored with all factions. This will make getting geared up for Heroic
Dungeons easier.

First part of this section is devoted to explanations of spells, how they
function, and how they are best used. Strategy has tips on how to best use the
spells in conjunction with other spells. If you have any other strategies or
recommendations please email me with your thoughts.
: Healing Spells :
  ~ Lifebloom ~
Low mana heal that stacks on one target up to three times. Can only be cast on
one target. Lasts 10 seconds. Is refreshed by casting another Lifebloom on the
target or casting Nourish/Healing Touch/Regrowth on the target (with talents).
In Tree of Life form Lifebloom can be cast on multiple targets. Blooms for
extra healing if the stack is allowed to expire.
Three Lifeblooms should almost always be stacked on the tank and never allowed
to expire (except maybe in emergencies). Cast Lifebloom - Lifebloom - Rejuv -
Lifebloom so that the Lifebloom and Rejuv both benefit from Mastery. In Tree of
Life form Lifebloom should be cast on multiple targets to trigger more Omen
of Clarity procs.
Having Lifebloom up allows Omem of Clarity to proc and Revitalize to proc,
giving you a free heal and mana regen respectively. It also refreshes
Replenishment which allows the raid to regain mana.
  ~ Rejuvenation ~
Periodically heals the target over 12 seconds.
Use Rejuv on damaged targets who do not need an immediate heal or combine Rejuv
with Swiftmend for emergency healing. Keep a Rejuv on the tank at all times.
  ~ Nourish ~
Low mana cost heal that heals target for a small amount. Refreshes the target"s
Lifebloom (with talents).
Use Nourish to refresh Lifebloom or to conserve mana. If mana is an issue or
will be an issue later in the fight try to cast more Nourish throughout the
fight so that mana is available during the difficult parts of the fight.
With talents, if you have 3 Rejuvs up you can your Nourish can be cast with a
10%/20%/30% increased cast time.
  ~ Healing Touch ~
Our most powerful direct heal. Refreshes the target"s Lifebloom (with talents).
Use Healing Touch on targets with low health and on every Omen of Clarity proc.
  ~ Regrowth ~
Quick heal that also heals the target slightly for six seconds. Fast but has a
high mana cost. Can use Swiftmend on a target with Regrowth. While in Tree of
Life form Regrowth becomes an instant cast and can be cast on the move.
Will refresh a stack of Lifeblooms.
Use once every minute to trigger Nature"s Grace (with talents). In emergencies,
you may need to spam this. While in Tree of Life form use this when Omen of
Clarity procs.
  ~ Wild Growth ~
Heals the six (five without the glyph) lowest health targets within 30 yards of
the target over seven seconds. 8 second cooldown. Very mana efficient and
should be cast on cooldown in many cases.
In five man groups, try to position yourself so that any Wild Growth cast on
yourself will hit all party members. After casting a Wild Growth, target each
of the members hit by it with a Rejuv so that the Rejuv benefits from Mastery.
  ~ Swiftmend ~
Low mana cost heal that instantly heals the target. Can only be used on a
target that has Rejuv or Regrowth on it. 15 second cooldown. Leaves an
Efflorescence around the target (with talents).
Use Swiftmend on cooldown in most cases or save it for emergencies or times
when there are damage spikes. Unfortunately, Swiftmend consumes an Omen of
Clarity proc so try not to use it when Omen of Clarity is active as the mana
cost is so low it is a waste of and omen of Clarity proc.
Some classes like Rogues and Feral Druids can spec into a talent that increases
the amount of healing they take. Swiftmend these targets for extra Swiftmend
and Efflorescence oomph.
  ~ Efflorescence ~ 
With talents, your Swiftmend will leave a green circle on the ground that heals
up to six members in it for 30% of the Swiftmend"d amount over six seconds.
Most of the time it is better to use Swiftmend on cooldown but there are some
fights where your Swifthmend & Efflorescence should be saved for damage spikes.
However Efflorescence heals for such a small amount it is not essential that
it be saved.
  ~ Tranquility ~
Heals all raid members for a ton over seven seconds. Huge heal that can only
be used once every 3 minutes.
  ~ Tree of Life ~
Shapeshift into Tree of Life form. Increases healing by 15% for 35 seconds.
Usable every 3 minutes. Enhances the following spells: Lifebloom (can be cast
on multiple targets), Regrowth (can be instant cast and cast on the move),
Entangling Roots (instant cast), Wrath (reduces the cast time), and Wild Growth
(hits an extra target).
A common Tree of Life tactic is to cast Lifebloom on multiple targets in order
to increase your Omen of Clarity chance. Then cast Regrowth or Healing Touch.
Tree of Life form with multiple Lifeblooms and Omen of Clarity procs is a 
chance to conserve mana while still giving great healing output.

: Other Spells & Abilities :
  ~ Nature"s Swiftness ~
Turns your next Nature spell into an instant cast. 3 minute cooldown. Typically
used with Healing Touch or Rebirth.
This is an optional talent which may or may not be chosen. I currently do not
spec into it. Let"s all spec out of it and then Blizzard will buff it!
  ~ Omen of Clarity ~
Proc that allows your next Healing Touch, Regrowth, or Swiftmend to not cost
any mana. Best used with Healing Touch (though I prefer Regrowth when in Tree
of Life form or to trigger Nature"s Grace).
  ~ Nature"s Grace ~
Increases spell haste by 15% for 15 seconds after casting a Regrowth (requires
talents). Can and should be used every minute.
  ~ Rebirth ~
Brings the target back to life during combat. Use with the Rebirth Glyph so
the target comes back with full life. Combine with a Nature"s Swiftness macro:
/cast Nature"s Swiftness
/cast Rebirth
  ~ Barkskin ~
Reduces all damage taken by 20% for 12 seconds. Prevents spells from being
delayed. One minute cooldown. Use during heavy damage phases or if mobs aggro
onto you.
  ~ Nature"s Grasp ~
The next three targets to melee damage you will be caught in Entangling Roots.
Use when mobs aggro onto you.
  ~ Thorns ~
If buffed with Thorns, any target attacking will take Nature damage. Can be
cast on the tank.
  ~ Entangling Roots ~
Snares the target leaving them unable to move. Damage will break the roots.
Cast on a target attacking you, a target that needs to be snared or as cc in
a dungeon.
  ~ Cyclone ~
More of a PVP ability. Puts the target in a Cyclone for six seconds.
  ~ Cat Form ~
Use Cat Form plus Dash (or Stampeding Roar) for the movement speed bonus.
Surprisingly useful in emergency situations.

: Strategy :
  ~ Queue Your Spells ~
You should be able to immediately cast every time you are able to and eliminate
downtime. Every time the GCD is up another spell should be going out. This
requires some practice and can be made much easier with addons like Quartz and
Go to the menu and set your latency settings to allow you to queue spells.
This makes it able so you can cast your next spell while your current spell is
still being cast. Your next spell will be queued and start casting as soon as
your first spell is cast. This is essential for Regrowth plus Swiftmend, Rejuv
spamming and any other number of sequential casting patterns. 
  ~ Mastery ~
Mastery only works if there is a HoT on the target. Rejuv then Healing Touch
is more effective than Healing Touch then Rejuv.
  ~ HoT Stack ~
Always have a full Lifebloom stack and a Rejuv on the tank. Cast Lifebloom -
Lifebloom - Rejuv - Lifebloom so that both the Rejuv and Lifebloom benefit
from Mastery. Some argue for Lifebloom - Rejuv - Lifebloom - Lifebloom
  ~ Wild Growth & Swiftmend on Cooldown ~
These are strong, mana efficient spells. Maximize their use by using them as
often as possible (unless you are saving it for a specific damaging ability
the boss casts).
  ~ Chase the Wild Growth ~
Wild Growth will hit the six lowest targets. Follow this up with a Rejuv on
each of the six targets to provide healing for the six lowest targets and so
that each Rejuv benefits from Mastery.
  ~ Conserve Mana ~
Use Nourish more if mana is an issue. Turn into Tree of Life form and cast more
Lifeblooms and only use Healing Touch/Regrowth on Omen of Clarity Procs.
  ~ Save your Tranquility ~
Many bosses have a burn phase where the party takes increase damage for the
25% or so or a soft enrage. Save your Tranquility for the last possible moment
in these fights. In Heroics, be generous with your Tranquility to avoid stupid
  ~ Rejuv Bath ~
Rejuv is mana efficient and powerful. It is on a fast GCD cooldown. Do not be
afraid to overheal with this spell. If mana allows, use it early and often. Use
it prior to heavy damage. Use it after heavy damage. Use it to allow you to
proc more Mastery. Use it as much as your mana allows.
  ~ Swap Innervates ~
The Innervate glyph allows you to get 10% of your mana pool when you cast
Innervate. If you have two Druids in the group, you can swap Innervates and
gain roughly 30% of your mana back.
  ~ Zoom Out ~
The default zoom and zoom settings do not give you a good enough vantage point
to see all the action. Type the following the zoom in or out to find a 
comfortable distance:
/console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 4

 	^ III. UI & ADDONS ^
There are many useful Addons that can make your life easier as a healer.
Experiment to find the ones that work best for you. Hamlet at
puts it best. To paraphrase him you want to be able to see:
-All party members health
-The HoTs you have active on targets and their time remaining
-Who has aggro
-Who is in healing range
-Debuffs that can be removed and other useful to know debuffs
-Incoming heals for all players from all healers
Grid & Clique is the preferred UI for most healers. Grid offers some great
customization, particularly for boss debuffs. Personally, I use Healbot. Make
sure to zoom out properly so that you can see the action. The default max
zoom is not sufficient. Use this or a similar script:
/console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 4
: Add Ons :
  ~ GCD ~
Allows you to properly time your spells to minimize downtime and perform as
soon as the GCD ends. Let"s you see the cooldown time of your Wild Growth and
  ~ Quartz ~
Shows your cast time.
  ~ Omnicc ~
Counter that shows how much time is remaining on your spell cooldown.
  ~ forteXorcist ~
Convenient bar that shows the cooldown on your spells, talents (like Nature"s
Grace), items (Tyrande"s Favorite Doll/Synapse Springs), and other abilities.
  ~ Recount ~
Allows you to see your performance and analyze how you did and what you can
do better. is preferred.
  ~ Deadly Boss Mods ~
Warns you of boss mechanics. Essential for raiding. Comes with a /range check
to check the range of nearby party members.
  ~ Outfitter ~
Swap easily between different sets of gear.

I also have some UI Add Ons like Tidy Frames and Perl to make things look a
little crisper but that is more personal preference than performance enhancing.
If you have any other Add On recommendations please email me at

: Talents :
The standard Talent Build:
  ~ Things to consider ~
-Remove Nature"s Bounty and spend it on Nature"s Swiftness. I usually only used
	Nature"s Swiftness for the instant Rebirth and am now spec"d out of it.
	I find Nature"s Swiftness not that great but some may want to use it.
-Nature"s Cure is not needed for raiding BWD, 25 man BH, and may or may not
	be needed for BoT depending on your healing assignments. I do not spec
	into it for raiding.
-When mana is not an issue, the two points in Furor can be moved to Genesis
The result is something like this:
Some argue for Nature"s Bounty instead of Gift of the Earthmother or Blessing
of the Grove instead of Nature"s Bounty but I am not persuaded. Looking at my
logs, the crit amounts from Nature"s Bounty typically outweigh the theoretical
4% Rejuv healing Blessing of the Grove would have provided. I also like
Nature"s Bounty for the emergency burst it provides. When I am casting Regrowth
it is usually in a time of need so the extra crit healing is especially useful.
For certain Heroic mode fights Gift of the Earthmorther may be better but I
will need more experience before I can make an educated comment about that.

  ~ Prime Glyphs ~
Glyph of Rejuvenation: Increases healing done by 10% of Rejuvenation
Glyph of Lifebloom: Increases crit effect chance of Lifebloom by 10%
Glyph of Swiftmend: HoT remains on target even after Swiftmend is used
The only other glyph to consider is Glyph of Regrowth which is terrible.
  ~ Major Glyphs ~
Glyph of Wild Growth: Wild Growth effects a 6th target
Glyph of Innervate: You get 50% of Innervate"s effect when you cast it on
	another target
Glyph of Rebirth: Your Rebirth target comes back with 100% life
For certain fights and Heroics, Glyph of Entangling Roots has some utility.
  ~Minor Glyphs ~
Glyph of Dash: Reduces cooldown of Dash by 20%
Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth: Rebirth never requires a reagent

 	^ V. STATS ^
Our stat priority in general is:
Int >>> Spellpower > Spirit > Haste (to a breakpoint) > Mastery (10 Man) >
If you are tank healing or raiding 10 man Mastery becomes more of a priority.
In 25 man, Mastery is not as beneficial for raid healing.
  ~ Intellect ~
Int is our primary and most important stat. Int increases our spellpower, mana,
mana regen, and critical strike chance. 
  ~ Spellpower ~
Spellpower causes our heals to heal for more power. Boost Int or upgrade your
weapon to increase.
  ~ Spirit ~
Spirit increase our mana regen.
  ~ Haste ~
Haste reduces our spell casting time, our global cooldown (GCD), and can
increase the number of time our HoTs tick. See below for Haste breakpoints.
As we have a talent in our tree which reduces our GCD after Rejuv to the GCD
cap, more Haste does not help our GCD Rejuv cooldown.
  ~ Mastery ~
Mastery increases the efficacy of a healing spell if there is already a HoT
on a target. For example, if a target has a Rejuv on it any heal you cast on
it will benefit from Mastery.
  ~ Crit ~
Critical strike improves the critical chance of our direct heals and HoT ticks.

-After you reach 915 Haste, it is best to stack Mastery for 10 man raiding or
   tank healing until you can get to 2005 Haste (9th Wild Growth Tick). Do not
   sacrifice too much Int to try to reach that 2005 Haste breakpoint.
-Take the higher ilvl item if it has more Int, even if it does not have Spirit
-If mana is not an issue Spirit may not be such a priority
-In 25 man raids, Mastery is not so useful. In 10 man raid or 5 man Heroics
   Mastery is more useful.

: Haste Breakpoints :
These all assume that you have the 5% Haste buff from a Shadow Priest or
Boomkin and do not include the Dark Intent Warlock buff. Thanks to Hamlet and
his excellent TreeCalcs spreadsheet for providing this information. Make sure
to test these breakpoints as rounding can sometimes produce inaccurate results.
915  -- 5th tick or Rejuvenation
1220 -- 12th tick of Lifebloom
1423 -- 4th tick of Regrowth
2005 -- 9th tick of Wild Growth (72 with Nature"s Grace)
2440 -- 13th tick of Lifebloom  (451 with Nature"s Grace)
3659 -- 14th tick of Lifebloom  (1512 with Nature"s Grace)
3746 -- 10th tick of Wild Growth (1587 with Nature"s Grace)
3964 -- 6th tick of Rejuvenation (1777 with Nature"s Grace)
4879 -- 15th tick of Lifebloom (2572 with Nature"s Grace)
5489 -- 5th tick of Regrowth (3102 with Nature"s Grace)
5489 -- GCD cap (3102 with Nature"s Grace)
The 9th tick of Wild Growth is 1575 Haste if you have the 5% Haste buff and
Dark Intentions.
: Gems :
:::::::: [6.1]
Meta Gem: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond -- 54 Int and 2% Max Mana
   Requires 2 Yellow Gems
Brilliant Inferno Ruby (40 Int, Red) is your gem of choice. Stack Int above all
Reckless Ember Topaz (20 Int and 20 Haste, Yellow) x2 is needed for your meta
If the socket bonus is 20 Int or more Purified Demonseye (20 Int and 20 Spi,
Purple) is fine for a blue slot. Ignore all socket bonuses unless getting it
provides more Int than Brilliant Inferno Ruby would or if it is one of your two
yellow gems slots needed for the Meta Gem Bonus. One exception is it may make
sense to gem Haste to hit a breakpoint but I do not recommend that practice in

: Enchants :
:::::::::::: [6.2]
  ~ Helm ~
Arcanum of Hyjal from revered reputation from Guardians of Hyjal faction
  ~ Cloak ~
Enchant Cloak - Great Intellect (50 Int)
  ~ Chest ~
Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats (all stats +20) or Might Stats (all stats +15)
  ~ Boots ~
Enchant Boots - Haste (50 Haste); Enchant Boots - Mastery (50 Mastery). Also
some enchants that enchant run speed by a bit which may be useful in certain
  ~ Gloves ~
Enchant Gloves - Haste (50 Haste); Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery (65
Mastery) or Enchant Gloves - Mastery (50 Mastery)
  ~ Legs ~
Powerful Ghostly Spellthread (95 Int and 55 Spirit). Ghostly Spellthread if
you are poor.
  ~ Weapon ~
Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent on ilvl 359 items or if you have a lot of gold.
Enchant Weapon - Heartsong on ilvl 346 or below.
  ~ Offhand ~
Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect (40 Int)
  ~ Shoulder ~
Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (Therazane Faction Rep)
  ~ Wrist ~
Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect (50 Int) (Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit
   if you are poor)
  ~ Waist ~
Eternal Belt Buckle and a Brilliant Inferno Ruby
  ~ Neck & Rings ~
None that I am aware of (outside of professions)

: Food & Flasks :
::::::::::::::::: [6.3]
Severed Sagefish Head for 90 Int and 90 Stam.  For some fights, Delicous
Sagefish Head for 90 Spi and 90 Stam may be useful.
Flask of Draconic Mind for 300 int. Flask of Flowing Waters may be useful for
some fights but I do not recommend it.

: Professions :
::::::::::::::: [6.4]
Tailoring, Engineering, and Alchemy are the three strongest professions.
Jewelcrafting,  Inscription, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and Leatherworking are
basically equivalent to those three. Mining is useless and Skinning and
Herbalism are not that great.
Leatherworking: 130 Int to a bracer (instead of 50 Int enchant)
Engineering: Synapse Springs to the Gloves. Increases Int by 480 for 12
seconds on a 1 minute cooldown. Also can craft an ilvl 359 helm, add a damage
absorption item to a belt (macro this with Barkskin for 24000 damage
absorption). There is further utility like a ranged interrupt, Slowfall from a
cloak et al.
Alchemy: Mixology - 80 int from flasks. Flasks last twice as long. Can craft
Vibrant Alchemist Stone for 351 Int and 194 Haste.
Blacksmithing: Extra socket in gloves and bracers thus 80 Int from Brilliant
Inferno Ruby.
Enchanting: Enchant rings for 80 Int.
Inscription: Enchant shoulders for 130 Int and 25 Haste versus 50 Int and 25
Haste available from the Therazane shoulder inscription.
Jewelcrafting: 81 Int from the three gems only Jewelcrafters can use.
Tailoring: Lightweave Embroidery - Increase Intellect by 580 for 15 seconds.
Herbalism: Lifeblood - 240 Haste for 20 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown.
Skinning: 80 crit
Mining: 120 stam
For further information, please see Keeva"s excellent and entertaining guide at
For help in leveling your chosen profession this website is very useful:

	^ VII. GEAR ^
The first goal is to get sufficient gear in order to get an average ilvl of 
329 or more. Once you get ilvl 329, Heroic dungeons can be run. Heroic
dungeons give you good enough gear to raid. Raids give you gear so you can run
Heroic raids. This section is broken into five sections: Pre-Heroic Gear &
Factions, Heroic Dungeon Gear, Pre Raid Gear, Raid Gear, and Heroic Raid Gear.
Pre Raid Gear can be gotten prior to running Heroics for an extra ilvl boost.
: Pre-Heroic Gear & Faction Rewards Gear :
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: [7.1]
See the end of this section for a quick summary of Pre-Heroic gear available
in a table format.
Questing can get you decent items for running dungeons and reputation with
factions. Try to hit Honored with all factions for some decent items.
At level 80 quest in Mount Hyjal. At level 82 go to Deepholm and quest there
until you have access to the Therazane daily quests.
Once you hit level 83, I recommend questing in Uldum until 84 and then Twilight
Highlands. Make sure you open up the Dragonmaw Clan dailies in the Twilight
Highlands. Those quests should give you some decent items for running level 85
dungeons and Heroics. In particular, try to get the below quest items.

	= Notable Quest Rewards =
Talisman of Sinister Order: Trinket from Uldum quests. Follow the Harrison
Jones questline. ilvl 325.
Gurgthock"s Garish Gorebat: 1H Mace from Crucible of Carnage quests in Twilight
Highlands. ilvl 333.
Wrap of the Fallen City: Chest from Uldum quests. Follow the Ramhaken
questline. ilvl 325.
Vision-Tainted Treads: Feet from Twilight Highlands quests. ilvl 333.
Eye of the Stars: Ring from Uldum quests. ilvl 325.
Red Dragonheart Ring: Ring from Twilight Highland quests. ilvl 333.
Gloves of Baleflame: Gloves from Grim Batol quest. ilvl 333.
Helm of Reorigination: Helm from Halls of Origination quest. ilvl 333.
Air Raid Beacon: Offhand from Twilight Highlands quest. ilvl 333.

	= BoE & Crafted =
  ~ ilvl 359 ~
There is an ilvl 359 crafted belt--Lightning Lash. However there is a faction
reward that is almost as good so it might not be worth picking up the crafted
belt unless you have gold to burn. There is also an ilvl 359 chest--Chestguard
of Nature"s Fury--crafted by Leatherworking.
Chelley"s Dark Staff of Mending (Two Handed Weapon), Heartbound Tome (offhand),
Fading Violet Sandals (boots), Ritssyn"s Ruminous Drape (Cloak), Dorian"s Lost
Necklace (neck), and Hide of Chromaggus (shoulders) are all ilvl 359 and
available on the Auction House for a hefty price. There are also some ilvl 359
Archeology items available (please see Pre-Raiding Gear section for more
details). Vibrant Alchemist Stone (trinket) can be crafted by Alchemists.
  ~ ilvl 346 ~
Tarvus"s Poison-Scarred Boots (feet) and Blazewing"s Furious Kilt (legs) are
ilvl 346 items available from rare monsters or on the Auction House. I bought
the boots from the AH but similar legs can be bought with Justice Points.
Elementium Hammer (ilvl 346) is crafted by blacksmiths but is very expensive
and only equivalent to Heroic drops.
The Bloodied Wyrmhide PVP set can do in a pinch. Get these pieces to boost your
ilvl or to replace a mediocre piece. Bloodied Wyrmhide is available in any
leather slot.
Divine companion (off hand) is crafted by Inscription and can be found on the
Auction House. Book or Origination or Bone-Inlaid Sarcophagus Key are ilvl 333
offhands. See the Auction House. Battle Tome can be crafted for the offhand but
is PVP gear. 
Thousand Bandage Drape (ilvl 325 cloak), Rainsong (trinket), Charm of the Muse
(ilvl 333 neck), Kuang"s Locket of Secrets (ilvl 325 neck) are BoE and
available from the AH. Tattooed Eyeball (ilvl 346 relic) is crafted by
Inscription professionals.
	= Faction Rewards =
Dragonmaw Clan is highest priority faction. Run Heroics with their tabard and
run their dailies until hitting exalted. After that, Guardians of Hyjal have
the Helm Enchant at Revered and Therazane has the shoulder enchants at Honored
and better shoulder enchants at Revered.
  ~ Dragonmaw Clan ~
Withered Dream Belt -- Exalted ilvl 359 belt
Yellow Smoke Pendant -- Exalted ilvl 359 neck
Spaulders of Endless Plains -- Honored ilvl 333 shoulders
  ~ Therazane ~
Honored & Revered Shoulder Inscriptions
Diamant"s Ring of Temperance -- Revered ilvl 346 ring
  ~ Guardian"s of Hyjal ~
Arcanum of Hyjal -- Revered Helm enchant
Aessina-Blessed Gloves -- Revered ilvl 346 gloves
Cloak of the Dryads -- Honored ilvl 333 cloak
  ~ The Earthen Ring ~
Cloak of Ancient Wisdom -- Revered ilvl 346 cloak
Leggings of Clutching Roots -- Revered ilvl 346 legs
Pendant of Elemental Balance -- Honored ilvl 333 neck
  ~ Ramkahen ~
Ammunae"s Blessing -- Honored ilvl 333 ring
  ~ Hellscreams" Reach ~
Shimmering Morningstar -- Revered ilvl 346 Mace
Mandala of Impatient Youth -- Exalted ilvl 359 Trinket

This section at a glance...
Crafted PVP gear, ilvl 333 quest reward from Uldum
ilvl 359 Exalted Dragonmaw, ilvl 333 Earthen Ring Honored, ilvl 325 and 333
on the Auction House, ilvl 359 Auction House
ilvl 346 Earthern Ring Revered, ilvl 359 on the Auction House, ilvl 325 on
Auction House
ilvl 359 on the Auction House, PVP gear, Dragonmaw Honored ilvl 333
ilvl 325 Uldum quest reward, PVP gear, ilvl 359 crafted
PVP gear
ilvl 333 Grim Batol quest, PVP gear
Exalted Dragonmaw ilvl 359, crafted ilvl 359, PVP gear
ilvl 346 at Auction House, PVP gear, ilvl 346 Revered Earthen Ring
ilvl 346 Auction House, ilvl 333 Twilight quest reward, PVP gear, ilvl 359 BoE
item on the Auction House
ilvl 325 Uldum quest, ilvl 333 Twilight quest, ilvl 333 Honored Ramkahen, ilvl
346 Therazane ring
ilvl 325 Uldum quest reward, Rainsong from Auction House, ilvl 359 from
Hellscream"s Reach or from Alchemy or from Archeology
ilvl 333 Twilight quest reward, ilvl 346 crafted, ilvl 346 Hellscream"s Reach
(Maces); ilvl 333 offhand quest, ilvl 359 Auction House Offhand, ilvl 333
Auction House Offhands; ilvl 359 Auction House Staff
ilvl 346 crafted
: Heroic Dungeon Gear :
::::::::::::::::::::::: [7.2]
All these items have Intellect and Spirit unless noted otherwise. Some 
Boomkin gear may serve in a pinch but for items of the same ilvl Spirit
is generally the preferred secondary stat. This section also includes some
useful ilvl 346 gear that does not drop from Heroics.
I recommend running one random Heroic every day to get your Valor Points. If
you are just getting used to Heroics, run an easy one like Vortex Pinnacle,
Blackrock Caverns, or Lost City of the Tol"vir until you feel more comfortable
and get some better gear.
Once you have done your daily random, do not do any randoms. Instead
specifically target Heroics that have items you want. If the Heroic you are
in does not have any more bosses that have drops you want and you do not need
the JP you can drop group and choose a new Heroic. This is against common
etiquette and you may disagree with this tactic. I do not see it as a big deal
for the following reasons:
-The group you leave behind will only have to wait a short while until your
replacement comes. They can also use this tactic and will benefit from not
having to be stuck in Heroics they do not want to be in.
-The healer that replaces you gets a shorter run and more easily obtains his
Valor Points.
-You get to spend more of your time getting the items you want.
	= Helm =
Cluster of Stars: Purchased from Vendor (2200 JP)
Cowl of Rebellion: The Deadmines -- Vanessa VanCleef (6th Boss)
	= Neck =
Amulet of Tender Breath: The Vortex Pinnacle -- Altairus (2nd Boss)
Celadon Pendant: Purchased from Vendor (1250 JP)
Quicksilver Amulet: Blackrock Caverns -- Karsh Steelbender (3rd Boss)
	= Shoulder =
Mantle of Bestilled Winds: Altairus -- The Vortex Pinnacle (2nd Boss)
Mantle of Soft Shadows: Anraphet -- Halls of Origination
Somber Shawl: Purchased from Vendor (1650 JP)
	= Cloak =
Azureborne Cloak: Grim Batol -- Drahga Shadowburner (3rd Boss)
Solar Wind Cloak: Halls of Origination -- Rajh
Springvale"s Cloak: Shadowfang Keep -- Commander Springvale (3rd Boss) 
There is also a cloak available from Earthen Ring Revered faction rep which
does not have Spirit on it.
	= Chest =
Cursed Skardyn Vest: Grim Batol -- General Umbriss (1st Boss)
Robes of Forgetfulness: Purchased from Vendor (2200 JP)
There is also an ilvl 359 crafted Boomkin chest available. It is not an upgrade
over the Robes of Forgetfulness.
	= Wrist =
Due to a bug there are no ilvl 346 bracers in the game that have Int and
Spirit. Other options:
Oasis Bracers: Normal Lost City of Tol"vir -- Random BoP drop from any mob.
   Rarely seen or dropped.
Armbands of Change: Blackrock Caverns -- Corla (2nd Boss)
   These are the Boomkin bracers. Int/Crit/Haste
Wyrmhide Bracers: PVP Crafted Gear
	= Gloves =
Blessed Hands of Elune: Purchased from Vendor (1650 JP)
Deep Delving Gloves: The Stonecore -- Slabhide (2nd Boss)
	= Belt =
There are two ilvl 359 belts that are much better than these Heroic belts. It
is better to get those. One is available by hitting Exalted with the Dragonmaw
Clan in Twilight Highlands. Lightning Lash is crafted by Leatherworking and 
available at the Auction House.
Thatch Eave Vines: Purchased from Vendor (1650 JP)
Underworld Cord: Halls of Origination -- Earthrager Ptah
	= Legs =
Blazewing"s Furious Kilt: Check the Auction House -- BoE
   Drops off a rare mob in Mount Hyjal
Leggings of Clutching Roots: Requires Exalted Reputation with The Earthen Ring
Leggings of the Path: Lost City of the Tol"vir -- Siamat (4th Boss)
	= Feet =
Decapod Slippers: Throne of the Tides -- Mindbender Ghur"sha (3rd Boss)
Tarvus"s Poison-Scarred Boots: Check the Auction House -- BoE
  Drops off of a rare spawn in Twilight Highlands
	= Rings =
Band of Life Energy: Ammunae -- Halls of Origination
Kibble: Beauty -- Blackrock Caverns (4th Boss)
Ring of Frozen Rain: The Vortex Pinnacle -- Asaad (3rd Boss)
Veneficial Band: The Lost City of the Tol"vir --  Augh (2nd Boss)
	= Trinket =
These trinkets have plus Int as a base stat. There are other trinkets that
do not have Int. I would rather have the ilvl 325 Talisman of Sinister Order
(quest reward in Uldum) than those in most cases. Int is your best stat.
I do not endorse using a non-Int trinket in most cases.
Tear of Blood: The Stonecore -- High Priestess Azil (4th Boss)
Witching Hourglass: Blackrock Caverns -- Ascendant Lord Obsidius (5th Boss)
Figurine Dream Owl: Requires Jewelcrafting
I prefer Tear of Blood slightly over the other two trinkets but the other
two can be better in some situations.
	= Weapon & Offhand =
As of this patch (4.0.6), 1H Weapon & Offhand are preferable due to the +40
Int enchant available to an offhand. The only reason to go for a Two-Handed
Weapon is if it is a higher item level.
Torturer"s Mercy: Blackrock Caverns -- Rom"ogg Bonecrusher (1st Boss)
Scepter of Power: Halls of Origination -- Setesh
Elementium Hammer: Crafted by Blacksmith -- Ridiculously expensive
Shimmering Morning Star: Vendor in Tol Barad -- Requires revered reputation
	and 85 tokens Int/Spi/Crit
	= Relic =
Book of Dark Prophecies: The Stone Core -- High Priestess Azil (4th Boss)
Captured Lightning: The Vortex Pinnacle -- Asaad (3rd Boss)

: Pre-Raiding Gear :
:::::::::::::::::::: [7.3]
It is possible to get quite geared prior to raiding. Below are the ilvl 359
items (raid equivalent ilvl) that are available. Three of them are available
from Archeology, all of which can be found in Kalimdor. If you are leveling up
Archeology stick to Kalimdor. Remember to run your random Heroic every day and
you can spend your Valor Points for ilvl 359 items. I would recommend starting
with the ilvl 359 set gloves--Stormrider"s Handwraps--or the Relic of Eonar.
Conquest Gear is easy to obtain and great for raiding. Win five arena matches
a week to get some good gear. Spend your Conquest Points on either the Bracers
or Mace first or replace your weakest item.
Engineers can create Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades, which are arguably Best
in Slot until Heroic raids.
Yellow Smoke Pendant is available at exalted reputation from the Dragomaw Clan 
faction. Dorian"s Lost Necklace can be purchased from the Auction House.
Hide of Chromaggus is a BoE item available on the AH for a hefty price. 
Expensive but they look awesome. This drops in Blackwing Descent.
Rittsyn"s Ruminous Drapes is a BoE item world drop.
There is a BoE crafted leather chest. However the it has no spirit and the Int
value on it is equivalent to the ilvl 346 chest with two Brilliant Inferno
Rubies so it is not worth getting.
   ::Weapon & Offhand::
There is an ilvl 359 Arena Mace and Dagger available for two weeks" worth of
conquest points. That combined with the BoE offhand from the AH--Heartbound
Tome--is the best combo. Chelley"s Dark Staff of Mending is BoE and available
from the Auction House. Staff of Ammunae is crafted from Tol"vir Archaeology
and BoA. It takes forever but since it is BoA can be passed around to your
Belt of the Untamed is available from exalted reputation from the Dragonmaw
Clan. Lightning Lash is crafted by leatherworkers.
The ilvl 359 boots--Fading Violet Sandals can be purchased from the vendor
for Valor Points and are BoE. People are often willing to sell these.
Ring of the Boy Emperor is crafted from Tol"vir Archaeology and BoA.
Tyrande"s Favorite Doll is crafted from Night Elf Archaeology and BoA.
The ilvl 359 Tol Barad trinket does not have base Int but has a chance to proc
additional Int. Vibrant Alchemist Stone is crafted from Alchemy.

: Raiding Gear :
:::::::::::::::: [7.4]
Following is a list of the items to complete your ilvl 359 set. Some of this 
information is a duplicate of the Pre-Raiding items section.
A particular type of ilvl 359 items are the set pieces. These five pieces
(helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, and legs) provide the Resto Druid with a bonus
for wearing two of the pieces and another bonus for wearing four of the pieces.
The two set piece bonus is not all that great--5% increased Lifebloom crit
chance--but the four set piece bonus is very nice--500 Spirit if you have three
stacks of Lifebloom on a target. Set pieces are also needed to purchase the
Heroic set pieces. Even if you have an ilvl 359 item in that slot you will want
to work towards getting your set pieces.
As you raid and run your daily random H you will acquire Valor Points. Spending
valor Points is left to your discretion. A couple of factors to consider are
your guild"s progression--why buy an epic cloak when it can drop for you in the
Bastion of Twilight on a boss your guild has on farm?--and the availability of
other comparable drops.
The Relic of Eonar is the only ilvl 359 PVE relic so it is a worthy purchase.
After that the set pieces--in particular the set gloves--are recommended
purchases. The set Chest does not have spirit so you may not want to buy that
if you can get the four other set pieces. The Valor Point ring and boots are
low priority as the boots are BoE and can be purchased from the AH and ilvl 359
rings drop from two of the easier bosses (Omnotron Defense Council and Conclave
of the Four Winds).
PVP Conquest gear can also make a decent substitute for any of your weaker
	= Helm =
Helm of the Blind Seer: Blackwing Descent -- Atramedes
Stormrider"s Helm: Blackwing Descent -- Nefarion
Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades: Engineering
	Int/Your Choice/Your Choice

	= Neck =
Wyrmbreaker"s Amulet: Bastion of Twilight -- Halfus Wyrmbreaker (1st Boss)
Yellow Smoke Pendant: Exalted reputation with Dragonmaw Clan Faction
Dorian"s Lost Necklace: Purchased from Auction House. World Drop.
Valiona"s Medallion: The Bastion of Twilight -- Valiona & Therion (2nd Boss)
	= Shoulder =
Hide of Chromaggus: BoE drop from Blackwing Descent
Passive Resistor Spaulders: Blackwing Descent -- Omnotron Defense System
Stormrider"s Mantle: The Bastion of Twilight -- Cho"gall (4th Boss)

	= Cloak =
Drape of the Twins: The Bastion of Twilight -- Valiona & Therion (2nd Boss)
Shadow of Dread: Blackwing Descent -- Nefarion (6th Boss)
Ritssyn"s Ruminous Drape: BoE World Drop
Haunt of Flies: Purchased from VP Vendor (1250 VP)
Heavenly Breeze Purchased from VP Vendor (1250 VP)

	= Chest =
Scorched Wormling Vest: Blackwing Descent -- Magmaw
Stormrider"s Robes: Purchased from VP Vendor (2200 VP)
	= Wrist =
Manacles of the Sleeping Beast: Blackwing Descent -- Chimaeron
I used the Conquest Point bracers in this slot until getting the above drop.
	= Gloves =
Stormrider"s Handwraps: Purchased from VP Vendor (1650 VP)
Hydrolance Gloves: Bastion of Twilight -- Ascendant"s Council (3rd Boss)
Set gloves may also drop from Baradin Hold.
	= Belt =
Withered Dream Belt: Exalted reputation from Dragonmaw Clan Faction
Lightning Lash: Crafted by Leatherworkers
Belt of the Nightmare: Blackwing Descent -- Nefarion
ilvl 359 Belts with random stats also drop from The Conclave of Wind in
Throne of the Four Winds.
	= Legs =
Leggings of Consuming Flame: Blackwing Descent -- Maloriak
Stormrider"s Legwraps: Purchased from Vendor (2200 VP)
Stormrider"s Leggings: Boomkin Set piece. Purchased from Vendor (2200 VP)
Set legs may also drop from Baradin Hold. ilvl 359 legs with random stats
also drop from Al"Akir in Throne of the Four Winds.
	= Feet =
Fading Violet Sandals: Purchased from Auction House or from VP Vendor (1650 VP)
Treads of Hideous Transformation: Bastion of Twilight -- Cho"gall (4th Boss)
	= Rings =
Security Measure Alpha: Blackwing Descent -- Omnotron Defense System
Twined Band of Flowers: Purchased from VP Vendor (1250 VP)
Ring of the Boy Emperor: Tol"vir Archeology BoA
Band of Secret Names: Purchased from VP Vendor (1250 VP)
Signet of the Fifth Circle: The Bastion of Twilight -- Cho"gall (4th Boss)
ilvl 359 rings with random stats also drop from Conclave of Wind in Throne
of the Four Winds.
	= Trinket =
Tyrande"s Favorite Doll: Night Elf Archeology
	321 Int + 4200 Mana Restored ever minute
Darkmoon Card Tsunami: Quest reward (combine Ace through 8 of Waves) or
   Purchased from the AH
	321 Int + 400 Spirit
Core of Ripeness: Purchased from VP Vendors (1250 VP)
	321 Int + 1926 Spirit for 20 seconds on use
Fall of Mortality: The Bastion of Twilight -- Chogall (4th Boss)
	321 Int + 1926 Spirit for 15 seconds
Vibrant Alchemist"s Stone: Have to be an Alchemist
	351 Int + 194 Haste + More effective Mana Pots
These trinkets do not have Int and I would not recommend using them except in
special circumstances:
Jar of Ancient Remedies: Blackwing Descent -- Maloriak
Mandala of Stirring Patterns: Tol Barad Exalted Reputation & Commendations
Soul Casket: Purchased from Vendors
	= Weapons & Offhand =
Incineratus: Blackwing Descent -- Magmaw (Dagger)
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King: Blackwing Descent -- Nefarion (Mace)
Blade of the Witching Hour: The Bastion of Twilight -- Valiona/Therion (Dagger)
Twilight"s Hammer: The Bastion of Twilight -- Cho"gall (Mace
Vicious Gladiator"s Gavel/Spellplace: 2350 Conquest Points from PVP vendor
Heartbound Tome: BoE -- Available from Auction House (Offhand)
Scepter of Ice: The Bastion of Twilight -- The Ascendants" Council (3rd Boss)
Staff of Ammunae: Tol"vir Archeology -- BoA (Staff)
Chelley"s Staff of Dark Mending: The Bastion of Twilight BoE drop (Staff)

	= Relic =
Relic of Eonar: Purchased from VP Vendors ( VP)
: Heroic Raiding Gear :
::::::::::::::::::::::: [7.5]
There are no BoE Heroic items, despite some of them being listed on Wowhead.
To get the ilvl 372 set piece Chest, Gloves, and Legs you need to get the
appropriate drop AND have the ilvl 359 set piece. To get the ilvl 372 Helm
and Shoulder set piece you just need to trade in the drop.

	= Helm =
Helm of the Blind Seer (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Atramedes
Stormrider"s Helm (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Nefarion

	= Neck =
Wyrmbreaker"s Amulet (Heroic): Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Valiona"s Medallion (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Valiona &

	= Shoulder =
Passive Resistor Spaulders (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Omnotron
Defense System
Stormrider"s Mantle (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Cho"gall

	= Cloak =
Drape of the Twins (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Valiona &
Shadow of Dread: Blackwing Descent (Heroic) -- Heroic Nefarion

	= Chest =
Scorched Wormling Vest (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Magmaw
Stormrider"s Robes (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Halfus
	= Wrist =
Manacles of the Sleeping Beast (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Chimaeron

	= Gloves =
Stormrider"s Handwraps (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Magmaw
Hydrolance Gloves (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Ascendant"s Council
Set gloves may also drop from Baradin Hold.
	= Belt =
Belt of the Nightmare (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Nefarion
Heroic Belt from Conclave of Wind in Throne of the Four Winds. Random stats.

	= Legs =
Leggings of Consuming Flame (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Maloriak
Stormrider"s Legwraps (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Maloriak
Stormrider"s Leggings: Boomkin Set piece. Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Maloriak
ilvl 372 legs with random stats also drop from Al"Akir in Throne of the Four

	= Feet =
Nightmare Rider"s Boots: The Bastion of Twilight -- Sinestra
Treads of Hideous Transformation (Heroic): Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic

	= Rings =
Security Measure Alpha (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Omnotron Defense
Signet of the Fifth Circle (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Cho"gall
ilvl 372 rings with random stats also drop from Conclave of Wind in Throne
of the Four Winds.

	= Trinket =
Fall of Mortality (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Chogall (4th Boss)
	363 Int + 1926 Spirit for 15 seconds
Shard of Woe: The Bastion of Twilight -- Sinestra
This trinkets does not have Int:
Jar of Ancient Remedies (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Maloriak
	= One Hand Weapons =
Incineratus (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Magmaw
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King (Heroic): Blackwing Descent -- Heroic Nefarion
Blade of the Witching Hour (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Valiona
& Theralion
Twilight"s Hammer (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Cho"gall

	= Off Hands =
Scepter of Ice (Heroic): The Bastion of Twilight -- Heroic Ascendants" Council

	= Relic =
None that I am aware of

While these guides are written from a healer"s perspective, they include all
relevant mechanics for each fight. The guides can be useful to all classes.
I have only healed these on a Resto Druid and Holy Paladan. Priests and Shaman
can take some of the lessons--i.e. a good time for an AoE heal is a good time
for any healing class--away from this but will have to use different abilities. 
When first starting Heroics bring along some food and cheap flasks for the
well fed and flask bonus.
I recommend running one random Heroic every day to get your Valor Points. If
you are just getting used to Heroics, run an easy one like Vortex Pinnacle,
Blackrock Caverns, or Lost City of the Tol"vir until you feel more comfortable
and get some better gear.
Once you have done your daily random, do not do any randoms. Instead
specifically target Heroics that have items you want.
Heroics are now very easy due to Blizzard buffing anyone who finds a group
through the random dungeon maker. Blizzard I disapprove of this. Heroics are
now very boring and do not prepare people for raiding.

     ||  Heroic Blackrock Caverns   ||
One of the easier Heroics.
  ~ Notable Trash & Gimmicks ~
The Evolved Twilight Zealots need to be interrupted. The Angered Earth mobs
drop a meteor that is split between the group. Stack for this. 
=  Rom"ogg Bonecrusher  =
Quake: Damages the ground you are standing under and spawns adds. Move towards
the tank so he can aggro these adds off of you. Adds do not need to be killed
as the boss will do it for you.
Chains of Woe: Pulls everyone near the boss and immobilizes them until the
chains are broken. Chains must be killed quickly by the DPS and tank or the
boss will kill the group with Skullcracker. Run when the chains are broken.
Skullcracker: Deadly AoE ability that kills anyone nearby. Run away as soon as
the Chains of Woe are broken. Massive damage to anyone nearby him when it is
  ~ Mechanics ~
The tank has to pick up the adds after Quake. DPS targets the boss and does not
worry about the adds. The boss will kill the adds with his Skullcracker. After
Chains of Woe, the tank and the DPS have to destroy the chains before
Skullcracker finishes casting. After the Chains of Woe are destroyed run away
from the boss until Skullcracker is finished. 
  ~ Healing ~
The adds from Quake will aggro onto you due to your heals. Be ready with
damage mitigation (Barkskin, Divine Protection etc) and to run to the tank so
he can pull them off of you. Cast AoE heals where needed on the party after
Quake. After Chains of Woe be prepared to run out of range of Skullcracker as
soon as possible. Bubbling or Kitty form and dash is not needed but can be used
in an emergency.
Rom"ogg does not hit hard and it is very easy to keep the tank up with a HoT
stack or some minor heals. 

=   Corla, Herald of the Twilight   =
  ~ Mechanics ~
Note the three mobs kneeling in front of Corla. When the fight starts, the
shadow beams flowing into them will start stacking a buff on them. When that
buff reaches 100, the mobs turn into a mob and will likely cause the party to
wipe. To stop the buff from reaching 100, someone will have to stand in front
of each of the beams. However by stepping into the beam the debuff will start
stacking on you. If it reaches 100 you will evolve and likely cause the party
to wipe.
The trick is to alternate standing in the shadow beam and letting the
shadow beam hit the mob. Let the beam reach 80 on the mob then step in front
of it. When the buff on the mob has disappeared, move out of the way and let
the debuff on you disappear. The buff disappears after 15 seconds.
This is complicated by Corla casting Dark Command which will cause someone to
be feared and run out of the beam thus letting the buff reach 100. Dark
Command has to be interrupted. Shamans can drop a Tremor Totem to prevent the
fear but the spell should still be interrupted.
  ~ Healing ~
Corla does not hit hard at all. Just worry about the mechanics.

=   Karsh Steelbender   =
  ~ Mechanics ~
This fight relies almost entirely on the skill of the tank. Karsh takes almost
no damage until he touches the flame pillar in the middle of the room. When he
touches the flame he gains a debuff that melts his armor, allowing the party
to damage him. The longer he is in the flame, the greater the debuff grows
allowing the party to inflict more and more damage. However when he is in the
flame it causes damage to the entire party and Karsh gets stronger. The
debuff wears off after 15 seconds. If the tank does not lure him back into the
flame pillar before the debuff disappears then his armor hardens and he cannot
be damaged. Every time the debuff falls off adds come. When the adds die, they
drop a pool of fire that causes damage to anyone who stands in it and functions
similar to the flame pillar when Karsh stands in it (i.e. his armor melts and
everyone takes flame damage).
The tank has to draw him into the flame pillar until the debuff reaches 1-3
stacks. When the debuff is about to fall off, the tank has to repeat the
process until Karsh dies.
Two things can go wrong. The first is if the tank messes up and does not get
Karsh back into the flame pillar in time and the debuff falls off. Adds will
come. Kill the adds AWAY from Karsh, then drag Karsh back into the flame
pillar. For some reason, tanks who mess this up drag Karsh back into the fire
first before taking care of the adds and also aggro the adds so they cannot
be pulled away from Karsh before they are killed. It is like tanks" reaction
is "Hey, I messed up, let"s make this worse!" Either ignore the adds or kill
them away from the boss, THEN drag Karsh back into the flame pillar.
The second thing that can go wrong is if the debuff grows too big and Karsh
starts hitting too hard. If this happens then the tank has to let the debuff
fall off. Kill or ignore the adds then drag Karsh back into the flame pillar.
  ~ Healing ~
Watch the tank and the debuff on Karsh and anticipate when the tank will be
dragging Karsh through the flame pillar. At that time the party will take
increasing flame damage. As the stacks add up, be ready with party heals and
	= Druids = 
Rejuv prior to the flame damage and Wild Growth and Rejuv after the
flame damage. As the debuff grows, pop into Tree Form and cast Lifeblooms on
everyone. Continue to cast Rejuv and Wild Growth. Be ready with Tranquility if
Keep a full stack of Lifeblooms with Rejuv on the tank at all times. Cast
Regrowth to trigger Nature"s Grace and be ready to pump him with Healing
Touches and Swiftmends as the debuff grows and Karsh gets stronger.
	= Paladins =
Cycle through your cooldowns if the party starts to take too much flame damage.
Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn after the tank pulls Karsh through the pillar.

=   Beauty  =
=~~=~~=~~=~~= (optional boss)
  ~ Mechanics ~
Beauty has two puppies with her. These must be cc"d or killed. The fight
lasts a few minutes so the cc has to be renewed. Polymorph, Fear, Freezing
Trap, Hex and Hibernate all work. Beauty also casts fear occasionally. This can
be prevented by Tremor Totem. From time to time Beauty will cast a charge
ability or some minor fire abilities. The pups drop flame pools that appear on
the ground. Do not stand in the fire.
  ~ Healing ~
Keep the tank and party as close to full as you can at all times as fear will
cause you to be unable to heal for a period. The fight is not hard with good
cc. Have an instant heal like Swiftmend or Word of Glory ready for a tank heal
after a fear. Be ready to use a cool down then too.
Druids can Hibernate and Shamans can Hex if designated as a CC person or if one
of the DPS misses their assignment.

=   Ascendant Lord Obsidius   =
  ~ Mechanics ~
The boss has three mobs in front of him. One of the DPS must aggro the mobs
and pull them away from the boss. The DPS has to then kite the mobs. These mobs
inflict a stacking debuff on anyone nearby that prevents healing, thus the need
to pull them away from the tank and to kite them.
Periodically the boss will switch with one of the mobs. The kiting DPS must
once again aggro the mobs and pull them away from the boss. It helps to have a
DPS who can slow or stun the mobs like a Shaman with earthbind totem, a hunter
with Frost Trap, or a Frost Mage.
  ~ Healing ~
Healing is complicated depending on how good the kiting DPS is at avoiding
damage. A bad DPS will force you to constantly heal two targets: the tank and
the kiting DPS. Keep an eye on the kiting DPS and be ready to give this person
additional heals. If the kiting DPS is good, this fight is very easy to heal.
The boss will also cast a debuff which should be removed as it causes damage
over time.

     ||    Heroic Throne of the Tides    ||
  ~ Notable Trash & Gimmicks ~
CC the Spiritmenders, mana drain them, or kill them first or they will
heal up the other mobs.
=   Lady Naz"jar  =
Geyser: Summons a pool of water on the ground that will later erupt and cause
massive damage to anyone standing in it. Move out of the Geyser.
Shock Blast: Massive damage to the tank. Should be interrupted.
Fungal Spores: Minor poison damage that can be dispelled or strafed to avoid.
Cyclones: Summons a cyclone that damages and stuns anyone caught in it. Move
away from the cyclone.
Summon Adds: Summons 3 adds. Occurs at 50% and 25% life.
  ~ Mechanics ~
This is a two phase fight. Phase one she casts Geyser, Shock Blast, and Fungal
Spores. It causes minor damage. Phase 1 is simple. Interrupt Shock Blast and
move if you are standing on a Geyser puddle.
Phase 2 starts when she reaches 50% life and 25% life. She moves to the
middle of the room and becomes invulnerable. Three adds will come. The one on
the east and west side are casters and the one from the north is a melee add.
The casters deal huge damage--more damage than the boss does. CC one of the
casters and kill the other one ASAP. Hex, Mind Control, Sheep, Freezing Trap,
and Fear are all sufficient CC"s. After you kill one caster, kill the melee