Windows 7 Razer Edition 2015 x64

[Bild: 7_razer_edition_2015.png]

Windows 7 Razer Edition 2015

size: 6062MB
format: ISO
sprache: ENG

That Based in Windows 7 Ultimate x64 its complete modified / edited

Details lets start:

Main Base OS:Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Modified OS Name:Windows 7 Razer Edition 2015
Updates : Full 1/13/2015 by:Rainbob
Net.Framework:all NetFrameworks Updates include 4.5.2 etc...
Internet Explorer 11 full updated
Directx 9 Integrated full!!!
Tweaked For Best Perfomance and faster open (independs System on your PC)
Hard Disk : 30GB for Secure installation apps take also Space
Ram 3GB Minimun ( Reccomended 4GB ++ )
Registry Keys For Context Menu (right click)
Registry keys for Computer (right click)
Registry keys for (control panel)
Main Theme (Razer Themes Complete Modified / Edited)
Wallpapers ( From themes )
other Themes (Included 10-15 Themes)
Cursons ( 2 new Sets One Before Log in and Second After Login Razer cursors)
Icon Pack ( Green pack Download and integrated )
Bootscreen ( Created / edited named:Razer Bootscreen Notice You can see After Make Restart)
Start orb ( New cool Start orb Razer )
OOBE Checking first time / Perfomance (Edited / Created by:WhiteDeath)
Autounattend.xm ( 1)Put theme Default Key 2)AutoAccept Eula 3)Wirelesses Network Choosed Home 4) Updates install or recommended ( Disabled ) 5) UAC (Disabled)
Applications list ( 23 applications included all Silent installation (Only One Visual AIO asking Press yes Only that)

List Of application:

KMSpico_setup For Activate Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 (180 days ) Last SP2 so far Update's Non Included
Windows Loader Activation ( Activated Windows Permantly) Last Edition
IOBIT System Care Silent Free Last Edition
Avast Antivirus Free 2015 no licensed Last Edition
Google Chrome Last Edition
Mozilla Firefox Last Edition
Opera Internet Last Edition
Cpu-Z Last edition
K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1095_Mega Last Edition
Notepad +++ Last Edition
Adobe flash player / Shockwave player / flash player ActiveX And Java Runtime Last Edition
IMG Burn Last Edition
Skype Last Edition
Teamviwer Last Edition
Unlocker Last Edition
Visual Studio AIO Last Edition
VLC Player Last Edition
Bootscreen Last Edition

This All Most Details for more you see in Images Enjoy The Images And i hope you like it:

I hope you like Results and The Image I want ask apology for so many Photos but my opinion more photos give better results and proof of the work!!!!!

Notice:When Make FirstLogOn and Start install applications Dont Eject out the USB cauze the
CMD and applications is not works W8 till Finish and Make Restart then you can Eject your USB

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TESIS FlowVision v2.05.04

FE-Design TOSCA v7.3

Plate n Sheet Professional v4.07.09

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